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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 132)

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Posted: 22 June 2016 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Hi dear amazing episodes both of them
ranveer so easily made ishani to understand it will be good if he discuss about what misunderstanding naina tried to create between them.
what is with naina she is planning to kill her and now a party.
ishveer romance was good the way they explained their villains in each other's life was seriously very nice.
thnx for pm
ishani's look change was good

Hi dear thanks for the comment
glad you liked the both the episode
hm ya Ranveer easily made Ishani to understand it
they didn't treat Naina as a vamp in their story that is why they didn't discuss it and in furture they will surely discuss dear
hmm ya she is planning to kill ishani and yes there will be a party episode
happy that you  liked Ishveer romance and the way they explained their villains
happy that you liked Ishani's look change
keep reading WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2016 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sahil88

Ishveer decided not to do the same mistake in future and safeguard from villian was good for them
Finally after long time ishveer noke jhok with Romance was make me blush

Hi Hafsa thanks for the comment
hmmm ya they are deciding not to make the same mistake in future and they are making their marriage life strong and they are knowing how to safeguard themselves from villlain ya that will be surely good for their relationship
happy that you liked their noke jhok and romance happy that you blushed
keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2016 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyanka98

WOW so ishveer cute romantic chapters r coming. I am so excited and I like all look of princess Ishani. Smile

Hi Priyanka thanks for the comment
glad you liked Ishveer romance
ya there are some more romance coming up
glad you liked the look of princess
keep reading WinkWinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2016 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hoo sakshi di...
Wonderful.. lovely..fantastic chapter...
Want to say more but lACK of time havimg more work today but surely reply when i get time..

Hi Gudiya thanks for the comment
glad you liked the update
happy that you found it wonderful and lovely
hmm its okay dear its more than enough dear reply me when you get time
keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 210
Ranveer who was lovingly kissing Ishani completing the kiss took his lips from her lips. He opened his eyes and saw Ishani who was still closing her eyes and standing hitting her back in the wall. Ranveer had a smile seeing Ishani's face where her face is more than enough for his eyes to see in the world. Ishani had a smile in her lips where she cutely opened her pretty eyes. She was having a shy smile to the extreme. Her face was red like a apple due to the shyness. She slowly raised her view to Ranveer who was standing close to her. He was seeing her with a naughty smile.
Ranveer(raising his eye brows as how with a naughty smile): liked it?
Ishani bowed her head without telling anything to him. She was smiling cutely seeing the floor.
Ranveer(was having a happy smile he cutely held her chin with his hand and raised her face to him):Let me give you another one.
He gave a naughty smile and again went close to her and took his lips near her lips where Ishani cutely pushed him from her and went to the other side. She cutely held Raagini's swing thread with her beautiful white skin hand. Ranveer saw Ishani and he started to come near her. He was glancing Ishani while walking towards her. The pinky lips that were smiling a shy smile and the simple Saree of Ishani and the exposed back of Ishani was completely making him to get her care for him. He cutely came to her and lovingly stood behind her and he touched Ishani's hand that was touching Raagini's swing thread. Ranveer went close to her and held her hand in his hand in the thread of the swing.They both were catching the thread of the swing. He stood behind her where He took his lips to her ears.
Ranveer(holding her hand in his hand in her ears in a husky tone): You are so beautiful Ishani. Even a good writer cannot describe your beauty.
He took his other hand towards her stomach and keeping his hand in her stomach above the Saree pulled her close to him standing behind her.Ishani rested her head in his shoulders with the closed eyes. He took her hand with his hand from the swing thread and completely hugged her from behind and made her comfortable in his embrace. He closed his eyes and both were lost in each other.
Their hug was so intense where the pleasant weather was so compact-able for their romance.
Ishani(still in his embrace with a closed eyes): I am not that beautiful and all Ranveer.
Ranveer:(closed his eyes and being in her closeness): A Diamond never knows its worth. Same like that you will never know your beauty value and let me tell you your heart is the most beautiful thing than your face Ishani.
Ishani: Really?
Ranveer: Hmm Really.

