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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52) (Page 45)

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Hey, everyone! I know, I know Elvish is guilty of a lot of things for not being here on time, but trust me, this chapter could have taken a lot of more time as well. xD Anyway, thank you, everyone, for the wait, and I'm not sure if I can say I've redeemed myself or not. That's for you to decide. The next chapter is almost ready, and I'll update it sooner.

Also, this is the second last chapter of Soulmates (feels!) with which this journey almost comes to an end.

The most important thing, this chapter is dedicated to dv. It's her birthday, and, dv, I hope this chapter is fine as a dedication gift for you. Stay happy and blessed. Happy birthday once again!

Tada, this chapter... (sobs)

Chapter 70

The rituals finally drew towards an end the second day. Ishani stared around the place jovially, finding herself feeling happier, the growing bond between the two families a comfort to her. Things had never been normal between her and Ranveer's families because of the status difference between them, but she hoped that this coldness could cease to exist from now on. But what they had in store for them, only time could tell.

The teasing of the cousins had not left her alone ever since the marriage, but they all were taken aback by her own flamboyance as she participated in the banter, making Ranveer walk away from the place with his face red. She promised she wanted to pull his cheeks as soon as she got close to him, alone. The thought of being alone with him from the day onwards made her heart skip several beats at once as contentment soared up in her soul. She hugged herself and watched, smiling at everyone who looked at her. Being a bride had indeed made her more susceptible to the glances of the guests who had now begun to disperse as the rituals concluded, leaving behind only close friends and family who still showed no sign of weariness creeping in their senses as their spirits remained jubilant amidst the heavy music.

As Ishani sat there, she saw Sally approach her, a calm smile on her face. Ishani stood up at her appearance and hugged her while Sally's smile broadened. "Congratulations, Ishani! So, here is the day all of us have been waiting for!"

"It is," Ishani answered, the blush on her face not going amiss.

"How does it feel?"

"Amazing. And maybe more... it's inexplicable right now."

"Don't worry, you'll understand everything with time. And wow, look at you! I've never, ever seen anyone look so... gorgeous after their marriage."

"Flattering much?" Ishani rolled her eyes.

"Not at all! The moment you do go into your room, do yourself a favor of taking a look into the mirror and see the most beautiful bride you'll ever see!"

Ishani rolled her eyes at Sally again who laughed at Ishani's exasperation. "What makes you behave like this? Puneet isn't really like this, you know?"

"You won't believe me now, but the truth is truth. It's all about the bride's glow after she's married and is happy. Ishani, everything about you radiates your happiness, and all can feel it. Trust me."

Ishani sighed, blushing, and no words escaped her mouth. However, as she saw Sally's smile grow wide at the look on her face did she realize perhaps she had let much more out about her happiness than was necessary. Could people not really spare her?  

"It's alright. You can't be blamed for your excitement, sweetheart," Sally said and winked. "You deserve to be happy."

"So you think. Thank you," Ishani answered, throwing a polite smile as she saw Sally leave, and her own self being engaged with her overly excited cousins who seemed to have found a trove of treasure as they ran round her, one by one, laughing at one another. It wasn't long before she realized Devarsh carried a photograph in his hand while Gauri, Sharman and Pratiek followed him shortly behind, earning glares from their parents and Baa. However, Ishani's reverie was interrupted by another arrival as she felt someone place their hand on her shoulder. She turned back and saw Amba standing there with a smile on her face.

"Kaki..." she said, but the word now felt alien.

"Everything's done, Ishani," she said, staring at her with a new gleam in her eyes. "I couldn't have been happier that you and Ranveer are married now."

Ishani smiled and took Amba's hand in hers. "I'm happy as well, Kaki. And I promise never to disappoint you or Kaka ever in my life." Her eyes shone in the glow of the evening sun.

"I know that," Amba answered, and noticing the tears spring in Ishani's eyes, changed her tone. "And it's only a few more moments before you can go and take some rest."

