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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 118)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2016 at 2:00am | IP Logged
Episode 205
when Ranveer said those words Naina was shell shocked and she was struggling to react. She didn't expect that Ranveer will ask her leave from his house she thought he will stop and tell her to be here itself but Ranveer telling her "you can leave Naina" was a direct attack for Naina.
Ishani who heard Ranveer telling Naina to leave was even didn't get him. She saw Naina and then turned to Ranveer where the cutie pie in the hands of Ishani was cutely silently resting her head in Ishani's shoulders and was moving her cute little hands in Ishani's Saree.
Ishani(turning to Ranveer):Ranveer what are you telling you are asking Naina to leave from our house?
Ranveer(with a smile seeing Ishani):Ishani already when Naina came here we asked her to be with us for her security only. When she came back to conciousness after fainting itself she was about to leave to her house only she thought she is straining us.(Episode 193 page 86 Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3)As we insisted her only she is staying with us. If she goes back to her place means she too will be comfortable know?
Ishani(seeing Ranveer's face): Ranveer but how can we leave her all alone to her house back? If those henchmen again come back and try to harm Naina means?
Ranveer(in a instant tone seeing Ishani and then seeing Naina);That is why I have planned to send Naina back to Haryana.
Naina was completely shattered into pieces she didn't even dream that Ranveer will send her back to Haryana.
Naina(in a immediate tone): Ranveer Hayana...
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmm Haryana why you need to be all alone here Naina even In our house you are feeling uncomfortable it seems that is why you are telling you are going to leave. I said know with in two days I will arrange something for you I have done all the arrangements for you to Leave to Haryana.
Ishani(with a smile): Naina is going back to Haryana?
Ranveer: Haan Ishani she no more need to miss her family let her go back to Haryana and be with her family.
Naina(in thoughts): what is this I am not even ready to be away from Ranveer for sometime but Ranveer is ready to send to me Haryana I should not got back manage Naina (seeing Ranveer in a confirmed tone):Ranveer I came here to ask sorry to you only as I was in financial crisis I was in a need for a job you gave me that job. I need money so I cannot quite my job let me be here itself.
Ranveer(seeing Naina with a smile): Come on Naina we are in 21st century you no need to worry about your job. you can have your laptop let me give the Extra net access of our company to you so that you can access our company Extra net from your house. you can be with your family as well you can work from the house and your salary will be credited to your account.

Naina was struggling to react she didn't ever imagine Ranveer will be this much in tact in his act.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):So nice of you Ranveer you have arranged everything so well. The call you got that time was about this arrangement only?
Ranveer: Haan Ishani Sanjay did all the arrangements.(seeing Naina): Now get ready Naina let us go to your house.
Naina:(in a shocked face in thoughts):Oh my god Rithika is there in my house. for what he is calling me to my house?(to Ranveer): To my house for what?
Ranveer: Naina you are going to leave to Haryana so let us vacate your Nagpur house. Let me come with you let us take all the things from your house. Then you can came back to our house and have a sleep today night. By tomorrow morning 8 o clock is your flight you can leave to Haryana.
Naina(was struggling to react in a managing tone):Ranveer I am scared If those henchmen follow me and in the way to Haryana they try to kill me means?
Ranveer(with a smile): Naina you are RV's employee your safety is my responsibility. How will I leave a lady staff who is my friend as it is? That too when her life is in danger. our office staff Sanjay will be coming with you and a Security who knows boxing will be coming with you till your house. your flight is by tomorrow morning 8 o clock and the flight will land in Delhi by 9.45 and from that Airport I have arranged for a car and getting in that car with an one hour journey you can reach your native place Sonipat.Then without 15 minutes from there you can reach your house.
Naina(in thoughts): Oh my god I should not leave you Ranveer how will I manage this situation now.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):So nice of you Ranveer you have planned everything so well Naina won't leave her job too at the same time she can be with her family.(seeing Naina): your another brother (thinking for a while ): His name is Vikram know? he will be safeguarding you and If you are with your family no one can do anything on you.
Ranveer: Haan Ishani she will be safe know?
Ishani: Hmmm...