Ranveer opened his eyes and slowly made Ishani come out of his embrace that made Ishani open her eyes where he lovingly turned Ishani towards him. He gave a little smile in his lips. Ishani too smiled at him.
Ranveer:(seeing her with a childish look);Want another kiss?
Ishani seeing him cutely shook her head as no.
Ishani:(cutely seeing him and immediately turned to other side in a quick voice): I am feeling shy Ranveer.
Ranveer(with a smile cutely hugging her from behind): We are having a daughter Ishani. We are not having romance first time.
Ishani(slowly turning to him where Ranveer held her back and pulled her close to him): I know we are not having romance for the first time but all the time Ranveer is romancing me I am feeling the romance new and fresh only.
Ranveer: (shaking his head as yes): Hmm you are right. you will never get bored of Ranveer's love.
Ishani: I know I won't get bored of my cute husband.
Ranveer(tightening his grip);Tk vegetarian love consists of hug and lip lock and some more kisses I need to give balance kiss shall I?
Ishani:As though If I tell no you will leave me.
Ranveer: you never ever think that Ranveer will leave you. He will never leave you while romancing and even in his life.
Ishani:Tk give me and after that shall we sleep?
Ranveer(seeing her with a not understanding look):Sleep? what is it Ishani? I have already told you vegetarian love procedure know . That should have hug, kiss and lip lock from both of them. I have given you hug and lip lock and I am going to give kisses now and you too need to give all these things back know?
Ranveer: Ishani you need to do it.
Ishani:Tum bi na Ranveer I really don't get where you get all these ideas.
Ranveer:If a man love a girl truly he will get all the romantic ideas within him.
Ishani:Accha your kisses are balance know?(cutely making him leave his grip in a instant tone):try to get it.

She started to run in the hall and she was in the other side of the sofa. Ranveer standing in the other side of the sofa saw her with a funny cute look.
Ranveer:(standing other side and seeing Ishani):What do you think? Ranveer will leave you no way my dear wife.
Ishani(with a challenging look):Then try to catch me.
Ranveer:surely I will catch you.

Telling it with a smile he started to come to her in a quick walk where Ishani started to run around the hall. Ranveer too started to run behind her. They were so cutely playing like a school going boy and girl.
Ranveer(trying to catch Ishani): Ishani come to me or else..
Ishani(running with a laughter):Or else what? you cannot catch me Mr.Vaghela..
Ranveer: Nothing is impossible for Ranveer in Ishani's matter.
Ishani(running to the dinning table):Then catch me.

Ishani almost trying to run around the dinning table where Ranveer getting the way Ishani will run immediately came and stood in front of her and held her hand to stop her from running further.
Ranveer: (showing a victory face): I have caught you.
Ishani:(trying to take her hand from Ranveer's hand):You have only caught me but you cannot get what you want?
Ranveer(catching her hand tightly without leaving): Ranveer cannot get Kiss from Ishani let me see..

He gave a view to her eyes and he made her fall in her eye lock. He gave a charming smile to her. Ishani saw him silently Ranveer was nearing his lips to her lips where Ishani was seeing his eyes and was making him weak in her closeness. Ranveer closed his eyes and was about to kiss her lips where Ishani with a smile slowly took her hand from Ranveer's hand where Ranveer who was completely lost in Ishani's closeness didn't realize Ishani taking her hands from His hands. Ishani slowly took the water jug that was in the dinning table and before Ranveer could kiss her she slowly brought the water jug above Ranveer head and completely poured the water in his head.
Ranveer(getting drenched in water and saw Ishani in a funny anger look):Ishani..
Ishani(burst in laughter seeing the way Ranveer is drenched): oh my Ranveer you are drenched? Ishani won't lose her challenge that easily.
Ranveer:(with a cute fun boy anger):Accha
He immediately shook his head right and left which made the water in his hair to sprinkle in Ishani's face.
Ishani(as the water sprinkled in her face feeling bit uncomfortable);Ranveer..
Ranveer: Now what Ranveer is going to do is(he immediately took his hand behind her back and pulled her close to him): you will pour water on me?
Ishani(seeing him with a fun smile):Just to play with you. I should not play with you?
Ranveer(with a smile): You can play with me as much as you want. (pulling her close to him):I love you.
Ishani:Sorry for pouring water.
Ranveer: Its okay did I ask sorry for it? I am seeing my friend Ishani who used to play with me like this only. She is back.
Ishani: you are liking her?
Ranveer: Hmm I love her so much.
Ishani:Tk chodo mujhe.
Ranveer:Started your chodo mujhe. I think when you spoke first this would be the first word from your mouth (showing a funny mouth):Chodo Mujhe.
Ishani(laughing at him): Tk Ranveer (held his cheek): Go and change your dress its wet and sleep.
Ranveer(longing face): Sleep not now. For sometime only love.
He lovingly kissed her forehead where Ishani smiled and didn't stop him. He cutely kissed her cheek and then other cheek and saw her.
Ranveer:I gave the complete kiss now I want all the kisses back and a lip lock and I love you from you.
Ishani:Let me give you but go and dry your hair you may get cold.
Ranveer: Nothing will happen Ishani now its time for love please please..