Ishani nodded her head, but her attention was suddenly arrested by Ranveer, walking hastily towards the study room, accompanied by Puneet and Rishi. Excusing herself from Amba, she rushed towards him, her heavy Lehenga making it difficult for her to take the large steps. In the next five minutes she reached the study room where Ranveer discussed the matters with Puneet and Rishi in whispers, Ishani being unable to make out a single word. When Puneet and Rishi exited the room, Ishani came in.

"What's wrong, Ranveer?" she asked.

"It's nothing worrisome. Don't worry."

"Don't lie, Ranveer," she said more urgently. "What is it?"

 "It was one of the old matters of during Mr. Zaveri's time that's surfaced. Some of his tricks have just turned up again, making our own company stagger in the markets."


"We were in trouble until a few hours ago, but it's fine now. Rishi and Puneet handled the matter, and his own contemporaries have been wiser than he thought. Don't worry. It was a small glitch," he finished and sighed, looking at Ishani as if he hadn't seen her before, and a warm smile spread over his lips.

"You're smiling when we... Seriously? We should go..."

"Shhh!" he said, smiling at her more. "I just want to tell you something."

"What?" But before Ishani say anything else, a knock at the door interrupted her. Ishani and Ranveer looked back to find a young man standing at the doorstep, his eyes downcast, while Ranveer could not deny despite the timidity in his steps he still carried a noble air that couldn't be ignored.

"Manas!" Ishani walked upto him as he smiled. "Come! Ranveer, this is Manas... Disha's fiance."

Ranveer shook hands with Manas. "Good to have you, Mr. Manas." Ranveer smiled, but found unable to say anything more. Ishani and Ranveer looked at Manas for a while, expecting him to say something, but no words escaped him. And as Ishani decided to say something, to her surprise, Disha turned up as well in the next few minutes, her eyes darting from Ishani to Ranveer and from him to Manas who seemed not to be affected by her pleading look. He took a deep breath and looked at Ranveer.

"Congratulations, RV."

Ranveer smiled, knowing this was not what Manas had intended to say. "Thank you." He looked at Disha who refused to look back at him, and stared sideways, her eyes dilating in surprise seeing whatever he had earned in these years.

"Well, there's something more about which I want to talk to you right now."

Ishani and Ranveer looked at Manas, who remained calm, slight glimmer of apology flickering in his eyes.

"Disha, come." He took her hand in his and dragged her by his side, Disha flinching at the sensation of his fingers wrapped around her wrist harshly. Disha stood by his side, her eyes staring down at the floor while Ishani and Ranveer looked confused.


"RV..." Manas looked at Ranveer. "Disha owes you an apology."

"No, it's fine. What happened yesterday was just a misunderstanding. Let it go."

Manas sniffed. "Yeah, that could be a misunderstanding, but she needs to apologize to you. Disha." He looked at her, his eyes commanding.

Disha's lips quivered, her eyes unable to meet anyone standing in front of her.


Disha stayed quiet.

"You don't have enough time, Disha. They'll be called back in a while. Do you want to apologize to them in front of the whole family and get humiliated more?"

Disha dared to look at him. "Ma-Manas..."

"Yes, say it."

"I'm sorry, Ranveer. I was mean to you. I should've been thankful to you for everything you've done for our family. I hope you forgive me."

Ranveer opened his mouth to say something but Ishani spoke before him. "And how do you think it's possible to grant you apology for all the rest of the things?"

"Disha, apologize to him for everything you promised me. For everything." Manas stressed on the last two words while Disha looked disgruntled, her eyes unable to hide the disgust she felt. "I told you something, Disha. Come on! We don't have enough time." He insisted as Disha stood silent, her knitted eyebrows an evidence of her denying nature.

"Manas, let it go. Let's go," Ranveer said at length, but Manas stood rigid in his place.

"Disha," Manas ordered again.

Disha looked at Ranveer, and then closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath she said again. "I'm sorry."

