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Heyyllooo girls!
How are u all dng.?! Hope everything is good on ur side and I hope at least few members remember me LOL. Its been really a longgg longgg tym and I missed u all soon much!!!
So here I am with my first complete OS! The story is simple and kindda silly. I debated a lot whether to post it or no. So finally posting now with help of one of my friend forcing me.
One more thing, if this story matches with any story then its purely coincidental, since I haven't read any story lately! Also two of the scenes in the story, I took it from my best friend's real-life-wala love story(which will be in blue). I just kept those in my story with my respective characters. Rest everything is from my brain LOL.
And here you go..

It's a happy feeling when things go in the right way, the way you like, though there maybe few ups and downs in between! There might be or might not be a better future after that, but you know you will have the strength to face those hurdles.

The room which was just filled with girls laughing away and gossiping about everything they got, is now at peace. Kalpana got relieved as the guests left her room and sighed seeing her friends still wide awake even at this late hour having a tint of tease in their eyes and words! She knows she couldn't escape from their teasing session but wouldn't admit that she loved when they do that, except to her heart. Sleep will be far away to her eyes, well precisely to her heart! Why it wouldn't be when she will be going to have a greatest day ahead..?! That tomorrow she will be forever bounded to her love, Raghav, officially in a sacred bond. The excitement in her heart isn't letting the sleep to take its place today. More than her, her friends are more excited for her marriage, they are super happy for her that they came way before her marriage making sure they wouldn't miss any of the rituals! The girls Kalpana and her best friend Diya has been together since the college days, the place where they all met! Diya stayed in Kalpi's room from the day she came for Kalpi's wedding. And now few cousins of kalpi accompanied girls to talk away and spend a lovely time. Only few of them, that too only her friends, know about love story of Kalpana and Raghav. Like how it started.. when.. where.. that finally led them here to be together forever. Since her cousins were oblivious about kalpana's love story, her friend, Diya took the honor of narrating the story to them. Kalpana hesitated at first but then even she wants to re-live those moments once again, which had made her smile every time she thought about it, it made her feel blessed cuz she found her love in it! The excitement with which Diya was narrating reflected in their cousins too.

It all started 6 years ago.
GCET, that's the college where both Raghav and Kalpana met for the first time. Ragging is a common thing between the students. Because all they do is to find about the freshers.. their whereabouts just to know them, nothing more than that. Well, that they call it as ragging. It was third day in the college, Kalpana is trying get adjusted with new environment cuz she have to spend whole 4 years here for studies. She dint make any friends yet but just got in touch with few.
It was the end of the day in the college, all the students were out waiting for college buses to get in, to go home. Since the college is located on the outskirts of the city, it takes around one hour for the students to reach there houses as most of the students were from city. Till the buses gets started, students will be waiting outside talking with their friends. They were few gangs ragging the freshers getting to know their details, mostly of pretty girls or else asking them to sing. It wouldn't take much time for guys to get to know each other, there was one gang who were trying to get a talk with pretty girls. Raghav, one of the member in the gang, wearing a blue casual shirt paired with denim jeans, looking totally handsome with his Lil stubble, was just looking at a girl, who sat on the bench under a tree chatting with her new found friend, Diya. She was wearing a floral kurti paired with a blue jeans. She's simply beautiful with her hair braided to one side, allowing few bangs to fly to the air. She has already seen him staring at him but remained quiet and tried not to make any eye contact with him. Raghav pointed his finger to her side and gestured her to come. Thinking that seniors ragging juniors is a normal issue, she went over to the gang. He got more happy seeing her in a closer view, while Kalpana just stood there. Raghav's friends asked her to fold her hands in front of seniors and she obliged. Shaking his head at his friends antics, Raghav asked her to introduce about herself and she responded letting him know where she lives.. from where did she come.. her previous study records and her hobbies. Thinking this information is enough for now, he let her go as even the buses has started. As Kalpana walked few steps forward, she heard some other seniors calling out the person who just ragged her, Raghav. He went over to that gang with a nervous look and stood there folding his hands and telling them whatever the answers they needed. Only then she realized that even he's a fresher as her! She just left the place bewildered of what has just happened. Both Kalpana and Raghav got boarded in to their respective buses, while the buses came across each other, Raghav, who sat near the window seat saw Kalpana and gave a sly grin, to which she just turned her head the other side as if she dint notice! For few seconds her heart started beating furiously, seeing his slightest grin, which had a pretty great impact on her, which made her feel confused about herself.

