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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 25)

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Works for me :)

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Episode 169
As Ishani said okay Ranveer was cutely seeing her and was admiring her face. He had a romantic smile seeing her face. He brought his hand up and with his index finger touched her soft cheek and moved his finger in her cheek lovingly. Ishani saw him and smiled at him. They both were having a eye lock which clearly said both of them are always for each other.
Ranveer(seeing her and smiling and in a low voice):Can I take you in my hand?
Ishani(in a low voice):you said you want only kiss for that why you need to take me in your hand?
Ranveer:Just to keep you for me alone.
Ishani(with a cute look):hmm take me.

Ranveer giving a smile to her took her in his hand and saw her eyes and was smiling his happy smile to her. Ishani held his shoulders well and was smiling at him. Both of their faces never seemed boring for their eyes. Even If the world allow them to be like this they will surely be like this for lifetime. Ranveer cutely seeing her lovingly hit his forehead with her.
Ranveer(still hitting her forehead with his forehead): Even Raagini is doing this to you know?
Ishani(closing her eyes and loving Ranveer's move):She is doing all the naughtiness you do to me.
Ranveer: Hmm as she is like me only she is close to you.
Ishani: hmmm may be.
Ranveer(in a cute romantic voice):I am taking my forehead from you don't open your eyes Ishani. I will kiss you like this itself.
Ishani(her face was Turing red hearing Ranveer's words): hmmm
Ranveer slowly took his head from her forehead and saw Ishani's face and when she has closed her eyes and her nose, lips everything was so beautiful to Ranveer's eyes. He held her carefully and started to walk towards his room.
Ishani(feeling he is moving keeping her eyes closed):you are walking Ranveer?
Ranveer: No Ishani as you have closed your eyes you may feel like that. It is called magic of love.

Ishani smiled hearing his words where Ranveer with this itself slowly and carefully entered his room with Ishani and he came to the bed and cutely made her lay in the bed. Ishani realizing opened her eyes and saw her in the bed and got up and sat in the bed. Knowing she is in Ranveer's room she saw Ranveer who was standing with smile near the bed. She saw him with a strict look and she got up from the bed and was about to leave the room where Ranveer before she could leave held her hand and went and stood in front of her.
Ranveer: Kya hua Ishani? why are you this much stubborn coming inside this room alone? why are you not ready to enter this room?
Ishani(seeing him with a worried face): When ever I see this room I am getting the thought of you bring that call girl to this room . I am remembering you been with that girl in this room. (seeing his eyes with a strict face):She would have used this bed only know to sleep. In that bed you ask me to sleep with you?
Ranveer(for a while shocked at Ishani's question and he got what mistake he is always doing to her): Ishani I know you trust be blindly always. When I was with Rithika and when you came back you didn't even ask a question whether I lived with her or not. you trusted me that I cannot be with other woman.When I was with that call girl in that room when I said I didn't touch her you blindly trusted me. But I never trust you as you do how big heart you have? but how much a silly man I am? But trust me Ishani I can never allow any woman near me other than you. She slept in that sofa only I didn't allow her to come near the bed or me.Trust me please (His face said his honesty to Ishani).
Ishani(with a smile held his cheeks with both the hands): I will always trust you. But let me tell you though I don't show certain things in my face please don't think I am not possessive on you. When you were close to Rithika when you get close to any other girl I feel possessive Ranveer. When you want Ishani only for you. Even I will think know I want my Ranveer only for me.
Ranveer:(with a smile):Ranveer will be only for you. But promise me you won't sacrifice me for anybody.
Ishani(with a smile):Here after I won't stupidly sacrifice and leave my Ranveer as I came to know that I am the complete happiness of Ranveer.
Ranveer: (with a smile): Hmm that is it. See in the upcoming days you will see the trust of Ranveer..
Ishani: Really?
Ranveer: hmm even the whole world talks against you know this Ranveer will be in favor of you and will always trust you.
Ishani(pinching his cheeks):Okay my Ranveer thank you.
Ranveer(brought his hands behind her and pulled her close to him): Now are you ready to romance your husband in this room?
Ishani:(cutely bowing her head): Hmm okay.

