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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 39)

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Originally posted by life_is_fun

How are u doing dear ?? 

All ur chapters are great friend... 

Hi pooja ya I am doing good hope you are doing good too

glad you liked all the chapters bless to have you dear
love you always keep reading WinkWinkWink

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Hey dear, how r u
Are u fine i mean today no update

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Episode 176
It was night 11 o clock Rithika was walking north to south in the hall. Rithika was having a evil face where she often had a glance towards Naina's room while walking.
Rithika(walking north to south in thoughts with evil face):I really don't know what kind of family this Nirbhay family is?Nirbhay never did anything useful to me. Now this Naina don't know what happen today she came in the evening and in a fast walk she went inside the room and locked herself. I knocked it almost four times she is only telling leave me alone. I really think this girls most lovely place is always locked room often locking her inside the room.When Ranveer rescued Ishani she went and locked herself and when Nirbhay came back in coma state she completely sat inside the room for almost five months she didn't come out of that room till Nirbhay woke up. Now again here also she is doing the same. God damn.
Rithika taking a deep breath went and knocked Naina's room door.
Rithika:(in a loud tone): Naina come out what happen to you?If it is anything serious Let me solve it Naina come out.
Where she was continuously knocking finally when Rithika was about to knock again Naina opened the door with a evil face.Rithika saw her with a not understanding look. Rithika went close to her.
Rithika:(in a normal tone):What happen to you Naina? Why you locked yourself in the room? you came early today but you yourself locked inside the room and after these many hours you are opening the door what happen to you?
Naina:(in a confirmed tone):Ranveer is not angry on Ishani even after seeing the photos it seems.He has seen the photos but not angry
Rithika:(with a not understanding face):What even after seeing the photos Ranveer is not angry on Ishani? But how you know it this much confirmed?
Naina(with a evil face):Today Ranveer celebrated Ishani's birthday in our office. He brought a cake where Ishani's photo was in that cake. He has written her as the world's best loving wife and caring mother. If he is angry on her means he would have not celebrated her birthday know?
Rithika(really shell shocked for a while): What? Ranveer celebrated Ishani's birthday?
Naina: Haan Rithika(in a jealous tone): you know what? I really was not able to see how Ranveer is caring that Ishani and how he is taking care of that Extra luggage Raagini. He is holding that Raagini in his hand that much close. That extra luggage is crying seeing me. When Ranveer and Ishani are standing as a couple I wanted to slap that Ishani left and right. you said Ranveer will lose his trust on Ishani but he didn't rithika.What is happening?
Rithika(making herself okay): May be Ranveer has not seen the photos yet. How you are telling he has seen the photos?
Naina: How he will be without seeing the photos these many days Rithika. He has seen(she took her phone from her bag and showed her whats app to Rithika): See there are blue double tick marks he has seen the photos but Ranveer is not reacting to it.
Rithika(was really unable to believe this);What Ranveer is reacting cool after seeing these photos?
Naina: Haan(thinking for a while): May be it is like this Rithika?
Rithika: what Naina?
Naina:Ranveer is showing his good side hiding his anger now and then he will change his attitude as anger towards Ishani.
Rithika(with a confirmed no head shake): No Ranveer can never be like that he cannot hide his anger he will surely burst out like anything when he is angry and he will do all the stupid things like humiliating Ishani and he will hurt her etc.. Something is really wrong Naina..
Naina:Then what to do Rithika?. I am going to talk to Ranveer tomorrow.
Rithika:What you are going to talk?
Naina: Tomorrow there is a work in my section. Ranveer has said he will be with me till the work is over and with that I will find time and I am going to ask about seeing the photos and I am going to create a scene and I am going to tell Ranveer about Nirbhay Bhaiya and Ishani's relationship.
Rithika:Do you think this will work out?
Naina:This will surely work out Rithika. Ranveer believed me just seeing the tears in my eyes and he accepted me as his friend. He will surely believe this also to that extreme I will act. As you said Ranveer's trust on Ishani is easy to wash away if he comes to know Ishani and Nirbhay's relationship he will surely mistrust Ishani. May be he has thought these photos are casual photos but let me make him understand that Nirbhay and  Ishani were in good terms by telling it to him.
Rithika: But be safe don't create any misunderstanding between you and Ranveer okay.
Naina: I won't Rithika. Let me have my dinner and sleep.
Rithika: Hmm tk.

