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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 58)

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Originally posted by Zenab78

Awesome chapter as always...naina ko ab ranveer ki beard se bhi problem h cheapster...thanks for PM sis

Hi Zenab thanks for the comment glad you liked the chapter and ya Naina is ahving a problem with Ranveer's beard hmm keep reading dearWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

Hi sakshi  ishveer  scenes  were sooo cute ishu admiring ranveer  nd lol ishveer  adorable  always when she said I will admire as much as I want. Aagayi  chudayil  Sunday Ko  bhi hope woh jaldi  se  nikal  jaaye.keep update  dr. Waiting for  shakti birthday  special  .thnq for pm

Hi Janani thanks for the commeng glad you liked Ishveer romance and the way Ishu admired ranveer happy that you found Ishveer adorable happy that you liked the sentence she said I will admire as much as I want
ya now to spoil the sunday Naina has come hmm ya dear even I wish a birthday special episode let me see keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by lifesobeautiful

Hii Sakshi,
It was so beautiful update heheh...!! Ritika bhudi ho jye gi thinking karte karte that how come ranveer trusted on ishani so extreme
Ishveer morning romance...Haye..!!! Embarrassed
But cheap Naina Angry disturb them.. !! like bine bhulaye barati... but Ranveer know about naina motive and he alwaye protected ishani form this chudail just wait and naina watch wat rv will do with u..when u try to harm ishani...!!!
Waiting for next...
Thanks for pm

Hi Paige thanks for the comment
glad you liked the update ya Rithika is keeping on thinking that how come Ranveer is trusting Ishani to this extreme
happy that you liked Ishveer morning romance
ya Naina has disturbed them ya she is a bine bhulaye barati only hmm Ranveer is knowing she is wrong to him heart and he is always protecting Ishani from this Naina ya she should wait and watch what RV is going to do If she ever try to harm Ishani
ya let me update it keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hiu SHAkshi didi...
    Howz u...???
Wonderful lovely ronantic epusode...
Romantic ishani loving it
Always ranveer use to come to ishani ang make her to romance with was my atrong wish o see the opposite if this...
U r fullfilling it thnk u so much...
Ishanu admiring ranveer lovely...
This naina and ritika na...stupid characters...
Ritika buddhi ho jayegi then alao she will not b able to find howthis trust cane between them...
naina always entering at wrong time...
Happy birthday to our handsome hunk ranveer aka shakti arora...
Lets c wht anveer does now to hide the truth...
Cant wait for next...
Uodate soon...
take care...
Luv u...
Oncwagqin thnk u for fullfilling my wisg..:-)

Hi Gudiya behan
ya I am doing good hope you are doing good
glad you liked the episode
ya Romantic Ishani happy that you liked it
ya always it was Ranveer used to come to her and make her to romance him happy
for your request to see a romantic Ishani
happy to hear the you are fulfilled reading this episode you are welcomed dear
glad you liked ishu admiring Ranveer
ya Naina and Rithika are disgusting chracters
ya Rithika is not able to figure out what is happeing between Ranveer and Ishani to get
the trust to this extreme
ya Naina has entered in a wrong time
ya happy birthday to our handsome hero ranveer aka shakti arora
ya let us see how Ranveer is able to hide the truth or not
ya let me update it keep reading
love you too take care
you are welcomed and happy that you are fulfilled WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Edited by sakshi5050 - 16 May 2016 at 3:39pm
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 183
When Ranveer read those wordings in the gift Naina gave to Ishani. He was really tensed. Ranveer again started to read the words.
Ranveer(in his heart): Sorry Ishani for all the wrong things I have done to you. I am really sorry for all the misunderstandings.(in thoughts): What is this Naina up to? She has written like this in this glass and she has beautifully painted it. To make a man get caught to his wife how decorating these girls are making the gift. If Ishani see this gift she will surely ask what is the misunderstandings to Naina. I really don't know what this Naina is going to say for that. What to do?
As Ranveer was thinking seeing the gift. Ishani saw him with a doubtful face as she was not able to get his face reaction after seeing the gift. He looked tensed to her eyes.
Ishani:Ranveer what is it? why are you this much tensed?
Ranveer(with a made up smile):Tensed that too me? Do I look like tensed?
Ishani;(with a cute head shake): Exactly Ranveer see how you are sweating..
Ranveer(wiping his sweat in his forehead and with a small smile): Just sweating Ishani other than that nothing. Fine get something for Naina..
Ishani: Haan let me but what is the gift Naina has given me?
Naina:(with a smile getting this as a chance to call Ranveer by his name): Haan Ranveer show it to Ishani let her see.
Ishani: hmmm

