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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 123)

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Thank you..

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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It is not showing.

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Originally posted by o_gudiya

Originally posted by sakshi5050

Originally posted by o_gudiya

Sakshi dii i have asked u something through see and reply...,Tongue

ya let me tell you dear WinkWinkWink

i tried it it was shown for posting as well but when i posted it is not shown


can you get that image in some other site ???
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Originally posted by o_gudiya

Thank you..

you are always welcomed dear WinkWinkWink
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Originally posted by o_gudiya

It is not showing.

try to get that image in other site and try to post it dear WinkWinkWink
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Episode 207
Next day morning..
It was exactly 7.30 where Ranveer got up from his sleep with a burning eyes. He got up and sat in the sofa where he rubbed his eyes and face with his hands and he started to relax his body by raising his hands above his head. Where after relaxing when he brought down his hands and when he opened his eyes and he clearly saw the things around him. His face turned to be a worried face because he saw himself in the hall of his house.
Ranveer(to himself):For the past three days I am sleeping in sofa only. Its my house only Ishani is my wife only but I am sleeping in hall only. I cannot even sleep with my Ishani in the same room. I really don't know what my life is? Once I and Ishani had many misunderstanding and Ishani was away from me. But now she is near me only but also we are away from each other only.
Talking to himself he glanced Ishani's room where the door was still locked.
Ranveer(seeing Naina's room):Today my complete job is to make Naina go to her house. Naina is too not comfortable in my house so let her go to her house and be safe with the help of securities. I should send Naina for the sake of Raagini at least my cute little girl is crying or feeling uncomfortable seeing Naina. If I keep those securities Naina too will be safe and even Raagini will be happy and My life with Ishani will also be good. But Naina will be leaving the house as she already said she is leaving the house but Ishani should leave her she should not argue to me to keep Naian in our house itself. For that what should I do?(he was thinking the way to control Ishani where he got a idea which brought a smile in his face); hmm perfect I should take my rude behavior. If I behave rude Ishani will be silent and in that gap Let me send Naina to her house.
Making this idea a perfect idea He got up from the sofa and he went and stood in front of Ishani's room.
Ranveer(knocked the door): Ishani...(he again knocked the door) Ishani..(to himself): Be rude Ranveer (making himself perfect to rude behavior he again knocked the door as the door was not opened in thoughts) Ishani didn't wake up still no way she used to wake up by this time know?(he again knocked the door): Ishani..
When he was about to again knock the door the door opened where Ishani was wearing a black Saree with silver border and silver color blouse. Black Saree was showing Ishani so cute to his eyes. He was almost fell for her. He was silently staring her.
Ishani(with a smile):Good morning.
Ranveer(In a strict tone):I am not here to hear your good morning.
Ishani(seeing him with a smile):what happened to you? why are you talking like this?
Ranveer:(making himself to the angry avatar):See I don't have any need to explain you everything.
Ishani(Bit confused seeing his behavior):what happen to you Ranveer?
Ranveer:Stop asking me question and please give me way to enter the room.
Ishani(her face turned silent seeing Ranveer's way of talking to her):Ranveer..
Ranveer(in a confirmed and strict face): I said you to move. I need to go inside and I need to get ready.
Ishani: (moving to the other side):Tk go in.
Ranveer: Let me go and bath and come and when I coming I need breakfast ready.
Ishani: Hmm let me make the breakfast ready when you come to the dinning table.
