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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 119)

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Episode 206
Ishani who was lovingly resting her head in Ranveer's shoulders was having a happy smile in her face. Ranveer keeping his hands over Ishani's shoulder was keeping Ishani close to him. Their hearts did not want to leave each other at this moment.
Ishani(still resting her head in his shoulders);Ranveer..
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmm
Ishani: How are you able to love me this much?
Ranveer: I really don't have answer for this question. But from small all I needed is I want Ishani's attention only for me. I want her care,love,affection only for me. Now I am so happy to be with you Ishani.
Ishani(holding his shoulders with her hand and taking her head from his shoulders and resting her chin in his shoulders):Now a days you are so sweet, matured and you are really trying to control your anger. Thanks for it.
Ranveer:(giving a smile seeing her): I won't hurt you here after all I need is my Ishani's smile. If I ever make you cry know Mota Babuji and Falguni Maa will never forgive me.
Ishani:For some days after Maa left me I was feeling so sad Ranveer but now know when you care me I can see a mother in you. Till you are with me you will take care of me Ranveer. I completely trust you.
Ranveer:Thanks for the trust but when you saw lipstick in my coat you didn't even get a single doubt on me?
Ishani(taking her chin from his shoulders and with a smile): Nahi Ranveer I don't have any doubt on you.
Ranveer(with a doubtful face): But I have a doubt in it Ishani. I am damn sure on the day I was wearing that coat I didn't even call any of my office lady staff to my room. I was held in a board of directors meeting. But I cannot figure out how that lip mark came in my coat.
Ishani: Ranveer even If you think those possibilities you are not going to get it.May be you would have been strict to any of your office lady staff to make you get caught to me she would have kissed your coat.(she was laughing so cutely)
Ranveer(seeing her laughing had a smile in his face): I am really happy to see you smile If those lip marks are giving happiness to you its okay. Let me stop thinking about that lip marks in the coat.
Ishani: Hmm that is it forget it and...(before she could tell)
Raagini(cutely in a low tone crying rolled herself in the bed and in a cute tone): Mama..
Ishani(turned and saw Raagini with a smile): My Baby got up...

Raagini cutely keeping her hands in the bed got up and sat with a teary face. Ishani showed her hands where the cutie pie lovingly got up and stood in the bed. She kept her two steps and came to Ishani.
Ishani(held her as she is standing wiping her tears):why you need to cry now? come on smile...(showing Ranveer):See Papa smile karo..
Ranveer(seeing Raagini): Baby come to Papa let papa take you out and let us walk in the veranda.
Ishani: Haan Ranveer take her out let me prepare dinner and call you.
Ranveer: Okay..(he took Raagini in his hands she was still crying): Come on stop crying now.
Raagini(cutely seeing him and stopping her crying but with tears in her eyes): mobo...
Ranveer:(with a smile): Okay let us take Mobo with us to walking okay.
Raagini: hmmm
Ranveer(got up from bed having Raagini in his hand showing Ishani):Tell Bye to Mama..
Ishani(got up from the bed and standing near Ranveer):Bye baby..
Raagini(in a cute tone): Baa.
Ishani: Baa is in Mumbai. Its not Baa Mama is telling Bye to you. Be with Papa for sometime.
Raagini(shaking her head as yes): hmmm