Well these kindda different meeting makes people know more about each other. Later that they eventually got to know more about each other. Raghav is doing his BFA, Bachelors in Fine Arts, while Kalpana is pursing Bachelors in Computer Science. Though there courses and classes were different, they both were in touch daily. Most of the time they talk thru is via WhatsApp or Call, cuz they wouldn't get much time in the college to meet as each course has got its own building for the students as its a big campus! The more they gotta know about each other, the more they started falling for each other. Raghav's father died when raghav was 13. So his mother, Gauri dint leave any chance to make her son educated as he was the only son, so that one day he will be able to stand on his own legs and make her proud. Kalpana was truly amazed by Gauri's upbringing which was clearly reflecting on Raghav. Being a bright student, it wasn't hard for Raghav to study. While he gotta know more about Kaplana's family and she has a elder brother, pakhya. The attraction between them got more powerful as their taste and likes were same. They respected each other likes and interests accepting their flaws. Their closeness wasn't went unnoticed by their friends. They wouldn't leave any stone unturned when it cums to tease them, be it raghav's friends or kalpana's. Their teasing sessions added more likely-ness towards each other.
Their days got filled with endless talks on the phone and the simple meet in the canteen. Anyone can easily guess the love flowing between them. The only thing which was left for them is to, admitting that they love each other. Raghav knows very well that Kalpana loves him as he does to her or maybe more than that. They both thought that they need a perfect day, a perfect moment for accepting their feelings in front of each other. But they were proved wrong. One mid night, as usual, while talking on the phone, Raghav proposed her as he lost his control over his feelings. Kalpana who was slightly feeling sleepy became alert as she heard those three magical words, for which she was dying to hear as well as express to him. Her heart has already started dancing crazily, while her mind is still in shock. A small tension formed in raghav's brain as all he heard from the other side is silence. His heart started panicking and his mind started making all the delusions of the possible answers! He called her name and proposed again making sure he was loud enough. Kalpana's eyes were filled with tears of happiness. Holding her phone tightly in her hands, "I Love You too!", she replied, not once, not twice but thrice, making his heart dance along with hers. She wished she could see him right now and get embraced in his arms. But she knew that she is assured that she's got eternity to do that.
Proposing on the phone might be simple or unusual thing that too in the midnight. But that night has totally changed their lives marking its date rememberable forever. That night they slept peacefully without any thoughts of how-they-are-gonna-express-their-feelings, which they usually have. The next day, the couple met in a restaurant, which was planned by Raghav, who wanted to propose again, now in a proper way. From the moment they got into the restaurant, Raghav couldn't just take off his eyes away from her. He noticed how his presence affects her, how she blushes at his mere stare, which makes to her to avoid his eye contact, in return results in makes her blush more. Without wasting any second, he got on his knee, held her hand in his and said, "Kalpi, I love you. I love you with all my heart and I always will untill my breath. I may not be the perfect guy for you, but I will give you all the happiness in this world cuz your happiness is my happiness. I wanna be the reason for your smile. I wanna be the cure for your pain. I wanna be the shield that protects you away from evil. Also I wanna be the one who resides in your every memory! I do know that even you love me. But hearing it from you makes more happy.. makes me feel the worlds happiest person right now." Listening to his pretty poetic speech, Kalpana wasn't able to say a single word. She bend down and hugged him tightly and went on whispering , "I love you", in his ears. As they broke the hug, Kalpana began to say something but Raghav interrupted her saying, "You don't need to say anything kalpi cuz I know how much you love me. There isn't any need of any words because your actions says it all" Kalpana felt blessed having to find a partner like him, so does Raghav.