"Mention for what as well."

"For everything that happened that day, Ranveer." She opened her eyes, while Ranveer, Ishani and Manas stared at her. "I was stupid. I deserved all the punishment and rejections I received from the society after that. Please forgive me." She shook her head vehemently and hid her face in her palms. Ranveer gestured Ishani to go to Disha who remained resolute on her place, no signs of pity or sympathy crossing her face. At last, Ranveer smiled slowly.

"Disha." He walked towards her and lifted her chin up. "What's gone is gone. Let's make a new beginning from today, alright?" His tone quivered lightly, but only Ishani was the one who noticed it.

Disha kept quiet and looked at Manas, whose features reposed in a soft smile. "Thank you, Disha. You've proved again why my choice is right and my parents need to agree on this, too." He looked Ranveer. "RV, Falguni aunty told me everything once she returned from here weeks back after your surgery. And being Disha's fianc, it's my duty to keep her on the right path in case she goes on the wrong one."

Ranveer patted Manas' shoulder and smiled. He looked at Disha. "Disha, after everything that went wrong in the past, you got the perfect life partner possible for you. Manas is exactly the kind of guy Mota Babuji wanted you to marry when he was with us. Manas, we can only thank you for your courage... it's not easy to accept everything and you have done probably the most courageous thing possible."

Manas nodded his head. "And my apology for invading here in your Study like this. This was a conversation I was trying to have with you and Ishani for so long."  

"I'm glad this matter came to an end, isn't it, Ishani?" Ranveer looked at Ishani who continued to stare sideways. Noticing Ishani and Ranveer needed time to resolve the matter, Manas pulled Disha out of the room and meandered away.

"Ishani," Ranveer said, taking her hand in his. "Let it go, please?"

"Can we not talk about it now, Ranveer? Please?" Ishani sighed. "Disha isn't one of the people who ever feel ashamed of themselves. And do you really think she is sorry at all? She just said all that because Manas made her speak. The words were more of Manas's than her own."

"I know," Ranveer said. "But, Ishani, for how long are you going to hold grudge against your own sister?"

"I can't forgive her unless she's truly sorry. The day she is, I'll be the first one to take her back."

Ranveer shrugged his shoulders in surrender. "Whoever can win against you, Miss--Mrs. Vaghela?" he said, suddenly realizing she was his wife, and thus Mrs. Vaghela now. Despite anger bubbling in her heart, Ishani felt her cheek turn crimson at the mention of her name linked with him, and it coming from him was what she loved the most about the moment.

"Don't be silly, Ranveer." She looped her arm around his and began walking out of the room when a pull from Ranveer dragged her back. "What?"

"I have a surprise for you. Get ready as soon as everything of the rituals end," Ranveer whispered and taking her hand in his walked out, Ishani surprised at the sudden change of his tone. Before she could ask any question, however, their feet halted in the alleyway leading to the hall. Their eyes traced the space bellow, now occupied by only family members whose happiness filled their own hearts with joys. Ranveer tightened his grip on Ishani's, and walked down. Gauri dashed towards them, and took them both by the hand.

"Ishani, Ranveer..." She smiled. "There's one final thing to do before you're free for today."

And thus it was, the rituals drew towards the end, Ishani and Ranveer being declared bound together for the rest of their lives.

"Seriously, Ranveer?" Ishani said, looking of the window of the car. The warm night graced with full moon and scattered stars proceeded with a softness that she could not stop admiring. The wind moved softly, whistling against the silent path they travelled as if welcoming them in heaven they had never been before. Ranveer remained silent, a smile on his lips as he drove the car on the silent path. "Is there any use of asking where are we going?" Beyond the quiet toad in the dark, a gentle glimmer of the lights adorned the view.

He looked at her, and raised an eyebrow. "I said surprise. Remember?" He meant it sarcastically, but a hint of underlying melancholy sounded in his tone.

Ishani scowled. "But why on earth out of home like that?"

