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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 107)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2016 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hii sakshi dii...
How r u..??
Lovely chapter...
Ishveers romancs loved it..
Naina its better ahe sleeps whole day...
Raagini cutiepie would be sleeping so cutely and hugging her mother..Day Dreaming
Lovely chapter..
Ranveer ia planning to send naina back to her home i m saying plan to send bACK her to haryana...
Waiting for next sakshi di..
Update soon...
Love u..
Take care and keep smiling..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hi Gudiya
ya I am doing good
hope you are fing
glad you liked the chapter
happy that you loved ishveer romance
hmmm ya that stupid can sleep all the day
happy that you liked the way Raagini would be sleeping and hugging IShani
glad you liked the chapter
ya Ranveer is planning to send Naina back to her room hmm ya all are wishing the same that she should almost go back to Haryana itself
ya let me update it dear
keep reading
love you too WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2016 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya


Hi Gudiya thanks for the wishes its all you people reading it has
brought till  200 episodes thanks for it

when did I shock you all dear???

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-FlameOfHope- IF-Rockerz

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Congratulations for a 100 pages and 200 chapters, dear! Keep going. 

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-FlameOfHope- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2016 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Confession - read all updates on IshVeer in the forum even though I had a pact not to as they trigger feelings again. So, I read yours and I just went on marvelling. You needed to be our script writer for the show. 

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2016 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
Episode 201
When Ranveer came out of the washroom after having a bath in the morning he came to the mirror and saw himself and he started to get ready. He was wearing a light blue shirt and black jean. He was looking young and handsome as usual. He searched for Ishani where he didn't find her in room.
Ranveer(combing his hair):She would be in kitchen making coffee for all of us.
Ishani was making coffee for all in the kitchen when she poured the coffee in the cups she heard a knock in the main door. she kept the coffee cups in the tray and came out of the kitchen where that was right time Naina who was ready for the day was sitting in the sofa of the hall wearing a short trouser exposing her legs and a t-shirt.
Ishani(with a smile):Good morning Naina.
Naina:Good morning Ishani.
Ishani:Wait a while someone has come once I see who is it. Let me give coffee for you.
Naina(with a fake smile): Okay Ishani.

Ishani giving a smile to Naina started to walk towards the main door and she opened the door where Laundry man was standing in front of her.
Laundry man:good morning Madamji dresses for washing.
Ishani(with a smile):good morning come in let me bring it.
Laundry man: Yes madam.(he came and stood in the hall)
Ishani(showing the sofa): Please sit..
Laundry man: No one will tell us to come inside the home itself but you are asking me to sit. Its okay madam give me the dresses let me leave.
Ishani:Its okay actually I have made coffee for all now only before coffee loses its hotness I need to serve all so let me serve it first then only I can bring the dresses meant for washing so till that you no need to stand please sit.
Laundry man:Okay Madam(he gave a grateful smile to her).

Ishani gave a smile to him and she entered the kitchen to bring coffee. Laundry man sat in a individual sofa seeing Naina with a uncomfortable look.
Naina(in thoughts seeing laundry man): This Ishani never knows standards. She is making servants to come inside the house. Don't know how this very big RV has married a woman who does not give know how to treat a servant. Servant all should be kept in a distance or else they will dance in our heads.
When she was thinking it Ishani came out of the kitchen with the tray of coffee cups. She came and showed the tray to Naina.
Ishani:Take your coffee Naina..
Naina: (taking a coffee cup): Hmmm thanks
Ishani: Hmm okay(she showed the tray to Laundry man): take it.
Laundry man: Its okay Madam I don't want it.
Ishani:arrey you have come in this morning time so Only I am giving coffee have it let me bring the clothes.
Laundry man(with a faithful smile took the coffee from the tray):thank you madam.
Ishani(giving a light smile): Hmmm.
She kept the tray in the tea poi and started to enter her room.As she opened her room door Ranveer who was about to come out of the room exactly hit her with full force. They both clashed to each other in a force.
Ranveer(having a jerk stood properly and saw in front of him): Ishani tum?
Ishani:(standing properly after the clash): Haan mein I didn't expect you will be coming sorry.
Ranveer:(gave a smile): No need sorry and all I am really happy at this lovable clash.
Ishani(giving a smile): Enough of romantic dialogues Mr.Vaghela go to the hall let me give you coffee.
Ranveer: Hmmm okay.

