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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 147)

shaktiluvradz Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Hey sakshi it was amazing soo funny ishveer pillow fight and their cute romance hope this chudayil plans should get backfire and ritika  should scolded by amba which wasn't happen n the show

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

Hey sakshi it was amazing soo funny ishveer pillow fight and their cute romance hope this chudayil plans should get backfire and ritika  should scolded by amba which wasn't happen n the show

Hi Janani thanks for the comment
glad you liked the episode and their pillow fight and their romance
hmm chudayil is planning something let us see what happens
and ya let us see what amba is up to
keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Episode 216
Ranveer made himself ready in this coat suite and came to the dinning table to have his breakfast where all the dishes were ready in the dinning table.
Ranveer(seeing the hall to himself):where is Ishani?(in a bit loud tone): Ishani...
Ishani(from their room);Coming Ranveer give me another five minutes.
Ranveer:Haan take your time..(telling it he took his new phone):As that car come towards Ishani thinking he is coming to hit her I left my phone and now there came a need to get new phone. But till now I am not able to get that mobile number which came as a call to distract me. Tk let me safeguard Ishani then no worries.Let me configure the phone.

He was configuring the phone to his use.When he was seeing and working in his phone for almost 10 minutes at the end of 10 minutes he heard a lovely voice which he love to hear for his life time was heard. The voice cutely said "We came".
Ranveer(taking his eyes from the phone hearing the voice turned to the other side and saw Ishani with Raagini): Oh my cute little angel has come.
Raagini(cutely smiling): Papa..
Ranveer(keeping the phone in the table and opening his hands):Come to Papa..
Raagini cutely came from Ishani's hands to Ranveer's hands. He made her sit in the dinning table and he held her carefully.
Ranveer(seeing her cutely): Took bath..
Raagini:(cutely touching his cheek with her hand): Papa..
Ranveer: Haan baby tell me what you want?
Raagini:(in a cute tone): Kani...

Ishani who was keeping the Pudina Paratha in the plate and keeping it in front of Ranveer had a smile seeing the way Raagini is demanding story from Ranveer.
Ishani(coming and standing near Ranveer and seeing Raagini): Oh my cutie pie needs Kahani.(seeing Ranveer with a smile); You have really made her addicted to your story telling.
Ranveer(smiling to her); Haan at least through that she is close to me.(Ishani smiled at him hearing it where giving a smile to Ishani and seeing Raagini):Let Papa tell you the story but not now today night or sometime when you need to sleep okay.
Raagini(shaking her head as yes with a childish smile): Hmmm
Ishani:Tk Ranveer have your breakfast and start to office(seeing Raagini): and meri Maa come let me feed you.

Ishani took Raagini close to her and started to feed her where Ranveer too started to have his breakfast and he started to office. Their day was moving as usual in a normal life span. It was afternoon Ishani was sitting in the sofa and was seeing the photos of all her family members and was missing them a lot. Raagini who was playing with the little monkey doll keeping it saw Ishani and she cutely got the feeling sad face of Ishani and to make her mother smile she held the sofa near her with her tiny hands and slowly got up and stood in the floor and holding the sofa and walking and she came to Ishani and touched Ishani's knee.
Raagini: Mama..
Ishani(taking her eyes from the phone and smiling seeing Raagini near her): Oh my darling started to come to Mama by walking?. you are walking with support (keeping the phone down in the sofa and took Raagini in her hand and made her sit in her lap): Cutie pie I love you so much. Seeing you walking with support is itself making Maa so happy. you know the day you come walking towards me calling Mama will be the best moment in Mama's life.
Raagini:Mama Dadi..
Ishani:(with a smile): Oh my Baby now started to call her Dadi and Dada and Baa know(thinking for a while):Shall we talk to Dadi?
Raagini: Haaa(she opened her mouth and cutely saw Ishani with a smile).
Ishani:(shaking her head as yes): let us..(she took her phone and called Parul's number and waited for the call to be picked).
Parul(who was walking in the corridor of the house heard her phone which was in her hand ringing and seeing Ishani's number in the display and with a smile picked the call): Hello Bhabhi..
Ishani: Hi Parul how are you?
Parul: Haaan I am fine Bhabhi how are you all there in Nagpur? Bhaiya and Raagini?
Ishani:We all are doing good. And we are missing you all so much.
Parul:We are too missing you so much Bhabhi come soon..
Ishani: Haan another few days we will be in front of you.
Parul:Tk Bhabhi.
Ishani: Parul can you do me a favor?
Parul: Haan Bhabhi what is there to hesitate? tell me what should I do?
Ishani:Make a video call and take your Phone to Maa and Baba's room. They are there only know?
Parul: Haan they are there only Bhabhi let me.
Ishani:Tk let me cut the call and make a video call.
Parul: Okay..
Ishani(cutting the call and saw Raagini):Now let us talk to Dadi okay. Call Dadi and Dada seeing the phone screen okay?
Raagini(seeing other side innocently and thinking for a while and then seeing Ishani): Dadi..
Ishani:(with a smile): Hmmm,
Ishani made the video call where parul was entering Amba's room. Amba was arranging her things in the cupboard and Kailash was resting his head in the head rest of the bed and closed his eyes to make himself feel better. Parul attended the video call and signed Ishani to be silent and wait. Ishani shook her head as okay and waited seeing Parul in the phone screen.
Amba(seeing Parul): Parul.. tum? want anything?
Parul: Maasi you are missing Bhaiya and Bhabhi know?
Amba:(with a worried face): How will I be without missing them? I am missing them a lot.
Parul:(with a fun voice): See you are missing them but are they missing you? they are not at all calling you often.

