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jhillyarya IF-Sizzlerz

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A small birthday gift to Tessa (which is tomorrow)..
May this birthday will be the greatest one for you..
Keep rocking, and keep filling this forum with your lovely stories.. 
Hope you will love this..

Love Entanglement



They lay on their back.. Fingers intertwined, Legs tangled, She listened his heartbeat.. She know its for her still she was scared once again.. She looked at him, there was a smile of satisfaction in his eyes but what she was feeling? Regret? Why? She loved him.. She always did then what is the feeling coming to her? The guilt of hiding the truth.. But she didn't want to lose him once again.. "Thank You..", He kissed on her head..

A tear rolled from her eyes, "I have to go Yash.."

He kissed her tears away, "Are you feeling guilty for spend your moments with me?"

All he got silence and  He got up releasing her from his grief, "I know Aarti, I don't deserve you.. And I will not say anything about your decision"

She hold his hand and hugged him tightly, "I am sorry..I don't know what is right.  I am clueless"

"You are clueless because you don't love me Aarti.. You never loved me.  And i can't blame you for that. How can you love a jerk like me.." He moved away, get dressed and went away from there.. This time he went away and she couldn't stop him.




"I Love You ." he said kneeling down with a bucket of rose.

She glared at him with anger, "I said i am not interested in you.."

"But why? What is bad in me?"

"Nothing, but I am not interested about anyone now.. Be it you or anyone else", She walked away once again leaving the frustration on his face.. It was the 7th time she refused him but he is so obsessed about her.

"Come on Aarti you can give him at least one chance, He is trying since so long" Mansi tried to give her a reason

"Mansi please. I am not even like him a little. That's not love but obsession",,she said marching away..

Aarti is a 18 years old girl who just started her college a year back.. And Yash left the college last year. He was 22 years.. But since the time he met her he is just crazy about her. He tried every possible way to approach her but she is like made of stone, she didn't care about him even once.. And when today he listen her to talk about his obsession it just spurred him..

It was evening time when he entered in the temple.. He know she come here every tuesday.. And he waited for her.. She come there after a while and after that he didn't wait a little.. He went to her, grabbed her arm.. "What are you doing here?", She asked again with irritation in her voice. "You still didn't see my obsession Ms.Sharma", and with that he filled her hairline with vermilion..

She stood stunned there when she touched her partition.. Everyone present there turned them to see the drama, "You can refuse me.. But you are my wife now.. I have married you in front of your dear lord.."

She pushed him away from her, "No.. You can't do this",,she started to rub her hair..

"I have done this Aarti.. You value so much the rituals right? Then here is it.  You are my wife now"

She started to run while crying and he didn't went after her.. She ran into her house didn't care who saw her or not.. She just started pouring water over her face and head.. She wanted to wipe away the sindoor from her head..

She didn't come out from her room that night and No one cared to know about her too. It was only her elder sister who care for her but nowadays she is also not great full to her. This is his sister's husband's place. Her in laws are here who don't like Aarti much. Their parents passed away in one accident soon after her sister's marriage from then she is staying here with all. She could feel her didi have to listen tantrums just because she is staying here. She decided she will leave this place soon, but for that she need a job to fulfill her needs. She is studying hard to get one suitable job soon. And now this happened which was so unexpected to her.

Her sleep broke on the bang of door. As she opened the door her didi looked at her and then dragged her out of the room, "Didi, where are you taking me?" She asked but didn't get any reply, instead she was taken in front of the man she hate most.. "Is he saying right Aarti" her sister threw the question at her

She looked helpless. She could guess about what he is talking. But she couldn't imagine that he will go this low to get her..

