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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 109)

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Sakshi dr girl congo for Ur 200 episodes and 100 plus pages first of all
Dr, U rock awesome episode loved it a lot
Keep updating dr
Lovely it is 
Continue soon dear 

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U can call me hafsa everyone its my own name

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Sahil88 Groupbie

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Posted: 13 June 2016 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
Eagrly waiting for ishani Reaction
Update soon

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 202
As Ishani asked those question Ranveer saw his coat that had lip marks and then he raised his head and saw Ishani with a not explainable glance. Without having any answer Ranveer again lowered his head and saw the coat. He was standing in front of Ishani like a school boy who used to stand in front of his teacher after getting fail marks in exam.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer seeing the coat and standing silent): Ranveer I am asking you. What is all this?
Ranveer:(seeing Ishani with a not understanding look): Ishani I really don't know how it came. (he was serious in his face): Ishani please trust me actually..

Ishani who was staring at Ranveer with a serious face immediately burst into laughter. Ranveer saw Ishani with a not understanding look. Naina was shocked for a while seeing the way Ishani is laughing.
Naina(in thoughts):What is it? She is laughing. Her husband coat is having a lip mark. It means some girl has kissed her husband for this any woman will laugh. (she saw Ishani who was laughing with a shocked face):What is Ishani up to?
Ranveer(seeing Ishani laughing in a low voice): Ishani why are you laughing?
Ishani(completed her laughter slowly and saw Ranveer where still smile was there in her face):Then what do you expect me to do?I just taught to act like being serious and I just wanted to see your reaction and  see how you are standing in front of me now. you are standing like a school boy who was asked to explain that why he failed in exam by his teacher.
Ranveer:(seeing the coat and again seeing Ishani): you are not angry on this?
Ishani:(coming to her normal self): Not at all Mr. RV. (with a friendly face):Then tell me who kissed you in your coat? No girl can come near you that easily may be(giving a fun smile) your Malini Kapoor came to Nagpur to kiss you again.
Ranveer: No Ishani not at all. I don't know how it came in my coat.
Ishani:(giving a head shake): Hmmm tk. (instantly took the coat from Ranveer's hands): If I put this for washing laundry people can think something let me wash it myself okay.

Telling it she casually entered her room. Ranveer stood in a confusion of how lip marks came in his coat. Where Naina was completely shell shocked at the way Ishani reacted to this scene.
Ranveer with a confused face sat in the sofa and started to think the day he wore that coat and was thinking those days activities where he was damn sure that no girl kissed him. He would never allow any other girl near him. But his mind was completely confused that how those lip marks came in the coat.
Naina(in thoughts):Bhagwan what is it? Ishani's trust on Ranveer. what people are these two? They are having blind trust in each other.
When Naina was thinking it Ishani came out of the room and saw Ranveer who was sitting with a confused face and Naina's face which showed she is thinking something.
Ishani(in a normal tone): Naina...
Naina was still in her thoughts...
Ishani(seeing Naina not reacting to her in a loud tone); Naina..
Naina(coming out of the thoughts): Haan...(stammering)...Haan Ishani...
Ishani(with a smile):what happen to you? you look tensed..
Naina(in a managing voice): Nahi Ishani I am okay I was just silent as you and Ranveer were talking something..
Ishani:We are like that only we will be keep on talking something. And I was up to ask you something. Can I ask it?
Naina: Haan why not? Tell me what is it?
Ishani: Naina henchmen came to the level of killing you too. Have you informed your mother about it or shall we inform it?
Naina(hearing Ishani's question in thoughts):oh my god If Ishani or Ranveer tries to talk to Maa unnecessary Maa has to have a good person acting fine let me mange it(seeing Ishani with a smile):Thanks for the care Ishani But I didn't inform Maa about the things happened here yet and I am not ready to tell it to Maa or my family members.
Ishani: But why Naina?
Naina: Ishani Maa is already worried about Bhaiya and even If she comes to know about me being chased by four henchmen means Maa will get tensed and she too will come here. I don't want Maa to get tensed at the same time I don't want her to travel here and there and to spoil her health. I came to earn here let me do it Ishani. That is what you and Ranveer are safeguarding me know till you both are with me nothing will happen to me.
Ishani: Hmmm okay Naina you are really caring your family's welfare a lot. god will give all happiness in your life.
Naina(giving a fake smile): Mmm
Ishani:Tk let me prepare our breakfast till that you be in room take rest. Having your medicine at right time know Naina?
Naina: Haan I am taking it Ishani.
Ishani: mmm(she gave a smile to Naina).