Giving a smile to him she cutely made his head lower and she kissed his forehead. She cutely kissed his cheek and then his other cheek.
Ranveer: Nahi want in lips too
Ishani seeing the way he is longing for her she cutely kissed his lips and took her lips back.
Ranveer(feeling the kiss and seeing her with a shock look):aye kya tha?
Ishani:(with a smile): Kiss.
Ranveer:Ishani this is too much I want lip lock not to take your lips from my lips immediately.
Ishani: I can give this kiss only now..

She made him leave her and started to walk where Ranveer seeing her exposed back in the backless blouse he cutely went behind her and hugged her from behind and pulled her close to him. He planted a kiss in her neck and started to nuzzle his lips in her back.
Ranveer:(nuzzling as well touching her plated Hair): you are so cute in this look. your Plated hair shows you cute.
Ishani: Hmm tk leave me.
Ranveer(giving a deep kiss in her shoulder part):No way.
Ishani(who was not able to stop him this time feeling his lips moving in her body):Ranveer...please don't make me lose my control.
Ranveer:(kissing her neck and shoulders): You won't Ishani.
Ishani: (feeling his lips): you are really so good Ranveer in romance
Ranveer:(turning her to him): kiss..
Ishani(opened her eyes and saw him): Let me

Telling it she cutely held his cheeks with both the hands and lovingly gave a kiss in his lips. It was just a half minute kiss given by Ishani but Ranveer lived a complete life in it.
Ishani(leaving his lips and seeing him):okay know..
Ranveer(cutely smiling at her): Haan Baba completely okay I love you.
Ishani: (shaking her head as yes): Hmm I love you too.
Ranveer:Shall we sleep?
Ishani: Haan let us but before than change your t-shirt and dry your hair.
Ranveer: Haan let me.

They both went to their room and where Ranveer took his t-shirt and started to change it. He took his towel and dried his hair. Ishani went to the cradle and saw Raagini who was sleeping keeping her one side in the cradle and keeping her cute little hand in the cradle bed. Ishani had a smile seeing the cute way her daughter is sleeping. Ishani got in the bed and rested her head in the head rest. Ranveer completely drying his hair came and sat in the bed beside her.
Ranveer:So finally after Naina went we came back to our room.
Ishani: Haan Ranveer. So I have fulfilled your one demand know?
Ranveer: Haan I got my vegetarian love before leaving Nagpur. I want the next demand to be fulfilled soon.
Ishani: Haan for that we need to take Saath pheras. It was your idea only know so execute it let us have Non-vegetarian love.
Ranveer: Tk let me arrange it soon and tomorrow evening we are having a party.
Ranveer; Haan my office staff has invited us for his son's birthday party. Let us go with Raagini Its Sunday also let us enjoy
Ishani: Hmm okay let us go and Good night.
Ranveer: Haan good night.

Exchanging a smile they both laid in the bed beside each other. Where they had a comfortable sleep and a happy married life.
Next day morning..
Ishani was ready for the day wearing a simple Chudithar. She was simple and neat in the blue pant and white top of the Chudithar. Wearing a blue shawl. Ishani came with coffee cup to their room keeping the coffee cup in the table she started to shake Ranveer catching his shoulders.
Ranveer(sleeping so well):Kya Ishani?
Ishani:Ranveer I need something please get up know?
Ranveer: What Ishani?(he got up with irritating eyes managing his eyes and seeing her with a sleepy eyes):what?
Ishani: Ranveer can I get permission to go out?
Ranveer(coming out of the sleep properly): where are you going? that too in the morning..
Ishani:Ranveer I don't know why vegetable vendor is not coming now a days. He served vegetables properly. I too called his mobile but he is not picking up. So I need to go to market to get vegetables.
Ranveer(immediately remembered Vegetable vendor telling him that he won't be serving vegetable for four days): Ishani actually a week before vegetable vendor came. I only got the vegetables and kept it in the dinning table.I too told you to take vegetables from the table know.(she shook her head as yes). On that day He said he won't be serving vegtables for another four days. I forgot to tell you.
Ishani:What is it Ranveer? You should have told me know?You know there is no vegetables now. I was even managing yesterday morning with corn flakes for breakfast. Without a word you too had it and left to office.
Ranveer:I thought you are giving something healthy to me.But he told he won't be serving for 4 days only now its almost a week.
Ishani: May be he is held in his personal work. He is not picking the call also. So I need to go to market can I go?
Ranveer(in a strict tone):Don't go alone let me come with you.
Ishani:Tk come with me.
Ranveer:But Raagini?
Ishani:She will wake up by the time you get ready let us take her with us.
Ranveer: Hmm okay.

