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MANAN TS:*I AM A FLIRT* //SHOT 10; page 60// 23rd july[THE END] (Page 38)

sneha_glamarous Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 11:34am | IP Logged
this was very good...

veebha is just like so chipku ...she must hv said hurtful n harsh words to nandini...huhhh

but glad part is that manik thrown a jug full of water on her n always ready to say back to her n also he introduced nandu as his friend...

on all it was good chapter...

Cooki Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 8:00am | IP Logged
It's very interesting story dear..
Manik has changed so much...
For good...
Veebha is trying to be superior...
Huhh!! She needs to get a life...
Messing up with manik can cost her hard...
That too messing up with his nandini..
He will not leave veebha...
Manan's cute romantic moments...
Manik taught veebha a good lesson..
Manik's parents r noticing his changed behavior...
I hope they get some ideas about nandini..
Thnxxx for the pm...
Continue soon...
Looking forward to read further parts...
Maninim Senior Member

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Shot 7Smile

"nandini, where is my sports shoe yaar" i shouted from my room as i was getting ready for college
"and where is my new rado watch??" i shouted again.
"manik, why are you shouting? You could have called me calmly and asked na.." she complained walking in to my room. I quickly ran and shut the door and came back to her. She looked confused at my behaviour.
"i was shouting because i wanted you here in front of me" i said holding her by her arms.
"ok then tell me, why do you want sports shoes? Har din toh casual shoes pehnte ho?" she asked.
"lets bunk college today. Classes won't be happening as preparations for my batch's farewell is going on" i informed her
"woh toh thk h..but hm jaenge kaha?" she asked snaking her arms around my neck.
"its a surprise" i said pulling her by her waist.
"ok" she said and we pulled back. She gave me my sports shoes and i asked her to dress up in the same manner.  She left to get ready.
I came down and bid bye to mom dad and grimaced looking at veebha. But mom stopped me.
"manik, take veebha with you. She will explore the college and it will pass her time too. Otherwise she will get bored here" mom suggested and i felt like banging my head against a wall. Veebha got up excited and went to fetch her purse. I don't have any excuse to give to mom, for not letting veebha come with me. but nandini...what will i tell her?
Veebha held my arm and that brought me out of thinking land. She pulled me out with her and mom passed me a smile. As i came out i saw nandini standing near my car, waiting for me. she was looking beautiful .

