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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 37)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Episode 175
As Ranveer and Ishani were standing hitting their forehead with each other and the coat above them was getting drenched in the rain. They were completely drenched where Ranveer slowly opened his eyes and saw his lady love where he slowly took his forehead from her forehead which made Ishani to open her lovely eyes where she saw him with soft love in her eyes. Ranveer was still holding her cheeks with his both the hands where he was seeing her eyes which were seeing his eyes with love. He cutely lowered his eyes towards her lips where the pinky lips were tempting him. He swallowed his throat and took his lips close to her lips. Ishani got to know Ranveer is going to kiss her saw his lips where those lips were ready to touch her lips and the next moment Ranveer's eyes were half closed and he has completely fell for her where Ishani seeing him half eye closed when he was about to touch her lips with his lips Ishani cutely took his coat from her head and started to run from him with a shy face. Where Ranveer feeling her running from him immediately with a intimate face took his coat from his head and saw Ishani where she was cutely running towards their house in the rain where Ranveer with a lovely face started to follow her getting drenched in rain. At the moment when Ishani entered the house and went to the hall and stood grasping herself with a fall full of red when she turned and saw Ranveer was coming inside the house without taking his eyes from her. He had a smile which was so intense towards her. She saw him and turned herself other where she was showing her back to him. Ranveer closed the main door and locked the door where he came to her. The chudithar back had a low cut in her back where there was a thread in it. The white skin was pulling him towards her. Ranveer went close to her where he lovingly touched her back with his hand which made Ishani to close to her eyes. He cutely lowered his head and lovingly kissed her back where Ishani was breathing heavily closing her eyes. The rain drops in her back was making Ranveer crazy like anything. Ranveer raised his head and bringing his hand he untied the knot of the chudithar where this brought Ishani to back to the world. Ranveer touched her shoulders with both the hands and turned her towards him where Ishani turned to him in a head bowed state.
Ishani;(bowing her head in a low voice): Good night..
Ranveer(had a disappointed face): Now itself you need to sleep?
Ishani:(raising her head and seeing him and shaking her head slowly): Haan...

Without a word she immediately turned and was about to walk towards their room where Ranveer instantly held her hand and pulled her close to him where he was seeing her with a silent look. Ranveer saw her eyes which made Ishani to fall in a eye lock with him. Ranveer having a eye lock slowly took her in his hand and as Ishani was completely lost in his eyes catch his shoulders properly. Ranveer having a eye lock with her lovingly took her to her room. He laid her in the bed which was on the floor. He has made her so comfortable where her head was exactly in the pillow. He didn't break his eye lock at any moment where he cutely came above her and saw her with a smile.
Ishani(seeing him with a silent face in a husky voice):Why did you bring me here?
Ranveer:(in a husky voice): Raagini is there in that room that is why? I brought you to this room.
Ishani: (cutely held his cheeks with a smile): I am so happy to have you in my life. you really made me happy today.
Ranveer(keeping his face close to her face):Really?(he cutely touched her cheek where the rain drops were resting) your lips are so cute.

Ranveer cutely lovingly lowering his lips towards her forehead and gave a deep kiss where Ishani was happy at heart for her husband's love.
Ranveer(cutely lowering his face to her where Ishani opened her eyes and saw him):you will like Raagini's kiss only?
Ishani(smiling and pinching his cheeks): I know you I thought you will ask me this?
Ranveer:Tk tell me only her kiss is the best gift you got today.
Ishani: Haan both the vaghela's today made me happy. Raagini gave a precious gift which was her kiss. And my husband made me happy today giving a birthday party. But I am really confused about the property you have named in my name. I don't want it.
Ranveer: I am not at all confused in it. I have done the right job only and if you feel you are confused let us talk about it in the morning not now.

