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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 134)

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Episode 211
The Man who was following Ranveer's car was still following their car without missing his focus on their car. He was riding his bike at the speed equal to Ranveer's car. His mobile rang where he didn't concentrate in his phone he was concentrating in Ranveer's car.
Ranveer and Ishani without knowing about the trouble that is chasing them were smiling and playing with Raagini.Raagini cutely stood in Ishani's lap with her legs where Ishani held her with her hand.
Raagini(cutely seeing her mother): Mama..
Ishani(smiling at her daughter):what you want baby?you are looking so cute.
Raagini cutely turned and showed her cheek to Ishani. Ranveer had a smile seeing his daughter demanding kiss from Ishani.
Ishani:(seeing Raagini):Baby you want Mama's kiss. Tk let me give you..(she was about to kiss Raagini).
Ranveer(Before she could kiss in a kidding tone): Get this kiss from your Mama Baby and Spend time with Mama as much as you can because rest of the time Papa too want Mama...
Ishani(getting the naughty speech of Ranveer cutely hit his shoulder): Ranveer...
Ranveer:(driving the car and seeing her with a smile): I told the truth Ishani(seeing Raagini): you itself tell me Baby. Papa too wants Mama near him know?
Raagini(cutely seeing Ishani and Ranveer's conversation and with a smile): Papa..Mama..
Ranveer(smiling at the way his daughter was answering them): Hmm okay let Papa and Mama be always together and we won't get separated here after and even that happens (winking at Raagini): you are there know you will make us one.

Raagini smiled where Ishani too had a happy smile seeing the way Ranveer explaining each and everything to Raagini in a polite manner.
Ishani(smiling at Ranveer); you know what? only to Raagini you are speaking politely.
Ranveer(managing the car and seeing her):polite to Raagini means what? I am not a polite person to others?
Ishani:Think about your angry young man avatar then tell me whether you are polite or not?
Ranveer(seeing her with a confirmed look): Hello only to you I will be angry sometime that too to get your attention only.(he kept his face like child)
Ishani(had a little laugh the way Ranveer telling it and seeing Raagini):See your Papa's face he is just like you now.
Raagini(laughed at Ishani and cutely putting her both the hands around Ishani's neck): Mama (taking her one hand from Ishani's neck and touched her cheek and seeing Ishani): Ki ki..
Ranveer(seeing his wife and daughter speaking): What is it Ki Ki?
Ishani: Its Ki only she is telling it two time and that Ki means kiss.
Ranveer: Oh really? fine give my daughter her ki and after that to me too.(he gave a naughty smile).
Ishani(seeing him with a funny strict look): Drive the car Mr. vaghela.
Ranveer:Hmm If I ask alone you won't(telling with a lovely disappointed voice he was driving the car).
Ishani(smiling seeing Ranveer's cute reaction turning to Raagini):Shall I kiss you?
Raagini(shaking her head as yes): hmmm
Ishani cutely holding Raagini's face and turning her face to other side and kissed her tiny cheek.
Ishani:That is it.
Raagini(in a happiness tightly hugged Ishani in a cute tone): Mama..
Ishani(hugging her back): Love you Baby.
Ranveer:(in thoughts): This is the real happiness Ranveer. If you had before itself respected and trusted Ishani you too won't have cried so much and Ishani too have not undergone all the obstacles. Ranveer beta don't repeat the same mistake at anytime again in your life.

Thinking it he drove the car in another 5 minutes he stopped in a market area. The complete market was only for vegetables.
Ranveer:Get down Ishani this market only I know here. I used to cross this market daily while going to office.
Ishani:(seeing the complete market): Haan here itself we can get it there are many road side shows too(seeing Raagini):Shall we?
Raagini: Hmmm

They three got down from the car where the man who was following them stood in his bike some distance away from them seeing them stopping their car He parked his bike in a corner and got down from the bike and stood watching Ishani and Ranveer.
He took his phone where the phone had two missed calls of Raj already. He saw Ishani and Ranveer entering the market.
Man(dialing to Raj and waiting for the call to be picked):Haan Raj Bhaiya..
Raj:Stupid I am calling you this much time you are not picking at all.
Man: Bhaiya I was following that girl I don't want to miss them that is why I didn't pick the call.
Raj: Tk tk now where is she?
Man: She is in Kalamna market.Come here Bhaiya.
Raj:Haan you know places in this city but I don't know so message me the address I will be there in another 15 minutes and see to that girl does not go away from the spot.
Man: Haan I am standing outside the market Bhaiya I won't miss her.
Raj: Haan let me come.