Both of them exchanging a smile Ishani started to move inside her room room to take the clothes that need to be washed. Ranveer went to the hall where Naina had a happiness seeing Ranveer. He was cute as always. He was so cool in the light blue shirt and black jean pant.
Ranveer(sat in the another individual sofa and seeing the laundry man): aap?
Laundry man(finishing his coffee): Laundry man sir you only asked me to wash this house cloths before a month(he was about to get up).
Ranveer(with a friendly smile):Arrey why you need to get up? sit sit. Haan I can remember now.(he gave a smile to him)

Laundry man sat back in the sofa giving a faithful smile. Ranveer took the newspaper and started to read it.
Naina(in thoughts with anger face): He is seeing a laundry man but I am sitting here he is not even seeing me or wishing me good morning. I am really feeling sad for this behavior of yours Ranveer. I won't leave you today.
Naina(in a normal voice): Ranveer...
Ranveer(taking his head from the paper): Haan Naina
Naina: I am sitting here you are not even ready to wish me good morning too know?
Ranveer(giving a light smile): Okay good morning.
Naina: you are really making me hurt Ranveer. you are ignoring me all the way you can.
Ranveer:Arrey Naina what I did to the level of ignoring you. I am sorry I didn't tell good morning to you. That is what I said you now know?
Naina: Fine leave it good morning. But I need to know something?
Ranveer(hiding his irritation):What?
Naina:Where is the chain I presented you for birthday?
Ranveer:(didn't even remember it and he was thinking about the chain in thoughts):Where I kept it? oh god...
Naina:(with a questioning look):What you are not able to remember it know? If you ever valued me in your life you would have remembered about my gift. But you are not minding me just holding me for a responsibility to safeguard me.
Ranveer:(in a confirmed face): Naina stop talking to me like this. Wo chain..
Naina: you left it in office itself. I am really got hurt seeing your behavior Ranveer.I was about to ask it about you yesterday itself due to henchmen problem I was bit upset so only I am asking it now. I am seeing you as a friend but you are...
Ranveer(in thoughts):I really don't know how many days I need to struggle with this girl. Just for a safety only I allowed her to stay in my house but she is crossing her all limits to me. But all I need to do is smile and manage the situation. (he immediately smile to her):What is this Naina? I have kept it in office only know? Both office and home are same to me. Both the places will always hold special place in my life. And more of everything I have left the chain that is my wrong only but you ever know which place I have left the chain?
Naina(had a smile seeing the way Ranveer was convincing her in a low voice); where?
Ranveer(giving a smile): I have left it in the place where I am always near you. Office is the place I am really happy to spend with you there only I have left it know It will be safe in the office and I will keep it with me okay.
Naina;Sure know..
Ranveer: Haan sure now smile.

Naina smiled at him where Ranveer too gave a cute smile to her.
Ishani came out with a basket and kept it in the hall.
Ishani(seeing laundry man): Here are the clothes..(seeing Ranveer) Is there any dresses in your room Ranveer?
Ranveer: Haan there are some dresses of mine to be washed. Let me bring it.(he got up and was about to go to his room(where Naina is now staying)).
Naina(hearing about the dresses and that too Ranveer's dresses a idea came to her mind in a immediate tone):Ek Minute Ranveer.
Ranveer(turned and saw Naina):what?
Naina;(seeing Ishani and Ranveer);Ishani even my dresses are too there which need to be washed can I give it?
Ishani:what is there to ask permission for this? Bring it Naina.
Naina(shaking her head as yes with a smile): Hmm okay(seeing Ranveer who was about to enter his room):Ranveer let me bring my dresses first then you go and bring it.
Ranveer(shaking his head as yes without a smile in his face): Hmm tk.

Naina immediately entered her room and closed the door without locking it. She immediately searched for the basket that is kept for keeping the dresses for wash. As she searched it she found the basket in the one corner of the room. The basket had two coats, shirts and pants in it. It was Ranveer's dresses.
Naina(had a evil smile):so here is the chit to make Ishani mistrust you Ranveer. Some how you have realized the mistake of leaving the chain I gave you in office. As you said office is the place you are spending time with me I am happy for it. Fine now Ishani will mistrust you soon.
Naina went to the dressing table and took her lipstick and she applied lipstick to her lips. She had lipstick in her hand still and she walked towards the basket and carefully took Ranveer's one coat and she kissed the back part of Ranveer's coat.
Naina(with a happiness): Today I am kissing your coat Ranveer one day surely I will kiss you all over your shirt and even your body.
She saw the coat where she has planted the kiss. The lipstick mark was so well stuck to Ranveer's coat. She turned his coat and again applying lipstick to her lips She kissed the front side of the coat and again gave a check in the coat where the lipstick mark was so well stuck to Ranveer's coat. She put his coat back in the basket and she went to the washroom quickly and washed her mouth.
Naina(wiping her mouth completely):To the extreme I saw Ishani she has never applied lipstick so If she sees this lipstick mark she will surely question Ranveer about who kissed him? or what is it? This will slowly start misunderstanding between them. (she had a happy smile for sketching this plan): Suddenly Ranveer told about his dress brought this idea to me.
She took her dress which she changed in the morning from the washroom and came out of the washroom and dropped it in the basket above Ranveer's dresses. She took the basket herself and started to walk towards her room entrance. She opened the door and brought the basket herself.
Ishani(seeing her bringing the basket):Arrey Naina you would have brought your dresses alone know?
Naina: Its okay Ishani what is there in it? Its my house too know?
Ishani: Haan ya its like your house only. Keep the basket here(she showed the place near the Laundry man).

Keeping the basket near Laundry man Naina came and stood near Ranveer where Ranveer gave a light smile glancing her.
Ranveer:Thanks for bringing my dresses too.
Naina(with a good person smile): Haaan its okay I was there so putting my dresses in it I brought it.

