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MANAN TS:*I AM A FLIRT* //SHOT 10; page 60// 23rd july[THE END] (Page 7)

Maninim Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ruhihussain52

Nyc n interesting stry line
Loved it 

But plz arrange marriage ko zyada preference dena plz

N abt dis flirt wala continue soon 

Would love to read it
Stay blessed 
Keep writing 


Maninim Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kyy_manan

Well Maninim *hope thats ur name* :p

Uh gotta teach me sum writing skills dude :p

I mean seriously this topic got me *oh i gotta read this* one 


First chap goes really well!

Nandini caretaker ^*^

Gonna see more of it

Ty fr pm 

Lots of love

Maninim Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hs77

Wow I had such a great time reading this 
This has to be among the best updates I have read in a long long time on this forum 
Your story is truly different 
Love the concept 
Love how you have portrayed nandini.. Strong, professional, innocent yet independent! 
Can't wait to see how the story unfolds and manik becomes her friend and the employer thing gets secondary 
Please update sooon 

kyaramalhotra Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 9:12am | IP Logged
coool awsmm
flirty manikk
i never imagin manik like this soo interesting..
i love this nandu sooo awsmm
aahmazing continue soon
love kyara:)

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rohu27 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Awesome dear...
Nice concept.  But new story me, old bhuul mat Jaana
... Sry haa just kidding

Loved it 

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Cooki Goldie

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
It's awesome concept dear..
Totally new storyline...
nandini is manik's care taker...
& he is a big time flirt..
& even he shared his thoughts of making her gf to his parents...
It's great...
Manik's parents have arranged a clg for nandini..
She is mature and calm..
But can be dangerous too if someone crossed the limits..
Fab 4 is also finding her different from others...
Thnxxx for the pm..
Continue soon...
Looking forward to read further parts..

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pooja_manan Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
Loved it...
Nc concept

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Maninim Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 8:45am | IP Logged

A week later...

"Toh nandini k sath kya relationship status hai teri?" cabir asked as we stood near the drinks corner in the pub.
"its complicated" i answered
"abhi tak? This is a first for you manik" mukti chuckled.
"arey yaar she is a girl with morals and principles..she is not the one to flirt type. And you know what she is smart too as she knows that i m flirting with her, yet she doesn't react. But the problem is with me. When she is not around me, i resolve to not flirt with her but as soon as i see her face i...i...just..." i was searching for the right word to describe my feeling.
"jab tu usey dekhta hai toh teri khari ho jati hai!" cabir quipped shamelessly. And i nodded, because that's exactly what happens with me.
"shut up you idiot!! Me and alia are also here!!" mukti chided him.
"arey maine kya bola! I said..ki nandini ko dekhte hi iske baal khare ho jate hain! Tumlogo ne kya socha?" cabir acted. While the girls gaped at him.
"o my god! Chi chi mukti ...gandi larki with dirty thoughts!" i added masala.
"chup kar manik!!" mukti hit me and we all laughed
" guys on a serious note ,you know what i need a girl who can distract me from nandini, " i informed them as i crooned my neck to look around if any girl is of interest.
"yeah we know that, that's why you brought us here tonight" alia chirped. I nodded as my eyes were still wandering. I saw a girl dancing. She was a little taller than nandini. Her skin glowed a little less than nandini. Her hair are shorter than nandini. Her eyes are also smaller than nandini. Wait a minute , what am i doing!! I am judging a girl with respect to nandini! Have i gone mad!! Manik , you seriously need to get rid of this nandini mania..
"i got a catch! She is not as good as nandini, but for time being she will do" i spoke with a little enthusiasm.
"bhai tu nandini k standard se sabko judge mt kar, ni toh koi pasand ni aegi..samjha?" cabir patted my shoulder and then pushed me forward to go ahead. I bit my tongue as i realised what i spoke. But then put on a flirty smile and it worked instantly as my catch' studied me from head to toe. I strolled forward and asked her for a dance. She agreed instantly. And we started dancing. After a few moments we started getting cozy , well mostly it was her move , i was just playing around with her. In the process we exchanged our names and a little other information. It was difficult to talk because of loud music.  So we just danced. A few minutes later i found her intentions to kiss me. I obliged and bent down to place my lips on her. She closed her eyes, but the word nandini' suddenly popped up in my mind and i haulted just an inch away from her lips. At that moment i felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. The girl had her eyes still closed waiting for the kiss. I shook her gently and her eyes flew open. I informed her that i have a call to attend and came out of the pub. I checked my phone. It was a missed call from nandini.
I called back . She picked up on the first ring. I smiled.
"yes nandini"
"sorry to disturb you manik, i just wanted to know if i should wait for you or will you be late?" she asked hurriedly. May be she thought her call would piss me off. Well it rather helped me.
"i m on my way back. Wait for me" i said with a slight plead in my voice. I really wanted to see her . the pub would suffocate me now, if i stayed here any longer.
"ok" was her reply.
I cut the call and went inside to my friends. "guys i need to go, will come here again some other time" i informed them.
"yeah even we wanted to leave now, its quite late, we have college tomorrow" Dhruv replied and we started to leave but someone put their hand on my shoulders . i turned around to find the same girl. My friends stopped too. I hate clingy girls.
"why are you leaving so soon. Come lets have some fun" she spoke and tried to drag me. I gestured mukti and alia to handle her.
"listen miss, he is with us and we are leaving. Do you have a problem?" mukti's overpowering demeanour scared the poor girl and she quickly left from there. We all laughed together.
I entered my house hurriedly.  And found nandini sleeping on the couch in living room. I felt bad that because of me she has to suffer. Tomorrow is college and i kept her awake so late in the night. But her carefree sleeping face made me to stare at her for a while and seemed to relax me. She is cute. Indeed she is!
But now what to do? She is sleeping . i don't want to wake her up. I can't carry her to staff quarter at this time of the night. Ummm okay ! i tried to pick her up in my arms carefully to take her in one of the rooms of the mansion. But as soon as i touched her, she woke up with a jerk. I quickly moved my hands away, embarrassed.
"sorry sir..aah manik, i  don't know how i fell asleep. When did you come? Do you need anything? Did you have your dinner?" she started shooting question after question , clear sign of nervousness.
"relax nandini its ok, i just came and i have had my dinner and i don't need anything else. So you just go and sleep. You have college tomorrow" i replied to her each question.
She nodded "ok manik, good night!" she wished and started to walk away. "umm nandini" i called. She immediately turned to face me as if hoping that i might call her. "did you have your dinner?" i asked with a slight smile. She blushed at my care "yes manik" she turned again "nandini" i called again. She turned "yes manik" she took my name so lovingly , for the first time, and i felt my name never sounded better before. "good night" i replied. She smiled. And turned only to turn again "did you say something?" she asked. I  smiled and shook my head in a no. She gave an embarrassed look "ok good night" she wished and ran away from there. I bit my lips and my hands reached for the nape of my neck. Shit! This girl will make me crazy!!  
Next day morning