Ranveer cutely made her walk backwards as he was making her walk towards the bed. He lovingly made her sit in the bed and again made her lay in the bed and he came above her. He saw her with a romantic look.
Ranveer(in a husky voice): I love you...
Ishani: hmmm (closed her eyes in a husky voice): Kiss me...

Ranveer with a smile seeing her lips going close to her and swallowing his throat and kept his lips in her lips and started to kiss her lips. Ishani hand automatically came behind his head and was caressing his hair. Ranveer was not ready to leave her lips easily this time. He wanted her lips only to him his completely possessiveness was felt in this kiss by Ishani. Ranveer getting satisfied in the kiss left her lips and saw her where Ishani slowly opened her eyes and saw him with love.
Ishani: How much possessiveness you are on me?
Ranveer(with a smile): I will be always like this only. And I know you love that.
Ishani: Haan no girl will get a possessive husband like you. I seriously love this possessiveness of yours.
Ranveer: Haan..
Ishani(before he could tell something): What are your demands? at least tell it today.
Ranveer:(keeping his face close to her face): Let me tell it is..
Ishani(smiling to him): Hmm it is..
Ranveer: Nothing big one demand is I want a vegetarian love and another demand is non-vegetarian love. I want both the demands fulfilled before we leave Nagpur.

Ishani face bit changed serious for a while. Keeping her hand on his shoulders and pushing him lightly she got up and sat in the bed. Ranveer without understanding got up and sat next to her.
Ranveer(keeping his hand in her shoulders): Ishani...
Ishani:(seeing him with a silent face): Haan Ranveer.
Ranveer:What happened to you suddenly? why have you become this much silent? Have I asked anything wrong?
Ishani(instantly): Nahi Nahi Ranveer you didn't ask anything wrong. I am ready for vegetarian love but for non-vegetarian love..(she got up and walked two steps from him and stood with a confused face).
Ranveer(got up and came behind her and stood behind her): why Ishani you don't want it?

Ishani turned towards him and saw him with a silent face. Ranveer to make her feel safe went close to her and hugged her where she rested her head in his chest.
Ranveer(caressing her back): Kya hua Ishani?Tell me what is your problem? (he brought her out of his hug) you don't want me or I am not satisfying you in bed?
Ishani(immediately kept her finger in his lips): Nahi nothing like that you are a perfect husband in all the way. But Ranveer I am scared.
Ranveer(with a doubtful face):Scared?why I am hurting you?
Ishani: Nahi Ranveer actually I am already scared that I may...I may..(she was struggling to tell).
Ranveer:you may what?
Ishani: I may become pregnant.
Ranveer(seeing her with a smile);That means there is chance for us to become parents again.
Ishani(cutely hitting him):Stop it Ranveer. I am not ready for it now. Raagini needs our complete attention. We should have second child only when she is ready to accept a brother or sister. So now I am not ready to become mother again.
Ranveer(smiling at her): Okay but you are not pregnant now. And why you need to get worried to this extreme?
Ishani: (seeing him like a child):Actually that night know?
Ranveer:(seeing her with a questioning look);Which night?
Ishani:(seeing his with a strict look):That night we patched up know? you left your anger know that night?
Ranveer: Haan what for that night?
Ishani: Now I am scared because of that night only. I am almost scared for a week. I didn't tell you that is it.
Ranveer(with a romantic smile): That night was not my mistake Mrs.Vaghela because I didn't call you that day. It was you..
Ishani(looking him cutely): Haan its me only but (saw him with a funny anger face) but what to do? you were angry that is why to calm you down I did like that? (almost to herself) I should have been precaution but...
Ranveer:(going close to her):Why are you tensed to this extreme now?
Ishani: I am not ready for another child Ranveer. I know Raagini is completely you. She has the complete possessiveness you have on me. If we have another child now know she will be feeling insecure and in this age she cannot even say it properly. And even If I become pregnant know all will think other than this we don't have any other work. so its really better if I don't become pregnant.
Ranveer:(keeping his hands on her shoulder):Are you sure you will become pregnant?
Ishani: Actually Its cat on the wall. I mean I didn't undergo any precaution on that day but dates were safe. So there is a chance for not being pregnant. But you need to wait for another one month.
Ranveer(with a smile): Ishani I will surely wait I asked vegetarian and non-vegetarian love only before leaving Nagpur okay. we have another solid two months. I will wait.
Ishani:(pinching his cheeks): you know this is why I always love you? you never touch me against my wish.
Ranveer: But even I behaved so worst on that day know compelling you without knowing about the pooja in home.
Ishani(with a smile): But even that day you didn't touch me know you went out in anger. So my Ranveer is not like other man who only see their happiness. My Ranveer is a man to show his love.
Ranveer: Hmmm tk shall we go to sleep?
Ishani: Haan let us...But in my room only.
Ranveer:So you won't stay in this room.
Ishani:Let me come by tomorrow now Raagini is sleeping there only know so let us go there.
Ranveer: Haan tk

