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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 34)

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Episode 174
It was late evening when the time was 8.30 when Ranveer's car was entering their house gate. Ranveer parked the car and got down from the car where he went and locked their gate. Ishani got down holding Raagini who was cutely playing with her. Ranveer came to them with a smile..
Ranveer:Where is the key?
Ishani: Its in my bag?

Ishani tried to open the bag holding Raagini where Raagini was shaking her body being in Ishani's hand. Ranveer got her bag and he searched the key and getting the key he went to the door walking in the Portico where Ishani came behind him. Ranveer opened the door and showed the way for Ishani when she entered Ranveer too entered behind her and he locked the door. Ishani went and sat in the sofa with Raagini where Ranveer came and sat next to her with a smile.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):Thanks a lot Ranveer you know you made this day so memorable.
Ranveer:(with a smile); you were happy know?
Ishani: Haan thanks for taking me to temple and thanks for restaurant dinner today. (seeing Raagini): Hain na Baby you enjoyed the dinner know?
Raagini(cute voice): Hmmm(she cutely kept her little lips in Ishani's cheeks and was just keeping it still in her cheeks).
Ishani(with a smile):Oh my Baby is trying to give me kiss? how cute darling?

Ranveer was seeing this Maa and Beti with a smile.
Ishani(cutely kissed Raagini's cheeks):Tumhari kiss is the best gift Mama got on this day. Thank you.
Ranveer was seeing it with a questioning face and thinking something.
Ishani: (seeing Ranveer):Ranveer let me change her diaper and make her fresh and bring her wearing a night dress.
Ranveer: Hmm tk..

Ishani went to their room where after another half an hour Ishani came out with Raagini where the lovely doll was in her casual t-shirt and short trousers. Ranveer was watching TV when Ishani came out with Raagini.
Ishani(coming to Ranveer):Ranveer keep Raagini for sometime let me change and come.
Ranveer(seeing her up and down); you are looking good in this dress when you go to bed you can change know?
Ishani:Ranveer its too heavy work dress I am feeling uncomfortable as I am wearing it from Morning you have her let me change and come.
Ranveer:Okay(seeing Raagini): come to Papa..(Raagini was cutely smiling and coming to Ranveer)
Ishani:Ranveer she had her dinner try to make her sleep.Tell her some stories.
Ranveer;Tk...(As Ishani started to move towards their room he switched off the RV and kept the remote a side and Ranveer cutely made Raagini lay her head in his chest)Now come on baby sleep.
Raagini(resting her head but again raising her head and seeing Ranveer with a smile): Papa..
Ranveer(with a smile):Really know? How cute you look?you are cutely calling me Papa.

Raagini cutely held his coat with her tiny hand and rested her head in his chest. Ranveer started to caress her back affectionately.
Ranveer(caressing Raagini's back); Come on baby close your eyes and travel into dream world where you can meet beautiful angel. There will be cute dolls like you.
Raagini (cutely kept her hand in a way of hugging him and rested her head in his chest comfortable in a cute tone): Hmmm
Ranveer(in a surprised tone): Oh what Papa is saying is like a story to you?you even started to respond cutie?
Ranveer(with a smile caressing her back): Hmm yes Baby in the dream land there will be a beautiful angel. you want to know how that angel will be?
Raagini(cutely closed her eyes the dinner and tiredness was making her sleep): Hmmm
Ranveer(in a questioning tone to himself): How Angel will be?
When he was asking to himself Raagini as he was not about to tell She opened her tiny eyes and tried to see him.
Ranveer(caressing her back and making her rest her head back in his chest);Tk Tk let Papa tell you how beautiful angel will be try to sleep..(in thoughts):Angel means even angel cannot be beautiful like My Ishani.

When he was thinking to himself their room door opened where Ishani came out in a simple Chudithar. The Brown color chudithar and the light brownish shawl and pants. The Brown color was showing Ishani's milk color skin so highlighted. It suited her so well. Ranveer was out of speech for a while. He was mesmerized...As she was coming to him..
Ranveer(in a mesmerized tone caressing Raagini's back); Haan Baby Angel will be so beautiful. The black hair that floats in the air will remind us of the sea waves that keeps moving. The milk will lose its whiteness if that angel's skin is compared to it. The simple studs in ears and the golden chain in her neck will make her so beautiful.
When he was telling it Ishani came near him and seeing his eyes fixed on her dress or something and seeing him without understanding..
Ishani:(in a loud tone): Ranveer..
Ranveer didn't take his eyes off her..
Ranveer(coming to the world): Haan Ishani...
Ishani(seeing Raagini in his chest sleeping): She slept this much fast wow Ranveer tell me the trick even I can never make her sleep this much fast.
Ishani(sat next to him and caressed Raagini hair): Baby.. have you slept?

