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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 15)

Zenab78 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Sorry for late reply dear ...amazing chapter ranveer and ishani how cute and raginis cute action...I am loving it ...and ranveer and ragini both are cutepie...grt work Sakshi... Lots of hugs and love for uh dear and thanks for PM

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zenab78

Sorry for late reply dear ...amazing chapter ranveer and ishani how cute and raginis cute action...I am loving it ...and ranveer and ragini both are cutepie...grt work Sakshi... Lots of hugs and love for uh dear and thanks for PM

Hi Zenab thanks for the comment and no need sorry yaar its okay reply me when you get time. Glad you liked the chapter. Happy that you found Ishveer cute in the chapter and Raagini's actions. Glad you are loving it and you are so happy with cutie pie Ranveer and Raagini. lots of hug to you too dear
love you a lot dear keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 165
Ranveer finished his Lunch and drank his apple juice. Naina was seeing him with a happiness but the way he is listening to Ishani's words was making her angry inside her. RV got up from his chair and moved to the washing area. He washed his hands and came out of the washing area wiping his hands with his hand kerchief. Naina came towards him with a smiling face where before she could reach RV a senior person of the office came to him with a smile.
Senior person:Hello Sir..
RV: Hello Man saw all your reports your group people are doing a great job. It will help our company to reach huge profit in the upcoming days.

As they were talking does not minding them Naina came and stood near RV. Where RV saw her with a not understanding look.
Senior person(continuing even though without minding Naina standing near RV):Sir I will do all my best to make the process even more faster. But I have some doubts too when can I come and see you sir?
RV: you can come by 4 o clock today to my cabin I will be free. I will clarify the doubts and tell you what to do further.
Senior person: okay sir and then...

As the Senior person was up to tell..
Naina:(with a rightful voice standing near RV): RV shall we go?
RV(with a confirmed voice): I need to talk to him you can leave to your work.
Naina: But we came together so...
RV(with a stubborn face): we came together for lunch your lunch over know. you may go to your seat Naina and I need to talk to him something important so leave...
Naina(seeing his answer with a disappointed face): Okay..(without any was she started to walk towards the office).

RV talking to his employee where he was telling some of the important points to him about the business. RV heard everything he said with patience.
RV(in a finally confirmed voice): Okay no problem you note down what all doubts you have and then come to my cabin by 4 o clock. Let me clarify you everything.
Senior person: Okay sir let me.

Giving a smile to him RV started to walk to the office. RV was walking with his stubbornness. When he was walking to his cabin. Naina was in her desk she was seeing RV coming towards the cabin. He entered the cabin without seeing her.
Naina(who was irritated by RV behavior in thoughts): What he is doing now? He is asking me to leave more than me he is having his concentration on some other person. More than me his business seems important to him. Now when he was crossing me he didn't even mind me. At least he could have told sorry for not coming back with me from canteen.
With a irritated face she turned and saw RV's cabin through the glass where he has started to work and his complete concentration was on his file. Naina really had a broken heart seeing his behavior.The day was running where the complete office of RV was working and were busy in their own works. RV was working in his laptop where he was seeing the accounts of the company. When he was working he got a thought for a while.
RV(in thoughts):Arrey I told I will arrange for a cook for this Naina. I have forgot it. If she didn't get cook she may come to home and even Ishani will ask her to have breakfast, lunch and everything. Tk let me arrange it.
RV(picked his intercom and called Sanjay and waited for him to pick the call when he picked the call): Hello Sanjay. I told you to arrange a cook for that Naina on that day itself know? why you didn't arrange it yet?
Sanjay:Sir I am so sorry sir on that day after showing house to Naina my son was suffering from fever my wife called me to take him to doctor so I left immediately and forgot about it. Sorry sir..
RV:No no son is important no need to tell sorry. Can you arrange it now before today evening or by tomorrow morning. you arrange a cook and send to her home.
Sanjay; Haan let me sir I will tell my friend he will get a cook soon.
RV: Okay make it and inform me once the cook reached her home.
Sanjay: Okay sir..
RV: Hmm

