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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 12)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
Episode 163
Ranveer came out dressing himself in a red shirt and white pant. He was so cute that day. Ishani came out with Raagini where the cutie was in her yellow shirt and red pant. Their Sunday was so so happy this time. They were cherishing each and every moment. In the afternoon Ishani made lunch and all the three had their lunch together. The day was drawing to late evening when Ranveer was playing bike race in his tablet. Ishani came out of the room after making Raagini sleep and saw Ranveer playing and she came and sat next to him.
Ranveer(without taking his eyes from the game):Haan
Ishani:Today know I totally loved this Sunday. you really took good care of me and Raagini complete day.
Ranveer(pausing the game and kept his tablet a side and saw Ishani with a smile):That is my duty Ishani. (with a emotional face) you know today when I took Raagini to her haircut I really felt like a complete family man. (he caught Ishani's hand) Now when I am thinking about the ways I behaved with you when I was angry my heart is scolding me that "you stupid man this is the real happiness in life don't waste your life by mistrusting and showing your anger".
Ishani(keeping her hand on Ranveer's hand): hmmm okay you have understood know that is more than enough for me.
Ranveer: Here after know I won't create any misunderstandings between us. I won't show my ego what ever it is I will tell it frankly okay.
Ishani(with a happy smile):Thank you my Ranveer. Tk play the game let me prepare dinner.
Ranveer: Haan tk and (thinking for a while):Where is Raagini?She was playing sometime before.
Ishani: She slept now only. The complete day she has been playing and she didn't have her afternoon sleep too.
Ranveer: Hmm okay and Ishani when Maa called me yesterday she told us to do a video call to all of them.
Ishani:Haan Ranveer let us. Let me arrange for the dinner you try to make a video call and tell me let me come and join you.
Ranveer: haan...

Ishani giving a smile moved towards the kitchen when Ranveer took his phone and dialed Parul's mobile number. He waited for the call to be picked.
Parul(picking the call with a happy smile): Hello Bhaiya..
Ranveer; Hello Parul. How are you?
Parul: Haan Bhaiya I am fine. How are you ,Bhabhi and Raagini?
Ranveer: Haan we are doing good. How about all there?
Parul: Haan All are good Bhaiya.
Ranveer:You have told about a video call to Maa. Can we have it now? All are there in the house know?
Parul(with a disappointed face): Bhaiya some members are missing. Baa ,Maasi and Maa has left to temple long back and they didn't come yet. Disha and Manas have gone out. so can we make it some other day Bhaiya when all are there in the home.
Ranveer(with a smile): Haan tk Parul we need to talk to all so when all are there itself let us talk. Even Raagini is sleeping now. Tk Parul let us make it some other day. Take care.
Parul:Tk Bhaiya.

Ranveer:( cut the call); Ishani..
Ishani: Haan Ranveer..
Ranveer: No video calling today.
Ishani(working in the kitchen):Why?
Ranveer:Maa, Baa and Maasi has left for temple.So let us talk when all are there in the house.
Ishani: Hmm okay.

Ranveer again started to play the game in his tablet. Ishani was preparing the dinner. The time ran at its speed when Raagini woke up Ranveer was playing with her and after sometime they had their dinner. Ishani made Raagini have her dinner. Ishani took long time and made Raagini sleep sitting in the sofa and she took Raagini to her room where Ranveer was watching TV sitting next to her waiting for a moment. Ishani got up and entered her room and made Raagini to lay in the bed. Ranveer switched off the TV and came to Ishani's room entrance. When Ishani came to lock the room door Ranveer was standing in front of her room with a smiling face.
Ishani:What are you doing here? go and sleep.
Ranveer:Let me sleep in your room.
Ishani: No need Mr. Vaghela you can sleep in your room itself.
Ranveer: (with a cute face): Ishani please na. At least come to our room or else allow me to be in this room.
Ishani: No way you only said me to be in this room know let me be and you go to your room and sleep there.
Ranveer(with a funny anger):So you won't allow me?
Ishani: Haan I won't .
Ranveer: But I will enter the room..

Ranveer with a force was about to enter the room where Ishani kept her hand on his chest and saw him with a cute anger.
Ishani:(keeping her hand on his chest and cutely coming close to him): stay away from me Mr. RV..
Ranveer(mesmerized in her closeness in husky voice):Don't call me RV call me Ranveer..
Ishani: Tk my Ranveer stay away from me..
Ranveer:Please know you don't have pity on me..
Ishani:Did you see pity on me for the two weeks no right. (cutely pushing out of the room) Let me sleep in the room.Good night.(with a instant she cutely locked her room).