Ranveer: Hmm tk.
Without facing her Ranveer started to go inside her room where Ishani was bit confused seeing Ranveer's behavior.
Ishani(to herself):What happen to him suddenly? he was so romantic in the night and now he is behaving rude to me. Is it anything because of me?. Is it because of me not satisfying him properly.Oh god what is the next problem?
Talking to herself she started to enter the kitchen to make their breakfast.Their morning works were going in a right path. Ranveer made himself ready where finally Ranveer, Ishani and Naina were in their breakfast table. Ranveer was having his break fast in a perfect RV attire.
Ishani(serving him water):Ranveer you are going to office today?
Ranveer; Haan I am going today.
Ishani: Hmm tk.
Ranveer(finishing his breakfast seeing Naina who was having her breakfast silently): Naina finish your breakfast and then get ready with your things.
Naina(having her food in mouth managing and swallowing it): Ranveer where?
Ranveer:(in a perfect RV tone): To your house.
Naina: My house..(she didn't expect this from Ranveer).
Ranveer: Haan Naina I said Know within two day I will do perfect arrangements for you. I know you are not comfortable in our house. And even you won't get your privacy here because Raagini is here she will be playing and even Ishani and me. See its really complicated for you. So pack your clothes and things let me drop you in your home.Come to office when you feel to come.
Ishani(without understanding Ranveer):Ranveer what are you telling? In her house only henchmen came and tried to harm her.
Ranveer(showing his strict face):When Husband is talking a wife should just listen to him. She should not raise her voice against him.
Ishani(seeing his strict face and the way he is talking to her);Ranveer but..
Ranveer: Ishani just serve breakfast to Naina I didn't ask any of your suggestion here.
Ishani(bit seeing the strict way of Ranveer in a low tone);Tk Ranveer.
Naina(was confused for a while seeing the way Ranveer controlling Ishani and Ishani too obeying and being silent in thoughts): I thought this Ishani's mahanta will help me to be here but Ranveer is too strict at a times it seems. What to do?(seeing Ranveer):Ranveer I am already getting scared when I am here itself If I am all alone in my house means If those henchmen come and try to kill me means?
Ranveer:See Naina I know how valuable life is. When there is danger for your life I won't leave you as it is. As you are not comfortable here only I am telling you to go back to your house. I have arranged for two securities in front of your house. They will be standing in front of your house now. Before half an hour only I got the message that Securities are ready in front of your house.
Naina(in thoughts);Securities? If those securities would have seen Rithika means? Oh god..(seeing Ranveer);Ranveer why you need to keep security and all? I will feel uncomfortable if men are in front of my house.
Ranveer:They won't come inside house unless you call them. They will safeguard you. Hope your cook will come back soon If she is not coming tell me let me arrange for a cook. To come to office you can continue coming in the office cab there will be a security in the office cab to drop you safe and pick up you safely.
Naina:Ranveer but...
Ranveer(showing his strict face): you are feeling uncomfortable and you yourself said you are leaving my house two times. go back to your house and be comfortable Naina. you can have your own privacy. (got up from the table in a clear tone);Get ready Naina.
Telling it Ranveer went to the basin and washing his hands and he came to the hall and he sat in the sofa. Naina didn't know how to manage this time. The Ranveer who was calming just seeing her tears is now strict with his way.
Naina(seeing Ishani): Ishani
Ishani(was bit sad seeing the sudden behavior of Ranveer): Haan Naina want anything?
Naina:(making a sad face): Ishani why Ranveer need to spend money in keeping Securities for me and all. I am feeling uncomfortable only but let me try to make myself comfortable in your house itself so let me..(before she completes)
Ishani(with a silent face): Naina Ranveer is bit strict he won't hear my words for now. I am really sorry. you itself try to talk to your boss or go to your house so that Ranveer will take care of your security.