RV kept back the phone back in its place and started to work. As the day was running it was finally 4 o clock where the senior person who RV met in the canteen came and they were discussing something between them. When they finally finished their discussion session it was exactly 5 o clock.As it was 5 o clock all the office staff were leaving the office. Naina seeing all leaving and the person talking to RV  giving a smile to RV and leaving the cabin. 
RV(as soon as he left with a happy heart to himself):These many days due to fight with Ishani I didn't leave to home early. Let me leave now.
When he was up to get up from the chair the door was been knocked. RV without knowing who is it pressed the button where Naina entered his cabin. RV was really disturbed this time where he didn't want her to come to him like this often.
RV: Tum? its time know you may leave to home...
Naina:RV tell me one thing frankly?
Naina:With whole heart only you gave me this job know?
RV:Why you need to know this?
Naina:No the way you behaved in the canteen I mean you didn't come with me after lunch. Seeing another staff you sent me alone back. Even offer the lunch you didn't even try to talk to me. That is why I am asking this?
RV(taking a deep breath in a normal voice):What is this Naina? you told me you didn't get to know any colleague and you asked me whether I can join you for lunch that is why I came with you. Before leaving the Canteen I saw my employee he is a key person of this office. I surely need to listen to him that is why I asked you to leave. I don't feel anything wrong in it. (with a questioning look) and why should I talk to you in the office hours Naina? almost many employees are working in my office. I cannot go to each and everyone and keep talking to them.
Naina:(having tears in her eyes): But I felt bad RV because I feel you as my friend.
RV(got up from his chair and coming and looking straight into her eyes): Naina dekho business is more important to me if I enter the office. I am your employer and you will be my employee here. After office hours you can feel me as your friend okay. So don't get anything wrong in your mind now leave to home and take rest. I have told Sanjay to arrange a cook for you he will arrange it by today evening or by tomorrow morning Okay. Now stop crying..
Naina(wiping her eyes and seeing him with a silent look): Okay anyways thanks for all your help.
RV: no need thanks and all keep smiling and leave to home.
Naina:(with a made up smile):Tk let me leave.. (walking some distance and again turning to Ranveer) office hours over now I can think you as my friend. As a friend can you drop me in home?
RV(seriously wanted to shout to know what this girl wants but managing to hide his anger): No Naina I have some important work after finishing it only I will leave. Now wait...(he took his intercom and called to the security and waited for him to pick up the call).
Security: Hello..
RV: This is RV. Our office cab is available now?
Security: Yes sir...
RV: okay now Ms. Naina Singh our new employee will come down she is wearing a red top and jean pant. Ask our driver to drop her in her house.
Security: yes sir..
RV(keeping the phone in its place): Now go down security will take you to the office cab you make leave to house in office cab.
Naina(was really disappointed by the moves of RV now): Okay..
RV shook his head in the sign of yes where Naina moved towards the cabin entrance when RV sat back in his chair. He saw Naina taking her things and leaving the office. Naina came out of the office and came to the security where the security took her to the cab of the office. She got inside the cab with a anger and sat in the seat.
Driver: Where is your house madam?
Naina(in a anger): let me direct you now go straight.
Driver: Okay madam.

The driver started to drive as the cab started to move towards Naina's house.
RV(sitting in his chair in thoughts):Why this Naina is trying to get close to me? Should I investigate about this girl or not?(thinking for a while he shook his head to himself) If she tries anything serious I will surely investigate her its her first day only know? May be I am getting her wrong(he saw the clock where it was 5.45) Fine now I can leave.
He got up from his chair with a happiness he started to walk to the entrance of the office. He came to the car parking and he got inside the car and he started to drive towards his home. He was so happy that he is leaving to home this much early today.Within
20 minutes he reached home. He parked his car in front of his house. He got down from the car and saw his house with a happy look. His house looked like a heaven for him in that evening light.
Ranveer(with a smile in thoughts): I always wanted to have Ishani for me alone.Even in Mumbai somebody will keep on calling her. What to do all will be hooked to her care and love. But here only I and her and the another lovely thing is my cute little angel my daughter.
Having a happy smile he walked in the portico of the house and he knocked the door. When he was knocking the third time Ishani opened the door with a smile. His cute old innocent Ishani was smiling at him with a surprise in her face.
Ishani:Ranveer tum?what a surprise my husband has come back home when it is 6.15 itself.
Ranveer:Why I should not come?(he folded his hands and saw her with a cute look).
Ishani:when did I tell like that? after coming to Nagpur you came to home by 8.30 or 9.00 clock only today only you have come early.That is why I asked it?
Ranveer(without entering the house cutely coming near her and he brought his hands behind her and pulled her close to him): mmm I came early to romance my wife.
Ishani(seeing they are in the entrance of the house cutely pushing him);Ranveer we are not inside our house. We are out of the house if somebody sees us..
Ranveer(cutely hit her back in the wall next to the door):Sees us means what I am hugging my wife why should I get scared?
Ishani(with a cute smile):What happen to my husband today? He has come home soon? And when coming itself he is so romantic.
Ranveer(touching her cheek with his finger): Actually only for the first week I had work in this office Ishani. I was needed to work till 8.30. Then I found out the exact problem and implemented my way of business where now the company is trying its best now. After that the work got over by 6 o clock itself only because of our fight I didn't come to home early.
Ishani(catching his coat with both the hands):So even now you can be in office itself know? If you take your Angry avatar your mind will stop working know? sitting all alone in the office, Drinking and bringing girls home.
Ranveer(cutely saw her like a child):hmmm my mind will stop working that time. What for that? My mind heart everything is Ishani only if she ignore me I will be like that only. So don't ignore me keep me also like your child.
Tell it he immediately hugged her and kept her in his embrace tightly.
Ishani(seeing they are out of the house):Ranveer.. come in...(she cutely brought him out of the hug).
Ranveer:Let me come in but tell me you will take care of me like your child.
Ishani(with a cute smile pinching his cheeks): I will my cute lovely husband now come inside if our neighbors sees us like this romancing know that is it.
Ranveer:Tk I am coming in..