Ranveer too cutely saw Raagini in his mesmerized face. As Ishani was caressing and seeing Raagini.She was surely sleeping well.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):As we were traveling in the car in tiredness she has slept it seems okay give her let me make her sleep in the cradle.
Ranveer(in a mesmerized face giving Raagini carefully): Hmmm.

Ishani taking Raagini carefully went and made her lay in the cradle and came out and was entering Kitchen where Ranveer was not able to take his eyes from Ishani.
Ranveer:(in thoughts):  Kya hua Ranveer? Suddenly Ishani is like a angel to my eyes. In this simple dress she is so beautiful.
Ranveer was mesmerized like something and he started to move towards the kitchen. He came inside the kitchen were Ishani was pouring the milk in the glass tumbler. Ranveer the man who always hugs her from behind was not doing it today. He was seeing her side face where the milky cheeks were making him fall for her.
He started to come near her where Ishani feeling it turned and saw Ranveer with a smile where this was completely enough for Ranveer to completely fall in her beauty.
Ishani(with the same smile):Ranveer what you want? you have come till kitchen?
Ranveer(in a so low voice and stammering voice): Mi..Milk
Ishani: Milk? Wait..

She went and took the sugar bottle and she added the sugar and mixing the sugar with milk with the help of spoon and she gave the glass to him.He was standing without getting the glass from her. He was still staring at her the same way.
Ishani:(seeing him in a not understanding way):Ranveer.. Milk..
Ranveer(coming to this world giving a made up smile): Haan.

Ranveer got the glass and started to sip the milk from the glass seeing Ishani with a smile in his face where the smile was the smile of Mesmerism in his face.
Ishani(was adding sugar in the milk for her): Ranveer.. I need to tell you something..
Ranveer was standing watching her where Ishani who didn't get reply..again turned and saw him seeing him smiling..
Ishani(with a doubtful face):Ranveer what happen? you are so happy? I said I need to talk to you..But you didn't reply anything.
Ranveer(hearing her voice coming back to this world): Hmmm(He shook his head telling her to talk).
Ishani(with a smile):Wo...

As she was up to talk to him they head a heavy thunder where immediately they heard the water pouring sound where immediately Ishani opened the kitchen's small window and had a smile seeing rain outside.  She locked the window again and saw Ranveer with a smile..
Ishani;Ranveer. Its raining can I get drenched..?
Where she didn't even wait for his answer she was almost running out of Kitchen where Ranveer kept back the glass in the kitchen slap and started to move behind her where by the time he came out of the kitchen Ishani has opened the door and went to their house vast Veranda.. Ranveer came out where he was seeing Ishani who has started to get drench in the rain.. Ranveer seeing her from the portico completely was having some different feeling for her today. The complete drenched dress of Ishani. the dress that is highlighting her milk color skin was tempting him. Like a mesmerized man he slowly started to move towards Ishani who was getting drenched in rain in their house vast veranda. She was as cute as he saw her as his friend.Ranveer was slowly keeping each step towards her.
Ranveer Voice: This Ranveer Vaghela has come to this world just for his love. Love was his complete life when most of the men wanted woman to follow them often I was the one who is always following my woman. I feel proud to be behind her.. because I cannot live without her Without her my life is nothing.
Background song: Hum Tere Bin ab Reh Nahi Sakte...Tere Bina kya vajood Mera.
Ranveer's voice: I have been a man wandering like a dead body when she was not with me. My complete relationships once said to forget her but If I forget or get separated from her It is sure my soul will be separated from my body.
Background Song: Tujh se judaa gar ho jaayenge to khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa.
Ranveer's voice: Our Relationship is always a sacred one where I can never ever stay away from her. I may get humiliated I may get hurt but I always want to stay near her.
Background Song: Tera Mera Rishta Hai Kaisa Ek pal Door Gawara Nahi.
Ranveer Voice: I want her all the time with me. I want her only for me.Somebody Please tell this whole world not to disturb me when I get time with her. Please tell the villain and vamp of our story to allow us to live this life peacefully. My possessiveness is always on her because she is only mine I can never ever give her in other hands. (when Ranveer almost came near Ishani where she was cutely enjoying the rain the rain drops sprinkling in her face was so lovely to his eyes).
Ranveer with a smile stood behind her and cutely opened his coat button and removed his coat and in a instant cutely turned her to him and he put the coat over both of their head and stood with her.
Ishani(who saw Ranveer inside the coat and seeing the coat above her head with a smile):Ranveer...
Ranveer(seeing her with a light smile): Hmmm
Ishani:(with a laughter):Till today you didn't change you can be RV but (pinching his cheeks)Till today you are my friend Ranveer only.
Ranveer:(seeing her lips which were having rain drop and was bit shivering which made him to swallow his throat): I love you Ishani.. I totally love you..(his eyes was seeing her with a love) More than you I don't want anything in this world.
Ishani(inside the coat coming close to him and held his cheeks): kya hua? Suddenly what happen to you?
Ranveer(left the coat where the coat fell on their head where Ranveer cutely held her cheeks and standing close to her): You are a precious thing Falguni Maa has given me.your birthday is a very special day in my life.A girl is born in this world to make me a man of love. I am a mad man who didn't know to prevent this precious girl sometime. (seeing her eyes) Wo Rithika hain na when she was with me she used to scold me for seeing you for being behind you. She did all the stupidity to make you feel jealous but even I too humiliated you being with her. (his eyes were having tears).My mind forgot to tell me that you stupid man are you mad? you are making a girl cry who has lost her Maa and Papa. (He saw her with a eyes where trust was only there held her cheeks tightly): How can Maa say Ishani is not fit to me? How can Rithika tell me that I should not get jealous seeing you with Shikhar?When I see my lady with other man how will I be cool? you are mine Ishani only for me.

