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MANAN TS:*I AM A FLIRT* //SHOT 10; page 60// 23rd july[THE END]

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I am a flirt

This idea popped up in my mind and i just penned it down. I am not even sure, how many parts it will have...all depends on your response..if you like the concept please let me know...

Shot 1

I heard someone's melodious voice. Although , who ever it was, was disturbing my sleep, yet i didn't feel like shouting on her , like i always do.
I groaned , it was too early in the morning. What does she want.
Not again!! Stop this chant of sir sir!! I managed to open my heavy eyes. But found no one in my field of vision. Just as i was about to shut my eyes again, i heard
Again. "have you forgot to record any other word except sir' in your tape recorder??" i was talking to someone imaginary as i was not able to see her face.
"actually i can speak a lot more but only once you wake up sir" she answered.
Ok i have to see her. She sounds interesting. Urgh!! But i have to get up for that. Manik uth ja beta..kal raat ek girlfriend se break up kiya h tune, ho sakta h ye next girlfriend material ho!!
This idea gave me the strength to kick off my sleep, i had sacrificed such a big thing for her, my sleep.
I sat up on the bed. I found a girl standing near my leg. I had to adjust my vision to look at her. Wow  she is beautiful . a little short but 5-6 inches sandal will do. But those doe eyes!! And those pink pouty lips..aah my vocabulary is failing to describe her beauty. I admit it i have never seen such a beautiful girl before.
"beautiful " i told her. She blushed "thank you sir"
"sir?? Please call me manik. I would like it that way" i literally requested her!
"no sir i can't, i m on job" she rejected politely.
"ummm , may i know your sweet name, beautiful?" i was trying all my arts of wooing on her.
"nandini murthy"
"nandini, nice name" i complemented her and took her name a thousand times in my mind to memorise it. I shouldn't take any other girl's name to address her.
"thank you sir" she replied but i wasn't able to figure out if my words were having any effect on her because she was answering quite normally.
"sir , your shirt" she forwarded me my shirt, as i was bare bodied . i found her blushing. Ok if not my talks, atleast my body is effecting her. Good , so i need to work out!! I quickly got off the bed and headed towards the gym.
And left her to do whatever work was assigned to her. But i need to figure out a way, so that she drops the idea of calling me sir. While i was working out i thought of several ways but none were satisfactory.  I was disturbed by a phone call. It was from an unknown number. So i ignored it. But it started ringing again. So i called nandini, as she had been appointed to take care of me. She must be around. I was right. As soon as she heard my call, she came running.
"yes sir"
"pick up this call and if its not important , hang up by telling that i m busy" i told her while lifting dumbbells. She nodded and picked up the call.
"hello, how may i help you?"
"can i know your name??
"ok riya ma'm. May i know how you know sir?"
"ohk you met him last night in the pub and you saw him breaking up with his girlfriend, so you want to know if you can be of any help to him"
Nandini was deliberately repeating that girl's lines, so that i can signal her , what to do? I don't remember this ria fia, and anyways i already had nandini in my mind , so no other girl right now. I signalled nandini that i m not interested and she very artfully cut the conversation and the call too. I can tell that she is very talented by her mannerisms.
She smiled and left from there.
After freshening up i came down to have breakfast.
"wow son, you are so early??" dad asked amused.
"it must be because of nandini, i knew at first sight that she can take best care of him" mom informed.
"mom i m not a kid, that i need a care taker" i complained.
"son you know , the reason why we keep care takers for you...because your mom and me , we are mostly busy in our work and rarely have time for you, so you need someone who can take care of you" dad spoke emotionally
"ok ok..now don't start crying like a girl, its ok...but i have a request dad.." i began "i like nandini, i want to make her my girlfriend, but she doesn't even take my name , plz do something"
"but you have met her today itself , you don't even know her" mom countered.
"i want to know her, that's why i want to make her my girlfriend na.."
"i will help you, but you remember your promise na.." dad enquired
"of course i remember dad, i wont do hanky panky with her, if she doesn't want it. This is the reason why i m still virgin , inspite of having so many girlfriends!" i whined
"good that you are..arey nandini come here beta" dad called her. She walked to us, very obediently. "yes sir"
"you are his care taker , so obey him, as far as is practical for you...like he is saying , he wants you to call him by his name. I think this is not a big issue?" dad spoke softly but strictly.
"sure sir, no problem" she answered. My heart jumped in joy. I got up and gave dad a quick hug and whispered thank you.
"manik, i have enrolled her in your college, and i hope you know that she will be staying in the staff quarters" dad informed me and winked.
"nandini if you have any problem, just call me, today we are leaving for new York, and will come back only after 2 weeks. You will be able to manage the house and manik with the help of servants. Right?" mom filled in the necessary details and nandini nodded.
