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TS:Ishra Honeymoon& prehoneymoon:part 8, page 44 updated (Page 23)

pammi108 Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 2:30am | IP Logged

I thought of continueing it because of all of your lovely requests:Thanks a lot for supporting me..:)

Here goes next part:

Ishita was feeling goosebumps all over her body...

Ishita moaned Ramans name...which triggered ramans assault..

He was trying to explore her more vigorously...He was so lost in her that, he didn't have patience to open her cloths...

He ripped her cloths & started exploring her bare skin..

Ishita never saw such an wild side of Raman..She was unable to match him...She was loosing her senses...She could not take any more...Raman, slowly, I am here only..

Raman: Sorry jaan, did I hurt u?

Ishita; No, but ur pace is too much for me to return it...Raman said it is ok ishi, u enjoyJ

Ishita was very shy& became fully red..

Raman just laughed & said: Ishita I think even after 20 years also if I come near to u, u will become shy like this..

Ishita shyly smiled..for raman it is always difficult control his emotions especially when she looks shy..

He immediately took charge& took her lips in his...He bite her lip& entered her lips while exploring her body from his hands, squeezing at right places..

Ishita was feeling like she is in heaven...Raman slowly left her lips& trialed wet kisses all over her face...slowly his lips trialed her slender neck& sucked her at nape giving her lovebite..

Ishita moaned in pleasure& hurt..Raman soothed the place with his toungue...He slowly came down & took one of her bosom in his mouth while kneading the other with hand...

He was harshly squeezing it& sucking it from his lips..Ishita digged her nails on ramans bare shoulders with pleasure...Raman even more turned on because of this & slowly started moving his one of the hand down...

Oh god!!!Shucks!! His mobile started ringing continuously...he didn't wanted to pick up...ishita asked him to pick up the phone..raman it is continuously ringing may be it is important. Please have a look. 

Raman: you always spoil my mood& irritatingly took the call..It was mihir& there was some urgent work at office & he has to rush to office...raman cursed his fate& told ishita I have to go to office as I have some urgent work, sorry..Ishita understanding him well, it is ok raman, you go...raman again bend & pecked her lips & went out of the room..again came back & stood at the door of the room& said, ishi this is not over yet, I will continue or rather start fresh saying so he winked & left...

Ishita was fully red& went to washroom to freshen up..She changed to night wares & slept...Raman went to office& finished his work soon hoping he can start his romance after reaching home...soon he finished his work& went back to home only to see ishita was in deep sleep...

He cursed his fate & freshened up& come back to bed, slid next to her...He could not control himself. After all he left in between, he was desperate to complete that,...Her tried to wke ishita up..But ishita was tired& was in deep slumber...Raman mujhe neendh aa rahi hai, don't disturb please...He didn't give value to that he slowly started moving her kurtiup...started cerasing her bare stomach..Ishita got irritated..Raman, please sone do na...Saying so she moved away from to sleep..for raman sleep was far he moved close to ishita& took her to his embrace so that at least he can feel her presense& slept peacefully after that...

Morning when ishita woke up, she saw that raman was holding her firmly in his sleep...she remembered the night & smiled shyly...thought may be he got angry again as she didn't cooperate with his desires...thinking ways to manofy him she slowly moved out of his embrace & just pecked his cheek & went to freshen up& prepare breakfast for them,,,

When raman gotup he didn't see ishita...he went to bath& after bath he started shouting ishita for his cloths(actually he wanted to have morning dose with his wife)..He started shouting her name...ishita kahan ho yaar...come here soon...

She thought may be he is angry because of nights incidents&took his tea& ran to their room...Raman was shocked to see Ishitas new avatar..she was wearing mini skirt blouse looking smoking hot...Raman was staring at her without blinking his eyes...Ishita came near to him, gave deep kiss on his lips...raman was startled by her action...She immediately left his lips & handed his tea..

However raman was in shock & he didn't even notice that she was offering him he was looking at her continuously..Ishita saw this & smirked & shooked Raman & said tea...Raman came out of his trance, took tea& asked ishita: what was that Ishita?

Ishita smiled shyly& said what? I just gave good morning kiss to my husband..Raman smiled & said: but I didn't gave goodmorning kiss to my wife, saying so he pulled her for deep kiss...He deepened the kiss& was not ready to leave her lips..Finally when ishita felt she cant breath she pushed him little..finally he let her go& took the tea..

He sat on the couch & pulled her on his lap..Ishita: Raman ur breakfast is ready, I will go & put it to the plate..Leave me now...Raman: Are you have dressed so sexy, let me see my wife fully...saying so he winked& started staring at her..Ishita felt very shy & could not look into his eyes...raman was intently gazing at her from head to toE...

madrasan I dint know that you have such a sexy legs..saying so he slowly start cerasing her bare legs from tha back of his palm...Ishita:Raman, you can appreciate me later, now come have breakfast..Raman  gently bite her ear making her to moan his name...said not so soon mrs balla...He sfinished his tea& slowly sat down near her& started giving wet kisses on her bare legs making ishita to go week on her knees...

Raman...Raman was about to remove her skirt meanwhile ishitas phone rang..Raman got irritated & said are yaar why no one leaves us to romance..saying so he went to be ready for office.Ishita took her call& said she will come to clinic...

She made ramans breakfast ready& about to go to be ready for herself...Raman came down ready, looking dashing as always...Ishira looked at him& said: Someone is looking very hot today.

.raman: kya karu, biwi itni hot hai tho mujhe bhi kuch karna padega na...Saying so he pulled her to him...Ishita: Raman leave me , I have to get ready to clinic..U can get ready after breakfast, now help me to eat..Saying so he took her to his lap..