Laundry man started to take the dresses that came from Ishani's room one by one.
Ishani:Count it. Be sure you don't miss any cloth and then take it for washing.
Laundry man: Okay madam.

Ranveer went and sat in the center sofa where Naina sat in the individual sofa. Laundry man was counting the dresses from the Ishani's room's basket where taking his own time he counted it and taking the long cloth he brought he kept those dresses in it and tied it as a bundle to carry for washing. He took the basket that came from Ranveer's room.
Naina(in thoughts): Ishani should see that coat. if this laundry man take the coat as means...
Ishani(before Naina could complete her thinking):Please check the coat pockets my husband could have kept something and forgot to take it out too.
Laundry man: Haan tk Madam let me check it.

Ranveer took the newspaper and started to read from where he left it.
Naina(hearing Ishani's words in thoughts): Not bad Ishani you yourself gave a bright way. Surely that coat will fall in your eyes now no doubt in it.
Ishani was too having a count over the dresses she is sending for laundry. Naina was waiting for the beautiful scene that is going to happen between Ranveer and Ishani which is Ishani's mistrust on Ranveer. The laundry man took Naina's dresses and kept a count on it where he took a black coat of Ranveer and he checked its pockets.
Laundry man(seeing Ishani): Nothing is there in these pockets madam.
Ishani: Hmm okay and check the pant pockets too.
Laundry man: Hmm sure madam.

Where he immediately took the next white mixed light brownish coat of Ranveer he was checking the pockets where Ishani who was concentrating in the counting of dresses didn't fail to notice the lipstick marks in the coat. She made her view sharp and saw the coat where there was a lipstick mark in the back of Ranveer's coat.
Naina(had a smile seeing Ishani seeing the lipstick mark):Finally Ishani saw the lip mark but I want more emotion Ishani come on..(she saw Ranveer who was silently reading the newspaper): Like this itself let me create all the possible misunderstanding between you both and let me mix mistrust poison in the mind of Ishani and make her leave you . Its my first step only for that itself there will be heavy reaction from Ishani's side it seems.(as she was thinking)
Ishani(seeing the coat when the laundry man was about to kept the dress for washing in a instant tone):Give that coat to me.
Laundry man:I have checked the pockets madam nothing is inside it.
Ishani: Nahi I want that coat give me. Don't want to take it for washing.
Laundry man(though didn't understand it gave the coat to her): Okay madam.

Ishani got the coat and kept in her hand where she glanced Ranveer who was reading the newspaper. He didn't concentrate in the incidents that is happening around him. Ishani waited for the laundry man to leave where the laundry man finally took the other dresses and bundled it and telling the total count of the dresses to Ishani.
Laundry man: Let me give it by another 4 days madam.
Ishani: Hmm okay.

Laundry man giving a head shake started to move towards the entrance of the house and left the house. Ranveer feeling laundry man left was casually taking his head from the paper and saw Ishani where he saw his coat in her hand.
Ranveer(folding the paper): Ishani why you didn't put this coat for washing? why are you having it in your hand?
Ishani:(with a confirmed face):Ranveer this coat?
Ranveer:What happened for this coat?
Ishani(holding the coat in front of him);get and see this coat.
Ranveer(without understanding seeing the coat): Haan I saw it what is there in this coat?
Ishani:Get it in your hand and see its back side and front side.
Ranveer:for what?
Ishani:Get it Ranveer..
Ranveer(got the coat from Ishani's hands and saw the coat where he was bit shocked seeing the lip marks in his coat):aye.. coat mein..lip mark..(he was struggling to answer) Ishani...
Naina(seeing the sharp look Ishani is giving to Ranveer and the way Ranveer was struggling to answer Ishani was making her so happy in thoughts):Finally mistrust of Ishani mission has started.
Ranveer(seeing the other side of the coat and again seeing the lipstick mark in it): Ishani lip mark..
Ishani(with a strict look);What is all this Ranveer?
Ranveer(without understanding the lips mark secret and hearing Ishani's question): Na
hi Ishani I don't know how it came?
Ishani was seeing his with a angry cum sharp look. Ranveer was seeing her with a  not explainable look. Naina was smiling sitting in the sofa.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Congratulations for a 100 pages and 200 chapters, dear! Keep going. 

thanks a lot annu darling for the wishes its all your support that made this story to reach this level
happy for your wishes
Don't know whether I can tell this but telling it keep reading my cutie pie WinkWinkWink

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Confession - read all updates on IshVeer in the forum even though I had a pact not to as they trigger feelings again. So, I read yours and I just went on marvelling. You needed to be our script writer for the show. 

oh my cutie pie confession its really lovely
hmmm again ishveer made you fall for their story happy that you read all the ishveer story and supporting all the writers again
nothing is going to trigger feelings and all dear its just a story enjoy it reading If you want
happy that you again ready my story I was badly missing you in my thread that I felt I lost a good reader but finally my cutie pie is back
happy that you liked my story
hmm not to the level of script writer and all dear just writing to entertain all readers that is it
love you always WinkWinkWinkWink

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Nice chapter
Hate naina for showing ranver to care every time
I hope ishani dont mistrust Ranveer

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