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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52) (Page 4)

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Originally posted by

Hi elvish hope you are fine
Congratulations for this new thread and new thread started with your much awaited chapter nothing can be more wishful than this because only I know how desperately I was waiting for this chapter that I read this whole ff twice from the start.
So we are heading to closure seriously I mean I just don't want to come out of the aura that your writing have created. But still everything good things come to an end this will also but I quote mm here WE WANT ISHVEER KIDS. Sorry dear this ff is completely your thoughts you can do whatever you want
Now coming to the much awaited chapter ishani got up so early well that was obvious because she was so content with everything happening in last few days that she don't need seems tired she is in fact bursting with joy. So she realised that she love him and that realisation itself made her speechless well it was bound to happen because first time she listened what her heart always said but she cannot keep a finger to it.
Now she sitting beside him and just looking at him oblivious to surrounding and holding his hand was so surreal that I can't even say.
I have said many times but girl I still feel thats not enough you have seriously mastered the art of writing about nature and I just love it so much. I mean you and LM with your descriptions take me to that place.
Seriously she didn't even realise that ranveer woke up well to be honest it was always ranveer who kept on staring at her forgetting everything but I so wanted that this should happen with ishani also and you fulfilled my wish. She is behaving so weird that even a kid can tell that she is in love.
So Mr workaholic is not going to work and she couldn't stop staring at him and thus silence is doing no good to her but can't help it. Ranveer praying around I mean this boy how much more you are going to make us fall for him it's like he just cannot see her in any pain or trouble not even a hint of it should touch her. And their conversation well I must say dear you just nailed it whole conversation was so calmly done with so much emotional turmoil. Harshad and ishani though not related by blood but they had everything in common I mean he knew about chirag and disha but still kept mum just because of ranveer and the best thing was that although he was distress but he did not let that pull back ranveer from what he can achieve. Ranveer how come his love is so selfless
And now ishani's wishes fulfilled she wanted ranveer should melt and not be cold and aloof with the best part of forhead touching it brought back the memories of ranveers confession episode. Boy he don't want that she should leave neither she and here comes the spark. In your story ishani is man in a relationship it's like both the time she took the initiative that was so awesome that she came running back in his arms something ranveer always wanted. Well the way you have written their kiss and that whole moment that it made me blush furiously and I can reread umpteenth time it was the best.
And then she went from their because ranveer is too irrestible to handle o God he is just too adorable or you have made him this much.
Chirag silent I am sure it's the silent before the storm he can never be that calm specially after loosing everything.
O it's his birthday and definitely she wants to make it very special make it girl we are also waiting
You know what I just wanted to see the blushing ishveer after that whole happening between them.
Elvish this whole chapter was late but worth the wait I mean it had everything from fun, bickering love emotion everything I just loved it so much you deserve a standing ovation dear.
It's you and LM who have done justice to whole story of ishveer and I am glad that I am reading such beautiful work from both of you.
I am sure am going to buy a novel from these bestseller writer
Thanx for pm
And so sorry for such a long reviews but this whole chapter was so marvellous that I can't even say
Waiting for next

Oh, God, dv! You embarrass me so much. I know I'm such a late lateef, but... :( :(

And thank you so much, darling. IshVeer kids... Sighs. You'll have to wait to see what happens next.

You know, I was feeling so strange while writing all those parts. They had a different feeling altogether and certainly something I have never felt before. That's why her realization and she seeking comfort by his side was just... even I can't say what. Ishani's happiness is truly magnificent and she's feeling that but unfortunately she can't share it with anyone else right now. Though she has nature and she'll happily give away all her fears and feelings there without any reluctance (oh, no!! I need to shut up on this).

Hehe. Writing about Nature is the only thing I do properly, dv, and feel proud of it. Yes, LM's updates leave me spellbound for the day until I read her next updates. HeartHeart

I too wanted so many things Ishani doing along with Ranveer but it never happened in the show. That's why we have FFs here. Tongue Tongue Yesh, anyone can tell she's so deeply madly in love with him. HeartHeart Best thing about it all is that she's confessed it to herself but she has to muster courage to tell him. She's still afraid that she might hurt him in future, so.

Harshad and Ishani's relationship was the best one after IshVeer and sometimes I forget they're not real dad and daughter. Their bond is so precious. Harshad was my favorite character after Ranveer in the show and I'd always thought he'd let Ranveer go simply because he believed Ranveer deserved a better life and future. Ranveer revered the man for no silly reason.

About Ishani, she feels jittery all the time he's around her. She wants to be away, but can't and that results in her confusions towards situations. And Ranveer is a darling! HeartHeart BlushingBlushing His selfless love and affection for Ishani and her father always melted our hearts, didn't it? Though I myself have asked this question like hundreds of times: How could he love her so much when in the show he had every reason not to. </3

Haha. I was thinking the same. Ishani initiated the kiss both the times and she'd have to wait a bit before he comes to that level. he's still insecure about things, so they need to melt away first. Their kiss brought the memories of their first one though this time I was done sooner with them (an improvement xD).

And thank you so much for the lovely review. Tongue Tongue Birthday and Chirag will be creating something too. I can't say what. And I like long reviews. Thanks for them. 

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Originally posted by robal

Oh my, waited for the chapter for so long.  Normally I don't come on IF, but for the past few days have been checking it everyday just to see if you had updated it.  This was the best monday morning surprise.  Now, on to the chapter, what a flawless chapter, it's brilliant.  I loved the whole chapter, I love their akwardness, it's so romantic.  I want him to have the best birthday ever, can't wait for the next chapter.  Please update the next one sooner, this is the only thing I look forward to nowadays.  Thank you so much for your PM. 

