Ishq ka Rang Safed


Ishq ka Rang Safed
Ishq ka Rang Safed

Slaps! Strikes! Verdict! Guilty!

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 8:05am | IP Logged

IKRS Saturday 16th April 2016 ep 220 My Take ~ Slaps ! Strikes! Verdict! Guilty!

 Parents are authorised by the gods to discipline and reprimand their child , for if it were not  so, the child would not be legitimate  but a B#####d! A true father will chastise publically if needs be, to fulfil his duty  to condemn  his child's act. The serious issue raised here is, Raja  is tipped to succeed  Dashrant , as the high priest ,thus defending the faith  of man faithfuls in the city of Banaras. The likes of Raja with a track record of sins should  be disallowed this. Hence the  deities   themselves  through the works of chosen devotees, Viplav and  Dhani,   deem  fit,  the moment has come now to  reveal  the full canvas  of who Raja Awasthi  is?  

It is from the filly's Sulochana's mouth the identity of the stranger who slaps  Raja is  known to  all present. She  is  far from pleased her  son's  image that he  built up, is tarnished!   But the father won't have it, shouts down his wife ,it's her  overly love and attention that has made Raja the way he is! he shouts  at his son , during his lifetime , he will not allow him to play with the life of  this  girl nor with the lives  of her family . Where all  else fails Raja turns on his deceitful  charm ecstatic at seeing his father, asks innocently why would he fool this girl ?she is his wife who he loves dearly. This time will Shalu's blind love for him save him? Raja's true colours emerge  before all, as his first wife and year old son is exposed  by his father , Raja  really hasn't  a leg to stand on!but he still continues  to  lie blatantly  in goddess Durga s house. Thus  the deities have Viplav to act on their behalf, fight  their case so  this sinner's guile  is revealed before all and justice is carried out.Viplav asks the father for the evidence  of Raja's  first marriages photograph!  shows it  his dada ji , to Sulochana with a snide remark hope she doesn't pass this evidence  off aside as  some ploy  too carried off by him and  Dhani?  Raja gets and idea and harps on that its all lies, he  once again misleads and exoploits  Shalu's gullibility by  reiterating yet again,  that its all Viplav and  Dhani's game they never wanted their laison  ,they have mislead his father its all lies!  He flaps like a hysterical hyena between Shalu to dada ji ,  miserably   fails  but still  continues to yell, its a lie!  He maintains Viplav and  Dhani  planted  Raj laxmi  to malign  him and here they go again!  to prove him wrong only  this time  Raja's father himself fights the case against his perennial lying son! warns Shalu against believing him. Shalu  confronts him as Raja  lies yet again that he loves her and then Shalu hurt ! her bubble of gullible love bursts and so do the banks of fury in her ,like her brother Viplav ! this time Shalu slaps him with full force! how dare he deceive her! madly had she loved him!  and he calls this girl a liar ? he is the liar! and Shalu slaps him   like no tomorrow!  Like a banshee Shalu screams at him ,the girls tears speak for themselves, that the child is his! Shalu accuses him! she had loved him!cries Shalu shattered and broken by the full truth ,and truth is a bitter pill to swallow and it hurts  to no end.. Dhani tries to console the broken Shalu.   Kanak is  gracious enough to apologize to senior Awasthi , they were told.. and he continues, yes that he was on business in Kanpur! It's the conspiracy hatched by mother and son! its their greed! that destroyed everything , older  son turned  into alcoholic, and this one here became a gambler and a womaniser !  and he himself due domestic pressures turned to drink ! Raja's father  apologizes personally to Shalu!then he begs forgiveness from  Dhani , he was unable to support her at that time,  but he is over the moon that she is now with a family that holds  her in high esteem! and  has a husband like him, who truly loves her! Raja's jealousy  spills out at his father ,what rubbish is he saying , he is his son and instead he sides with a widow? his father chides him ,  treat  Dhani with respect she is his babhi , and he screams, what bhahi? Had she done what he asked her ,his brother would not have died at his hand that night!!  Justice is done at last Devi Maa,  forces a true confession of murder from Raja's very mouth before all!today he would not being  going through  all this its due to this Dhani! he gives her murderous looks!  then realizes what he has done! Dhani content proclaims , no other proof is needed now as by his own mouth , with a sane mind he has confessed his sin!  But Raja  still continues to spin the truth , continues to blame others to divert attention from himself!  shouts in  Dhani's face she  is lying ! Viplav gets to him before te scum bag  gets to his wife!  hurls him to the ground!  Where more of Raja's  sinful deeds slips  out of his pocket in the form of the empty bottle of alcohol .. all eyes are on it, Raja's conspiracy  is there for all to see and Viplav's  innocence   resounds in Maata's mandir.. Viplav's  mother nabs him first as she displays the empty bottle of  liquor that Raja  poured into Viplav's vessel  is prove enough  of him being a sinner.But  Raja is evil personified  which never gives up!  but always finds out  a way out..only this way out  is no lie but the truth! Raja confronts Dashrant and calls out , yes now that his truth has been exposed he too wants to tell everyone why he came here and who called him? Viplav and   Kanak wonder what  he means? Dashrant realizes this fool will open his mouth thus he will have to use the authority invested in him as the high priest of  Banaras! He flies at Raja, sinner! Abominable impure sinner! he deserves to be punished! Dashrant hence to conceal his dirty deed orders all to strike! Raja! whips all into a frenzy to beat Raja like Phool Chand did to his pota!.. but it's Viplav who scolds the attackers, what possesses   them that  they are ever ready to become violent! why are they all fouling their hands by touching this low life!..he  tells his dada ji, he has confessed his sin , the truth is before all! then call the police and let them get on with their job! someone says, the police has been informed!.. but  Dashrant ensures Raja is  distanced away from his family so he still  orders the devotees to throw him out of the temple! sinner! damned! Dshrant   yells from the top of the temple as  Raja is unceremoniously  pulled along the steps of the temple  to face the police..  Shalu is saved from the cluthes of Raja ,Shalu his only sister  can see the truth.. that is what matters to Viplav, as his sister apologizes  for not believing him time and again ,when he warned.  Shalu weeps, didn't once pay heed to him! was blinded  by love.. but then no words are needed as Viplav gathers  his baby sister safe  in his arms, Shalu  sobs against his heart , which is gladdened that his baby sister is  free from the paws of a wolf in sheep's  clothing! Shalu prompts a series of apologies that follow up ,Dashrant apologizes  for not believing  them.. the pandit  asks for a   pardon from Dashrant and Viplav. Phool Chand  too  sees Raja's game is lost so best suck up to winners and losers like Raja best forgotten, he apologizes  from both dada , pota and then offers Viplav holy water and requests him to venerate the shivling.