Ishani had a smile hearing it and waited for Amba's answer.
Amba: Arrey Nahi they would be busy. Ranveer hain na If he sit in his office he will forget the whole world. And wo Ranveer ka xerox copy know Raagini she will do all the naughtiness so Ishani's time would go taking care of her. That is why they didn't call me often or else they both will take care of me so well.
Kailash(hearing it with the closed eyes and with a smile);Haan you have changed this much Amba?
Amba(seeing him with a strict look):Do I look like a mother in law who won't change in her lifetime. Haan I and Ishani had certain disputes but now we are not like that.
Kailash: hmmm till you both are good between each other there is no problem in any of our lives. (opening his eyes and seeing Parul): Hain na Parul..
Parul: Haan even If Bhabhi hears this from Maasi she will be the happiest person in the world.
Amba: Haan she will be surely happy but she is not here she is in Nagpur..but even I too want to see her and Raagini but..
Parul(showing her phone in front of her):There is no need for but they are here..
Amba(seeing the phone with a surprise look seeing Ishani and Raagini in the phone screen):Ishani...(seeing Raagini): Raagini..
Ishani: Hi Maa really happy to hear these words from you.
Amba: Haan (with a excited smile):Even I am happy to tell it(she got the phone from Parul's hand and came and sat in the bed near Kailash): Kailashji Ishani..
Kailash:(with a happy smile): Ishani how are you beta?
Ishani:Haan Baba I am fine and we all are fine. Missing you all. How is your health?
Kailash:Haan I am alright. somewhat cold due to change in climate.I am taking tablet I will get cured.
Ishani(making Raagini sit in her lap); Let me give you a medicine you will be fine.

Amba and Kailash were seeing the screen of the phone with a questioning look and they both exchanged glance on each other. Parul was happy to see smile in Amba and Kailash face seeing their granddaughter in the phone.
Amba:What is it Ishani?
Ishani:(with a smile):Ek minute Maa.(seeing Raagini who was playing touching her Duppatta designs):Baby..
Raagini(seeing Ishani's face):Hmmm Mama..
Ishani(holding the phone in front covering her and Raagini and showing Kailash):Who is it?
Raagini(seeing the phone Screen with a smile): Dada..
Kailash(in a excited tone): She called me Dada my Ranveer's beti called me Dada(seeing Amba):She called me Dada Amba...(seeing the phone screen):Call me again..

Raagini without getting Kailash saw Ishani's face.
Ishani(seeing Raagini):Tell Dada again...
Raagini(seeing the screen of the phone with a funny cute face): Dada..
Kailash: so happy Raagini Dada is so happy. (seeing Ishani); Haan Ishani I am so well now.. nothing will happen to me till my pothi is there.
Ishani:So happy Baba.(she saw Amba sitting with puppy sad face): Maa kya hua?
Amba: kuch Nahi hua. She will call her Dada only know?. Till today she didn't call me Dadi know?(she turned her face cutely to other side).

