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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 54)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by IshaLuvIshveer

res Smile

Take your time Isha WinkWinkWink

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Waiting for the next episode dearEmbarrassed

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by CarpedeimRose

Waiting for the next episode dearEmbarrassed

coming soon dear WinkWinkWink

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 181
Ranveer was admiring Ishani through the glass sitting in his chair. Ishani was talking to some of his office girl staffs who has known her during Birthday party. The way Ishani was smiling to them was making Ranveer to fall for her. Naina was fuming in anger seeing Ishani who was talking to office staffs.
Girl Staff 1: Madam RV sir is really great we said we need a safe pick up and drop finally RV Sir has told us he will arrange for a office cab which will pick up and drop us. If it happens we no need to spend money on bus or taxi.
Ishani(with a smile):He has told know he will surely do it.
Girl staff 2:(seeing Raagini): She is so cute on that day she was playing so well to all of us. (coming close to Ishani and seeing Raagini) Can you come to Didi?
Raagini(cutely saw Ishani and with a innocent look): Mama mmm..
Ishani(with a smile): Didi is calling know go and play with them.

Raagini hearing Ishani words cutely showed her hands towards that girl where that girl took Raagini in her embrace. Almost all the other girls standing there surrounded that Girl and they were trying to play with Raagini. Raagini smiled at all of them cutely.She cutely touched a girl's nose with her sweet hands.Ishani was seeing her daughter with happy smile.
Girl(keeping Raagini in her hand): Madam let us bring her if she cries.
Ishani:Tk for sometimes she won't cry let me be in your Sir cabin bring her If she cries.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini in the hands of his office staffs with a smile in thoughts): Even My daughter is knowing to give happiness to all with a smile why I need to get anger? I will become a mature man in the upcoming days.
Ishani having a glance on Raagini who was playing with all in a happiness mood she started to walk towards RV cabin. Naina took the file and acted as though working. Ranveer who was seeing Ishani and the way she is walking towards his cabin and her Red Saree everything made her gorgeous to his eyes. When Ishani almost came close to his cabin door she saw Naina in the nearest desk.
Ishani:(with a smile): Hi Naina..
Naina(taking her head from the file and giving a fake smile): Hi Ishani..(stopping and with a smile): sorry Ishaniji..
Ishani(with a smile): You can call me Ishani Naina.Not only to Ranveer you are friend to me also.
Naina:(with a smile): Hmm surely Ishani.

As Ishani was casually talking to Naina Ranveer who was seeing their conversation through the glass window.
Ranveer(in thoughts): How people are around us? Naina was the one who wrong mouthed Ishani to me sometime before. But My Ishani is talking to her so well. These people are the one who gave her extreme torture but Ishani forgave them in a single moment. My Ishani is always the best heart in this world.
When he was thinking Ishani giving a smile to Naina was up to touch his door to knock where Ranveer immediately pressed the button which opened the door. Ishani seeing her husband's speed in welcoming her with a smile she pushed the door and entered his room with a smile.
Ranveer: Welcome Ishani darling.
Ishani: Ya thank you. you should have been staring at me know?
Ranveer(bringing a gentleman look): Nahi I was busy till now..
Ishani(with a cute look coming and standing opposite to him and keeping the lunch box in the table): Really? Then how were that much intact in opening the door before I knock..?
Ranveer: wo..aye..(he was struggling to answer).
Ishani(with a smile): I know you Ranveer you would have been staring at me when I was entering your office itself through (showing the glass window)this glass window.
Ranveer:(with a cute smile):Tk I got caught yes I was staring at you only. In this Saree you look so beautiful then how will I be without admiring you?

Ishani gave a smile to him and she dragged a chair next to him and she sat next to him. She took the lunch box near her. Naina was seeing them where Ranveer was smiling like a child to Ishani.
Naina(in thoughts): I have never seen this Ranveer smiling to this extreme. What man he is? Why the hell this Ishani is ruling him like this? But surely I will break your relationship for that I need to get Ranveer's concern and care towards me first. I will get it soon.
Ishani: Can you have lunch in this room or can we go to cafeteria?
Ranveer:Arrey I am owner of this office I can have my lunch where ever I want. I can use my own room to have my lunch.
Ishani(with a smile):Tk..

