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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 13)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lifesobeautiful

Hii Sakshi,
Again a wonderful update totall romantic poor ranveer want to sleep with ishani in same room LOL but ishani not give up so easily! Haha... dhikra walking midnight left and right. Stupid,Angry hone ki saja and sleeping in the sofa ROFL
And Ishveer kitchen romance alwaye famous yaar loved it.
Oh God! Evil naina Angry plan so dangoures and i think this plan make sure trouble for ishveer bcoz ranveer so easily mistrust upon ishani hope aisa na ho...

Hi Paige thanks for the comment
Glad you liked the update and found it romantic hmm ya Ranveer poor boy wants to sleep with Ishani in same room but our heroin is not ready to give up that easily. he is walking right and left. Its cause of his anger  and he has to sleep in the sofa

happy that you liked Ishveer kitchen romance a lot and you liked it too
hmm Naina is ver evil and seriously her plan is scaring only hmm let us see whether it creates problem for Ishveer or not hmm of course our hero is easy to mistrust Ishani anyways hope for the best keep reading dear WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bloomfield

Naina is dangerous! X| Why is she calling her an extra luggage? >_< I hate this girl, I am telling you -_-

Well, Ishveer scenes were simply awesome! Poor Ranveer, he is still trying to woo his wife xD xD And Ishani is no less too. Ziddi hai :D :D And the best part was when he was sleeping just like Ragini! <3 <3 Aw, our guy is really cute! :') :')

Ishani, maaf kardena Ranveer ko, please! <3

Originally posted by Bloomfield

Naina is dangerous! X| Why is she calling her an extra luggage? >_< I hate this girl, I am telling you -_-

Well, Ishveer scenes were simply awesome! Poor Ranveer, he is still trying to woo his wife xD xD And Ishani is no less too. Ziddi hai :D :D And the best part was when he was sleeping just like Ragini! <3 <3 Aw, our guy is really cute! :') :')

Ishani, maaf kardena Ranveer ko, please! <3

Hi Aarushi darling thanks for the comment ya dear Naina is really a dangerous character only. hmmm ya she is calling our cutie pie extra luggage ya dear these character are sure to be hated only

Happy that you liked Ishveer scenes ya poor ranveer is trying his best to woo his wife and Ishani is in her Ziddi.  Glad you liked the way he slept it is completely of Ragini behavior ya cutest hero Ranveer

hmm ya let us see how long Ishani takes to forgive our hero keep reading dear WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayeshamukhtar

Awww poor ranveer ...
I like ishaani that's she was not given up her challenge so easily ...
And ranveer try his best to melt ishaani...
NainNain Angry want that RV mistrust ishaani. ...
And I was like that hahahahhahahah Big smile you dumb naina and ritika you are going to make big mistake by thinking this that RV mistrust ishaani easily...
It's past that he mistrust ishaani ...but know it's as difficult as to grow a tree in desert .. Tongue

Hi Ayesha thanks for the comment
hmm ya our poor Ranveer
happy that you are liking the way Ishani is not giving up her challenge
hmm Ranveer is trying his best to melt his wife
ya Naina is trying to make RV mistrust Ishani
hmm glad you laughed hearing her idea ya dumb people Naina and Rithika let us see whether it results as a mistake for them
ya they are thinking it is a easy thing
hmmm that was past now these people of in a world called trust
and I loved this description of yours mentioning difficult as to grow a tree in desert
keep reading dear WinkWinkWink

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hii sakshi didi..
Again a wonderful update...<3
This naina is just..juat...jist..a qitch...
So this is the plan of naina...
Such critical plan she has made...
But our ranveer is going to trust ohr iahani thia time i m suee but whenever i m sure aumthing different happena...:-P lets aee what happens...
Poor ranveer not gegting to slep qith ishani...
Luved their morning kitchen romance...
Hope ranveer just ignores that naina and do not gives her lift...
Wairung for next...
Ypdate apon...
Love u...
Take care...
Thnks for the pm...

