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Hey buddies! Umm I kind of wrote a one shot hehe. This is dedicated to Natasha, because earlier on during this week she told me to try my hand at writing and I really really don't think I did a good job. I'm more of a factual writer than a creative one. But at her insists, I chose to try my hand out on something, so here we are! As you all are very aware of, I blabber on endlessly and this is my attempt at cuteness/comedy, so this is pretty long sorry! I prefer emotional stories but I'll leave those for my writing buddies her eon the forum! So without further ado...


"Yaar Kunj yeh Twinkle Bhabhi itna time kyun laga rahi hain. Yeh ladies na, bahut zyada intezaar karwati hain, isliye toh main single hoon," whined Cherry, clicking his shoes impatiently on the ground. This earned him a groan from the family members and an especially dangerous glare from Bebe. 

"Oye good for nothing, tujhe kya? Boti Kunj ki hai na, usko takleef nahi ho rahi toh teri awaaz kyun nikal rahi hai?" retorted Bebe. Kunj giggled, knowing very well that Cherry bhaiya just wanted to leave for Mahi's graduation party to get to the food. "Ja Kunj putar, dekh agar meri bahu ko kuch chayi aur aram se use leya. Hum nikal jate hai, tu humare peeche peeche ah ja." Smirking at Cherry, Kunj nodded to Bebe and made his way up the stairs to their bedroom. He knew how cranky Twinkle was nowadays but that didn't stop him from pushing her buttons, and so he prepared a little lecture in his head about how inconsiderate she was of her devar's stomach. "Twinkle sun na-" Kunj stopped in his tracks, mouth left wide open at the sight in front of him. 

Twinkle stood in her favorite spot of their bedroom-in front of the mirror- and was fumbling with pinning her shimmering gold dupatta in attempt to cover her protruding stomach. A frown adorned her beautiful face, her long eyelashes batting furiously as she grew increasingly impatient. All thoughts of poking fun at his wife flew out the window as he admired her. Love filled his eyes seeing her in the maroon-gold anarkali he had gifted her. He slowly advanced towards her, realizing she had still not seen him and hoping she wasn't this clueless all the time, the chick had a superpower to attract siyaapas. Walking up to her, he covered her soft, small hands on the dupatta with his larger ones. 

Twinkle's breath hitched, feeling Kunj's hot breath fan on her neck, momentarily forgetting about her annoying dupatta. He placed a feathery kiss on the nape of her neck, intending on continuing with his ministrations when he felt a harsh prick on his palm. "Twinkle-OUCH!" he let out, scaring the jeebers out of her as well. Seeing her panic stricken face in the mirror, he realized he had overreacted. Damn his wife for being so dramatic and rubbing off on him. 

"Kya hua Kunj?! Tum teek ho nah?" Twinkle frantically conveyed only to be met with the blame game. "Haan haan pehle nuksaan punchaon aur phir pretend karo ke bahut fikar hai tume meri." Kunj immediately regret letting that slip from his mouth as he watched Twinkle's mouth form an "O" as her famous "hawww" escaped. Not realizing she still held the pin between her thumb and index finger, Twinkle went ahead poked her well manicured nail in Kunj's chest, once again causing him to groan from the prick. "Before you start, both times you got hurt, it was your own fault Mr. Kunj Sarna! If you hadn't snuck up on me like that and then annoyed me, I would have pinned my dupatta in peace by now." 

It was Kunj's turn to squint his eyes at his wife; trying to understand how she so quickly managed to turn all her siyaapas on him. "You're the one taking ages to get ready Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna! Everyone is waiting for you downstairs aur tumse ek dupatta bhi nahi set ho raha!" 

