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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 30)

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Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hii sakshi didi...
        How r y...?? I hav not rsad yesterday 170th episode i hav read it today it was rabvwer brought a cute pink walker for ragini and rafubi is veery happy playing with that walker...
Why ranveer is behavung rudely to ishani...???
I m sure this timd ranveer has not mistrusted ishani..he is planing something i think...
And y lawyer n all...
I think rv is property on ishanis name gor showing naina that no body can break his trust or on nainas nane so that she gates money ans she can leave their life...i have many more assumptions bit lets c whts it...
Hope so he is giving some sought of surprise ti ishani...
But y he is giving a stubborn look n behaving rudely...??
N y he is cuming in drunken state...?,??
M not able to understand hid weird behaviour...
Naina rv wumill not cry infront o u...stupiddd...:-P
Lets c wht he is dong n his svil smile...
Hopw we will get in the next update about thr papers behaviour of rv n all..
Just waiting for next...
Update soon
Take care ...
Keep smiling...
Love u...
Gudiya :-)

Hi gudiya behan...
ya dear I am fine hope you are doing good. hmm glad you have read 170 episode
and happy that you liked it ya Ranveer has brought the cute pink walker for Raagini
cutie pie is happily playing in the walker
hmm Ranveer is behaving rudely let us see what happen to him in the upcoming
hmm even I wish the same he should not mistrust Ishani might be he is planning
something and even lawyer has come
hmmm if Ranveer does those things like naming his property in Ishani's name and
showing Naina that nothing can come to the level of Ishani in his life I will be
the happiest person Gudiya behan
hmmm assumptions are so good darling
ya let us see what Ranveer is up to
might be he is giving some surprise to Ishani
but he is behaving rudely to her
he too came in a drunken state
even I am not able to understand his weird behaviour
hmm stupid Naina is thinking RV will cry to her
hmm ya let us see why he is doing like that
let us see what is his paper behaviour
ya let me update it dear keep reading

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Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Oh, I haven't noticed it, dear. Thanks for making it.
And it's okay! Do it at your leisure. 

ya Annu let me make it but this week end WinkWink

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Hi sakshi  darl  a big sorry for very late reply...and thank yu so much for your pm. Raging pic was so cute u just made the ff s more live. I have been missing  it like anything was stuck  with work. Ishveer  scenes r so cute d way ranveer  took  ishani  to his room was fabulous. ..dis naina s totally disgusting  nd hope all her plans back fire.  Again angry rv s back poor ishu s not at all aware Wat s happening around her. Let's c Wat ranveer s up to. And I have read ur comment on prev page yu have felt tat ur ff got less reply on one update it's nt cuz of yu dear every  one has got stuck with some other  work plz do update we all waiting fr it . Reall yu are amazing dear . Am feeling like watchin matsh season 2 while reading ur ff keep update sakthi luv yu dr 

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Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

Hi sakshi  darl  a big sorry for very late reply...and thank yu so much for your pm. Raging pic was so cute u just made the ff s more live. I have been missing  it like anything was stuck  with work. Ishveer  scenes r so cute d way ranveer  took  ishani  to his room was fabulous. ..dis naina s totally disgusting  nd hope all her plans back fire.  Again angry rv s back poor ishu s not at all aware Wat s happening around her. Let's c Wat ranveer s up to. And I have read ur comment on prev page yu have felt tat ur ff got less reply on one update it's nt cuz of yu dear every  one has got stuck with some other  work plz do update we all waiting fr it . Reall yu are amazing dear . Am feeling like watchin matsh season 2 while reading ur ff keep update sakthi luv yu dr 