Hi, robal. Thank you so much. yes, now we rarely come to the forum. There's nothing left anymore here. My apologies for the late update. I will try updating the next chapter soon. Smile Smile
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Originally posted by Elvish_Hobbit

Originally posted by 1ishveerian

Hi Hobbit..
First of all Congo on the new thread Party

Coming to the chap ...
It's simply somthing worthy to wait for..
You have written it outstanding dear..
Ranveer's selflessness..
His conversation with his Mota Bapu ji was something I simply loved ever...
Hey what's this...
<font size="3"> "Ishani, let go of all the old hatred and grudges. Life is too short to spend with them." A shadow passed over his face as he said so.</font>
Why is it awakening my old fears again..
Hope You got my point.,
Its not sounding good to my ears Cry Cry ,
Hope i'll b wrong in my fears..

Plz update the next one soon..

Keep rocking

Hey, 1IshVeerian. Thank you so much, darling.

Ranveer's selflessness... sigh... it's such a dream to find someone like him. :( :( Too bad such dreams don't some true.

About your doubts, I'll have to keep my mouth shut right now. I hope understand.

And thank you once again. I'll update the chapter soon, yes. Smile Smile

Yup I got it Cry Cry Cry
And its really a pleasure for me to read Your updates and to love them is natural.. So no need to thank

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I am back! B|

Wow, this chapter! <3 <3 I read it late and reviewing it even more late! --_-- Shame on me. So Ishani is once again in her own world, watching him sleep and stir! *_* Why can't they be for real <3 <3 Sigh!!!!!!!

Finally Madame realizes! She is actually in LOVE! Better late than never xD xD And wow, the scenes, Man! They were so damn beautiful and I wished I was there, on the spot! *Dreams*

*Falling down and getting up* Okay, so now comes the kiss! Surprise! I never expected that xD xD Good things don't tell and come, na? xD xD

I should stop ranting, like seriously! And now Ranveer;s birthday is coming up and he's a Taurus? (Now, wait. LM is going to kill me for this xD) Okay! And I am sure the next chapter is going to have something ;) ;) (Thanks to the chat)

Update the next one...soon? Yeah, soon! :P :P


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Hi, guys! Finally... I'm not going to say anything except for this update, any flaming is acceptable. Sighs. And the lines in the end are from the song Understanding by Evanescence. :)

Chapter 55

How these two weeks passed, Ishani could not guess. The time was the longest yet the shortest one she had ever come across and had not been able to decipher why. Perhaps because she had not seen in him in these two weeks as well and the time of his special day was drawing near at such a rapid pace that she wondered at her own ability to present him what he had deserved all these years; no wonder she truly wanted to make up for the lost time on this day. But as they say, time is only a matter of perspective, she tried to go with the flow and let the events unfold the way they were supposed to.

Yet, what felt more galling was Ranveer's ignorance towards her. She couldn't say he ignored her: he had to come in contact with her to do that which had not happened and she had not heard anything from him at all since last three weeks. "He must be so busy," Ishani had said to herself everytime her call went unanswered, though her heart beat strangely as she thought of the reasons. Human brain has its own eerie ways to console a human heart. Her thoughts when it became too much for her to endure certainly began to roam into the hundreds of the possibilities that did not please her but before any conclusion could be drawn, she had received a message, however, not from Ranveer. It was Rishi who texted her informing that Ranveer had been out for a month on a trip to Wales and had ended up causing some health problems for himself which made him cut out from the outside world for a while.

Ishani had panicked at this revelation, requesting Rishi to once let her talk to Ranveer, but he had hesitated and had asked for some time. Ranveer, however, had not yet been seen which increased her worrying quotient. It was his birthday in a day, and he himself wasn't seen anywhere. Outrageous! But still, Ishani managed to finally give him her message. I want to meet you tonight. Come before it's too late...' To her utmost surprise, Ranveer did answer immediately, asking if she was alright. Ishani had thrown some tantrums initially but at his seriousness she had only said she will be explaining things when he's there at her place about 11PM. Ranveer, though, reluctantly had agreed to come which was but an essential achievement. He had wondered what was so important that she had to see him the same night itself instead of delaying the meeting for the next day. Sternness in Ishani's tone had finally convinced him that there was something actually very important that could not wait for the next day and Ranveer had finally given in.

"Idiot," Ishani had said under her breath after disconnecting the call. "Who the hell forgets it's their birthday!"  But she knew she couldn't expect more from Ranveer. He was always like this.

It had been 10 minutes past 11 pm and Ranveer had not yet come. Ishani took the day off for today and closed cafe sooner than its usual time to make preparations for the evening. All she hoped was Ranveer liked what she had in store for him... and the surprise. Needless to say, she herself had got various calls from Ranveer asking the cause and her ambiguity of the statements in the answers had left him confused and exasperated. 

"It's only a matter of a couple of hours, Ranveer, and you will know everything very soon," she whispered to herself, as she sat on a table in the cafe, her eyes fixed on the window that revealed the outside view.

The clock struck 11.30 while Ishani yawned heavily. "He will come! He will come!" she said to herself as though to keep herself awake. It was not long when a knock at the door finally ruptured all her confusions and doubts and Ishani rushed to the door quickly. She must have fallen asleep not to notice him coming.