"Excuse me?! Is it my fault that I'm having a baby? Sari tumari galti hai. Ek toh main itni moti lag rahi hoon, upar se ye dupatta mera phet nahi cover kar raha aur phir tum mujhe dant teh hi rehte ho." Twinkle sniffled, moving backwards with a frown stretched across her face and Kunj knew he had royally messed up this time. Why couldn't he keep his mouth shut? As Twinkle stepped back, he stepped forward, once again closing all distance between them and this time his hands went to her tummy. He kneeled down and slowly caressed his wife's side, beginning to whisper to the little angel; "Oh ho Lagta hai mama bahut naraz ho gayi hai. Ab inko smile kaise karwaye?" Finishing off his little convo, Kunj rose back up, his hands finding their way to Twinkle's cheeks. "Twinkle Kunj Sarna, tum is duniya ki sabse haseen aurat ho aur tum bahut adorable lagti ho ese guploo ho ke." A blush crept along Twinkle's cheeks and Kunj sighed in contentment, happy in her happiness. He leaned forward a pressed a small kiss against her forehead, to which Twinkle responded by encircling her arms around his neck. Both were enjoying their moment of tranquility when Twinkle felt a sharp pain run through her abdomen. Her little shriek caused Kunj to pull away, this time making him the one panicking about hurting her. "Oh no Twinkle did I hug you too hard?! Are you okay?!" Twinkle simply motioned towards the bed, her face contorting in pain. Instead of simply leading her there, Kunj locked one arm around her waist and the other firmly under her knees, lifting her up slowly and carrying her to the bed. As soon as he was sure Twinkle was comfortably seated, he reached for the jug of water on their bedside table and poured her a glass. After taking a few sips, Twinkle's breathing evened out and she tried to reassure Kunj she was okay and did not need a hospital. The last few weeks had been the worst, she was ready for their baby to join them but clearly the baby wasn't as willing. Coming to the end of her ninth month, Twinkle experienced such pains often but Kunj being Kunj freaked out each time. 

"Twinkle dekho hum party main nahi jate. Mahi will understand, woh tumari behen hain" pleaded Kunj, trying to convince his stubborn wife that they could relax at home. 

"Haw Kunj exactly woh meri behen hai, aur aaj uski graduation party hai! I won't miss it for anything. Waise bhi it's not like I plan on dancing or anything, I'm going to sit there too. Mahi has been through so much. Ab jab ek khushi ayi hai main usko miss nahi kar sakti! Bas tum is chote Sadu Sarna ko keh do ke aaj mujhe zyada tang na kare." 

"Nahi nahi ab toh mujhe zaroor yakeen hai ke ye Ek choti Siyaapa Queen hi hai, jo is duniya main ane se pehle hi meri bari Siyaapa Queen jo tang kar rahi hai." Kunj raised his eyebrow, ready for Twinkle's response but all he received was a fit of giggles. He stood there in awe watching her throw her head back so carefree, truly happy. Nine months ago when they had received the news, neither of them thought they were ready for this responsibility. But Kunj soon pulled out the parenting books and Twinkle joined a maternity class, which coupled with Bebe, Leela, and Usha's fussing, caused a very enjoyable pregnancy. Kunj too began to chuckle remembering how all his ladies would team up against him whenever Twinkle wanted to do something his over protective self would not allow. Now no one could wait any longer, especially since they had decided that they would keep the gender of the baby a surprise. Dinners at the Taneja and Sarna house mostly revolved around gender discussions and associated names. Kunj knew that Twinkle wanted a little boy because she never had a brother, but he wanted a little girl. He would protect and cherish her forever, she would be the little Sarna princess! 

Leela Ma's call cut them both out of their reverie. After realizing how much time had passed in their bedroom and knowing it was futile to continue arguing with Twinkle, Kunj grabbed her dupatta, smoothly pinned it across her shoulder and took her hand in his, leading her out the door. The car ride was a quiet one, full of smiles and romantic songs as their intertwined hands rest between them. As soon as they got to the venue, Twinkle ran, or rather hobbled like a penguin towards Mahi, engulfing her in the biggest hug. Admiring their little moment, Kunj too joined them and hugged Mahi, congratulating her. It never failed to amuse him how similar these two sisters were, despite being so far away from each other most of their lives. He was so proud of how Mahi had picked herself up after Yuvi's betrayal and focused on her studies. They really had come so far as a family, and there wasn't a better environment for his and Twinkle's child to be born into. 

