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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 6)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Hi sakshi congratulations for this new thread I wish you are able to reach many threads. Thnk you so much for keeping ishveer alive in our heart with this so beautiful story that too the way we always wanted. And ishani look change well she ll be more attractive for ranveer now I guess. Sorry dear for wishing you late may god bless you and you get everything always

Hi dear thanks for the wishes for the new thread it is all possible because of all your support till date
hmm fine dear. Happy that you are finding Ishveer alive in my story. Ya now Ishani look change for small time hmmm keep reading to know the reason dear its okay dear your wishes are more important to me no need sorry for late and all thanks for your wishes keep reading WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Congratulations again for the new thread, Sakshi! Keep rocking and may there be more threads. 

PS. I am sorry for wishing you this late. Had not been to the forum. 

Hi Annu thanks for the wishes dear hmm ya dear let me try my best
no need sorry dear WinkWink

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Ishveershadhika Newbie

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First of all congratulations!!!! May you grow even more and we get even more :P 
I actually logged in to read today's update and you already have completed 6 pages in a go with wishes,compliments,etc... Now that is what you deserve, allot and lots of people praising you and your ff... Update soon :P Cant wait..  

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Episode 160
It was the next day Sunrise. A fresh morning in Nagpur Ranveer was cutely sleeping in the sofa of the hall. Sun rays were falling inside the Hall crossing the closed windows of the hall. Though the sun rays fell on his face though he got disturbed he was not ready to open his eyes. He tried his best and again tightly closed his eyes and started to sleep. The time was running as it was Sunday Ranveer's house was in a slowness where they didn't have the need to run today. As Ranveer has no office today. When the clock stuck to 7.30 Ranveer's mobile rang its alarm which was set yesterday night.Ranveer hearing the alarm sound having a disturbed face opened his eyes the sun rays fell on his face which made him to show his hand in front of his face. He got up and relaxed himself and sat properly in the sofa. He picked his phone and dismissed his alarm that was ringing still. keeping the phone aside in the sofa he rubbed his face and saw himself in the sofa.
Ranveer(to himself):As Ishani didn't accept to stay with me in the same room I slept in sofa itself. Today need to take Raagini for her hair cut and I too need to cut my hair. Fine let me fresh up and come.
He got up from the sofa and walked towards his room and entered the room to make him fresh and ready.Where that was the moment Ishani was coming out of the sleep in her room. The sun rays was bit warm that time. She opened her eyes and sat in the bed. She saw Raagini who was cutely sleeping beside her. Ishani saw the clock where the time was 7.35.
Ishani: I have slept this much time. Fine Sunday only know. (she saw Raagini with a smile and lowered her head and kissed Raagini's cute forehead and to herself) fine I need to get ready before Raagini wakes up.
She got up from the bed and went to her cupboard and took two towels and entered the washroom. It was perfectly half an hour where Ishani came out after a bath wearing a towel around her.And drying her hair with another towel. She saw Raagini still sleeping she came to the cupboard and was seeing what Saree to wear. She saw all the Saree finally she picked a golden color Saree. She took the Saree out of the cupboard where as she took the Saree out one of her cotton top fell down.Seeing the top in the floor she took the cotton top from the floor and touched the cotton top with her hand where she got a idea and had a smile in her face. This immediately made her to think about Ranveer's confession two days before.
FLASHBACK...(This Flashback is the scene from Episode 147 page 93 RANVEER'S UNSAID FEELINGS #2)
Ranveer's words while he was confessing his feelings:You never know these things Ishani. I will die inside me if you ignore me.When you were engaged to Chiraag I was the man who sat in the bathroom and was crying out my heart. you know what my feelings was that time. I wanted my Ishani to come and tell me I am with you Ranveer I am only yours. But what did you do? being with that Chiraag you ignored me you showed him as your priority and me as your enemy.
Ishani(with a smile to herself): How much my Ranveer has loved me these many years. I should give the happiness he has lost because of me.
She kept back the Saree in the cupboard and held the cotton top in her hand and again searching in the cupboard she took her jean pant. She entered the washroom to change.
Ranveer who came out from his room wearing a white t-shirt and light blue jeans came and sat in the sofa of the hall. He saw Ishani's room where it was still closed.
Ranveer:(to himself):Let me wait for sometime she may be sleeping or making herself ready.after some time let me knock.
He took the TV remote and switched on the TV and started to watch news channel.
Ishani came out where she was in her light blue jean pant and white cotton top that were up to her half of thigh. She came to the mirror and saw herself in the mirror and had a smile.She dried her hair with the dryer .She removed her Mangalsutra and kept it in the drawer. She made her ready where she changed her hairstyle to her before marriage style. She didn't put her Sindoor today. She completed her make up today. When she was having a look there was knock in the door followed by Ranveer's voice.
Ranveer(knocking the door): Ishani..
Ishani saw herself in the mirror where she had a satisfied smile to herself and she started to come towards the door where Ranveer again knocked the door two more times.
Ishani(kept her hand in the lock of the door but before opening to herself):Ranveer will be really happy to see me..
She opened the door where Ranveer was standing and in a suddenly casual look he saw Ishani where he saw Ishani in that attire and bit stuck to react. Ranveer could not believe his eyes where he saw Ishani in her old attire where she used to be simple and beautiful.The simple dresses and simple studs in her ears. He felt he is seeing a dream.
Ranveer's Voice in Background: My god is this my Ishani who I used to admire without knowing to her. Ishani who I badly wanted to keep her for myself. Ishani who I wanted to keep in my hands.Ishani who I wanted to love her completely in my own way.
Ranveer(with a smile seeing her in a cute voice):Ishani..
Ishani(with a bright smile):Tumhari Ishani..