Where Ranveer got up from the bed and fresh up him and having his coffee and he made himself ready after a bath where as Ishani told the cutie pie too woke up and Ishani made her fresh and giving her milk and finally they were heading to go to market that Sunday morning. Ranveer and Ishani got inside the car were the cutie pie was lovingly playing with Ishani.Ishani was having Raagini in her lap sitting next to Ranveer. Ranveer started to drive his car towards market. when they left the house in their car a man came out from behind the tree opposite to their house. He took his phone and dialed a number and kept his phone in his ears.
Man: Madam that woman in the photo you gave has come out of her house.(he was having Ishani's photo in his hand) She is going in her car with a man and a child.
Naina:(in thoughts):Ranveer is with her.(in the phone):Follow her immediately and give the information to your boss.
Man: yes madam.

The man cutting the call sat in his bike and started to drive at a high speed. Where he went to some distance searching for Ranveer's car and he finally got the car he saw few minutes ago.
Man: Let me follow them and tell it to Boss.
That man started to follow Ranveer's car.
Naina(seeing Rithika): Raj is working well. I told him to kill Ishani and he made a henchmen to stand in front of Ranveer's house to know when Ishani is coming out of the house.Finally Ishani has come out of the house. Our man is following her.Let me call Raj and tell him to finish her today.
Rithika: Hmm do it.
Naina(took her phone and dialed Raj number and waited for the call to be picked once the call was picked): Hello Raj.
Raj: Hmm yes madam.
Naina: The woman I told you to kill is out of her house now. you made your henchmen to watch her know he called me and told he is following her. He will tell where she is now go to that spot and drive the car fast and hit that Ishani.I have given Ranveer's photo know?
Raj:Yes madam I have.
Naina:See to that nothing happen to him. 
Raj:Fine madam let me finish that Ishani alone.
The hit should be like Ishani should die at the spot.And it should happen in front of Ranveer so that he should accept that truth that Ishani is no more.
Raj: Done Madam..
Naina: Don't get caught to any body.
Raj: Nothing will happen Madam I have changed the number plate of the car. I won't get caught and even If I get caught I won't tell your name.
Naina:Good tk call me after Ishani's death. Contact your henchmen and both of your plan and finish that Ishani.
Raj:Let us madam..
He cut the call where Naina cut the call and saw Rithika with a smile that had evilness and her face was waiting for a good news
Naina(seeing Rithika):Finally its the day for Ishani's death.
Rithika:how you took this idea to kill Ishani?
Naina: I was silent this one week. There are securities in front of my house so I am not able to call Raj in front of me but I have made all the deal via phone to Raj and he is ready to kill Ishani now.
Rithika: Finally in this one week you have decided to kill Ishani. Can I know why you finally came to the level of Killing Ishani?
Naina:Surely you can know Rithika. Hmm one way Ishani should leave Ranveer or Ranveer should leave Ishani both are not ready to leave each other. I am not ready to leave my Ranveer to that Ishani I want him only for me. So thinking all this only way is Ishani should leave her soul. (with a evil smile):Today is your dead day Ishani
To be continued Wink

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 hi sakshi another ishveer romantic update i liked it.the way ishani ran away from him and both of them running places and she pouring water was really hilarious. what has happened to ishani she is loosing control now.
Naina again she started why always these poor soul get targeted and now ranveer is there with her hopefully all come safely. you left a cliffhanger eagerly waiting for next
thnx for pm

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2016 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Awww cutely ishveer moments Embarrassed ...
And their nok jhok it's amazing...
But that naina she spoil our mood in the last ...
Just hope that ishaani will be safe from that eveil plan

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Hii Sakshi,
I'm really sorry for late reply i m busy in my study nd i become so lazy now a day seriously dr u can beat me scold me throw anything on me i'll never mind

Just read all update it was awesome mindblowing nd wonderful..!! Finally Naina chudail leave ishveer house hurry..
Wat a plan ranveer rocked it poor naina
Now Ishveer naughty romance nd thier cute cute nok jhok i just loved it
Mostly last one where ranveer nd ishani playing nd running like small babies
Ugh!! Witch naina i really want to beat him so badly nd madly bcoz again stupid idiot planning to kill ishani
Hope aisa na ho..lets see wat hpnd next
Waiting for next...
Sorry for such small reply dr something problem my phone i can't reply long post
Thanku so much for pm..

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