"Ranveer!" she shouted enthusiastically as she opened the door and saw him standing, eyes showcasing worries for her. She launched herself on him and took him in a strangling embrace while Ranveer literally choked for breath. She pulled herself away from and looked little confused until the truth dawned upon her and she blushed. "I'm sorry. I was too happy to see you."

"Are you alright, Ishani?" he said as soon as he came into senses after the hug. "What was so urgent?"

"No, you tell me where on earth have you been? Do you know how many times have I called you? I must be registered as the biggest fool for waiting for this day like an idiot and you--" Her words fell silent as she saw him smiling at her, while his eyes seemed tired.

"I'm sorry," he said. "But I hope everything is alright."

"Come." Ishani took his hand in hers as she realized they were still standing on the front door and invited him inside the house. She led him to the cafe as diamond like lights glittered faintly in the hall. "Well, I wanted to see you... and that's why I had to scare you like that. I'm sorry but you wouldn't have agreed otherwise."  

"Ishani," Ranveer spoke wearily, "I was working and it's such an imp-"

Ishani put her finger on his lips. "Shh! Nothing for today," she said softly, while he was little taken aback.

"But, Ishani--" he began.

"If I said no, then it's a no. Do you even know what day is today?"

"Thursday," Ranveer answered immediately.

"And date?"

"1st of May."

"Exactly! How could you possibly not remember it's your birthday in the next 15 minutes? On the second of May you were born, don't you remember it?"

Ranveer's expressions changed from little confusion to surprise and then reposed in a smile as if an old memory had surfaced in his heart. He shook his head, smiling, while Ishani too joined in and smiled. He had truly forgotten this little fact.

"Seriously, Ranveer, how on earth you can't remember that?"

"I didn't remember it, true," Ranveer said, while Ishani stared at him for a while and smiled.

"Well, there's a little surprise for you! Something like a pre-birthday one," Ishani said and before Ranveer could run his mind in any guess, Ishani took his hand in hers and slid his old watch in his wrist. Ranveer looked at her, surprised, but she knew he had remembered it being his own birthday gift of three years ago. "It belongs to you." She smiled.

"It's so old," Ranveer said, looking at the watch in surprise while Ishani beamed at him.

"I know," she said cheerfully. "You didn't expect it to be here, did you?"

Ranveer shook his head. "I didn't know you would have it even now. Mota Babuji had taken it from me the last time we met as a relic of my presence in his life. It's truly a surprise you still have kept it."  

"You hide so much from me, Ranveer. I feel like a fool so many times, and I wish I could know things better," Ishani said.

Ranveer sighed. "It's nothing like that. I wouldn't hide anything from you unless it's for your own good. Trust me."

"That I do," Ishani said. Their conversation halted as the clock set nearby struck 12 and lights in the room were set alight. The dimly lit room now was filled with a myriad of lights flickering along the room and fluctuating at once to get set bright once again until the gleam prickled their eyes. There was a faint song played in the background depicting the birthday celebration while their eyes fell at the walls covered with the photographs of their childhood memories: Ishani and Ranveer laughing at each other, Ranveer reading her the book while she took a snap of his and he had not been able to retract the photo from her, or them both covered with the yellow fleshy mesocarp of mangoes and laughing hysterically at each other. Ranveer remembered he and Ishani had had a fight over the mangoes and he had refused to give her any more of the mangoes because she had already devoured nearly all of them despite restrictions from her father due to health reasons in summer. Ishani had not listened to him and clawed her hands upon the last remaining of the set of the fruits which had resulted in their disoriented forms.

Ranveer stared at the happenings about him in awe as though his eyes not believing what he had seen. Ishani had kept all of these things safe all these years?

"I never thought you'll keep these safe..." he said, looking at Ishani. But instead of a verbal response from her he felt her arms circling his neck once again tightly as he heard her shout as loud as she could, "Happy birthday, Ranveer!" Ranveer hugged her back and pulled her closer as if to find a solace after a long weary travel as a "thank you" left his lips in a small voice. His head dropped to her shoulder while he felt Ishani snuggle closer to him, her head as most usual on his chest. No matter where he was or how he felt, he knew his one and only comfort was Ishani. All his sorrows could be but a fleeting streak of the long lost memory as long as she was by his side and her disappearance would mean the end of his life. For a while he wondered if he had only imagined, but in a few moments he could clearly hear Ishani's light sobs, echoing in the empty hall. He pulled herself away and gazed into her eyes while Ishani wiped her tears.

"I'm sorry, I was just overwhelmed for a while. It's so good to be celebrating your birthday after so long."

Ranveer smiled softly and wiped her tears again. "It's been my favorite birthday." He needed not say why; she was very well aware why.

While Ranveer looked around, Ishani brought cake as they cut it, and Ranveer fed Ishani and later the process was repeated by her.

"Well," Ishani said, after a while, and smiling to herself. "Do you know who prepared this cake? It's your favorite."

"Um, some..."

"No, you're getting it wrong," Ishani said excitedly before Ranveer could even make a guess.

"Let me guess, Ishani," Ranveer said, feigning an irritation.

"I know you won't be able to." Ishani smiled mischievously.

"And why you might be amused for that?"

"Because it's going to be a surprise for you to know who made it." She couldn't suppress her excitement any longer.

"In that case, it's a surprise for you," Ranveer said, proudly smiling, "because it's you who made it."