Ranveer was still sitting thinking about that lip marks in his coat he was still not getting how the lip marks came in his coat. Naina got up from the sofa and entered her room and locked the door.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer sitting with a confused face in the sofa): Mr. Vaghela...
Ranveer raised his face and saw Ishani with the same confused face.
Ishani:(seeing him with a smile):What happen to you? why are you looking confused?
Ranveer without answering her question in a instant got up from the sofa and held her hand and dragged her to her room. He took her inside the room and again coming to the room door locked the door and again came and stood in front of Ishani.
Ishani(seeing his sudden action without getting him):Why did you suddenly bring me inside the room now?
Ranveer(in a low tone): Raagini...
Ishani:(with a smile):She cried when we were about to hug know? I took her but lovely girl again fell in sleep(showed the cradle); she is still sleeping.
Ranveer:(in a low voice his eyes told his honesty): Ishani I really don't know how those lip marks came in my coat. you saw the lip marks and you took it so lightly. How you are able to trust me to this extreme Ishani?
Ishani(with a smile): I trust you Ranveer. I never know why I trust you so much But till my life end I will surely trust you.
Ranveer:But Ishani..
Ishani:for this only you brought me here? (she held his hand): do you remember once when Malini kissed you in your cheek that time there was a lip mark in your face.(See:Episode 45 page 40 Ranveer's unsaid feelings #1) Like that some girl would have mistakenly fell on you that time her lip mark would have come in your coat.
Ranveer: If it has mistakenly come in my coat that should be in one side only but lip marks were in both the sides of my coat. I am really feeling so guilty in front of you Ishani. You are trusting me but I promise you I never left any woman near me other than you.(His eyes was moist and his face was struggling to prove him innocent to his wife).
Ishani(cutely held his cheek with both the hands): Ranveer I trust you forget it that lip mark in coat came somehow okay forget about the coat. More than the proofs the trust I hold on you is strong okay.
Ranveer:trusting me to this extreme? how can you able to do this Ishani?
Ishani: Have you forgot how many times you will come behind me for a kiss. A man who gets many girls kiss won't come behind a single girl for a single kiss but for getting my single kiss you will come behind me any number of times. Ranveer that lip marks came somehow forget it and come to the hall let me give coffee to you. (she took her hands from his cheeks and giving a smile she moved from him and started to move out of the room).
Ranveer(seeing Ishani's trust in thoughts): I am happy to see Ishani's trust but If Ishani seeing this lip mark had mistrust me means I would have lost Ishani. I am sure about the day I was wearing that coat I was in a meeting with my board directors. I didn't even call any girl to my cabin on that day. Even while removing it too I didn't find any lip mark in it but suddenly how those lip marks came?(he was seriously thinking but he was not able to figure out the person who would have done it).
Naina(sitting inside her room in thoughts):what is this? I am not able to make Ranveer mistrust Ishani and now even Ishani seeing lip mark in both the sides of Ranveer's coat she is laughing and making fun of him.(she again in a anger came out of her room and sat in the hall sofa),
RV Mansion...
It was exactly 8.30 where Amba, Baa, Laxmi were sitting in the hall and were selecting Saree as the Saree vendor was showing them. Kailash, Mithesh were sitting in the hall and reading the newspaper and talking something related to it.
Amba(showing a Saree): Laxmi can we have this Saree for Parul?(thinking for a while):where is parul?
Laxmi: She didn't come down yet Moti Behan.
Amba: you go and call her. Let her come and select the Saree for her. Then call Krisha also.
Laxmi: Haan let me call Moti behan..
Telling it Laxmi was moving where Baa and Amba were selecting the Saree.
Amba: I need to get a Saree for Ishani too. After selecting for Parul and others let us call her and ask her what color Saree she wants and then get Saree for Ishani Baa.
Baa:Haan tk Amba get it for her too.
Amba: I am really missing them a lot. Another one more month once they come I am going to keep Raagini with me itself.
Baa; Haan Amba she was playing with all of us our time was going happily now we are missing three of them.
Amba: Hmm one more month Baa they will be back.
Baa; Haan

