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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 21)

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayeshamukhtar

I am not saying that it's lovely chapter because it's full of naina evilness Tongue
Huh naina and ritika are just disgusting...
Any how I am glad that RV tells ishaani that he is having lunch and breakfasts with naina and he treat her as a friend ...

Hi Ayesha I know darling sorry for less Ishveer in this episode and surely it won't sound lovely too ya to showcase Naina's evilness and to move the story I need this episode the next episode will be of Ishveer don't worry
hmm ya RV told Ishani everything he is doing with Naina
okay dear keep reading. WinkWinkWinkWink

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Originally posted by priyanka98

Oh God. Naina is so disgusting. When this naina chapter is going to be end. Due to this Naina Ranveer and Ishani can't spend time with each other. But it was the Nyc chapter Smile

Hi Priyanka thanks for the comment hmmm ya bit Naina is a disgusting character hmm ya it will take time to end but I assure you I will try to make the plot interesting with all our Ishveer moments ya due to her Ishveer and not spending time together hmm anyways glad you liked the chapter keep reading WinkWinkWink
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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Mere liye bhi accha chapter nahi tha naina wala part h ichliyeee...I hate her...btw beiilant work darling thanks for PM Smile Clap Wink

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Episode 168
Ranveer was sitting for one hour outside the room where Naina was admitted. Where Doctor came out of the room.
Ranveer(seeing the doctor got up and stood in front of the doctor): Doctor how is she? Nothing to worry know?
Doctor: Hmm nothing to worry Mr...(he stammered for his name).
Ranveer: RV.
Doctor: Haan nothing to worry Mr. RV. Her BP was low that is why she has fainted. It may be due to not having food at proper time. I checked her completely she is perfectly alright. Her BP has suddenly gone down. So the reason should be she would have not had her food properly for some days. I have given her some injection and I have prescribed some medicines too. Nurse will give you. She will wake up in another one or two hours. Give her something to eat and tell her to take rest.
RV: okay Doctor I will...
Doctor:She need to be in hospital till evening and after she wakes up let me check her and after second checkup you can discharge her and take her home.
RV: okay doctor thanks a lot. Can I wait inside the room.
Doctor: ya sure you can its a general ward only.
RV: Okay doctor.

Doctor giving a smile to him was moving to his next job where Ranveer pushed the door of the room and he entered inside the room. The door closed itself with the help of door closure. Ranveer saw Naina who was in her unconscious state in the bed. He saw her and he sat in the sofa near by. He took his mobile and started to play candy crush. After half an hour of playing the game he came to the home display of the phone where he saw Ishani's photo and a smile came in his face.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani's photo): I need to tell you this know?Tk let me.
Ranveer got up from the sofa and he opened the door and he came out of the room and dialed Ishani's number. He waited for the call to be picked up. Ishani who was playing with Raagini throwing her ball to her sitting in the floor. Ishani hearing the phone ring giving the ball to Raagini.
Ishani:Play with this let Mama talk in the phone..
Raagini smiled and started to rotate the ball around her with her tiny hand. Ishani went to the tea poi and saw her phone where she had smile seeing Ranveer's number in the display and she picked the call.
Ishani: Hello Mr. Vaghela..
Ranveer:(with a smile): Haan Mrs. Vaghela.
Ishani: How was your meeting with Samrat?
Ranveer: Haan it went well but at the end of the meeting something unexpected happened.
Ishani(with a shocked face): kya hua Ranveer? Is anything serious? everything is okay now know?
Ranveer:Relax Relax Ishani why are you getting this much tensed? Actually the meeting went so well. Samrat was even okay with it but when I asked Naina to tell about herself in the meeting while she was talking she fainted.
Ishani(with a shocked look); Kya? what happen to her suddenly?
Ranveer; She fainted and when our office medical person checked her he found it is due to low BP. first I thought to send her with some other office staff. But on that day itself she cried to me that I am behaving rude and I am not trusting her and you too told that we should take care of her so I myself took her to the hospital and I have admitted in the hospital.
Ishani:Really so nice Ranveer you have done a nice thing to her. what doctor said?
Ranveer: It may be due to not having food properly and it will take another hour for her to wake up.Doctor gave some injection and has suggested some tablets and she will wake up after an hour and Doctor asked me to give her something and told she should be in hospital till evening.
Ishani:Thank god she is okay. As she is not having cooking person she is not having her food correctly I think? We should have arranged for a cooking person Ranveer. As she said don't want a cook we left it as it is.
Ranveer:Tk once she wakes up let me convince her and make her have a cook at home okay.
Ishani: (with a smile): Okay Ranveer and Ranveer...(she stopped).
Ranveer: Haan Ishani..
Ishani: (with a cute voice): I love you..
Ranveer(with a smile);Arrey wow what happen to my wife today? Even If I ask her to tell I love you she will not tell me that easily what happen to you today? you yourself telling me those magical words?
Ishani(with a smile):I always like my husband when he take care of all the others. So today he has cared a girl taking her to hospital and still now he is taking care of her so only I said those magical words.
Ranveer:Tk fine darling thank you so much and I love you too.
Ishani: Haan tk take care of Naina. Can I come to hospital?
Ranveer: Nahi Ishani don't want Raagini is there know you need to take care of her. Let me take care of Naina and make her safe okay. Till evening I need to be in hospital only and I will come home after leaving Naina in her home.
Ishani: Hmm okay.
Ranveer:Tk let me cut the call
Ishani: Okay.

