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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 20)

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Originally posted by ShadikaIshVeer

Hey prettygirlHug
This is going to be a verry short reviewCryCry And I am sorry about that  but I having lot of texts and projects right now and exam is cooming soon as wellCryCry 

Enough of me crying on your threadTongue Coming to your updates  all of them have been nothing then perfectEmbarrassed The way you write IshVeer is adorable and gosh Ragini i Day Dreaming I want to babysitt here LOLDay Dreaming Such a doll she isSmileSmile And that NainaAngryAngry Gosh how dare she hurt Naina , I cant wait to that day Ishani slap here and get here arrested and for hurting her daughter , 

Thank u sho much for all the pmsWinkWink And yeah dearie I am watching Kuch Rang Pyaar ke aise bhi and I am loving it WinkWink

Peace out 

Ps. Shorry for late reviews CryCry

Hi Anjali darling
Thanks for the comment
hmm no worries dear its a lovely review actually its okay darling no need sorry and all
tests and projects are our priority then only comes entertainment and all so
All the best for the exam do well darling

glad you liked all the updates happy that you like the way I write Ishveer and
happy that you all accepted Raagini to this much extreme hmm ya dear you can
baby sit her ya cutie doll hmm Naina is a character to be hated so you can
hate her to the extreme you can.
hmm may that day come when Ishani catches Naina for hurting her child

hmm ya dear I am also watching Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi lovely realistic
story even I am loving it. Its the show I am watching after our MATSH

Take care Anjali keep reading WinkWinkWink

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hey sakshi dear,,, am not watching  kuch rang pyaaarafte matsh s over i have quit watchin tv dear

Edited by shaktiluvradz - 27 April 2016 at 10:53am

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

hey sakshi dear,,, am not watching  kuch rang pyaaarafte matsh s over i have quit watchin tv dear

Hmm okay Janani WinkWinkWink
Ishveershadhika Newbie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
No I don't watch the show.. Rather I hardly watch anything on tv... Do you suggest on watching the show?

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 167
It was next day morning 7.30 when Ishani opened her eyes from the sleep. She turned and saw next to her where she didn't find Ranveer next to her. She got up from the bed and saw the complete room where Ranveer is not there anywhere. She went to the washroom and fresh up her and she came out of the room where she found Ranveer sitting in the sofa completely ready in his RV attire.He was talking a call in his phone. She went and stood near him where Ranveer talking in the phone saw her with a smile. Ishani smiled to him back. Ishani waited for the call to get over and when Ranveer finished his call he got up and smiled at Ishani.
Ranveer:Good morning.
Ishani: Haan good morning but you are ready this much early.
Ranveer: I got a call early morning 6 o clock. That call only woke me up.I was Mr.Samrat call he is coming to Office by another two or three days. He wants to meet all the sections managers. So from today I need to make all the mangers make their reports and all the sections performance chart ready.I need to check them and so on. So for another two or three days I will be busy.
Ishani:(with a smile): Hmmm tk. Can I get your coffee?
Ranveer: Hmm please..
Ishani with a smile moved towards the kitchen and started to make coffee for him. Ranveer was calling all his manger and telling them that they should come to office an hour early from today for another three days. He was so busy in his phone calls. Next one was Naina to be called.
Ranveer(seeing Naina's number): She has joined yesterday only. I only should see her sections performance till date. Hope the man who was in Naina's position before has saved all the files in his system till date. I only need to get all her sections details and their performance charts and reports. Fine to make the business progress we need to surely work.
Giving a head shake to himself he dialed Naina's number and waited to hit the call button.He was bit irritated to call her.
Naina who was sitting in the sofa of the house near Rithika was sipping her morning coffee.
Rithika:What did Ranveer tell you yesterday night when you called him?
Naina: He was talking to me without interest Rithika. I need to go close to him more.
Rithika:It means Ranveer should trust you as his friend Naina. Try your best to go close to Ranveer and Ranveer will easily trust if you cry in front of him so try it and then...

