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MANAN TS:*I AM A FLIRT* //SHOT 10; page 60// 23rd july[THE END] (Page 48)

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awesome story...just loved it!! PM me when you will update next part

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plzz update na .. :(

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Here is the update...kyaramalhotraWink
Shot 8

"Hey aryaman! Where have you been these days?? Haven't seen you for a while" i spotted aryaman and stopped him, while walking towards the canteen , with nandini. He is cabir's girlfriend navya's cousin. A typical playboy. And a plan hit my mind! Yess!
"oh i had gone to visit my parents. Mom is not keeping well these days" he said and studied nandini from tip to toe. Nandini's hold on my hand tightened.
"buddy, stop ogling , she is my girlfriend" i warned him in a serious tone.
He did a hands up, chuckling "relax bro...i got you...but i can definitely know her name, right?" he asked cheekily
"nandini.." i said taking her in a side hug. She smiled in acknowledgement.
"oh beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he said flirtily. The devil inside him keeps surfacing. but i know he will never do anything to upset me.
Nandini looked at me before replying "thank you" probably she understood that i was ok with aryaman.
"come join us, others are in the canteen" i offered him
"i have got to see the princi...so i will join you after a while" he replied
"cool, then see you" i replied and waved a bye before walking ahead with nandini
Once we were a little away, nandini turned to me "manik kya jarurt thi bolne ki k i am your girlfriend?" she asked
"toh kya chhorr deta tumhe uska next target banne k lye?" i asked annoyed. I seriously don't get this keeping secret' thing!!
"oh insecure!" she crooned
I rolled my eyes!

"guys, since today i messed up everyone's plan, why don't we all spend the entire day together , tomorrow. You can bring your partners. We will watch movie, do shopping, have lunch and dinner together. It would be fun. What say???" i spoke enthusiastically.
Rest of them were deliberating when aryaman spoke up "but i don't have a girlfriend right now!" he looked at nandini when he said that. I held nandini's palm tightly under the table.
"no problem, aryaman, veebha hai na...she will give you company and for your information ,she is single too!" i said and winked at him. He hadn't noticed veebha till then but as i pointed out to him , he eyed her and then smiled flirtily. Well about veebha, i didn't care to read her expressions.
"so done??" i asked
"i am in" all of them said. Finally i had put my plan in action.
We were in the parking. My friends had just left. Only me, nandini, veebha and aryaman were left.
"aryaman can you plzz drop veebha home?? Actually nandini has some work and we have to go in the opposite direction" i said, aryaman nodded and nandini looked at me confused but thankfully she didn't contradict me.
"but i can accompany you" veebha jumped in.
"no veebha, it will take time. You are already so tired..go home and relax" i said a little rudely. She frowned.
"come let's go beautiful" aryaman said and veebha  gave him a fake smile before walking away with him.
I heaved a sigh.
"god! Tumhre sath time spend karne k lye kitne papar belne parte hain!" i said exasperated
"toh fir search someone else for you...you know you are free" she said teasingly
"strange! This prospect never crossed my mind after that night" i said thoughtfully , amazed at my own change in behaviour
"so since i have let this cross your mind, now..you can think about it" she said seriously . i think my words hurt her.
"i am not getting any reason to break up with you" i said smiling because i felt i needed to assure her.
"there are many reasons.." she suggested
"but i don't see any" i stated
"probably you are overlooking them" she continued
"if that's the case ,then i would still choose to overlook them" i said taking her hands in mine and entwining our fingers. She smiled. We were by now inside my car and i started driving.
"by the way, where are we going?" she asked
"where i wanted to take you today..." i replied keeping the mystery intact
"i don't think you are going to disclose the place to me.." she said like a question more than a statement.
"you know me so well" i stated chuckling
I took her to a place which i had discovered and no one knew about it. I had taken no one there. It was a secret place. It was a cliff top below which river  passed. It is a perfect place to see sunset. As we reached on top nandini squealed in excitement.
"wow!! This is lovely manik!" she said
"i knew you would like it" i answered
She turned around to face me "thank you!" she said smiling. There was a bench too. I cleaned it with a spare cloth that i had brought and we sat there, close to each other looking at the horizon. I put my arms around her and she snuggled into me.
"its so peaceful" she commented
"yeah..just you and me...no veebha , no mom dad, no servants..to hide ourselves from" i replied and she giggled. I smiled at my own comment too.
"how did you come to know about this place??" she asked
"once our car had broken down when me and my friends were returning from a trip, so we were searching for water, i was alone and followed the sound of the girgling of water of the river and reached here. I liked the place instantly. I came back to my friends, but didn't tell anyone as i wanted this place to be known only to me. i had thought i will bring someone whom i feel like to show this place. So i brought you" i informed her.
She didn't say anything , probably she was thinking something.
"manik.." she said slowly
"hmmm" i said . my lips touched the top of her head.
She didn't reply. I got curious, so i asked her again "kya hua nandini bolo"
She broke the hug and was looking down. I felt she is nervous.
I held her palm. Yes it was clammy, means she is nervous.
"nandini batao...kya hua? You want to say something?" i urged her to speak. She looked up. Direct into my eyes.
"manik.." she said
"i have been waiting to tell you this from a long time. Probably waiting for the right moment. Somehow i have got the feeling that this is the right moment and right place." She paused and i just watched her innocent face as wind blew fiercely messing up her hair. She is so beautiful. So so beautiful. She kept putting her hair aside and they kept blowing on her face. Finally she rolled them into a bun and started speaking again "I LOVE YOU MANIK. I have loved you from a long time...but i wanted to be sure of my own feelings first...i have started imagining, you and me for forever...with our kids..a happy , sweet family...which i never had...i want to experience, how it feels to have a family..someone on whom you have full right..whom you can call yours..." she was speaking and she stood up and i had mixed feelings. I was happy that she loves me. i felt scared that she is thinking of having a family with me. i felt sad when i realised she craves for a family. SHE LOVES ME. she must be expecting me to reciprocate her feelings. Should i just say that yes i love u?? No no no...i can't lie to her...Do i love her? How to know that? Yeah i will ask cabir...but now ...what to do? I was thinking all this when i heard her say
"manik you don't need to worry. Don't think that since i have confessed you need to too! These 3 words mean a lot to me...say only when you truly feel it...and even if you don't feel it..tell me without any hesitation. I will understand...but just don't force yourself to feel it"
Probably she read my worried expression and said these words to comfort me. i could see, she was sad. I too got up and stood facing her.