Where telling it he immediately lowered his lips and started to nuzzle her neck part where the wet hair of Ishani was coming in between his mouth disturbing his romance. Ishani who was thinking about his property papers Ranveer's immediate action made her bit romantic where she didn't want him to stop for now. She kept her hands behind his back where Ranveer cutely came to her lips and
when he was about to kiss Ishani smiling in shyness turned her face which made him to fall in her shoulders and neck part.He started to caress his lips.
Ishani(feeling his nuzzling in her neck and shoulder part caressing his hair in a low voice): I loved the cake today. you really surprised me.
Ranveer(nuzzling): hmmm
Ishani:I am really world's best loving wife?
Ranveer: (cutely keeping her ear lobs in between his lips): Without doubt you are a best wife Ishani and a best mother.

When Ranveer slowly came below her neck the white skin tempted him like anything where He was kissing her and caressing his lips on her skin. Ishani was feeling all these moves with a closed eyes.
These actions was making Ranveer hard between his knees where he was wanting her badly. The sudden rain and chill weather and the drenched dress which even told Ishani that she wanted him. She was holding his back where They were getting intimate at all their moves now. Ranveer raising his head after getting satisfied in nuzzling saw Ishani was having closed eyes still.
Ranveer(in a mesmerized tone):Once again Happy Birthday Ishani..
Ishani(with the closed eyes): Hmm
Ranveer:Can this Ranveer get a birthday treat from Ishani? (where he cutely went and kissed her stomach above her dress)
Ishani(lost her completely to him): Ranveer..
Ranveer(came to her face and kissed her cheek in a husky tone):Tell me can I get a Birthday treat today?
Ishani:What you want?
Ranveer:(Seeing her lips): I want you Ishani. Can we share love now?
Ishani(opened her eyes slowly saw Ranveer where his face was completely full of love):Ranveer.. wo..Nahi I cannot..I told you know?I am scared(she had a sorry face to him).

Ranveer immediately got up from her and sat in the bed where he wiped his face rain drops with his hand. Ishani got up and sat near him.
Ishani(touching his shoulder):Ranveer I am sorry...
Ranveer(turning his face with a disappointment): Its okay Ishani you go and refresh and sleep.
Ishani: you too come know? you too can sleep right?
Ranveer(giving a smile): Nahi I will surely lose my control If you are near me so go and sleep in our room let me sleep in this room.
Ishani:(with a sorry face):Ranveer.. I am sorry..
Ranveer(with a smile): Its okay Baba go and fresh up yourself and sleep.

Ishani got up from the bed and started to walk towards the room door. Ranveer saw the other side of the room and was sitting in the bed. Ishani going some distance with a sorry face turned and saw Ranveer who was sitting with a disappointed face. Ishani with a force full walk went to him and sitting in front of him in the floor held his cheeks with both the hands and in a instant kissed his lips. She sealed his lips with hers where Ranveer was tightly closing his eyes at the sudden action of his wife. She left his lips after a minute where Ranveer didn't open his eyes.
Ranveer(closing the eyes): Before I open my eyes leave the room Ishani or else..(bit stopping) please leave..
Ishani(with a smile seeing her husband held his cheeks with her hand):Ranveer I am sorry but this is my birthday treat to you. I was so happy today when you introduced me to your staffs and the way you celebrated my birthday made me fall for you. This is what I came to talk to you before that rain came. I am so blessed to have you as my husband I never need to worry until you are with me holding my hands. (she kissed his forehead): you are a romantic lovely husband.
Ranveer(in a tempted tone without opening his eyes); Ishani please leave my darling or else I don't know what I will do.
Ishani(with a smile): Let me leave go and bath I will keep your night dress in the dressing table.
Ranveer:(still closing his eyes); Okay my wife come and keep the dress when I am bathing. Today night alone don't fall in my eyes.
Ishani: Okay Ranveer cutie pie.