Sharing their feeling they both started to select the Saree. Laxmi coming to Parul's room and she was knocking Parul's room door.
Laxmi(in a loud voice): Parul..Parul(again knocking it): Parul..
Parul's sleep was disturbed hearing Laxmi's voice and door knock. She opened her eyes where she found herself laying in Sharman's chest. She made her view proper and she saw around her where she saw their clothes laying in the floor and she felt she was cuddled and slept in Sharman's embrace. She thought about the night where she had a smile in her face. When she was thinking it..
Laxmi: Parul(she kept on knocking the door):
Parul(holding the bed sheet to her chest to herself): oh my god as I didn't sleep properly in the night I have slept this much time. Now I cannot open the door too(in a loud voice): Maa I am getting ready let me come.
Laxmi: Haan come soon..
Parul:Tk Maa.

Hearing Parul's voice Laxmi left the place where Parul turned and saw Sharman who was sleeping. His face was so silent and pleasant to her eyes. Seeing him her memory made her to think the last night incident.
Sharman came home when it was 10 o clock. He entered their room and locked the room door where he found Parul sitting with a complete make up.
Sharman:(going near her): Parul..
Parul(got up in anger): Do you ever remember me? What you said me? Today you will come earlier and you will take me to dinner with you? see me I am ready for you when it was 8 o clock but you have come 10 o clock. Even now what is the need? you can even sleep in office itself know?
Sharman: Parul I am sorry I got engaged in a very important work and that is why I forgot...
Parul:forgot. Better completely forget me from your life. You know how happy was I when you told me you will take me for dinner but finally what have you done? I am really not going to talk to you(she was about to go to change).
Sharman:(before she leave him he held her hand and pulled her close to him): I am sorry.
Parul: I don't want your sorry I thought I got a lovely husband but that husband does not have love for me. He has just married me and he is just bearing me as I am his wife. He is not having any feelings for me but I am a mad girl to be so affectionate to him..(she was kept on scolding him with all the words that came to her mouth)
Sharman in a instant seeing her lips that was kept on scolding him he pulled her close to him and he sealed her lips with his lips. Parul who didn't expect it was only standing still where she too didn't move from him.
Sharman(leaving her lips and seeing her eyes):I am really sorry I am not a man to forget you from my life. I am a man to love you for my lifetime. Can I show my love to you?
parul(seeing his eyes and completely lost her in his silent face): you will love you?
Sharman:Always..(he gave a light smile).
Parul(with a lovely eyes):Take me Sharman.
Where Sharman held her with her shoulders and made her walk towards the bed where only she remember the way they laid in the bed where they lovingly consummated their marriage that night.
Parul(with a smile seeing Sharman sleeping): you are really a good husband only. Its almost one year after our marriage our small fight yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day. We completely became better halves. we are the perfect husband and wife. I can surely not see you now before you wake up let me leave the room.
With a shy smile she got up covering herself with the bed sheet and took her dresses and she entered the washroom to make herself ready.
Laxmi came to the hall with Krisha.
Amba(with a smile):Krisha take some Saree for you.
Krisha: Haan Kaki..
Amba(seeing Laxmi): Parul kaha hain?
Laxmi: she is getting ready it seems moti behan. She will come..
Amba: haan tk(seeing Baa): Baa let me call Ishani and ask for what color Saree she wants..
Baa: Haan call her..
Amba(dialed Ishani's number where she heard switched off recorded voice): switched off tk let me call Ranveer(she started to dial Ranveer's number).