Raja shrugs off the devotees forcing  him out of the mandir! pulls out a metal stave ! wards them off! and with the stave in hand, he climbs the steps of the mandir! propelled with unholy intent!  murder on his mind! a killing in his heart.. Dhani! he  thunders,  Viplav turns and so do all and they see blood on his mind Raja  standing with a metal stave!.. the demon charges at Viplav's beloved!   Viplav  blocks his wife back! in the name of his love  which is pure white.. vilpav receives the demons stave in his side! thus proves the saying that a wife is the other half of a husband's body!  Viplav's legs gave way,  Dhani sees red! the demon got her husband! from wife she transforms into the fury ridden  Kalli maa !  a  fiery signal of a woman scorned ! Dhani  grabs  the metal  bell  of the mandir, declares war! against the demon that  harmed her god!  in the grip  of  fury and force ! she thumps ,strikes mercilessly at this sinner who   stabbed her lord and protector Viplav ! harder she smashes!  the devilish  sinner's head,  as she hits,  forces, spurns   Raja. hurls him into a roll down the steps of the mandir!  .. she was a  personification  of fire and blood ready to beat the  very life out of this pathetic bleeding mass of a savage animal!  Raja's parents  and wife beg for mercy from the personification of the maternal  goddess Durga  ,but  Durga  has turned into the revenge seeking ,punishing  , no mercy to sinners kaali maa ,beware  her strike.. for she wants the life blood of Raja! she spurns him off! off!  the  very sacred steps of  the mandir!! The stiff hand of the law grips this broken  heap of a man! Before he leaves he begs forgiveness from  Dhani.. and she screams in his face , out of her face ,out of her life... she regains her breath, races up the steps of the mandir!  she was alone! The place was empty ..not a soul in sight... Viplav!!!S