Hi Gudiya Behan
Thanks for the comment
glad you liked the update
Naina is really a character to hate
hmm Naina has planed to make Ranveer mistrust Ishani
hmm bit sounds critical and ya let us see what Ranveer is going to do this time
hmm really I am giving something different than your expectation fine keep reading you will soon know Ranveer's reaction
happy that you loved their morning Kitchen romance
hmm ya let us see whether Ranveer ignore Naina or not
ya dear let me update it
keep reading
love you too
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Hi sakshi this was a wonderful chapter
Ishveer are now longing for each other and are wanting each other so badly
Ishani is so much teasing ranveer and he is not ready to sleep in that room wow thts amazing
O God these naina ritika are idiots who are thinking they ll break ishveer that's interesting to watch
Kitchen romance was too cute and the way he slept on her shoulder was very nice
O dear you are giving us ishveer moments we want to see thnx dear
Thnx for pm
Waitng for next

Hi dear thanks for the comment
glad you liked the update
hmm ya both people are longing for each other and they are wanting their togetherness so badly
ishani is teasing Ranveer to the extreme she can and she is not ready to sleep in the same room with him
hmm Naina and Rithika idiots I loved it they are thinking to break Ishveer happy that you liked the plot
glad you liked Kitchen romance and the way Ranveer slept in her shoulders and found it nice
hmm happy that  I was able to give the Ishveer moments you all wanted  Bless for it I will try my level best in the upcoming episodes
ya dear let me update it keep readingWinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sahil88

Really an amazing Chapter 
Ishveer romance Was Perfect
Ishani was not give up Hope so She soon feel piry on our Poor ranveer

Hi cutiie thanks for the comment
Glad you liked the chapter
happy that you liked Ishveer romance
hmm Ishani is not giving up and of course Ishani's soft heart will melt for her man
keep reading dear WinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1ishveerian

Hey hi Sakshi dear I've read three of the chapters now,
Sorry for being so late,
All were really so good dear,

I wished to kill that naina Angry
How she dared to hurt our cutie pie..
I meant villainy should have some limits,
How can anyone hurt a little child..,

Thank God Ranveer got some clue and decided to keep his family away from main a,

Their Sunday really went so good,
Aaah father and daughter's haircut,
All the family members in white shirts,wow amazing skill dear,

And Ishani changed look is awesome,,

Ranveer is doing his best to win her chalange,
And I think he did it..,

Don't know what main a the vamp is going to do

Hi dear thanks for the comment
happy that you read all the three chapters
its okay dear no need sorry and all
happy that you liked the three episodes

hmmm Naina character is a character to hate only dear you can hate her for sure
Stupid hurted our cutie pie a lot
hmm of course villainy should have limits but she exceeded it
she has hurt a little child without mercy

ya Ranveer got some clue about Naina and he has thought to keep his family
especially Ishani away from Naina

hmm happy that you liked their sunday
so happy that you liked father and daughter haircut
and their white shirts happy that you loved it

happy that you liked Ishani's look change

ya Ranveer is doing his best to win his wife
hmm almost he has done it

ya now let us see what this vamp is going to create in our Ishveer life

keep reading dearWinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Episode 164
It was exactly 9.30 in the morning when Naina got down from the cab in front of the office. She paid off the cab driver and she saw the office. The office had Samrat & RV Stock Broking. All the staffs were entering the office at that time. Naina had a smile in her face seeing the office.
Naina(in thoughts seeing the office):How big businessman My Ranveer is? He has office in Mumbai and Nagpur. Some of his dealings are in UK too. But how did he marry that stupid Ishani she should be a servant to him not his wife and all. (taking a deep breath) anyways let me wait for my Ranveer.
She went right side of the office and stood near a wall and made her view comfortable to see the office front place. She waited for sometime where almost all the staffs were coming by cab, two wheeler and car after a certain time a car came and stood in the parking lot of the office. When the car door opened RV got down from the driving seat of the car. Naina feel for his charm again.
Naina(with a happy smile): My Man came how handsome he is? All the dresses suites him so well. Love you Ranveer.
When she was telling these things to herself Ranveer started to walk towards the office entrance where Naina started to walk like a hurry girl coming to office towards the office entrance. She saw Ranveer correctly at the same time she walked the same hurry walk and she reached Ranveer at the time he was entering the office entrance. Where she clashed him and saw him as though its a accidental clash.
RV(getting hit by Naina and standing back normal in his RV attire and seeing her):Arrey Naina why are you in this much hurry?
Naina(with a smile): Ranveer actually I hope I am late that is why?
RV: you are not late its right time only. Come inside the office and come to my cabin.
Naina: Okay Ranveer..
RV:(who was about to move hearing her calling Ranveer):And Naina call me RV that is more than enough.
Naina:Why I should not call you Ranveer? you don't like it?