"you can come with me to the college" i offered her a drive but i know she will refuse.
"no sir..i ..i mean manik, i will come by myself, thank you" she answered.
"ok as you wish, bye mom , bye dad" i waved them bye and left for college
Same day in the canteen
I was sitting with my friends. Suddenly i heard cabir whistle "woohoo..who's that hot chick?" i along with others turned to look at the girl, whom cabir had termed as a hot chick. My eyes popped out of my sockets as the girl was nandini and cabir was right, she was indeed looking hot in rugged jeans and crop top which gave a peek into her milky white waist.
"she is nandini murthy , my new caretaker" i informed them.
"heyn"  uttered mukti..
"direct maria dadi se nandini murthy..what a leap i must say manik.." cabir remarked
" arey i don't know yaar from where dad managed her but i really like her, i mean i m single right now and she is an attractive option" i voiced my opinion.
"why don't you ask her to join us, i don't think she has made any friends" alia suggested and all of them nodded, literally surprising me.
"but guys , you never let anyone enter our closed group, why her?"
"because buddy , she seems different from other bimbos that you have dated till now"  Dhruv replied on behalf of them.
"r u guys sure?"
"101 % " replied mukti "just call her now"
"nandini" i shouted from my place. Whole canteen became silent as they thought may be we were going to rag her.
"abbey pagal h kya !!why did you shout? Jaa kar ni bula sakta tha, u scared the poor kids " cabir chided me but my attention was fixed on nandini, studying her every detail, the way she turned and the way her eyes searched for me and the smile that formed on her lips which she quickly hid and the way she walked towards me, how her hair bangs danced on her orehead. There was so much to see in her.
She came near and wished me "hello sir, how can i help you?"
"nandini , how many times should i tell you to call me manik" i spoke irritated
"oh sorry manik" she quickly corrected herself. The canteen was still observing us, so i asked her to sit and Dhruv vacated one of the chair beside me and sat on the other side of alia. The people present in the canteen had their mouth hanging open  as they saw for the first time that fab 5 had an intruder.
"so nandini tell us something about yourself, are you from Mumbai itself?" mukti started the conversation as soon as nandini sat beside me.
"no i m from mangalore, i lived in an orphanage there" nandini informed
"oh so how are you here in Mumbai?" mukti asked further. She was clearly very interested in nandini.
"actually maria aunty visited our orphanage last week, she told our owner that she had taken retirement and she was looking for her replacement in the job. It is then that our owner suggested my name and after lot of interviews and skill checks , i got the job. Plus an added benefit of attending college, as i had requested because i wanted to study further" nandini spoke at length and gave all necessary details.
My friends passed an appreciating look to each other . 
Same day afternoon..
College ended and i decided to go home, which is very unlike me. My friends understood my intentions , so they let me go after a lot of leg pulling session. I have got the best friends!!
I tried to locate nandini in the college. Thankfully i found her just going out of college. I quickly ran to get my car and reached near her. I rolled the window down .
"nandini , get in, i m going home too" i asked her
She will refuse, i know
"no sir..err manik..i will go by myself, thank you" she declined politely again. I m not going to give up, so easily
"but what is the problem in going with me?"
"i m your employee, my self- respect doesn't allow me for these favours! " she put her point forward and shut my mouth. She is right at her place. Ok i have to do something and become her friend, only then this relationship of employer-employee will become secondary.
i didn't argue further, and let her go. But i followed her till she reached home. She straight went to her room in the staff quarter and i entered my mansion. I had just come out of the washroom after taking a shower, towel wrapped around my lower half, when i heard a knock on the door "may i come in manik?" i heard nandini's voice. I rushed to wear my clothes, but then i stopped midway...why should i cover myself, let her see, what all i have got! With this resolve, i just wore the Bermudas leaving my upper body, bare.
"yes come in" i answered amidst setting my hair in front of the mirror. Nandini entered. I watched her reaction in the mirror. Literally her jaw dropped but she quickly arranged her expressions, but she couldn't cover up the blush. She was again in the staff uniform. Uhh! I hate this uniform!
she had still not spoken a single word and was just staring my back. I controlled the smile that was building up and spoke "ho gya? Dekh liya ache se?" and i turned to face her. Her blush darkened. "bolo why are you here?" i asked her.
She arranged her thoughts before speaking , so that she does not fumble "manik..aap lunch karenge? Ya snacks lenge? Or is there anything...e..el..se..." she fumbled as i came closer to her. As i didn't stop taking steps towards her, she started moving back to maintain a comfortable distance but i didn't stop and sandwiched her between the wall and me putting my hands on either side of her on the wall "tum mujhe aap' bulaogi?" i asked seductively breathing near her ear. She squeezed her eyes shut "you are my employer, i have to address you with respect" she answered. God this employer employer!! Uff kya karun main iss larki ka!
