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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 16)

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bloomfield

This Ranveer na! xD xD xD This guy is so cute like his daughter! <3 <3 Kisko support karun mein? Definitely not Ishani :P :PNow sir has entered the room successfully. Can;t wait to know about the next episode!

Hi Aarushi thanks for the comment dear hmm Ranveer is always famous for his naughtiness and yes he is cute like Raagini. hmmm you are not supporting Ishani hmm now our hero has entered heroin's room successfully ya dear let me update it keep reading WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hii sakshi didi...
        Fabulous fantastic very gud amazing qonderful update...
      Nauna got proper words from ranveer...:-D
            Naina k sapne toh chur chur hofaye..:-P
   Laat scene qas amaxingn...
Raginis first step...:-D
    Ranveer made her walk she was so happy...
Ragini sleeping on ranveers chest...<3 :-D
   Leta c qht ishani does now...
    N wht r the demands of ranveer...;-)
   Aaiting for nxt...
Uodate soon...
Take care...keep smiling...
Love u...<3
Thnks for the pm...:-)
Nd sorry for late reply..:'(

Hi Gudiya behan thanks for the comment
glad you liked the update
hmm hope you liked the way Ranveer handled Naina now
happy that you liked the last scene of the update
happy that you liked Raagini's first step
yes Ranveer made her happy and she was so happy for it
glad you liked the way Raagini was sleeping on Ranveer's chest.
hmm ya let us see what our Ishani is going to do
and Ranveer's demand will come now
ya let me update it dear
take care and keep smiling and love you
no need sorry dear reply me when you get time Wink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

cuteness overloaded ragini reaction and our old ranveer s back, dis naina s disgusting hope to see all her plans back fire, really lovely sakshi darl. keep update and sorry fr late reply my phone got crashed.

Hi janani thanks for the comment glad you liked the update and Raagini's reaction yes our old cute Ranveer is back . Hmm Naina is a character to be hated only dear hmm let us see what all her planning is going to do to our Ishveer. ya dear let me update it no need sorry dear I can understand keep reading WinkWinkWink Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Hey sakshi it was awesome update ranveer avoiding naina and sent her from canteen was too good and now that cutie pie walked also I so love ragini in this
OK so he finally intruded in her bedroom ishani should let him come because few days of romance otherwise naina is coming with master plan although I love their romance with longing but still
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Hey sakshi it was awesome update ranveer avoiding naina and sent her from canteen was too good and now that cutie pie walked also I so love ragini in this
OK so he finally intruded in her bedroom ishani should let him come because few days of romance otherwise naina is coming with master plan although I love their romance with longing but still
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next

WinkHi dear thanks for the comment glad you liked the update and happy that you liked the way Ranveer avoided Naina and sending her from the canteen. ya our cutie pie walked and glad that you love Raagini so much. ya finally Ranveer has entered Ishani's bedroom and surely our heroin should give up this time even I hope the same and ya or else this stupid vamp is doing her best to separate out Ishveer.
hmm their romance with longing I liked it
ya let me update it dear keep reading WinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Episode 166
Naina's house.
It was 10 o clock that day night where Naina was sitting in the sofa with a disappointed face. Rithika kept their two plates of ordered dinner in the dinning table and saw Naina who was sitting in the hall sofa.
Rithika(in thoughts seeing Naina):What happen to her?from the time she came back home she is like this only. I asked her what happen she didn't answer anything. Don't know what happen let me try to talk to her again.
Rithika came to the sofa and seeing Naina she sat next to her.
Rithika(keeping her hand in Naina's shoulder):What happen Naina? Evening you came in cab after coming you sat in this sofa without changing your dresses and still now you are sitting here only. (she caught her chin lightly and turned Naina towards her):what happen to you?
Naina(seeing her silently for sometime and having a moist eyes suddenly): I was really hurt today Rithika..(she started to cry heavily) I was so hurt.
Rithika(catching her cheeks): Naina don't cry what is your problem?tell me let me tell you a solution.
Naina(wiping the tears with a worried voice):Today when I went to office I was so happy. Seeing Ranveer I am really happy. He gave me the desk near to his cabin. He can see me and even I can see him through the glass. In the afternoon I called him for lunch he too came with me. I thought I can talk to him while having lunch but that Stupid Ishani called Ranveer. He is listing to her words like a robot Rithika. Then when he finished his lunch a senior person of the office came. He should have said him he will talk afterwards know but Ranveer didn't do it he started to talk to that person and he asked me to leave to work. And again when he was coming to his cabin I thought he will ask sorry to me but he didn't even mind me. When I asked him to drop me in home he arranged the office cab and he asked the driver to drop me in home. (she again started to cry).
Rithika(hearing it with a thinking look):This is your problem. Tk see me now..

