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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52) (Page 37)

Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2016 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Hi Elvish!!!!
Hope you are doing great...
This was really a relief after all chaos you created but though temporary one because you left a sword hanging Ermm
This boy is really mad he don't want to be with her for her own happiness??
This was good atleast she denied and m sure he listened but stayed silent nonetheless.
Finally much needed revelation and confrontation. Confused
O God Elvish I expected atleast you will spare him from killing given that you love him so much but it's like we love ranveer bound with pain so much that nothing else gets into the mind. Approve
They are getting married in three weeks well I m happy no matter what the circumstances and future are Evil Smile
That whole description of how she was admitting and denying all the possibility was reallythe best you have rocked there dear. I so loved her panic stricken situation and how she was courageous enough to deny the obvious future in most cases because she trust their love and her will power this time more than anything to bring him back from death at any cost and any point of time.
I just cannot explain how I loved tht whole description of ishani going and finding out concluding his behaviour and the way she interacted with doctor girl you have written it so awesome that even their troubled future doesn't bother me much now.
This was the thing he was hiding from her and his family. But had he not delayed thi ha would have been a little less worrisome but it's their love that will keep them together always and will never let them separate.

Ishani well expected to be going to be church the only place where she found him where she realised her love and which always have her the strength. Smile Smile
This whole scenario depicted by you was a masterpiece elvish seriously m short of words to explain how much I loved it. So magically you have written it that I can imagine while thing happening right in front of my eyes.   Clap Clap
Mother's are natural healers and solution to every problem and the only place where one can find solace no matter how much problematic the life is. And falguni has became human in few chapters itself though I wouldn't blame her because she has seen the harsh realities of life and don't want the same to with her daughter but this time she knows that moment happiness is more worth than years of security for her daughter and this time she is adamant and supporting her decision.

All of them knows about their love being so powerfull that nothing can shake it. And I loved the fact that she was sane here and ya regarding ishani i well she knew the answer back in her mind she only needed an assurance that she is on right path.
This boy always scares the daylight out of her. Always becomes Mr.india when she comes to confront him.
Elvish black seriously that's so lovely he wouldbe looking so droolish in that Wink sorry where was I
That line of analogy with star was the best in this whole I so loved it and among all the comparisons of ranveer you have made this was the best one hands down I can actually imagine it.

What a marvellous confrontation gone is the ishani trying to show her love lovingly this time she will fight it fiercely even if that mean with ranveer and I so love it when she makes him speechless with her confrontation seriously that was fun to read and how she was daring him to dent her and tell her her the truth by looking into eyes that was beautiful. And finallyshe confessedto him directly and I found that so much adorable.

That was hilarious how he was asking something from each every angle hoping beyond hope that she will deny or say something else but ishani and her love. Well she is ek bar Jo maine commitment kar di to Fir mai apne aap ki bhi nai sunti. She again fainted well this boy no matter how much has the only job of holding her making her sleep and admire his sleeping beauty. Children and then grand children well what a long planning and that was fun to read. Where is mm see ishani is hell bent to fulfill your wish.

Ranveer and pain is bound to life and his thoughts were so lovely I mean though painfull but it showed his love for her and his fear for the amount of pain awaited them but things cannot go ahead if we always fear. And his thoughts come to hault with she waking up. Few chapters back in same scenario she just cannot take her eyes of his lips and now same with him. Well kamba get them married soon guys cannot control now. I wonder what if they will see thwm together that will be fun to tease them. Where is sally and puneet they are so needed here.

His insecurities restricted him but his heart knows no shackle and finally they kissed again ishani is the man in this relationship it's always she who initiates everything. But that blink moment of his chivalry seeing her tears was wo. How do you even come up with such beautiful lovely moments dear I so loved this whole chapter.
Certainly one of my favourite.

I want an elaborate wedding please. Bit let the miracle happen don't kill him they faced too much. You know since start when I am reading this ff I always feared this one thing that he shouldn't die because later I thought that it will kill ishani I in and out as she will become an indirect reason for it. You always maintained ranveer's relation with pain and agony but I am sure you won't push it that much.

Thank you for pm
Waiting for next

Hey, girl! Although I have updated the next chapter and you supposedly are relieved as well, I hope to give some answers in this one, too.

