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TS:Ishra Honeymoon& prehoneymoon:part 8, page 44 updated (Page 30)

pammi108 Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 10:50am | IP Logged

Ok here is next part..I was busy...but as I got request to continue this, I thought let me do it today:0 This is specifically for foruml , Tamannasethi & Tanu who requested me to update this soon...Thank you guys for your supportJ

Matured for those who does not want to read matured content staty away:

Ishita came back to home thinking what is there in ramans mind...

She came to home& took rest& started preparing for dinner..

Meanwhile raman cancelled all his meetings& started making full pledged plan to take advantage of his wife's promise...

While going home he Bought some items& went to home...

Ishita was preparing dinner when raman entered home...Raman went directly to her & back hugged her..

Ready for your promise jaan?

Ishita was startled with his sudden proximity...she just nodded her head...

Raman smiled at JKR turning sharmilyJ But nevertheless he loved his JKR in all form...

Raman went near to her ears& just sucked her ear& about to tell about his plan..

Then ishita said Raman what is this?

I am preparing food, don't disturb me, go freshen up & come..

Raman smirked at her & said: Madam forgot your promise? You have to be as per my wish today?

Ishita was tounguetied now..So without reply she continued her dinner preparation...Raman slowly slid his hand to her bare waist inside her kurta& slowly coming back he just opened her zip with jerk..Ishita shrieked with his sudden action,Raman please na..

Raman to ishita: Sorry jaan, today everything is going to be as per my wish , so don't even ask me to stop what I am doing& what I am about to do& What I am asking you to do...You are doing like this with such an simple step I took, I don't know how do you handle when I asked you do what is there in my plan now?

Ishita turned to him& asked: What was it raman? Aisa bhi tang mat karna...aisa bhi situation ka faida mat utana...She said with fear..

Raman: Smirked & said: See ishita , I am telling you last time, don't even question me today whatever I do here onwards, if you question your punishment will increase to next day & so on..

Hearing this Ishita just kept quiet...Raman silently laughed at her state..while kissing her back sensually..Slowly he removed her bra hook with his teeth& started giving wet kisses to her...Ishita was loosing her sanity & she jerked him& faced him & said: Ok raman, do whatever you want, I am stopping my cooking...You plan for dinner..

Raman: Are aise kaise, tab mujhe mazaa nahi ayega, you have to prepare dinner darling, that is my order..Ishita made faces& said to Raman: Raman, mein jaroor iska badla loongi...make my words..dekha jayega it is my time& he turned her & pushed her to kitchen..meanwhile he continued his assault on her back...Ishita with great difficulty continue her cooking...Raman slowly slid her kurta down making ishita to jump on her feet..but she didn't say anything as she knew there is no use..if she speek then it will continue for next day...he slowly started giving wet kisses on her bare waist...slowly removed her bra making her completely naked from top...Ishita was feeling very shy...she was naked from top that too in full she tried to cover with her hands...raman just jerked her hands & said her to continue her cooking , I am feeling very hungry jkr..please finish it soon...

She glared at him & continued doing her work..Meanwhile raman was just staring her top..she was getting nervous from time to time...finally without any notice he jumped on her& took one of her bossom in his mouth & started sucking it very slowly teasing her...He didn't do anything to her erected peak...she badly wants him to suck it...but he was just teasing her...he put his hand on her waist to remove her leggings, ishita shouted...raman dinner ready hai..let us have it.

Raman smacked her for that & went to freshen up..

Ishita ware her top& kept dinner ready for them...Raman came after freshening up& sat for dinner& pulled ishita on his lap..ok now let us have know we need lot of strength for tonight saying so he winked at her..ishita was hell nervous..she didn't reply anything for that..she served for 2 plates...raman: are we will have from one plate..ishita without argue kept one plate aside..raman started feeding her& automatically ishita also started feeding him..raman one hand feeding her& another hand busy in exploring her skin...he sensually squeezed her waist while feeding her..ishita was feeling like she is in heaven,..she didn't knew that her husband is such romantic person..she hold ramans shoulder for support  as she was feeling very week from inside because of his sweet torture..raman slowly moved his hands up, slowly making pattern around her each peak, squeezing it little harshly..ishita moaned ramans name as she could not control herself.this undid little control raman had in him self..he slowly started kissing her nape..slowly unzipping her kurta again...He slowly slid his hand inside her legging & started rubbing softly& making circle pattern with his thumb near her core..ishita was loosing her sanity...before she ask him to stop, he moved one of his finger inside& slowly started pushing inside& pulling out..ishita was hell nervous now...she could not voice her feelings...raman without giving much time to her, inserted his 2 more fingers& increased the phase with which he is pushing & pulling, inside & outside..

Ishita completely lost...moaned raman...enough.please take me to bed..however raman was in torture mood today, so he didn't reply to her, but continued his assult...his phase increased more & she could feel his member getting bulge..She was very shy& very nervous expecting what would follow next..he started feeding her with his another hand ..ishita was not at all in a state to eat anything..but raman insisted have fullfledged food as he is not going to leave her till morning& he is going to make use of her promise to full extent...Ishita somehow started eating & continued feeding him...Raman just fed her another spoon,, at the same time he roughly pushed his fingers inside& started making patterns inside only..Ishita jumped on his lap with the ectacy, she could not control anymore..