Hi Janani thanks for the comment no need sorry dear reply me when you get time. glad you liked Raagini pic and happy that you find my FF live through her FF. hmm work is important dear so first work then only comes entertainment. glad you liked Ishveer scenes and the way Ranveer took Ishani to his room. yup Naina is completely a disgusting chracter only ya even I hope the same. ya now again angry RV back poor Ishani not all knowing what is cooking around her. hmm sure let us see what our hero is up to. hmm ya actually I felt my forum silent and I thought that the plot is boring you all. hmm ya dear I can get it. ya let me update it till you all ready dear. happy that you feel like watching MATSH season 2 while reading my FF keep reading love you dear WinkWinkWinkWink
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I meant imagining the girl in the picture works for me!! And you're just writing awesome episodes everyday... like best ever!! Thumbs Up

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Episode 172
It was night 11.30 Ishani was having a tensed face and she was walking north to south in the hall. She was kept on seeing the clock where as the minutes ran her face was becoming tensed.
Ishani(hitting her one hand with other hand and to herself): What is this? till now Ranveer has not come. Even If I call he is cutting the call. What happen to him suddenly? This is the third day he is doing this. What happen to him? Even Raagini has slept but he has not come home.
She was thinking what all came to her mind. She thought various reason but she could not figure out the reason behind Ranveer's behavior.
As she was thinking to herself the clock stuck to 12 o clock where that was the moment her mobile rang in the tea poi. Ishani with a expecting face went near the tea poi and took her phone and saw the display as "Sharman Bhaiya".
Ishani(to herself): Oh no I thought it is Ranveer I wanted Ranveer to tell this first to me but Ranveer has not come yet. (as the phone kept of ringing):Tk for that I cannot hurt others feelings ..
Making up a smile in her face she picked the call When she picked the call a gang full of people in a chorus tone shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHANI.
Ishani(having a smile hearing her family member wishes):Thank you all of you.
Sharman: Happy Birthday Ishani enjoy the day..
Ishani:Thanks Bhaiya...
Sharman: Phone is in speaker only all will be talking to you.
Ishani(was happy in her face): Haana Bhaiya...
Pratik: Happy Birthday Ishani if you were here I would have got a cake.
Ishani:(laughed at his demand): Okay Pratik once I come back let me get you a cake. Thanks for the wishes.
Baa: Ishani Happy Birthday.
Ishani:Baa thank you so much. how are you?
Baa: Haan I am fine. How are you? How is Ranveer and Raagini?
Ishani:All are fine Baa..
Amba:Ishani Happy Birthday..
Ishani:Thank you Maa Miss you a lot.
Amba: Haan even I miss you Ishani..Where is Ranveer? His wishes will be the first wish for you know?
Ishani(had tears instantly in her eyes with a managing voice): Haan Maa he wished me but in phone only. He has got held in a dinner meeting so he called and wished me now only before yours call.
Amba: hmm tk tk
Parul: Happy Birthday Bhabhi..
Ishani:Thank you Parul...
Parul:Tk Bhabhi all our family are here If each of us talk individually your Birthday will get over so all of us are once again wishing.. (all in a chorus tone): HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ishani..
Ishani:(in a emotional voice):Thanks to all of you my dear family.
Amba:Tk Ishani let us cut the call. you be happy today.
Ishani:Tk Maa...

Where they cut the call at the other end Ishani too took her phone from her ears. She was feeling sad for Ranveer not wishing her.Thinking it she was about to cry where she heard the door knock which immediately brought a smile in her face. She almost ran towards the door and opened it immediately where the smile in her face disappeared seeing Ranveer in the drunk state. She was disappointed to see him.
Ishani:Even today you are drunk?
Ranveer(seeing her with a smile):When I need to drink? I will drink. There is nothing called today or tomorrow for drinking..
He removed his shoes and he touched her shoulders and pushed her lightly to other side and he started to walk to his room. He laid in the bed and started to sleep. Ishani came inside the room and saw Ranveer who has started to sleep and was really disappointed to see him. She locked the door and she saw Raagini sleeping in the cradle peacefully and she too laid beside Ranveer.
Ishani came out of the washroom having a fresh bath and she was wearing a Pink color designer Rasakali.She came and had a look in the dressing table mirror. She smiled to herself and turned and saw Ranveer who was sleeping in the bed. She made herself ready with a simple studs in ears and bangles in hands.A stoned Bindi She wore her pink stone studded shawl where finally She was like a pinky angel. She had her final check up and went near Ranveer. She kept her hand in Ranveer's shoulders with a smile in her face.
Ishani(shaking his shoulders):Ranveer..
Ranveer(having a disturbed face without opening his eyes);Hmmm
Ishani:Ranveer wake up know? Its time...
Ranveer(opening his eyes with a irritated face and he got up and saw Ishani with a anger face): What is your problem in the morning? you won't allow a man to sleep peacefully.

