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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 115)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sahil88

Hey sakshi hope u r fit n fine
Please update soon if possible
Eagrly waiting to know what happen next

Hi Hafsa
ya dear I am fit and fine
sorry for not updating yesterday had some work so only I was not able to do it
ya let me update it now
you can get to know what happen next
keep reading WinkWinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Episode 204
Ishani brought crying Raagini inside her room. She sat in the bed that was in the floor and made Raagini sit in the bed opposite to her.The cute little doll was crying out of pain. She was only touching her cheek with her hands and rubbing it.
Raagini(crying heavily): Maaamaa..
Ishani(softly caressing the cheek taking her tiny hands with her hand): Raagini please sorry Mama should have not left you and went to kitchen sorry sorry(she was feeling bad herself).

Ranveer who came inside the room seeing Ishani entering her room stood in entrance of the room and saw Ishani consoling Raagini.
Ishani:(seeing Raagini with a concerned look): Is it paining more?
Raagini(controlling her tears slowly): Mama..(she cutely with a crying face caught Ishani's hand and stood in the bed and lovingly opened her hands to Ishani with tears in her eyes): Mama..
Ishani(with a emotional face): Want hug? come hug Mama..

Raagini cutely hugged Ishani where the cutie pie eyes were shedding tears like anything. Ishani hugged Raagini back and she caressed Raagini's back and made her comfortable.Raagini was slowly controlling her crying but tears were still flowing in her eyes that were drenching Ishani's back.
Ranveer(with a guilty face):phone call was important that is why I went out but I didn't expect Raagini will fall down. Its due to my negligence If phone call is important Raagini is too important for me know? why I left her as it is stupid man I am. Not only Raagini because of Raagini's pain Ishani is also emotionally hurt.
Ranveer taking a deep breath came near Ishani and he sat next to Ishani in the bed.He was sitting facing Ishani. Ishani keeping Raagini in the hug saw Ranveer with a tearful eyes.
Ishani:(seeing Ranveer):Did you see how she is crying? Phone call is important for you more than our child?
Ranveer:(in a clear tone): I really don't get you Ishani. you often think as though Raagini is only daughter to you.(in a worried face): She is daughter to me too Ishani. Haan even I am feeling guilty that she fell down because of me only.
Ishani:(crying completely this time): No its because of me only somewhere I am lacking in doing my mother's duty.
Ranveer(shook his head as no): Not at all..

Telling it he made Raagini come out of the hug from Ishani and made Raagini to stand in the bed. He held Raagini and made her to face him. The cutie pie was now okay where tears were still in her cheeks.
Ranveer(lovingly wiped Raagini's tears): Papa is sorry really sorry. Is it paining more?
Raagini(seeing Ranveer's mouth telling her something she immediately got a smile in a cute and lovely tone): Papa..
Ranveer(smiled seeing his daughter's innocence): Raagini I am sorry I should have been near you but I went out sorry baby please forgive Papa.

Raagini cutely stepped close to him and immediately touched his unshaven mustache with her tiny fingers and smiled at him lovingly.
Ranveer(seeing her touching his mustache with a emotional smile): you are okay now know? there is no pain know?
Raagini:uhhh papa mobo...
Ranveer(smiled):Tk let Papa give your Mobo but before that..(He saw Ishani still having tears in her eyes and he made Raagini turn and stand towards Ishani who was sitting opposite to him):See Mama..
Raagini(seeing Ishani and then turning to Ranveer): Mama..
Ranveer: Haan Mama you have got the world's best Mama know see she is thinking that she is not doing her mother's duty properly. what all happened today its because of Papa's negligence not because of your Mama. Your Mama never knows to hurt anyone.Now tell me you are really happy to be with Mama know? more than all of us you love your Mama know?
Raagini(seeing Ishani and again turning to Ranveer with a smile): Mama...
Ishani was so emotional seeing Raagini's way of telling her Mama.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini): when ever you cry Mama used to wipe your tears know? all the people have hurt your Mama to the extreme but you are the one always made her smile now your Mama is crying come on wipe her tears.(cutely took Raagini's tiny hand and raised her hand with his hand and made Raagini's hand touch Ishani's cheek)...
Raagini getting what Ranveer is going to do as always Ishani used to wipe her tears the cutie pie lovingly wiped her mother's tears with her soft little hands.Ranveer took his hands from Raagini's hand where Raagini without putting down her hand was still wiping Ishani's tears.Ranveer had a smile seeing the way Raagini has been brought up with good values by Ishani.
Raagini(wiping Ishani's tears): Mama...(she cutely smiled): Mama
Ishani(caught Raagini's hand that was wiping and kissed her lovely hand): Mama love you so much.