Ishani looked at him, stultified for a while, blinking rapidly in disbelief. "How?" escaped her lips unknowingly.

"Look at its taste," Ranveer said.

"It's bad?"

"Oh, no! It's perfect," Ranveer said, and smiled. "It's exactly how I'd always liked it and you knew it the best. No one can do this with such perfection."

Ishani smiled, sighing with relief. "I'm glad it wasn't a disaster like two others," she said, making a childlike face.

Ranveer came closer to her and took her in his arms. "It was perfect," he whispered, while Ishani shivered slightly.

"Could you promise one thing on this day, Ranveer?" Ishani said, separating herself from him, for a moment feeling as if her life depended on this promise.

Ranveer looked confused for a moment, but agreed in a while. "Yes," he said, quite uncertainly.

"Would you stay with me for the rest my life?" Ishani asked, her eyes gleaming with both curiosity and hope.

 Ranveer hesitated. "What kind of question is that?"

"Promise me!" Ishani said, desperation evident in her voice. She couldn't tell what made her feel so urgent towards the question, but she wanted to know his answer. "What should I make out of your silence?" she said suspiciously when Ranveer made no answer.

"Ishani, look..." Ranveer tried to explain but Ishani interrupted him.

"Promise me!"

"Alright, alright!" Ranveer said, finally, resigning to her wishes, and his tired eyes away from hers. "Don't look at me like that. I assume you don't mean to scare me?"

"You haven't promised me yet!" Ishani retorted, ignoring his unnecessary questions.

"Alright!" Ranveer said, and looked into her eyes as a strange seriousness took over the place; the lights of the room shut down and the only source of the light were the candles burning genially on the table before them as Ishani looked back into his eyes. She felt he was looking things far away or perhaps deeper into her eyes where she herself had never dared to look upon. He seemed to have been ransacking every fiber of her soul that had entangled all her feelings and passions she held for him, and she was helpless against him. How could he do that everytime? "By my life and death," Ranveer said at length while Ishani gulped, "I promise to be with you as long as you need me. Whenever you'll call me, I will always be there by your side even if you cannot see me." Ishani could not understand what he had really meant but she was somehow relieved. When did he really answer any of her questions directly? She was glad he didn't burst into the fits of laughter at her desperation of his promise; rather his eyes radiated love that she had grown so much accustomed to and now she felt she could look deeper into them without any hesitation.

"I don't get you," she said lightly, after some time. "Why won't I be able to see you?"

"You have a different life, Ishani, and I have my own. It's a truth that we were born with."

Ishani shook her head twice. "We were born with nothing and world made us who we are. We don't have to walk on the path they made and we can choose whatever we want."

Ranveer smiled. "Only if it was that easy," he said, a heart-aching melancholy visible in his voice.

Despite not wanting to look at anything else Ishani withdrew her eyes away from Ranveer's as she felt tears burn in the corners of her eyes, but before she could move away from him, Ranveer grabbed her hand and gently made her turn towards him. Ishani smiled, the dim lights of the room appearing to be embellishing his handsome features. Ranveer slowly moved towards her and Ishani closed her eyes as she felt the touch of his lips on her forehead, pressing in a tender kiss. He did not immediately break apart and she could feel him slowly smile, as though he knew what exactly she felt, but he was afraid and she could tell this by the rapidity with which he pulled himself apart in a few moments. Ishani stared at him but he kept quiet, not meeting his eyes with hers. Ishani took his hand in hers and smiled again.

"I'm sorry," he said, looking away from her.

"You don't have to be," Ishani answered slowly, gently squeezing his hand, and moving closer to him.

Ranveer looked at her, their faces inches apart. "You don't know what you're asking for. It's not possible."

"But why?" Ishani asked, her voice slightly broken. A birthday kiss wasn't a big deal, and she knew he loved her.

Ranveer moved out of her embrace while Ishani looked at him uneasily. "If I did, I won't be able to stop," he said, an uncertain fear explicit in his tone.

I don't want you to, Ishani wanted to say but didn't, instead she looked at him, oblivious to state of time or anything connecting her to the mortal world around her. Why did he have to be so chivalrous on every occasion and everything? Why couldn't he see what she felt for him? And most important, why was it wrong?  

"Why do you have to be like this?"

"Like what?"

"Nothing," Ishani said and averted her gaze away. "Well, you know, Ranveer, you were the one who ruined the happiest moment of my life?"

He looked at her, confused, for a moment as if offended at her accusation. "Which one?"

Ishani couldn't keep her cheeks from turning red and sighed. "Our first kiss," she said, looking downwards. "Only if you hadn't been so chivalrous back then, things could never be that bad. I would have died of the fear that you wouldn't talk to me for God knows how long."

Ranveer gazed at her, surprised, as if unable to believe what she had said, but he would say nothing of the matter.

"What?" Ishani asked as she found him looking at her.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I never meant to scare you. It was just--"

"It was just that you respected me so much, isn't it?"

Ranveer nodded and fell silent. Ishani felt Ranveer's face looked pale and his eyes were heavy but even at her continuous questions he did not say anything more than that he was getting better now and she needed not worry. Her heart did not believe this.

"It was amazing," Ranveer said after a while when Ishani was engaged in her thoughts, and Ranveer only gazed at her. "I think I should leave now, and I have never had a better birthday. Thank you." He turned back to leave.

"No," Ishani cried, pulling him back. "I have to give you your gift. Just wait." Ishani did not move to fetch anything, rather looked uncertainly about her and deliberately avoided looking at him.

