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MANAN TS:*I AM A FLIRT* //SHOT 10; page 60// 23rd july[THE END] (Page 33)

rohu27 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear...

Dhingli44 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Wowieee Nandu's POV
Glad u I gave itSmile
I was waiting for it.
It was amazing.
Just waiting to see what happens further.
Thanks for PM
priya_sejwal Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Nice update
rohu27 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Nice update dear... Superb loved it so much...
Lamba update after wards...sry...

Love u,

Pls continue
sreesri Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2016 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Amazing update..
Nandus pov ws amazing..
Hr feeling..
Luvd it..
Thnkz 4 d pm..
RidzKhambhati Groupbie

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 3:15am | IP Logged
Awesome update... Please update next part soon. Waiting for next part...
Maninim Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Shot 6

Manik's pov

I rang the bell and nandini opened the door. I winked at her and she got all nervous. She greeted mom -dad, then her eyes fell on veebha who was standing beside me busy in her phone. Nandini eyes flashed to mine. But i gave no expression. Mom dad moved inside and pulled veebha with them. Nandini also started moving inside. I looked here and there if anybody was watching. Seeing no one , i held nandini's hand and pulled her to a corner. She whisper yelled at me "manik kya kar rahe ho! Koi dekh lega.."
I imitated her tone and said "kya dekh lega? Kya kar raha hun main?" and i wiggled my eyebrows. She had no answer as whatever i was going to do, i was going to do it now. I smirked at her and pulled her closer holding her waist.
"manik !" she uttered in a warning tone "choro mujhe...main bol rahi hun ..koi ajaega.."
"chor dunga..pehle thora pyar toh kar lun.." i teased and blew air on her face. She turned into a tomato. Whenever i use the word pyar she blushes like anything. I lowered my head burying my face in her hair.
"manik plzz" she pleaded as my nose tip traced her cheek. My proximity was taking her on the edge of her control. She would lose it any moment. She had her eyes closed and her lips were trembling as i inched closer to her lips. This is her first experience of these emotions. I am so happy that i am the one giving her the first beautiful experiences of her life. Her hold on the collar of my shirt tightened as our lips brushed but ...
"manik...manik...where are you?" we both heard at the same time veebha's voice. Nandini immediately pulled back and ran to stand at a little distance away from me smoothing her hair and uniform. While i ransacked my brain for a perfect excuse for standing here and an idea struck me. i took out my phone and dialled mukti's number. Till then veebha reached there and eyed nandini who was standing there like a statue.
"manik here you are! What are you doing? Why didn't you come in?" she asked coming close and holding my arms. Nandini's eyes focussed on the point of contact between me and veebha but when she saw that i am looking at her, she quickly riveted her eyes.
"veebha..main fab 5 ko call kar raha tha but call lag ni raha tha...so i was trying ,standing here" i lied perfectly and freed my arm from her hold without her noticing it . Mukti didn't pick up the call. So i put my phone in my pocket.
"who is she? And why is she here?" veebha asked looking at nandini.
"veebha...she is Nandini Murthy...my...my..." i felt like i am not getting the right word to describe our relationship.
"his...care-taker.." nandini spoke on my behalf and forwarded her hand for a shake. Veebha took it reluctantly "i am veebha...manik's childhood friend" veebha informed with an air of superiority. I took nandini in a light side hug and said "she didn't tell you veebha but Nandini is my friend too!" i supported nandini. Nandini smiled a little in response.
"oh i have  heard a lot about your friendship with girls" veebha spoke with contempt in her voice and a little suggestively for me.
"i think i should leave, ma'm and sir must be waiting inside" nandini said and came out of my hold. Although she smiled at both of us before leaving but i knew it that she is upset. As soon as nandini was gone, i turned to veebha.
"what is wrong with you veebha..? nandini se iss tarah ki baat karne ki kya jarurt thi? She is not like the other girls, for me." i asked angrily.
"calm down manik, what did i say ? and why is it affecting you so much?? She is just a care taker after all.." veebha questioned and i so wanted to tell her why it is affecting me so much, but before i could open my mouth nandini appeared again "sir...your mom dad are waiting for you" she shouted and passed me a glare to keep my mouth shut. I huffed and stormed out from there.
It was just after mid night and sleep was far far away from my eyes. So i came up on the terrace and was presently standing on the terrace facing the staff quarters. I don't know which room belonged to nandini, so i was just staring in that direction.