Viplav is wheeled in the hospital  unconscious .  His mother is hysterical  the family is shaken ,  Kanak is convinced nothing can happen to her son. Doctor   informs he has lost considerable blood and the family is asked to wait ,whilst examinations take place.  Dhani viplav's next of kin runs on foot .. She comes across the driver who tells all have gone to the hospital and he was heading to get flower garlands for dashrants worship.  Dhani  is concerned . At the hospital dadi suggests Shalu , let  Dhani know.. Shalu repies she tried but cannot get through.  Doctor says he is critical.  Kanak  once again ,inspite of all that's happened Kanak looks for the person  to blame for this calamity in her only son's life..  Dhani, inauspicious , stigmatized.. is the one to be blamed for Viplav's present condition. She grabs the phone from Shalu no need to call her , can't stand to see  her ,bear to hear her name, she is not going to  let that inauspicious   Dhani anywhere near Viplav!  Whose curse  has come upon us that  she cast her spell on her son, its all her fault   Viplav is fighting  between life and death !  Screams  Kanak.dadi cries  had she not come in Viplav's life ,Raja wouldn't come and this wouldn't have happened. Dshrant must think it was him that  called him into all their lives. Dadi says full of  hope , nothing is wrong with him he'll be fine ,you watch he'll come home smilg with us.. Dashrant  weeps bitterly,   doctor tells them viplav  is serious . blood is needed. But he needs blood and is under observation    its hard to  figure out how  deep the wound is..   Kanak  cries  he's her son ,  take her blood.  Dhani arrives running and here's   Kanak say the words , don't punish her son for someone else   sin!...'  out of breath  Dhani  turns to dadi ,  where is Viplav is he angry because she  arrived late ,never mind she will appease him!She cries ,   and runs to see him ,but dadi stops her and  Dhani  comforts and consoles as she testifies , don't they know viplav is a brave man!  He is just playing a prank like he does!It joke he pulling on us! Soon he'll come and say with his hand on her shoulder , really dadi took you for a ride didn't  I?  Dhani goes and consoles Shalu  kisses her on the forehead like he does, Shalu dont cry her brother is a strong  man   nothing will happen to him .. Then she turn  to comfort  Kanak . Mother ,erhh no mistress.. She doesn't like her calling her that , viplavcalls her that ,  she always says live long to her son ,well a mother's blessing  goes right up to the heavens nothing will happen to our Viplav! overcome dhani embraces   Kanak to receive consolation for herself too..but   Kanak roughly pushes  Dhani to the side and shouts stay away from  her! and stay away from Viplav too!...looks like  Kanak' hatred surfaces up again, and  Dhani will once again be picked on

Well  what a shake up!! overall an episode where justice is done.. the devil gets his long over due  punishmenent  Raja packed off possibly out of the  story? Viplav critically injured and no surprises   Dhani  and her being ill fated blamed for the  family disaster. Will  Dhani be banned by   Kanak from attending to Viplav? with   Kanak   and Dashrant  anything is possible. seems  like dashrants  performance  saved him from being exposed.. but for how long?  Waiting to  see how  Dhani saves Viplav! in todays episode  .. many pardons for   such a late  take.. wanted to post it  anyway. ye fitoor! hamlet53 17.4.16  

Precp:  Dhani prays while Viplav   is under a ventilator ..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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Nickelodeon Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Thanks!!!!Smile The title is very nice!!!!!

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anjaliiii Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 9:18am | IP Logged
hi hammie... 
always loved your take.. 
really surprised the way you presented the emotions going through the inner turmoil of characters with much ease ... always beautiful

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sanvid Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Thanks Hammie...wonderful post as always...

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simpleAnna IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Clap hammie hammie hammie ,
What a title... full of suspense,just like d episode.
I loved d way u described d whole episode,its just like watching it live ,but actually much more than opens our inner eye,we can see which we left unseen.that's what I love to read ur takes.
Raja's father did a great job exposing his own son in front of public, he acted like an ideal dad.that's what every father should b.though I have a doubt on this drunkard man's upbringing,will respect him if he wasn't a drunkard before his sakho left him. LOL can't blame raja completely for what he became.his parents will b equally responsible.specially saakho.she also needed a slap.atleast one from me for repeated raising one eyebrew expressions...
Raja proved that I never hated him enough.he had a wife and a son too !!!!!!!!!!!!.speechless.shalu la dhai kilo thappads couldn't make me feel better.
My vipu got injured.ohhh nooo.hope he is fine missed today's episode.I loved d way dhani showed her kaali d way dhani shows a different avatar of shakti in each episode.
thanks hammie for giving us d opportunity to learn from u again.
Much love.

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Shadow-Fax IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Superb take, lovely writing, hammieThumbs Up
The episode was wonderful, every character was well written in the episode, thank god RA's truth finally came out. And Dhani & Eisha stole the show impressively! Kudos to ikrs team for giving some interesting episodes such as this

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revathirk Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Wonderful hammi..Clap eisha Singh nailed d character of yesterday's episode...

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Aradhya49 Groupbie

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Wonderful post

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