Raagini moving from Ranveer's hand with in a step in the bed went near Ishani and cutely hit her forehead with Ishani's forehead.
Ishani(with a smile hitting her forehead with her daughter): Love you Baby you are okay know? no pain right?
Raagini: Hmmm

Ishani making Raagini take her forehead from her forehead and lovingly hugged her where the cutie pie rested her head in Ishani's shoulders. Ishani keeping Raagini in the hug saw Ranveer who was seeing them with a smile.
Ishani(in a low tone): Sorry Ranveer.
Ranveer:for what?
Ishani:As Raagini fell down my mind stopped working without my control I scolded you. sorry.
Ranveer(with a smile):Its okay you told me to take care of Raagini but its my fault only let me be alert here after I won't do this mistake again.
Ishani(gave a smile): Hmmm tk.
Ranveer(Ishani's tear wiped face and the light smile showed her more beautiful to his eyes): Now both Maa and beti are okay know?
Ishani: Haan we are okay.(in a worried voice):But Ranveer I really don't know why that sometimes when Raagini cry that cry is so hurting me. These are not her normal cry she is getting feared of something I think.
Ranveer(touching her shoulders):Ishani you have brought up Raagini so well and you will do it till she grow I know that. And Raagini is a smart child she knows to manage everything so don't worry and you are the world's best mother don't think that you are not taking good care of Raagini no one can take care of her like you.
Ishani:(with a head shake):Tk..
Ranveer(lovingly moved himself towards them and sat close to them and he put his hands over Ishani's shoulders): So Raagini can we have a family hug?
Ishani(making Raagini come out of the hug and made her see Ranveer in a lovely voice): Haan why not? let us.. come baby hug mama and Papa..

Raagini cutely put her one hand in Ishani's neck and other hand in Ranveer's neck where Ranveer hugged Raagini and with one hand he hugged Ishani. They were smiling at each other where that was a small world of their family with lot and lot of happiness in their heart.
Naina with evil face turned from the wall of Ishani's room. She completely heard what all conversation went inside between Ranveer and Ishani'
Naina(with a frustrated face in thoughts);What is this Ishani?I thought she will scold so much but she is not even fit to scold a little child it seems. Oh god no I cannot see this and all let me leave the house. I thought its easy to separate them If I am near them but no I cannot burn in jealousy seeing Ranveer with Ishani. Let me leave..
She entered her room and dialed Rithika's number and waited for the call to be picked.
Rithika:(picking the call):Hello Naina.
Naina:Rithika let me come back to my house.
Rithika: But why?
Naina:No I am not able to separate them they are so much loving each other. I Love Ranveer so much Rithika I am not able to see Ranveer with that Ishani. Let me come to home then let us do something from being away from them.
Rithika:Naina come on please stop being emotional. doing some drama you have entered till the house of Ranveer..
Naina(in a instant and disappointed tone with tears in her eyes): But I am not able to enter Ranveer's heart Rithika. He is not a man to fall that easily.
Rithika:So what are you up to ? you won't get this chance again Naina be in their house try to the extreme you can.. think and act.
Naina(for a while thought about being near Ranveer): If I am here I am happy in seeing Ranveer's face but I am not able to see the way he is behaving with Ishani. I cannot control myself.
Rithika(with a honey mixed tone): But at least you are able to be near Ranveer know bear it and try to separate Ranveer from Ishani.
Naina:(wiping her tears): Okay I will bear till the extreme I can.
Rithika(with a smile):That's the spirit come on Naina you can
Naina: Okay let me cut the call Rithika
Rithika: Hmm okay.