They both started to move towards Ishani's room and they laid beside Raagini. Ranveer saw his daughter and smiled to himself and they rested their heads in the pillow. The trio had a comfortable sleep.
Naina got ready and was having the food which her servant has made. Rithika was having her breakfast sitting next to her.
Rithika:Finally Maa has sent the servant or else Ranveer would have kept a servant and we would have got caught.
Naina:Haan Rithika even yesterday night when Ranveer came till home I thought he may come in and you may open the door but I managed to send him out. But you know what? your idea worked out so well Rithika. I just cried in front of him he trusted me and when I fainted he took good care of me. He is talking to me well we are having our lunch together if his time permits its amazing.
Rithika: Haan I know that Ranveer more than Ishani he will trust all the others.
Naina: Today evening I am going to show Ishani and Nirbhay Bhaiya photos to Ranveer.
Rithika:(with a smile);Its a right time Naina he will surely trust the photos and once he is broken here after he will come to you and cry to you.
Naina:Really How you are confident in it Rithika?
Rithika(thought how Ranveer came and cried to her when he saw Ishani's photo with Chiraag smiled to Naina);There was a boy friend for Ishani named Chiraag he took photos of Ishani being with him and he send it to Ranveer. Ranveer completely turned into a rude man and didn't trust Ishani at all. He humiliated her a lot in front of others and he spoke what all came to his mouth. And When he wanted to cry more than Ishani he came to me and cried out his heart.In Ishani matter alone his brain won't work. So this time also he will come to you as he is your friend and as you are telling the truth of Ishani being with Nirbhay he will cry to you only. That time he will become emotional so that you can completely keep him for you.
Naina:Fine let me my mobile is in office. Ranveer said security will keep it safe I have set password so no one can see anything in my mobile. Let me show the photos and tell everything to Ranveer.
Rithika: Hmm all the best.
Naina:Thanks a lot Rithika you are doing a great help to me.
Rithika: No need thanks between us Naina. If you get married to Ranveer that is more than enough for me. I will be happy that Ranveer and Ishani are apart from each other.
Naina: Hmm that will happen Rithika.

They both exchanged a evil smile to each other.
Naina(seeing the servant lady): Have you done roti with Bhindi sabji?
Servant: Yes madam.
Naina:Okay pack it let me take it to office.
Rithika:For what Naina? you are having your lunch with Ranveer only know?
Naina: Ranveer likes Bhindi a lot so I am going to tell I only made it and I am going to give him this.
Rithika(with a smile): Hmm okay tell everything in realistic manner. Ranveer will surely mistrust Ishani.
Naina: Haan I will don't worry.

Giving a smile to Rithika Naina started to move towards office.
All were coming to office. Where Ranveer came to the office in where Naina too was entering the office.
Naina(seeing Ranveer): Good morning RV.
RV(seeing her with a doubtful face):Arrey why did you come to office today?
Naina: RV I just fainted and for that I should be completely in bed. yesterday fully I have took rest and had my medicines too. I am okay now. If I start to work properly know I will surely come back to normal.
RV(with a formal smile); I like your spirit. okay go to work.
Naina: Tk ...