"I think I have had many, and to be honest, everything I came across today is a surprise," Ranveer said, and Ishani could see him slightly smile, his pale looking face hiding his enthusiasm.

"Oh, no!" Ishani shook her head. "It's the most important one... you've waited for it your whole life." She felt her heart beat wildly as Ranveer looked back at her. It was the time. "Go for it! Go for it!" a voice in her head cried while she gulped hard.

Ranveer looked confused. "Have I?"

Ishani nodded and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could utter a single word to him, there was an abrupt sound of the doorbell on the door of the mansion as though someone very impatient from nature had found his hands on the object. Ishani excused herself and left the room. Ranveer felt as though he had been an intruder in something he should have avoided otherwise for the newcomer gave very cold vibes. But who could be at Ishani's place this time? Hopefully not a troublemaker for her, he hoped. Ranveer was lost in his own thoughts when the sound of hurried footsteps neared the cafe hall and Ishani's pleads were heard that grew as she came closer to the place Ranveer was standing.

"There's nothing there," Ishani said, but the footsteps did not halt. In the next couple of minutes Ranveer noticed a familiar face gaping at him in utter shock, eyes emanating a fierce dislike and lips curved in a most unpleasant of the grimace. His own heart pounded in his chest anxiously while he managed to form two broken words. Another shattered piece from his past had returned back. "Falguni Maa!" he said, while Falguni's eyes widened in question.

"Maa!" Ishani came hurriedly after her mother to tackle the situation while Ranveer gave a sigh of relief.

"You said no one was here?" Falguni raised her eyebrows at Ishani.

Ishani looked down.

"What is this, Ishani?" Falguni yelled loudly. "What is Ranveer doing here?"

Ranveer looked at Ishani whose head was still lowered down. Perhaps the mother-daughter needed to talk things in private and it wouldn't really be good if he stayed here. "Ishani, thank you... I'll be leaving now."

"No, you won't," Falguni interrupted coldly and Ranveer halted in his tracks. "What do you need to get out of Ishani's life? Do you even realize what damage you've done to my family and my daughters? Disha is still suffering from the consequences of your monstrous acts! You've even ruined Ishani's life now? She was happy until you came back and look what you've done! She has her relationship with Chirag broken!" Falguni eyes Ranveer in disgust.

"Maa, no! It's nothing like that!" Ishani cried while her mother only fumed at her.

"He is the worst manipulator I have ever seen!" Falguni said to Ishani, her eyes glaring at Ranveer hideously.

Ishani shook her head. "No, Maa, please don't say that," she begged.

"If it's not so, why did he get Chirag arrested in Mumbai?"

Ishani gasped in shock while Falguni smiled viciously, hint of triumphant pride etched in her aging features.

"No!" Ishani said, and looked at Ranveer.

"Why haven't you heard anything from him in all these weeks? Oh, and he told me everything this friend of yours did," Falguni said, pointing at Ranveer. "I hope this is the last time you see her."

Ishani looked at Ranveer again who did not meet his eyes with hers.

"Chirag, after all you have done to him, is still ready to marry you, Ishani. You will never find someone like him," Falguni said in a softened tone.

"In that case, Maa," Ishani said stiffly, "your judgment is completely wrong."

"Oh," Falguni jeered, "so now even you are brainwashed by him, are you not? He never wanted to see you two together. He never wanted to keep you for himself, and when he couldn't, he..." Falguni hid her face in her hands, her voice heavy. "Ishani, you are naive, innocent. You have no idea about people like him. Let him go! He was a cheat, a rapist..."

"No!" Ishani screamed again; and grabbing her by wrist, Ishani dragged her mother in the house leaving Ranveer behind.

"Ishani, don't be such a fool," Falguni said, freeing her hand from Ishani's grasp. "Don't you remember what he did to Disha?"

"For God's sake, Maa," Ishani cried, exasperated. "Please get out of the past. There's nothing there. Ranveer has been innocent all along and I know this. He never did anything to Disha... he never did anything wrong to me. He was framed by others... How could he do anything to Disha when he never ever touched me all this time? I have never seen anyone respecting a woman like Ranveer does."

"He's not--" Falguni said but was cut short by Ishani.

"You remember, Maa, Papa always used to say Ranveer was the savior of our family? He has proved this to be true again and again, and I'm sure Papa will be proud of him wherever he is."

"You are being blind because he has made you think so. He needed a chance and got it when he saw you here and ever since he must be planning and plotting against you, against us. People like him never forget what happened to them."

"On the contrary," Ishani said softly, "he has forgiven everyone who hurt him."

Falguni gave a careless glance at Ishani and then looked away. "Why you might even be defending him so much? I'm sure he was never more than a friend to you."

"I never knew," Ishani said, her voice indistinct, "that he has meant much more to me than I ever truly realized. He's life... he's..."

"He's your ex-driver too and there's this fine line you must never cross!" Falguni interposed.

"Don't say that," Ishani pleaded.

"This is the truth," Falguni spoke, her voice cold. Ishani knew the betrayal from her first husband her destroyed her mother's ability to understand the emotions like her, and she did not blame her.

"I love him," Ishani said slowly, closing her eyes as she felt a strange emotion hurtling over her uncontrollably. "I love him, Maa, and this is another truth."

Falguni furrowed her eyebrows as she turned Ishani forcefully to look at her. "Nonsense!" she shrieked.