"What is here to ask her bahu? He has the proof, and this shameless girl hide this big truth from us..", She thow a picture on her face and she stood stunned seeing that he even take picture of that moment.. She looked at him with disgust

"Excuse me, you can't talk to my wife like this", He come forward and warn them

"I am not your wife.. That is not marriage. You did all those without my permission",  She was fuming in anger, "I will go to police, but will never accept you"

"Do, whatever you want, but get out from my house", It was her didi

"Didi.. ", she was shocked by it

"I had enough for you Aarti. I can't bear more.. I am a human, normal woman. I want a happy life. I am tired to get taunts just because you are staying here. And now this. What do you think I will support you in this nonsense also?, Just get out of my sight and don't come back here ever", She was crying and Aarti didn't try to say anything in protest. She simply went out of the house and start walking.

Just now Yash realized his attempt went wrong but he wanted her only and he can do anything to get her.. "Aarti, you don't need to worry, You are coming with me", he held her hand and first time she didn't react.She went wherever he take her.. Her trance broke when his mother screamed on him, "What do you mean you got married? Is that joke?"

"It's truth mom.. Aarti is my wife. I want you to accept her, if you will not i am not going to leave her", He said but she didn't say a single word

His father come forward, "What is this childishness Yash. You are still so young to get married. And look at her she must be just 18 or 19. You both are not yet mature enough to handle a marriage.."

"But papa, i have done", He was always so stubborn to listen anyone..

His father went towards Aarti, "Beta, i want to talk to your parents about it. Are they aware about your such decision?"

"I have none..", she replied looking at same gaze.

They felt bad for her. "Yash you don't even earn, how your wife will survive?" His father asked again

"You are there, and I am ready to join office from tomorrow", he said making his father smile, "All right, at least one person's entry can help in your attitude and decision"

They accepted her. Aarti didn't talk much to anyone. She was in her own thoughts. She didn't react for anything. Not even when he take her to his room, not even when he touched her intimately, not even then when he kissed her.. She responsed to the kiss only because she was never been kissed before. She didn't react anything then also when he made love to her. It pained her a lot but she bear the pain.. She hated this person from first and now she allowed him for everything.. He was not aware about what was going in her mind.. He wanted her and got her. For then it was great experience for him. He was just happy that she accepted him and didn't protest for anything..

She started to mingle with the family. She was getting love from them. They accepted her with open arms. Even she started her college again. She was living her life with the family but inside the bedroom she just listened him. He stay in office whole day. But when he return she went back to her self world.. She didn't stop him for anything. And he involved in his happiness so much that never noticed if his happiness were real..

Two month went by.. She was still same in his presence. She talked to him, replied to him, allowed him to make love but that's it.  She didn't have any feelings.. He understood the reality when one day he returned home early and got her laughing and jumping with the kids of his elder brother.. He was so lost in her smiles.. But the smile and dance stopped then when she saw him. She went back to that phrase which he everyday get.. At that moment he realized he has lost her.. He used to see her like this cheerful, full of life before he took the fateful step of his life.. He saw her walking towards the kitchen. He went to their room and sat down thinking about past two months. What he actually get. Why and how he was so happy snatching away her happiness?.. Did he really love her? No.. This is not love. This is just selfishness.. He just ruined a life completely just because of his obsession.. Till now he was living with a stone, he was loving a stone only which he made. He got everything from her yet he lost her..

In this two months first time he didn't touch her.. It surprised her. She was always ready to give him that what he wanted. Of course he wanted this only. He wanted her body for his lust and hunger, he just gave name to their relation just for his own lust. First time in two months she slept peacefully.. And after that he never touched her.

His behaviour wondered her after 10 days.. He was not like this. She felt something was not normal but she was loving the peace in her life. She never loved him, she was there just because she love his family and she doesn't have any place to go.. It was one day in college when she felt dizy like she felt previous morning. She just poured water and felt better, she wanted to do the same now. She proceeded towards the washroom but couldn't finish her journey as her head spun and she passed out..

Much latter when she opened her eyes she found herself in medical room of college and Mansi was sitting beside her.. She hugged her friend, "You scared me Aarti ."