Ishani was up to get the gift box from Ranveer where Ranveer backed off two steps.
Ishani(seeing him backing off): Kya hua? show me..
Ranveer(cutely taking the box behind his back and seeing Ishani with a childish smile):Ishani there is no big difference between me and you I have seen know so you no need to see it.
Ishani: But Naina gave it to me only know just show me Ranveer what is there in it?
Ranveer: Ishani please you don't want to see it.
Naina(coming near them): Show it Ranveer I specially made it for Ishani only.
Ranveer: Nahi its okay Naina I have seen it.
Ishani(folding her hands and seeing him with a strict look):Ranveer show me know? she has brought it for me and she is telling she has made it for me give me..
Ranveer(like a child without anyway seeing Ishani's strict look brought the gift from his back to front and showed it to her): hmmm
Ishani got the box from his hand and was seeing the gift inside it.
Ranveer(in thoughts):What to do? Bhagwan how will I manage Ishani's questions now? you are really impossible Bhagwan when I romance with Ishani there will be lot of disturbance but If I get in situation like this there won't be even a single disturbance.
Ishani(reading the wordings loud): Sorry Ishani for all the wrong things I have done to you. I am really sorry for all the misunderstandings.(seeing Naina) Nice painting Naina you did it?
Naina(with a made up smile); Haan
Ishani: But these wordings I mean what misunderstandings we had?
we were good when I was in Haryana at last only there was a small misunderstanding but when you came back to Nagpur you asked sorry for it and after than we didn't have any misunderstandings then why are you asking sorry?
Naina(in a made up thankful tone): Ishani you and Ranveer has given me job. you forgave all the wrong things I done to you in Haryana. But even after that just seeing some phot...
Ranveer(in a instant voices): Ishani..

Where this voice stopped Naina's talking and Ishani's concentration on Naina.
Ishani:Haan Ranveer what?
Ranveer: (with a smile standing close to her): Ishani Naina is asking sorry for the mistakes happened in Haryana only I think. other than that there won't be anything (seeing Naina) Hain na Naina.
Ishani:(with a smile to Ranveer turning to Naina):For that only you asked sorry to me when you came to Nagpur itself know then what is the need for another sorry.
Ranveer(managing the situation): Haan Naina no need sorry and all just forget it and move on.
Naina(in a normal tone): I already asked sorry for it but I am actually asking sorry for sending those pho..
Ranveer(in a confirmed tone): Naina I am telling know you don't want to feel guilty for anything.
Ishani: Haan Naina..(when Ishani was up to tell something they heard Raagini's cry).
Ranveer(taking a relief breath): Ishani go and see Raagini. Let me talk to Naina I need to talk about her process let us be in veranda
Ishani: Haan tk (seeing Naina): Be with Ranveer Naina I need to go.
Naina: Hmmm tk.