When Rithika was about to tell Naina's phone Rang when Naina saw the phone she had a million dollar smile in her face.
Naina(turning to Rithika in excitement):Rithika its Ranveer..
Rithika(with a smile): Talk to him and put the phone in speaker I need to know to what level he is in your case.
Naina: Haan(she picked the call and putting the phone in speaker mode with a smile in her face): Hello RV..
RV: Hello Naina.. (in a hesitating voice) Naina Mr. Samrat is coming to office by next two or three days so I need to make all the project Managers ready as he wants to meet all the sections manager. So I have called all the Mangers to come to office quickly till the day Samrat comes to office okay. So from today you need to come to office an hour early.
Naina: Hmm surely RV I am your employee I need to come to office in the time you are telling me fine I will be.. But..
RV: Kya but?
Naina: No I don't know anything related that section yesterday only I studied about the process of the business and my team's work. Suddenly to meet a higher person means I am scared.
RV: Mr. Samrat has given me sudden information of his arrival so regarding it you no need to worry. I will help you to do all the works at the same time you too need to put your effort and I will tell him that you are new. But for sure you need to attend the meeting which we will hold in front of Samrat. you too need to learn these things know..
Naina: Haan fine RV If you are with me that is enough for me.
RV(hearing it he felt uncomfortable for a while but managing):Fine I will be with you(when he was telling this Ishani was coming with a coffee cup he smiled to her where she too smiled to him). Tk Naina let me cut the call. Lets meet in the office.
Naina: Okay...

Naina cut the call and she got up from the sofa and was dancing with craziness in front of Rithika where Rithika didn't know whether to laugh or to get tensed seeing her behavior.
Ishani:Drink your coffee Ranveer..
Ranveer: Haan

He took the coffee and was sipping it where he was seeing his phone. Ishani without knowing what to talk to him was up to enter her room.
Ranveer(see her going to her room): Ishani..
Ishani(turning to him): Haan Ranveer...

He drank the coffee and got up from the sofa and seeing her with a smile.
Ranveer(going and standing close to her): I know because of I being busy with business only we had many misunderstandings for past few days. Even for another two to three days I will get busy in the business. So don't think I will ignore you. I like my business a lot but its not more than Ishani okay.
Ishani(with a smile): Okay Ranveer I won't allow any misunderstandings come between us.
Ranveer(with a cute smile): Okay...
Ishani:Tumhari breakfast..
Ranveer: Let me have it in office(as he was up to tell his phone rang giving a smile to Ishani he picked the call):Hello Rahul ya tell me..

He started to talk and as talking itself he gave a head shake to Ishani and was about to move towards the main door of the house where Ishani saw him with a silent face when Ranveer immediately turned and came near Ishani and was kept on talking in his phone.
Ishani saw him with a not understanding look. She asked what with her facial expression.
Ranveer(talking in the phone) :Haan Rahul let me tell you what to do but.. as you are telling..(where Rahul interrupted his talking and he was telling something where Ranveer saw Ishani and with a smile showed his lips to her indicating her to kiss him) Haan Rahul why not?
Ishani getting him shook her head as no..where Ranveer talking in the phone turned and showed his cheek to Ishani. Ishani with a shy smile shook her head as no.
Ranveer:Okay(seeing her with a funny disappointed look and kept his index finger in his forehead and lowered his forehead towards her) oh really even that may be the case Rahul.
Ishani seeing the way Ranveer demanding kiss and the way he is romancing keeping his business other side made her smile and blush with a cute face she went to him and lovingly kissed his forehead and saw him with a smile.
Ranveer(showed thumbs up to Ishani and in phone); Okay come to office Rahul let us talk about it and let me have a face to face conversation with you.
He smiled to Ishani and started to walk towards the main door and opened the door and got inside the car. He started to move to his day schedule.
Ishani(to herself with a smile): I Love you Ranveer..
She moved to her room to get ready for the day.
Naina after having a happy dance saw Rithika with a happy smile.
Naina: I am so happy Rithika. Yesterday night Ranveer does not seemed to be happy with my phone call but now he himself has called me. As I am new to office he has said he will help me with my work. Thanks to that Samrat for sudden visit.
Rithika: (with a smile): I am happy for you Naina.. But use these days properly. In these two to three days you need to get close to Ranveer. And in the day of your meeting is the final day Ranveer will surely accept you as his friend with all his concern.
Naina:But how?
Rithika:That let me tell you afterward but see to that you get close to Ranveer by some means try all the best ways to keep him close to you.
Naina:Okay I will. Now let me get ready I am getting late as Ranveer said to come fast.
Rithika: Okay..