Ishani was really hurt at his words. She saw him with a silent face.
Ishani(in a worried voice): I am sorry I thought you would get late that is why I was waking up you.
Ranveer(in a angry tone): Late I am not an employee I am an employer and it is my office. I will go early or I will go late so you no need to worry about my time.
Ishani(controlling her tears): Okay...

She went out of the room without arguing to him where Ranveer saw her leaving the room with a stubborn face. Ishani went to the kitchen and had tears in her eyes. She was about to cry heavily where she controlled herself not to cry today and she wiped her tears. she started to prepare the breakfast.
Ranveer came out of washroom wearing a towel and drying his head with another towel. He came to the cupboard and took his dresses for the day. He took his dresses and started to wear it where he finally saw himself in the mirror. He was wearing a dark blue jean pant, black t-shirt and Ash color coat. He looked dashing and having a finally check.He started to move out of his room where Ishani was waiting for him in the dinning table to make him have his breakfast. when Ranveer was crossing her seeing him she got up and came towards him...
Ishani(in a stopping voice):Ranveer...
Ranveer(stopped and turned to her):what?
Ishani:Have your breakfast?
Ranveer: I am bit busy let me have it you no need to worry about it.

Telling it before Ishani could reply he started to walk and he went out of the house and took his car and left to office. Ishani was having a sad face seeing the entrance of the house. When she was thinking she heard Raagini cry where she went to her routine work with a disappointed heart.
Naina was seeing RV through the glass sitting in her desk. Where all his actions today really seemed different to her.
Naina(in thoughts):What happen to his Ranveer today?He is wearing jean pant, t-shirt and a coat. He is not in his formal dressing.From morning he working but he called the Canteen person and talked to him?What is the need for a company owner to talk to Canteen person? May be to enhance the food in the Canteen.. oh Naina you no need to worry about it and all But Ranveer didn't even tell a single word about Ishani's photo. He didn't even raise a singly question to me still. Even today he didn't come to have lunch with me. What is going in his mind?
As Naina was thinking to herself Ranveer took his phone from his pocket and dialed a number and kept waiting for the call to be picked.
Ishani was sitting with a sad face where Raagini after having her lunch was sleeping in Ishani's shoulders. Ishani's mobile rang were Ishani saw her mobile and when she saw the display as Ranveer her face had a smile and a special glow. She picked the call...
Ranveer: Now listen I will send office car to home. once the car comes ask the driver his name. His name is Vinay Bhatia okay. Once his name is confirmed get inside the car and come to my office. Don't get down anywhere in the middle okay.
Ishani(with a not understanding face): Why I need to come to office now?
Ranveer: I am your husband and If I tell you to come you should come without raising a word got that. Get in that car and come to office immediately.
Ishani: Raagini is with me? And she is sleeping now and how can I?
Ranveer:She is sleeping means make her comfortable in your embrace and get inside the car and come to office.
Ishani(in a anger tone): Fine Mr. RV..
Ranveer:Dekho stop calling me...
Ishani(before he completes): I will call like that only..(she cut the call and keeping the phone in the sofa near her) He is friend to me from his 9 years he has been loving me one sided from my 6 years but this stupid is not remembering my birthday.

