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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52) (Page 53) Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2016 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

 Hi Elvish.

First of all the dedication was totally a surprise dear I wasn't expecting at all and it made me overwhelmed dear thank you so much for that. I never in my wildest dream thought that my reviews will be so much worth for you. I am really touched with your love.

So on the epilogue part.

First of all girl today you planned to kill me by heart attack first thing this was last chapter then dedication and finally the most breath ceasing moment the build up of this chapter in the start.

You know while reading in the start I was having lump in my throat and was scared to rush to last part also because what if but then I trusted my instincts that you love to see him endure pain not to overcome it all together so the dreaded thing will not happen.

Finally ishani is at the church to express the gratitude that he have what she desired and wished in her every prayer. They both should be together that's what she always wanted even in innocence of child and even in the matureness of love.

Huge applause dear because just reading at the chapter no one can say its going to have a happy ending. It was dripping with pain one thing that remained prominent throughout soulmate. That whole thing throughout the chapter indicating the inevitable has happened was really crushing dear it was so meticulously executed I cannot explain that through the words. The best dear this suspense of  yours was the best.

Puneet this boy is really a gem of a person ranveer got in his life and the way he admires his boss is something rare he always saw through that faade of RV which world saw as ruthless and emotionless money minded.

That description of church and the wave of pain by seeing the statue was so  awesome its upto us we can get hope and pain from anything its upto us what we see and take.

Puneet poor boy inauguration of his book and here he is searching for ishani, he must be wondering where is RV sir before time and here his wife after time both people have driven him mad that's why he decided to write a book to solve the mystery of ishveer two mental driving other people crazy.

No matter how many times I mention it but that suspense of yours at the heart thumping at the mention of the word boss literally girl my heart was beating in my mouth.

It took 800 pages to reveal 2 years of ranveer I mean RV is what he was in those two years because with ishani ranveer came back to life. So much to say yet so less can be said about. She can never let go  of his cheeks *ahem ahem* that's what she desired for since eternity.

Unromantic really no one can beat him in romance his eyes are enough to make week on knees.

It was good that he avoided that ranveer part because world is judgmental and would have never saw him that way as they saw RV and ranveer's story is only for ishani and not for the world.

Puneet and sally have a daughter really wow and name is so awesome.

His parents shifted well their son needed privacy and looking at their excitement and years of pent up emotion it was necessary*pura palace chota padta*

And then came ishani's speech it summarized the kind of respect she holds for him much more than the love she has for him and it was perfect short but apt. she still regrets the fact that she wasn't able to realise their love for each other before and somewhere she thinks she is responsible of ranveer's this condition. But this quality of hers makes her love no less than ranveer.

His tumour relapsed and so badly  but this time he  didn't wanted to leave his love at all and that's why he fought back valiantly and emerged victorious. But elvish the way she thought about and the house lake side everything was dreamy and dreading at the same time. This would have been so much difficult for ishveer he was hesitating and dreading this one thing and it came back again at the time when they were so happy with each other but this time he did not gave up himself to the fate instead snatched their happiness and the fact this time it was he who was more hopefull then ishani was really the best thing.

Baa came for his surgery and she compared to HP well I am not dreaming I guess. Amba can never forgive them infact no mother can ever after all that was the maximum pain ranveer has endured in his life she loves his son too much to deny him his wishes even if that means accepting her nightmares.

Chirag made to bounce back I mean I  have sympathy for him why dude why you do things which dig your own grave always.

And then that description of lakeside was awesome I loves it when he was waiting for her just to spend time with her he is living each and every day because of uncertainity future holds for them. Finally ishani is pregnant wow that itself seems so amazing and then baby kicked.

And then when he promised and their talk his admant nature of leaving her his fears and her determination of being together it was marvellous I don't remember how many times I read that it was really fascinating with all the pain and love it was the best part of the whole chapter. Everytime reaching so close to death and fighting back it would have cause more mental scars than physical and poor boy always have to struggle for his share of happiness since childhood.