"Because we are married, and we need our own time as well, don't you think?"

"In that case, where are you taking me?"

"You do trust me?" he asked.

"Of course I do, Ranveer. I'm being curious. At least I could have changed in my casuals. Wedding clothes are heavy."

He sighed. "Don't worry, you'll know soon."

The rest of the journey passed in silence, Ishani occasionally glancing at Ranveer while he remained quiet now, driving through the night in the empty street of London. The small smile on his face an evidence of his unsaid happiness that made her own heart skip a beat in the moment. Ishani placed her palm on his which snatched Ranveer out of his reverie and he smiled. Without saying a word, Ishani rested her head on his shoulder, while the car glided away towards their unknown destination. Neither of them said a word, lost in the intoxicating magic of the evening that continued to cast its delightful spell upon them.

After an hour, before Ishani could further ask of any question about their destination, she heard the car come to a halt with a screech of the tiers. Surprised, she looked up to see Ranveer smiling at her.

"Come," he said, stepping out of the car and opening the door for her. Ishani got out as well, and gasped realizing where Ranveer had brought her.

"The church!" Her brightened eyes traced the golden shimmer of the building, clad in the most radiant glow she had ever witnessed it emanate. Her hand slipped in Ranveer's while he came further and squeezed it gently, smiling.

"We couldn't miss it out, could we?" He sighed. Ishani nodded her head.

"Come." Ishani, taking Ranveer's hand in hers, walked beside him. The church was silent, but the radiance of the gentle lights set the place aglow with an alluring splendor, making their hearts stir with a joy that could only be felt deep within, not expressed. The candles on the pedestal sparked with ethereal beauty while a soft gust of the air swirled across gently. Ishani looked at Ranveer and smiled.

"The church has always been an important place for us, Ishani," Ranveer said. "I remember the first time we came here. You were drunk, and yet remembered Father Peter so perfectly."

Ishani chuckled under her breath, reminiscing the past of which memories remained blurred in her mind still. "I don't even remember anything properly I did or said that night. But I remember..." She looked at him, her eyes gleaming. "I had only wanted you to return. To our friendship get revived again."

"And I had wanted all of your pain to go away," he whispered.

Ishani smiled, and took a deep breath. The thought of being loved so deeply still surprised her. "When you're here, nothing wrong can happen to me."

Ishani and Ranveer smiled at each other, and bowed their heads in front of the Christ idol, praying silently for each others' safety and happiness. They opened their eyes and lit two votive candles, later placing them on the golden pedestal, joined by the others lighting ones.

Finishing the procedure, Ishani and Ranveer looked at each other and smiled.

"Thank you for getting me along, Ranveer."

"This was important, right?"

"Right." Ishani smiled.

"Now, let's go." Ranveer grabbed her hand once again, and brought her out, Ishani looking at him confused.

"Where are we going now?"

"To our final destination for the day," he answered.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Ranveer shook his head, and smiled. "I wish I had given some brain as well to the woman who I gave my heart to. Things would've been much easier."

Ishani glared him, but kept silent when Ranveer walked towards the driver's seat.

"If it was some other destination, you could have told me, Ranveer. This Lehenga is so heavy."

"I thought you loved it yesterday, didn't you?" he asked.

"I did, and I do. But I can't continue wearing it all the time," Ishani said, pouting.

"It's a matter of a while only. Don't worry."

Ishani, however, did not remain silent, for the rest of the journey was full of her rants which did not come to an end until Ranveer looked at her, his eyes unfathomable.

"You don't like that I'm talking like that?" Her innocent eyes bore into Ranveer's, and he smiled.

"Has anyone told you, you look adorable when you talk like this? I really missed my Sunny in the last two days. God, did you really manage to pretend to be shy with our families all the time? I can't imagine you really sitting silent and not throwing a tantrum."

Ishani blushed. "I don't throw any tantrums." She stiffened her lips.