As Naina was moving towards the dinning table Rithika was having a confused face for the first time. She was not able to understand Ishani and Ranveer's relationship now. All the slideshow of how Ranveer humiliated Ishani just seeing Ishani's photo with Chiraag came to her mind. She was having a confused face and went to bed with a confused heart.
Ranveer was rubbing his face in a closed eyes state he opened his eyes. His eyes was irritating as the sun rays fell on his face. He rubbed his eyes with both the hands and He got up and sat in the bed. He saw around him self and he found he is in Ishani's room and he thought their night incidents where a smile came to his face. He took his mobile and saw the phone the time was 7.30 where he got up from the bed he opened the room door and came out of the room. He went to their room and knocked the door where Ishani immediately opened the door where she was so cute wearing a blue chudithar with black shawl. Even this blue color was highlighting her beauty so well.
Ishani(with a smile):Good morning.
Ranveer: Haan good morning(he cutely went close to her and pulled her close to him)
Ishani:Ranveer kya kariyo? I have took bath chodo.
Ranveer:Arrey why should I leave you?. Yesterday night itself I left you even now I should not romance my wife.
Ishani(with a smile):Ranveer I am sorry.
Ranveer: Its okay Ishani how many times you will tell sorry for it?
Ishani: Nahi I am not telling sorry for it actually I am telling sorry for scolding you.
Ranveer(without understanding look):Scolding me. when did you scold me?
Ishani:(keeping her hands on his shoulders where he held her close to him): Do you remember that day when you confessed your feelings?
Ranveer: Haan what for that?
Ishani:(with a sorry look):That day I said that you only wanted S*x from me. But when I saw you yesterday know I have got a precious husband in this world. He never ever touched me against my wish.
Ranveer(with a smile):See what ever Ishani gives to Ranveer know it should be always because of love. so no need sorry and all. Even I have said many words against you so no problem both will get tally.
Ishani(laughing at him): My cute husband you know I love this smiling and happy Ranveer a lot. Please know reduce your anger.
Ranveer: Haan I am trying all the ways surely I will reduce it.
Ishani:If you get angry know please be quiet for sometime don't let out words okay. Not only to me to others also. Don't hurt anyone with your words.
Ranveer(with a smile): Okay I won't hurt any one with words let me try to be silent when I am getting anger but promise me something that you won't leave me anytime. If Ishani is not with me only I am getting this anger.
Ishani(keeping her right hand on his head): I never ever hurt you Ranveer what ever happens I will never sacrifice you. Its a promise.
Ranveer:Thank you but tell me If we get fight between us means..
Ishani:Let us argue as much as we want even life won't be interesting without fights but don't want fight for so long time.
Ranveer: Hmm okay by arguing let us rectify it.
Ishani: okay.(she gave a smile to him).
Ranveer(keeping his right hand on her head); As you have given me this promise let me promise you that I will be silent for sometime when I get anger and I will be calm till the anger goes and I will try my best to reduce my anger.
Ishani(pinching his cheeks):That is it good boy. (with a surprise look) But what happened to my husband he has become so good now a days.
Ranveer: Because I have decided to shake my head for my wife's words and I will be always doing it.
Ishani:(with a smile): Tk mera Ranveer now get ready you are getting late.
Ranveer(without leaving her like a school boy): Nahi ek kiss..
Ishani: No way(Ranveer was seeing her lips and was coming to kiss her):Ranveer you didn't even brush leave me.
Ranveer(seeing her with a smile): Arrey you gave me kiss yesterday night now you won't.
Ishani:(with a shyness):That is night. Not now..
Ranveer:And who was longing for me yesterday night in phone call.
Ishani:(seeing him where her eyes were seeing him with love):Haan I only.
Ranveer:Then what kiss me now?
Ishani: Nahi Ranveer abhi nahi..
Ranveer(turned and showed his cheek to her):At least here..