Ishani with a smile got up and started to leave the room. She went out of the room and reached their room. Ranveer opened his  eyes and getting Ishani left the room had a lovely smile he hit his back head with his hand and he got up he took his mobile from his pocket and kept it in the dressing table.
Ranveer(to himself):Thanks to the person invented Water proof phone.
He went to take bath. Ishani after taking his night dress came to his room and rotating her eyes through out the room and getting Ranveer is bathing kept the dress in the dressing table and left the room. She went to their room locked the room and started to take bath.
Ranveer came out taking bath wearing a towel where he saw the night dress in the dressing table he had a smile to himself.He took his night dress and went to change it. Where he came out in his night dress and came to lock the door. Ishani has just closed the door where Ranveer before locking opened the door and peeped his head out of the room and saw their room. Their room door was closed. With a disappointed head shake to himself he locked the door and went to the bed and laid himself in the bed.
Ishani came out of the bathroom wearing her night dress and hair wet. She was drying her hair seeing the mirror where her face didn't leave her shyness still. She kept the towel in the dressing table and came and laid herself in the bed. She saw Raagini she was cutely sleeping in the cradle. Ishani laid herself so well in the bed. The rain outside was stopped where their memories didn't have any control now.
Ranveer who was seeing the room top where he saw the image of Ishani getting drenched in rain and the beauty of her was mesmerizing him like anything.
Ranveer(with a smile in his face to himself): Really don't know If I didn't marry you how I would have lived? If god come in front of me and ask what boon you need. I will ask a boon that I should be romancing my wife without disturbance.
All the flashback from Ishani getting drenched in rain and their confession under the coat and all their romance till this room all came to his eyes like a slideshow. He was smiling so much.
Ishani was smiling to herself thinking all the incidents happened by now. She was blushing thinking the way Ranveer is wanting her.
Ishani(to herself with a blushing face): I really don't know what I would have been If I had missed you. How stupid I was when Maa asked to marry you I was denying to marry you. But other than you I can never been happy with anybody in my life. (thinking the way Ranveer was closing his eyes after her kiss) So poor my Ranveer I am always held in a situation to make him control his feelings.
Ishani turned to the other side in the bed and took her mobile from the lamp stand and with a smile dialed Ranveer's number. Where Ranveer was thinking about Ishani his phone Rang in the dressing table but he was searching it near him.
Ranveer(searching it near him and seeing the dressing table to himself):When removing your dress you have kept it in dressing table and searching here(he went and took his phone where he had a smile seeing Ishani's number and picked up with a smile): Hello..
Ishani(with a shyness); Hello Ranveer..
Ranveer(laying in the bed):What a surprise?Only I will always call you today what happen you are calling me?
Ishani: I am sorry..
Ranveer(with a smile): Its okay Ishani no problem..
Ishani: (in a childish tone); you won't turn back to your angry young man avatar know?
Ranveer(laughed at her question): Nahi nahi I won't
Ranveer: Hmmm
Ishani: you know what? Even I was wanting you today but...
Ranveer(in a kidding tone); But you are not ready? fine what to do you are scared.
Ishani: Haan I am scared. you are ready for second child?
Ranveer(with a laughter): Haan I am ready for Vaghela family extension. I am really ready to welcome the next vaghela no problem for me.
Ishani:Ranveer this is not the right time for us to have second child and even not good for Raagini.
Ranveer: Okay Madam its all your decision when you want to have second child let us.
Ishani: Hmm thank you.
Ranveer: But tell me If god give us that boon now itself means what are you going to do?
Ishani: Haan if that happens means I will give birth to that child only. But I am telling it is not the right time that is why I am praying it not to happen now.
Ranveer: Okay nothing will happen then.. I love you .
Ishani: Hmmm
Ranveer:Arrey tell me back I love you too.