Ishani with a happy smile made Raagini's hand touch Amba's Image in the phone Screen and signed her to tell.
Raagini(touching Amba's cheek in the image and in a lovely tone): Dadi..
Amba(turned with a emotional face):you called me Dadi Raagini..
Raagini(taking her hand from the screen and again in a cute tone): Dadi..
Amba: I am out of the world Ishani. She is so cute..
Ishani: Haan Maa even you are so cute like my daughter..
Amba:(with a smile):She is my pothi she will be like me only.
Ishani: Haan exactly you and your son.
Amba: Let her be like it and Ishani where is Ranveer?
Ishani:Office Maa..
Amba:Tk come soon to Mumbai.
Ishani:Surely Maa we will come to you soon.Let me cut the call Maa.
Amba:(with a smile):Haan dekhra cut the call..

Where both Amba and Ishani were cutting the call at both the ends with smile in their faces they both never know there is going to be a crucial test for their Saas-Bahu affectionate bond ahead.
The day was drawing to night where Ranveer came to home when it was night 9 o clock.He knocked his house door. Ishani who was coming out of their room after changing herself to night dresses hearing the knock came to the door and opened the door where she found Ranveer with a happy smile and some bags in his hands.
Ishani(with a smile):you said me you will be coming late through a call.(seeing the bags);but what are these Bags?
Ranveer:(with a smile): Let me tell but before it let me come inside.

He entered the house and Ishani locking the door came behind him.He kept the bags in the sofa and saw Raagini playing but her face was bit dull.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani):What happen to Raagini? she is looking dull.
Ishani: She is feeling sleepy but she is not ready to sleep. She didn't sleep in the afternoon also. But now also controlling her sleep she is playing with the toys.
Ranveer:Tk let me make her sleep..
Ishani: Haan you can surely make her sleep but you should have your dinner know?
Ranveer: I had my dinner Ishani..
Ishani: Oh you had in office?
Ranveer: Haan as I was working for extra time I was hungry by 7.30 itself so I ordered and had my dinner in office itself.
Ishani:Tk let me bring milk for you.
Ranveer: Haan let me make Raagini sleep.

Ishani went towards the kitchen where Ranveer took Raagini who was playing with her dolls.
Raagini(Cutely started to cry as Ranveer took her away from dolls): Papa naaa Papa naaa.
Ranveer(held her close to him with a lovable affection and he sat in the sofa):No crying beta see Papa let Papa tell you Kani okay..
Raagini(stopping crying and seeing his face with puppy look and she cutely hugged him): Kani..
Ranveer(with a smile making her come out of the hug and wiped her tears and again hugged her and made her lay in his shoulders): Tk today I am going to tell a Kani about good qualities. You know what good qualities are? I know your Mama would have thought it to you already so well but let me also tell it. Good qualities are you should never hurt anyone. Don't get anger like your Papa that anger will make you lose your sixth sense.
Where before he could tell about the next quality Ishani came with the milk glass and sat near Ranveer.
Ishani(with a smile seeing Raagini in Ranveer's shoulders):your daughter slept.
Ranveer(slowly bringing Raagini out of his hug and seeing her):She slept? how she is sleeping this much quickly?
Ishani:Really she is liking your embrace so much it seems that is why she is sleeping soon. And as she was controlling her sleep she immediately slept.
Ranveer:hmm tk shall I make her sleep in our room?
Ishani: Haan make her sleep in the cradle and fresh up and come and have your milk.
Ranveer: Hmm okay.