He was having a happy smile where he entered the house and found his cute little daughter in her swing. The cutie was so cute in her purple shirt and white pant. Ishani came and stood behind him with a smile.
Ranveer(went to the swing and taking Raagini in his hands);Lovely Baby see Papa came back home.
Raagini cutely hit her cheek with Ranveer's cheeks and she immediately took back her face from Ranveer face and saw him with a cute innocent look.Ishani was happily seeing Ranveer and Raagini with a smile.
Ranveer(without understanding);What happen Baby? why are looking Papa like this?
Ishani:(coming near to them):Its because of your beard.
Ranveer:(touching his beard with other hand):Beard?
Ishani: Haan she has caressed her cheeks with your cheek feeling the piercing of your beard she is having that cute face.
Ranveer(with a smile to Ishani and turning to Raagini): Oh really Papa's beard is hurting you. But what to do your Mama always love your Papa's beard
Ishani cutely hit him playfully. Ranveer laughed at her where Raagini cutely smiled and rested her head in Ranveer's shoulders.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani):By the by her shirt and pant is so nice to her?
Ishani: Haan Ranveer.
Ranveer:(seeing Raagini):Shall we play Baby..

Raagini shook her head as yes.
Ishani:First you fresh up and come let me get you tea then play with her.
Ranveer: Okay.

Ranveer making her sit back in the swing and got inside his room and taking his time he came out in his night dresses. He was so fresh and he took Raagini from the swing and made her sit in the floor and started to play with her. He took the remote car from her toys and kept it in the floor and he started to control the car with the remote.
Ranveer(like a child sitting with his daughter in the floor):See cutie how the car is moving. So nice know..
When he was playing Ishani brought tea to him and kept the tea in the tea poi. she was so happy seeing Ranveer playing with Raagini.
She too sat in the floor with them.
Ranveer(without seeing her just seeing the car): Haan...
Ishani:Drink you tea and then play..
Ranveer:Let me drink it after wards(controlling the car) Baby dekho how is it moving...
Ishani:you will be tiered Ranveer have it know?
Ranveer: Okay okay let me you play with her she is enjoying the car(he gave the remote controller to her).
Ishani(getting it): Haan let me but I cannot entertain her in playing like you.
Ranveer(taking the tea from the tea poi):Why?
Ishani: See how happy she is. When she plays game in Tablet with you or when she is playing other games with you she is so happy. A happy smile is seen in her face.
Ranveer: Haan she is liking the games what all I like.
Ishani: hmm.

When she was telling Raagini slowly crawling came to Ishani and got in her lap and hugged her stomach.
Ishani(taking her in her hand properly keeping the remote controller down);What happen my princess? Now come on play with Papa..
Ranveer completing his tea took the remote controller back and started to operate it.
Ranveer:See baby how the car is running.
Ishani(showing her the car where Raagini showed the floor): tk get down and play.

She left Raagini down where Raagini was sitting in front of Ishani and was lovingly smiling at them as well the car.
Raagini(showing her cute index finger towards the car and turning to Ishani):Ma.. Mama..(she showed the car to her).
Ishani: Haan baby its car..

Raagini smiled at her where Ranveer was driving the car with the remote controller. Raagini turned and saw Ranveer with a cute smile.
Raagini:(with a smile): Papa..
Ranveer: Haan Papa is driving the remote car for you. you like it know..(as talking he didn't turn the car where the car hit in the wall and stopped).