Its the starting of our relationship and we should be spending time together. But here the situation is completely opposite. I don't know why mom dad brought veebha with them!!! She is just creating troubles ever since she has come. Nandini is also hurt by her words and actions. Veebha is always stuck to me like glue and i am not able to talk to nandini. Nandini left without wishing me good night even.
Why my life can't be a little easy! Suddenly my phone started vibrating. I saw the caller id and a smile appeared on my lips.
"hello nandini, what is this yaar...tum mere calls q ni pick kar rahi ho..?" i asked her.
"manik why are you on terrace so late? Go and sleep ok...kal college ni jana??" she asked and i was surprised.
"how do you know i am on terrace? Tum dekh sakti ho mujhe?? Tell me which room is yours?? If you can see me , i can see you too!" i spoke in excitement.
"manik , please what will you do by knowing that? Go and sleep na..." she requested.
"no...just go and sleep...and don't make puppy faces..wse v subah me main aungi tumhe jagane tab dekh lena mujhe" she said and i knew she must be blushing. I scanned the place once again to find her room from where she is watching me. but i couldn't find her.
I heard her giggle over the phone "manik...go and sleep" she ordered. I frowned "ok fine, but tum subah jaldi aogi..4 baje hi ajana..." i said and turned to head to my room.
"its already one , now and you wanna get up at 4?? R u sure??" she asked. For the first time in my life someone was more important than my sleep. I haven't given this privilege to even FAB 5!
"yes i am sure" i answered stubbornly.
"ok...then gd nt " she wished , while i reached my room and closed the door behind.
"good night...muaaah" i wished and blew a kiss over the phone. She must have turned tomato red "and yeah send me a pic of yours, right after i cut the call" i ordered and she hummed.
As i cut the call, i received  her pic. And the blush was very much there. I kissed her lips on the phone screen and slept caressing the pic.
"manik" i heard the melodious voice that i can never get tired of hearing. I opened my eyes lazily and got the best view early in the morning which will make my day beautiful. The face of  a smiling nandini. I smiled back.
"see i am here ...now get up..." she said and i was just staring at her face.  "kya hua? Ase kya dekh rahe ho??" she asked and started checking herself if there was anything wrong in her appearance.
I forwarded my hand and she put her palm into mine , a little confused. I made her sit near me on the bed while i was still lying on the bed.
"jab v tumhe dekhta hun toh bas dekhte rehne ka mann karta hai..." i whispered and she blushed and got nervous
"bahut filmy lines use karne lage ho aajkal...kya baat h?" she teased me while caressing my palm with her thumb.
"tumhe dekh kar ye sab khud ba khud hota hai...no extra efforts needed" i said and she was not ready to look into my eyes. I sat up on the bed close to her. She was extremely nervous now. I made her look into my eyes "kya hua? Why are you shaking and your palms are also clammy?" i asked concerned. She wiped her palm in her hanky. " i don't know, these things happen whenever you are close to me like that.." she said pointing to my bare upper body. I smiled "bas itni si baat ? toh bol deti na ki meri hotness handle ni hoti tumse!" i teased her and put on my vest. Although i was teasing her, yet i knew this is happening ever since that rape attempt on her. She has not recovered completely. She is afraid of proximity and closeness. I moved a little away giving her enough space to breathe. But she held my hand and stopped me from moving away , instead she moved closer to me " i need to face my fear. I can't run away from them." She said and i liked this fighting spirit in her.
"its too early to start the day, so if you don't mind we can rest for a while together here." I suggested.
"but koi agya toh?" she asked and i got up and locked the door. "ab thk h?" i asked and she bent her head down shyly. So i walked up  to her and sat down on the bed and forwarded my arm. She shifted to my side and i took her in a side hug and she placed her head on my chest ever so carefully. I covered ourselves with the sheet.
"nandini , you are comfortable , right?" i enquired and she just hummed in response. I felt she wanted to say something, so i waited for her to open up.
"manik" she finally said
"haa bolo"  i asked
"what kind of relationship, do you and veebha share?" she asked and i smiled. She is jealous and insecure.
"nandini , the bungalow that you see next to our premises, that once belonged to veebha's parents. They lived here . me and veebha were good friends back then, you say like chuddy buddy. But when we were 10 years old, her parents had to shift to new York. And after 1 year when veebha came here during summer vacations, she was totally changed. I didn't like her from then. And her visits also lessened. I had not seen her from last 4 years. Mom had informed me on phone that she is bringing a surprise with her. I didn't know that her surprise was veebha. I don't know why they brought her. I just hate her for her big mouth, which she uses without any restriction." I finished and my blood just boiled remembering veebha's behaviour of today afternoon.