Ishita knew there is no use in arguing , simply started feeding him& he feeding her..He started cerasing her legs freely from one hand...slightly parted her legs& moved his finger inside...Ishita chocked the food she is having& raman stop it...

Stop what dear? Be specific? Raman please na...Raman smiled& with jerk he moved his hand inside& started massaging her there slowly then rigorously...Ishita lost her control, she just pushed him& ran to their room..Raman laughed at her...finished his breakfast...Ishita took few mins to cool down& then ware an saree for clini& came down...

Raman was waiting for her...Raman you dint go? No, I was waiting for u, come I will drop u, she smiled& came down...Raman took her in side hug: said: Jaan I don't know what is happening, but I don't feel good even if u r not around for 1-2 mins also...You open your clinic in my office na jaan..

Ishita was touched by his love, said: haan haan kyon nahi, then both of us will not work, simply romance each other...

Raman laughed & kissed her on her cheek& took her along...Jaan listen week our family is returning..I am planning to close all my office work by then...can you please finish /postpone next weeks task so that we can go for honeymoon? Ishita syly nodded her head...asked him: Where do u want to go? 

Does not matter to me, only matters is that u r around me& I can romance u without disturbance...aur haan hum dhono apni apni phone bandh rakhenge otherwise no one leave us without disturbing, I shita smiled & said OK & sat in his car...

Raman dropped her near the clinik...Ishita: Raman try to come home early..raman smiled & said of course jaan, mujhe dekna hai ki aaj tum kya roop dikane wali hai& cerased her cheek & said bye...Both went to their work...Ishita finished her work early in morning & then thought of giving surprise to raman...

So she took his fav pasta with her for lunch...when she reached the office, Raman just finished his meeting & Mihir was calling him for lunch...Somehow Raman was not feeling to have lunch with Mihir..How I wish I would have lunch with my madrasan...but what I can do...I have such a tight schedule that I cant even go to her clinic...sighing he said: Mihir you go for lunch...I have some work, after that I will order the food to my cabin itself...Mihir said Ok bhai...& went...

Raman went to his cabin& shocked as he felt someone is hugging him from backside...He got angry,immediately shouted what the hell& forcibily pulled the other person & saw it was ishita..He was totally taken aback...Ishita just smiled at him& said:Raman surprise & just hugged him...Raman came out of trance & made happy dance inside for becoming his wish come true...He hugged her back...

She came out of the hug soon...Raman: Ishita, what an pleasant surprise yaar, I am really impressed>>.Ishita: My work got over soon raman, so thought of surprising you for lunch, I bought you your fav pasta, come lets have it together...Raman was happy that he can have his fav homemade pasta with his fav dessertJ

Ishita arranged the food& both sat together& feed each other with the lunch...They washed theier hands& ishita is about to go...Raman pulled her to him& said: Are where is my dessert Jhansi ki rani & before he can take her lips she pushed him& said: raman, yeh office hai, koyi deklega tho acha nahi lagega...mein chalthi hun...apki dessert mein ghar mein dhoongi tikh haai?

Raman said firmly:No, I cant wait till that many hours& you are khumbhkaran, when I come you sleep, if I try to wake u up, u wont wake up& scold enough...I will have my dessert here only saying so he moved to door& locked it...Now unless until u give me the kiss u cant go out of here...

Ishita smiled seeing his antics, but came to him& just pecked him...when he was lost she was about to unlock the door..Raman immediately pinned her hands behind her& came dangerously close to her& said: You did a miastake dear, now u will be punished in ravan kumar only dessert will not help me, I need more saying so he started kissing her sensually all over her face...He slowly started removing her pallu..

ishita got scared & just pushed him...raman: no baba please, does not look good in office, please...Raman: Are door is closed, no one will stop giving lame execuses mrs balla...Saying so he pinned her to wall& started giving wet kisses to her neck,shoulders& slowly he unpinned her pallu..He was trialing kisses down towards her cleavage...

suddenly someone knocked the door..Ishita laughed& raman got irritated...raman said: I am not going to open it until I have you...Ishita:Pinned her pallu& said please raman, this does not look good, so please open it...raman was angry& he is again went to her pallu to unpin it...then ishita pushed him& said please raman...Raman was furious& he was about to scold her, but then suddenly he got the idea...

Ok if I open it, what is the reward I will get? Ishita: Wanted to escape from there soon, so she said anything...Raman was very happy & he said then...

Ishita was curious to know what was that...So she asked then? He smirked& went close to her & whispered in her ear, that I will tell u in home, but promise me that whatever I ask u will agree..She said fine...I do agree...Ok? Happy>? 

He smirked...bahut pachthawogi Jhansi ki rani...this was more easy for you...anyways I am happy with the option u choose because that is good for me saying so he bite her ear lobe...Ishita was scared now...she asked: what was that?

Raman: I said na jaan, I will tell u in go saying so he kissed her deeply before bidding her bye...Ishita was thinking what he will ask & opened the door to find mihir there...Mihir;BhABHI AAP? Haan, I bought lunch for raman& said bye to him..& mihir went to raman to discuss something..But Raman was in his own world& was happy with his chance& decision...waw beta aaj tho mera din hai...Aab ayega mazaa...

To be contd..

Do like & comment...


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mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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update soon
mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing update
poor raman...he is frustratedLOL
bad luck for ishraTongue

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Awww...yeh to serial ki tarah hit &miss ho rahi hai...every time someone interrupts...well puttar..mmm..whats the plan???
Thanks for continuing the story
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Plzzz update soon Dear. Sooo romantic. Can't wait to know Raman's demand

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Nice updateee

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Thnks for continuing
Superb update

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