Naina taking her time made herself ready and telling Rithika she moved towards the office.
All were in the discussion room. All the four senior mangers were in the heavy discussion with RV how they are going to tell everything going in the office to Samrat.
RV(seeing all the four): Samrat gave me this company when it was not going in a proper way. As though profit is not the immediate thing in business but I should show him we are in the right path towards profit. So only you four need to do everything to me. I need all the workers performance chart and reports from your sections. once I check all the things let me make it final and we can explain it to Mr. Samrat okay.
All the four:Okay sir...
Naina: But RV...
RV(in a normal voice):Sir..
Naina:(found herself bit disappointed): I am sorry Sir..
RV:Ya tell me.
Naina: How will I do all the things you are telling me?
RV(seeing Naina as well all the others): I will take care of Naina's project let me make everything ready. But you guys too make it ready with all the effort for your sections.
Other three:Fine sir.
RV:Tk you all may leave to the job.
Naina(in thoughts):Rithika told Ranveer will melt If somebody cry in front of him. Let me.
All were dismissed from the room when Naina was sitting without getting up. RV was up to open the door of the room to leave where he stopped seeing Naina not getting up from the seat. He went close to her.
RV: What should I tell you separately? You can leave to your desk.
Naina sitting in the chair started to cry. She was crying heavily.
RV: Naina why are you crying now?
Naina(she got up and stood in front of him):Its because of you.
RV:(with a not understanding look): Because of me. What did I do now?
Naina:What is your problem? you don't want me to call Ranveer so you told me to call you RV. When I called you RV you are telling me call you sir that too in front of everyone. you are not at all thinking me as your are still doubting me that I have come to harm you.

She started to cry heavily. Ranveer didn't know how to react for a while.
RV(taking a deep breath): Naina stop crying first. See its a meeting all the people call me sir here so you should also do the same Naina. Other than this place you can call me RV when you have individual conversation with me.
Naina(wiping her eyes and facing Ranveer): I never know these things Ranveer because I have never be in this situation. I was brought up with money from my teenage. Till Bhaiya was with me I didn't have the situation that I should work but today I am in that situation and that is why(she cried again) I am put in all these insults.
RV:(was really feeling himself sorry): Naina its not like that?
Naina:Then what RV(with a angry look)sorry sir and you know what is the heartbreaking part for me. Its that you still didn't believe me that I am changed. I have come for my family and I am really not in the situation to harm anyone okay. (she started to cry) I just came here to ask sorry to you and Ishaniji but Maa asked for the job to you just for our family situation and as we don't know any other business man to make me safe she left me with you.
RV:(with a sorry face) ;Dekho Naina see me..
Naina(saw him with a wiping tears face):Tell me..
RV: I am really sorry. you can call me RV where ever you are okay. (with a formal smile) and you can work and take care of your family and don't feel that you are put in this situation. I will try my level best to be a good friend to you okay.
Naina(with a smile): Are you sure?
RV: Haan I am..
Naina: So I didn't have my breakfast today can you come and have breakfast with me?(she smiled to him).
RV(with a smile): Haan let us..

RV started to walk out of the room where Naina had a smile that she somehow touched Ranveer's heart today. Ranveer had breakfast with her where Naina was telling some of her childhood stories to Ranveer. Ranveer though he is not comfortable with her just to not hurt her was smiling to her. They came back and Ranveer helped her in the reports and charts and was teaching her what the actually business of the section she is going to handle. Somewhere are the other Ranveer made himself not to hurt Naina where she smiled and made all the time useful to herself to get close to Ranveer.
Two days Ran at its speed. Ranveer went quick to office and came late. Naina was so energetic in her work with Ranveer. Ranveer too had his breakfast and lunch with Naina if it is possible to him. Naina too acted to adjust with him. 
It was the morning of the day of Mr. Samrat's arrival. Ranveer was getting ready in his room where he had his breakfast. Ishani was so happily serving him.
Ranveer(having his breakfast):Ishani..
Ishani: Haan Ranveer today Mr. Samrat is coming know
Ranveer: Haan I have made everything ready and I need to tell  you something.
Ishani: Haan tell me.
Ranveer; Actually I tried to adjust with Naina. As you said I am looking my job and she is doing her work. During office hours she is my employee and sometime we are having lunch and breakfast together. As you said I am not confusing myself and now I am not doubting her. She felt so worried that I am doubting her that she has come to harm us. She cried to me so I have decided not to hurt her.
Ishani: Haan that is it Ranveer. Forget everything already her family is in financial crisis and please you don't hurt her with your doubt.
Ranveer: Okay Baba I won't.
Ishani:Ranveer get a walker for Raagini know we have walker in Mumbai but now only she is trying to walk so it is needed. So can you?
Ranveer; Haan tk Ishani let me.. (with a smile finishing his breakfast) Thanks for supporting me when I had dilemma in Naina Matter.
Ishani:Its okay now leave all the best.
Ranveer: Okay.

