Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Rang Barse- A Devakshi OS

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Hello, everyone. Smile This OS has been written in collaboration by both Mahi and me. We hope you like it.Embarrassed
A Gigantic Thank You to Gargi Di for creating this beautiful banner.Hug

Dev winced as he listened to the unrestrained laughter ringing out in the streets. Foolish people, he thought. Did they not know the meaning of silence?

His face darkened with anger as his hand clamped around the arm of the chair he now sat in.

He had refused to go to work today. The incident of last year was still fresh in his mind.

The girl had been a newly hired employee and thus, unaware of the rules. In her excitement to celebrate Holi, she had rubbed his face with color. Filled with rage, he had lashed out at her, reducing her to tears.

He had never felt more ashamed in his life. He had sought her out the next day with the intention of apologizing, but she handed in her resignation letter, refused to listen and left.

He had vowed, then, that he'd never let this happen again.

So, here he was, locked up in his room and isolated from the rest of the world. He preferred that, though.

After all, who would prefer being covered from head to toe in colors, when they could have a cup of coffee, all the while remaining warm and dry? Those who wouldn't were most certainly stark, raving mad.

He remembered his childhood, being teased by the boys of his neighborhood. They would throw color on his shirt, provoking him.

He scowled as he recalled his mother, whose eyes used to well with tears on seeing the ruined shirt. How her hands would turn red after spending hours scrubbing his shirt.

No, that would never happen again. Never again, he wouldn't let it. What he refused to acknowledge, however, was how those memories had scarred him. And left him with a disdain for colors, for the festival of Holi.

The thought process stopped as he slapped the back of his head, remembering the phone call of Nikki's friend.

She had said it was important, yet he had forgotten all about it.

Pulling himself up, he walked out the door to his room, intending to find Nikki.

He had just reached the hallway, when a blur whizzed past him. It was the jangle of bracelets which caused him to identify her as the person he had been looking for. From across the Hall, he saw Nikki running towards him. But the person behind her wasn't evidently visible.

As she made a run for him, to seek protection, she quickly hid behind his back but

The person seemed to take him for his baby sister, as a female cry rang out, calling, Nikki!'

He was ready to clear the misunderstanding when he felt the color hitting his face.

He clenched his fist to contain his anger, as he opened his eyes to see the culprit, Ms. Bose? Of course, Ms. Bose, why was he not surprised? She was the one, the only one who had been causing trouble in his life off late. So today, he wasn't surprised.

He saw Ms. Bose's eyes widen as she finally realized who was standing in front of her.

He suppressed his anger, not in the mood for an argument , the phone call forgotten.

Nikki frowned when she did not hear the footsteps of Sona Di chasing her. She peeped out from behind his back and retraced her steps as she encountered a bewildered Sona Di standing still in the middle of the hallway in front of a disgusted Dev.

Her hands, earlier full of color, were now devoid of it. "Bhaiyya sor...", pleaded Nikki but Dev was too much disappointed to hear anything. After giving a cold, bloodshot look to both of them, he left.

" Sona di!", whispered Nikki as she realized the gravity of the situation.

"Di, bhaiyya doesn't like colours, he hates them! We haven't seen him playing with them or even touching it since our childhood."

Nikki left Sonakshi alone in the Hall, realizing her mistake.

As she watched Nikki leave, Sona resolved to set the matter right.

Determined, she took a step forward.

"Sona!", called out her inner voice.

"Why mess with that Mr. Obhodro? You want to get yourself insulted again?"

Sonakshi stopped in her tracks. It was right... Why mess with that Khadoos? He wouldn't be in a pleasant mood. And when even Nikki didn't want to step in, why would she?

But there was something in her which pulled her towards that man- that man who had spent a terrible childhood, that man who never knew the meaning of colours. So without hesitating, she strode towards his room, head high up and eyes sparkling.

She politely knocked on the door.

"Mr. Dikshit?"

But Dev was busy removing every speck of colour from his body- these colours which had stained his memories, which had ruined his shirts... These colours! How he hated them!

"Mr. Dikshit!", called Sonakshi, a bit louder this time.

Dev was thankfully awaken from his trance and jerked towards the door.

But the moment he opened it, he saw a colour immersed face of Ms. Bose. And without a second thought, he shut the door on her face.

"What do I do of him? In my entire career, I haven't seen a person who has a colour phobia. What do they even call it I don't know... Maybe Colourthrosis?", she mumbled to herself.

She banged the door yet again and Dev had to give in , lest his door be broken.

Sonakshi forced herself in-- she had to do this. She could not oversee the plight of a man who didn't know the magic if colours... Who still was stuck in the black and white era.

"Mr. Dikshit... I am sorry. I heard that you had never played Holi in your life, I didn't know about it, I am really very...", she started off.

"Its OK! ", he snapped rudely. He was in no mood to listen to her nonsense today.

"Now please Ms. Bose, can I be left Alone?", pleaded Dev.

"Why Mr. Dikshit?", she asked plainly.

"Sorry?!", said Dev.