Ishani: tell me why you were so romantic today?
Ranveer: you were so beautiful today that is why?
Ishani: Hmm am I that much beautiful Ranveer?
Ranveer:Arrey what question is this? beauty means Ishani Ishani means beauty. Go and ask all the guys who came behind you they will tell you how beautiful you are?
Ishani(in a fun making voice):Really fine then after going to Mumbai let me go and meet all the guys who proposed me.
Ranveer(instantly): Arrey just to make you understand that you are that much beautiful only I said that you no need to go and meet anyone.
Ishani(with a laughter):Mr. Possessive. Nice name know let me call you like this itself.
Ranveer:Hello you are kidding me? Haan I am possessive on you. you are not possessive on me?
Ishani;Haan I am too..
Ranveer:Tk good night.
Ishani:(in a longing voice): You can talk to me for some more time know?
Ranveer:Accha tell me I love you.
Ishani: Nahi I won't
Ranveer: haan when wife is not loving her husband why he need to be awake good night.
Ishani:(in a cute anger tone); Tk good night sleep well.
Ranveer:Arrey why are you angry? tell me what you want me to talk to you?
Ishani:Ranveer I don't want any property and all. please change it back to your name.
Ranveer:Ishani here after no one should try to send you out of our house and you should be the queen of that house. What ever decision you want to take you can. I will shake my head to you.
Ishani:Really Ranveer? my man is not that kind of husband he is a kind of man to control me.
Ranveer: Here after nothing like that I got to know who is a wife? so I will be behind you so I will be earning well you will be taking care of home well.
Ishani: So you have decided?
Ranveer: haan decided and let it be in your name and don't tell anyone about this in home.
Ranveer;Why means what? don't want that will create unwanted problems so leave this property tension. It will be in your name only that is final.
Ishani:you won't change fine.But when you feel you want it back you can change it back to your name.
Ranveer:There is nothing called you and me here after. It is we okay. If it is in my name or your name both same only.
Ishani: my cute boy now a days you are so matured Ranveer not like that Ranveer who used to misunderstand me like stupid.
Ranveer:Then I was a stupid those times?
Ishani:Of course..
Ranveer;When you felt me stupid tell me?
Ishani: Do you remember that day when a guy came and took my dupatta and gave me you came and slapped him thinking he is pulling my dupatta that time I felt it.
Ranveer(with a smile):Mein kya karo I don't want any guy near my Ishani.
Ishani: hmm I know that but how angry you were know that time. you used to cry all alone know?
Ranveer: haan I used to. family members were happy that I am getting married to rithika. I was so sad that you are going to marry shikhar. That guy know he never lost his trust on you.
Ishani:That is how a man should be. My friend shikhar is really a nice guy.
Ranveer: hello he is my friend too.
Ishani: haan you will fight with that friend know.
Ranveer: Haan If he is going to marry my wife means I should be watching it?
Ishani: But My husband I was watching when you were getting married to Rithika don't you remember?
Ranveer: who asked you to watch it? you should have come and fought with her. how can you think that I will be to the level of having child with Rithika? (realizing to himself); Haan but I didn't believe you how will you manage it without me?
Ishani: Thank god at least now you got your mind back. Fine good night I am feeling sleepy and I tell you surely before leaving Nagpur I will surely full fill your two demands.
Ranveer: hmm okay I am waiting and good night.
They were having smile in their face when they cut the call where Ranveer laid in the bed. Ishani too laid in the bed with a happy heart.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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lifesobeautiful Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Hii Sakshi,
Wow...wat a surpries its was simply romantic update but too hottt
Omg ishani become sunny leoney amazed..
Hehehe...when ishani suddenly kissed her and ranveer stiil closed eye just i loved it scene the whole chapter in only ishveer and ishveer totally full of dhamka update i think matsh forum getting too hot That's my most fav chapter and i read 5 more time
Now i can't say any more word bcoz i'm going to read it again...