Ranveer wiped Raagini's tears in her cheeks and shook his head as leaving to Ishani and he came to the hall. He went to the toys basket and took Mobo teddy bear in his hand and showed it to Raagini.
Ranveer:Okay Baby we took mobo with us let us go out.
Raagini immediately smiled and got the teddy bear from Ranveer's hand and cutely held the teddy bear towards her face. Ranveer seeing Raagini got the teddy bear and when he was about to walk towards the entrance of the house he saw Ishani coming out of her room. Ishani stood seeing Ranveer and Raagini.
Ishani:(seeing Raagini smiling at the teddy bear):Got your Mobo baby?
Raagini(seeing the teddy bear and hearing Ishani voice saw the side she heard the voice and seeing Ishani with a smile): hmm Mama.
Ishani(with a smile):Tk (seeing Ranveer);Take her Ranveer.
Ranveer: Haan let me.
He walked towards the entrance of the house and came to the veranda and started to walk talking lovingly to his daughter. Ishani started to make dinner. Naina was sitting in her room where she was searching for some idea to completely stay in Ranveer's house.
Naina:(to herself):what is this I cannot get any idea? I seriously need to do something or else Ranveer will send me to Haryana. Now some how I managed the situation but I cannot be cool regarding it. I should give a strong reason so that Ranveer should never think of sending me back to Haryana. (thinking a while):Let me call Rithika and tell what all happened here she will give a solution to my problem.(she took her phone and dialed Rithika's number)...
Rithika(picking the call):Hello Naina..
Naina:Rithika you know what happened sometime before?
Rithika:If you tell me only I can know tell me what happened?
Naina: Ranveer told me he is going to send me to Haryana.
Rithika(With a shocked face):What? He is telling you to go back to Haryana.
Naina: Haan Rithika he said the flight tickets are ready and he said our company staff and a security will be coming with me till my house for my security. Ranveer even called me to come to my house and vacate this house. As you were there I really got scared that Ranveer may come and see you.
Rithika(with a feared face):Then what happened? till Now Ranveer is telling you to leave to Haryana only.
Naina: No I somehow managed telling that If I go back Maa will feel be as a burden to safeguard me and making some emotional drama I clearly said him that I am not going back to Haryana.
Rithika:(having a sign of relief):Thank god you have done a great job Naina.
Naina: It may be a great job for now but I really need a strong reason now. As I do it Ranveer should never ask me to leave his house or his life. For that I need to..
Rithika(with a evil face in a confirmed tone):For that you need to get Ranveer completely.
Rithika: Hmm you have to spend a night with Ranveer.
Naina:(with a not understanding face):spend a night with Ranveer means you are telling me to ...
Rithika: Haan I am telling you to have a husband and wife bedroom relation with Ranveer. Why you cannot do it?
Naina(In a confirmed tone): I can I am completely for my Ranveer only. There is no Issue in spending a night with my Ranveer. But how he will come to me.
Rithika:That is in your hand spend a night with Ranveer in guilty concious itself he will dance to your tunes.
Naina:Tk I will Rithika hmm even If Ranveer spend a night with me no power can separate us.
Rithika: Hmm okay.
Naina:fine let me call you later.

They cut the call where Naina had a evil idea in her brain.
Naina:(to herself):Someway or the other If I get Ranveer completely everything will be solved. I can finally marry Ranveer too.(she was thinking the get the way to have Ranveer in her bed).
Ranveer(cutely having Raagini and walking in the veranda): Raagini you are so cute. your eyes, your nose, your little lips, your hair everything is cute.
Raagini(having her teddy bear close to her seeing Ranveer speaking to her with a smile): Kani..
Ranveer: oh my baby wants Kahani?
Raagini: hmm
Ranveer(seeing her with a smile): Kahani (he was thinking a story to tell her): Tk there was a man and his wife. They lived a happy life as a result they got a cute little baby. She was a girl baby. That Baby know she was so cute. Her everything is just like her father. Here eyes, hair, face almost everything. She has all the habits her father has. Her color is exactly like her Mother. you know what that cute Baby's speciality is?
Raagini(seeing him in a silent look); mmm
Ranveer:(with a smile): She will make everyone smile with her smile. Her smile will give happiness to all the people who are around her. She is the result of her father's love on her mother.
Because of her presence her father and mother's relationship has become so strong.She has made their family a complete family. you know who that baby is?
Raagini(seeing him with a innocent look): ooohhh..
Ranveer(seeing her cute language): It is..
Where before he could tell it he heard a voice telling "Its you only my cutie pie" where Ranveer hearing it turned and saw where Ishani was standing in the portico of their house with a smile.
Ranveer: Ishani tum?
Ishani(coming towards them):Haan its me its a nice story Ranveer.
Ranveer: you heard it.
Ishani: I didn't hear the completely story but I heard it from "she is the result of her father's love on her mother"(came near them seeing Raagini): Papa is telling nice Kahani know?
Raagini: hmmm
Ishani:Its you only my cutie pie. Papa was telling your story only.
Raagini(getting what Ishani is telling left the teddy bear that fell down in the floor and in a cute action keeping her hand in her chest and in a cute tone): Mama
Ishani(getting her action): Haan you only.
Ranveer(without understanding seeing Ishani):What she is telling Ishani?
Ishani: I told her know that its the story about her for that she is ask is it her by touching her chest.
Ranveer: Oh (shaking his head as yes): its you only baby.
Ishani(took the teaddy bear from the floor):Shall we go Ranveer?Dinner is ready.
Ranveer: Haan let us..