"I am all right Mansi", she tried to move

"Do you know you are pregnant?" Mansi said making her eyes wide open

She didn't reply anything in this.

At evening She was sitting on their bed looking at nothingness. When he entered in the room. He held a paper in front of her and she looked at him with question "Divorce Paper Aarti.. I have signed. Its your turn"

She stared with disbelief when he spoke again "I know Aarti i am reason for your every pain. I know i couldn't keep you happy because i always involved in my happiness that I was blind about your feelings. I think i have tortured you enough to ask forgiveness. So this is my small attempt to make you happy. I know you will be happy without me only.."

She stood up silently and lied down on her side.. He again decided about her. There was nowhere she was in this relationship it was only him.


She started to feel for him in this last 10 days.. When she went for shopping with him and vidhi bhabi. Her sister's mother in law was there and she started taunting her and as always she was quite without giving any reply. And then he protested, "She is my wife, my pride..don't you dare you talk anything about her", first time there was something different in his eyes, in his voice.. And then when she fall ill for fever even if it was simple cold he never left her side, take care of her every moment and that is how the last 10 days bring some changes in her life. And now suddenly he announced about the divorce..


The family went for a weeding, they asked her to join but she refused saying she has important project to submit in college.. She don't know if she should tell them about the pregnancy or not. She herself was not feeling anything, she don't know if the baby mean anything to her or not. But before anything she need to talk to him though she don't know what to talk after the divorce matter. But she just thought it is a bad phase, it will pass soon. It was the second day the family is absent. She didn't went to college. She didn't feel to eat anything too as no one around.. He didn't return to home after the night. She waited for him just to have a talk but he didn't come and she slept on the dining table..

It was early morning when her sleep broke listening some footsteps. He was back. He directly went to their room and she followed him inside. She saw him packing his stuffs, "Where are you going?". First time in this two months she asked him anything..

He looked at her to believe if really she asked anything, "I will stay on the other apartment from now. We can't stay in one house after the divorce"

She stood stunned, she didn't thought the divorce matter is this much serious, "Why you will go? Its your house, I will go.."

"No Aarti. I know you love my family, they love you.. You will be happy with them but i always caused pain for you so better i will not around you from now on"

"Your family love me, don't they love you? How they will take this?", She wanted to talk first time.

"I am not tearing my relation with them, I will come to meet them everyday, but don't worry I will not come in your presence. You will not have to face me again", He took his bag and started to walk but she stood in his way, "What the hell do you think yourself Yash Scindhiya? You can do anything? You married me against my will, give me one family, You used my body for your needs and lust and then suddenly realise you were wrong and again you decided about my life by signing divorce paper. And now you are leaving your family behind.. Who the hell you are to take every decision?".. She lashed out her anger of last two months and he stood there

"I know Aarti, I am the reason that you are bearing this pain that's why i am freeing you from my grief.."  He said with the guilt in his eyes "now please let me go"

She felt her head getting heavy but still she wanted to Confront him, "No no.. I am not letting you go.. What do you want to prove you are great? In this two months you just think me as your property, used however you want and now you want to get rid like this? I am not allowing before getting all my answer"

The truth prick him. He never think her as his property, but his acts say that only.. He wanted to love her but he really didn't care about her responses, her feelings and when after two months she is speaking the truth it is stabbing him "Aarti, i can listen anything but I loved you and still i love..I know i am late to realise that my acts caused how much pain to you but now I want to leave just to give you some peace.. Please let me go"

"No Yash.. You can't go like this in your family's absence.. Let them come then we will decide everything"

He wanted to go away from there. The truth in her eyes was so much to bear to him. Yes he want to run away from her because he don't want to face her, for now he want to leave,"I am sorry Aarti but i am leaving", he said pushing her away from his way..