Naina was still crying..
Rithika:Naina wipe your tears and see me now.. I will tell you the ways to woo Ranveer.
Naina(slowly wiping her tears and seeing Rithika): how?
Rithika(with a evil smile):To separate Ranveer from Ishani you should not cry first. If you are crying means it is telling me that you are becoming weak.
Naina(completely wiping her tears and seeing Rithika): Haan Rithika actually I am not a person to cry. But I expect my Ranveer to see me only. He need to treat me as his priority but he is having his concentration in business or else that Ishani. That is why I felt it disappointed today. Without my control I cried.
Rithika:Hmm you should not cry Naina.. you should never give up your evilness at any time. Till you send Ishani out of Ranveer's life you should keep this evilness strong. Then only you will get your Ranveer.
Naina(with a evil smile): Haan Rithika I will. I won't give up myself that easily.
Rithika:That's good and its your first day within some more days Ranveer will be yours.
Naina:But how Rithika? I am trying all my ways to go near him but he is not even treating me as his friend. you know his character know tell me what should I do to make him close to me.
Rithika(with a smile seeing Naina): yesterday you went to Ranveer's home know asking for a cook. That was a reason for you to go inside his house and as usual that stupid Ishani showed her concern and made you have your breakfast know?
Naina: Haan
Rithika:Next you need another reason for you to go close to Ranveer. That is tell him you no need cook by calling him now.
Naina(without understanding): But what will that do with Ranveer? he will tell okay.
Rithika: Hmmm that is only we too want.It was just a reason for you to go to his house.But surely We cannot keep the cook Ranveer is sending us. If he/she goes and tell Ranveer that even I am staying with you we will get caught. All these things like telling you want cook and you don't want cook is the way to keep talking to Ranveer that is it okay.
Naina: Hmm okay Rithika let me call him after changing and tell him that I don't want cook. And at the same time let me ask Maa to send our house cook for us.
Rithika: haan do it. Do you have Ranveer's number?
Naina: Haan I have his number I got it from his assistant.
Rithika:Hmm okay
Naina:And Rithika let me make this call now to Ranveer and this alone is not enough for us I need more ways to get close to Ranveer.
Rithika:First do this let me tell you what you should do to get close to Ranveer.
Naina:Tk..Let me change and come and then let me call Ranveer.
Naina giving a smile to Rithika and she entered her room where Rithika had her vamp smile.
It was 10.30 where Raagini was cutely sleeping in Ranveer's chest and Ishani was laying beside him leaving some space between them.
Ranveer was admiring Raagini as well Ishani the way Ishani was trying to be away from him leaving some space between them was making himself smile. Ishani turned and gave him a funny anger look when Ranveer saw her and winked at her naughtily. Ishani again turned her head and saw the above wall of the room. Ranveer saw Raagini where the cutie has almost fell in her deep sleep.
Ranveer:(turning to Ishani): Ishani..
Ishani(without seeing him): Hmmm
Ranveer:Raagini has slept..
Ishani:Make her lay in the bed. (she took the teddy bear that Raagini has kept in the bed and showed the space to him): Make her sleep here.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani with a smile): Let her sleep in the cradle know?
Ishani: No its okay let her sleep here itself.

Ranveer seeing her without a word catching Raagini carefully and without disturbing her sleep he sat in the bed and he held Raagini carefully and got up from the bed and walked to the cradle that was bit away from their bed. He made her lay in the cradle and made the cute baby comfortable. Raagini moving her hands and legs lightly and she again fell in her sleep in the cradle. Ranveer had a smile seeing Raagini sleeping. He saw Ishani was was staring him with a cute anger. Ranveer giving a smile to Ishani he went to the switch board and switched off the lights just leaving three lamps that were glowing and showed the room with golden color light. Ranveer came and sat in the bed and when he was up to lay close to Ishani. Ishani with a strict look kept the teddy bear of Raagini in between them and she laid beside the teddy bear and turned to the other side and showed her back to Ranveer. Ranveer laying beside the teddy bear and with a smile he took the teddy bear and he kept the teddy bear in the floor. He cutely moved to Ishani and kept his hands in her shoulders.
Ranveer(in a low voice): Ishani..
Ishani(without turning to him): I am going to sleep you too sleep..
Ranveer:First see me then you can sleep(He held her lovingly and turned her to him).