Ishani started to walk where Ranveer started to walk beside her holding Raagini in his hand. When they were entering the house and they came to the hall Naina exactly came out of her room. She got anger seeing Ranveer having Raagini in his hand.
Naina(in thoughts): I really don't know why Ranveer is keeping this extra luggage this much close to him. I want to throw this Ishani and Raagini out of Ranveer's life. For that the final and only way is to get Ranveer in bed.(seeing Ranveer who was smiling at Ishani): I will get you completely soon Ranveer.
Ranveer sat in the sofa having Raagini in his lap where Ishani saw Naina with a smile.
Ishani: come and sit in the dinning table Naina. Dinner is ready.
Naina: Hmm tk.

Naina went and sat in the dinning table.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer): Give Raagini to me Ranveer come and have your dinner. let me feed Raagini her dinner.
Ranveer: Haan let me come.

Ranveer came to the dinning table and gave Raagini in Ishani's hands. Ranveer sat in the dinning table. Ishani making Raagini sit in the dinning table and managing her she served Ranveer and Naina their dinner. As they started to have their dinner Ishani started to feed Raagini playing with her. Ranveer had his dinner with a silence where Naina was bearing Ranveer and Ishani's togetherness and bearing their happy family moment.As Ranveer finished his dinner Raagini was having her last hand of food. Ranveer finishing his dinner went and washed his hands and came to Ishani.
Ranveer:Raagini finished her dinner know?
Ishani: Haan I have feed her.
Ranveer:Tk let me take her and try to make her sleep you have your dinner.
Ishani: Hmm tk.(she wiped Raagini's mouth).
Ranveer:Come to Papa baby(he took Raagini in his hands and started to walk towards Ishani's room).
Naina(finishing her dinner got up from the table):Let me go and sleep Ishani.
Ishani:(with a smile): hmm tk Naina good night.
Naina: hmm good night.
Naina (went and washed her hands in the basin in thoughts): Yesterday somehow I made Ranveer sleep in the hall now Ranveer went to room after Ishani finishing her dinner she too will go to room only. Now I should not allow them to be together. As Ranveer gets separated from Ishani during night only his bedroom feelings will increase with that itself I can get my Ranveer.
Naina after washing her hands wiping her hand with towel started to walk towards her room where she locked the room and started to walk in the room thinking how to make Ranveer and Ishani separate this night.
Ishani finishing her dinner came to her room. She locked the room and came inside the room where she saw Ranveer was caressing Raagini's back where the cutie pie was closing her eyes in his chest. Ranveer saw Ishani with a smile and caressing Raagini's back he signed Ishani to come near him. Ishani with a smile came and sat near him in bed.
Ishani(seeing Raagini completely closed her eyes resting her head in Ranveer's chest caressing Raagini's head in a low voice): How you are making her sleep so soon Ranveer?
Ranveer(in a low voice): She is my beti she will hear my words so well.
Ishani: oh really who is she for me?
Ranveer:For you too beti only but she is just me know she will hear my words more.
Ishani(with a smile):Tk (seeing Raagini slept):She has slept Ranveer make her sleep in the cradle.
Ranveer: Hmm tk.