Final part in following postSmile


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jhillyarya IF-Sizzlerz

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Part B

She almost starved previous day thinking about the consequences and the push was so strong for her even if that was a light one, her head spun and her stomach hit on the nearby tea table when she fall down.. He didn't care about the sound at first but the faint cry drawn his attention. She was moaning in pain holding her stomach.. For a moment he was clueless but he rushed to her and hold her, "Aarti, I am sorry" at the next moment he got more confused to see the pool of blood around her.. was he that much forcefull?"Aarti.. Please keep open your eyes", she pattend her cheek seeing her eyes were about to close

He felt helpless at that moment, getting that much blood he got scared, she was loosing her sense, "Yash.. Our baby.." She said the last thing before closing her eyes..

Yash stayed stunned for a moment to realise what she said, "Nothing will happen to you Aarti", he didn't care about the baby much as for him she was much important..


Hours latter she opened her eyes and when the incidents come to her mind she become anxious about the baby.. She didn't feel about the baby before like she was feeling now.. Her mother in law and bhabi was there with her, "Aarti, how are you feeling beta?", his mother asked placing her hand on her head.. Her eyes looked around to get his presence but he was not there but she needed to know about her child, "Maa, My baby.." She said but she could see their face turned dark and she didn't do late to understand what has happened and now only she understand what this baby was meant to her, She looked away and a silent tear rolled down "Aarti.. Like this happen. May be this was God's wish.. Be strong. You will get back the happiness soon", Vidhi said but that didn't calm her a little..

She returned to the house the next day.. Everyone was busy in diverting her mind and making her happy.. The kids presence was making her smile but Yash never come or looked at her.. They were in the same room but he was sleeping on the couch. And after three days she spoke to him, "Yash I want to go.."

He looked at her with question, "Where?"

"I don't know.. I just want to go away from everything" she said.

He come and knelt infront of her, "Aarti, I know I asked the divorce but please can you give me one chance? Just one chance. I want to make you happy in true sense.."

"I want to go Yash"

He cupped her face, tried to make her look at him, "I know for me you lost everything for me, your house, your relations, your pride and now this baby.. I know i don't deserve your forgiveness but please Aarti give me one chance, don't go away.. I beg you"

"I want to go Yash", was her same reply.. He felt to cry. He wanted to slap himself for whatever he did with her. Her gaze was empty at him. He wanted her to scream at him, beat him but she has nothing left in her.. He moved away from her and she went to pack her things.. He didn't stop her, he didn't dare..

"Bahu.. Like this happens, why are you loosing faith?", Gayetri said when she come to take blessing from the elders..

"I have done maa. I don't have anything left to faith", she gave the single reply

"Are you taking this decision just because your miscarriage Aarti? You are still so young, you can have the opportunity in near future definitely"

"I am tired maa to pretend everything is all right.. I can't do that anymore.. Please forgive me..". She joined her palms together, "Please forgive me if ever I did anything wrong", with that she walked away and he kept looking unable to stop her.


Five years latter


He checked in a hotel of Mumbai.. "Excuse me, I have booked a room", he said to the receptionist

"One minute sir", she looked at other side, "Ma'm.. Here is a question about bookings"

And then he saw her.. After years. She was still so preety, even more gorgeous than before in her saree.. The saree was simply plated on her shoulder but still she looked beautiful in a simple get up, "Yes Sir.. How can I help you?"

She asked with a smile, he wondered if she forget him or he should remind her but for then he shook away the idea, "I have booked a room yesterday"

"Oh yes let me see", and then she handed the card to him, "Here is the key of your room sir.. Have a nice day"

He couldn't believe that he saw her today and she just couldn't recognize him or just ignored him? He don't know what was in his mind but it just pained him thinking about it. Suddenly he remembered something. He has seen the name broach on her saree, "Aarti Scindhiya.." He himself got surprised on that, "She still use Scindhiya?"