As she asked this question Ranveer's thought went to Ishani. How he used to stop her if she calls him Mr. RV. He always wants her to call him Ranveer. He always finds his name sweet when she calls him Ranveer. Thinking this he was having a light smile to himself.
Naina (seeing Ranveer smiling in thoughts): He has started to come out of the past incidents and he is talking to me so well and now he is smiling. Surely I will get you soon Ranveer.(in a normal voice to Ranveer):Ranveer...
Ranveer(coming out of the thought); Haan tell me.
Naina:What happen suddenly you didn't answer me?
Ranveer:(making himself fit to RV attitude): Arrey more than Ranveer I fell comfortable when other call me RV so that is why I told you to call me RV. So hereafter call me RV.
Naina: Okay and why you were smiling? Now have you forget our past happenings and you are liking me know? Hope you are happy with me.
Ranveer(with a stubborn look):Naina this is not the place to talk all these things its office so come in and come to my cabin.
Naina(bit disappointed by Ranveer's words): Okay RV.
RV: Hmm follow me.

With a stubbornness he started to walk inside the office where Naina started to walk behind him. When Receptionist was about to stop Naina Ranveer showed his hands to Receptionist not to stop her. Naina was walking behind him. All were wishing RV good morning where accepting their wishes and wishing them back RV was walking to his cabin.
Naina(walking behind him): Hmm I am a big businessman sister and now I need to marry RV who is a big businessman. Only I am fit for Ranveer not that Ishani stupid.
When she was thinking this RV entered his cabin and Naina too entered behind him. RV sat in his chair and showed Naina the chair opposite to him. Naina immediately sat in the chair keeping the documents she is holding in her hand in the table.
RV: By the by how did you know the office address I didn't give you office address know?
Naina:When Sanjay sir came to show me house itself I got the office address from him RV.
RV:Hmm okay fine. How did you come today?
Naina: In cab.
RV: okay.

RV picked his intercom and dialed a number in it and waited for the call to be picked up.
RV(when the call was picked): Haan Sanjay today Naina is joining as Senior Project Manager in our office. Bring her joining paper to my cabin. She is in my cabin only.
Sanjay: Yes sir give me half an hour.
RV: Okay.

RV kept back the phone in its place and saw Naina with a RV look.
RV: Naina Without any interview and any other recruiting process I have picked you to the main position. You will be Senior Project Manager to a section in my office. You need to manage people that is it but you too need to know the work well. As you start working you yourself will get to know about the work. Sanjay will assist you in all the way okay.
Naina(with a smile): You won't assist me RV?
RV: Haan I will..
Naina: If I need to know about the job even I can have sometime with you and learn the job know?
RV(with a disturbed look and without any way): Haan you can.
Naina: Hmm tk.
RV: Now let me tell about the company. This company is my new company. I and Mr. Samrat Chopra are partners. He also has diamond business and share market business. And I too have both the businesses. We connected through diamond business in Mumbai as it is successful he asked me to join this company too. We have signed the partnership.In this office Now only I have made all the worker to work in the right path. So you too should make your project member work well. Okay.
Naina: Hmm okay RV I will..
RV: That's good.

When RV completed his information giving to Naina Sanjay came inside the room accessing his card.
Sanjay:Can I come in sir?
RV: Haan you can..
Sanjay(coming to RV): Sir papers are ready.
RV: Hmmm (showing Naina)Keep in front of her(when Sanjay kept the paper in front of Naina): Take your time and read the papers and sign the papers and join the office.
Naina: I trust you RV I no need to read it let me sign..
RV(when she said this she started to sign.Seeing her signing the papers in thoughts): But I really don't know whether to trust you or not Naina. You should be in office level only. I should not allow you to get close to Ishani at any means. Just for my Ishani's words I gave you this job.
Naina:(signing the paper and seeing RV with a smile): Happy to work with you RV.
RV: (with a formal smile): Hmm okay Naina.(seeing Sanjay)Assist her in Job Sanjay and Give her the desk in my eye sight. So give her the next desk out of my cabin so that I can see her through the glasses.
Sanjay:Sure sir.
Naina(with a happiness in thoughts): Not bad Ranveer too wants me near him. He too wants to see me always. (seeing RV) But RV can I know why you are keeping me in your eye sight?
RV(in thoughts seeing her):If you are in my eye sight only Even if you try to harm Ishani I can know it by watching your actions. (giving formal smile and managing tone) your mother told me know to look after you well that is why?
Naina:So nice of you Ranveer...(stopping and hitting her head):sorry RV.
RV: okay now go to your desk. (seeing Sanjay)introduce her to the staffs first and then take her to the desk.
Naina: Okay RV.