Ishani kept the gift in the tea poi and started to move towards their room. Ranveer turned and saw Naina with a questioning look.
Ranveer: Come with me Naina..
Ranveer started to walk where Naina with a smile in her face followed him. Ranveer came to the veranda of his house where Naina too came to the veranda following him. Ranveer stopped and turned to Naina which made Naina to stand in front of him.
Ranveer(in a strict tone):What are you doing? you are up to tell about those photos to Ishani. I have said you know you don't need to question Ishani or you no need to ask sorry to her. Now why you need to bring that gift with such a wordings and now see she is asking what misunderstanding and now you are ready to tell about photos and other incidents happened last week right?
Naina(with a innocent tone):Ranveer you are telling me to be silent to Ishani without asking sorry and without telling her the truth. Just seeing those photos and seeing Ishani with Nirbhay Bhaiya I only have misunderstood them. With my own Misunderstandings I have wrong mouthed about Ishani to you. Though you said me to forget it and move on my heart is really pinching me and when I see Ishani's face I feel guilty myself. For that only I brought this gift and I was up to ask sorry to Ishani. Because of you and Ishani only I got this job. for you people I need to grateful know let me go and ask sorry to Ishani

Naina telling this was up to move towards the house where Ranveer held her hand and made her stand in front of him again.
Ranveer(in a confirmed tone): I am really happy that you are grateful to us. Haan Naina you saw those photos and misunderstood Ishani and Nirbhay's relationship and when I explained you you asked sorry to me know. Now you got to know there is nothing between Nirbhay and Ishani know?
Naina: haan I came to know about my mistake I was up to create misunderstanding between you and Ishani Ranveer. I am really a worst girl.

Telling it she started to shed tears.
Ranveer(seeing her tears):Naina why are you crying now?
Naina: No I wrong mouthed Ishani and I was even showing those photos and If you have trusted the photos means there would been a misunderstanding between you both because of me.
Ranveer:Dekho stop crying you got to know which is true know?
Naina(still crying): Hmmm
Ranveer: Then leave it. concentrate in the work and move on. forget that incident.
Naina: I will forget but you didn't forget it after that you are smiling to me If I myself smile first. you were so friendly to me when I fainted and I was in hospital but now you are again having doubt in me and you are not ready to be my friend. Because of my stupidity I lost a great friend. (she started to cry heavily):
Ranveer(seeing his house entrance whether Ishani is coming or not and then to Naina with a smile): Naina see me.
Naina silently saw him with moist eyes.
Ranveer:I am always your friend only okay. I can clearly get you that you have done those things by misunderstanding only. you have just seen Ishani and Nirbhay together when Ishani was standing with him without any way. And again seeing those photos you have thought wrong about Ishani. As a friend to me you have tried to show it to me but you have done it in a different way like sending those photos and wrong mouthing Ishani. Now leave all that be normal I will be a good friend to you. you asked sorry to me know that is enough. Ishani should never know these things so you no need to ask sorry to her.
Naina(with a smile):Really you will be my friend?
Ranveer(with a smile):Really but please don't cry okay.
Naina:(wiping the tears completely): I won't
Ranveer:Now listen I don't want these things to be known to Ishani I didn't tell any of these things to her as all these will hurt her. So now she will come and ask for what sorry just tell her that for the misunderstanding happened in Haryana and for sending Henchmen against us okay.
Naina:Tk Ranveer.. I can call you Ranveer know?
Ranveer: Call me RV itself that is sounding good when you call me.
Naina:(controlling her anger); Okay Let me call RV itself.
Ranveer giving a head shake started to walk Naina also started to walk towards the house entrance.Ranveer was having a great relief.
Ranveer(as walking his thoughts): Better be friend with this Naina without any doubt on her Ranveer Dekhra don't risk yourself with a doubt on her and smiling without heart. Just think her as a friend so that she too won't turn vamp and she will get your time in office so that she won't come to home often. (giving a confirmed head shake): Fine Ranveer beta
When he was thinking finally Naina entered the house.Ishani came out of the kitchen with a smile and a juice glass in her hand.
Ishani(seeing Naina): Finally employer and employee completed your talks..
Ranveer(with a smile): Haan Ishani..
Naina: Haan Ishani RV can be employer to me but he is a good friend to me.
Ishani: Hmm happy for it please sit Naina..
Naina(she sat in the sofa): Fine.
Ishani: Haan fine(giving the juice glass in her hand to Naina): Have it.
Naina(getting the juice glass):Thank you.