Things were more beautiful for them after that. Since Raghav has the craze for photography, which is also a part of the subject in his course, he used to take a lot of pictures of kalpi. She would hesitate every time he tries to capture her in his cam because he takes only pictures of hers but not together with him. Most of the pictures would be either kalpi, covering her face with her palms or else frowning at the cam or else the funny n weird expressions she gives. Yet he would be happy to capture any of her expression gladly. One day when kalpi knew that Gauri went out to look over some of her relatives, went to Raghav's home planning to surprise him and she did. He was very glad seeing her at his to-be-their-home. Kalpi wanted to check out his room and was quite impressed that his room wasn't messy as she imagined. There was a head board with few pictures pinned on it. She got neared to it and noticed closely that its hollow and saw that it has a desk kindda opening. With the help of tiny bolt she flipped the board. She gasped as she saw the various pictures of hers pinned neatly against the board. She was sure that he dint leave the board empty even for an inch! It also has few sketches of hers which were obviously drew by him. She was still shocked and surprised by seeing so many pictures of hers, that she's sure that even she doesn't have that many pics of hers. "Hmm so you already opened my secret treasure!", Raghav complained standing back at Kalpi, folding his arms around himself. "Well I did. But I dint know that you will use your subjects practically on me", she said knowing that sketching and photography were the subjects in his course. "Cuz there's no other way I'm gonna use it better than this", he said winking at her, wrapping his arms around her. "I'm moved with your gestures raghav. I dunno what I've done to get a perfect lover like you! I'm so lucky that I got your love", saying so she hugged him. To which replied, "Yes! You are lucky. But I'm double-lucky cuz I got you", he grinned rubbing his nose against hers.
The Lil things they do for each other does a great impact and becomes their favorite memory. To be precise each every thing became a favorite one for them cuz of the love they had towards each other. Because they knew in future, memories will be the only thing they can rely on when they would be apart. And it happened.
Their studies came to an end, as they completed 4 years! Both has their own goals to set their future bright, but it needed separation. Kalpana was placed in one of the best companies, as a software engineer, which was perfect for her resume. The same happened with Raghav, but he had to go to Bangalore for an year, as a part of job training. It was good as well as bad news at the same time. But this was his chance to prove himself. Soon he got shifted to Bangalore. They both knew how hard that one year passed! Though they would be talking daily on the phone, but the part of them is still missing cuz of not having a glimpse of each other. "Just a year and we would be together forever" these were the words they say to themselves to make their heart rest in peace.

The whole year went quite well for both of them. They mostly tried to engage themselves into the work so as to forget about the separation, which they will be thinking about for every lil while. Since Raghav accompanied with few of his friends to the banglore, he dint find hard in getting settled and adjusted with the Bangalore environment. He was happy with the job he is doing and loved his colleagues for their friendly manner. He gave his best in the work so that he could get to choose the location, where he will work in future, as the year ends. And here Kalpana is pretty satisfied with her job. Since Diya got placed in different company that too in different place, Kalpana felt alone as she got very used to them in those 4 years. They used to meet once in every month and have fun on that whole day. One thing she was thankful for in that one year was for Sammy, who was Raghav's best friend back in college and now her best friend too. Since their companies were side-by-side they used to hangout pretty often. Kalpana liked his company and was happy that she got a friend like him. He filled the empty space in her life which their friends left. Raghav was happy that Sammy is friends with Kalpi cuz he will get to know how is she doing in his absence thru sammy! Sometimes he would send her surprise gifts thru him and makes sure that sammy captures her surprised and happy expressions. Sammy is super happy for his best friend, Raghav, that he found his perfect love in Kalpana. He can say that cuz there wouldn't be even one day that she hasn't spoke about him. And now being friends with Kalpana turned into an advantage for him as he has an crush on Diya since the college days. After knowing this Kalpana used to take Sammy with her to her friends whenever they meet. She knows Sammy is a good guy and with Diya, they would become a great couple. She told each and every likes and dislikes of Diya to Sammy, helping him to get into relationship with her. To her surprise, they became close soon enough cuz even Diya has feelings for him since a long while. She was glad for both of her best friends. Now both the couples are in the same position, that's they are far from each other. Sammy understood what his best friend was going thru from the past few months. Two more months and everyone will be together, as Raghav made sure that he will be transferred to Mumbai to work there forever and the same went with Diya.