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naush2015sakshi5050 Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Hi sakshi what a sizzling romantic update
I was blushing badly throughout the chapter
It was so good totally filled with ishveer romance but my poor ranveer always have to control because of ishani Wink LOL
A simple request please can we have a rain romance of them before they leave Nagpur and ranveer's both the demand get fulfilled before they leave for Nagpur that too with rain Embarrassed only if it's fine with your story
The way you write their romance is never awkward to read and I just love that
Best part was the way ishani came back and kissed him and ranveer keeping his eyes close to control himself that was too good
Ranveer is seriously a kid by heart and how much he loves her
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 9:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sakshi5050

Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hii sakahi didi...
      M realky very aorry for late reply but was busy with aome health iaaues...
   So cumint to epiaode it was superb and fantastic ...
Ishani was looking so beUtifuk ti ranveers eyes...<3
She was looking more beauriful then angel to ranveers eyes...just ranveer was mesnorised thinking abhiut her n seeing her...:-)
So our cutiepie started responding...:-)lovely...<3
Oh my god!!! Hiw cute her voice would be...<3
Truly this episode showed the unsaid feelings of tanveer...
The linsa ranveer told was juzt amazing..
Theae ranveer is our old ranveer i tgunk thats the reSon isgNi is unable to understand him who would just see her n admire her...B-)
And the caot acene loved it...
IF naina had seen thia then she qould habw bwcome ao jealous...i qould have wnjoued her jealousy...
But itd nicw ahe didnt see them otherwise she will again xestroy theur privacy n nit let thm enjoy thir moment..
Take care...
Keep smiling...
Love u..
Thnks for the pm..

Hi Gudiya Behan
Arrey no worries dear for late reply but what happen to your health hope you are
fine now take care of your health dear
glad you liked the episode and found it fantastic
hmm ya our heroin in looking like a angel in our hero eyes
and she is more beautiful than a angel to his eyes he was memerized thinking about
her and seeingher
ya our cutie pie started to respond happy that you liked it.
hmm surely would be so cute dear
happy that you liked and felt that Ranveer feeling has been said in this episode
glad you liked the lines Ranveer said
hmm ya our ranveer is back who was her friend that is why our heroin is not able
to understand him he will be just admiring her once and till today he didn't leave
that habit.
glad you loved the coat scene
hmm ya if Naina would have seeing them she would be so jealous and hmm may
be it will be enjoyable for us but ya she will think to disturb our ishveer privacy
so let them enjoy their life
take care of your health dear
keep smiling and love you too WinkWinkWink

hii sakshi didi...
I m not fine but ya m fine...:-P

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powergirlpriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Hii sakshiSmile
lovely and romantic update sakshi Embarrassed
       i m speechless after read this updates's really hott and romantic sakshi Blushingall convection is so awesome .but poor ranveer i m felling sad for ranveerLOL rain & ishveer bond it's marvelousDay Dreaming rain & ishveer their guys  made for eachother EmbarrassedWhole episode was lots of understanding between ishveer they understand eachother so well right now thanks sakshi for given this understanding episode ClapEmbarrassedbut my wish saw sunny deol but you seeing me sunny lenoey LOLLOLpoor ranveer he always control his feeling so sad for himROFL  i wish ishani fullfile his demand with rain season (only my wish sakshi hope so my wish come trueEmbarrassed)before leave nagpur .but last call scene is my all time fav Embarrassedthanks sakshi for this update ClapClap
thx for pm sakshiSmile
wait for next updateLOL


Edited by powergirlpriya - 05 May 2016 at 2:22am

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naush2015 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 1:31am | IP Logged
It was such a romantic chapter full of their masti.i always love to read romantic stuff from your side because you are best in it..

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Hii sakshi didi...
   How r u ...??
   The episode was lovely and romantic...
      It is just apeechless i am not able to sayanythung abt todaya episode it is just speechless
Poor ranveer...:-(
    Feeling sad for ranveer..
Hope hus demands r fulfilled as early as possible...:-)
Luv u...
Take care...:-)
Thanks for tge pm...

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ishveershadhika

Amazing episode loved it !!! The best part for me was the song lyrics and ranveer's feelings... Such an awesome idea.. You've got such good imagination skills.. Love you for that! Blushing

Hi dear thanks for the comment glad you liked the episode happy that you liked the song lyrics and you liked Ranveer's feelings happy that you liked my idea thanks for the compliment love you too dear WinkWinkWink

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