That whole description of dawn breaking its like their own life which sees dark night every now and then but they remain together throughout the night holding each other to see the dawn break in their life and that's what make their relationship so special.

This was extraordinarily amazing chapter dear it had their pain of loosing each other, their guilt of hurting each other, their happiness of being with each other defying all odds and binded by soul till eternity also the overwhelming emotion of becoming parents. So pure, perfect and the best way to summarize the journey of this FF this story of them being together despite all the problems and fighting everything to be together.

Perfect dear a standing ovation for writing their life story in one single chapter.

My farewell speech will take time only this much emotion I can muster to review this chapter.

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2016 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ShadikaIshVeer

What a beautiful ending to a beautiful storyDay DreamingHeartDay Dreaming

I remember long back I told you that when you write it is like reading a book or a poem, it is just so beautifulDay Dreaming Your writing makes me go to IshVeer worldApproveEmbarrassed How beautiful are these two? Gosh my heartLOL 

Loved Puneet writing a book about RV and how Ishani knew that words never could be enough to describe himClap Loved that part a lot , great that the familes stood beside Ranveer when he needed them the mostSmileSmile Great that Baa realised that Rv is a lot like her sonBig smile 

I am happy Ranveer got cured and IshVeer are becomming parentsDay DreamingHeart  I dont know what to say honestly, as I am still in daze of your writing.

Beautifu, just really beautifulHeartHeart 

Thank you for giving us the storyHeartHeart

Loads of love and best wishes 

Hi, MM!

Finally my student is here on time! ClapClap

Thank you so much, and yes, I remember  you saying that the other day. It's an honour you think this way. HeartHeart

Yes, it was Puneet's dream to write something about his Mr. Boss and he finally did that. Even I'm very happy for that. HeartHeartHeart And yes. Their families remained together when he needed them the most. Baa had to say that didn't she? She knew Ranveer had always taken care of her family like her own son would, and that too when he was too far from them all. HeartHeart Ah, my boy.

I hope you studied well in your class or your professor would've come with sticks and fiery glares at you. xD

Thank you so much, MM. :)

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Posted: 30 November 2016 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tnzila

For erstwhile my heart stopped beating!!! In start portion of chapter because it was sounding like ranveer is death ( even I can't spell this word now).. girl literally I was going to take heart attack.Cry

Well well outstanding update, very beautifully ended of story.ClapClapThumbs Up

You kept one thing constant like all chapters of soulmate is "Pain" lovely described ishveer painClapThumbs UpThumbs Up

Like sentence perfectly put by you "how can be they leave without each other" ClapClapClap

Ishveer going to become parents.. happy for that. The baby defiantly is a special  baby, it ia a symbol of love.Embarrassed

Its was great idea to write book on ranveer by puneetClapClapClap. Through only this book world can gets to know that only Ranveer is RV, as our ranveer never said to world that he is RV.SmileSmileSmile

You are a wonderful writer dear..ClapSmileHeart

Thank you so much for such lovely and heart touching story.HeartHeartHeart

Your soulmate is unique like ranveer char.Smile

 I don't know on earth again any char can be like a ranveer char and same way can't be any story like soulmate.Heart

Once again thanks.Smile

for me soulmate will be never ended as will read it again and againEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Sighs. I'm sorry, darling. The beginning part was meant to be scary like that if I did it okayishly. LOL

Thank you so much, tnzila. HeartHeart True, they do define that phrase that they can't live without each other at all. If anything happened to her, he'll die and vice versa.

True, true. The baby is very special! Symbol of IshVeer's love and struggles. After all the thoughts I had had about them, this baby becomes much more precious to me as well. :)

Sighs. Who will know Ranveer really? The world is cruel and, can I say, little stupid too? They won't understand Ranveer. But Puneet must have tried some technique to find the balance between the two.