Ishani gave a smile where Naina was drinking the juice Raagini was in the walker in their room where the cutie pie was cutely coming out of their room and almost came to the hall moving the walker where she saw Naina where her face was turning to fearful face. She was slowly shedding tears where at a point it finally was a heavy cry. Ishani seeing Raagini who was in the walker.
Ishani:Kya hua baby?
Raagini(seeing Naina with a crying face): Na ...Mama Na..
Ishani(getting her language): What you don't want baby?
Raagini raised her hands to Ishani. Ishani cutely took her in her hand and was calming her.
Ranveer(in thoughts):Really I don't know what this Naina did to Raagini. Just seeing her she is crying that too heavily. Tk Ranveer beta to keep Naina distance from your home keep a good friendship with Naina.More of everything be what you are Ranveer? Nothing will come in your peaceful life. (coming to Ishani and seeing Raagini crying) what happen Baby?
Raagini was hugging Ishani very well where she was not at all ready to leave her. Naina finished her juice and she got up and stood in front of them.
Naina:Raagini is really cute but she is crying whenever she is seeing me.
Ishani(managing Raagini):Nothing like that Naina as you are a new person only she is crying.

Naina opened her bag and took a baby doll and held in front of Ishani.
Naina: For Raagini only. Ranveer has given me job I cannot do anything big now so a small gift for his child.
Ishani(turning Raagini towards Naina):See Didi has brought doll for you get it and tell thank you.

Raagini seeing Naina was crying heavily and was only trying to turn to other side. Naina was getting anger seeing Raagini like anything.
Naina(seeing Raagini and showing the doll): Have it Raagini this is for you only.
Raagini was crying heavily where Naina was standing near her showing the doll to her. Ranveer to manage with a smile came between them and got the doll from Naina.
Ranveer(with a smile);Can I keep this doll Naina?
Naina:For you?
Ranveer: haan for me its really beautiful and I like it.
Naina(with a smile): But RV its for Raagini and she is the child here.
Ranveer(giving a cute smile);Oh really you cannot spot any difference between me and Raagini. we are same to same so let me have this doll for me.
Naina(seeing his cuteness smiling at him): you are sweet RV have it.Then let me leave..
Ranveer: haan of course have a nice Sunday.
Naina: Hmm you too(seeing Ishani who was trying to calm Raagini): Let me leave Ishani.
Ishani(giving a smile to Naina): Haan tk Naina..

Naina started to walk towards the entrance of the house where..
Ishani: Naina ek minute..
Naina(turning and seeing her); Haan Ishani..
Ishani: you were telling me something know. I mean you were asking sorry for something know?
Ranveer(in thoughts): Bhagwan all the planets are working so well in my astrology. I thought Ishani forgot in the means of seeing Raagini but no..
Naina(thinking Ranveer telling not to tell her the things happened last week in a managing tone): Actually Ishani for Haryana event only I asked sorry misunderstanding is for sending henchmen towards you and Ranveer when Ranveer came to rescue you. you are the people who gave me job now somewhere I still feel guilty for my behavior that is why I asked sorry.
Ishani(with a smile):Tk forget it and move on.