Ranveer seeing the locked room was just staring at the door that has been locked. He cutely saw the door with a disappointed look.
Ranveer(to himself): I am the stupid man. If I had anger I should have been with her in the same room. How can I tell her to stay in a separate room? Now she is not giving up her challenge. what to do to make her come to the room.
He was thinking for a idea where he took his phone and called to Ishani's number. Ishani who was lying in the bed thinking and smiling about how Ranveer is trying to be with her. As she heard the mobile ringing she took the mobile and saw the mobile and seeing it is Ranveer had a smile.
Ishani(seeing the ringing phone):I know my Ranveer will call. (attending the call): Hello..
Ranveeer(in a cute voice): I am sorry Ishani. I should have not told you to stay in different room. Please come know please.
Ishani: oh my poor boy. But I am sorry I am not going to give up that easily I am going to sleep. Good night.
Ranveer: okay fine. But let me tell you I won't sleep in that room without you. Let me be in the hall itself.
Ishani:Tk Let me see(she cut the call).
Ranveer(hearing the call has been cut saw the mobile and in a cute angry face): She has cut the call.
Ishani(in thoughts): At least for another two days I need to keep up this challenge Ranveer.

Ishani thinking about Ranveer finally has started to sleep. Ranveer was thinking how to make Ishani come to him he was walking north to south in the hall. The clock was running where the time came to midnight 2 o clock. He sat in the sofa and laid himself in the sofa and immediately fell in sleep.
Next day morning It was exactly 7 o clock. Naina and Rithika were sipping their coffee sitting in the dinning table.
Rithika:So what is your first plan Naina?
Naina: Today I am going to join in Ranveer's office. Ranveer told me he will forget past wrong happening between us and he will try to become a good friend to me again. For some days I am going to try to become his friend. As you have said its easy to break Ranveer's trust on Ishani. The first thing is I should make him to spend more time with me and slowly I need to tell him about Nirbhay Bhaiya and Ishani's relationship.
Rithika(without understanding look): Ishani and Nirbhay's relationship?
Naina: As you said Ishani has many lovers. I am going to tell a bad character of Ishani. That is I am going to tell that Ishani was in good terms with Nirbhay when Bhaiya kidnapped her.She started to act good when Ranveer came to rescue her but before he comes she was happy with Nirbhay Bhaiya and Ishani is easy to share bed with any guy.This will immediately make Ishani characterless in front of Ranveer's eyes. I can even tell that Raagini cannot be his daughter too. It can be any other man's daughter for Ishani. This will make Ranveer to hate that EXTRA LUGGAGE TOO. I am surely going to spell the seeds of doubt in Ranveer's mind. Even if he goes to touch Ishani he should feel she would have shared bed with some other man.
Rithika:But do you have any proof?. without a proof How will you tell Nirbhay and Ishani were happy when they were in your house?
Naina(showing her phone to Rithika): Like this..

Rithika got the mobile in her hand and she saw Ishani and Nirbhay standing next to each other. She saw the next photos where she saw all the photos where Nirbhay was smiling and Ishani was giving a made up smile.
Rithika: Actually nice photos When Ranveer came to rescue her he thought that Ishani was kidnapped by Nirbhay and Ishani was so harassed. But if he sees this photos he can even think Ishani was in good terms with Nirbhay when she was in Nirbhay's house.
How did you get these photos?
Naina:First Nirbhay Bhaiya told us Ishani will be our Bhabhi. Thinking she is going to be our Bhabhi when Bhaiya makes her come with him thinking her as our family person I clicked these photos now these are helping.
Rithika:Tk fine(thinking for while): But now you are talking well to Ishani and she is too talking good. If you tell this relationship to Ranveer he will surely ask why you didn't tell it early. What will you tell?
Naina: I will tells Ishani is acting too smart in front of you and she is acting good to all of us. As I wanted a good job and good friend like you only I ignored her good woman acting.
Rithika: Hmm perfect during this time try to act natural then only Ranveer will believe.
Naina:Hmm fine Let me handle it I will be successful in it. let me get ready and(seeing Rithika) rithika ask our driver to park the car behind the house.
Rithika:For what?
Naina: Even If I try to get friendly with Ranveer I can even ask him to drop me in house so for that time he should not know that I am having car with me.
Rithika:Tk let me...
Naina:Fine and you be careful don't fall in the eyes of Ranveer.
Rithika: (with a cunning smile): As confident you are in getting Ranveer. I am confident in separating Ranveer and Ishani so I won't fall in his eyes.
Naina(with a smile):Tk let me get ready and leave to office.  I am going in a cab only.
Rithika:Hmm fine.