He could have arranged the dinner inside the room but he went downstairs to have dinner, he just wanted to know more about her. He saw her coming out from a room, that must be a room for stuffs because she has changed her saree in a salowar."Forget me?" He asked reaching behind her

She turned around and smiled, "Absolutely not.. I am sorry, i was in duty and on that hour we are not allowed to talk personal"

"Then I am glad.. How are you?" He asked and she could sense the concern in his voice

"I am good.. How about you? How is everyone in the family?" She asked and he sighed, yes the family is more important to her

"They are good. But miss you, specially the kids"

"Oh, I miss them too"

He would be great full if she would miss him a little.. They didn't find out anything else to talk, "I have to go now Yash.. See you tomorrow.." Saying that she went

Her eyes become teary on that. She saw him after years still couldn't talk to him. She can't say him how much she has missed him through out the years.. She can't say him how much she loved him knowing about him, she can't say how much difficult it was to stay away from him aftet knowing he is suffering without her and regreting. Still she couldn't go back to him..

After two days he left his file on the reception.. She could ask any other stuff to give him back this but she didn't. In these two days they had a few encounters. Most of the time it was her duty time, they usually just shared a smile. And at night when he returned after work she has gone. Today she waited for the work time to over.. After she changed her formal saree she went to his room to give back the file

He was surprised to see her at his door, "You have left this file on the reception", She gave him the file

"Oh, a big thank you.. It is very important", he got relieved

"Will you not come in?", he asked and she couldn't deny..

"Come i have something to show you", he lead her inside where he was chatting with his mother via vedio call. His mother was thrilled to see her, "Oh Aarti bahu. Do you know how much we missed you? You didn't even call us once after leaving",

Her eyes filled, "I am sorry maa. I will try to contact you from now on"

Gayetri didn't talk much after that, she just disconnected the call praying this two will sought out their things soon. And then Yash showed her the videos of the family. How much Vedant Vedika grown up, what they do.  How others are doing and they end up laughing after he share everything about his family. He regreted that till the time she was with him he couldn't give her this little smile also.. "You didn't get married again? Why?", she asked

"I am still married. You know having two wives is crime in India", he try to find humor

"But we have signed the divorce paper, you could get married".

"The same question i can ask to you also Aarti. Why you still use Scindhiya after your name?" He asked and her head shot up, she didn't think that he would notice that

"I should leave now", she started to get up but he held her arm, "Aarti please.. Don't go.. I want to talk to you."

She refused to look up in his request as she was crying by now. He lifted her chin up to look into his eyes, "I know Aarti, i am reason of your tears but i don't want to see you in tears anymore after years. You can leave if that is your happiness.", he removed his hold from her but she stayed there, didn't move. She wanted to say the feelings she was bearing in these past years..

They gazed in each others eyes, they don't know when their gap closed and soon they were kissing. This time the kiss was different. She could feel the kiss, his mouth felt so warm on her.. It so felt like first time because first time she was enjoying his touch and responding with equal flavour..

Their forehead met as they pulled apart. She started to unbutton his shirt, it shocked him at first but he started to help her with his and her clothes.. Their clothes lay on thr floor, they still was kissing and their hands roam over their body.. The sounds of heavy breaths turned more pleasurable as they fell on the bed. His mouth was devouring her every corner of body giving extra attention to her every curves.. His sucking caused the sound of her moan and that spurred him on more and more. And the passion lead them to become one. It was not first time for them but it was just like first. They never felt this before.. It was love which she wanted always and today only she felt complete.. And they slept in each others arms first time which gave them the peace they were finding since years..






He has left the hotel on the very morning after their confrontation.. His smell was still on the bed, still was on her, inside her. She could feel him still but he is not there. She cried, only if she could say yes she loves him but she was scared, scared after knowing the bitter truth what will that impact on him or his family? Like this she is better now but if she will accept her love to him then she will not able to bear the rejection..