"No, it's the truth. I have tried running away from him, from what I felt for him for so long but not anymore," Ishani answered with a small smile.

"And you do know you both can never be together?"

Ishani looked disgruntled. "Why do you say that?"

"Because I will never let him come close to you. I'll shield you from everyone who harms you."

Ishani wondered if her mother was alright. Why did she need to protect her from Ranveer anyway? "As long he is by my side, no harm will ever come to me. Trust me."

"You don't understand!" Falguni said, looking at her daughter as though having detected a long hidden flaw. "Ranveer is not the one for you."

"Maa, I think we have talked over this enough already. Let's go and better you take some rest," Ishani said, knowing her mother needed time.

"I'll take rest only when that Ranveer's out of your life! I can't tolerate him anymore in your life let alone you talking about him like a lovesick idiot."

Ishani groaned inwardly. "That will never happen," she said at length. "We both love each other."

"And you know what he did for that love or have you forgotten that?"

"I remember everything," Ishani shrieked, closing her eyes as memories of the past again surfaced in her heart. "Maa, you have to trust me. He did nothing... he was innocent. It was others who framed him... insulted him so that he..." The rest was history but Falguni seemed to be unaffected by Ishani's pleads, for her stern features never softened.


"No, it all does make sense. Even Papa knew about Ranveer... and it was Ranveer who had asked him not to take any action against Disha or Chirag because he loved me so much. He loved us so much. He respected Papa so much. And you know what, Maa? Ranveer has done everything for us what Papa would have done had he been with us. I cannot forget how he saved this cafe from someone working for Zaveri uncle. He saved the company from Zaveri uncle himself; and needless to say, he saved me from Chirag. And Chirag most certainly is not the one you believed him to be all these years. Ranveer had promised Papa to get me married to someone who would love me but he knew Chirag was not the one and it was I being a blind fool all the time while he only had to pay for loving me so much."

Falguni had suddenly fallen silent and Ishani thought she could go on without being interrupted by her mother.

"Papa trusted Ranveer and it wasn't without a reason. He was the only one who knew the truth all along but Ranveer had asked him never to say anything to us. Perhaps he wanted to stay away from me as much as possible." She said the last words more to herself than her mother. "Still he came back. For me. For Papa. You know what, Maa? Ranveer loves me so much that it hurts. I never thought anyone could love me the way he does. It's always a girl's dream to be loved so deeply and I'm the luckiest woman in the world because I have Ranveer and he loves me. If I can return tiniest bit of love he has for me, I'll have achieved an impossible feat."

Ishani felt Falguni sniff the air but she said nothing. Ishani continued. "It's his birthday today and I wanted him to know what I felt for him; that his love wasn't one-sided anymore. Couldn't it have made for an excellent gift for him? I wish I could have said this to him today but I know he has left already. And he won't be mad either at me or you. I don't know how but he knows to forgive everyone. He forgave Zaveri uncle too... or perhaps not. We never talked about it... But he was never angry whenever I mentioned Zaveri uncle's name and he held no grudge against him. He wanted me to forgive Disha and Baa as well for what they did to him. How could I? I don't know how he can love so much. Maa, if you really, really do love me, please don't think of separating me from him. We'll not be able to live without each other."

Falguni was still silent and Ishani did not like it. Her mother's eyes were fixed on her the entire time Ishani spoke as though scrutinizing the truths in her words. But she knew she hated Ranveer and this journey now wasn't easy. Falguni sighed as though having decided something that she would not say and Ishani stared at her mother for any hint of response. She got none.

"I think I need some rest," Falguni said at last and Ishani nodded, fearing the silence could be more dangerous than her reproachful words, but for now it would do.

Falguni had retired to her room while Ishani lay sleepless on her bed after 2 hours of the incident, her eyes staring the ceiling above vacantly. A streak of the moonlight gushed into the room, smearing her entire self while tears cascaded out of her eyes frequently. Ishani sobbed as she read the note 15th time and held it closer to her heart again.

Thank you so much, Ishani. This birthday has been a very special one and certainly the closest to my heart. I will cherish our moments for the rest of my life. Don't be sad for anything that happened today. Sooner or later it was meant to happen. Falguni Maa, Baa and everyone at home was going to know about it one day or another. You cannot hide the truth, but perhaps it should not have come out this way. Anyway, don't think of the matter too deeply.

Take care and don't stress over anything. I was called for an urgent meeting, and might not be available until this morning. My apologies for leaving like this but I hope you will understand.


Ishani kept the letter as close to her heart as possible. As soon as Falguni had gone to her room, Ishani had checked the cafe, hoping that perhaps Ranveer would be there but he wasn't and she had found this little note from him, tucked under a box on their table. Ishani noticed a scrawl on the paper below as if Ranveer had wanted to write something more but hadn't. What could it be and why hadn't he finished it? This was not the only mystery Ishani was fighting with tonight but she didn't know why, but something else too felt wrong. Perhaps it was her instinct which she feared and her mother's arrival proved it to be true as well. Or perhaps there was something more: something related to Ranveer. He was happy, but she felt he was hiding something. Why did she feel so? His eyes never lied and that crinkle in them was an evidence he was happy to be here. Why couldn't she put her finger on what could be wrong? Perhaps after tonight's fiasco her brain was playing tricks with her. If so, why she couldn't bring herself to believe the same thing as well?

Her eyes fell on the photo of Ranveer's as she picked it up. It needed no mention what was missing from him today that tortured her: his exultant spirit everytime she wished him and they celebrated his birthday together.