Telling it Ishani left the dinning table and came to the hall. She saw Ranveer who was reading his newspaper sitting in the sofa. Ishani without heart to talk to him was about to move towards her room as she was walking towards her room..
Ranveer(seeing the newspaper): I want some juice..
Ishani:(standing hearing his voice): There is no fruits in home.
Ranveer:There will be at least a lemon in home know can I at least get Lemon juice.
Ishani:Hmm tk let me.

Ranveer without responding to her was reading the newspaper. Ishani with a silent face entered the kitchen. Naina came to the hall and stood in front of Ranveer.
Naina(in a normal tone);Ranveer let me be in your home itself.
Ranveer:(got up from the sofa keeping the paper in the tea poi):Naina I know you are straining yourself to make you comfortable here but let me tell the real reason for sending you to your house. Then you yourself will tell you will go to your home. Naina there will be no problem in keeping a marriage age girl in my house for two days. But even after that If I keep you with me that will not be good for you and even me. If I am in Mumbai and you are there in my house means its not a problem because my complete family members with Baa and Maa are there in the house. But here it is not like that I and Ishani only are there. If people around us came to know that you are staying with us they will wrong mouth me only that this man is having his wife and a unmarried girl with him. Obviously its not a good name for you also so please go to your home and be in your home. I have completely tighten the security. After leaving you in home I have thought to log a complaint regarding your safety to police.
Naina(was bit terrified hearing the word Police): pp..police..
Ranveer: Haan police we should find out the person who is trying to kill you know? I still remember those henchmen faces. To safeguard you that time only I gave them money and managed the situation but If I tell those things to police they will find those henchmen and try to find who is their boss.
Naina(she was sweating in thoughts): Oh my god If Ranveer file the case and he tell those henchmen faces If police find them and beat them they will show their index fingers towards me only. Leave the house now Naina you can do something afterwards to get Ranveer. Now escape from here.
Ranveer: (seeing Naina thinking something):Naina..
Naina: Ranveer (in a managing voice):Haan Ranveer what you said was completely true. Being a unmarried girl its not good to be other person house for long. Let me leave to my house and You have arranged everything like security and cab with security for me. I will manage it and don't want police and all Ranveer.
Ranveer: But we should find who is that guy trying to kill you know?
Naina:Ranveer you managed those henchmen on that day itself know they won't come back. And you have given me security know so here after I won't get feared most of the times I am going to be in office and only to sleep I am going to go to home that time too security will be there in front of my house so I no need to worry. So we don't want to log any complaint even I don't want to take any police cases as I myself came here only to earn Ranveer I don't want myself to get into unwanted problems.
Ranveer:Are you sure don't want police complaint?
Naina: Haan sure don't want any complaint. Let me pack my things and come.
Ranveer: Haan tk..I am waiting.
Naina: Haan give me 10 minutes let me come.
Ranveer; (with a head shake): Hmm

Naina started to move towards her room where she was in a complete decision to leave the house now.
Naina(to herself): No now I should surely leave. I cannot get in police cases and all. Now Ranveer will come to drop me. He should not come inside the house. Rithika is there in house only. Let me tell her to hide somewhere.(she took her phone and typed a message about security out of their house and told her not to open the door if anybody knocks and told the servant to open it. She message Rithika to hide somewhere in the house for sometime as Ranveer is coming to drop her).
after finishing sending the message naina started to make herself ready and pack her things,
Ishani came out of the kitchen with the glass of lemon juice. She came and gave the juice to Ranveer who was sitting in the sofa.
Ranveer(getting the juice): This much time for you to bring lemon juice.
Ishani:(in a calm tone):Sugar was over so needed to fill the bottle with sugar again so took some time.
Ranveer: Hmm tk.

Ranveer drank the lemon juice where Ishani was about to move to her room..
Ranveer(finishing the juice):Ishani am I rude to you?
Ishani(seeing him with a silent face):When husband talks a wife should only listen to him she should never raise her voice against him.(shaking her head with a pain in her eyes): Let me listen you without raising my voice.
Ranveer(bit felt sad): Ishani why I behaved was..

Before he could tell Naina came out of her room with her bag.
Naina(coming to Ranveer):Drop me in my home Ranveer(seeing Ishani); Ishani Ranveer has arranged for securities in my house so I will be safe.
Ishani(with a smile): Hmm okay Naina be safe in home and go to office in office cab itself.
Naina: Hm okay Ishani.
Ranveer:Tk let us leave Naina.