"manik its ok..calm down" nandini whispered near my heart. And a shot of current ran through me and i literally shivered. "kya hua?" she asked. What could i tell her?? That how she makes me feel? That i feel like a teenager who is experiencing these emotions for the first time. She makes all this feel new to me.
"kuch nahi" i said.
"ok" she said " you are happy with me na?"
"of course!! I am very happy! And what makes you even ask such a question?" i enquired. I need to know what's running in her mind.i think veebha must have said something to her as i had seen her talking to nandini during lunch time. But nandini refused to divulge the details saying they were talking on random topic.
"nothing" she said and yawned.
"you are  sleepy...meri wajah se tum v ni soti ho. I think i will increase your pay for working overtime!" i teased her and she buried her face more into my chest smiling. "its still 4:30, we can sleep till 6 or 6:30...what say?" i asked her.
"r u sure? Kuch problem toh ni ho jaegi?" she asked
"ni hogi..let's sleep" i assured her and we slipped on the bed to sleep with Nandini in my arms.
Someone was continuously knocking my door. Whoever it is , is going to face the worst of me. suddenly i realised i am not alone as nandini also got up with a jerk. She was about to speak something , i palmed her mouth and asked her to keep quiet. She obeyed. I checked the time. It was still 6:20. I held nandini's arm and took her to the washroom. I asked her to wait there and came out. I heard veebha's voice "manik open the door! "
I thought of teaching her a lesson and picked up the jug of water and pretending to be angry , i opened the door  and splashed the water on her face "how dare you!!..." i shouted in full high pitch voice and then acted as if i realised that it was her and not some servant.
Veebha stood there like a bhigi billi'. Blinking furiously and her mouth hanging open. Mom came running from their room hearing my high pitch voice and then she saw veebha's condition. Mom sighed  and said "veebha i had warned you about this, but you didn't listen to me..now see the result for yourself. I told you only nandini manages to wake him up calmly" mom informed and i fought back a smile and said "mom i thought its some servant "
"its ok beta, say sorry to her" mom said
"sorry for what?? It wasn't my fault , she shouldn't  have knocked like a maniac" i said looking at veebha who was expecting my apology and her face fell. You deserve this!!
"nandini ni ai abhi tak??" mom enquired.
"mom i had asked her to wake me up at 7 as i had slept late last night" i lied
"oh ok then" mom said to me and turned to veebha "go and freshen up beta"
Veebha went muttering abuses to me and mom also left. I closed the door and went in the washroom. Nandini was sitting on the counter beside the wash basin. I smiled and she smiled too. I walked closer and stood between her legs , she placed her arms on my shoulder and i held her waist "you know i had the best morning of my life today" i told her.
"this was my best morning too!" she informed smiling.
"so we can sleep together often i guess. I promise i won't do anything hanky panky" i spoke naughtily and pinched my throat. She narrowed her eyes as if scrutinizing me. i laughed at her reaction.
"i will go now and see you again in half an hour" she pushed me away and jumped down to stand on floor.
"arey but you didn't answer me. we can sleep together?" i asked again.
"no we can't Mr. Manik Malhotra. There are many people in and around us. I won't take the risk" she said and moved towards the window.
"ok as you wish" i said and watched her going down the winding metal staircase and walking towards the front of the house to enter.
I was coming down for breakfast and i saw nandini carrying glasses of juice in a tray. As i came closer i tripped and whole of the juice fell on nandini. I looked for the source of obstruction and found that it was veebha's foot which she had deliberately stretched. I glared at veebha but quickly apologised to nandini "sorry, i am really sorry! I just tripped. I am sorry" i said and nandini passed me a smile and excused herself to go and change. I saw my parents gawking at me. it took me a minute to realise that i had apologised to nandini although it wasn't my fault and that too in front of them. I smiled sheepishly and sat down on the chair. Veebha  got up from her seat and left passing me glares. Who is afraid of your glares! Huh!!
But of course i am afraid of nandini's glares!!Tongue
Do like and comment...

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Wah wah wah meri jaan what a awsm update,
I just loved it.
Veebha k sath manik jani ne sai kia,
She deserved thiz
I love u yaar,
Thanx 4 the p.m
Conti s0on

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