 She was wearing a sports shoe too. I smiled to her but she frowned seeing veebha accompanying me. i gave her a helpless look.
"nandini why are you standing here?" veebha asked rudely.
"because she goes to college with me" i answered straight forward. Veebha looked with contempt at nandini but didn't speak further. I moved to get the car onto the drive way while the girls waited there. As soon as i stopped my car, veebha hopped in the passenger seat beside me leaving nandini with a hurt expression. I clutched the steering so hard in frustration like its veebha's neck!! I felt like strangulating her, then and there!
After a few moments nandini settled in the back seat and i adjusted my rear view mirror to see her face. She smiled half heartedly. Veebha poked me to start driving. We reached college amidst the chattering of veebha.
I saw my friends in the parking and waved at them. They came to us and hugged me and then nandini and not veebha. They just shook hands with her.
"what's up , guys? So what's the plan for today? " i asked moving forward with cabir and Dhruv. While mukti and alia accompanied nandini. Veebha trailed after them.
"i just came to meet u guys but i will leave in half an hour . i am going on a date with navya" cabir informed
"yeah i am too taking alia out for movie" Dhruv informed.
"mukti v jaa rahi hai kya abhi k sath??" i asked
"haa " cabir said
My face fell. They noticed it. "kya hua? Tere koi plans ni h kya?? Asa h toh we too won't go. What say Dhruv?" cabir said
"absolutely!!" Dhruv replied
"yaar mere plans the nandini k sath...you know she said she likes me...and we are seeing each other...but veebha has jumped into the scene...i am so pissed at her...please guys help me in getting rid of her..plzz" i almost pleaded
They frowned and turned to look at veebha. Cabir then put his arm round my shoulder.
"sochne de.." cabir said. Till that time we reached our pad and settled down. Girls followed us and sat down too.
"veebha please speak a little less, ok...you are irritating the shit out of me!!" mukti yelled all of a sudden and veebha shut her mouth for a while.
"what is she doing in india??" cabir whispered to me looking at veebha  .
"i don't know yaar!! Mom dad brought her with them" i informed
"manik, dekh hum ise yaha se toh bhaga sakte hain, but if you want to get rid of her forever then you should talk to your mom" cabir suggested.
And i realised that it was the right thing to do, so i nodded.
"tune bola..you and nandini are seeing each other...matlab...serious wala ya time pass?" Dhruv asked
"pta nahi..." i replied
"pta nahi matlab...ye serious v ho sakta h?" cabir asked amazed at my answer because my usual answer would have been serious hota toh ICU mein hota' and we would laugh at that but now...its different!
"abhi tak toh mujhe ye serious wala hi lag raha h" i replied
Cabir gave a kamaal hai' wala look patting my shoulder.
"but abhi sab ko btane ki jarurt ni h.." i warned them.
"q?" Dhruv asked
"madam ka order h" i said pointing towards nandini
"aye ! tumlogo ki kya khusar phusar chal rahi hai??" mukti enquired and the girls got up from their place to sit near us in the hall. I saw veebha eyeing the place beside me and nandini was behind her, so i quickly got up from my place and stretched my body acting tired of sitting. Cabir and dhruv passed me knowing looks while i winked in their direction. I stood there with the support of  the table and rest of them sat talking to each other. Nandini was sitting in between cabir and veebha, facing me.
"ha toh bta kya baatein ho rahi thi?" mukti asked looking at me.
"wo we were discussing that since veebha has come today, so we need to stay with her, that's why i cancelled my plans for today," cabir spoke faking sadness letting veebha know that she is an intruder.
"yeah me too, sorry alia, we will go next time..ok?" Dhruv apologised to alia holding her hand. She nodded sadly
"ok then i will also cancel my program" mukti spoke after thinking
"why you guys don't have classes today?" veebha asked
"no..preparations for our farewell is going on that's why classes are off" alia informed
"oh then when is the farewell?" veebha asked getting very much interested.
"day after tomorrow" mukti spoke to dismiss the topic
"ok then i will also come with manik..." veebha dropped the bombshell on me. i was horrified. My mind screamed a big fat NO!!!
Rest of them had a copy paste of my expression except nandini. She buried her face between her palms. What was she doing ? crying?? Suddenly she got up .
"you guys carry on , i need to go to the washroom" she said and left. Not a single glance in my direction. I looked at cabir for help.
Nandini's pov
This veebha, she is just trying to squeeze herself in between me and manik. The day she arrived, finding me alone during lunch, she advised me to be in my limits. That i am a care-taker and should behave like one. I didn't give second thoughts to that. But the way she stares at manik, bugs me a lot. 
I said to myself that i shouldn't be behaving like a possessive and over bearing girlfriend. The best way to hold on to manik is to give him space, let him make choices. While i was battling on this , i found manik standing on the terrace looking towards my direction. It was past midnight and he was awake. I knew if i don't talk to him , probably he won't sleep the whole night. So i called him and talking to him , wipes out all my fears and insecurities. The mere thought that He is giving me more importance than veebha fills my chest with satisfaction.
In the morning , i asked him about his relationship with veebha and his answer made me realise that he has nothing for her except plain irritation. We shared such a good moment in the morning. I slept with him, for the first time!! He is such a gentleman!!
I heard what he did with veebha in the morning. A smile crept on my face realising that he taught her a lesson for me. And then the juice fiasco left me dumbfounded. He apologised to me in front of his mom dad!! I laughed my guts out at the idiotic expression of veebha in my room, when i was alone. Then his offer of bunking college, came as a surprise. I was really excited to see what he had planned but i guess veebha ruined it. Yet i let it go...but when she said she will accompany manik to the farewell party, i just couldn't take it. I felt suffocated. So i excused myself from there and presently i am standing in front of the mirror in washroom.
Its not like i am jealous or insecure, i am not, atleast not after knowing what manik feels for her, its just that i am annoyed because she is eating up my time with manik. She is doing those things , which i am supposed to do! And the worst thing is that i can't even show my disapproval because she is a guest of my employer! Neyonkia ma'm may not approve of my behaviour. It is such a helpless situation for me. for the first time in my life i was enjoying true happiness. I was enjoying my life, my new found freedom! But i think god doesn't like me seeing happy.
Tears fall from my eyes, to hide them i wash my face. A girl comes in and says to the other girls
"Manik...Manik malhotra is pacing outside this  washroom from last 15 minutes. From the look of his, it seems he will break in any moment, if the girl , he is waiting for doesn't come out" she says the last line and all the girls look at me. i quickly wipe my face with the tissue paper and collect my bag and come out. And he is really pacing there but as he notices my presence, he comes rushing to me.
"nandini!! Tum thk ho?? Itni der washroom mein kya kar rahi thi??" he was hell worried.
"how did you know that i am here" i asked inquisitively
"woh i asked a girl that if you are there or not" he replied sheepishly while running his hand in the nape of his neck. I gave him a look of disbelief.
"what!! Why are you looking at me like that...i was worried!" he justified himself.
I started walking and he jogged to reach beside me.
"so what were you doing from so long..in there?" he asked to keep the conversation going.
"nothing..i was just passing time" i replied sarcastically
"you were crying" he stated
"no" i said
"you were..don't lie" he argued
"even if i were..how does that matter" i replied harshly. I didn't know where i was going and so i stopped when i reached a dead end.
"we are fighting" he stated seriously
I didn't reply and turned to walk back in the direction from which we had come. He held me by my arms and pulled me harshly, so that i crashed into his chest "don't you dare ignore me" he warned me.
"why shouldn't i?? A girl is trying to get cozy with my boyfriend , she is always stuck to him like a bee...and what is my boyfriend doing??? Nothing...he is waiting for god knows what!!! Ohhh...probably a miracle...i was tolerating all this..but my patience has a limit...mind you ...if she enters the party with you...trust me...we are done!!" i said. Sarcasm dripping from my tone and my finger pointing on his nose. I huffed and sighed, but to my surprise, he crossed his first finger with mine and smiled crookedly "i like this wild and angry nandini!! You look so beautiful when your nose and cheeks puff up and your eyes become big and round...i will annoy you quite often now" he said and kissed the finger that he was holding. I pulled back my finger and turned my back to him, crossing my arms near my chest. He made me turn to face him by holding my arms "nandini..." he crooned, " trust me..as much as you are fed up with veebha..so am i..even more than you..." he spoke while holding my chin and making me look up into his eyes "mai aaj hi mom se baat karunga and i will solve this matter, right away..." he spoke and my expressions soften seeing the sincerity in his eyes "and about the...party...waha toh main sirf tumhre sath hi jaunga...at any cost..." he finished with an endearing smile. His smile is contagious and i had to smile back.
After the heated conversation was over, i realised our proximity. We were so close. Our bodies brushing against each other. I didn't make any move to back off , neither did manik. I saw him inching close to my face, probably to kiss me. suddenly my heartbeat accelerated and i clutched his tee tight. This is going to be my first kiss. I don't know what to do? How to do? These questions paralysed my thought process and i stood there like a limp body closing my eyes. His breath were fanning my lips and i knew he is close.