Thank you again, tnzila. I can only thank you for your love. :) HeartHeart

PS. I've replied to your previous response too. :)

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Posted: 30 November 2016 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mayashelly

Ht Elvish,
Amazing story dr
I thought ranveer is dead in the first half Cry
But as soon as you made the turn, it really has a happy ending..
Oh yeah, it's not ending to them. They live each day with the hope of another..
Puneeth launched a book on RV Clap Day Dreaming
And ofcourse, not a single book can describe him..
Ranveer... How could you describe him the most.. Love him a lot dr.. He is such a human... Not only for ishani he is such an inspiration for me too...
Whatever destiny plays with them, their love overcomes them... Wow.. Ishveer became parents... Aww...
But Soulmates ended Cry
I will be waiting for your next story or OS... Any work from you Wink
You are one of the most awesome writer dr. Star
One of the best I ever seen.
Wondering what made you a gem...
Embarrassed Embarrassed
Keep smiling and take care dr Smile

Hi, Maya!

Thank you so much. HeartHeart

Ranveer wasn't dead, it was just a way to lead towards their ending.

Yes, not a book can tell about Ranveer, but still it says a lot about him to those who want to know who RV really is. Heart Ranveer is an inspiration to so many of us. :)

Thank you so much, Maya. I'm glad you've loved this story and have been a part of this journey for so long. HeartHeart

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2016 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyanka98

Hii Jigyasa.
Amazing chapters. Punnet launched a book on RV. wow its wonderful. But Ranveer Story is something different which can't be explain in words.
One more surprise is Ishveer r going to become parents Smile.
But I ll miss your ff. Cry

Hey, Priyanka! Thank you so much. :) True, Ranveer's story cannot be explained into words. Ever. But a part of it can be told to those who seek to know him, isn't it?

Yeah, they'll be parents. It kind of surprises me because they're still babies themselves. xD

I'll miss it too... Writing Soulmates was like the best thing I did for the most part of the day. But I'm not giving up on writing, so will stick here.
Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2016 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ishveermyheart

I can't and I don't want to believe that it is the end.

soulmates was one of the biggest reason of me to be connected to this forum.

this forum has always given me the cause to smile. to live ishveer.
soulmates was a wonderful journey for mr too.

ranveer and ishani's love . the way u described them, their love , their story, their pain. the entire story of soulmates . I will cherish these ishveer moments.

and I must tell you from the first chapter till the end you have improved a lot. you have become a great writer.

I admire your work.
the chapter , it was obviously worth praises.
I know end of soulmates is literally painful for you.
plz take care , don't cry, and keep in contact.
bye.(I Love You Elvish) Cry

Hey! After a long time! How are you?

Thank you. Yes, Soulmates has come to an end, but don't worry, IshVeer will still be here. :)

Thank you so much. Improvement was something I sought the most as a writer and have tried my best to. I'm glad you think so. HeartHeart

I love you, too, mate. HeartHeart And yes, we'll be in contact a;ways. Don't worry. :)
Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2016 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Princeasif, and dv, I will be able to reply you guys tomorrow. Light chali gayi, and I have to log off as well. Please wait. Goldie

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Posted: 30 November 2016 at 8:48am | IP Logged

If you again talked about leaving the forum, I'm coming with my shoes to you.
i wont give that chance pakka. LOL

well what do you mean by if future keeps them safe Shocked but his insecurities will definitely come over soon. After all ishani will work hard for itWink

Epilogue has the answer. *shivers*

after reading my review you will probably know what kind of heart attack you gave me you guys just love to see him in pain (but its so much fascinating)

Sighs. I'm afraid as hell. :(
dear you always comes up with the best.

Yeah, how could one not? Ishani's the luckiest one. xD

she is lucky in so many ways

Just posting the Epilogue.

thats to there i am waiting for all the new ventures you told me that you are going to start

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