Where all started to work all were busy in their work. Ranveer was working and was seeing the Laptop as well noting some points in his notepad and was thinking sometime. Naina working in her laptop saw Ranveer and was admiring him. The flashbacks of Ranveer taking care of her in hospital came to her mind.
Naina(in thoughts): you are taking care of me this much when I am your friend If I have been your wife how much you will be taking care of me. Don't worry only for some more days. I will send that idiotic Ishani out of your life and we will live a happy life Ranveer.
Naina had a evil smile to herself and started to work. When it was lunch hour. Naina took her lunch box and came to Ranveer's room and accessed her card and she entered the room. Ranveer taking his head from the laptop and saw Naina.
RV(seeing Naina with a smile);Come in..
Naina: (keeping the lunch box in front of him):Have it..
RV(seeing the lunch box):What is it?
Naina:(with a smile); You took care of me so well yesterday in the hospital. So to do something return I have cooked bhindi for you. I myself cooked it. Don't worry I had my servant near me and she only helped me in cooking it. Can you have it?
RV:(with a made up smile):Why you need to strain yourself like this?
Naina:Its just a toke of gratitude. Please...
RV(with a made up smile): Okay...

He opened the lunch box and took the roti and bhindi sabji and had a piece of Roti and smiled having it.
RV: You have done it so well Naina. Its really nice.
Naina:Thank you..
RV(having a roti): Fine I had a roti you can have the rest thank you for this.
Naina:hmmm okay Ranveer..

With a happy smile Naina took the lunch box and went to have her lunch. She was so happy.
Ranveer(as Naina went out Ranveer thought how Ishani used to do Bhindi for him and he smiled to himself): Nothing will come to the level of my lady's ladyfinger.
As he was telling to himself his mobile rang. Ranveer saw the display and found it is his lawyer from Mumbai and he picked the call.
RV: Yes tell me sir..
Lawyer: RV I saw your mail are you sure about it?
RV: Haaan I am sure sir.As I have said it in the mail you can proceed I have informed Rishab to give my complete property paper to you. you can do what I have said?. And I want it within another two days.
Lawyer: If you are sure I will do it within two days and for sign..
RV: you need to come to Nagpur sir. I will take care of your transportation charge..
Lawyer(with a laughter): Okay RV I will within two days you will get your property papers as you have said.
RV:Thank you so much sir... And none of my family members should know about it. Even Sharman.
Lawyer: Okay I won't tell..
RV:Okay bye sir..
Lawyer: okay.

RV cut the call and had a happy smile to himself. The day came to its evening. Ranveer was so happy to move to home when Naina entered his room.
RV: you didn't leave to home its time?
Naina:Ranveer can we have a short walk in the nearby park?
RV: Naina.. you can go home and rest for sometime know?
Naina: Actually RV I have never been like this. I will go out if I want. I will be inside the house If I want. But now a days I am going home and then office really feeling so hectic. I don't have any other friends only you are my friend here if you come a evening walk with me it will be so refreshing for me.
RV(without any way): Okay..

He got up and they started to move and they came out of the office and they walked towards the near by small park.when they entered the park all the cute little children were playing in the park.That evening light was so pleasant and the air was refreshing. Ranveer had a smile seeing the children and was smiling at them. Naina was falling for his charming smile.
Naina:(in thoughts): How handsome he is while smiling. But in office how stubborn he is?
RV(turning and seeing Naina standing like a statue showing his hands in front of her): Hello what happen?
Naina:(coming back to world): Nothing...Shall we walk?
RV: Haan.

The started to walk in the pathway of the park.
Naina(seeing Ranveer): you like children more?
RV:who will not like children?. I love them always.
Naina:(in a evil intention): Even your beti Raagini is so cute only but.. hope she is like Ishaniji..she is not at all you completely Ishaniji only.
RV(shaking his head as no and laughing a bit): No way she is Ishani in her color wise only. If you been with Raagini for sometime know you cannot even find single difference between me and her. She is the complete copy of me.