The man messaged Raj and started to wait outside the market having a eye on Ranveer's car. Ranveer and Ishani entered the market and Ishani took a basket to grab the vegetables in one hand having Raagini in other hand.
Ranveer(seeing her struggling to have the basket):Give Raagini to me.
Ishani: Haan
Ranveer(cutely got Raagini from Ishani):Be with Papa..(Raagini shook her head and she caught his neck with both the hands.

Ishani started to move towards the vegetables and she started to buy the vegetables needed. Ranveer was playing with Raagini and was making her smile.
Raj came in his car to the spot and met the man.
Raj:Kya finally you caught them.
Man: Haan Bhaiya (showing Ranveer's car): That car only they came.
Raj:The road is compact to drive the car in heavy speed. Let me be in my car and you too sit near me.Seeing which side she is coming during that time let me hit her and make her leave her life now.
Man: Okay Bhiaya let us get in the car.

Raj got inside his car and the other man sat next to him.They parked their car in a position to hit Ishani heavily.
Raj:As Its morning and that too Sunday there are only few people in the road. So its easy to hit her at the same time its easy for us to escape.
Man: Haan Bhaiya.

They were waiting for sometime where after an half an hour of wait Ranveer holding Raagini and a bag full of vegetables and Ishani behind him with another bag of vegetables were coming out of the market.
Raj:She is the girl know?
Man: Haan Bhaiya she is so beautiful should we need to kill her?
Raj:Even I too thought that such a beautiful girl but what to do? last time Nirbhay Bhaiya asked me to help in kidnapping her. I too followed her in a mall in Mumbai but I missed her. (See:Episode 120 page 34 Ranveer's unsaid feelings #2). Now this Naina is asking me to kill her. I think Naina is jealous of this girl's beauty that is why she is trying to kill her.

Both of them making fun of Naina was laughing.
Raj(managing his laugh):Tk anyways If we kill her we will get money so don't get lost in this girl's beauty and all let us concentrate and kill her.
Man:Tk Bhaiya.

They saw Ranveer and Ishani walking and coming to their car. They were talking something to each other. Raj started the car and was accelerating it.
Raj:Surely that girl will come to other side of the car to get inside the car that time let me finish her.
Ranveer was telling something to Ishani where Ishani was shaking her head as yes. Ranveer opened the back door of the car holding Raagini in one hand and kept the vegetable bags in the back seat of the car and got the other bag from Ishani and kept it in the back seat. Ishani as Ranveer was keeping the bags in the back seat Ishani saw the sweet corn wala in the opposite of the road.
Ranveer:(turning to Ishani): Ishani shall we go?
Ishani: Ranveer (cutely like a child): I want sweet corn(she showed the sweet corn shop).
Ranveer(had a smile seeing the way Ishani was demanding sweet corn her cute child behavior is always his favorite shaking his head as yes):Tk come..

Without getting inside the car Ranveer locking the car they started to cross the road and they came to the sweet corn shop.
Raj(still keeping the car in acceleration in a shocked tone):What is this they have gone to that shop?
Man:hmm they have gone there.
Raj: Oh god(thinking a idea): But more than that idea now killing her in the road side is a perfect idea. But(seeing Ranveer): I need to make her husband move from her. He should not get hurt it seems Naina has told me.
Man: But how you are going to make him away from her.
Raj: Hmm let me. This guy name is Ranveer Naina's friend only I think call Naina and get Ranveer's phone number.
Man: Okay.

The man dialed Naina's number where Naina immediately picked the call.
Naina:What happen?Ishani is death know?
Man:(in a slow tone): Madam we are waiting in the car to hit her. Raj Bhaiya asked for Ranveer's number.
Naina:For what?
Man:Ranveer and that girl is standing in a sweet corn shop. Bhaiya told he need to separate Ranveer from that girl to save Ranveer from this accident so only he is asking his number.
Naina:Tk tk let me message.
Man: Okay madam.