Ranveer got up from the bed carefully holding Raagini where Ishani got up and went to the cupboard to take dress to change. Ranveer making Raagini lay in the cradle and making sure she is comfortable saw Ishani who was keeping her night dresses in the dressing table and she was going to remove her earring. Ranveer with a smile came and hugged Ishani from behind.
Ishani(getting Ranveer hugging her):Ranveer what are you doing? I said you to be away from me till Naina is with us.
Ranveer(hugging her more tightly): how many days you are going to keep me away from you.(as usual with playful mood only he hugged but this hug made him to get tempted to Ishani with a lure face he turned her towards him and touched her cheek with his hand):I am really wanting you so much Ishani.
Ishani(really felt sorry for him for a while):Ranveer I know but..(before she could tell Ranveer's index finger was in her lips)

Ranveer without a word lovingly putting his hands behind her and pulled her close to him. He saw her lips where he wanted more than a kiss from her today. He closed his eyes where this made Ishani see his lips where she saw his eyes that his eyes were completely closed that told her that he is completely lost in her.Ishani had a smile seeing Ranveer where she too closed her eyes and touched his shoulders with her hands. They both were standing at a about to kiss position where the wind outside was at its full bang. The wind sound was clearly heard that sound clearly said that the complete city is silent for now. Ranveer exactly was about to kiss where this time it was the shyness of Ishani that made her run from him. Ranveer getting Ishani ran from him opening his eyes he searched for her where she was standing in a corner of the room showing her back to him. Ranveer with a still tempted face came to her and touched her shoulders. Ishani closed her eyes feeling her husband's hand touch. He smiled thinking being near Ishani. He cutely touched her Saree well and removed her pin from the Saree where Ishani getting he has removed her Saree pin before the Saree could fall she held the Saree with her hand.
Ranveer keeping the pin in his pocket came and stood in front of Ishani where she was holding the Saree with one hand and stood bowing her head.
Ranveer(touching her shoulders and keeping his face close to her face): you don't want me Ishani?
Ishani(raising her head): Ranveer too miss you but its not the right time please..

Telling it she moved from him where Ranveer who was not in a mood to leave her held her Saree where as he held the Saree and as Ishani moved from him the Saree came with his hand and that made Ishani's chest and stomach to be exposed. Ishani's hand immediately closed her chest.
Ishani(feeling for Ranveer's state):Ranveer leave my Saree.
Ranveer(with the Saree coming close to her and standing behind her and near her ears): I love you and I really really want to show that love Ishani.
Ishani:Ranveer please really its not the right time. Give my Saree.
Ranveer:(he turned her towards him where Ishani was still keeping her hands across her chest and he saw her navel and the clear stomach going close to her in a shievering tone):Want you Ishani.(he hugged her).
Ishani(hugging him with a worried face thinking his situation):Ranveer please I am sorry I can feel how you are feeling but I am sorry.

Ranveer he started to kiss her back where Ishani too was feeling his lips touch in her skin. Ranveer was lovingly caressed his lips in her back and neck part.
Ishani(feeling it for a while and making herself strong):Ranveer we have planned it after Saath pheras know?
Where this made Ranveer stop nuzzling her he came out her hug.
Ranveer(coming to the world): I am sorry Ishani I am really sorry. I only told you that we should have it after Saath pheras  but I myself.(He took her Saree and covered her with care and took the pin from his pocket and pinned her Saree).
Ishani seeing the way Ranveer is understanding and hearing her words made her feel sorry for him.
Ranveer:Tk Ishani go and change let me sleep.
He was about to move where before he could move Ishani held his hand. Ranveer saw his hand that was held by Ishani and then he saw Ishani with a not understanding look.
Ishani(coming near him): Tum Bahut cute hain Ranveer.(in a emotional voice): No girl will get a husband like you. (she held his cheek and lovingly kissed his forehead): I love yo so much till my last breath I should love you.
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmmm love me because that love only will keep me happy for my complete life. And I am sorry as usual like playing only I hugged but don't know what happened I lost my control.
Ishani(with a smile): Its okay.
Ranveer: Even I forgot that Raagini is with us and Naina too is in our home only. sorry Ishani.
Ishani:Tk its okay. Go and sleep let me change and come.
Ranveer: Hmm tk.