"Yash, you are back? Did you talk with Aarti? What she said?", her mother was excited to listen

"There in nothing to say maa.. She is happy there in her life and i am here"

Vidhi come forward, "How can you say that Yash? Did you talk to her? It is after years everything is not that easy"

"Yes bhabi everything is not so easy. I knew it from before she don't love me, i forced her in this marriage and now after years also this truth didn't change, but I hope i didn't hurt her again", he thought about the last night..

"She doesn't love you? How do you know that?"

"I can see that bhabi, in her eyes.."

"You can't see anything Yash. You were blind then and still you are blind, otherwise you could see how much she loves you. In this five years there is no week when she didn't call and ask about you. About the family. I have said how you are suffering for your own deeds and the much you suffered that much she was in pain because she forgave you after knowing you were regretting"

Vidhi said which made everyone shocked, "Bahu, you know about Aarti?"

"I am sorry maa but i have promised her that i will never reveal this to anyone. Even if she call me every week she never said me where she is. I said her many times but she is not agree to return"

"Why??", Yash whishpered in a low tone..

"I don't know, But all I know she was suffering mentally too. And then last week in our conversation i heard some background voice from which i come to know she is working on that hotel and i immediately ask your bhaiya to send you there and then only you went there..

He looked at Vidhi, "Thank You very much bhabi.. But now i have to go. Maa i will bring her with me. I promise"


"Excuse me.. Can you tell me about Aarti Scindhiya?" He asked in reception..

"She is not in duty now sir"

"Please tell me, where i will get her"

"I am sorry sir, we don't share personal information"

"I beg you.  Please its urgent"

"I am sorry sir"

"Damn it I am her husband.. Tell me", he said in furious tone and the receptionist get scared, "She left the job sir, she is going to delhi by train tonight"

"What?? No..", he didn't care for anything then.. It was night and was raining. He speed up the car like crazy to reach the station. The station was solitary still he couldn't find her in any platform and at last he stopped running when he saw her sitting in one bench.. His breath was heavy and he was relieved to see her.

She might understand his presence and she looked up. He was standing there. She stood up in unbelievable gaze.. Their eyes met and both their eyes were moist. She took one step and he spread his both arms for her. She looked for a moment and then fled there into his arms. He gathered her closed as they both cried, "Don't you dare to leave me again"

She shook her head in his chest. "If you will go now i will kill you", she couldn't stop laughing in her tears also

"I am sorry..", she uttered..

"Shh. You are not, i am sorry." He cupped her face up "Just promise me, you will not run away now."

She just stared at him with teary eyes.. "Marry me", he said

"Yash after the incident i will not able to conceive again" She said making him surprised but he didn't care, "Marry Me.."

"You will never be a father if you will marry me again"

"Marry Me", was his same reply.

"Will you not miss the happiness in your life?"

"Marry Me.."

She got fed up now. "Yash i am talking something serious".

"And I am talking something more serious", he said pressing his lips against hers, didn't care if anyone around. The kiss grew intense and they had to break away for oxygen after a while" I am not allowing you to punish yourself for my Fault Aarti. For me we lost the child and all the years you are punishing yourself by staying away just for me.. I don't care if we will ever be parents or not but I want you beside me. I want to give you every happiness which i couldn't do before and this time i want to ask your permission.. "Will you marry me?"

She was overwhelmed by everything, she just threw herself into him kissing him all over the face, "I will, I will, I will... Because I love you.."

He carried her in his arms, "Your perfect house in waiting for you"


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awww I love you most my Jhilly Jhu Cry Hug and I love this precious gift!! Heart

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Oh so beautiful n touching piece jhil honey.
RTDeewani Senior Member

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Originally posted by Tessaloni

awww I love you most my Jhill Jhu Cry Hug and I love this precious gift!! Heart
Many more happy returns in advance My Tessa dear.hope to see u with more n more beautiful works on our aarya.

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You are the sweetest Jhilly. 
I hope you have an awesome birthday Tessie.  Party

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beautiful os .. loved it.. thanks for pm
ksen Goldie

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beautiful os
brilliantly written
loved it
thanks for the pm

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