Kalpana thought she would tell about her love to her parents when Raghav would be back to Mumbai and gets settled. As Gauri, she has found out his son's secret treasure while she was cleaning his room. Soon then she called up her son and gotta know every detail of her. She dint let his son know of opinion but instead asked him to put up a meet with her. Kalpana was tensed whether Gauri would approve as her daughter-in-law or no. But she was being relieved when Gauri was very content seeing her. Gauri just wanted to see her and wanted to have a talk with her. She said her consent to Kalpana that she will be glad to get her(Kalpana) as her daughter-in-law. While here, Vittal, Kalpi's father, is quite protective of his daughter. Seeing the closeness and usual hangouts of Kalpana and Sammy, he thought that sammy is trying to hit on her, oblivious to everything. He once told Kalpana to reduce her meets with him, for which she failed. When she was told once again, Kalpana told Vittal that there isn't anything going on between them but still Vittal dint listen to her. On finding no other option, Kalpana told Vittal that Sammy is a gay, and there will be nothing between them in anytime in future, making Vittal to relieve. Kalpana kept this as secret, that she lied to Vittal, from everyone except Raghav. It cracked him up so much that he had a hard time believing that she actually did that. He felt pity for Sammy, who doesn't yet know what Kalpi has done.
Soon enough their two months wait got over and Raghav was back to Mumbai with his work got transferred that too with good increment in salary. What can be a better great news that this for him and Kalpana..? Now they don't need to be apart from each other. They can see each other whenever they want as they will be just a miles apart! They meet up almost everyday and on weekends, they will be totally together. One day, when Kalpana and Raghav were together, Sahil, who is Vittal's younger brother, saw them who were pretty close to each other. Feeling protective of Kalpi, he informed the same to Vittal. Thinking that sahil has seen Kalpi with Sammy, he said that there wouldn't be anything like that since he's a gay, making sahil think that Raghav is.
Truth cant be hidden from anyone though its buried deep. Kalpana wanted to share everything to her parents. But she took some more time to let her parents know about her relationship with Raghav.she thought it would be more better and easy if they get settled down first. But parents are quite clever to understand their children. Kamla, Kalpi's mother noticed the change in her. Kalpana's parents were aware that she has someone in her life but dint ask her anything because they want her to open up first. They know their daughter wouldn't do anything wrong. They are proud upon their upbringing. But Pakhya, Kalpi's elder brother, who is very well about her relationship with Raghav, and was happy for her, used to tease her a lot, indirectly, mostly in front of her parents, which became one of the reason they gotta know about her.
A year passed, Kalpana and Raghav were settled in their own respective positions. Kalpana told everything about her relationship with Raghav to her parents. They clearly noticed with how much love she was talking about him. Also letting them know about Gauri's happy reply regarding their relationship. Even Pakhya helped her sister to make their parents understand about their beautiful relationship. So Vittal asked Kalpana to that he wants to meet him personally first and then he would decide.

The next day Vittal and Sahil were waiting for Raghav to arrive. Raghav was very nervous unsure of Vittal's consent, so he took sammy with him to Kalpi's house, where they are gonna meet. As both Raghav and Sammy entered, Vittal saw Sammy and thought why he did come..? Thinking he's kalpi's friend he let it go. While Sahil eyed Raghav, thought why is he with Sammy (whom he thought as groom). All the four of them sat, Raghav spoke about himself, he told vittal about how much he loves his daughter and wants to her marry her. Vittal was already happy when Kalpi has told about him. While they both were talking, Sahil got totally confused and pulled Vittal to a side, making both Raghav and Sammy confused. When Sahil kept his doubts in front of Vittal, who till now thought that Sammy is the groom and Raghav is a gay. Vittal understood what he thought and chuckled to himself that he (Vittal) misunderstood Raghav for Sammy and said him that Raghav is the groom and isn't gay but Sammy is. They came out smiling to themselves, they said there was a small misunderstanding. When Raghav and Sammy asked about what? The answer made them shell-shocked! Well.. Sammy was more shocked!! Why wouldn't he when he was being called gay from past so many days and he dint know about it. "Whaaat..?!" was all he could shout loudly, making Kalpi come out of her room. He dint know what to say, just then Raghav handled the situation saying it was a lie created by Kalpi, so as to be a friend to him. Sammy gave a deadly look to Kalpi, who caught her ears saying sorry to him. Kalpana came near vittal and said that it was indeed a lie. To which Sammy replied irritatingly, yes that's a all lie and I'm a man! He felt more angry on Raghav, who dint even said that to him when he knows! Though he was pretty upset with them, he was happy that Vittal agreed to their marriage.
Both the families were happy with the alliance and met for the dinner on that itself. It made more happy for raghav and kalpana for making their parents happy with their alliance.
And that's how their love story led them here, said Diya, looking at kalpi's cousins who had a bright smiles on their faces. Kalpana who was listening to her own story had content smile on her face. The excitement in her got increased more after listening to this. From tomorrow she will be raghav's forever. There will be new relations and a new future ahead of them. With those thoughts she dozed into sleep peacefully.
People think life is so unpredictable! But the thing is, it is already and clearly predicated by our fate. We just have to choose the right way for it.