Ranveer entered their room and made Raagini sleep in the cradle and he took his dresses to change and went to the washroom started to make him fresh and he came out changing himself to nightwear. He came out of the room and saw Ishani who was seeing her phone. He came and sat near Ishani and took milk glass from tea poi and started to drink it.
Ishani(taking her eyes from her phone feeling Ranveer's presence):Ranveer today I talked to Maa and Baba in video calling.
Ranveer:(with a light smile):What they said?
Ishani: Raagini called Maa and Baba Dada and Dadi. They were so happy Ranveer.
Ranveer: Hmmm so nice If Raagini started to talk means it will be so nice know?
Ishani: Haan she will make all of us happy with her smile and talk.
Ranveer;Hmm surely(he finished the milk and kept the empty glass in the tea poi):Tk Ishani (showing one of the bag he has kept in the sofa):Take that Bag its for you.
Ishani(seeing the bag);For me what is in it?
Ranveer:(He got up from the sofa and took the bag and signed her to get up):This is Saree...
Ishani:(she got up stood facing him):Saree?
Ranveer:For our Saath pheras.
Ishani:When we are going to take it?
Ranveer:Tomorrow early morning 4 o clock be ready and we will take Saath pheras.
Ishani:Early morning 4 o clock? we are going to make the whole Marriage ceremony or what? Why that much early?
Ranveer(with a head shake as no):Ishani come on we are not marrying so many times like TV serials. Disturbing all the other people for the same people marriage again and again.(with a confirmed head shake with a smile):Its for the wrong I done before by taking Ulta pheras and its a new confession and trust of our love. So please be ready Ishani.
Ishani(shaking her head as yes): Hmm okay
Ranveer(giving the bag):There is a Saree and Blouse for it. I already took this Saree and gave the blouse for stitching so everything will be perfect.Wear it.
Ishani:(getting it): Okay.
Ranveer(taking another bag and giving her):Jewels to wear.
Ishani(getting it also):Okay.
Ranveer:I know you will be beautiful in all the dresses but I want you to wear this Saree and jewels tomorrow and keep your Mangalsutra in your purse I will make you wear it.And Its simple Saree but you will look so beautiful in it.
Ishani:(with a shy smile): Okay.
Ranveer(taking another bag): This dress is for me. Be ready tomorrow and (seeing her with a smile): Let me be in your room today and you be in our room with Raagini.
Ishani:(in a cute tone):Why?
Ranveer:I need to be so happy seeing you in the Saree tomorrow morning and you too should be happy seeing me in my dresses. Don't open the Saree now see it when you are getting ready in the morning.
Ishani:okay let me see it when I am getting ready.(in a longing tone):but Surely we need to be away from each other today?
Ranveer:Ishani till we take Saath pheras(with a naughty smile):After that I won't leave you tomorrow night.
Ishani(had a shy smile); Naughty boy.
Ranveer: haaan you will see your naughty boy tomorrow night.Now good night.
Ishani:Tk good night.
Ranveer: Be ready don't make it late. (seeing her cutely): Be in your free hair.
Ishani:(with a smile shaking her head as yes):Haan okay I will be ready by morning 4 o clock as you have said.
Ranveer: Hmmm okay.

Ishani and Ranveer exchanging a smile started to move towards their rooms.Ishani with a face full of red and heart full of happiness kept the bag of jewel and Saree in the cupboard where Ranveer too kept his dresses in the cupboard. Ishani laid in the bed where Ranveer too laid in Ishani's room bed.
Ishani(with a smile): I am really happy for you Ranveer.You are so matured and I am really happy for it. After this Saath pheras nothing will separate us.
Ranveer(with a smile laying in the bed); I am really happy Ishani. This Nagpur life has made me a sensible and mature man. This man will never do any stupid things to you in his life here after. After this Saath pheras nothing will separate us.

Screen splits on Ranveer and Ishani laying in their rooms with  heart full of happiness and their eagerness to their lovely marriage.
To be continuedTongueTongueTongueTongue

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Hi My dear lovely friends,,

The next episode will be of Ishveer taking Saath pheras. Hope you all will be enjoying the sequence. Let me make it to the best I can. The Dresses of Ishveer for Saath pheras episode are in the below images have a look and read the episode.

Ishani's Saree...
Sorry guys I didn't get any Radhika Madan image for the Saree I imagined so its a model wearing that Saree. Ishani will be wearing this Saree in the Saath pheras episode have a look on the image.Just hope the Saree will suite our Ishani..

Ranveer's Dresses
He will be in his cool attire. I got Shakti Arora image for it. Hope you guys will like it have a look...

Keep reading

Edited by sakshi5050 - 29 June 2016 at 2:52pm

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naush2015 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
We are also very eager for the next update.they will look very nice in these dresses.ragini is as always very cute.waiting for next.

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kuhelidebbarma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Hi sakshi! 
Waiting for the saat pheras..

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powergirlpriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2016 at 12:54am | IP Logged
wow sakshi ishani saari look was gorgeous and ranveer look killer but always coolWinkDay Dreaming
waiting for your next shaat phere updates Day Dreaming

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2016 at 3:30am | IP Logged
So they are finally taking sath pheras ... Embarrassed
And just hoped that ishaani and amba bond will never break up by this ritika Angry

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