Looking around he could see Raman Mamu and Cherry bhaiya gossiping at the food table. Raman Mamu had finally found himself someone who loved food as much as he did (hehehe). That only lasted a few minutes because as soon as Kunj registered what was going on, a leg piece of chicken went flying into the punch bowl. Oh dear, these two did not know the meaning of sharing and caring. Any other day Kunj would've meddled, but he decided to let babe handled the two as he went back to Twinkle to see if she was having any more pain. As he approached the table she was seated at, he realized her face was contorted with pain once again and an unsettling knot made its way to the pit of his stomach. He quickly grabbed his handkerchief out of his suit pocket and began wiping the sweat beads off of her forehead. 

"Twinkle are you okay? Is it time?!?" Kunj didn't want to make her panic but he couldn't disguise the worry in his voice which only made Twinkle more anxious. "No no Kunj it can't be time, I have to give the speech I wrote for Mahi. I'm fine, don't worry," saying this Twinkle tried to get up from her seat but that only caused her to cry out in pain. "Yaar Twinkle baar main jaye speech. Let me get Bebe okay. Tu relax kar." 

"Maine ka na sab teek hai," and Twinkle proceeded to blow her nose into Kunj's handkerchief, all while holding his hand, refusing to let go. Knowing what was coming next, she warned him not to call her a bachi. 

"Twinkle tu bachi nahi hai liken abhi humara bacha hone wala hai!! Please mera haat chor ke main Bebe ko bulaoon aur car leke aoon." That managed to do the trick and now Twinkle was truly anxious, why did she waste so much time?! She didn't want to give birth to the baby here. Breathe Twinkle breathe.

Kunj looked around for Bebe, and saw she was still arguing with Mamaji and Cherry. Yaar kya family hai humari. Abhi bhi chicken pe lar rahe hai, kisi ko idea bhi nahi hai ke kya chal raha hai yahan par! As soon as Kunj got Bebe's attention, she too began freaking out and cursed Cherry for being good for nothing but nonetheless ran to give her nou some support. Kunj got the car out only to have Cherry have some crazy desire to come with him. "Bro you have half a second to get away from my car. Get into your own car and bring the maa's, I'm taking Twinkle!" That threat along with a death glare seemed to do it for Cherry and he followed the orders given sheepishly. Mahi helped Kunj lead Twinkle into the car and sat with her in the back as he broke every driving law he knew in order to get Twinkle and his kid to the hospital. 

The next eight hours Twinkle was in labor were the most excruciating hours of Kunj's life. The thought of his Twinkle going through so much pain was driving him crazy. He was not going to do this again. Nope nope nope. Breaking the silence that enveloped the hospital corridor, Cherry suggested that Kunj get a video recorder and record the process. Kunj didn't know whether to bang his head against the wall or hurt Cherry for wanting to record. Bebe handled this as well as she pulled his ear and sent him away to get them tea. Yaar main zaroor pagal ho jaoonga aaj tension ke saath. 

Haye Wahe Guru, tera lak lak shukar hai, mere bachon ko finally khushi mil rahi hai. Bas ab mere putar aur nou ko hamesha asi hi khush rakna - Bebe

Mujhe pata tha ke Kunj ko Twinkle ke liye chun na, meri zindagi ka sabse acha decision tha, aaj jo khushi ah rahi hai in dono ki zindagi main, ye dono ab kabhi alag nahi honge -Leela

The high pitched cry of a baby broke everyone out of their thoughts and Kunj rushed forward to the ward, ecstatic to see his baby and his Twinkle. His feet came to a stop right outside the door as another cry filled the room, making his heartbeat increase. The nurse opened the door, welcoming Kunj with two little bundles of joy, a boy and a girl. Twinkle's little Sadu Sarna and his little Siyaapa Queen. He didn't realize when he started crying. He used his sleeves to wipe away the fat happy tears furiously, ready to welcome his children into his arms. The nurse helped place a child in either arm and he made his way towards Twinkle's bed. 