So she just hold his shoulders & Kissed on his lips harshly making his lips to swell...She continued kissing..while raman responed to her..he increased his phase inside now..ishita lost her control so as Raman.Raman bite her lips demanding entry & soon both started kissing senselessly..Finally after much time they aparted & raman said I am full, l agtha hai thum be full ho..let us wash the hands & have dessert in my way, saying so without her notice he removed his fingers with such speed that ishita almost jumped on himself...Raman smirked& went to wash his hands.both wash theier hands& ishita came with dessert...she made his fav gulab jamun, icecream,gajar ka halwa..raman smiled at the plate& asked ishita to hold it in her hands.she was confused& hold it in her hand, immediately raman scooped her in his arms & slowly placed on the couch in living room..He slowly removed her kurta...& kept jamoon with sugar syrap on her bair waist, started eating it...slowly he took entire jamoon to his mouth& started chewing on her waist itself...ishita hold raman with anticipation..raman slowly started sucking the syrup& moved his tongue all over her waist on the pretext of having full syrup...

Ishita started digging to his skin with pleasure..raman slowly moved up& removed her bra& put icecream on both of her bossom..ishita shivered with cold..raman slowly started taking icecreams while sucking & chewing her bossoms..When he is about to finish he bite her peak& giving wet kisses all over her upper body..Slowly he took gajar ka halwa& turned ishita upside down& made her back complete halwa paste& started sucking it hungrily..He slowly bite her small back when he is about to finish it& he turned her in jiffy as he already lost his control..with one quick movement he removed her leggings& panty she was laying completely naked in front of him...he was amazed with her natural beuty..her glowing skin flawless complexion sharp features long black hairs...curvaneous body..He hungrily started kissing her senselessly..ishita was no more nervous now she started opening ramans shirt...She removed his shirt, also boxers...Raman was happy to obligue to her command of removing his cloths..He again inserted his fingers now in her core& started giving wet kisses all over her body, his other hand busy with treating her bossom...he was doing all these at one shot..This was too much for ishita to bare...she bite his shoulder in pleasure..raman increased his passion as he came to know that ishita is no longer nervous& shy, she is ready for next phase...He started sucking her peak slowly, & then fastly, little harshly, biting in between, & decreasing the pain with his toungue...His hands are now busy in her core...he alternatively changed the hands& started pushing & pulling harshly, with full speed...Ishita could not control more, started massaging his member softly first..& then when ramans phase increased she also increased her phase both were reaching their climax, raman removed his fingers in jiffy, without noticing ishita further, he entered her with full speed, ishita shouted with pain as it was for the first time for her..


Raman mouthed sorry jaan, I forgot about it, whenever you are near I forget everything, I lost my control, if it is paining I will remove it...let us have it some time later when you aare ready..ishita said to raman: I al ready raman, but be little gentle as it is for the first time for me...Raman ensured her& Started moving his member inside hers in slow phase..slowly he increased his phase, when they were about to reach climax, he removed his member in jiffy..ishita got irritated & shouted on raman: what the hell raman?

Raman: Don't be despo madrasan, I will not allow this to complete so soon, saying so he again entered her& this time he started moving harshly..he continued to do like this for an hour or so, then when he felt both of them cannot take further..he continued till the climax, both of them exhausted& fell on couch one above the other..Raman to ishitaL: This was wonderfull& amazing, so passionate...ishita shyly smiled...Then said to raman: Raman let us move to bed room, I am totally tired, let us go& have some sleep..

Raman: Are oh jkr, who told you to go to sleep? Who will alow you now? You know I already told I will make full use of your promise today let us go to bed room..i do have some more plans..s.aying so he scooped her in his arms & took her to their bedroom...He slowly placed her on bedroom& took the packet beside the bed, told something in ishitas ears..Ishita was shocked!!! No raman..i am not going to do that please...Raman: You remember your promise? After all I am your husband yaar...why are you start get up...ishita was fully emberrased

To be ctd...








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Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 11:01am | IP Logged
This is soo hot yaar puttar toh biwi ki promise ka full faida vuta raha hein and she is also enjyng all of it and left her nervousness and became bold and wat his next plan?? Whch made ishita feel embarassed ?? Continue soon

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KP_IshRa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Very hot and romantic update Pari
What is raman's next plan?continue soon Tongue
Thanks for pm Embarrassed

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sririt IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 11:30am | IP Logged
This is too hot and romantic. Raman has more plans in Queue, lets see.

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laughingpearls IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 11:39am | IP Logged
oh dear... I read all parts in one's awesome... now ramans brain has something to do... waiting for the update... thanks for pm...

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fSharm IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Tooo hot to handle yar...raman z using ishitaa to full extent...
Waiting to see raman's plan..
Update soon..

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SuryaIshraholic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
It was really too hot to handle..
Raman Kumar really bcm ravan Kumar.. Lol
Full 2 using promise of her
Nd yr it was not her 1st tym.. Dey have already done it.. Lol

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Divanii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2016 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Its too hot to handle yr
Update soon

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