Ishani stayed silent and looked at him, his empowering gaze silencing her altogether. "Well," she said after sometime, "I think I did annoy Maa and Gauri di quite a lot."

Ranveer chuckled. "I guessed so."

"You were so quiet. How come?"

Ranveer raised one eyebrow. "That's RV you're talking about," he answered while Ishani squinted her eyes at him.

"But where are we going, Ranveer? This surprise is going to drive me insane," Ishani said, changing the topic now when their conversations made no sense to either of them. It was a miracle how they both had come so far from nothingness in their relationship where they needed excuses to stay together and yet not having anything to say in the past to the present where they could go on with their mindless rants, and laugh together without feeling a single ting of pain in their hearts. This was what made Ishani believe that miracles do exist. Miracles do happen in this broken and ruthless world. Her thoughts, however, came to an end with Ranveer's words piercing through them.

"Here we are." He stopped the car in front of one storey- what she could make out in the darkness- a mansion, and looked at her. Her questioning gaze held his but Ranveer did not say anything. Instead, he got Ishani out of the car, helping her. "Come."

Ishani followed him without a word, feeling a calm taking over her senses as the darkness appeared filled with a fragrance she could not make out. There were no sounds nearby, and tiny flickers of the lights filtered through the dense trees. She wondered if Ranveer felt the same change in the air she did, but he seemed too busy in taking her along to notice the change in the air. In the next five minutes, Ishani found herself snuggled in the large hall of the small house which despite its emptiness radiated a homely feel. Or perhaps something she always sought in Ranveer. Home wasn't supposed to be just a house made of walls, but a place that made one feel belonged; and this place, the small house located in the outskirts of London, mysteriously did so. Ranveer lead her further, and their feet halted in front of a room that awaited a single touch at its doorknob. Without another word, Ranveer turned the doorknob and opened the door, revealing a large room. Ishani gasped at the familiarity of the place as her eyes took the view of the heaven before her. If heaven existed on earth, she was sure it would be the sight in front her eyes. The cozy room opened before her spreading a warmth that managed to course through her veins, making her unconsciously shiver. A large king-sized bed adorned the room while a simple wooden rocking chair rested beside the window. Candles burned lightly, casting the faint shadows in the dim glow of the room. The window overlooked a large garden from which the scented air entered within, and Ishani understood the cause of the fragrant air in a while. The woods. She turned to look at Ranveer, his hand still on the doorknob.

"This." Ishani gulped. "What is this?"

They entered the room, and Ranveer smiled at her. "You like it?"

She nodded her head. "I love it! But..."

"Come." Ranveer helped her in, and placed her by the window, standing himself beside her. "So..."

Ishani closed her eyes, feeling the warm evening air of July caressing her face tenderly. The trees murmured as if humming a song with the melting of love in the summer of the month. Ishani waited for Ranveer to start a conversation again. Thankfully, he did.

"I'm glad you liked it." His voice remained low, like the whisper of the trees soothing her heart.

Ishani found her palms cupping his cheeks, and moving close to him. "This is beautiful. This is heaven." His lips curved in a broad smile at her reaction and he sighed, pulling her close.

"Wanted it to be a surprise for you."

"When did you buy this house?"

"When we first came to London. This place wasn't very expensive, and being out of the town, people were rather reluctant. So, until we had our house ready, Maa and Baba agreed to stay here. I loved being here all the time when we stayed here for the beginning months."

Ishani opened her mouth to say something, but stayed silent. Closing her eyes, she shook her head. She opened her eyes after a few minutes. "This was your house!" Her unintended attempt to keep awe out of her tone failed miserably, making Ranveer smile.

"Yes." His voice was soft and low. "Maa wasn't doing too well those days, and this place wasn't very expensive- something I could afford back then, so I went for this."

Ishani smiled. "And why did you never tell me about this?"

"Because earlier somewhere it never made sense, and when it did, why not let it be a surprise?"