Nandini and me, we both were getting late for college. I took out my car , while nandini turned down my offer once again. I thought of trying once again.
"nandini get in the car yaar, you will be late if you go by bus or cab" i insisted
"no manik, its ok , i will just miss one class, even if i m late" she cut me off again. I don't know why but anger built up inside me. She just can't keep refusing me! I came out of the car  to talk to her. "nandini listen, we are of the same age group, we can be friends apart from the other relationship that is not letting you to open up with me" i spoke controlling my anger. She  studied my expression  for a few seconds and i knew she is debating on whether to piss me further or just give in.
She opened the car door and sat on the passenger's seat. Finally!! There is some progress.
Same day afternoon

I was waiting outside nandini's class but  a little away. She came out adjusting her books and bag. As she came closer i pulled her behind the pillar. "manik!" she gasped. I smiled .
"what happened ? is there anything i can do for you?" she asked putting on her job mode.
"well there are many things that you can do but for now a pain killer will do" i spoke in double entendre. Frankly speaking it was just an excuse to talk to her as the headache was bearable and i could have waited till i reached home
"pain killer? But why? " she enquired ignoring my double meaning talks. "i am having a headache" i informed her and rubbed my forehead. She started searching in her bag and took out a tablet "here take it" she handed me that tablet and forwarded the bottle of water. I gulped the tablet.
"my classes are over for today, i am going home" she informed. And i didn't waste a moment in grabbing the opportunity "oh that's great then! Lets go together"
"but your class"
"they have ended too" i lied.
"oh ok"
As we came out from behind the pillar, some students gave quizzical looks to each other. I looked at  nandini, she wasn't paying attention, then why should i? And we reached my car. I opened the passenger door for her. Thankfully she didn't insist on going by her own. I closed the door , when she was comfortably seated and i moved to  take the driver's seat.
"nandini, since we have been let off early, i thought if you would like to go to the beach..."i suggested
"hmm yeah ok, its my first time in Mumbai, i would love to explore it" she replied. Thank god ! she is opening up bit by bit.
We reached the beach and it was almost time for sunset. Cool breeze from the sea greeted us. Nandini opened her shoes and left them in the car and folded her jeans, i followed her and did the same. Then she ran out towards the beach like a kid and i smiled seeing her enjoy. She started playing with the water. When i reached to her, she splashed water towards me. I grinned and returned the favour. And water fight started between us. For the first time , i saw her laughing so freely and the view was mesmerising.
After having a good water fight , we stood there silently to watch the sunset. I thought of giving it a try and reached out for her hand. To my surprise, she didn't protest, but she didn't look at me either, just a smile formed on her lips. I held her palm tighter, she shifted a little and placed her head on my arms as she couldn't reach my shoulders. That was the most beautiful time of my life. Then we walked on the beach, still holding hands.
As we sat in the car again i asked her "do you mind if we have dinner in a restraunt?" she shook her head ,giving me a signal to go ahead.
As we sat down on the table from across each other, i asked her to order food of her choice .
"manik , i have never been to restraunt before, so i won't be good at ordering" she spoke embarrassed. But i liked her honesty. I squeezed her palm on the table to ease her. She smiled.
"ok tell me, what would you like to have , veg or non -veg?" i asked her.
"i am a vegetarian" she informed me and i came to know a very important fact about her.
So i ordered food and we ate it having some small talks in between.
One month later...

In this one month, we became good friends. We would spend maximum of the time together. I took her out quite often for dinner and movies. She started enjoying my company. 

ONE fine day, as the college ended, i was waiting for nandini near my car. She was running to reach to me. I found it unusual. As she came near, i observed her to be a little distracted, and sweating profusely.
"what's wrong nandini? R u ok?" i enquired.
"yeah i m fine, let's go" she said quickly without looking at me.  Something is fishy...  

Now please comment fast and tell me your views. i am not wasting my time na , on this??
If you want me to continue...Confused

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