As Naina moved towards her room to get ready Rithika had a happy smile and cunning face.
As the time was 7.30 Ishani opened her room and she came out of the room in her dark blue jean pant and red top with green borders. When she was about to move to the kitchen she saw Ranveer sleeping in the sofa.
Ishani(seeing his sleeping face in thoughts):So he has slept in the sofa itself.
She immediately felt pity on him and feeling for a while making up herself she came out of the house to take the milk packet which the milk vendor has kept. She took the milk packet and came back inside the house. She entered the kitchen and started to prepare coffee. Taking her time she came out of the kitchen with a coffee cup. She kept it in the tea poi and touched Ranveer.
Ishani(waking him up):Ranveer...
After taking time he woke up and seeing Ishani face he got to know it is morning he got up from the sofa and he sat in the sofa. His face was so dull.
Ishani(sitting near him):Kya hua? you are looking so dull..
Ranveer seeing her like a cute child without a word he immediately hugged her and rested his chin in Ishani's shoulders. Ishani though didn't understand his act but liking this act of Ranveer with a smile hugged him back. Ranveer closed his eyes in her hug.
Ishani:Ranveer..What happen to you?
Ranveer(still closed his eyes in a sleepy voice): I went to sleep late only. I didn't have proper sleep Ishani..
Ishani(caressing his back):que Baba?
Ranveer: you are not coming and sleeping with me know that is why?
Ishani:Ranveer for this and all you no need to sacrifice your sleep.
Ranveer:hmm you are not ready to share room with me and I am a stupid to act rude when I am angry. I only told you not to come to my room. I only said I am not interested to share room with you. Its all because of my mistake only. But please forgive me..
Ishani:Tk let me think about it later now blush your teeth and drink the coffee you will feel better and you need to go to office know?
Ranveer(comfortably sleeping in her shoulders): Ishani for sometime let me sleep like this and then let me leave okay.
Ishani(tightly hugging him): Okay my man you can.

Where it was almost half an hour he was lovingly sleeping in his lady's embrace.
Ishani(caressed his back with a smile in thoughts):Can any man love his wife to this extreme? No one can. He can hurt me with his anger but when I see his love he will make me melt immediately.
As she was thinking Ranveer opened his eyes and seeing he is sleeping in Ishani shoulders had a happy smile and he came out of the hug with a smile. Ishani gave a smile to him. Ranveer rubbed his sleepy eyes.
Ranveer:Tk Ishani let me fresh up and leave to office.
Ishani: hmm tk you can...
Ranveer(got up and was up to leave where he again saw Ishani): Ishani..
Ishani(got up from the sofa and saw him): Haan Ranveer..
Ranveer(with a smile):Though you are not sleeping with me in the same room. The way you made me sleep now is really making me happy. Thanks...
Ishani:Okay my dear cute Ranveer..
Ranveer: lovely to hear these cute dear words from my Ishani.. At the same time think about staying in the same room.
Ishani(giving a smile): hmmm let me see that later. Let me heat your coffee and prepare your breakfast. you get ready.
Ranveer: hmm okay.

He started to move to his room where Ishani started to prepare their breakfast. She was preparing the Bhindi Sabji and roti. Taking time she made the dishes and was keeping the rotis in the hot box and she took Bhindi Sabji from the Kadai and was keeping it in the vessels to serve. As she was keeping it Ranveer cutely came to the kitchen. He was in his white coat and shirt and white pant. The perfect RV cutely came and hugged his wife from behind.
Ishani(getting it is Ranveer):Ranveer...
Ranveer(before she could tell the next words he turned her to him and held her close and kept his fingers in her lips): Now nothing Ishani. don't want your regular questions what are you doing Ranveer? chodo mujhe nothing now...

He cutely took his finger from her lips and got the spoon she was holding in her hand and he kept it back in the vessel that had the Sabji.
Ishani(slowly smiling but hiding it): Tell me what you want?
Ranveer(lowered his lips to her lips and admired her lips for a while in a husky voice):At least allow me inside your room Ishani.
Ishani(raised her head and in a low voice): Don't want that room won't be comfortable for you.
Ranveer:(slowly holding her cheeks with his hands and made her eyes see him):Why?
Ishani:That is a small room compared to your room and bed is also in the floor so don't want.
Ranveer(in a seductive face hitting his forehead with her forehead): you know that bed is more comfortable to me. There only we became one again.
Ishani(lovingly pushed him with a shyness):Ranveer..
Ranveer:(seeing her face full of red):you can hug me know?
Ishani without a word cutely hugged him and rested her head in his chest. Ranveer lovingly hugged her back.
Ranveer:Think about at least leaving me inside your room Ishani. please..
Ishani:Let me think(making up herself came out of the hug): Now go and sit in the dinning table let me bring your breakfast its getting late for you.
Ranveer(with a smile):To hide your shyness what all you are doing?
Ishani:you only said you like my shyness and you said me not to control my shyness.
Ranveer: Hmm that is your real beauty. I love it...
Ishani:Tk now morning romance over go and sit in the dinning table.
Ranveer:okay Home minister.. Let me