I poured my heart out today to him and felt light. I know he is not ready. But i am also sure that he loves me. his actions speak a lot. He just has to realise it. I can wait. I have to wait.
 since i had decided i won't expect anything, and just live in the present moment, so i will do what my heart says and it says that i want to experience the emotions related to a kiss. I want to know how it feels. He must be a pro at it. He definitely will be an expert kisser, but how do i initiate the kiss. Hell ! i don't even know how to kiss, how to move my lips? How will i breathe during the kiss? oh god this is so difficult!!  Shit! Is my mouth fresh? I hope am not having foul breath.
Suddenly i notice that manik is observing me with a smile. Of course he will because i must be making weird faces and pouts. Suddenly my hair fell open and started blowing on my face. I got busy managing them, but then i noticed manik coming close to me. he cupped my cheeks  keeping the hairs at bay.
"you are beautiful" he complimented and i got lost in his eyes.
"manik...kiss me" i whispered. He looked at me amazed. "and for my benefit i will tell you, i don't  know how to kiss" i said frowning. He smiled his charming smile "let me teach you then.." he said huskily and placed his lips on mine. A shot of current ran through me and i shivered. My hands that were on my sides till now, automatically, moved to clutch his t-shirt on his waist. He moved back his lips a little to speak "nandini part your lips a little, sweetheart" he said politely and i obeyed. As soon as , i did that, he started sucking my lower full lips as if it were a candy. Since he was sucking my lips, i used my brains to understand that i should do the same with his lips and i took his upper lips to task. I felt he smiled in between the kiss means i was doing good. Suddenly he nibbled my lips and i gasped in pain. He took the opportunity and entered inside my mouth. He started sucking my tongue and i followed his example.
All the while he was anchoring my face with his palms. Soon i got breathless and he pulled back panting equally "you are a fast learner, i must say" he said wiggling his eyebrow and i turned red feeling shy and nervous thinking about my participation in the kiss. He left my face and took me in a hug, warm hug. "relax...you were good. I enjoyed it. Your mouth tastes heavenly..trust me" he whispered and i hugged him more tightly. He also tightened his grip on me. i realised that sun had already set while we were kissing.