Ranveer gave a smile where he was cutely looking at her.
Ishani(bit coming close to him): You can love this Ishani as much as you want. You no need to admire her without to her knowledge. You can surely keep her for yourself. If you want you can keep her in your hands whenever you want.
Ranveer(smiles to her): Raagini?
Ishani:She is sleeping still.
Ranveer (with a happy smile was about to hug her where bit stopping and seeing her): As you are in this attire you won't tell me as your friend know?
Ishani(cutely smiling and pinching his cheeks); I said you can love me know then what?

Ranveer immediately hugs her where Ishani with a smile hugged him back. This was a tight hug where Ranveer was resting his chin in Ishani's shoulders. Ishani was resting her chin in Ranveer's shoulder. Ranveer closed his eyes and was so happy to be in the hug of Ishani. Ishani closed her eyes and felt safe and happy in her husband's hug. After 10 minutes of hug Ranveer slowly came out of the hug where Ishani came out of the hug and both saw each other. Ranveer held her close to him. He was smiling at her.
Ishani(in a low voice): Even If Chiraag comes back know this Ishani won't ignore you. She will tell him she has got a husband who none of the girl in the world will get.
Ranveer:Hmm thank you so much. But tell me why this sudden change?
Ishani:To give you the happiness you lost and To reduce your anger.
Ranveer(without understanding look): Reduce my anger?
Ishani: Haan to reduce your anger. you said yesterday night know you sometime forget to understand that I too love you the same way you do. That is actually because you have been loving me from your 9 years where you came to know it is love in your 9 years itself.But for me it took so much time. All those years you had the thinking that I am only loving Ishani and she is not reciprocating my feeling. That is thing make you feel ignored from me. So I cannot again change as a 6 years girl but I can give you this Ishani who was before Marriage. you can love this Ishani and think that Ishani accepted you when you were her friend itself. Okay.
Ranveer:(with a smile): Hmm actually that is the thing Ishani I often think that you don't reciprocate my feeling might be that is why I am getting this much anger that is more than my love. (with a smile):Fine I will love this Ishani.
Ranveer:Haan Ishani by the by we are wearing same color dresses.
Ishani(seeing them): Haan Ranveer I didn't notice it. Same light blue jeans and I am in white cotton top and you are in cool white t-shirt. Tk let me make our breakfast ready...
Ranveer(before she could complete):Ishani I didn't bath I have just fresh up me. We are going for Raagini's hair cutting know and I too want to cut my hair. After cutting my hair let me bath.
Ishani: Haan tk even Raagini will bath after hair cut only. Tk let me prepare our breakfast before Raagini gets up. you watch TV.

Ishani giving a smile leaving his grip was up to walk towards the kitchen where..
Ranveer: haan Ishani..
Ishani(stopping and turning to him): Haan
Ranveer(giving a cute look):Thank for giving my Ishani who I was longing for.
Ishani: hmm okay.