She carefully held Raagini and made her lay in the bed and she made herself fresh again and she packed Raagini's milk and biscuits in a bag and when she came to the hall she heard a knock in the door. She went to the door and opened it where she found a white pant and shirt man.
Man: I came from RV sir office. He asked me to pick up his wife and drop in his office. He gave this address only.
Ishani(with a smile): Haan its me only. Wait in the car let me come and your name please?
Man:Vinay Bhatia.
Ishani: Okay wait in the car.

Man shaking his head went to the car. Ishani went to their room and took Raagini without disturbing her sleep and made Raagini lay her head in her shoulders and taking the bag in her hand and she came out of the house. She closed the door and locked the door with the key and she came to the car and she got inside the car where she shook her head as yes to start the car to the driver. The driver started to drive towards Ranveer's office. Where after half an hour the car stopped in front of Ranveer's office. Ishani got down where Raagini was still sleeping comfortable in her shoulders. Ishani saw Ranveer's Nagpur office for the first time with a silent face and she started to walk towards the office.
Security(stopping her): Aap?
Ishani: I am Ishani Vaghela your boss wife.
Security: Tk Madam you can go in.

Giving a head shake to the Security Ishani entered the office and she came to the receptionist and asked for RV room where she directed her. Ishani came holding Raagini in her hand.As Ishani was coming all the office staff were wondering who is she. Where Naina who saw Ishani coming towards RV room..
Naina(with a evil look seeing Ishani):Why she is coming here?
Ranveer who saw Ishani coming towards his room where Ishani right time came to his door and when she was about to knock Ranveer pressed the button and the door got open. Ishani pushed the door and she entered the room and she came and stood in front of Ranveer.
Ishani:(turning to other side without seeing him):Tell me..Why did you call me..?
Ranveer: (showing the small sofa in the corner of the room): Make Raagini sleep there.

Ishani without a word went to the sofa and laid Raagini where the cutie shook her head and hand lightly and was continuing her sleep. Ishani kept her bag next to Raagini so that she won't fall down. She again came and stood in front of Ranveer with a silent face
Ishani: Now tell me why did you call me?
Naina acted like working and was seeing what is going on in their room where Ranveer giving a sharp look to Ishani got up from his chair and went to the glass window and pulled the thread where the thread made the Blinds curtain to fall over the glass. Where the door was made of wood Ranveer making sure no one can see anything went and immediately sat in the table corner instead of chair and saw Ishani with a silent face.
Ishani:Mr. RV I asked you why did you call me?
Ranveer:Hmmm actually You wanted to sign some paper.
Ishani:(in a not understanding tone): I need to sign some paper?what paper?
Ranveer:(in a confirmed voice):Divorce Papers..

Ishani was really shell shocked hearing Ranveer's answer. She saw him with a shock in her face.
Ishani:(in a broken voice):Di..Divor..Divorce..Papers..
Ranveer: Haan (showing the file in front of him):Take this file and read the sentence in it and then sign it.
Ishani:Ranveer what happen to you? why are you...
Ranveer(before she could complete):Dekho I don't have time for your drama now.(in a bit loud voice):take this file and read it I say..

Ishani with a moist eyes hearing his loud voice took the file he said. Her hands were shivering like anything where she picked the file and opened it.
Ranveer(as she was opening it):Read it even I should hear it..
Ishani(opening the file and seeing it with a unbelievable face started to read): I Ranveer Kailash Vaghela is naming my house and Mumbai based Share trading company "RV Broking solutions" in the name of My wife Mrs. Ishani Ranveer Vaghela...(Ishani stopped reading and raised her head and saw Ranveer).
Ranveer(with a charming smile): HAPPY BIRTHDAY..Its my gift to you my Birthday Baby.

Ishani eyes started to shed tears heavily and she closed the file and started to hit Ranveer with the file.
Ranveer(getting the beating of Ishani): Ishani stop it (with a smile)arrey its paining Ishani..
Ishani(beating him nicely):Let it Pain stupid you will Divorce me.. what you will do after divorcing me(she was beating him like a child) what you will marry again? I will kill you If I see you with other woman..
Ranveer(getting the beating still);Arrey I won't see any other woman.(he was enjoying the beating of his wife).
When Ishani was beating him Ranveer with a smile held her hands and pulled her close to him and smiled at her.