"Why do you run away from colours... They are so beautiful, so soothing so..."

"Ms. Bose!", shouted Dev.

"I do not intend to share my personal life with anyone", he turned his back on her.

" But you should not hide your fears... It's , it's not good.", fumbled Sonakshi.

Dev grinned at her. She was challenging the Dev who was successful, who had learnt everything the hard way and who knew what was life.

"You did not answer me", repeated Sonakshi. She was desperate this time.

Dev slipped yet again into his childhood memories. Those dark spots on his life which couldn't be erased. He saw pictures of his mother crying over shirts spoilt with colours. If colours stained her mother's eyes with tears, how could they be good?

Dev sat down on his bed and heaved a sigh. He narrated all those awful childhood memories which he had, which couldn't be forgotten inspite of this success.

Even Sonakshi couldn't help but sit down, to take a support to hear it all. When he was done,

" I hate it when my mother cries over something and if it's because of me, I just cannot take it."

He looked down and suppressed a sob. Sonakshi involuntarily moved her hand towards his shoulder, but stopped when she realised her action.

"Mr. Dev, all I want to say is, everyone has past memories and you need to come out of it. In childhood, I had fear of blood. But when I grew up, I understood that what I thought of it in childhood is not relevant now and I needed to change. See, today I am a Doctor, what if I never came out of it, I could have never been here! You too need to come out of it. Till when will your life be colourless?

Running away from memories isn't the solution. You need to face it. Admire the beauty in colours...

Don't think that they stain your shirt...

Look", she picked up the shirt full of colour.

" Look at this Dev, it's so colourful! First your shirt was plain white, but now it's colourful. Colours add flavour of joy, happiness, fun, enjoyment to our boring life. Live your life Mr. Dev, do not drag it with past memories."

Dev was a bit speechless on this rant. He was confused to react so he just sat, thinking this over.

Sonakshi left the room, satisfied that she tried once.

She was busy in the kitchen, instructing Khichu Bhaiyya on today's menu when she heard slight giggles.

She turned around to find no one. She again got busy making the list when she heard an evident whisper. She stopped and moved towards the sound. As she peeped into the Hall,


"Holi Hai!!", came a collective screech.

She closed her eyes and felt the splash of colours hitting her face. Moments later, she opened her eyes to find smiling figures of Dev, Nikki and Riya standing in front of her. The air was filled with a cloud of colours... Colours that filled everyone's life with so many emotions.

Finding no colour in her hand, she grasped colour from her face and ran behind Dev to colour him. She finally grabbed his back and applied colours on his cheeks.

That day, his life changed. On his black and white book of life, appeared dots of colour. Dev played his first Holi with Sonakshi that day and he realised how right she was. He felt contentment, bliss and no more empty... That loneliness which struck him like a thorn started disappearing.

" Thank you Ms. Bose", he mumbled. "Thank you for teaching me what colours are."

So, a new chapter in his life began. It's true that every emotion has a colour but the most splendid of all is the colour of Love. Indeed,Love has many shades unknown to each one of us. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. This was one such colour of unspoken Love that they shared today.

Thank You, Mahi. It was a great experience collaborating on this OS with you.Embarrassed

To all the readers, we would love to receive your feedback. And remember, give credit where credit is due, which means to Mahi.Big smile

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Author's Note
A Big Sorry to Gargi Di... She had worked hard and made this banner long ago but I was unable to write a OS on it. As it is clear, this was supposed to be posted on Holi Time but my lack of writing postponed it until today
So I am really very sorry!

I take this opportunity to Thank LilyHug. She is one amazing person I recently met. She encouraged and supported me to pen this down and her invaluable contribution to this makes me feel indebted to her. Thank you so much Lily for writing such a beautiful part in this and for everything to make this happen!Hug 
It was a deep pleasure collaborating with you.

Finally, to my dear readers, I hope you enjoy this. Love is in the season and what better to pair it up with colours? So go ahead and read this. Do review it.


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Very different os
Thanks for the pm 

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Mahi meri Bachhi Hug Tu wapas aa gayi yehi mere liye kafi hai , aur it's my pleasure re to make Banners , so it's no big deal
Lily, you really are an amazing person , but I'm blushing now I'm blushing animated emoticon

But most importantly yayyy , finally the much awaited OS is here , *runs and grabs some pop corn * Popcorn animated emoticon lemma read it in peace then gonna be back with comment. Wink

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Amazing just loved it. 
Very well written. 

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So Beautiful and  pure :))

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Good OS.
Loved it Smile

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Lils Di, Mahi and Gargi Di, must say this is yet another gorgeous piece and a beautiful read. I could feel the colours and the vibrant aura that had been created with your writing... I loved the fact that you used a colourless metaphor to define Dev and for the first time, the entrance of Sonakshi is bringing colour to his life. It is very realistic and a common thing to do, to let the horrors of the past haunt you and torture you but how important it is to move on. Also, no one messes with Dev but Sonakshi was determined despite knowing that he could possible end up saying something humiliating, which is the first step to love, to try and feel what the other is feeling. Great work chaps!

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