Telling this a boy was running near RV and another boy was chasing that boy where RV was smiling at them. Naina was disappointed with RV answer.
Naina(in thoughts): No way I should make Ranveer believe that Raagini is not his child then only he will believe Ishani used to share bed with other men.
RV(saw Naina and was confused):Arrey suddenly what is happening to you? you are becoming silent often?
Naina: Nothing? Then tell me how is your life going?
RV: Haan my life is going good only.only thing we are missing our family in Mumbai but I am really happy with Nagpur life.
Naina: hmmm (in a friendly voice) Hope you and Ishaniji lacks compatibility I think..
RV(bit got anger but controlling): What?
Naina: I mean your marriage should be a arranged marriage I think.
RV(making a made up smile): No its a different marriage.
Naina(without understanding);Different Marriage..?
RV:(thinking their marriage how Ishani was not at all ready to marry him and how he was confused but finally somewhere he was happy to tie knot with her and having a smile seeing Naina): People will either go by arrange marriage or love marriage. But our Marriage was a sudden Marriage.
Naina: How?
RV: For me it was love marriage but for Ishani it was arrange Marriage.
Naina:(in a shocked tone):That means you loved her and married her?
RV: Haan I loved her and then in a twist our Marriage happened.
Naina's head was spinning as she never heard anything about Ranveer's marriage to Rithika. Rithika always used to tell about Ranveer's mistrust but she never said Ranveer was loving Ishani before their marriage.
RV:Hello Naina what happened? Tk tell me some other thing like your likes and dislikes?
Naina(in a tensed face): Leave all that RV. Now tell me... about your marriage.
RV(not understanding face and smiling):What is this Naina? why you are so much interested in my Marriage. I got married and when my marriage happened we both never thought we would lead a happy life. But Now we are happy that is it.
Naina(with a made up smile):Okay.
RV:Tk shall we walk back its time..

They started to walk in the way they came.
Naina(in thoughts): How dare you Ishani? you have made my Ranveer love you and you have married him. you have done a great wrong in your life by stealing my Ranveer from me. See what all you are going to undergo for this wrong.
Naina took her mobile and she unlocked the phone and took the photos of her family.
Naina:RV I am missing my family can I share some photos till we reach our office?
RV: Haan show me.
Naina showed some of her family photos and started to narrate the stories when those photos were taken and how they were enjoying during that time. when she showed a small little girl photo to Ranveer in her mobile.
Naina:Can you guess who is this?
RV(with a smile): It should be you only.
Naina: Hmm yes you found it right.Its me only.
RV:Tell me Naina many guys would have loved you know? you are a good looking girl only? In college guys would have been behind you know?
Naina: Haan But I didn't like anyone who came behind me.
RV:Why you didn't find their love true?
Naina:They were not looking good.
RV(with a smile):What is there in looks and all Naina its all about love.
Naina:(with a smile stood and saw Ranveer which made RV to stand seeing her): you are telling not to see looks in love,
RV(with a doubtful face); Haan.
Naina:you only said you loved Ishaniji as she is fair and beautiful only you would have loved her know then you too have looked the beauty only. What is wrong in me expecting a handsome guy like you?
RV(with a smile): hmm nothing wrong in it. But don't think I saw Ishani when she was in her teenage or marriage age okay. I never know her looks when I started to love her.
Naina:(in a not understanding look): Means?
RV(in a cute look): Means I started to love her when she was 6 years old. That time I never know she will be this much beautiful and all so looks is not important only love is important. okay.
Naina was shell shocked at his words.
Naina:Kya? you were loving Ishaniji from her 6 years?
RV: Haan.

When Naina was seeing him with a shocked face RV's mobile rang. where he took the mobile from his pocket and saw the phone it was Ishani.
Ranveer(picking the call): Haan Ishani..
Ishani:Where are you? are you busy today? you didn't come home till now?
Ranveer:No not busy and all. Actually Naina is finding it hectic it seems to feel free she asked for a walk with me so I came to the nearby park with her and we were walking now we are walking towards the office back. Once I get in the car I will come back home.
Ishani: Okay my husband come safely.
Ranveer: Okay.

He cut the call and was seeing Naina who was standing in a shocked reaction still with a not understanding face.
RV: Naina...(bit loud voice) Naina..
Naina: Haan..
RV: shall we leave you go home and take rest.
Naina: Haan

He walked fast where Naina too followed him and he came to his car and he showed Naina the office cab standing next to his car.
Naina:Office cab for me?
RV:(with a formal smile): I know you are not okay completely. From tomorrow morning cab will come to your home and you can come in office cab itself and then go back home in cab itself. you can use this cab completely for your pick up and drop to office.Driver will safely take you okay bye see you tomorrow.

He got in his car where Naina got inside the car with a disappointed face and both the car were leaving to their respective houses.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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Hey SakshiSmile
Hw are u doing?? 

Finally I got some time and just read last 3 partsTongue

I swear you write so beautifully Smile nva had a doubt in it.