When he turned the beautiful face of Ishani was so clear and she was so beautiful in this night lamp lights. Ishani fell in a eyes lock where Ranveer was admiring her beauty for a while. As he was admiring her..
Ishani(in a cute voice): why did you take the teddy bear from the bed?
Ranveer(keeping his face close to her face): Because its not the time for teddy bear to sleep between husband and wife.
Ishani(with a cute anger): you no need to tell any romantic words to me. Keep the teddy bear between us and sleep.
Ranveer(pulled her close to him and he was above her): Kya problem hain Ishani? For lifetime you are going to be in separate room and not sharing bed with me?
Ishani(seeing him with a questioning look): Did I tell like that? it was you? Do you remember last week when you confessed your feelings to me that night how did you come home? you came in a drunk state. I made you sleep next to me. In the morning what did you ask me? If I came drunk why cannot you make me sleep in the sofa? what is the need for you to make me sleep next to you?
And what was that final thing you said haan "So always let us sleep separately itself"(Episode 148 page 99 Ranveer's unsaid feelings #2).
Ranveer(seeing her cutely with a love in his eyes): Ishani haan its my fault only I am sorry.All the husband and wife will have fights between them for one or two night they will sleep separately but for that will they be apart for lifetime?
Ishani:Oh really. you only said like that we should always sleep separately.
Ranveer(pulling her close to him): In anger I said that but for that what lifetime you are not going to share bed with me.(pushing her hair behind which was in her shoulders and seeing her with lovely look) Tk tell me to make you share bed with me what should I do?
Ishani(seeing him with a concern look):you should tell me something.
Ranveer(without understanding);tell you? What should I tell you?
Ishani:Tumhari feelings..
Ranveer(giving a smile to her):Arrey I have already confessed you everything hope there is nothing left to confess from my side. Even you confessed your feelings. Here after we will be loving and trusting each other.
Ishani:(seeing him and caressing his hair cutely): But I need to know something from you will you tell me?
Ranveer:Tk what is it?
Ishani:Get up and sit.
Ranveer:Tk ..

Ranveer got up and sat in the bed where Ishani too got up and sat next to him.
Ranveer(seeing her with a smile):Tell me what should I tell you?
Ishani(seeing him with a sad face): You cried a lot when I got engaged to Chiraag?
Ranveer(who didn't expect this question from Ishani saw her with a silent face and slowly shook his head as yes): Haan..
Ishani:Tell me one thing you know I went to his place. you behaved rude to me seeing my photos. Honestly tell me why you never left me from your life?
Ranveer(saw her with a cute face silently): Ishani from my 9 years more than Ishani nothing seems to be important to me. When you started to grow up your soft nature will always make me to fall for you. Maa never liked you. She always thought that you are using me like a servant to the extreme you can.But I know my Ishani can never treat me like that. Maa always told me to forget you. Even after our marriage she never liked you. you remember that gun shot know?
Ishani:(with a worried face): How will I forget that? It was my wrong believing that stupid and going to his place but the result of my actions was again given as a pain to my Ranveer.
Ranveer: Nahi you should never ever think like this okay.. now let me tell you. Even in that gun shot when I came back from the hospital Baba made me wear that bullet in my chain. He told me to leave my love on you.(He cutely went close to her and held her cheeks with both the hands and smiling) But even my heart didn't listen to my Maa and Baba too Ishani. My heart only wanted you. I can never ever leave you. you went to his place but the rude behavior was just because of the feeling I lost my Ishani.(his eyes were moist). But she was harmless that Chiraag played his stupid game. Whatever happens my heart never has control over you it will always love you.
Ishani(with a emotional smile): I love you Ranveer.. I love you so much more than you no one can come near Ishani. Only you will have all the rights in me. I love you.
Ranveer: Hmm I love you too and finally you said I love you.
Ishani(bit realizing): Oh I said that...(seeing him with a cute look) what to do? whenever I hear some of your unsaid feelings know I am falling for you Ranveer.