Ishani with smile catching his other cheeks and lovingly gave a deep kiss in his cheek.
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmm a nice start of the day.
Ishani: Fine now get ready.(she pushed him from her and pushed him inside the room).
Ranveer with a smile entered his room where Ishani was moving towards kitchen. Taking all their own time Ishani made their breakfast ready where she arranged it in the dinning table. Ranveer come out of their room in a perfectly ready attire. He was so busy in his phone when coming out of room. Ishani served him where he finished his call and started to have his breakfast. Finishing his breakfast he got up and started to move.Walking two steps he turned and saw Ishani with a silent face.
Ishani:(seeing him with a not understanding face): Kya hua Ranveer?
Ranveer(with a smile): Be safe in home what ever you want call me.
Ishani(with a smile): Hmm tk have a nice day.

Ranveer giving a smile and head shake to her Ranveer started to move towards his day's work. when Ishani was seeing him leaving there was a cute cry of her daughter.
Ishani(with a smile to herself): Next is my cute little daughter.
With a smile she entered their room and was caring her daughter like a little princess.
Ranveer was seeing some files where Naina came to office and immediately she entered Ranveer's cabin.
Naina:Good morning RV.
RV:Good morning you were telling about your sections problems know come let us work on it and then you can hold a meeting of your section staffs.
Naina: Ya sure let me bring my laptop.
RV: Haan

Naina giving a head shake moved out of the room and after 5 minutes she came back with laptop in her hand.
RV:Take that chair and sit near me.
Naina(with a smile):Sure...
She took the chair and sat near his chair and RV switched on the laptop. He took the notepad from his draw which he has noted it yesterday. He started to discuss about it. Naina was as usual falling for his charming face.
Naina(with a smile):RV can I tell you something..
RV(who was explaining stopping): Haan tell me.
Naina:Why can't you clean shave you will look so handsome.
RV:(in a strict face): No I don't clean shave. Can we continue the work.
Naina;(in a question tone):What happen to you RV?before 4 days you were so friendly with me suddenly what happen to you?
RV(having a silent face): Nothing happened to me Naina I am good only with you. I had some tensions for the past four days so only I was not able to talk properly to you.can we continue the work?
Naina:(without any way):Tk tell me.

As RV started telling her the plan she need to execute he was behaving so formal to her. They went to Naina's section where they held a meeting for her section alone almost till lunch RV was with her. When the meeting got over all started to move out of the meeting room. RV started to move where Naina came behind him.
Naina: RV.
RV(turning to her); Haan.
Naina:Come to have lunch with me I didn't bring my lunch.Want to have in canteen only.
RV(controlling his anger): No I will have it later only you go and have your lunch.
Naina:Enough RV you are doing too much. please come with me. Some days I adjusted because you had work you told me I am your friend then come for that relationship at least. I need to talk to you RV come.
RV:(in thoughts):my god I am getting anger like anything I have told Ishani not to show my anger and hurt anyone but...(with a uncomfortable look) hmm tk come..
They went to canteen and ordered their food. RV saw Naina with a casual look.
RV: Fine know here after there won't be any problem in your section.
Naina:(in a normal tone): Haan thanks for working it out today.
As she was telling a canteen staff brought their food where he kept it in front of them. RV with a smile to him started to have his food. Naina too had her food. Naina was telling him something where Ranveer was hearing it with a silent head shake. They finished their lunch washing their hands they came back to the table.
Canteen person(coming to him): yes Sir.
RV:Get me orange juice.(showing Naina):Ask her what she wants?
Canteen person:Yes sir..(seeing Naina):What juice you want Madam?
Naina(seeing RV like eating):I want orange juice.
Canteen person: Yes madam.
As he moved Naina saw RV with a smile.
Naina:(in a confirmed voice):RV I need to talk to you.
Naina: wo..
RV:Any doubt in the process?
Naina: Nahi my doubt is you.
RV(without understanding): me?
Naina: Haan you..