Giving a smile she entered the kitchen and started to make their breakfast ready where Ranveer was sitting and watching the TV. He was so happy to see Ishani today. Smile was completely in his face. Ishani was preparing Aloo Parathas for their breakfast.After one half She was almost done when she was keeping the Parathas in the hot box Ranveer charmingly entered the kitchen. As Ishani was working with a cute smile he was admiring her standing in the Kitchen entrance. He slowly walked inside the kitchen and came near her and cutely hugged her from behind.
Ishani(immediately getting it is Ranveer):Ranveer kya kariyo? Chodo..
Ranveer(cutely resting his chin in her shoulders): you said I can love this Ishani as much I can then you are asking me to leave?
Ishani:Arrey you can surely love me but now I am in kitchen and you are loving me in kitchen?
Ranveer(lovingly taking his hands from her and cutely turning her and making her face him and smiling); How many days we have romanced in our Kitchen?
Ishani: Haan we have but..
Ranveer(pulling her close and keeping his face close to her face in a husky voice):When we romance in our Kitchen surely someone will come giving their voice first but Here no one is there to disturb us. So we can romance anytime.
Ishani:hmm tk let me see but now..
Ranveer(bit hitting his forehead with her forehead): Ek kiss Ishani..
Ishani:(cutely keeping her index finger in his lips): Not now..
Ranveer:Arrey you know what? when you used to look simple and beautiful before our marriage.
Ishani:That time also you wanted to kiss me..
Ranveer:When I was small I didn't get any ideas because I never know what romance is? in that age but as I grow I am too man only know Ishani I too will have certain feelings know. So that time I (bit hesitating and seeing her) Sometimes when I admire your lips I would want to kiss it and show you how much I love you.
Ishani(smiling to him): How much love you are having in your heart?
Ranveer: Hmmm I am just born in this world to love you. I will love you forever.

Ishani smiled at him where Ranveer was bringing his lips to her lips.
Ishani(in a husky voice) the morning itself you are getting naughty.
Ranveer:Just a kiss Ishani please.

Where he came close to her lips to kiss her where that was the moment Raagini's loud cry was heard. That completely disturbed Ranveer. Ranveer took back his face and saw Ishani where smile was slowly coming in her face.
Ishani(smile developed as a bit laughter):So no one is here to disturb us? Hain na Ranveer?
Ranveer:(seeing her with a disappointed look leaving her):Go and see Raagini.

Ishani giving a impossible smile to him started to move towards her room. Ranveer hit his hand with his other hand.
Ranveer: I am a romantic man but will never get full romance in my life.
Ishani went to her and took Raagini who was crying in the bed and made her calm and fresh up her for the day and made her wear a white t-shirt and trousers.
Ishani(seeing Raagini);Today Mama, Papa and you all are in white t-shirts. Cute family know?
Raagini smiled at her.
Ishani: Now you are fresh you can come and have your breakfast and then we will go to your haircut. Tk.
Raagini cutely hugged Ishani where she too hugged her keeping her in hug Ishani brought her out where Ranveer was sitting in the sofa with the same disappointed face. Ishani came and sat next to him where Raagini was not coming out of her hug still keeping her in the hug.
Ranveer(with a childish look):So have you spent time with Raagini?
Ishani(seeing his with a funny sharp look):My dear possessive husband (with a funny smile)switch on the TV. If you see some songs your mind will divert.
Ranveer:Tk no other way this is how my love life will be...

Ishani gave a smile to him and rested her back in the sofa where Raagini was resting her head in her shoulders still was bit in her sleepy mood. Ishani turned and kissed Raagini's cheek and made her comfortable in her hug. Ranveer switched on the TV with the remote. When he switched on the TV it was Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi song where they were locking their lips to each other. Ranveer bit getting embarrassed himself saw Ishani where she gave a strict glance.
Ishani:(in a strict voice held Raagini making sure she should not turn):Ranveer..
Ranveer(bit managing voice): What will I do? I just switched on and they are doing what I was not able to do.
Ishani:(bringing her hand lightly beating him and in a low voice):Raagini is here only please change the channel.

He changed the channel and kept a religious channel.
Ranveer: Tk I have kept a good channel. Now can I get my breakfast?
Ishani: Haan

Ishani catching Raagini carefully made her come out from the hug slowly where she was in her half sleep cutely opened her eyes.
Ishani:Want to sleep baby?Can I made you sleep again?
Raagini opened her eyes and slowly gave a smile and cutely hit her head with Ishani's forehead.
Ishani(showing her to Ranveer):Tell Papa that you are also wearing white t-shirt.
Ranveer:Haaan My baby is so cute today in her white small t-shirt. Now Papa is going to take his little princess for a hair cut. Shall we beti?
Raagini(lovingly smile at Ranveer in a cute voice): Pa...Papa.
Ranveer(had a smile):For this word know Baby Papa will do anything in this world.
Ishani: haan you have got a lovely father in the world.
Ranveer:Tk Ishani give her to me. you bring the breakfast. let us make her have breakfast and let us finish our breakfast too. Let us go to hair cut.
Ishani: Hmmm tk.

Ishani carefully gave Raagini in Ranveer's hands where he got her  cutely in his hand and made her sit in his lap. Ishani got up and moved towards the kitchen to bring the breakfast to the dinning table. Ishani started to bring the breakfast items to the table. She was arranging the breakfast.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini's face): how cute you are? you are exactly me. But let me tell you baby you should not have anger like Papa. you should be soft heart like your Mama.
Raagini cutely shook her head and smile to herself.
Ishani:Ranveer come ..
Ranveer: haan..