Naina cut the call and went to the washroom and washed her face and wiped her face with the towel and came out of the washroom. She thought to go to the hall and she came out of her room when she came out Ranveer came out of Ishani's room with Raagini who was having her mobo teddy bear in her hand. He came and sat in the sofa and made Raagini comfortable in his embrace and made teddy bear to be in his lap. Naina controlling her anger came and sat in the center sofa and saw Raagini where the cutie pie seeing Naina turned to other side and hugged Ranveer and rested her head in his chest.
Naina:Is she okay now Ranveer?
Ranveer(with a smile): Haan she is okay now.
Naina:She badly got hurt.
Ranveer:she has tried to walk it seems but she is okay now.
When he was telling it Ishani came out making herself fresh.
Ishani(with a smile seeing Naina): sorry Naina as Raagini fell down I forgot about giving you tea. let me get tea for all.
Naina(with a smile): Hmmm okay Ishani.

Ishani entered the kitchen to make tea to all where Raagini cutely raised her head from Ranveer's chest and saw him with a cute look.
Ranveer(seeing his daughter staring at him): why are you looking at papa like this baby?
Raagini: Papa..Kani..
Ranveer:(without understanding):What Kani?
Raagini(touching his mouth with her hands): Kani..
Ranveer: Kani matlab(he was thinking something related to Raagini) sorry baby I cannot get you(making himself):tk ek minute..(seeing inside the kitchen) Ishani
Ishani:(being in the kitchen): Haan Ranveer..
Ranveer:what is meant by Kani in Raagini's language?
Ishani(had a smile hearing it in a cute tone): Its Kahani Ranveer. She asking you to tell her some story.
Ranveer(with a smile); Okay let me.(seeing Raagini) you want Kahani?
Raagini(shaking her head as yes): Hmmm
Ranveer:Tk let Papa tell you a story of a princess okay.
Raagini(held his neck well and started to listen to him); hmm

Naina was completely shattered at the way Ranveer is taking care of Raagini and Ishani. She was able to sit in the sofa next to Ranveer but not even a single glance of Ranveer fell on her.
Ranveer(in a emotional smile): There was a beautiful princess she was so cute and lovely(he thought about Ishani before their marriage). All the guys wanted her to be their wife. But there was a guy who was silently loving her.(he thought of him staring at Ishani from childhood) He thought If he get her he will give her all the happiness in her life. Finally he got that princess as his wife. They didn't live a normal life for so many days. One stupid cheap man came in that princess life and he showed that princess as characterless in this guy's eyes. The guy who loved her so much simply believing the proof that cheap man gave him hurt that princess a lot. He didn't even think her as a normal human being. He made her a servant, He treated her like a door mat. (he smiled at Raagini) when a man who don't know the value of a diamond got that diamond in his hand means he never knows to handle it that is what this guy too. He never know the value of that princess. That princess went to Jail to prevent this stupid guy. She was the princess who was thinking of leaving to US for her higher studies before her marriage but marrying that love mad guy she got a hell life where that princess who need to be cared and given golden lifestyle went to jail just for the sake of loving this guy. Finally he got that princess back in his life. (in a confirmed tone): Now all that guy need to know is he need to respect that princess life long he should never ill treat her. He should never forget that she too has self respect. She is really a golden angel. you know who is that princess?
Raagini(cutely listening to his story showing her hands towards the kitchen): hmmm Mama..
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmm you are right..