Ishani and Ranveer holding Raagini in his hand came to the sweet corn shop.There was a smiling old man in that shop.
Ranveer: Bhaiya dho sweet corn.
Sweet corn wala: Haan sab let me.

He started to put the sweet corn in the cups.
Ishani(smiling at Ranveer and then Raagini): you know when Papa and Mama were friends we used to have corn in the road side shops.
Ranveer: (with a smile): Nice days.
Ishani; Haan

Where the sweet corn wala gave the sweet corn cups to them. Ranveer had the sweet corn in one hand holding Raaginin in other hand and Ishani feed some corns to Raagini where the cutie pie was eating it cutely. Ishani getting Ranveer having his sweet corn cup in one hand cutely took a spoon of sweet corn and showed it in front of Ranveer's mouth.
Ranveer(in a surprise tone);What happen you are feeding me and all?
Ishani: Arrey you are having Raagini in one had how can you have it? so only.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini who was chewing the sweet corn cutely): Not bad because of you Papa is getting something from your Mama hand.
Ishani:Come on Ranveer have it.

Ranveer got the spoon of sweet corn from Ishani. The old sweet corn wala was even smiling seeing the happiest small family.
Man:Bhaiya(showing the message he got from Naina): This number only.
Raj: Hmm dial to this number and talk to him and break your voice and talk and tell him you cannot hear him and ask him to come to other side and tell him you need to talk to him and its important. For that call Ranveer will come to other side. That girl is in road side only. Let me hit her heavily and let us drive the car and leave the area.
Man: Okay Bhaiya.

He dialed to Ranveer's number were he heard the ring.
Ranveer smiling seeing Ishani feeding a spoon to Raagini and smiling at Ishani and Raagini talking something heard his phone ring. He took his phone from his pocket with one hand.
Ranveer(seeing a unknown number with a doubt face picking the call): Hello who is it?
Man:Sir mein...I need to talk to are Ranveer know?
Ranveer: Haan I am Ranveer..
Man:Sir...(he took the phone to other side and in a breaking voice): h...hell...hello I cann...cannot hear you ...s...sir ...can to.. some...other side
Ranveer: Hello who is it? hello...
Man: Hel...hello...

Ranveer keeping his sweet corn cup in the table of sweet corn shop and he signed Ishani to wait there and have her sweet corn and was about to move.
Ishani:Ranveer what happen? who is in the phone?
Ranveer: Let me talk Ishani I hope signal problem let me talk and come...
Ishani: But Ranveer Raagini give her at least to me.
Ranveer:Its okay Ishani..have the sweet corn I think somebody important person has called from unknown number wait I will come..

Without waiting for her answer he started to cross the road and he started to talk in the phone. Raagini was cutely touching his shirt in the shoulder part and was playing with shirt buttons.
Ranveer: Hello can You hear me?
Man: yes sir..I can aap Ranveer vaghela hain na?
Ranveer: Haan mein Ranveer vaghela who are you?

The Man started to talk something and started to divert Ranveer where Raj seeing Ranveer other side of the road accelerated the car and Ishani was standing in the road side having sweet corn. It was perfectly easy for him to finish Ishani. He geared his car and started to drive the car at high speed where the car was speeding high targeting Ishani. Ranveer who was still getting confused with the call. Raj who missed the balance in the car hit a road side shop's wooden table due to speed car didn't stop in that hit Raj too without minding it he was driving towards Ishani. Ranveer who heard the car hitting the wooden table some distance from him saw the car where the car was speeding towards Ishani who was having her sweet corn. Ranveer saw the car and then Ishani.
Ranveer(feeling the car coming towards Ishani he drop his phone down and started to run towards her holding Raagini safely): Ishani...move
Ishani(hearing Ranveer voice turned to him where he was coming towards her running holding Raagini):Ranveer...