A chuckle left her lips. "I couldn't have been happier that you shared this surprise with me today. It's one of the best things that happened today. Can you believe we're married?"

Ranveer smiled. "The thought still feels unbelievable. It seems someday when I'd open my eyes, I'll still be somewhere stuck between life and death, waiting for you, and you'll never come back because you couldn't love me at all..." His words faltered and Ishani took his hand in hers, a small sparkle of tears appearing in her eyes.

"It's all real, Ranveer. It's all real." She took him in her embrace while Ranveer wrapped his arms around her, nestling himself close to her as if to feel her existence was real. Ishani stroked his hair, all of a sudden realizing the gravity of his vulnerability which never showed itself on his face, but the way he held onto her in this moment conveyed that only. She would give away all to keep him happy, no matter whatever it took. After a few moments, Ranveer separated himself from her, Ishani wiping her tears before he noticed them.

"I can't believe you're like this, Ishani." His words grabbed her attention, while Ishani braced herself up.

"Like what?"

"I remember you from years ago: confused, stupid at times, uncertain. And here you are today. Completely different. Wow!"

Ishani furrowed her brows, confused whether to smile at his remarks or frown at his perception of her younger self. "Was that you admiring me or what?"

"Decide yourself." He looked away from her and smiled.

"No." She pulled him back, and gasped at the way he looked. Flustered, she withdrew herself away.  "I want to know... that's it."

Ranveer smiled again, and took her in his arms. "You have been an amazing human being all along, Ishani. And that's how you've inspired me to become what I am today." He sighed. "People are right when they say behind a man's success there's always a woman. It's always been you I strove to be the worthy of. You've been my inspiration all my life."

Ishani smiled, feeling a gush of pride course through her. Without a further warning, however, Ishani moved close to him and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you so much."

Smiling, Ranveer pulled her close, taking Ishani by surprise and wrapping his arms around her waist tightly. "You are most welcome," he answered in the same formal tone as her. Ishani scowled.

"Ranveer," she said, eyeing sideways. "We need to change first. It's getting late already."

"Hmm." He nuzzled close to her as if separating would mean a torture, and reluctantly separated away. "I'll go first."

Ishani scorned. "Fine. Hurry."

Ranveer left the room, and returned in the next fifteen minutes, wearing a simple white t-shirt and a black pair of jeans. Ishani only sighed at his sight, flustered, and looked away lest he caught her off guard, to her own utmost embarrassment. But how could he spare a chance to tease her?

"Are you alright?" he asked, coming to her. Ishani turned her head towards him and smiled.


"You don't look too well..."

"I'm fine, and anyway, I need to change." Ishani tore herself away from his sight and began walking away when she felt his fingers clasp her wrist.

"Want help?" From the corner of her eyes she saw him smirk, the first change since their marriage when he moved out of his wistful self.

"Ranveer..." she drawled his name and yanked her arm from his gently. "You better stay silent right now."

"If you wish so, fine." He kissed her cheek.

Ishani felt her own her heart skip several beats at the realization, and smiled. "Thank you." And before he could speak another word, Ishani freed herself from his arms, giggling, and rushed towards the cupboard which happened to have magically her clothes tucked in carefully already. Taking them out, she walked towards the bathroom and shut the door.

Ishani stared at her reflection in the mirror, her bridal look making her blush all of a sudden. There was weariness etched on her features now. But the glow hadn't faded. She stared at her palms, the mehandi still covering her skin marvelously. Her eyes still carried the curious gleam of happiness that everyone noticed, and teased her with their heart's content. Ishani closed her eyes, feeling her entire life pass before her in a jiffy and halting at the moment she got married to Ranveer.

How could anyone love her way he did? Did she deserve so much respect and love from him after all?

Ishani clutched the pendent of the Mangalsutra and closed her eyes, feeling a strange euphoria surge through her soul. The memories of the past once again made their way back to her, shattering the castle of delusions, and making her realize it wasn't a dream anymore. Why were Ranveer's thoughts so guarded? He was happy. Happiest, she was sure, but why wouldn't he express it like she was able to?