Ranveer smiled at her.
Ishani(smiling to him):Fine so you won a challenge and made me tell I love you and I got the answer for my question. Now you can share bed with me. so come on sleep.
Ranveer(seeing her with a questioning look):Arrey how will I sleep? I told you about two demands in the phone when you called me in the afternoon know so let me tell what are the demands.
Ishani: tk tell me what are those demands?
Ranveer(putting his hands behind her and pulled her close to him and hitting her forehead in a romantic voice): Let me tell but I want a kiss before it that too a lip lock.
Ishani(face turned red at Ranveer's closeness): Nahi not now..
Ishani:Raagini is here.
Ranveer(taking his head back and seeing her with a playful face);Arrey she is sleeping. She is sleeping only know give me a kiss Ishani (with a longing face) I am trying to get it from the past two days but I am not getting it.
Ishani(bowing her head): Okay...

Ranveer giving a romantic smile made her close to him and saw her lips. Even in that lamp light her lips were so cute to him. Her pink color lips were attracting him like anything. He swallowed his throat. He saw Ishani's eyes where she saw him cutely and immediately lowered her sight unable to face him. Ranveer concentrated in her lips and was about to kiss where his mobile phone rang which was on the floor.
Ranveer(getting disturbed to the high level):Aye kya problem hain mera love story mein..only in Mumbai they were disturbing us but now even in Nagpur.
Ishani(seeing him with a smile):That is always our faith now pick the phone it may be any emergency.
Ranveer(with a fed up voice):kya emergency?(he turned and took his phone where the display said it is Sanjay picking the call): Haan Sanjay..
Sanjay:Sir I am so sorry sir my friend didn't get any cook and even I tried my best. Till 10 o clock I was searching for the cook but I was unable to find a cook sir. Cook are having heavy demand so it will take time to find a cook.
Ranveer(taking a deep breath):Okay no worries you leave this tension now. Let me talk to that Naina and let me try some other source.
Sanjay:Okay sir good night.
Ranveer: Haan good night.(He cut the call).
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):Kya hua Ranveer? any problem?
Ranveer(with a smile); Naina asked for a cook know. That is what I informed Sanjay but he too was not able to find a cook.
Ishani:oh you can find it soon Ranveer.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani with a smile): You can never get angry on anyone Ishani?
Ishani:Why should I get angry on anyone?
Ranveer:That Nirbhay kidnapped you but when he fell in coma and when I gave complaint against him just hearing Aarthi's words you asked me to get back that complaint. Naina said she wanted me in her life and she was even ready to send henchmen against us. Again Naina came to our home and asked sorry you forgave her and you asked me to give job to her. How can you forgive all?
Ishani(with a smile):If we always think about showing our anger know no one can lead a happy life either us or the other persons.
So if we forgive them for that character of us itself they will be truthful to us.
Ranveer:Do you really think Naina can be truthful in her heart? I cannot accept it completely the way she is behaving to me is giving me a doubt. she is came to me and asked for lunch today when I went for lunch with her I saw my employee and started to talk with him. She came and she is calling me to come back with her. I said I need to talk and sent her to work. In the evening she is came back to me and she is telling she is feeling for my behavior and told me she was hurt. She is thinking me as a good friend to her. She is asking me to drop her in her home but I sent her in a office cab.I gave her job only for your words. The way Naina behaved in Haryana is really telling me she cannot change Ishani(seeing Ishani) I really feel like she is here to create misunderstandings between us.
Ishani(cutely caressing his hair and smiling at him):Arrey Ranveer if we are okay between us no one can do anything to us. I trust you. So leave suspecting her and do your job alone okay. Don't confuse yourself.
Ranveer: okay.(seeing Ishani) But don't you feel jealous hearing I am having lunch with Naina.
Ishani(keeping her elbow in Ranveer's shoulders): Arrey why should I get jealous? I know other than me my Ranveer can never see any other girl.
Ranveer: Mmm you are knowing me so well now a days.
Ishani: tumhari better half hain na.(taking her hand from his shoulder and seeing Ranveer);Dekho Ranveer I told you to give her job just for her family sake. What all Nirbhay did he got the right punishment we don't want to make them get hurt by our actions that is why I left them. Is this is enough for you?
Ranveer: Haan tk white heart wife. (going close to her)Now kiss...
Ishani:Tk Give me.(she cutely smiled at him).
Ranveer keeping his phone a side went near her. He held her close to him and seeing her eyes and slowly he made her to lay in the bed comfortably. He too came above her both were lost in each other. Ranveer with a complete love touched her lips with his lips. He was keeping his lips just in her lips without kissing her. Ishani saw him with a doubtful look when Ishani was about to kiss Ranveer took back his head and smiled at her.
Ishani: you are playing with me?
Ranveer:Why I should not? If all the time I give the kiss properly know then there won't be any expectation from your side.
Ishani: oh really when ever we try this surely something will come between us. In this you are not using the time given to you.  I don't want your kiss leave me.