Ishani was seeing him with a not understanding look but she reminded silent for him to let out his feelings.
Ranveer: please Ishani don't ever think to leave me again. Let us become old together. Let us be together even If the world comes against us.
Ishani gave a smile to him and when the rain was at its full swing on them they were getting drenched to the extreme but the coat was still on their head.
Ishani(with the same smile held his cheeks in a lovable voice): I don't know what happen to you suddenly? But I tell you I won't leave you for anyone. I will fight this world with all my power to get back my Ranveer If any situation makes us separate. Haan Maa aur Papa meri saath nahi hain but when Rithika planned all the ways to kill me when my Ranveer came and prevented me I felt my Papa in his embrace. (catching his cheeks tightly): When I feel sad when Ranveer makes me sleep in his embrace I feel I am in the hands of my mother.Today when he made me proud in front of this world I really saw a god in my husband's face. He was just born in this world to love me. (Her eyes were having happy tears): I will grow old with you Ranveer. I will always be with you..
Ranveer(like a child):you ever know why I want you for myself?
Ishani:(with a smile):Tell me why?
Ranveer(in a cute voice):Because you are my life, my peace, my pain,my happiness sub sirf tum.

He cutely smiled at her and she too cutely smiled at him where Ranveer lovingly hit his forehead with her forehead. Where the coat on their head were getting drenched to that extreme the rain falling in their body though created a coldness but the two love birds felt their warmth of love in each other..As camera panned around them..
Background song: Kyun ki Tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho Zindagi ab tum hi ho chain bhi Mera dard Bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.
When they were cutely standing forgetting the world..
Ishani(in a lovely voice); Meri Aashiqui sirf tumse hi Ranveer..
Ranveer(closing his eyes and still hitting his forehead with her): Hmm thank you..
Ishani: Hmmm

Where the heavy thunder was heard but the love birds are not ready to leave each other they were in their world of love the coat above their head gave them their privacy for their pure love. The rain was falling on them as water flowers blessing them to stay together in this sacred relationship.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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This was just love <3 <3 The love they hold for each other is simply <3 <3 The entire rain dance sequence reminded me of some sweet memories <3 <3 And Ragini kissed her mother! What better can Ishani have as her birthday gift? <3 <3 Update the next one soon!

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Hii Sakshi,
Wow... again a best the best update dear how cute where our cutipie kissed ishani cheeks i liked it. Ishani dressing style changed And Ranveer totally memorized seeing her beautie and he forget all round the world only staring her ( when ranveer think that how angle and then ishani opne the door he seeing her & get memorized ) i liked it so much...
The best scene where ishani drench in rain and ranveer see her and thought was just excellent ... And when ranveer cover the both of head in the coat I remember old day of matsh i feel that Matsh just starting now Seriously i can't belive that matsh end Cry u know i don't like watch any indian daily soap but when i saw first time Matsh promo it like seem really different any other show and i start watch regurally but i don't think that matsh end too fast bcoz i'm emotionaly and heartly touch with them Matsh my first and last show and matsh ki jagh koi nhi le sakta never
Anyway the whole Aashiqui conversation btw them i loved it sooo much...Really read it chapter i badly missing ishveer i think i can't forget them...never Cry

Sorry yaar kuch jada hi bore kar diya kya karo bas dil me jo tha woh kah diya! But anyway whole chapter mindblowing...
Waiting for next update...
Thanks for pm

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Hola prettygirlHug
This was just magical and a pure bliss to readDay Dreaming I went to IshVeer la la landWinkWink
Ragini is the most adorable thing in the storyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
How Ranveer got lost in his wifeDay Dreaming was beautiful describedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and the rain scene made us all blushBlushing BEAUTIFULHeartHeart

Update soon beautifulHug

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Hey sakshi darl ...thank  yu so much  fr pm and thank yu so much fr the rain scene .it's a amazing fingers  crossed  for  the next episode. Ranveer's  feeling were soon lovely d way yu described  it was simply awesome keep update  dear

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First of All Sorry For Not Giving Daily reply
Coming To Chapter It Was A Fabulous 
You Fullfill All Our desires Which was Not Fulfill In Serial
Thanks For Giving Us Such A Romantiv Ranveer

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