Ranveer took Raagini  in his hand and came to the breakfast table. Ishani kept the plate in front of him and kept two Parathas and kept butter as side dish.
Ishani:you give Raagini to me and start to eat. Let me give her breakfast.
Ranveer: haan tk (seeing Raagini)go to Mama.

Ishani got her from Ranveer and sat in the chair and made Raagini sit in her lap and started to feed her breakfast. The perfect cool family chatting and finally made their breakfast complete taking almost one hour.
Ranveer:Tk Ishani shall we leave?
Ishani:Ranveer let Raagini crawl for sometime.
Ranveer;(without understanding look):For what?
Ishani:Arrey let the food get digested. We are going in the car if it is not digested she may vomit. so wait for sometime.
Ranveer:hmm it will take time for digesting?
Ishani: Hmm for child it will take sometime. If we immediately make them travel they will throw out the food.
Ranveer:Okay mother India.

Ishani smiled to him and left Raagini in the floor and took the basket and took her teddy bear and other dolls from the basket. She dropped it in the floor where Raagini started to crawl and cutely play with the dolls. Ranveer took his mobile and clicked her pictures. Ishani came and stood beside him.
Ranveer(showing the pictures):We should make a complete album of Raagini photos.
Ishani: Hmm let us but Ranveer.. you too need to spend time with her. If anytime again you get anger on me know don't ignore Raagini in that okay.
Ranveer(with a smile):Hmmm you have started to take steps to control my anger know surely here after Angry Ranveer will not be back okay.
Ishani:Arrey I too want him sometime but not for more days. And he should show his anger only to me not in front of public.
Ranveer:Tk Baba surely I won't do it again okay.
Ishani:Thank you .
Ranveer:Arrey only thank you. Give me a kiss..
Ishani:Ranveer other than kiss, hug , romance you don't know any other thing?
Ranveer: Hmm I know some other things..
Ranveer: I know love, care, affection.
Ishani:Impossible lovely man.

Ranveer smiled to her where she corresponded his smile. They waited for Raagini to crawl well and finally after another half an hour. Ishani took Raagini in her hand. Raagini was having a little teddy bear in her hand.
Ishani(seeing Raagini):Tk shall we go Baby.
Raagini smiled and held her teddy bear close to her.
Ishani:Tk you can keep your teddy with you. Shall we move?(seeing Ranveer) Let us go Ranveer.
Ranveer shook his head as yes took his car key and house key. Ishani started to walk in front of him where Ranveer came behind her. Ishani opened the door and came out with Raagini where Ranveer came behind her. Ishani stood in the portico where Ranveer closed the door and was about to lock the door with the key where that was the moment they heard a voice calling  "Ranveer". Where Ranveer without locking Ishani taking her glance from Raagini turned and saw the direction from where the voice came. When they both saw the gate of their house. Naina was coming towards them with a smile. Ishani who didn't expect her this time gave a formal smile where Ranveer really had a disturbed look in his face.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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Originally posted by Ishveershadhika

First of all congratulations!!!! May you grow even more and we get even more :P 
I actually logged in to read today's update and you already have completed 6 pages in a go with wishes,compliments,etc... Now that is what you deserve, allot and lots of people praising you and your ff... Update soon :P Cant wait..  

Hi dear thanks for the wishes it is all possible because of your support and reading. hmm I will try my level best to give you more good plots and stories

hmm happy that you were expecting today update hmm ya dear already  pages has been completed.
Actually all of your wishes and compliments make ma emotional at a time blush but sometime I will get a doubt whether I deserve these things? because I am not that great person and all to be praised,  I am just writing that coming to my mind and it is successful only because of all your reading till date
Thanks for that
let me update it dear keep reading WinkWinkWink

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Zenab78 IF-Dazzler

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Congratulations darling and ishanis attire wow...loved it and superb epi ...brilliant work keep it up Thumbs Up Hug Hug

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powergirlpriya IF-Sizzlerz

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resBig smile

i like ishani look Hug

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Hii Sakshi,
Awesoo...update dear Oh! Old ishani's back and i like this simply, beautiful and innocent ishani Smile Smile
Ranveer so happy to see him this new look
Poor ranveer also try to romance with ishani but alw distrub by someone.
Oh! God yeh chudail naina Angry Angry Angry
Aa gye ishveer ke cute and romantic moment ko spoil karne Ouch
But one thing good ranveer not happy to his present! Now lets see chudail aage kya karegi Angry
Waiting for next & thanks for pm

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