"I love you, Ranveer," she whispered to the photo while tears sparkled in her eyes. It was meant to be his day but things had again gone ugly for him. Why did this have to happen on this day only? She had wanted to see his face when she told him about her feelings that she had loved him just like he loved her. She had played the moments again and again in her mind, wondering how would he really react, but when the time came it all had been in vain. He wouldn't have been able to believe anything she said and probably he would have taken her in a tight embrace. Perhaps he would have kissed her: something he hadn't done yet. Ishani smiled slightly through the tears of agony. She hoped she could capture all his reactions somewhere to keep them safe for the rest of their lives. How strange it was truly. Loving your best friend and never knowing it. She knew what he had been going through all those years when she was unaware of his feelings but now she wouldn't let him fight anything alone. Even shadows leave when it's dark; she wanted to be his soul so that she lived with him all the time; in this world and another too. Just like two soulmates are. They don't just complete each other: they are each other. A part of her lived within him ever since they had met, and his had lived within her. That's why she felt so lifeless and empty without him and probably just like him she too loved him since the moment she had seen him. How she came to get so used to him she never knew, but tonight all her questions had been answered. The answer of all of her questions was Love. She loved him. What else could it be?

Ishani sighed. The night was wearing on and soon the dawn would break through, gleaming at the dewy leaves and illuminating the darkened hearts and it would be the day when she would tell Ranveer that their hearts were not meant to be remain broken anymore. She would be by his side for the rest of their lives. She would love him, heal him and protect him from anyone who tried to hurt him. He had fought enough within himself for her and those he had loved but now he didn't have to be alone or pretending to be strong for she will be his strength. His life and all he would have hoped from life. Oh, no. It wasn't a big deal to know what he might have hoped from his life. When did he really bother with himself whenever it came to his own happiness? Ishani's heart clenched deeply as the realization of her own thoughts struck her and she wondered how could she truly be loved by someone so much, so deeply and so dearly. He loved her as though capturing her soul to heal it from all the wounds and sorrows of the world that tormented her everyday but at the same time he had set her free to wander in the realm of light where only happiness dwelt. What price he would have had to pay for all her happiness she could not think but she wanted to be with him and be his light, life and everything he had been devoid of all his life. If it all was a dream and she were a part of it, she wouldn't be surprised a bit if she found it broken in the morning, but if not, she would cherish these moments forever.

Ishani kissed the photograph of Ranveer's as her eyes devoured his last genuinely happy smile she had seen and slowly felt drifting off into a delicious sleep. She could feel herself being wrapped up in his arms and listening to a song flowing through the thin air in the midnight of the warm summer.

Lying beside you
Listening to you breathe
The life that flows inside of you
Burns inside of me
Hold and speak to me
Of love without a sound
Tell me you will live through this
And I will die for you
Cast me not away
Say you'll be with me
For I know I cannot
Bear it all alone

You're not alone honey.
Never... Never.


When the song came to an end, Ishani had already fallen asleep, her lips curved in a tender smile and moonlight pouring in with such intensity as though sharing in with all her happiness as the sole witness of her love.

A simple note: Any guesses about why Ranveer was surprised when Ishani questioned him about their first kiss? Not that it's very important thing to be remembered by Ranveer himself but since Chirag had pretended something horrible after his exposure in front of Ranveer, I think, this bit of revelation was quite necessary that the moment that was most special for him, was just as special and new for her. I know crazy... xD  


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amazing3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 1:57am | IP Logged
Mind blowing blockbuster of a chapter. Simply excellent. Bravo Elvish Thumbs Up

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Elvish_Hobbit Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 3:32am | IP Logged
Clap Clap Clap
I am amazed dazed stupefied and what not this chapter was nothing less than a blockbuster of all the updates you deserve a standing ovation on this. It was more than worth the wait for it.
Now I start OK so ishani is planning and he is busy even to reply her calls really can he be so busy. And when rishi said he is not feeling well I thought that something bad should not happen to him. Ishani surely knows how to trick him when it comes to her own things.
OK so girl was expecting to give him the best surprise possible and she prepared for it merrily also that whole part of her anticipation was nothing but a bliss and you have written it so perfectly.
So he came there and also got most unexpected or should I say most strangulating welcome she hugging him well ishani becomes a child when it comes to him or feelings related to him. That watch moment was very touchy
So now comes the best part   Embarrassed that whole decorations of their childhood snaps and her keeping every memory related to him safely was so amazing ishani this time her showering of love overpowered everything.
OK so that was incredibly good she preparing cake herself was it really possible that he did not felt like vomiting after having it. Wink sorry but that whole moment and the aura around it was so awesome.
Ranveer being apprehensive about promise was expected because that guy is too much afraid of hurting both of them.
So he thought that it was not possible for them to be together because he knew about how everyone will react to it.
OK so well so much romance in the air and birthday kiss was much needed but ranveer was afraid he ll not stop like for what he ll not stop and she don't want him to either well ishani always wanted things and is the man in this relationship to take step for anything. I must tell you that the way you write about their embrace and kisses that's so intimately that it expressed their feelings so vivdly. That was so amazing.
Nowcomes the dreaded part something they always wanted but like always their most awaited moment was interrupted.
Well when in last chapter you said chirag was quiet I expected him to ruin this beautiful time one way or the other and this time falguni did the deed herself. Falguni remained in your ff as she was in episodes pre leap.
O God that whole confession by ishani about her feelings and the way she contradicted her mother in her every wrong thought was purely heavenly desire. I so wanted that ishani should express her feelings in most perfect way but these words really amazd me. Each and every thing every word how she defended ranveer how she explained about him and that line they will die without each other was just too apt am short of words to praise you for that it was fantastic.
Her realisation of her own feelings and how she always loved him from day one like he loved her and also her helplessness and despair of not being able to tell this to ranveer was too good dear it was most amazing confessions seriously something I liked as much as LM NC wedding vows.
I just wanted to see the happiness of ranveer after knowing her feelings for him which hw always wanted but it was left unsaid.
Now don't know what will happen as falguni is determined to set everything as per her wish and also ranveer's parents reaction but most importantly how everything is going to unfold between two of them is I am waiting in anticipation.
This chapter was marvellous dear I loved each and every part of it. It was a pure bliss to read everything to be honest I read this chapter twice before replying because I just don't want to end that awesomeness spreading through this while reading it. You deserve much more praise but m speechless to say exactly how awesome this was.
Thnx for pm dear
Now seriously eagerly waiting for next