Before Ranveer could react the canteen person brought their orange juice. He kept the juice in front of both and he moved away.
RV: what is your doubt on me?
Naina:Did you see the photos I sent you four days back?
RV:(thinking the photos in a casual stubborn face): Haan I saw it..
He started to drink the juice and in a instant he finishes the juice and takes the tissues and wiped his mouth.
Naina:(had a happy smile):So RV you have seen the photos thank god I was able to bring the reality in front of your eyes. Haan Nirbhay Bhaiya and Ishaniji (with a kidding smile) her truth is out know then why to call her Ishaniji and all that Ishani know she was with Nirbhay Bhaiya she was happy only. Those photos are the evidence for it. She mingled with our family so well. Nirbhay bhaiya and Ishani used to stay in the same room only.
This was enough for Ranveer to boil up his anger. He thought about his promise to Ishani to reduce his anger where he held the emptied juice glass he has kept.
Naina(was happily continuing): you know RV actually my family situation was so worst that is why I came here to ask sorry to you but seeing Ishani's acting to you. I was really worried for you as a friend. you are loving her so much but She is cheating you like anything. She was happy with Nirbhay Bhaiya but after seeing you she started to act well. How she is cheating you? I was not able to bear her good person acting. you are my good friend that is why to show Ishani's true color I sent those photos.
Ranveer held the glass so tightly where his face was turning into a angry young man.
Naina: you should surely do a DNA check up for Raagini she cannot be your child because Ishani know she would have even shared bed with Nirbhay Bhaiya...
Where this was the moment Ranveer broke the glass where the glass was broken into pieces and the hands were starting to shed blood.
Naina(in a shocked tone came to touch his hand):RV...
RV took back his hand before she touches him and saw her with a angry look where Naina was even terrified seeing his face.
RV(in a strict tone): Bhaiya..
Canteen person(came running towards him): yes sir..(seeing his hand)sir blood what happen?
RV(in the same strict tone):Let me take care of it (with other hand took his wallet from pocket and showed it to canteen person):Take the bill amount and for the glass I have broke.
Canteen person(took money from it):Fine sir can I bring first aid box?
RV:Don't want.

RV giving a angry look to Naina he got up and started to walk with his blood hands. He came to office cab and saw the driver.Naina came following him.
RV:Drop me in home.
Driver:Yes sir.

He got inside the cab and the cab started to move towards his home. Naina seeing him leaving to home.
Naina(with a smile): So RV has got anger to this extreme. He didn't even raise a single word towards me. Rithika said Ranveer will start to do all stupid things he has started it breaking the glass.(with a evil smile):So today after going home he is going to question Ishani. wow Ishani you are finished.
Screen freezes on her evil smile.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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Hi dear this was a wonderful update ritika's dialogue were hilarious I mean she said so well about nirbhay family
Naina bechari totally confused not able to understand what to do and she did the terrible mistake LOL
Ishveer and their romance never get enough of it they ae always the best Wink
He broke glass if allowed he would ha e broken her mouth for telling so much non sense she didn't leave ragini also
Poor boy his hands got hurted let's see what happens naina is dead now Big smile LOL

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sakshi5050

Originally posted by o_gudiya

Originally posted by sakshi5050

Originally posted by o_gudiya

Originally posted by sakshi5050

[QUOTE=o_gudiya]Hii sakahi didi...
      M realky very aorry for late reply but was busy with aome health iaaues...
   So cumint to epiaode it was superb and fantastic ...
Ishani was looking so beUtifuk ti ranveers eyes...<3
She was looking more beauriful then angel to ranveers eyes...just ranveer was mesnorised thinking abhiut her n seeing her...:-)
So our cutiepie started responding...:-)lovely...<3
Oh my god!!! Hiw cute her voice would be...<3
Truly this episode showed the unsaid feelings of tanveer...
The linsa ranveer told was juzt amazing..
Theae ranveer is our old ranveer i tgunk thats the reSon isgNi is unable to understand him who would just see her n admire her...B-)
And the caot acene loved it...
IF naina had seen thia then she qould habw bwcome ao jealous...i qould have wnjoued her jealousy...
But itd nicw ahe didnt see them otherwise she will again xestroy theur privacy n nit let thm enjoy thir moment..
Take care...
Keep smiling...
Love u..
Thnks for the pm..