Ishani(crying like a child):Chodo mujhe(she was shaking hands from his hands): I don't want you leave me..
Ranveer(brought his hand behind her and pulled her close to him): Arrey stop crying birthday baby should not cry.
Ishani:you only made me cry you know I was waiting for you to wish me first but you came drunk yesterday too. Three days you were not talking to me properly and you were hurting me..
Ranveer(with a smile):Arrey I wanted to confuse you and then give you this surprise.If I was happy to you as usual I would be put in a situation to wish you happy birthday by 12 o clock but to give this surprise I wanted you to come to office that is why I acted as a angry man. you know when you read those sentence you really felt it touchy in your heart it was seen in your face. I wanted you to get Surprised so only I was acting like being angry to would have been waiting when Ranveer will wish now I have done it. I just wanted to confuse you Ishani.
Ishani:(tears where flowing in her tears in a child like voice):Chodo
Ranveer(with a smile): I am sorry (wiping her tears with his hands)today is your birthday don't cry(hitting his forehead with her forehead in a lovely tone): HAPPY BIRTHDAY..
Ishani(seeing him like a child):Thank you..(making him leave her showing the file):I don't want these property and all. What have you done? you have named our home and Share trading company completely in my name. What is the need for it?
Ranveer: Ishani once we were lacking trust mainly its me I used to lack trust on you. Now we understood know what Husband and wife relation means. you are my life partner. you do all the sacrifices just to make me happy. When you do all these things I should honor you. I just wanted my wife to share my business too.When you share my life with me you can share my business too. That is why I named the our company in your name. And Woman are the soul persons of house so our home will be in your name okay. Only two properties know what is wrong in it?
Ishani(saw him with a emotional smile): I am happy that my husband started to understand me this much. But I just want my Ranveer. Nothing more than that..Please change everything back to your name.
Ranveer: No way.. All the profit of share trading company will be in your bank account only. Before marriage you wanted to be independent woman Ishani but due to some circumstances your life was really a hell these many days. Now too you are not able to work just for us you are taking care of our family and Raagini. To make you financially independent only I did it.
Ranveer: Ishani now it is not time to get confused okay these property will be in your name. It is the symbol of my trust on you okay.(went close to her) Now you can give a hug to your husband know?
Ishani(cutely smiling to him): No..
Ishani:Three days you came home in a drunk state know I won't
Ranveer:Ishani I didn't drink. I got a wine bottle and three days I poured it in my shirt and came home like a drunk person.
Ishani(seeing him with a impossible look):Why you did like that?
Ranveer:Arrey If I show my angry attitude know finally in the night you will ask me the reason for my behavior and in a argument I surely need to answer your question so If I come drunk means no problem.Even when you were removing my shoes I was awake only so only next day I removed my shoes myself and came I am happy with Ishani why I need to drink so only I poured the wine in the shirt and acted like a drunk man.

Ishani stared to search something it the room.
Ranveer:What are you searching?
Ishani:There is nothing wrong in beating you that is why I am searching for a weapon to beat you.
Ranveer:Take me home and beat me as much as you want.. (going close to her and pulling her close to him)now hug me..

Ishani saw him with a child look where Ranveer smiled at her.
Ranveer: Now time to smile not to beat.. hug me..
Ishani:Office hain? (she pushed him from her with a smile).
Ranveer(smiling to her picked his intercom and waited for the person to pick the call once they picked): Hello don't allow anyone inside my room for half an hour..
Man: Okay Sir..
Ranveer(keeping the phone in its place): Now okay know come on hug me..