"since i m your employer, i want you to refer me as your equal, and that's an order" i played her card on her itself. She opened her eyes a little to look at me but i had not moved even a bit, so she moved her face sideways. But she didn't answer me. "nandini, will you obey me or not?" i asked as seductively as possible. "ok ..o..ok.." she answered still looking away. I moved my face a little, and came face to face with her keeping a breathing space between our faces "so, what were you asking about.ahh yes!!.what i wanna have, right??"
She nodded looking with difficulty in my eyes. My proximity was making her uncomfortable and she was trying hard to control her emotions. I moved back suddenly, and she breathed a hefty sigh. I walked back to the bed and picked up my vest and spoke wearing it "i will have whatever you like, just make it fast , i m a little hungry"
"ok..lunch will be on the table in 5 minutes" she spoke cheerfully and left from there. I smiled. She is awesome.
After exactly 5 mins i went down to have my lunch. I sat on the chair and nandini started serving me. I thought of flirting with her "you know , the way you are serving me, it feels like you are my wife" i spoke looking at her. She just smiled but i could see a tinge of red colouring her cheeks which she was trying very hard to control. She is smart. She knows , i m flirting. yaha daal ni galne wali asani se manik beta. I ate the lunch quietly, while nandini stood there. I was in the middle of swallowing up my food, when my phone started ringing loudly and i choked while trying to talk to nandini. I started coughing vigorously and tears rolled out of my eyes. Nandini hesitated for a moment before finally rubbing my back to ease me. As the choking stopped , she handed me a glass of water. Even in that state , the feel of her hands on my body was heavenly. Its genius of me to notice the sensations of my body while i was trying to breathe hard. The phone was ringing continuously and again it was an unknown number. I just felt like banging the phone against the wall. I even raised my hand to throw the phone in irritation but nandini held my hand. Again the touch..aah awesome! she took the phone from my hand "i will answer that" and she picked up the phone and put it on speaker mode.
"hello, how may i help you" nandini began politely and professionally.
"give the phone to manik" the girl on the other side answered rudely. Whoever she was , i m not interested anymore. I shut my both the ears with my hands. Nandini laughed lowly.
"sorry but manik is busy" nandini answered plainly.
"you bitch i know , you are having fun with him, that's why you are not allowing me to speak to him" the girl accused nandini and my temper flared, i forwarded my hand to take the phone from nandini  and show that wh**e her rightful place . how dare she insult nandini, or for that matter any innocent and pure girl, like that.  But much to my displeasure, nandini gestured me to calm down and stay put. I huffed and sat down again.
"listen you pea-brained girl, you have no right to judge me, and if you think i m a bitch then let me tell you that are a disgusting wh**e and you know what i m going to save your number in manik's phone with exactly the same name, so he doesn't get to deal with wh** like you. Thank you for calling" she said the last line with a grimace and cut the call. I had an appreciating smile on my face. I m proud of her.
"sorry if it was too much" she spoke controlling her temper "but i just couldn't take it"
"you know what i was actually going to copy paste the same to her. So you did nothing wrong. And i apologise from my side. You shouldn't pick up calls from unknown numbers. I get a many such calls from desperate girls. " i informed her.
"no sir..ermm sorry manik..its ok, its part of my job. I don't have any problem" she spoke calmly.
"you are too matured for your age, i hope you know that"  i complemented her.
"i guess, that's the reason why i got this job" she spoke smiling. I smiled back. I saw the caller id flashing mukti's name.
"nandini, have your lunch and take rest. I won't  need your services till evening. Ok" i spoke and she nodded. I moved ahead and picked up mukti's call.

shot 2: page 7
shot 3: page 15
shot 4: page 21
shot 5: page 28
shot 6:  page 33
shot 7: page 40
shot 8: page 48
shot 9: page 56
shot 10: page 60

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Nyc concept. Wud like to read more. But ya arrange marriage is gonna be my fav no matter what.

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samiamalhotra Senior Member

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Awesome dear
Continue and update soon...
It sounds interesting...

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Originally posted by roygaurangi


Nyc concept. Wud like to read more. But ya arrange marriage is gonna be my fav no matter what.

thank youLOL
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Nyc concept
Something different
Will love to read more
Update soon

Thanks for the pm

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etuu Goldie

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it's gonna be fun to read... superb start... can't wait for next update... update soon...

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I am in

Its interesting

Plz pm me..

I am looking forward to this piece of work..

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awesum update
loved the story
continue soon

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