Where Ishani was moving towards the dressing table to take her night dress and when Ranveer was about to lay in the bed there was a heavy knock in their room "Ranveer please open the door". There was a heavy bang in their room.
Ishani and Ranveer saw each other.
Ishani: Naina Ranveer.
Ranveer: Hmm let me see.
Ranveer walked towards the entrance of the room where Ishani too came behind her. Ranveer opened the lock and opened the door where Naina correctly pointing it is Ranveer hugged him tightly.
Ranveer(got tensed but bit controlling):what happen Naina?
Naina was still only hugging him.
Ranveer(held her shoulders and brought her out of the hug):What happen?
Naina:(bit grasping and seeing Ranveer):Ranveer I am feeling scared. I am feeling like some on is coming to kill me. I am really scared to be alone in my room Ranveer. (bit crying she again hugged Ranveer).

Ranveer was struggling to react where..
Ishani:Ranveer she is scared a lot it seems.
Ranveer:(seeing Ishani and seeing Naina making her come out of the hug in a stubborn face):Naina it would be your assumption no one can come to our house.relax yourself.
Naina: May be its my assumption but I am scared to sleep alone in my room.
Ishani:Ranveer can I sleep with Naina.
Ranveer(in a confirmed tone): Not needed Ishani she is only thinking some body coming to kill her no one can come to our house just like that you go and change and sleep in your room.
Naina:I am scared please Ranveer yesterday you slept in the hall I felt okay even today If you sleep in the hall I will be without fear.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani and without anyway):Tk go to your room and sleep I will be in hall only If you want anything call me.
Naina:Tk Ranveer(telling it she started to move to her room with a smile).
Ranveer(seeing Ishani): let me sleep in hall itself you change and sleep good night.
Ishani: Hmm tk good night.

Ranveer moved towards the hall where Ishani locked her room. Naina was keeping her room open where she waited till Ranveer lay in the sofa. Ranveer laid in the sofa where Naina had a smile in her face.
Naina:(in thoughts): Finally I made Ranveer to be away from Ishani.
To be continued Wink

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Sahil88 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 June 2016 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
That evil naina she is making plans to take Ranveer away from ishani
Please sakshi sent her back
We want to see ishveer Romance without any disturbance

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 18 June 2016 at 8:13pm | IP Logged
Sorry for the late reply...
I was busy now a day and did not get proper time to read it ...
But know I read both chapter...
That naina just irritated I mean ranveer plan to send naina back to Haryana was awesome but that naina Angry
Any how ishveer lovely moment as usual awesome that bring a smile on our face ...

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Bloomfield IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2016 at 2:31am | IP Logged
Oooh...too many episodes! Sorry for the late and very short response. But they are really beautiful, Sakshi. They were really good. But the only thing was this Naina. She is now getting on my nerves. Please get her outta the house! Please!

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2016 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Hii sakshi di...
Lovely chapter.
Their romance superb loved it...
Feeling poor for ranveer he always has to control himself...
And even he cant sleep in their room bcoz pf that drama queen..
Hate her...
Hope she is out of the house in the morning...
Update soon...
Take care and keep smiling...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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shaktiluvradz Senior Member

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Posted: 19 June 2016 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Hi sakshi thnq for  pm and sorry for late reply. Ishveer scenes were so cute and adorable nyc romance. Cutie pie s so lovely. Nd dis chudayil nd her idiotic plans rubbish .hope she should revealed soon nd ritika plan's shld backfire 

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2016 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Happy fathers day to Ranveer from our cutiepie Raagini...LOLWinkWink

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2016 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sahil88

That evil naina she is making plans to take Ranveer away from ishani
Please sakshi sent her back
We want to see ishveer Romance without any disturbance

Hi Hafsa thanks for the comment
hmm ya stupid girl is thinking to take Ranveer from Ishani
hmm ya in the next episode its Naina exit only
hmm ya you will get their romance soon
keep reading WinkWinkWinkWink

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