He gave a funny smile and he went to the dinning table and he sat in the dinning table. Ishani came out with the breakfast she has prepared and she kept the food stuffs in the table. She served him.
Ranveer(having the breakfast):Raagini..
Ishani:She is sleeping.
Ranveer: hmm tk thanks for my favorite Bhindi its awesome.
Ishani: hmm okay.
Ranveer:you have done the Bhindi so well but still you didn't tell me why you started to cook so well?
Ishani:Let me tell when time comes now have the breakfast and have your coffee and leave ..
Ranveer: okay.

He completed his morning breakfast and informing Ishani he started to move towards his day's schedule. Today is the day for Ishani that she is properly sending Ranveer to office in Nagpur.
Screen freezes on happy smile of Ishani.
To be continued WinkWinkWink

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lifesobeautiful Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
Hii Sakshi,
Again a wonderful update totall romantic poor ranveer want to sleep with ishani in same room LOL but ishani not give up so easily! Haha... dhikra walking midnight left and right. Stupid,Angry hone ki saja and sleeping in the sofa ROFL
And Ishveer kitchen romance alwaye famous yaar loved it.
Oh God! Evil naina Angry plan so dangoures and i think this plan make sure trouble for ishveer bcoz ranveer so easily mistrust upon ishani hope aisa na ho...

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Bloomfield IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
Naina is dangerous! X| Why is she calling her an extra luggage? >_< I hate this girl, I am telling you -_-

Well, Ishveer scenes were simply awesome! Poor Ranveer, he is still trying to woo his wife xD xD And Ishani is no less too. Ziddi hai :D :D And the best part was when he was sleeping just like Ragini! <3 <3 Aw, our guy is really cute! :') :')

Ishani, maaf kardena Ranveer ko, please! <3

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Awww poor ranveer ...
I like ishaani that's she was not given up her challenge so easily ...
And ranveer try his best to melt ishaani...
NainNain Angry want that RV mistrust ishaani. ...
And I was like that hahahahhahahah Big smile you dumb naina and ritika you are going to make big mistake by thinking this that RV mistrust ishaani easily...
It's past that he mistrust ishaani ...but know it's as difficult as to grow a tree in desert .. Tongue

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Hii sakshi didi..
Again a wonderful update...<3
This naina is just..juat...jist..a qitch...
So this is the plan of naina...
Such critical plan she has made...
But our ranveer is going to trust ohr iahani thia time i m suee but whenever i m sure aumthing different happena...:-P lets aee what happens...
Poor ranveer not gegting to slep qith ishani...
Luved their morning kitchen romance...
Hope ranveer just ignores that naina and do not gives her lift...
Wairung for next...
Ypdate apon...
Love u...
Take care...
Thnks for the pm...

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sakshi5050 Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Hi sakshi this was a wonderful chapter
Ishveer are now longing for each other and are wanting each other so badly
Ishani is so much teasing ranveer and he is not ready to sleep in that room wow thts amazing
O God these naina ritika are idiots who are thinking they ll break ishveer that's interesting to watch
Kitchen romance was too cute and the way he slept on her shoulder was very nice
O dear you are giving us ishveer moments we want to see thnx dear
Thnx for pm
Waitng for next

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Sahil88 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Really an amazing Chapter 
Ishveer romance Was Perfect
Ishani was not give up Hope so She soon feel piry on our Poor ranveer

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1ishveerian Groupbie

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Hey hi Sakshi dear I've read three of the chapters now,
Sorry for being so late,
All were really so good dear,

I wished to kill that naina Angry
How she dared to hurt our cutie pie..
I meant villainy should have some limits,
How can anyone hurt a little child..,

Thank God Ranveer got some clue and decided to keep his family away from main a,

Their Sunday really went so good,
Aaah father and daughter's haircut,
All the family members in white shirts,wow amazing skill dear,

And Ishani changed look is awesome,,

Ranveer is doing his best to win her chalange,
And I think he did it..,

Don't know what main a the vamp is going to do

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