Naina got irritated and got up from her chair and started to move towards the Canteen to have her lunch. Ranveer seeing Ishani arranging the lunch in his table got up and went to the glass window and seeing Raagini playing with his office staffs and he pulled the rope of the curtain the blinds curtain closed the glass window. Ranveer came back and sat in his chair where Ishani kept all the food she brought for him in front of him.
Ishani(taking a lunch box which had Basamathi rice and mixing the Dum aloo gravy in it): This is Dum Aloo gravy Ranveer it will taste great with Basamathi Rice.
Ranveer: Hmm okay let me.
She kept the lunch box in front of him and kept a spoon in it.
Ishani(with a smile): Have it.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani and then the food): Kya?
Ishani:(without getting him):Start to eat.
Ranveer(in a disappointed tone): Ishani I am hurt in my hand and I cannot have it myself so..
Ishani:So that only spoon have the spoon in your left hand and start to eat.
Ranveer:Haan for this I would have had lunch in canteen itself why you need to come to office to give me lunch. (bit cutely) I won't be comfortable having my food in left hand so you itself feed me.
Ishani:I thought If I give you spoon you can have it fine(giving a confirmed head shake took the lunch box and took a spoon of rice which has been mixed with gravy and showed it to his mouth): Hmm have it..
Ranveer(got it from the spoon and started to eat and was seeing Ishani with a disappointed face as she was taking the next spoon and she brought it to his mouth without having it): I don't want in spoon.
Ishani:(in a not understanding face):Then.?
Ranveer:(like a small child):Feed me with your hand.
Ishani:Ranveer I will give in spoon only as a good boy have it.
Ranveer:(like a cute boy): what is this Ishani? you fed me yesterday night today morning with hand only now what?
Ishani(with a confirmed voice):Ranveer all those food were Roti and Parathas that I cannot feed you with spoon now it is rice only know then what? have it..
Ranveer:(having a spoon): Please Ishani..
Ishani: Nahi have it now without any argument.

Ishani feed him next spoon where Ranveer had the food from the spoon and held the spoon between his teeth and he was not ready to leave it. Ishani was pulling it where he held it tightly.
Ishani:Ranveer..leave the spoon..
Ranveer shook his head as no.
Ishani: What is this? If any one see you playing like this know? you are RV Ranveer its not our home leave..
Ranveer cutely taking his left hand and brought it above and with his left hand index finger showed the spoon in his mouth and signed his finger telling no.
Ishani(seeing him telling he don't want spoon and tried to pull the spoon where he didn't leave it without any way):Tk let me feed in my hand lovely boy leave(she gave a smile).
Ranveer left the spoon where Ishani took it out of his mouth and kept it in the lunch box closer. She took the rice in her hand and showed it towards his mouth. Ranveer started to have with a happy smile in his face. Ishani was smiling thinking all the way Ranveer is longing for her.
Ishani(feeding him):Raagini is getting well with all Ranveer.
Ranveer: Haan I saw her playing with my staffs my beti know she will be like that only.
Ishani:Haan for sure.

When Ishani was feeding a mouth of food Ranveer cutely seeing Ishani with a smile taking the food from her hand and he lovingly bite her index finger where Ishani immediately took her hand from his mouth.
Ishani:(with a cute shyness):Ranveer what are you doing? This is not our bedroom.Stop playing
Ranveer:(with a romantic smile): you are looking beautiful how will I stop playing with you?
Ishani:Ranveer growing naughty this is your office so silently have your lunch.
Ranveer: Hmm tk give me..

He cutely had his lunch as she was feeding. As he finished his lunch Ishani arranged the lunch box and she washed her hands in the washroom and she came back to Ranveer.
Ishani:Tk Ranveer let me leave.
Ranveer:Arrey why this much fast you are leaving be with me for sometime know?
Ishani: Nahi Ranveer Raagini didn't have her lunch. I need to go home and only feed her. you had your lunch know then what is the need for me to be here. Let me leave
As she was up to move from the him Ranveer sitting in his chair held her hand where Ishani feeling Ranveer catching her hand turned and saw him.
Ishani:(with a smile):What?
Ranveer:Tell me one thing.
Ishani: kya?

Ranveer: why you have started to cook so well?Today all the items you gave me tasted so good. you are not telling the reason for it. what made you to change to this extreme in cooking?
Ishani(had a shy smile):Wo..
Ranveer(seeing her shyness): Tell me..
Ishani:(with a cute voice):Ranveer chodo.. I need to leave.
Ranveer:Arrey tell me know? what made you this much best in cooking?
Ishani:I started to cook well for..(she saw him with a lovely look) for..

When she was up to tell they heard the cabin door opening where Ishani took her hand immediately from his hand and saw the cabin entrance where a Girl staff was entering the room with Raagini who was crying so cutely.
Girl(coming to Ishani):She started to cry Madam.
Ishani: hmm okay (showing her hand to Raagini):Come to Mama.

Raagini cutely came to Ishani where she was so cutely crying being in her embrace.Girl staff shaking her head with a smile to Ishani as well Ranveer left the cabin. Ranveer got up and cutely came to them.
Ranveer:Raagini baby see Papa
Raagini(with a teary eyes): Papa..
Ranveer: Haan so enough of crying come to Papa and be with Papa the whole day.(she still didn't stop her crying).
Ishani:Ranveer she is feeling hungry I think let me leave.
Ranveer:(with a smile):Tk go safely,
Ishani(with a smile): Okay bye (seeing Raagini who was crying):Tell bye to Papa let us go home.
Ranveer:(seeing Raagini):Tk go home and have your lunch and play.

He was smiling as Ishani took the lunch box and started to move out of the cabin where she pressed the exit button and opened the door and left the office. Ranveer giving a smile to himself sat back in his chair and started to work. As the work was completely in its path in office it was evening when Naina was about to leave the office when Ranveer too came out of the cabin.
Naina(with a smile): Leaving home RV?
RV: Haan...