Ranveer with all his effect came running towards her Raj exactly came to hit Ishani where Ranveer came to her he was conscious in Raagini holding her safely and immediately came to Ishani and held her hip and took her with his hand and made her stand other side near the sweet corn shop where the car crossed from them and went from them and almost left all the people sight. Ranveer was grasping where Ishani was hugging him in the things happened this much quickly. Cutie pie was resting in Ranveer's shoulders and she was between Ranveer and Ishani who were hugging.
Ranveer(bit managing himself touching Ishani's shoulder): Ishani..
The few people in the market were too bit got scared of the car and after a while they started to look back their works.
Ishani(raising her head and seeing Ranveer): Ranveer.
Ranveer: you are okay know? nothing happened.

Raagini seeing their parents faces cutely touched Ishani's cheek with one hand and lovingly held Ranveer's neck with other hand.
Ishani(seeing Raagini and Ranveer's face); Till you are with me and Raagini nothing will happen to us. But why you came this much Running to me?
Ranveer: Did you see that car? That car has hit a wooden table of a road side shop with that only I saw the car it was coming towards you.
Ishani(with a smile):They would have turned seeing me Ranveer before that you got scared it seems.
Ranveer:The man driving the car didn't seem to be turning see he went in this path only. If I didn't make you move(he had a pain in his face); I don't know what would have happened?
Ishani:(cutely smiling and coming out of his grip): Nothing happened now. I am fine in front of you now know..
Ranveer(still not coming out of his thought): This is why I don't send you anywhere alone.
Ishani:What now I have come with you only know? then what?
Tk let us go..
Ranveer: haan let us.

He took money from his pocket and paid the sweet corn wala who was even shocked seeing the incident that happened. Ishani took their sweet corn cups and started to walk with Ranveer. Ranveer came to the opposite side and searched the place he left his phone and spotting the place he took his phone from the road holding Raagini carefully. Its display was damaged to the extreme.
Ishani(seeing his phone):Ranveer you have broke the phone display?
Ranveer: wo as I saw the car coming towards you I left the phone and ...
Ishani:Tk its okay let us repair it or get another phone come let us go home(seeing Raagini); let us leave Baby..
Raagini(showing her hands to Ishani); Hmm Mama.

Ishani got Raagini and started to walk towards their car. Ranveer too started to walk behind Ishani where he was feeling something so bad in his heart.The call that came to him and the way the car was about to hit Ishani both were confusing him. He came to the car with a heavy heart and sat in the car driving seat where Ishani too sat next to him and stated to feed sweet corn to Raagini where they started to play and have the sweet corn. Ranveer started the car and started to drive where his heart was feeling something wrong.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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Originally posted by o_gudiya

Originally posted by Sahil88

Really a beautifull Romantic Episode
How cutely Ranveer longing for ishani nearness
Ishani also want Ranveer
Hope Ranveer second demand get fullfil soon
Naina plan backfire him soon

Congratulations on becoming groupbie hafsa...Hug

Thank u gudiya...

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So finally Our Hero save ishani from accident
Now naina get to know that till Ranveer with ishani
She will not harm her
So Ranveer is confused between phone and car
Hope soon he will find naina and ritika plannings

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Ooh Cry I m so late this time. Sorry dr. Held up with my exams. I readur chapters. Every epo is fabulous dr. Ishveer and raagini they were so cute to each other.Hope naina gets her punishment soon. Thanks for pm drdr

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This naina na she tried to kill her but ranveer as always saved her and the way you described their accident was real and Interesting. Ragini is seriously so cute in her actions.
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next

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Hii Sakshi
It was a mindblowing update..Raagini's cutie nd naughty just like ranveer everytime she demand a kiss from ishani i liked it
Thnx God Ranveer save ishani as right time really i feel that every moment was real hilerious...
Naina Angry Angry hope her true color reviveal soon..
Waiting for next..
Luv u lots nd i badly u miss dr Embarrassed Wink
Nd thanks for pm.

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Thanks go that ishaani is safe ... Smile
But that naina just wished that know at least RV known about the true color of naiananaiana Confused

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Originally posted by Sahil88

Originally posted by o_gudiya

Originally posted by Sahil88

Really a beautifull Romantic Episode
How cutely Ranveer longing for ishani nearness
Ishani also want Ranveer
Hope Ranveer second demand get fullfil soon
Naina plan backfire him soon

Congratulations on becoming groupbie hafsa...Hug

Thank u gudiya...
U r alwAys welcome hafsa..Tongue

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