She's my everything,
Like a morning girl,
She's my angel, up above my world,
And she's the only one, who understands me,
That's why I call her, my new family,
This song broke my trance and i opened my eyes to see, who started playing the background music?

[Pre Chorus]
See she's the only one that I want by my side,
She's the only one that I believe can save my life,
She makes me want to be a better man (Oh I)
She's higher than the sky, the suns and the moon,

but to my surprise , no one was there. Even manik had pulled back from the kiss that had not started even. I found him cursing under his breath and searching his pocket. He took out his phone, it is then i realised , that it is his ringtone. He cursed under his breath for wrong timing and i blushingly smiled at his cute faces that he was making.

She's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)

"ha hello, bol cabir" manik spoke gritting his teeth
"yaar manik...mai veebha ko isse jyada der ni rok paya...wo nikal gyi tujhe dhundhne...sorry bro" i heard cabir speaking over the phone.
"cabir , sorry q bol raha h yaar...its ok ane de usey..tum log v aao..i have something to discuss...me and nandini will be waiting in the canteen" manik informed.
"nandini thk h?" cabir asked
"yeah.." manik answered
"ok then c u..by" cabir said
"yeah ok bye" manik replied and hung up..
"let's go.." manik forwarded his palm biting his lips...probably remembering the kiss. I put my hand in his palm blushing profusely.
Do like and comment

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snehaolambe Newbie

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 10:18am | IP Logged
its beautiful.. Embarrassed
i juz love this story...to which extend tht i evn dnt knw
i keep waiting fr ur updates
trust me it is cute one Smile
tysm fr updating   Tongue
lots of love

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Tiara115 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Wow. .
Seems interesting 
Do update soon
Waiting eagerly

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jamunamanik Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 10:31am | IP Logged




Kiss miss

Lovely manan








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thamannamanan1 Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 10:34am | IP Logged
the way  manik is supporting   nandini   

the way manik   taking care of her 

he  is too  cute 

whn nandini  was inside the washroom   manik was   waiting outside   the wash room 

kabeer n gang   trying   to help manan    

everything   wow  

superb update

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shalini16gupta Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Amazing update.
Loved caring manik n trying to give priority to nandu over veebha.
Continue soon

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