Woww! Ragini is just shooo cuteEmbarrassed

OMG Ishveer romanceBlushing that was the best part

Hate Naina so muchAngry

Really eager to read further and backward tooDay DreamingWink

Loads of Love and hugsHug

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Episode 170
Ranveer drove his car and where he stopped the car in front of a shop. He got down from the car and locked the car and saw the shop. He started to walk towards the shop where the shop welcomed him with a board "Mother care". He entered the shop where the shop person welcomed him.
shop person:What can I do for you sir?
Ranveer: I want a baby walker.
shop person: Sure sir come with me.

He took Ranveer to a section where variety of baby walker was kept for display. The person who welcome him told the other person to show the walker and shaking his head to Ranveer he left the place.
Sales Person:(showing some walker):These are the latest models Sir. Which one would you like to have sir?
Ranveer(seeing a pink color walker): How about that pink color walker?
Sales person(took that walker and kept near him): This one has the comfortable seat for the baby to sit in it. This has music when the baby(showing the buttons in front of the walker) hit these buttons she will be happy to hear the music and lights that play as a rhythmic to it. When you don't want the lights too you can off it with this button. (showing a doll that was in front of the walker) This doll can be used for the baby to play. We can rotate the doll in 360 degree sir.
Ranveer: Nice one(he saw all the other walker and this really sounded better to him): Okay give this walker itself.
Sales person:Fine sir..Let me bill it.

Ranveer waited for the bill and when the bill came he paid the bill and a sales person brought the walker till his car and he told thank you to the sales person and got in his car and started to drive towards his house.
Raagini was cutely sitting in Ishani's lap where Ishani was keeping a cartoon book in her hand and showing the character to Raagini.
Ishani(showing Micky mouse):See Micky mouse..
Raagini cutely smiled touching the photo of Micky mouse and brought her hand and touched Ishani's cheeks in happiness.
Ishani kissed her little hands and softly caressed her hair.
where she was seeing Donald Duck and smiling they heard the knock in the door.
Ishani: Papa came.. Now come on sit in the floor and see the book okay.
Ishani made Raagini sit in the floor and she came and opened the door where Ranveer was standing with the walker in his hand and a smile in his face.
Ishani(with a surprise smile): you brought the walker?
Ranveer:When it is for my beti how will I forget?
Ishani: Hmm so nice of you come in..

Ranveer with a happy smile entered the house with the walker and he saw Raagini concentrating in the book where Ranveer kept the walker in front of her.
Ranveer;(in a cute voice):Raagini...
Raagini(raising her head and seeing Ranveer smiling): Hmmm (she left the book and saw Ranveer with a smile).
Ranveer(came to her and took her in his hand and lovingly made her sit in the walker): This is for you.

Ishani was really having a smile seeing her husband and daughter.
the way Ranveer's affection towards Raagini was really lovely to her eyes. Raagini really was so happy sitting in the walker.
Ranveer: you like it know? more than the one in Mumbai this walker is cute know?
Raagini was hitting the walker and when she touched the button the music started to play and lights were glowing in a rhythmic manner just to the way of song music. Raagini showed the lights and music to Ishani and Ranveer with a smile in her face.
Ranveer:Do you like it?
Raagini was smiling heavily with her lips. She cutely started to move the walker where now she is really so good in moving it. Ranveer and Ishani had a great smile in their faces seeing their daughter. She cutely moved and was going inside Ishani's room.
Ranveer(Turing and seeing Ishani who was seeing all these things):what happen Ishani?
Ishani:Really you both look so cute together and you made her smile to this much prove to be a good father.
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmm of course I got to know it from Mota Babuji only. How he will take care of you know? He used to tell me that only two men cannot hurt Ishani. One was him and another one was me. But If Mota Babuji has seen what all hurting I gave you know? He would have really killed me.
Ishani:Nothing like that. Now don't feel guilty for anything okay. (smiling to him) you will take care of Raagini like my Papa know so she will happy for lifelong.
Ranveer: Hmm tk (he took money from his pocket and gave her): Have this.
Ishani:What is it?
Ranveer: This is for this month house expenses.Rs.25,000
Ishani(getting it): Hmm tk. Though you are RV you are giving the money as though a employee to me. Really happy that my man is not wasting money.
Ranveer:That and all is based on wives only. you are only running the house in the money I give you. Though you are a girl from rich family. Your expenses and way of handling the house is really so nice.
Ishani:Hmm thank you.Tk let me keep the money and come. Can I get you tea?
Ranveer: haan..