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LadyMeringue IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 4:36am | IP Logged
And you're back! StarStar I'm not going to start with my usual rant about how impatiently I've been waiting for this because you know the blow-by-blow details of the same. ROFLROFL So I'm straight away going to jump towards the review.

This chapter... didn't I tell you that I was certain that this chapter was going to be spectacular? Day DreamingDay Dreaming See, I was right. WinkWink And this is not just only spectacular... it's perfect. HeartHeart Right from the way Ishaani has been planning Ranveer's birthday like a giddy school-girl to the end where she falls asleep with the comfort of his embrace engrained in the very being of her soul, it was perfect. BlushingBlushing

The chapter starts with Ishaani viewing those two weeks as the quickest yet the slowest two weeks that she's had to live through. Ah... how often that happens with all of us. LOLLOL But Ranveer isn't answering her phone or replying to her messages and something feels off about that. ConfusedConfused Rishi then let's her know that Ranveer has been unwell ever since he's returned back from Wales, and Ishaani's worry naturally goes into overdrive. CryCry

She's been assured that he's been recovering, but she wants to meet him at any cost. WinkWink It's his birthday, and he had to be there so that she could give him that one gift that he'd been waiting for since years - the declaration of her love for him. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Three words that was reason enough for him to live and fight to live. ApproveApprove He's reluctant to come when she messages him to be there, but she knows how to press the right buttons to get the job done. Evil SmileEvil Smile

So reached Ranveer at her beckoning at 11:30 in the night, and Ishaani decides to choke him in place of a hug. SillySilly But she was excited, so I can't blame her. Thumbs UpThumbs Up He finally goes in and the surprises begin. First, the watch... then their memories. Day DreamingDay Dreaming The whole moment of the whole little fantasy birthday studded with simplicity was enough to bowl me off my feet. BlushingBlushing 

And whoa, she made him a cake? WinkWink Hehe, Ranveer did find her on a lucky day. LOLLOL And then they get to talking about the things they've been through... and then comes the promise. BlushingBlushing Like I told you, ingenious work. CoolCool She knows in her guts that something is totally off about the whole thing but she can't put her finger upon it. Stern SmileStern Smile

And then they touch upon the matter of being with each other forever that leads to coming upon the topic of their kiss. TongueTongue Oh yes, Ranveer is the epitome of chivalry when it comes to her. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed And they would have had their third kiss after the confession (probably) had Falguni not been a party pooper. D'ohD'oh

Since Falguni over here is the exact same nut as she was in the preleap, that's one enarly impossible one to crack, really. Broken HeartBroken Heart And she's still stuck up on her same rants about their social status and his 'so-called betrayal'. WackoWacko Seriously, woman? SleepySleepy And Chiru arrested in Mumbai?! PartyParty This was a surprise. DancingDancing But he'll be back soon, that arse. DeadDead

Never mind, moving on to Ishaani's defense for Ranveer. Need I say anything more? Day DreamingDay Dreaming Right from how she said that he was her life and she couldn't live without him to admitting that she loved him and they were two souls that were empty and hollow and lifeless without the other, it was nothing short of a thrill for me. ClapClap Finally! Der aaye, durust aaye! GeekGeek

On the other hand, Ranveer again knew that this was bound to happen and silently left the place for the mother and daughter to have their heated/passionate conversation, while he left her a note thanking her for the best birthday he's ever had. HeartHeart There's another adjective that fits for the birthday, but I'll keep that to myself for now. LOLLOL

Meanwhile, Ishaani goes to bed that night with a photo of Ranveer, thinking about how much he means to her and what was it that felt off about him. Big smileBig smile Its a trick of her mind, she pacifies herself, but it's still not good enough. Not nearly good enough for her. ErmmErmm She wanted this to be the best birthday of her life where she confessed her love for him, but that plan went down the drain. SleepySleepy But this newfound feeling fills her up and gives her the strength to fight for him now. ApproveApprove

The ending with the song and her soul feeling the warmth of his embrace was just BlushingBlushing. And the stanza you selected in particular was gorgeous. Day DreamingDay Dreaming Ah, sigh, I think my review has itself gone up to above 1k words but I could still go drooling and drooling upon this update of yours and words won't be enough. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Marvellous job on the update, love! HugHug Do update the next one soon, I can't wait for what you have in store for us now. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Loads of love,
LM HeartHeart

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