Ranveer with a smile cut the call and he again entered into the room where Naina is. He again sat in the sofa and started to play candy crush again. As he was playing after another one hour. Naina was slowly opening her eyes and she was gaining her consciousness her sight was blur and she shrink her eyes and opened where she found the sight properly when she rotated her eyes through out the room where she found Ranveer sitting in the sofa and seeing his mobile.
Naina(taking a deep breath):RV...
RV immediately took his head from the mobile and saw Naina and had a formal smile.
RV(got up and came near the bed):you got up?
Naina:(bit grasping): Haan I have. What happened to me? I mean I was talking but suddenly...
RV:(with the same formal smile):See Naina nothing happened. you fainted when you were talking that is it. I brought you to hospital. Doctor gave you injection and has prescribed some medicines. And he told to have your food at right time it is due to not having food at right time.
Naina: hmm (she tried to get up with a trembling hands).

RV with his stubborn attire went close to her and held her shoulders where this made Naina smile at him. Holding her hands and shoulders he made her sit properly in the bed and he kept the pillow behind her. Naina rested her head and back in the pillow.
Naina:Thanks a lot RV you have done a great help.
RV: no need thanks and all Naina you are my employee I need to take care of you as your mother said to me and Ishani. (thinking for while): Can I inform your mother?
Naina(in a instant voice): Nahi RV no. She will get worried. Already Mama is worried thinking about Bhaiya now this also means she will be worried to the extreme so no.
RV:Tk you are not having your food at least let me appoint a cook to your house. And let me send a nurse for you to give your medicines and take care of you.
Naina:RV no problem I have told Maa few days before itself to send a servant from our house. And a servant came by today morning only. So here after I will have my food correctly and she will give me my medicines too.
Naina: Haan actually I said I don't want a cook to you but when I tried to cook I myself was not able to eat what I cooked. So almost all the time I was eating the food I am ordering from outside that is why I called Maa and told about sending our servant. Now she has send the servant to me so hereafter no problem.
RV: okay. Tk you wait let me get you something to eat.
Naina: RV its okay why are you straining yourself?
RV: you are a patient now so listen to me. Let me get you something okay.

Naina smiled at him where RV giving a light smile went out of the room. Naina had a evil smile to herself.
Naina: Not bad Rithika is having amazing ideas now Ranveer has completely become my friend. Let me make my next move soon.
After 20 minutes RV opening the room door came with a plate of two Roties and aloo sabji gravy he brought from Hospital canteen. He went to the room corner and got the patient eating portable table and he moved it to the bed and he kept the table in front of Naina and kept the plate in it.
RV:Now have this. By evening we will be leaving.
Naina: Okay..and RV hospital bill?
RV:Arrey it will be company expenses you don't worry have it.
Naina started to eat the roti slowly. RV was sitting in the sofa where his phone rang. He saw the display as Samrat and he picked the call.
RV: Haan Mr. Samrat.
Samrat: RV I am in office. How is that girl? Is she fine now?
RV:Haan she has got up but she need to be in hospital till evening.
Samrat: fine RV. I thought to have a face to face conversation with you about the presentation you gave. But unfortunately something unexpected happened. So let me talk over the phone itself.
RV: you can wait know Sir let me come and have a conversation with you?
Samrat:No RV actually I need to leave to Mumbai by evening so let me tell you. As we had good partnership in Diamond business we have again proved our partnership in Share trading too. I know still now we didn't attain huge profit. But the progress of this business in this one month is really nice RV. you have proved yourself. Hope in the next two months you will give me the result I expect.
RV:Sure sir I will try my level best.
Samrat: Its our company you will surely do it. Fine RV take care of the office and attend all the business parties on behalf of our office. Let me leave to Mumbai by evening.
RV(with a smile): Okay sir take care..
Samrat: you too..