He saw her with a smile where she too smiled at him with a shyness and hugged him lovingly. Ranveer kept his hands behind her back and hugged her. She rested her head in his chest and was feeling the moment.
Ranveer:You are beautiful Ishani? Dress suites you well..
Ishani:Now only you are seeing me?
Ranveer: How will Ranveer's eyes stop seeing Ishani. I saw in the morning itself but was not in a situation to tell you. You look lovely.
Ishani:(hugging him well): Hmmm
As they were in the hug outside Naina sitting in the chair was hitting the desk.
Naina:what is happening inside? I really need to know this? I am sure Ranveer has done something to Ishani. Rithika said he will humiliate her if he is angry on her. Hope he has started to insult her. I need to find it out.Let me go inside.
Naina got up and was about to access the card where a man who was sitting some distance from the room came fast to her and stopped her.
man:Sir said not to allow anyone.. so please..
Naina(in a strict tone): I am a senior project manager and at the same time I am close to RV so please...
man(bit getting scared): But Sir will...
Naina:let me tell him.
man:Fine Madam..

Where Naina accessed the card with a anger when the door opened Ranveer and Ishani got disturbed in their hug and Ishani instantly opening her eyes and seeing Naina pushed him and stood properly.
Ranveer(standing properly and seeing Naina bit getting anger but managing): I said no one to enter know? Who allowed you?
Naina:But work is too important that is why?
Ishani(smiling to Naina and Ranveer):Fine Ranveer let me leave..
Ranveer:No Ishani you wait. Sit in this chair(seeing Naina); come Naina..

To be continued Wink
NOTE: Though RADHIKA MADAN Birthday is on 1st May I was not able to catch up this episode by 1st May. Story need continuity know. So I dedicate this episode to our Cup cake Heroin RADHIKA MADAN and wishing her a Happy Birthday.

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As Naina came in Ranveer showed the opposite chair to Naina. Naina sat in the opposite chair and was hiding her anger and having a smile.
RV:Tell me what work Naina..?
Naina:My section members have given some problems they are facing in the process. I have noted down and I want clarification If you clarify let me make them work accordingly.
RV:Tk show what you have noted.
Naina(giving the notepad):Hmmm
RV started to see the notepad as he was concentrating on it. Naina gave a casual smile to Ishani.
Ishani(with a smile): How are you Naina? How is your health? Ranveer said you fainted in office.
Naina:(with a happy smile): I am fine Ishaniji. RV took good care of me. He was with me the whole day and he only took care of me.
Ishani:Hmm okay Naina..

As Ranveer was seeing the points and calculating something Raagini was cutely crying being in the sofa. Ishani got up and immediately ran to the sofa where before she reach the sofa Raagini was trying all her ways to rotate in the sofa with Ishani's bag. Ishani went and took her.
Ishani(keeping her in her hug): Tk tk you are out of sleep now?
Naina(seeing Ishani with Raagini in thoughts): I want these people out of my Ranveer life. I think Ranveer didn't see the photo yet he is so good with Ishani. What is happening?
RV(seeing her thinking something): Naina..
Naina:(coming to the world): Yes...
RV: Bring your laptop let me make some calculation and let me make a chart. You can implement it in your section.
Naina: Okay..Let me bring..

Without a heart to leave the cabin Naina got up and went out of the cabin.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini seeing his office and Ishani making her calm in a loud voice): Raagini..
Raagini(cutely turning her eyes towards Ranveer and seeing Ishani with a smile): Papa..
Ranveer: haan come to Papa..
Ishani:shall we go to Papa.

Ishani brought Raagini where Ranveer got Raagini and made the cutie pie sit in his lap comfortably.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani):Sit know Ishani(he showed the chair).
Ishani shaking her head cutely she sat in the chair.
Ranveer(making Raagini stand in his lap): How is Papa office? you like it?
When Ranveer was playing with Raagini Naina entered accessing her card. She came with Laptop in her hand where Ranveer made Raagini to sit in his lap and he saw Naina.. Raagini who saw Naina changed her face to a feared reaction and slowly started to cry where the cry increased to a screaming tone. Ranveer and Ishani cannot get it they were shocked for a while.
Ishani(seeing Raagini): Baby why are you crying? you are with Papa only know?
Naina(in thoughts): This EXTRA LUGGAGE should never call my Ranveer papa.