Giving a smile to him Ishani entered Ranveer's room and opening the cupboard she kept the money he gave. When she was up to turn Ranveer was standing in front of her.
Ishani(seeing him):What?
Ranveer made Ishani to hit her back in the cupboard which she didn't close still. He went close to her.
Ranveer:Finally you came to our room?
Ishani(with a smile keeping her hands in his shoulders): Haan
Ranveer: Tk give your husband something.
Ishani:yesterday night only you got kiss for me now what?
Ranveer(keeping his face close to her): you know what? If any employee give his wife that month salary know that day the wife will be so happy with him. Today your husband has given his salary and he has been a good father buying walker for his daughter.So give him something.
Ishani:(with a naughty smile);Really?But I won't
Ranveer;Tk show your cheek let me give.
Ishani:Oh really try to give me.

She stood with a happy smile where Ranveer was up to kiss her Raagini being in the walker was cutely entering their room. As he was about to kiss Raagini came near them and stopped the walker near them. she was smiling being in the walker. Ishani cutely pushed Ranveer and laughed at him.
Ishani(sitting near the walker of Raagini and seeing Ranveer):Raagini beta tell your Papa that he should reduce his naughtiness. Tell him that if he didn't reduce you will surely come and make him stop his naughtiness.
Raagini smiled at Ishani and Ranveer where..
Ranveer(seeing Raagini): Raagini tell Mama that Ranveer is Raagini's Papa so there is no chance to reduce Naughtiness and tell your Mama that we both are born to be naughty and your Mama is born to handle us.
Raagini cutely smiled at Ranveer where Ishani saw both of them and gave a impossible head shake to them. The cutest family were having their lovely time.
Naina after coming home throw her bag and she sat in the sofa with a frustration. Rithika came and saw her with a doubtful face.
Rithika:Naina..kya hua?
Naina: Does Ranveer loves Ishani from childhood?
Rithika(in a low tone): Haan Naina..
Naina:Why you didn't tell me till today?
Rithika: Actually there was no need to tell that. you wanted Ranveer means you should concentrate in that only.

Naina(in a doubtful face):Even being a childhood lover will Ranveer have mistrust Ishani? Do you think that will happen?
Rithika; Haan he will. They can be good friends but they never fit to be husband and wife.
Naina(in a confirmed tone):Are you sure?
Rithika: Haan Naina I am sure but tell me how you came to know about it?
Naina: I went walking with Ranveer today I was about to show Nirbhay bhaiya and Ishani's photo but before showing that photo I came to know Ranveer is loving Ishani from her 6 years. And before I could show the photo Ishani called Ranveer. He too left. He has arranged for a office cab for me. Here after I cannot go with him in the car too.
Rithika:Fine you show the photo as soon as you can. Ranveer will become mad at Ishani and they themselves will part their ways.
Naina(with a evil face): Haan I will...(seeing Rithika) But as I cannot show these photos today one idea is coming to my mind.
Naina:More than showing these photos to Ranveer let me send these photos today night to Ranveer.
Rithika:Wow it sounds good but if tomorrow he asks why you did like this means?
Naina:I will tell when you told me about the way you are loving Ishani I really felt sad for you knowing the way Ishani is cheating you. As a good friend to make you know the cheating going behind your back only I sent you these photos.
Rithika: Hmm okay. Send it today itself.
Naina: Haaan I will send it by today night.

As all the three finished their dinner. Ishani was making milk for Ranveer. Raagini was still playing in her walker. She was not at all ready to leave the walker. Ranveer was seeing his daughter with a smile sitting in the sofa and watching TV. Raagini entered their room where Ranveer got up and went to Kitchen when Ishani was adding sugar to the milk Ranveer cutely came and hugged her from behind.
Ishani:Ranveer.. chodo.. your Daughter started to use the walker she may come.
Ranveer(resting his chin in her shoulders): I know but promise me something..
Ishani: What?
Ranveer: When Raagini is sleeping you will give time for me and you will be with me.
Ishani(with a smile catching his cheeks): hmmm I will..
Ranveer;Thank you.