He started to move for the day.
Naina was getting ready in her room where Rithika came with a bottle in her hand.
Naina(seeing Rithika);Rithika.
Rithika: How is your relationship with Ranveer?
Naina:As you said I cried and told my part to him and acted as much I a days he started to be good with me other than office hours I am having my lunch breakfast to the extreme I can.
Rithika: That's good now finally use this.
she showed the bottle where there were tablets in it.
Naina:Tablets What tablets are these Rithika?
Rithika:These are the tablets to reduce your blood pressure. Have this before going to the meeting today.Just take two tablets in a paper if the bottle gets caught you will get caught too.And if you have this tablet. you will faint and before that make sure Ranveer is near you.Ranveer will completely melt for you.
Naina(with a smile): Okay.
Rithika:Take it in a paper.
Naina:(she took a paper and took two tablets from the bottle and she kept it in the paper and folded it and kept in her bag): okay let me.

Naina started to leave for the office.
All were waiting for Samrat's arrival. RV who was in his cabin heard his door opened by accessing. Where Naina came with a smiling face towards him.
Naina: Good morning RV.
RV:Good morning you are ready know.. I means just give introduction about yourself because he don't know only you other than that all the manager he already know.
Naina: Haan I will RV but I want you near me because I have stage fear.
RV: hmm okay I will be standing some distance from you.
Naina: I am so happy that you are friendly with me RV. Its nice to see you like this.
RV: hmm okay.

As he was telling her his intercom called when he picked it he got the news that Samrat has come to the office entrance. RV got up and went out of the cabin. Naina immediately took the tablets from her bag that she has kept in the paper. She put the tablet in her mouth and took the water glass from RV table and drank it.She dropped the paper in dustbin crushing it.
Naina:(with a evil smile); Now Ranveer will completely fall for me.
When she was thinking Samrat came inside the office where seeing it through the glass she too rushed towards the meeting hall. The meeting started after a welcome note to Samrat. RV gave his presentation and explained the way they were progressing to Samrat and he thanked the manager who are helping him and he told about Naina as the new Manager.
RV(smiling to Naina):Naina come front and introduce yourself.
Naina with a smile she came front and stood near RV and she started to speak.
Naina: I am Naina Singh. I am newly appointed as Senior project Manager and I am working in this office for one week and I am trying to do my best. It will take some more time for me to get used to the work. But I will..
Where this was the moment Naina held her head with her hand. All were bit shocked for a while and when all were thinking what is happening Naina was completely fainted where RV standing near her almost held her in his hand before she falls in the floor..
RV:(in a loud voice):Call the office medical person.
When Sanjay immediately took the intercom and called the medical person  RV made her sit in a chair where he balanced her.
RV(seeing some lady staffs):Please come and hold her.
Two ladies :Yes sir.

They came forward and stood holding Naina in the chair. RV took the water bottle and taking some water in his hand poured the water in her face where she didn't come to consciousness.The medical person came inside opening the glass door. When the medical person checked her eyes by opening it and then he checked her pressure with the instrument he brought. Checking her.
RV:What happen?
Medical person: Sir her BP is low. That is why she has fainted. We need to take her to doctor.
RV(in thoughts);I can send her with some other staff but If she wakes up she will feel I didn't take care of her. (in a worried voice) Okay let us take her.
RV:Mr. Samrat I know her personally so I need to take her to hospital if you don't mind.
Samrat:RV its okay you have almost shown me everything let me be in the office. Take her to hospital and come then let us talk.

RV shook his head to Samrat and he took Naina in his hands and brought her to the car and put her in his back seat and he got inside the driving seat and drove to the near by hospital. He took her inside the hospital and he admitted her. RV stood with a worried face out of the room where Naina is taken by the doctor.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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Originally posted by Ishveershadhika

No I don't watch the show.. Rather I hardly watch anything on tv... Do you suggest on watching the show?

Hmm okay dear ya the show sensible than watching some ekta kapoor shows where we sometime find illogical things. All character seems so realistic and its a beautiful love story .Want to watch you can dear WinkWinkWink

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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I am not saying that it's lovely chapter because it's full of naina evilness Tongue
Huh naina and ritika are just disgusting...
Any how I am glad that RV tells ishaani that he is having lunch and breakfasts with naina and he treat her as a friend ...

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Oh God. Naina is so disgusting. When this naina chapter is going to be end. Due to this Naina Ranveer and Ishani can't spend time with each other. But it was the Nyc chapter Smile

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