Hi Gudiya Behan
Arrey no worries dear for late reply but what happen to your health hope you are
fine now take care of your health dear
glad you liked the episode and found it fantastic
hmm ya our heroimn in looking like a angel in our hero eyes
and she is more beautiful than a angel to his eyes he was memerized thinking about
her and seeingher
ya our cutie pie started to respond happy that you liked it.
hmm surely would be so cute dear
happy that you liked and felt that Ranveer feeling has been said in this episode
glad you liked the lines Ranveer said
hmm ya our ranveer is back who was her friend that is why our heroin is not able
to understand him he will be just admiring her once and till today he didn't leave
that habit.
glad you loved the coat scene
hmm ya if Naina would have seeing them she would be so jealous and hmm may
be it will be enjoyable for us but ya she will think to disturb our ishveer privacy
so let them enjoy their life
take care of your health dear
keep smiling and love you too WinkWinkWink

hii sakshi didi...
I m not fine but ya m fine...:-P

Hi Gudiya behan hmm you will soon get recovered darling WinkWink
[/QUOTEhii didi..

If u r wishing then surely i qill be recovering fast...:-)]

ya dear you will surely recover dear what happen to your health?
hii my dear behna...
   Actually indecember month i got fever...from that time i m not well...
   And my lips are swelling from december...
And no doctir is able to find out the reason behind sweling...
And no doctor is able to cure ut..
Everybody is in tension at my home except me...:-P

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Hiii my sweet behna...
    Tiday i thought there is no update.
...but there is thnk u...
Fantastic episode...
Loved the motning romance...
The words said by ritika abt nainas family is really true...
Haha naina is stupid...
Rv is not angry on ishani but on naina herself...
Poor ranveer had cut his hand...
How much pain...:'(
But y he is controlling anger on naina heust say it...
Today only he has to give promise to ishani...
Lets c rv gets first aid by ishani ...
Ishanis smile itself make ranveers wound healed...
Hope he doesnt show anger at home or keep quiet at home at least he should tell everything to ishani...
Take care...s
Keep smiling and
Keep rocking...:-D
Thanks for the pm..

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2016 at 7:49am | IP Logged
First of all sorry dear that I am not able to posted review on the last chapter...
And now on this chapter ishveer moments are just out of word I mean if they just stand beside one another it's look lovely and and cute ...
And ritika reactions on RV behaviour was Big smile
Ritika confused ishveer rocked Tongue
And now come to naina section ...
I was laughing terribly when I am reading ... Naina look stupid whenever she spoke against ishaani...
Today was naina last day on earth if ranveer did not promised to ishaani for controlling his anger ...
And dumbo naian think that ranveer left from office because he believed in her stupid story Tongue LOL ...
I think now RV know about naina evil attention ...
Update soon

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1ishveerian Groupbie

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Posted: 06 May 2016 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Hi dear Sakshi,
Hope you doing well,
Both the chapters were good..

Their compatibility is increasing day by day,
And Ranveer is trying hard to change his behavior,
Its cool...!
Both of them now understand each other on a level higher than before,
And Ranveer never touches Ishani, unless she agrees,
That something impressive...

Hey this one chapter, amazing dear...
Ranveer's promise to Ishani had shut his mouth,
And as she suggested him to remain silent and not to show his anger to anyone,
His talarance, costs him a lot,
And what does stupid naina is thinking, that he has believed her nonsense...stupid..

It reminded me of Ranveer's breaking glass,in hand, on the day Ishani came to home, and khamoshiyan played...

Keep rocking dear

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