As seeing all the drama the cutie pie who was lovingly resting her head in Ishani's shoulders was cutely sleeping now.
Naina(in thoughts): Oh god no they will send me to Haryana itself it seems. I should have not said I will leave now Ranveer is ready to send me...(making herself okay taking a deep breath): Ranveer I am not going to Haryana.
Ranveer and Ishani hearing it saw Naina with a not understanding look.
Ishani:Naina you can go back to your family why you need to struggle here being all alone?
Naina(seeing Ishani and Ranveer with a worried face): Haan Ishani I am struggling only but..(she turned to other side and trying to bring tears to her eyes): I don't want my mother to get worried.(after the tears came to her eyes she turned and saw Ranveer and Ishani);Ranveer I know you have done a great arrangement for me and that is really a great offer for me to work from home. But If I go back to Haryana Maa will get stress because of me. Our security in Sonipat is not like before once when Bhaiya was active we had many henchmen so all will be scared to come near our family but its not like that now. Now we don't have henchmen as we are not able to pay them as we ourselves is losing all the property one by one. So If I go back to Haryana and if anyone henchmen come to kill me that is a great problem for my mother.So let me be here itself. Ya I am bit uncomfortable being in your house but as you are taking care of my security to this extreme let me manage and get adopted to your house Ranveer. Let me be here.
Ranveer(hearing it took a deep breath and saw Naina who was bit crying):wipe your tears.So you are not going to Haryana?
Naina:(wiping her tears): Haan let me be here Ranveer. I am not ready to go to Haryana.
Ranveer(seeing Naina with a silent face and seeing Ishani and Raagini sleeping in her shoulders): Ishani Raagini has slept go to your room and make her comfortable.Let me be in my study room.
Ishani(shaking her head as yes): hmm tk Ranveer.

Ishani moved towards her room with Raagini who was sleeping where Ranveer without glancing Naina entered the study room. Naina had a happy smile in her face.
Naina(in thoughts):Thank god I managed to stay back her.But Ranveer didn't tell me to be here. Haan he will tell me after coming from study room. My Ranveer is ready to send me to Haryana how will I leave you Ranveer that too in the hands of Ishani. I will never leave you we both are meant to be together. Our story should soon reach marriage with each other. That will reach that situation Ranveer.
Thinking it with a smile she entered her room.
Ranveer going inside his study room was thinking something where getting a idea finally he took his phone and dialed a number. He waited for the call to be picked.
Ranveer(once the call was picked): hello Sanjay.
Sanjay:Hello Sir I have messaged you know all the arrangements till leaving Naina in her house is perfectly done sir.
Ranveer: Sanjay I am really sorry I know I am making you work all the time for me. Now you can cancel the flight tickets Naina is not willing to go to her home.
Sanjay:so we need to cancel all the arrangements sir?
Ranveer: ya Sanjay.
Sanjay: Okay sir let
Ranveer: Sanjay I need another help from you I am really sorry for straining you this much you are almost working after the office hours for my sake.
Sanjay: That's okay sir tell me what should I do?
Ranveer: By tomorrow morning I need two securities in front of Naina's house. you only helped me in getting house for Naina know? you know her house right?
Sanjay: Yes sir I know her house let me inform a security office they will give securities to us. By tomorrow morning there will be two securities in front of her house sir.
Ranveer: And as usual let office cab itself pick her and drop her from office to home and home to office. But in office cab both the time she is traveling there should be a security in it.
Sanjay: Okay sir let me arrange it. Once everything is done let me message you sir.
Ranveer:Thanks a lot Sanjay.
Sanjay:Fine sir..