As Sanjay took Naina out of RV cabin. There was a crowd in front of his cabin was made within 5 minutes. Ranveer was seeing it through the glass. Where his office staff was welcoming Naina when Sanjay introduced her. After 10 minutes Sanjay was talking to the person who was sitting in the desk next to RV cabin. Taking the time the person in the desk vacated his place and Naina was given that Desk. She happily sat in the desk and kept her things there.
RV(seeing her through the glass in thoughts): The people who harassed my Ishani. I am keeping that girl in job in my own office. Even now I am doing this for my Ishani's words only. My Ishani know the perfect white heart in the world. She will melt immediately if others cry in front of her.(with a smile to himself he took his mobile and saw Ishani's wallpaper where she was cutely smiling at him) But you know? this is the  character I always fall for you. How you are able to forgive all that easily and how you are able to forget what all they have done to you? I love you my darling. (seeing back Naina in the desk where Sanjay was giving her some files to read): Don't know whether this Naina has changed or not (with a smile)but when I and Ishani are lovable and trust worthy between each other I no need to worry about anybody or anything.
RV thinking all this taking a deep breath took his files in which works need to be done. He started to work seriously. Naina was reading the basic files. All were busy in their work where the day came to its afternoon. Naina saw all leaving to their lunch where she saw Ranveer in his cabin. He was seriously involved in his file and reading something and he was noting something in his notepad.
Naina(seeing RV in thoughts):I should know whether he is seeing me or not? From morning I have seen him almost 100 times but I didn't find in single time he is seeing me. Fine its lunch hour let me call him for lunch.
She came and knocked the door where Ranveer having his complete concentration in the file immediately pressed the button to open the door immediately door opened. As the door opened Naina entered the cabin.
Naina(with a smile came to him): Hello RV.
RV: (taking his eyes from the file): Naina tum?what are you doing her?Its lunch time go and have your lunch.
Naina:I know Ranveer but I didn't get to know any colleague by now. I feel alone to have food alone. Can you company me in lunch?
RV(seeing her with silent face);What? for lunch I need to join you?
Naina; Haan you can be my boss now but at least be my friend in break hours.(she joined her hands playfully and saw him with a cute look) please please RV come know please...
RV(don't know how to react):Tk come..

RV got up from the chair where Naina started to walk in front RV came behind her. He came beside her and he took her to the office canteen. They came to the canteen where RV gives his formal smile to some of his so known employees. Naina was so happy that she is going to have lunch with her Ranveer. They sat in a table opposite to each other. When they sat a canteen employee came to them.
Canteen employee:What do you want sir?
RV: Bhaiya get me Methi roti with Kadai panneer and get me some steamed rice with Papad and pickle.
Canteen employee: okay sir that is it know?
RV:(showing Naina opposite to him):Get her order also.
Canteen employee: Sure sir(he came to the other side) for you madam.
Naina(seeing RV and giving a smile): I love what all he ordered bring me that itself.
Canteen employee:Fine madam.

The canteen employee moved from them where Naina was simply staring and smiling at RV. RV took his mobile and was seeing his shares value.
Naina: Both of us like the same things know?
RV(taking his eyes from the mobile and seeing her): Hmmm might be.
Naina:RV Can we share some things in common?
RV saw her in a without understanding look as he was not able to get what she actually wanted.
Naina(seeing him giving a sharp look):RV that will develop our friendship that is why I asked you? can we?
RV(with a formal smile):Tk..
Naina:Tell me what you love the most?
RV(in a instant voice): Ishani..

Naina smile immediately vanished and she saw Ranveer with a disappointed look but making some way to hide it for now she gave a smile to him.
Naina(with a smile hiding her anger): Haan nice then tell me which person you have more affection. Mama or Papa?
RV: I have affection on both of them.
Naina: Hmmm even me but I lost my father(she kept a sorry face):When I was in my teenage itself I lost my father. I really miss him till today. (she had tears in her eyes).
RV(seeing all the people around them and seeing Naina crying); Naina dekho mujhe.(with a concern look saw her).
Naina raised her head and saw Ranveer with a moist eyes.
RV(with a concern look ):See god take good people to him quickly. Don't worry that you lost your father but you have got a family know. Live that life happily. (he gave a light smile to her and took the tissue paper in front of him and gave to her she got it):wipe your tears its your first day in office so keep smiling all the family and friends will always support you.
Naina(like a innocent girl wiping her tears with tissues): You will be with me always know RV and you will support me know?
RV(taking a deep breath): Haan I will try my best. Now.
Before he could tell Canteen employee brought their lunch. He kept each plate in front of them and he has left the place giving a smile to them.
RV: Now have your lunch.
Naina: Haan..