It takes time, a voice within her answered; and Ishani understood it all. Things from this moment on would never be the same. Every minute of their lives had been game changing, but tonight was going to be different... Ishani felt chills run down her spine at the thought of what was about to happen the next. For a moment they had both waited to come for a long time, and today it had arrived at their doorstep. "Ishani Ranveer Vaghela," Ishani whispered her name, feeling pride and happiness course through her veins, and sighed. A smile involuntarily formed on her lips as she shook her head. Yet, she felt something restrain her freedom. It was him. His insecurities. No matter what he said, she somewhere felt it creeping in his eyes the moment they were close. It needs time, she always told herself, but now they needed to move on from old relationship and step into a new present which only waited with bated breath for a glorious future. In her eyes anyway it did. Past few weeks had turned their lives upside down, and that, too, for good. Yet there was a lot more to give up on, to give and accept with whole heart. She had accepted all the faces of life and he had to do the same. She couldn't survive with his restrained touches, or half hearted kisses. He once opened his heart to her, and she didn't want anything more than him in her life.

Bit by bit, she undressed herself, keeping only her bangles and Mangalsutra on, and walked under the shower. The warmth of the water tickling her skin.

As the water touched her skin, her soul ached to feel him by her side in that moment, and she was ready to give it all, but despite everything, she knew the insecurities that still veiled his thoughts. They always did. She always felt them right there. In his eyes. And he would never say that. The dullness in his eyes which fortified itself occasionally, the fear of still losing her was no mystery to her anymore. In the quietness of the night when she had stared into his eyes a few moments ago, she knew they hid much more than love for her in their infinite depth.  

Wasn't it her duty to fight the demons for him now, just like she had promised herself weeks ago on his birthday night? Water still coursed down her bare body, her skin completely drenched. Ishani suddenly felt her fingers touch her lips where the feeling of his lips kissing her all the time before still remained, sparking happiness from the abyss of pain and insecurities she couldn't stop feeling. In a while, Ishani stepped out of the shower, and put on a silky green long nightie which covered her entire frame benevolently, leaving nothing for her to worry about. She smiled at herself as she stared back at the mirror, a decision eventually made. There was one final task to be finished before the night ended.


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The late student is backLOLWink SURPRISE SURPRISELOL

your expression :
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Comming to the update it was amazing as always because you write so beautiful Day Dreaming I just melt at Ishveers sweetness

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Disha did not mean the apology CryCry How did she get lucky with Manas?ShockedD'ohI agree with Ishani on that she should forgive her sister on that matter when she sincerly is sorryThumbs Up Rv calling Ishani Ms.VaghelaDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Nice to know where RV lived Big smileBig smile  It was a really nice update and you nailed itCool I hope you understand I wont be able to read the next update as it is 18+ so I am sorryCryCry 

A beautiful story ElvishHeart

Loads of love 

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Posted: 12 November 2016 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tnzila

very simple cute with full of love EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHeartupdateThumbs Up
waiting for next updateBig smileBig smileBig smile

Thank you, tnzila! Hehe, I'm glad you liked it. I'll update the next chapter very soon.

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tellme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2016 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Elvish_Hobbit

Originally posted by tnzila

very simple cute with full of love EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHeartupdateThumbs Up
waiting for next updateBig smileBig smileBig smile

Thank you, tnzila! Hehe, I'm glad you liked it. I'll update the next chapter very soon.

very soon = within 2 weeksConfusedTongueWink

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2016 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tnzila

very soon = within 2 weeksConfusedTongueWink

Kya yaar! You'll see how quickly though. The next one is the last chapter anyway, and then epilogue.
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Posted: 12 November 2016 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Elvish.. u have to update next soon..

coz to be honest, after more than a month long wait I was not expecting this.. news of one more chapter was good & I was happy but was not prepared for this.. Unhappy sigh.. Confused

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