He cut the call where Ranveer took a deep breath. He felt bit head ache and he really got tiered in the drama that took place till now and he came out of the study room. He came to the hall where the complete hall was silent. He saw Naina's room where her room was locked. He went to Ishani's room where he pushed the unlocked door and entering the room he locked the door and entered the room. He saw Ishani half laying in the bed and reading her novel were Raagini was calmly sleeping near her in the bed. Ranveer came and sat in the corner of the bed.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer got up and sat in the bed):Ranveer you came?
Ranveer seeing her question immediately laid him in the bed and rested his head in Ishani's lap.
Ishani(getting he want to lay in her lap made him comfortable in her lap): Door is..
Ranveer(laying in her lap and seeing her):I have Locked it.
Ishani(with a smile caressed his hair with her soft hands):kya hua? feeling tiered?
Ranveer(took her other hand and kept her hand in his hand): Hmm I am tiered I thought of sending Naina back to Haryana and did all the arrangements but she is not willing to go there.
Ishani:As she said she is feeling not to stress her mother it seems.
Ranveer: Hmmm might be(seeing Ishani with a cute smile): I love you.
Ishani(giving a light smile): Hmmm
Ranveer: I too want I love you from you tell me.
Ishani:Not now
Ranveer:(like a complaining child): You are caring Raagini so much. you are caring Naina too but you are not caring this Ranveer.
Ishani(with a smile caressing his cheeks): Right now what I am doing? I am caring you only know?
Ranveer:Hmmm caring only but I want the complete care of Ishani just for me one night.
Ishani: Accha Now only I am getting where you are coming. you want your non-vegetarian wala love know?
Ranveer: Haan really I want it. I want some precious time and love from my wife know?
Ishani: Sorry Ranveer I thought to give a complete night on your birthday but I didn't expect Naina will come with this much big problem. you are missing me so much?
Ranveer(lovingly took her one hand in his hand and kept it in his chest):can you feel my heart beat?
Ishani(keeping her hand in his chest with a smile): Hmm I can.
Ranveer: hear my heart well it will tell how much Ranveer is missing his Ishani.
Ishani:(with a smile): We will surely share our love soon don't worry.(she took her hand from his chest and pinched his cheek): Lovely boy.
Ranveer(smiling at her pinching his cheek): Ishani first let us take Saath pheras and then only love making and all.
Ishani:Okay fine but how you got this idea of taking Saath pheras again?
Ranveer: I hurt you so much on that day taking Ulta pheras Ishani now we came to know right what husband and wife relationship completely means and what is love, trust, respect is? So now let us take Saath pheras and let us always keep our relationship as a sacred relationship.
Ishani(with a smile):So matured Ranveer now a days. Let us take Saath pheras and then share our love. Now get up and sleep in the bed Let me go and prepare dinner for all.
Ranveer(seeing her like a child):Nahi I want a kiss now.
Ishani: Ranveer not now.get up.
Ranveer: Nahi one kiss please Ishani. Raagini is sleeping and door is locked give me know?
Ishani(with a smile seeing Raagini and making sure she is sleeping she lowered her head and lovingly planted a kiss in Ranveer's forehead):Okay.
Ranveer:(in a cute tone):Nahi want more
Ishani:Ranveer not now get up.
Ranveer(got up without a heart and sat in the bed): Ishani you are giving food for my stomach but also you are making me hungry only.
Ishani(getting what he is meaning with a smile went near him and lovingly kiss his cheek): Is that is okay my husband?
Ranveer(turning to her with a smile): Hmm okay.
Ishani lovingly rested her head in Ranveer's shoulders. Ranveer cutely brought his hand behind Ishani's shoulders.
Ishani: I love you Ranveer.
Ranveer:(with a smile): Hmm I love you too.

Screen freezes on Ishani resting her head in Ranveer's shoulders and Ranveer holding her close to him. There were happy smile in their faces.
To be continued Wink

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wow sakshi awesome updates dear..i m so happy and i can not stop my laugh after read this             updatesROFL i m proud of u ranveer what a amazing plan and awesome arrangement by ranveer CoolEvil SmilePartyi think ranveer some arrangement for ishani  but he arrangement for naina for back to haryana was so awesome .i cant explain what doing in my mind after read this updates LOLLOLso ranveer back with bang PartyDancinghope so ranveer always listen his mind and create some new plan for naina .i think  time now  naina back to her house haryana LOLlovely part was ishani not become mahanata ki murat this time but ranveer not silent this time he should doing for this ...i m so happy seeing naina situation this time ...ishveer always romantic mood they never mind what to do any life was so nice..plz updates more lovely and romantic updates for our ishveer ..i hope so naina finally leave to our cute lovebirds Embarrassedraagini feel so happy for this arrangement our cutepie so smartBig smile..
thx for pm sakshi
wait for nxt updates..


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powergirlpriya IF-Sizzlerz

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hii sakshi
hows u dear..Embarrassed

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HII saksji dii...
Hiw r u...
M so happy that you updated it otherwise i thought there is no update...
Will reply asap...

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NidsJ Senior Member

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hey Sakshi... Smile
big big congratulations to u dear for completing double century... Hug 

hats off do ur hard work and dedication... its not easy to devote so much time but u r updating almost daily... Clap thank u for this daily dose of Ishveer... keep updating... Hug

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Sahil88 Groupbie

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Happy that Ranveer is trying all possible ways to send Naina back
Lovely scene of ishveer
Hope naina goes back and our ishveer spent some quality time together
And Ranveer wi get his nkn vagetarian love

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resBig smileBig smile

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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hii salshi di...
Lovrly onr..
Ranveer is trying all the possible ways to send naina bACK thats good.
So our ishveer spent a good time ttogether...
Hope naina goes asap and ishveer can spend quality time together
Update soon...waiting for next...
Take care and keep smiling..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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