MaNan returned home and slept peacefully. Next day all the couples went for a day out. Manik informed aryaman about what he wanted and aryaman shocked him by saying that he and veebha had already ended up kissing while he had dropped her home. Manik warned aryaman to be considerate as veebha is manik's acquaintance. Aryaman assured him that he won't do anything without veebha's consent. All was sorted.
Manik enjoyed the time with nandini and his friends. Veebha was kept busy by aryaman. So she didn't disturb manan much. Everyone shopped for their dresses for the farewell party. Nandini bought the dress selected by manik. Manik didn't let her pay for anything saying she should consider it as a gift from his side. nandini agreed reluctantly. Manik tried talking to cabir but it was difficult in presence of his friends. So he let the topic rest for a while.
They came back and slept off. next day, all the girls headed to parlour to get ready for the party. Aryaman had asked veebha to accompany him to the party, saving manik. Veebha had an inkling that probably manik wouldn't take her, so she chose the 2nd best option of going with aryaman as the entry required couples, that is-boy - girl, boy-boy or girl-girl!
Soon the girls were ready and when they came out , they found their partners waiting for them with their respective cars.

 They hopped in and drove off. but manik's gaze was fixed on nandini. Nandini was getting self conscious, due to the constant stare of manik. Manik somehow controlled himself till they reached the venue. But as soon as they were out of the car, manik held nandini's hand and stopped her. Rest of the couples didn't notice manan and went inside. Manik pulled nandini and sandwiched her between car and himself.
"manik kya kar rahe ho?" nandini asked shyly looking here and there.
"tumhe dekh raha hun" manik replied
"q?" she asked cutely
"because you are looking beautiful, gorgeous" he replied still fixing his eyes on her
"toh dekh liya...toh ab chalo na..." she said blushing hard
"naah" he spoke naughtily and finally she looked up confused
"par q?" she asked innocently
"teacher hu main...tumhe sikhaya hai kuch...test lena toh banta h..." he said seductively
"par ek hi bar sikhaya ...maine practice ni ki...uske baad..main fail ho jaungi" she replied understanding his inuendos
Manik smirked "ok test cancel...abhi practice karwata hun...jab tak perfection na ajae" he said and bent down taking whole of her lips in his mouth. He kissed her with so much force that she stumbled back and rested against the car. his hands cupped her face and she held on to his blazer. He was kissing her fiercely, totally dominating her and she just gave in. This was different from her first kiss , giving a new experience to her. MaNan were lost in each other , that they didn't notice veebha who after watching them kiss was burning in rage. She would have shouted then and there, but knowing manik, she controlled herself, deciding to show nandini her rightful  place in the party. She walked off from there.
Manik left her lips only when he found that she is breathless. They both took a moment to relax themselves. Manik noticed that her lipstick has smudged.
"nandini tumhri lipstick smudge ho gyi h" he said putting his finger on his own lips .
She opened her bag and took out the essentials and perfected her make up. All this while manik stood quietly watching her.
When she was finally done, they walked in to the party together, hand in hand.
This story is nearing its end..
2-3 more updates
Do like and comment

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Awesome update ^_^,
Vidhiarora1 Goldie

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Beautiful story

Really enjoyed reading nanDu feeling


N i m sooo sooo excited to c manik confession in front of his family n friends

I want epilogue babes

It s a musttt
N vibha ki more baizatti Plxzzz

Okkiieee dokiiieee


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sanikagokhale Senior Member

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Awesome update!
Nandini confessed her feelings!
And manan kissed!! Aww!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I hope Manik confesses his feelings too!
But that Veebha!Angry sure to create problem! I hope Manik stands for Nandini
Thanks for the pm!
Continue soon..
Take careBig smile

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manik  got a  superb plan to keep veebha away  from him n  nandini 

veebha  saw manna  kissing 

now she s  really gonna  plan something   against nandini

nice update

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