He cut the call where RV cut the call and saw Naina with a smile. Naina has finished the rotis and she slowly got down and was trembling her legs. RV seeing her got up and went to her.
RV: Why are you getting up now?
Naina:Want to wash my hands.
RV:Ek minute.

RV went and took a basin from the table and went to the washroom and he came out with some water in the basin. He came to her and showed the basin in front of her.
RV: Wash in this.
Naina(loved the way Ranveer is taking care of her she was falling for him like anything she washed her hands):Thank you.
RV:Its okay..

RV went and cleaned the basin and he came out of the washroom and he again sat in the sofa. Naina was feeling very bored sitting simply.
Naina(seeing RV): RV..
Naina:Should I be here till evening. I am okay now can we leave?
RV: see how your hands and legs are trembling. Rest for sometime and then let us leave.
Naina: But its boring for me. Tk at least talk to me something?
RV:What to talk?
Naina: Tell me something like what would you like to eat? what are the things you enjoy the most?
RV(with a light smile):I like to eat Bhindi a lot. What ever it is Bhindi masala, Bhindi sabji anything done in Bhindi I will eat like anything. And things that I enjoy (bit stopped and thought to himself) the only thing I always enjoy is romancing and being with Ishani.(making himself okay seeing Naina): The things I enjoy is I love long drives, short walks with loved once. I love chill weather. that is it.
Naina: Nice things. Can I tell mine?
RV: hmm you can?
Naina: I like to have Misal Pav, Pani poori and almost all the tasty dishes.I enjoy eating If I eat with my loved ones.
RV:Wow that's great.
Naina: And the things that I always enjoy are I love talking a lot. I love being close to my loved once.
Somewhere chatting something and Ranveer giving her foods stuffs. The doctor came and checked Naina two times and told her to have the medicine and food properly. Naina nodded her head. She was able to walk by now. She got down from the bed and she was discharged. RV brought her to the car after settling the hospital bills. He drove towards Naina's house. He asked her the direction and he was driving at the way she said.
Naina(in thoughts): If Rithika comes and open the door means that is it. Let me inform her..(where Naina searched for her phone and she found it is not with her she turned to RV):RV where is my phone?
RV:Hope you left it in office itself.As you fainted I too didn't look at your things it will be in meeting room only Don't worry I will tell security to keep it safely.
Naina:(with a made up smile): okay.(in thoughts); My god if RV comes inside the house means If Rithika opened the door without knowing RV has come means. So I should send RV being in the entrance of the house itself.

When she was thinking RV brought her to the street she said.
RV:Show your house Naina.
Naina:go straight and that pink building.
RV: okay..

He drove the car to the place she said and he stopped in the entrance of the house and was about to get up where...
Naina:RV let me go by myself.
RV:Arrrey let me come and leave you inside and tell the cook to take care of you well.
Naina(with a managing smile):RV give me my confidence. Now my servant is here. Here after I will have my food well and let me be confident for myself. Let me go.
RV(with a formal smile): Okay ..(giving the packet he has kept in the dashboard) your tablets have it and eat well.
Naina: Hmm okay. (she got down the car and waved bye to him);Bye RV.

RV took his car and started to move towards his house.He called the security and told him to keep Naina's things safely. Naina started to enter her house with a happy smile that Ranveer has come to this level of relationship with her.
Raagini was cutely hugging Ishani who was in the sofa. Raagini was showing all her naughtiness to Ishani.
Raagini: Mama..
Ishani: Haan Mama now tell Dada.
Raagini:(in a cute voice):Dada..
Ishani:wow baby you said Dada.. cute (she kissed her cheeks).

When she was up to tell Raagini next word there was a knock in the door. Ishani took Raagini and went to the entrance of the door and opened the door. Ranveer was standing with a smile.
Ranveer: So today Maa and beti has come to open the door.
Raagini(with a cute smile hitting Ishani's shoulders): Papa..
Ranveer; Haan Papa.