Naina was holding the sofa tightly controlling her anger. This time it exceeded her tolerance limit.Ishani came out with the tray with tea cups. She kept the tea tray in the tea poi.
Ishani:(seeing Naina):take you tea Naina.
Naina:(with a made up smile): hmmm

Naina took a tea cup where Raagini showed her hands towards Ishani.
Ishani(taking Raagini in her hand):Oh my lovely baby..
where that was the moment Raagini immeditely kissed Ishani's cheeks other day the cutie pie who used to keep her lips in Ishani's cheek today kissed her cheek where that was a lovely gift for Ishani.

Ishani(feeling Raagini's kiss):wow baby you finally kissed Mama what happen baby suddenly to the level of kissing Mama?
Ranveer(got up and stood near Ishani with a cute tone): Nothing big she came to know how respectful person her mother is that is why she has kissed you.
Ishani(without understanding):Respectful person?
Ranveer:Haan Ishani..(before he could tell his mobile beeped where he opened the message and had a smile in thoughts):wow finally done..(seeing Raagini):Raagini will completely respect her mother that is what I came to tell and Raagini tell Mama that she should even take care of Papa..
Ishani: (hitting Ranveer with her one hand in his shoulders lovingly):Ranveer..
Naina(In a anger immediately got up from the sofa): Let me leave Ranveer.
Ranveer and Ishani turned and saw Naina hearing this word.
Ishani:(seeing Naina):What happen Naina? why you need to leave now?
Naina(controlling her jealous and anger): No Ishani I think its time to leave those henchmen won't come here after. I have been here for two days how many days I can be here. Raagini may feel uncomfortable let me leave..
Ranveer(with a friendly smile):Surely you can leave now Naina..

Naina who thought that Ranveer will insist her to stay here was completely disappointed to hear this words from Ranveer where even Ishani didn't get the meaning for Ranveer's words.
Screen freezes on disappointed face of Naina..
To be continued Wink

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shaktiluvradz Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Hey sakshi great finally chudayil 's leaving. Hope to get some good scenes of ishveer. .cutipie 's amazing today smarty child keep update dear 

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Sahil88 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 June 2016 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Hey sakshi its okk work is more important
When ever u get time update the chapter
Come to the story it was nice & cute
Our cuite pie Raghni is so smart
Ranveer took great care of his daughter
Feeling a sigh of releive that finally Naina is leaving
Hope our mahana will not insist her
And we get to see some Romantic cute scens of ishveer it being a long tine

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lifesobeautiful Senior Member

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 12:38am | IP Logged
Hii Sakshi,
It was a wonderful nd so beautiful update
Really Ranveer's very good husband he took care of raagini and ishani vry wellWink
Hurry.. Party So finally chudail's leaving Good if she stay some more day then surly she gona mad to see ishveer romance
Hope ishani not show her mahanta
Update soon
Thanks for pm...

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Zenab78 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 5:17am | IP Logged
Ragini baby every time I fall fer her Ishani is giving motherly love very well and naina jalo aur jalo ..awesome update ..loved all chapters

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sakshi5050 Goldie

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Hi dear nice update
Ishani I and ragini love each other so much and the way ranveer handled the situation wasa awesome I loved it he has become so mature now.
Ragini is a cutie pie she always understand her parents live happiness and pain
Ranveer in every way keep on praising ishani no matter what
Finally his work is done and nai a also going from there that's really nice.
Thnx for pm

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 8:08am | IP Logged
hii sakhi dii..
How r u..??
Lovely chapter loved it a lot..
Raagini is understanding her parents so well...
Ranveer always tells her the sTory of ishani only..
Hiw smart our cutiepie is...
Loved raaginis anser she instantly replied the sTories princess is her mama..
Loved the wOrd kaani how cute she would b saying the wird..Day Dreaming
Naina is leaving that too due to jealousy haha..
Naina ranver wont stop u so dont be in illusion..
But still confused about ranveers phone call messages happy smile..
Let it b u eill reveal soon..
Loved each and every line of this episode..
Hope now there is ishveers romance..
Update soob..waiting for next..
Take care and keep smiling..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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