Ranveer tried to calm her where she cutely hugged him and she was hugging him tightly. Ranveer caressed her back to make her calm. He saw Naina with a doubtful face.
RV(in a normal tone): Naina no problem now time is 3 o clock today office will be over by 4 o clock..
Naina:Really? but why RV?
RV: Let me tell you why? So what I am telling is I have got the plan for the problems what all you said. Let me give it to you tomorrow okay.
Naina(in a strict tone): If you make late like this how will my section process and show its power?
RV(in a normal voice): Nothing is going to happen in a hour Naina. Tomorrow morning once I come let me work with you. Complete day let me be with you.I myself come to your section meeting okay.
Naina(with a smile):Really?
RV:Sure. Now you go to your desk..
Giving a smile to Ishani and then to Ranveer Naina left the cabin. Ranveer:(seeing Ishani): Ishani take Raagini and have her I have a work.
Ishani: Okay Ranveer let me leave to home. why I need to be here?
Ranveer: Arrey be here for 15 more minutes let me come. okay.
Ishani(with a smile): Okay..

He gave Raagini to her and went out. Ishani was playing with Raagini. She she gave Raagini Biscuit where the cutie pie was having a biscuit in her hand and was having it cutely. After 15 minutes Ranveer entered the cabin with a smile.
Ranveer:(seeing Ishani): Now Come Ishani.
Ranveer:Arrey come know I didn't do anything for your birthday If you just come to have a Ice cream know I will be happy. My office canteen Ice cream will be tasty.
Ishani:(with a smile): Okay. Can I take my bag?
Ranveer: you can take it later now come.

Ranveer got Raagini from Ishani and started to walk where Ishani was walking behind him, Ishani saw all the desk where no one was there in the desk.
Ishani:Ranveer where are your staffs?
Ranveer:All have meeting so they will be in meeting hall.
Ishani: Hmmm tk Clean Raagini's mouth full of Biscuit.

Ranveer cleaned Raagini's mouth with his kerchief and he entered the office canteen where when Ishani entered the canteen there were cutely balloons busted and rose petals were falling on her. Where all Ranveer's employees shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. VAGHELA.
Ishani was really out of speech for a while where complete Ranveer's office staffs where standing in front of them. Ranveer stood beside Ishani holding Raagini.
Ranveer:(seeing Ishani):Come in Ishani...
Ishani:Ranveer you have done a great arrangement. This is why you made me come to office.
Ranveer: Haaan in that 15 minutes I make all of them to assemble here (seeing Raagini ): shall we celebrate Mama's birthday.

Raagini cutely hit her forehead with Ranveer and smiled.
Ranveer: Okay Baby.
Naina who was standing in the crowd was seeing Ishani with a jealousy face. Ishani and Ranveer came and stood in front of everyone. Ishani was smiling seeing her Ranveer's gift to her.
Ranveer(seeing all of them holding Raagini in his hand with a smile): So thank you all for coming to this celebration party.(showing Ishani):she is my wife Mrs. Ishani Vaghela Birthday Baby (making Raagini to see all of them); This is my Daughter Ms. Raagini Vaghela. We are from Mumbai so we don't know any other people here.That is why I invited you all to celebrate my wife birthday.
All were clapping their hands.
Sanjay(standing in the crowd): Sir today only we are seeing your wife tell about her?
Ranveer(seeing them with smile): Hmm why not?.(in a emotional voice) Every man will get a wife in his life. But I got a life as my wife. The complete thing in my life is My wife. I should always thank her for all the happiness she gave me, giving me, and going to give me.

Naina was fuming in jealous hearing Ranveer's speech on Ishani.
Ranveer(continuing): She takes care of me, my cute little daughter(Ranveer turned Raagini to the crowd)My wife takes care of my family well. She is the reason for me becoming RV. So overall (seeing Ishani with a smile) My wife is my everything.
Ishani saw him with a smile where Tum hi ho female version plays in the background.
Ranveer:So (seeing the canteen person):Can you bring the cake?
Canteen person:yes sir.
Ishani:Ranveer cake..?
Ranveer: Ishani tumhari birthday. Birthday without cake how?
Ishani: But..
Ranveer: Let us cut.