Naina smiling to RV started to have her lunch the special lunch in her life. She is having her lunch with the man she is loving.
RV when was up to take his first bit of food his mobile rang. He took his mobile and had a smile seeing it is Ishani..
Ranveer(picking the call): Hello...
Ishani(with a smile): Hello Mr. RV...
Ranveer(with a cute smile):Dekho I told you should not call me Mr..(when he was up to tell her he saw Naina in front of him).
Ishani(feeling Ranveer's silence): Kya hua? complete the dialogue don't call me RV call me Ranveer..
Ranveer: Haan you got it know call me like that itself.
Ishani:Tk Ranveer what are you doing?Busy?
Ranveer:Nahi I have come to canteen to have my lunch and what about you had your lunch?
Ishani: Haan I had...
Ranveer: How about my daughter?
Hearing this word Naina came to know the person talking to Ranveer is Ishani..She had a fuming face. She was having her lunch with a anger.
Ishani: Haan she too had her lunch. Now she is playing.
Ranveer: haan tk let her.. and I have a demand.
Ranveer: I want two demands. I need you to fulfill that two demands before we leave Nagpur.
Ishani:What are those demands?
Ranveer: Let me tell you when I come home. Now tell me something...
Ishani:Have you stared to have your lunch?
Ranveer: Haan I was about to have the lunch you called me.
Ishani:Tk have the lunch let me call you afterwards..
Ranveer(before she could cut):Arrey don't cut the call.
Naina really saw a different Ranveer now. The way he is behaving now is completely differed from the way he behaved some time before.
Naina(in thoughts): I really hate this Ishani. Why she is changing my Ranveer like this. He was stubborn still now but now he is like a charming boy.
Ishani:Why Ranveer? Have your lunch let me call afterwards or come home and talk to me. I called you simply only to know whether you are having your lunch.
Ranveer: Haan I will have my lunch. Its in front of me only. Tk now tell about demands.
Ishani:That let us talk when you come home.
Ranveer:Arrey if I ask you will fulfill the demands?
Ishani: If I can I will.
Ranveer; Everything is possible for you. But your sh...(where he stopped a bit realizing Naina is in front of him).
Ishani:Arrey what happen to you today Ranveer? you are stopping all the sentences today?
Ranveer:That is..nothing Ishani...

As he was about to tell some thing the Canteen wala came to them.
Canteen Employee:Sir want any thing more?
Ranveer(keeping the phone in the ears and seeing him):Get me a cool drink..
Canteen Employee:(seeing Naina):For you Madam.
Naina:Get me a cool drink itself.
Ishani(who heard Ranveer ordering cool drink):Ranveer don't want cool drink and all order some fresh juice and drink know?
Ranveer: Ishani what is there in a cool drink?
Ishani:so you won't hear my words know fine drink that cool drink itself and life a long life.
Ranveer(melted by Ishani's words):Tk ek minute (seeing the canteen reception): Bhaiya..
Canteen employee (coming towards them): Sir..
RV(showing Naina):Give Madam alone cool drink get me apple juice.
Canteen employee: Okay sir.
Ranveer: Is that is okay madam.
Ishani: Haan tk now have your lunch and then have your juice.
Naina(seeing RV):Why did you cancel the cool drink RV?
RV: (bit seeing the phone as well Naina):Fresh juices are good for health know that is why.
Naina:(with a anger hiding smile):hmm tk.
Ishani(hearing this conversation):Who is that Ranveer? your girl friend.
Ranveer:(with a smile): Hello Ishani madam its Naina she has joined the office today.As she didn't get to know her colleagues  She asked me to come to lunch with her that is why I came with her.
Ishani: Hmm good. fine take care of her in office.
Ranveer(without interest): Haan let me...
Ishani:Fine have the lunch and then go to your work.
Ranveer: Haan let me..(he had a smile).

Ishani cut the call and had a happy smile in her face where Ranveer cutting the call saw Naina completed her lunch.
RV:Naina if you are done with your lunch leave to work let me come later.
Naina:(though she was fuming inside thinking about Ishani's phone):No problem RV let me be we both came as friends only know?
RV(with a smile): Haan tk.

He started to have his lunch where the Canteen person came and kept the apple juice near him. Naina went and washed her hands and came back and sat opposite to Ranveer and having her cool drink and she accompanied him. Naina saw Ranveer's face which had the happiness which cannot be expressed in words.
Naina(in thoughts):Till Ishani phone came he was stubborn and gave formal smile but just after Ishani's call he is something like a man who has undergone a magical treatment.He is having a happiness which can never be explained. If she tells not to drink cool drink he is not drinking. (with a evil face seeing Ranveer) But don't worry I will finish you Ishani. I will throw you out of Ranveer's life.
To be continued WinkWinkWink

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