Ranveer had a very great relief.
Naina:Tk Ishani.
As Naina left Ranveer locked the door where Raagini seeing the hall and not finding Naina was calming down herself. The Sunday was moving so well for them. Ishani and Ranveer made themselves ready and then they had their breakfast and then after sometime they had their lunch. After feeding Raagini's lunch and trying to make Raagini sleep when she was falling asleep it was afternoon 12.30. Ranveer was playing games in his phone sitting in the bed.Ishani making Raagini sleep in the cradle and she took her book and she laid in the bed and started to read the book. She always had this habit of reading the book laying in the bed. She was showing her back to Ranveer where our hero was so concentrating in his phone playing his game. The time was cutely running where the clock stuck its time at afternoon 1.45 where Ranveer lost a game,...
Ranveer(hitting his phone screen): I lost it
He again was restarting the game where it took some time to restart when Ranveer turned his eyes to the other side he saw Ishani who was reading the story book laying in the bed. He saw Raagini sleeping in the cradle. The silent afternoon of Sunday was so pleasant for a while. He saw her backless blouse where this was the reason he was telling her to wear Saree now this is enough for him to get romantic with Ishani. He kept the phone in the lamp stand and cutely laid himself beside Ishani and cutely touched her shoulders.
Ishani(feeling the touch and turning and seeing him):Ranveer kya?
Ranveer(was trying to turn her to him):Turn to me.
Ishani(cutely seeing him and again turning back to the book);I am reading Ranveer
Ranveer(with a force turning her and getting the book from her hand and keeping it in the bed): Ishani now see me.
Ishani(with a cute look): Ranveer what is the need to see you now? (she was about to take the book):Let me read.
Ranveer(held the hand that was about to take the book): Nahi (in a cute voice); you will read only the book not your husband.
Ishani(almost turned and rested her head properly which made Ranveer to come above her comfortably): oh I should read you..
Ranveer(touching her cheek with his finger) ;Hmm read me now...
Ishani(cutely holding his cheeks): I have already read this book called Ranveer so now I am not in a mood to read him.
Ranveer(going close to her): Let me create that mood
Ishani(with a smile):What happen to you?
Ranveer: Raagini is sleeping Sunday afternoon is really pleasant and so silent so let us romance.
Ishani:(touching his cheek with a hand and with a smile):Ranveer tell me something?
Ranveer(taking her other hand in his hand and kissing her hand): what?
Ishani:(with a lovely voice):From when you got these romantic feelings and all. I mean you were completely with me only from childhood to almost all the days. Those time you were good friend only.If I have seen you only as a friend know I would have never believed Ranveer is romantic to this extreme. But now tell me from were you learn all those things?
Ranveer(with a smile): As though you girls don't know anything in bed. Even you were with me only from childhood days but you too can understand everything know then what? Its all age feelings Ishani that is it?
Ishani: (with a shy smile): Hmm May be but your ways of Romance know that is what is giving me this doubt from where my man is getting these many romantic ideas.(thinking for while):you were away from me for 2 years know that time you studied these things no way you would have been busy in becoming RV that time.
Ranveer:Arrey what is this Ishani? you want to know from where I get romantic ideas those are from Sunny Leone videos. If I see one video of her know I will become a romantic hero to you.
Ishani:Naughty always Sunny only know?
Ranveer(hitting his nose with her nose): Nahi now a days its only Ishani (he cutely saw her lips in a low tone): Can we have a non-vegetarian love?
Ishani(holding his cheeks): In the afternoon time you are asking for non-vegetarian love. (lovingly kissed his lips and took her lips back):don't want now let us think about it some other day.
Ranveer:Tk at least give a long lip lock now..
Ishani: Hmm

They were seeing their lips and tried to finish their kiss which they left incomplete in the morning. Did they kiss or not?
coming in the next episode. Screen freezes on the closeness of Ishveer.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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Awesome episode bechara ranveer caught up big time between two ladies. Naina is a witch she has petrified ragini that she starts crying after seeing this. Finally ranveer managed the situation but this naina is surely upto something notorious.
Lazy Sunday ishveer romance Embarrassed Embarrassed seriously ranveer is very romantic so few things left incomplete but surely I guess someone will disturb them again LOL LOL
Update next soon
Thnx for pm

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Zenab78 IF-Dazzler

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Superb chapter...ragini cutipei her timing is ery good ...thnaks for PM

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