He started to walk where Naina too started to follow him.He got inside the car where Naina too sat in the seat next to him. Ranveer with a strict face started to drive towards Naina's house.
Ishani as they left the house she locked the main door and didn't understand why Ranveer was behaving with her like this.
Ishani(to herself);What happen to Ranveer suddenly? He was so good in the night but suddenly he is showing his strict attire. He has said me to just listen to him know let me just listen I am not going to talk to him.
She started to go to her room.
Ranveer stopped the car in front of Naina's house. Ranveer got down from the house and saw two securities in front of the house.
Ranveer(going to the securities): Hi I am RV.Did Sanjay told you about me.
Security 1&2: Hello Sir.ya Sanjay sir told us about you sir.
Ranveer(as Naina came and stood in front of him):She is Naina. Be safe towards her and tell to the night duty guards to be so safe about her.
Security:Sure sir let us tell. All the time there will be two securities in front of her house she does not need to worry for anything sir.
Ranveer:(seeing Naina): You no need to worry Naina. Can I come and leave you inside the house.
Naina: (with a smile): Its okay Ranveer you leave you may have some work.
Ranveer:Tk be safe. Want anything call me.
Naina: Haan let me.
Ranveer: Have your cook has come or let me arrange..
Security: Sir a woman is inside the house she brought vegetables now only.
Naina(in a managing tone): Its my cook only Ranveer today morning only she called me and told me she came back.She has a spare key for this house. She would have opened the door and be in the house.
Ranveer:tk so cook is there for you and you will be safe.
Naina: Hmm tk,

Ranveer making sure all the arrangement is perfect got back in his car and started to drive the car towards his office.
Naina knocked the door where the servant opened the door. Naina came and sat in the hall's sofa.
Rithika(came out of her room):what happen Naina? you told me to be safe inside the house. When you knock you told me not to open the door? what happened? why you came back?
Naina: Ranveer told me that he is going to give police complaint against those henchmen and he told he is remembering those henchmen face. if police gets the henchmen and beat If they are not able to bear the pain and they tell the truth that I only arranged them. To not put myself in such situation only I came back to my home itself.
Rithika:What about securities in front of the house?
Naina:They are arranged for my security only by Ranveer. you didn't fall in their eyes know?
Rithika: No servant only when she went to get vegetables she  asked who are they? they said they are security guards for Naina.She only came and told me about those securities and then only I saw them through window at that time only I got your message.
Naina; Hmm tk don't fall in their eyes and (seeing the servant lady): If Rithika wants anything you go and get for her. And don't tell those securities about Rithika.
servant: Okay Madam .
Rithika: Now what are you going to do?you are not able to separate Ranveer and Ishani?You have come back from their house too.
Naina:For now please leave me Rithika let me rest for sometime and tell you what should we do.

Telling it without waiting for Rithika's reply Naina entered her room.
Ranveer went to his office and got himself busy in his work. The day was going good for him. The day came to its evening. Ranveer was driving his car back to his home. He reached his house where he got down from the car.
Ranveer(in thoughts): I know Ishani will be angry on me for the way I behaved with her in the morning. But to send back Naina only I was talking to her like that. Or else she would have not allowed Naina to go back to her home. To control Ishani only I behaved like that now how to make her calm. (shaking his head to himself): I was the one scolded her know I only need to ask sorry let me.
He started to walk in the portico of the house and he knocked the door. He was knocking it for almost two times when he banged the door for the third time Ishani opened the door where her face was so dull. She kept the door opened and didn't even see him she started to walk inside the house. Ranveer got to know she is anger on him to the extreme. He entered the house and locked the door. He came to the hall where Ishani was sitting in the sofa and watching TV where Raagini was playing with her toys in the floor.
Ranveer(having a smile came to Raagini); Baby..
Raagini(seeing the train toy and then to Ranveer): Papa.
Ranveer: haan Papa came back from work. (he took Raagini in his hands and he went and sat next to Ishani):why your Mama is not smiling?

Ranveer saw Ishani where she gave a unhappy face as return to him.
Raagini(seeing Ishani):Mama..
Ishani: Come to Mama let Mama take you to my room and then you play Let Papa fresh him up.
Ranveer:Let her be with me.

Ishani without replying him got Raagini from him and stared to walk from him and entered her room. Ranveer was really feeling sorry that he was thinking how to make Ishani calm..
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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Finanlly that Naina leave thank God
So our ishani is angry
Let c how Ranveer make her calm

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Hurray!naina has left the house.i know now ranveer will make ishani cool.

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