That's it.
I really hope this isn't bore you all. Even if it did, I couldn't do anything. Hope you all enjoyed reading it!
and thanks to partner! I fulfilled my word finally! LOL

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shoppingfreak1 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Pehle comment par toh mera haq hai..Big smileLOL
Such a beautiful story it was, Partner! Embarrassed
Loved it to the core!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I always love college love stories..Smilebecause that makes Raghav younger! !LOL
So so so.. this Raghav is just clicking away our Kalpi's pictures and sketching them too!WinkLOL
He has secret treasure of Kalpi's pictures & sketches!
Filmy scene!Wink Loved it!!Big smile
Okay.. the best part..ROFL
Sammy is a gayyy!!ROFL
Poor soul. .what would have happened if Diya would have heard it & believed it!!LOL
Gauri is not a problematic lady over here.. phew!
Sahil is Vitthal's younger brother. .lol!! Don't know, but this relation made me laugh too hard!!ROFL
Everything gets sorted out in a good manner & our RagNa is finally together!!Day Dreaming
U r a mind blowing writer Partner! ClapStarHug
U should write more lol!LOL
Love you! Big smile

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-Maggi- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 11:38am | IP Logged
Omg vyshu lo writer mali nidra lechindi LOL
Raghav Shocked acting as senior n ragged kalpi LOLLOL
N the best part of this story is sammy n gay ROFLROFL that was damn funny n the total confusion part was too LOL

Lovely story vyshu not at all silly Big smile

Edited by -Maggi- - 17 April 2016 at 12:07pm

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Vishakha.. Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 11:39am | IP Logged
awesome one. ..
loved it..

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
Really nice
Update soon

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Haisisterz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Hello Mohattarma! 
Sorry yaar as I just recently bumped into your OS
And I had no regrets!!
I loved each and every part of it! 
I must say that it's an adorable story of two college goers and how their love for each other blossomed in just a jiffy!
And that Ragging part was great! It addrd to the ultimate suspense of the story.
I loved it how both parties are very concerned regarding their career, And despite their long distance relationship, They still managed to get in contact with each other! (Well, that's also a bonus for Raghav as he has Sammy with Kalpi to keep an eye on her LOL)
I also loved Sammy and Diya's cute puppy love! I hope to discover a sequel soon though
Well, the funniest part that had me all cracked up was Kalpi's ridiculous lie to hus father, That sammy is queer LOL
And when Vitthal said that to Sammy I could clearly imagine his facial expressions

Overall  I really liked it yaar! Keep writing more and more stories. Never knew you were this good!!! Seriously! Embarrassed

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premap IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 1:26am | IP Logged
Lovely OS, esp Sammy being Gay !!!!

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maarushkaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Heyyylllooo vashu ...
I'm in so so so love with this story , the entire ultimate impact of this story was the vasishna-marushkaa scenes ka impact ...Day Dreaming
I wud have pointed out what all I love in this story if it would have been just 1 or 2 in no. Par mujhe toh pura hi OS accha laga ...Ab kya karein ??? WinkWink
Do come up with another surprise soon ...I'll be waiting Big smileBig smile

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