Raagini seeing the car hit and stopped she slowly got up. Ishani saw her getting up and her concentration on the car. Ranveer was up to operate the car where Ishani kept her hand on his hand and when Ranveer saw her Ishani signed him not to operate the car and signed him to see Raagini. When Ranveer saw Raagini she stood up in the floor. She was standing without any support today. Ishani and Ranveer had a happiness of parenthood seeing their child. She was about to keep her first step where Ishani saw her carefully and as per Raagini's thought and her try Raagini successfully kept her first step having her concentration on the car. Ishani really felt this moment so emotional to her when Ranveer saw Raagini with a smile. Raagini was about to keep her next step the cutie was almost fell down where before her face touch the floor Ishani who was concentrating her held her. Ranveer was almost about to catch her and seeing Ishani catching her felt relieved. Raagini feeling she is not able to walk without support started to cry heavily.
Ishani(taking her and got up and sat in the sofa);Kya hua? arrey baby you can walk you have kept your first
step without support  my princess.
Ranveer(coming and sitting next to them): Yes my beti you have kept your first step no need to cry.
Raagini was crying showing her legs as well the car. Where Ranveer(getting Raagini from Ishani and wiping her tears):Stop crying now you need to walk that is it know? come..
Ranveer took her and went some distance and made her stand and he caught her well and almost made her walk with his support.
Raagini had a smile in her face Where she stood and showed her hands to Ishani.

Ishani(coming and taking her):That is it my princess now you walked and soon you will walk by yourself
Raagini lovingly smiling hugged her. They were having a lovely time with Raagini where the day came to the night Ishani changing herself to night dresses.They had their dinner. Ishani was keeping back the dishes in the kitchen from the dinning table. Ranveer who was keeping Raagini in his hand in the hall immediately entered Ishani's room when Ishani went inside the kitchen. Ishani who came out of the kitchen and didn't find Ranveer in the hall.
Ishani(seeing his room):Ranveer...
When she didn't get any response. She came to her room where she saw Ranveer cutely playing with Raagini sitting in the bed. Raagini was hitting her hands in Ranveer's face and was smiling to him.
Ranveer(holding Raagini close to him and seeing Ishani with a smile): Haan tell me..
Ishani: you came to leave Raagini in my room?
Ranveer(with a playful look): Haan I came to leave her at the same time to sleep here.
Ishani:(with a cute anger); You no need to sleep here now go to your room.
Ranveer: Hello I am going to be here only. I am going to have a peaceful sleep with my family.
Ishani:Ranveer(she came near him like beating)
Ranveer(immediately hiding behind Raagini):See your Mama is coming to beat Papa save me..

Raagini immediately smiled at him where Ishani too smiled at the way he is acting like hiding behind Raagini. With a smile she came and sat next to Raagini where Ranveer had a smile seeing Ishani near him. Raagini was in between them.  Raagini was doing all the naughtiness she can do in the bed. She was hitting her doll on the bed and pillow.
Ishani(seeing Raagini):Raagini now sleep.. its bed time..
Ranveer(seeing Ishani with a smile):Arrey she will sleep when she feels sleepy.
Ishani:I know when she will sleep. first you get out of my room.
Ranveer(seeing her with a romantic look): No way...
Ishani(with a cute face):Ranveer... get out...
Ranveer: I won't I am going to sleep here only.

He laid in the bed resting his head to the pillow and he gave a smile to Ishani. As he laid Raagini cutely tried to climbed his stomach Ranveer seeing her cutely held her and made her lay on his chest and stomach. Raagini cutely kept her head in Ranveer's chest and her rest of the body in his stomach. He started to caress her back.
Ranveer(caressing Raagini and seeing Ishani): Let me make her sleep. you can lay beside me. (he winked at her naughtily).
Screen freezes on Ranveer's naughty face and Raagini sleeping on him and Ishani seeing him with a child like face.
To be continued Wink

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Huh naina trying to come close to rv Angry
And the last part was lovely and cute so finally RV successed to enter in ishaani's roomroom Tongue

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Bloomfield IF-Rockerz

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This Ranveer na! xD xD xD This guy is so cute like his daughter! <3 <3 Kisko support karun mein? Definitely not Ishani :P :PNow sir has entered the room successfully. Can;t wait to know about the next episode!

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Hii sakshi didi...
        Fabulous fantastic very gud amazing qonderful update...
      Nauna got proper words from ranveer...:-D
            Naina k sapne toh chur chur hofaye..:-P
   Laat scene qas amaxingn...
Raginis first step...:-D
    Ranveer made her walk she was so happy...
Ragini sleeping on ranveers chest...<3 :-D
   Leta c qht ishani does now...
    N wht r the demands of ranveer...;-)
   Aaiting for nxt...
Uodate soon...
Take care...keep smiling...
Love u...<3
Thnks for the pm...:-)
Nd sorry for late reply..:'(

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shaktiluvradz Senior Member

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cuteness overloaded ragini reaction and our old ranveer s back, dis naina s disgusting hope to see all her plans back fire, really lovely sakshi darl. keep update and sorry fr late reply my phone got crashed.

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Originally posted by ayeshamukhtar

Huh naina trying to come close to rv Angry
And the last part was lovely and cute so finally RV successed to enter in ishaani's roomroom Tongue

Hi Ayesha thanks for the comment
Naina is trying her best to come close to RV...
glad you liked the last part and our RV has entered Ishani's room
keep reading dear

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