As they were discussing one girl from the crowd cutely raised her voice.
girl:Madam sir said about you. you didn't tell about sir..
Ishani(saw them with a smile):First of all thanks for all your wishes it means a lot to me. This is a special birthday as I am celebrating it in a different place. Nagpur.

As she was telling the Canteen person brought the trolley and took the cake box and kept it in the table they have kept.Ranveer signed Ishani to continue.
Ishani(with a smile):About your sir.. Only one sentence I can say about your Sir is "Pure soul in this world".
All clapped for Ishani's words where Ranveer saw her with a smile and went near her and said "Thank you". Ishani shook her head as yes. Naina was fuming like anything where if she is able to do it she will slap Ishani. Ranveer opened the box above the cake and the Canteen person took the cake from the box and kept it in the table. Where Ishani was completely surprised seeing the cake where one of her Portrait photo was stuck in the cake. Where some of the cute lines were written in the cake...

To the world's best loving wife
To the world's best caring mother
Wish you a Happy Birthday
Ishani Vaghela.

Ishani:Ranveer its Really so nice.
Ranveer(with a smile):can we cut the cake?(making Raagini see the cake)see Mama in the cake.

Raagini cutely saw the cake where she was about to touch Ishani in the cake.
Raagini: Mama..
Ishani: Haan Baby Mama Let us cut the cake.

Where Ranveer took the knife and gave it to Ishani.
Ishani:Let us all cut Ranveer..
Ranveer: haan

Where Ishani gave the knife in the hand of Raagini and held it well and Ranveer too held his hand and they cut the cake. All were singing the Birthday song for Ishani.Ishani was really so happy where she took a piece and gave it to Raagini.
Ranveer(cutely in a low voice): First not for me.
Ishani: Let me give but she is the small child know..

Ishani was making Raagini have her cake where she was cutely eating the cake in her tiny mouth. Ishani feed Ranveer a piece of cake. Ranveer took a piece of cake and he feed Ishani.
Ranveer(feeding the cake to Ishani); Happy birthday.
Ishani:Thank you so much.
Ranveer: Hmmm (he smiled at her and seeing all) : fine cut the cake and distribute to all. Having the cake all can leave home now itself.
All(in a chorus):Thank you sir..

Where all started to have their cake. some staffs came and wished Ishani personally where she smiled to them. Where some lady staff's came and started to wish Ishani. Ishani was smiling to them where Ranveer was falling for her smile.
Ranveer:(in his heart); I love you Ishani I never know how many times I have said this word in my life but I will always say I love you to you.
He saw Raagini where the cutie was smiling at him having the cream in her mouth.Ranveer wiped her mouth with his kerchief Some of the staffs got Raagini and were cutely playing with her.
Staff: Sir your Baby is so cute.
RV(with a smile): Haan

Naina who was hearing it was dropping the cake in the dustbin there. She was seeing Ishani with a anger face.
Naina(seeing Ranveer and Ishani smiling to others); Let me go today. I will come and talk to Ranveer tomorrow.
In a anger she left the place and almost started to leave the office taking her things. As all were leaving after having cakes.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer): your office is so nice. Employees too they are so good.
Ranveer: Hmm RV's employees know they will be good only.
Ishani: Hmm thank you Ranveer.. you have made this Birthday so memorable.
Ranveer: Hmm okay.. Now come with me let us go to some temple.
Ranveer: Haan today is your birthday you would have not gone to any temple know? Come let us go to temple and leave to home.
Ishani; Hmm tk.

Ishani got Raagini from Ranveer and Ranveer came with Ishani's bag from his cabin. He got inside the car where Ishani got inside the car and they were moving towards a near by temple.
To be continued Wink

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