She pushed him where Ranveer fell beside her and Ishani turned to the other side. Ranveer with a smile turned her to him.
Ranveer:Oh my baby you will get this much anger?
Ishani: Haan only to my Ranveer.
Ranveer:Tk let me kiss..
Ishani:Don't want better sleep its almost 11 o clock.
Ranveer:Hello I need to kiss I need to ask my demands so be awake for sometime.
Ishani: Really..

Ranveer with a smile was nearing her Ishani brought her hands behind his head and held his head towards her. She is not ready to leave him now. Ranveer too came close to her and when he was up to kiss her the phone again rang.
Ishani(getting disturbed this time): I told you know we are couples born to get disturbed.
Ranveer:Even after the phone call I will kiss you.
Ishani:Let me see..

He left her and laid beside her and saw the phone and seeing the display and a new number with a thinking face picked the call.
Ranveer: Hello who is this?
Naina: Its me Naina Ranveer..
Ranveer(immediately got up from the bed): tum? at what time you are calling me? its 11 o clock Naina and how did you get my number?
Naina:Ranveer you are my boss I got this number from Sanjay sir and sorry to call you now and disturb you.
Ranveer(with a perfect disturbed look):Tk tell me why did you call me?
Naina: Actually I have asked for a cook know?
Ranveer:Sanjay didn't get the cook yet. Let me myself do something and arrange a cook for you.
Naina:Nahi Nahi Ranveer actually I called you to tell that I don't want any cook.That is why I called you now itself.
Ranveer:what is your problem Naina? you told me you wanted a cook and for you I made Sanjay to search for a cook and he was searching till 10 o clock today. now you are telling you don't want a cook.
Naina: Actually Ranveer..
Naina: Sorry RV I thought to cook myself or to have food in office canteen itself so surely I don't want any cook.
Ranveer:Fine. Good night..
Naina: RV had your dinner?
Ranveer: I had..
Naina:you won't ask me whether I had my dinner or not?
Ranveer: Had your dinner?
Naina: Haan I had. Tk what you had for your dinner?
Ranveer(really irritated and seeing Ishani laying beside him): Naina I had fried rice for dinner. And I am having head ache and can I sleep? Good night.
Naina: Okay take care of you Ranveer. Apply some balm in your head and sleep. If I am near you I will apply it in your forehead for you.
Ranveer: Ishani has done it for me. (he almost lost his patience) Now I was up to sleep that time only I got your call. Good night.
Naina(without any way):Good night RV.

Ranveer cut the call and had a irritated face. He was not at all liking the way Naina is taking advantage on him. He was thinking the possible ways to leave this Naina. When he was thinking..
Ranveer(seeing Ishani): Haan Ishani..
Ishani: What happen? its Naina's call?
Ranveer: haan she don't want a cook it seems.
Ishani: oh then how she is going to manage?
Ranveer:That and all I don't know. Now you sleep good night.
Ishani:Arrey you said you wanted a kiss and you were up to tell your demand and all.
Ranveer(with a not interested face): I am really confused about this Naina and I lost my romantic mood. Let me sleep.
(He laid beside Ishani showing his back to her).
Ishani(in thoughts): what is this? Naina is his employee and he is her boss what is the problem in it?

Ishani with a doubtful face laid in the bed.Both of them drifted off to sleep
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Huh naina I wanted to kill her sometime when she comes between ishveer ...
But what to do without her our ishveer love story never go to its peak...
Because without hurdle there is no. Charm in success...
And RV was going in right direction to doubt on naian...
And last thing that ritika Angry
After reading the last chapter I thought that RV may come to know about ritika with the help of his appointed cook but it's not possible due to eveil ritika Angry

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sakshi5050 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Hey hi sakshi how are you hope you are doing good
This naina is a bitch sorry to say but she and ritika are so cunning but I loved it when she cried because ranveer avoided her.
Ishveer are cutest when they manaofy each other ishani and her anger in front of ranveer will be nothing.
So much ishveerlicious episode. That whole line depicting ranveer's feeling when he was shot was so good I liked it very much. Ishani can never remain angry for long finally he got the permission.
Most romantic was how ranveer was making her crave for kiss it's so good but she was right they should not leave chances because there is always someone to disturb them.
Good that ranveer shouted on naina I laughed at that whole part but sad they cannot complete kiss and his demands also
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next

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