Ranveer smiling entered the house and came to the hall and he sat in the sofa. Ishani came and sat next to him where Raagini again started her naughtiness. She was catching Ishani's cheeks with her hands. She was hugging her. Ranveer turned and saw the Maa beti relationship and found it so cute. But suddenly something came to his mind and a smile came in his face.
Ranveer(in thoughts): If I take Raagini inside that room Ishani will automatically come. Raagini itself will make Ishani come inside that room.
Ranveer saw them where Raagini was cutely seeing Ishani and was about to hit her forehead with Ishani. Where Ranveer immediately got up and before Raagini could hit her forehead with Ishani he took Raagini in his hands where that was the moment Raagini was crying at a extreme so loudly. The sudden cry of Raagini was shocking Ranveer. Ishani took a while to realize what happened.
Ishani(seeing Raagini crying in Ranveer's hands): Ranveer hit your forehead with her forehead.
Ranveer: haan (he cutely hit his forehead with his forehead) Is it okay baby..

Raagini cutely smiled at Ranveer. It seriously made Ranveer speechless.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani): How Ishani? you are able to make Raagini calm in a second. By the by why she cried that much loud when I took her from you?
Ishani(getting up and standing near him):Who asked you to take her from me while she is hitting her forehead with me? She never likes if anybody disturb her while hitting her forehead that is why I said to hit your forehead.
Ranveer(smiling and seeing Raagini):Wow my beti exactly you are me only. You didn't like Papa disturbing your closeness with Mama know haan even Papa never like if anybody disturb me when I am close to your Mama.
Ishani(seeing him with funny strict face):Ranveer what are you talking to her?
Ranveer: I just said my part. (seeing Raagini): Tk baby let us go to our room.

He immediately started to walk towards his room taking Raagini in her hand. As he was taking Raagini with him Raagini turned her head and saw Ishani and showed her hand to her indicating her mother to come near her. Ranveer went to his room and he stood facing the hall.
Raagini(seeing Ranveer and showing her hand towards the hall); Mama..
Ranveer: haan Mama you too want Mama in this room know so make her come now.(seeing the hall) Mama please come Raagini wants you.
Ishani(came with a cute anger look and stood in the entrance of his room folding her hands):Ranveer if you want Raagini keep her with you but don't think that I will enter your room.
Ranveer: oh really even if your daughter call you you won't come.
Ishani: No..
Ranveer:(seeing Raagini);Call Mama now..
Raagini(showing her hands telling Ishani to come to her): Mama...
Ishani: No Raagini Mama will not come there you come to Mama.
Raagini saw Ranveer with a innocent look and she showed the floor to Ranveer. Ranveer kept on telling her to call Mama. Where at a point as he was not leaving her down Raagini was shaking her body heavily and started to cry showing the floor.
Ishani(seeing her cry in a serious tone):Ranveer leave her down or else she will try to jump from you.
Ranveer(bit getting scared): Oh tk.
Ranveer left Raagini in the floor. Where the cutie stood in her own legs and kept her first step and then another step and saw Ishani with a smile and the cutie knowing she is unable to keep the third step slowly sat in the floor and immediately crawled and came to Ishani's feet.
Ishani(taking Raagini in her hand and kissing her cheeks);That is it baby.
Ranveer(came to them);So even today you didn't come to my room?
Ishani: Haan I didn't now fresh up yourself.
Ranveer: you will come soon and yes I need to take a bath as the complete day I was in the hospital.
Ishani: Haan Naina is okay know?
Ranveer: Haan she is okay Ishani. Her mother has send a cook to her. Its her own cook only it seems so no problem she will have her food properly.
Ishani(with a smile):Hmm okay go and bath and then after sometime let us have dinner.
Ranveer: hmm okay.