He cutely left her and Ishani gave him the milk glass. Ranveer got it and he started to move to his room. Ishani too started to move to their room. Ranveer sat in the bed where Raagini was still playing in the walker. Ishani came and locked their room.
Ishani(seeing Raagini);Raagini its time for bed Baby come know lets sleep.
Raagini shook her head as no with a smile in her face.
Ishani come know Baby you can play in the walker tomorrow too..
Raagini was not at all ready to leave where she was moving the walker to the place where all she wanted to go.
Ranveer(drinking the milk and seeing Ishani): Ishani madam Vaghela's are not that easy to handle.
Ishani(came and stood near the bed and saw him):Really?
Ranveer: haan you have see all of us know? My Maa where you able to handle my Maa once? No. Then My Papa he is a nice man by nature so you were able to handle him. Next is Me where you able to bring down my anger before and all? No Even now it will take a long time for you. So Vaghela's are not that easy my dear wife.
Ishani(seeing him with a smile):Really?
Ranveer: Haan see now too you will not be able to handle Raagini she won't give up her stubbornness that easily.(with a smile):Vaghela's know?
Ishani:Wait a while Mr.Vaghela.(she turned to Raagini who was touching the flower vase bottom sitting in the walker):Raagini..
Raagini turned and saw Ishani with a innocent look.
Ishani(with a smile): If you come to Mama now know Mama will have you in my hug till you sleep today.

Where this was the moment the cute moved the walker so fast and she came to Ishani with a smile. Raagini brought the walker near Ishani and showed her hands. Ishani took her in her hand and saw her with smile. Ishani turned to Ranveer and signed him how raising her eye brows. Ranveer showed her thumbs up with a smile.
He kept his milk glass after drinking it and he laid in the bed where Ishani brought Raagini to the bed and Raagini cutely hugged Ishani. She started to make her sleep.
The day was drawing to mid night. It was exactly mid night 2 o clock. Ranveer and Ishani were sleeping in the bed where Raagini was in her cradle. As they were in their deep sleep Ranveer's mobile was beeping continuously where this disturbed Ranveer's sleep. He was irritated as his sleep was disturbed. His mobile was continuously kept on beeping. He got up and switched on the lamp and took his mobile.
Ranveer(rubbing his face and saw the mobile):What is this whats app messages?
Ranveer made himself okay he opened the Whats app where all the photos were loading. He got to know it is Naina's number.
Ranveer(in a doubtful tone); Naina? why this girl is sending photos to me? That too in this time.
When the photos were loaded Ranveer saw the photos where Nirbhay was near Ishani. He started to see all the photos carefully where all the photos Nirbhay was happily smiling and Ishani was standing near him giving a made up smile. Some of the photos were Ishani was sitting with them in the dinning table and having her food. Ranveer saw all the photos and slowly turned and saw Ishani who was sleeping near him. He again saw the photo of Nirbhay and Ishani standing next to each other and they were smiling. Anger was clearly seen in his face.
To be continued WinkWinkWink

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Zenab78 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sakshi5050

<font color="#3366CC"><font size="3"><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">Hi lovely friends,

Any of you watching Kuch Rang pyar ke aise bhi in Sony TV?


Yeah I watch it not regularly but sometime in a week and ek duje ke waste is also gud I watch that show

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Zenab78 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Nice update aur I hope naina will get lesson after sending photos

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1ishveerian Groupbie

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Hey hi dear Sakshi,
The episodes are going good..,

Let's see what will happen,
Hope Ranveer will trust Ishani only,
And all his anger skill b for naina ,,

Keep rocking

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sakshi5050 Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Hey hi dear two back to back updates thanx for that. Clap Clap
OK starting with their romNce o this ranveer is so romantic he brought ishani in that room but reason ishani gave was awesome what he did he should know but the way he assured her was very nice Clap
Kiss haye Day Dreaming
I knew it this will come so ishani is scared of pregnancy that was hell awesome conversation ranveer was blaming her she called him LOL LOL
Naina what the hell I like that thing when ranveer compares ishani with naina and then loves her even more
But that was good that naina plan failed because ranveer will love and trust ishani more than anything Wink I liked that scene
Now she is doing big mistake by sending pics aab aayega maza
Oh ishveer and their romance but that was very nice how ragini interrupted them well now she is on walker then she can come anywhere
Let's see what ranveer does I so love your story dear you make everything interesting.Waitng for next please do soon

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