Ranveer came out of Ishani's room and sat in the sofa.He glanced Naina who was already sitting in the sofa. Naina gave a smile to him where he too gave a made up smile.
Naina:Ranveer you look so sad what happen?
Ranveer(giving a made up smile); Nothing I am okay.
Naina:Ranveer actually...(before she could tell Ranveer's phone Rang)...
Ranveer(who was seeing her hearing the phone ring):Ek minute Naina..
Ranveer(took his phone and had a smile seeing Amba number picking the call): Maa...
Amba:how you dekhra?
Ranveer: haan Maa I am have called this early.
Amba:Ranveer we were taking Saree for us. So I thought of taking Saree to Ishani also so just want to ask what color Saree she needs. I called her number it was switched off that is why I called your number. Where are you In home or office?
Ranveer: Haan maa I am in home only.Let me call Ishani.
Amba: Haan call her..
Ranveer(seeing inside the kitchen): Ishani..Ishani..
Ishani (came out of the kitchen and she came and stood in front of him): Haan Ranveer.
Ranveer:Maa is in the phone call. She wants to talk to you..
Ishani:(with a happy smile): Maa..(she was about to go back to kitchen).
Ranveer:Arrey why are you again going to kitchen? talk to Maa.
Ishani: (showed her both the hands where both her hands were full of wheat flour)I was mixing the wheat flour with water. let me come washing my hands.
Ranveer(with a smile lovingly got up and came near her and kept the phone in her ears): Talk now..

Ishani gave a smile to him where Ranveer lovingly smile at her. They both got their flashback when Ranveer was her friend. He held phone for her as her hands were full of Mehandi. Now he is still the same to her eyes.
Naina(who was sitting in the sofa had a jealousy face in thoughts): Is my Ranveer servant to this Ishani? He is holding phone for her. even she didn't tell him to hold the phone for her but he himself doing it. (she was burning in a jealousy and disappointment that she is not able to separate them).
Ishani(as Ranveer was holding the phone in her ears); Jai shree Krishna Maa.
Amba: Jai shree Krishna. How are you?
Ishani; Haan Maa I am fine. How are you all there?
Amba: Haan we all are fine but we all are missing you people only. Come soon.
Ishani: Haan only another one month know we will come back. Tk Maa then you have called in this early morning.
Amba:We were taking Saree for all the ladies in home I was about to take Saree to you just want to know what color you want tell me let me select it for you?
Ishani: Maa select what you like I will surely wear it. Color is also your choice only.
Amba:you will like it know If I select.
Ishani: Haan Maa I will like it.
Amba:Tk tk let me get a Saree for you. Fine how is my poti?
Ishani:Aap ki Poti know Maa she is sleeping so much now a days. She woke up today morning and again she fell asleep.
Amba:Its the time for her to sleep. Let her sleep whenever she needs sleep.
Ishani:Tk Maa.

Where Ishani was talking to Amba Ranveer was holding the phone for her where Naina was catching the sofa tightly with her hand and was trying to control her anger.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani talking in the phone in thoughts): My eyes always wanted to see her. Now too I am seeing her lovely pinky lips that is talking now is tempting me to rest my lips always in her lips. The ears that looks fair and bright should hear my words that I use to express my love to her. All I need to confess her is without her this idiot Ranveer can never live his life.
As he was mesmerized in her beauty Ishani took her ears from the phone where Ranveer was standing like a statue staring at her. He was holding the phone in the same position.
Ishani(seeing his standing position and holding the phone):Ranveer Maa has cut the call.
Ranveer(coming to the world): Haan okay.
Ishani:As Raagini cried a lot yesterday and as my mood was off I didn't mind my phone too I didn't put charge to my phone that is why its switched off that is why Maa has called you.
Ranveer(shaking his head as yes): Okay Ishani.
Ishani(seeing Naina):give me another half an hour Naina let me get your breakfast.
Naina:(seeing her with a jealous face in a confirmed tone): Okay Ishani.