The day was drawing to the night by this time Ranveer came out after the bath changing himself to night dress. Ishani changed herself and gave Raagini her dinner and both Ishani and Ranveer had their dinner. Ishani made Raagini sleep and she entered her room and she made the cutie to lay in the bed and kept the pillows for her both the sides. When she was making her sleep comfortably. Ranveer came inside the room and was seeing Ishani's back when Ishani got up and was about to lock the room she saw Ranveer standing staring at her.
Ishani:Aise que dekhriyu?
Ranveer:(with a serious face); I need to tell you something important can you come near me.
Ishani: Hann

She immediately came near him where Ranveer getting the situation held her hands and dragged her with him and brought her to the hall.
Ishani(realizing Ranveer dragged her this much fast):Ranveer what are you doing?
Ranveer stopped and turned to her and pulled her close to him and saw her with a romantic smile. He went close to her face and kept his face so intense.
Ishani(in a low voice):What are you doing?
Ranveer:Three days I didn't romance with you now I am romancing you.
Ishani:For that you will drag me like this?
Ranveer: If I am in that room you will tell Raagini is there so romance with me in the hall and then go and sleep.
Ishani(gave a smile to him): Okay..
Ranveer(catching her cheeks): Ishani tell those magical words you said in phone today.
Ishani; Nahi..
Ranveer:Arrey tell me know.
Ishani: Nahi Ranveer please (she left his grip and was about to move where he came behind her and held her close to him)
Ranveer(hugging her from behind):Tk give me the kiss we missed three days before.
Ishani:I was not the reason for that kiss miss okay. you only got confusion in Naina matter and slept. Who asked you to sleep on that day?
Ranveer(turning her to him): Okay its my fault. Now tell me I love you and kiss me and let me tell my demands please Ishani.. Ready for this romance?
Ishani(with a cute smile saw his eyes in a lovely voice); Okay Ranveer.

Ranveer with a smile held Ishani close to him.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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[QUOTE=Zenab78]Mere liye bhi accha chapter nahi tha naina wala part h ichliyeee...I hate her...btw beiilant work darling thanks for PM Smile Clap Wink[/QUOT

Hi Zenab thanks for the comment hmm ya actually to move the story these kind of episodes will be needed only so bear me. I have done the next episode hope you will like it. hmm Naina is a character to be hated so you can hate her as much as you can. thanks for it dear keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
Hi my lovely friends,
Again I am up to ask for a suggestion to you all and I found my thread very silent now a days that too after this starting of 3rd thread. Don't know whether my current plot is boring you.So to cheer up I came up to ask for a suggestion.

The suggestion is all about our Cutie pie Raagini. I made Raagini character as Ishveer baby in my story. So happy that many have always mentioned that you all liked Raagini character a lot in my story.You people only gave her a name CUTIE PIE which I always love a lot.

Hope all have imagined some cute baby in your imagination. I too imagined a cute baby and with that only I was able to write Raagini's behavior and all .I found a photo that almost matched my imagination of Raagini cutie. I am pasting that photo. Suggest me whether I can cast this cutie pie as our Raagini in my story? Does she match the description I made about Raagini till today?
Does she match our Ishani and Ranveer?

Edited by sakshi5050 - 28 April 2016 at 2:48pm

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1ishveerianshaktiluvradzayeshamukhtarnaush2015NidsJpriyanka98Zenab78 Goldie

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Hi sakshi how are you.
And first let me tell you this whole ff is not at ll boring so don't worry about them we know for story u cannot show romance always it need to move slowly by taking all characters in consideration and you are truly giving justice to each and everyone so stop being tensed also this ff is giving us something we always wanted to see. Dear its just that activity on forum has reduced drastically that's why not much people reply but am sure many read your ff.
OK so coming to the reviews of both chapter naina is sharp minded evil and ritika is adding more fuel to fire but I am loving it because they are making ishveer relationship strong.
I so much loved it that ranveer now speaks and clarifies everything with ishani about what he is doing and why and also not forgetting to romance her.
O ragini is such a cutie an exact copy of his dad wants mom only for her and ranveer poor guy thought he will force ishani to come but don't know ragini never does anything against ishani.
OK so now ishveer got time to romance let's see what they do and his demands are getting interesting day by day.
Let's see how he convinces ishani.
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next eagerly update soon

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HI Sakshi! How are you?

FoA, The baby which you've selected is damn go ahead with her :D :D And please, don't think that people are bored of your fic. No, they are not.

Now to the review! Naina is gaining attention from Ranveer and he is helping her out too! >_< Offo! Don;t trust this lady, Ranveer! And Ragini's parts were as usual super cute! And Ranveer is no less than Ragini! xD xD Trying so many ways to get a kiss from her xD xD Poor guy, he has to get his kiss now xD xD Anyway, make Ishani to reduce her ziddi attitude :P :P

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