The biggest smile broke out on Twinkle's face and her heart swelled with pride at the sight by the foot of her bed. Her Kunj with their two little babies, what a beautiful surprise! They had wanted to keep the gender of a baby a surprise but who knew they would be blessed with twinzies! "Kunj is dafa na main jeeti hoon, na tum, hume toh zindagi ka sabse bara surprise mil gaya!"

Kunj clicked his tongue in no, "Twinkle is dafa hum dono ki jeet hui haye. Zindagi ki sabse bari jeet." Saying this, he moved closer to her, placing the two babies on either side of her, smiling at the sight. Their family was finally complete. 

"Oye hoyeee, meri bhanji ke bache! Sabse pehle main pakrun ga!" squealed Raman Mamu, clapping his hands excitedly. Pinni responded with "O M GEE, Acha ji, cool bari mami toh main hoon. Sabse pehle main pakrungi!" 

Cherry chose this exact moment to walk in, and he dropped all the tea, "Omg Kunj ye do do babies kahan se aa gaye?!" The entire family erupted into laughter, and Kunj and Twinkle just smiled at each other and their babies, happy for this moment. 


I'm sorry if I lost you in boredom or cheesiness LOL. Please please do leave your comments guys, and seriously I wanna know the good, but especially the bad :P Lots of love <3

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Hayooo rabba! Itna pyaara pyaara likha hai!
It was super duper uber cute!
I loved how you managed to keep Kunj and Twinkle in character with their bickering and flirting and SO CUTE!!
 And I don't really have to mention this, but Raman Mama and Cherry were such a treat!

Twinkle bab, you are in labor! I think Mahi will understand the situation and forgive you for missing the graduation party!LOLLOL

Overall, really cute and well written.

Edited by neverlandspirit - 18 April 2016 at 12:53am

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Teddu did i just told u that i love you a lot lately.. 
I was crying d tears of happiness.. wish d same happens in reel..SmileWinkClap

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Awwe this was one of the best thing I've ever read
It was seriously so cute.
Loved it to the core.
This was really beautiful. Embarrassed

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Am i reading this right?
Your UN together with OS in bold!


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Teddy yet dnt tell me it ws ur first os... 
Wat chappal... r u talking. ...
I am, giving u lots and lots of hugs and kisses  my dear,,,,
This ws so so adorable. , I dnt have words...
Jus perfection. ...frm start to end I ws like ,... wooowww...
The conic timing of  cherry ws also perfect.. 
Raman manu toh hone e  thy naa...
Loved it this much   Hug

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teddy girl u need to write more hats it i said it and  u will do it
This was heights of adorable cuteness

raman cherry fighting over food lmao

twinj were so perfect amazing

I loved it the comedy the romance so well added
whole familys reaction on  babies was perfect

Ragini i love u yaar twinzies sun kar teri yaad  a gai

Teddy i loved loved it so much

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Thank you Natasha!! I'm giving all the credit to you because you're the reason Teddy decided to share her talent at writing with us. And Teddy, you couldn't have warned me earlier that you were a brilliant author. I mean imagine the shock I went through, when I open up my inbox to see a PM from you saying you'd written an OS. Call it Twinzie (title reference tee heeLOL)  intuition but I knew this was going to be brilliant, just like I always knew you were an amazing writer. If I haven't made it obvious enough yet, I totally loved it. The concept, the writing, I loved every little detail. The beginning fight and then the labor, everything was so well though out and penned down. I loved all the speech and dialogue. And you just had to incorporate that little bit of Mama and Mami in the end didn't you? But hey, I ain't complaining. I always wanted Twinj to have Twins. Don't ask my why, I just did. Oh and the setting of the story is really unique. I always wanted Mahi to graduate college. I hope that's what she's doing right now in London. The fact that a girl, barely a year older than me left her studies to get married kinda bothered me. Anyways, you're punishment for not informing me about your amazing writing skills, is this long completely nonsense comment. Perfect OS (which I loved). Love you Twinzie!

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