Ishani giving a smile entered the kitchen where Ranveer thought about the way Ishani handled the coat lip mark, The trust she is having on him and the way he was admiring her beauty while talking in the phone told his heart that he really needed some closeness with Ishani and he want to have a romance with her.
Where he immediately saw Naina who was sitting in the sofa he controlled himself and he sat in the center sofa.
Naina(seeing Ranveer):Ranveer can I ask you something?
Ranveer: Haan
Naina:you are RV and you are doing works like catching phone for Ishani If any media person see you means they will write making fun about you.(she laughed like kidding him)
Ranveer(with a light smile); Let them write whatever they want. I am serving my wife. A wife is someone who sacrifices everything for the happiness of her husband and his family. For her holding the phone is not a problem to my self-esteem okay. I feel proud to serve my wife.
Naina:(gave a smile without any way);Its really nice to hear.Let me be in my room once breakfast is ready call me.
Ranveer: Hmm okay.

Naina getting frustrated seeing Ranveer and Ishani's closeness she entered her room and again locked it. She was fuming like anything.
Naina(held her forehead with both the hands she sat in the bed);What to do to separate these two? How I am going to get my Ranveer?(she was like a psycho thinking for some idea).
Ranveer (getting Naina went to her room): Ishani..
Ishani: Haan Ranveer.
Ranveer: I need some things from your room come and take and give me.
Ishani:(came out from the kitchen): What you want?
Ranveer:Its in your room go there let me tell you.

Ishani giving a impossible look to him she entered her room where Ranveer like a cute young boy entered behind her and immediately locked the room door. He pulled Ishani who was in front of him and he made her back hit the room door and he pulled her close to him.
Ishani(realizing she is in Ranveer's embrace):Ranveer what are you doing?
Ranveer: I am so happy today.
Ishani: you said you want something.
Ranveer: Haan I want some love from you, Romance with you and want some more kisses from you.
Ishani:Ranveer morning only we romanced what is this? leave me now I need to finish doing breakfast.
Ranveer(pulling her even close to him); Thank you so much.
Ishani:For what?
Ranveer:For trusting me this much. How you are able to trust me this much Ishani?
Ishani(without any words held his head and made his head lower where she lovingly gave a kiss in his forehead): I trust you.
Ranveer(cutely smiling at her and turned and showed his cheek to Ishani): here..

Ishani with a smile kissed his cheek where Ranveer cutely showed his other cheek Ishani loving the way Ranveer is behaving to her she kissed his other cheek too. Getting the kiss Ranveer was cutely showing his lips to Ishani.
Ranveer: Here too..
Ishani: I know you will finally ask this only that is it leave me.
Ranveer held her without leaving her where this time there was heavy cry of Raagini was heard to them.
Ishani:Raagini got up here after she won't sleep leave me.
Ranveer:Tk (he left her cutely)..

Ishani giving a smile came out of his grip and took Raagini where the cutie pie was crying cutely.
Ishani:Finished your next round sleep. Now can we fresh up.
Raagini:(still crying): Mama...
Ishani: hmm Mama come fresh up and be in the hall. Once all finish their breakfast let Mama make you have your bath okay.
Raagini(controlling her crying): Hmmm.

Ranveer saw his daughter and wife where Ishani entered the washroom to make Raagini fresh. Ranveer moved to the hall.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Love you, too! Heart

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by CarpedeimRose

Sakshi dr girl congo for Ur 200 episodes and 100 plus pages first of all
Dr, U rock awesome episode loved it a lot
Keep updating dr
Lovely it is 
Continue soon dear 

Hi Jenny thanks for the wishes and thanks for the support to the story till date
happy that you liked the episode
ya let me update it dear
happy that you loved it
keep reading WinkWinkWinkWink

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Originally posted by Sahil88

U can call me hafsa everyone its my own name

oh okay darling let me call you with your name itself hafsa sweet name TongueTongueTongueTongue
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Sahil88

Eagrly waiting for ishani Reaction
Update soon

Ya her reaction is updated dear
read to know our heroin reaction
keep reading WinkWinkWink

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