He started to walk where she too started to come beside him.
Naina:you are too going to use office cab only know? you cannot drive right?
RV: yes I am going to use office cab only.
Naina: Even I will go in that only know you too going to come with me?
RV: yes let me come.

Naina had a happy smile. When they came to the cab. RV got in the front seat next to driver. Naina sat in the behind seat.
RV(seeing the driver):Drop me first and then Naina.
Driver: Okay Sir.

The Driver started to drive the car towards Ranveer's house. There was silence in the car. where finally with the same silence cab stopped in front of Ranveer's house. He got down from the cab where Naina saw him with a smile and waved bye.
RV:(in a normal tone):Bye,,(seeing driver); leave her safely,
Driver:Tk Sir.

RV shaking his head turned to walk towards his house where the driver started to drive the car towards Naina's house. Ranveer came to the door and knocked where after the third knock Ishani opened the door where she was so fresh as he saw her in the afternoon.She red Saree highlighted her so well. Ranveer with a smile entered the house where his house was so silent. Ishani came behind him locking the main door.When they were in the hall.
Ranveer: House is so silent. Where is Raagini?
Ishani:she was playing till now she slept.
Ranveer(with a smile pulled Ishani to him who was standing beside him): Then what now shall we romance?
Ishani(with a smile): hmmm tk but you are tiered go and fresh up.
Ranveer:Arrey romance and all we should do when we get romantic mood we should not divert our concentration to other work that time.
Ishani: That and all for people who keep romance as one part of their life. you are a man who has kept romance itself as complete life.
Ranveer(with a smile):Haan I will be like this only and tell me how many days you are going to push this Ranveer from you?(He was so innocent in his face).
Ishani(with a cute smile held his cheeks):sorry Ranveer I am so worst wife know making you to feel hungry all the night.
Ranveer(with a smile going close to her face): Hmmm at least romance me that is enough.
Ishani: I am bit scared Ranveer whether that small romance may make us lose our control.
Ranveer:Nothing will happen we won't lose control to that level and all okay.
Ishani(with a smile):Tk..
Ranveer: And thanks for wearing Saree, Sindoor and Mangalsutra you look more beautiful in it.
Ishani: you liked it know?
Ranveer: Haan Saree is a special beauty to you. Haan in all the dresses you are beautiful only.
Ishani:Tk thank you.
Ranveer(held her close to him and keeping his hands in her back where his hands were lovingly touching her skin): Tell me the answer why you started to cook so well?
Ishani: (cutely seeing him with love):Ranveer I was so worst in cooking but when I came back to you. I came to know to keep a husband happy a girl should be perfect in two places of the house.
Ranveer(with a doubtful look):What are those places?
Ishani: one is Kitchen these she should cook well so that not only husband's stomach his heart will also be fulfilled. For that only I tried my best to cook well. Hope I am satisfying you in it.
Ranveer: Haan you are...
Ishani gave a cute smile to him.
Ranveer: (holding her so close): Hmm next place is?
Ishani:That is not needed.
Ranveer:Tell me know?please..
Ishani(in a husky voice seeing him lovingly): Bedroom.
Ranveer: oh nice hmm ya both the place my Ishani is good only.
Ishani:Really? I don't think so I am always the first person to break a romantic moment. All the time I have made you to control your feelings.
Ranveer:(held her cheeks softly):Hmm you know when ever you deny romance I really love the way you push me and your shyness to see that shyness I need 100 eyes to admire you.And I know we don't have physical relationship often like all the couple but till today when ever I have been physical to you I have got your complete love and I have only felt our pure love.
Ishani:(in lovely voice): I love you Ranveer I love you so much more than you no one can make me happy. I want to live this whole life just staring at you. I love you

Where he eyes lovingly lowered to his chest and closing her eyes She cutely hugged him..
Ranveer(lovingly hugged her back and closed his eyes): I love you too Ishani.
The screen freezes on the romantic hug of Ishveer..
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Awesome chapter dear...
The way RV staring at her ...
They way RV romance with her in office and specially the scene when rv hold spoon in her mouth and did agree to leave itit Embarrassed
Poor naina ...and her day dreaming Tongue
You just stay happy with that only that RV can come with you in a cab or he pay 1% attention on you just because he did not want any trouble in their lives ...
Update soon

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CarpediemRose IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow what a beautiful Episode Sakshi ClapClap
I loved it so much dr 

Pls update soon my dr GirlHug

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shaktiluvradz Senior Member

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Hi sakshi lovely episode  ishveer  scenes  r damn cute..chudayil  naina  was fuming n jealousy. Between ragini  reactions  r sooo lovely .shakti  birthday  s coming up am so excited hope yu include  as yu did fr radz birthday  let's see Wat ishu s planning  fr  ranveer's  birthday. Keep update  dr.thnq for  the pm

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Superb chapter thanks for pm

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