Yeah, he can't sleep or ignore things when she's around, but is too stubborn for the obvious reasons. Idiot! And, yess! It's his pain that makes us love him. Ever since we've known him, he's only struggled for the things, so him getting anything easily doesn't make sense. xD

We always find our answers in silence, and silence in the place of God is something more divine that would work for her troubled heart more. And her mom. She had to find some questions' answers, too, for which she chose to go to her mother. And thankfully their conversation turned out well. :)

Falguni has sort of realized and yea, the letter helped her the most in that. Of course, she wouldn't like to remain stupidly selfish after being the wife of someone like Harshad Parekh, Mom of Ishani Parekh and Mom-in-maw of our baby! xD LOL

Hayee, him in back makes me go always BlushingBlushingBlushing Bas, enough of blushing! Thanks. Thankfully the analogy made this sense. xD

Thank you so much! Ishani's confession was the must, wasn't it? he show Ishani had inflicted our brains with her stupidity and lack of confession so much that it was necessary for her to confess her love to him. :D

And Ranveer cannot change. He's always remain the same. Still thinks he can shoo her away when he wants to do something else completely. No, don't think that way. I didn't mean that. xD And you're right. Ishani, no matter what, ends up sleeping in his arms only. And whatever he says, he loves it too. ;)

Sighs. You're right. Fearing always doesn't help. But Ranveer has endured enough pain, and the thought that she'd suffer after him cannot be denied either. Heehehehe. They're just... hormones, you see.

Puneet and Sally are also about to make their way. Don't worry. ;)

Haha. You've seen Ranveer now. No more words. xD His chivalry... he might be wondering about the word himself after a while. :P But I'm glad you liked the tears part. Smile

Let's see what happens in the end. You are close to guessing it right. Thank you for this. :) Wedding, oh, I want an elaborate wedding as well for them. This is one of the reasons I had to delay the updates as well last month.

Thank you so much! Tongue

Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 April 2014
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Posted: 31 August 2016 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Hi Elvish!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly girl one question did you only write the whole chapter i mean i am still kind of dazed with the intense spell of passion in thisBlushingBlushing
You know i have already read it 4 times out of it 2 times was just to confirm am i really reading this from you so intense so passionate i was this Blushing throughout the update where are you in hidingROFL i want to give you bigHugfor this.
A big applause to you for writing this amazing marvellous chapter and i can understand what you must have went through  for writing this chapter as you haven't tried this before as far as i know and you have excelled in this Clap
Was he compensating for the lost opportunity that day ishani was readyWink you know in every update he was so chivalrous but in this transformation completely LOL
O boy he was tormenting her in a way that he also didn't knewCry what the hell she must have been going through i mean here scenario was different it's that she knew they both love each other and yet he was so adamant for her prolonged happiness that he forgot the pain of presentEmbarrassed well what can be more expected from himEmbarrassed
Amba only brings tears of happiness in your and LM's FF is it possible to have such a sane person sometimes i wonder if it's Harshad's aatma that made a way into her transforming her completely.ROFL jokes apart i so loved her here she isn't ready to forget but yet hold no grudges because she saw the positive side of it that made her son rise like a phoenix and get his true happiness and she considers ishani not a part of it was really amazing and she has started trusting ishani more than her own son to keep him happy always but ranveer and his insecurities he needed this talk so come out of his bubble and see how much it was hurting them both.ClapClap amazing work on that part dear really that whole conversation impressed me his own mother was the voice of sensibility in his current predicament.ApproveApprove
Now i laughed on amba's amusement when ranveer went to find ishani i mean she is your mother she knows your feeling very much dearROFL these both crack people first push the other one to edge and will then roam like romeo juliet in search of each other.ROFL and the kiss well girl i wonder was this the same girl who was scarred to write in chapter45 well can't help it there is only this thing which can render them speechless when they are in their usual rant and boy ranveer did he had an energy drink or what.Geek
Finally the most anticipated thing in this FF ranveer's confession of his eternal love Day Dreamingand asking her for his lifetime and it also brought back the memory of the epic confession in serial with that no where close to what an pristine thing you have written hereDay DreamingDay Dreaming. his whole confession part was absolutely flawless, pure simple in words but yet gave an entirely new meaning to his epic love and what a way rain, garden and only both of them i can actually imagine it happening in front of my eyes. This was such an awesome thing i cannot even begin to tell you how wonderfully you have written that part a standing ovation for that part itself *wolf whistles* Clap

Now back home amba is happy that finally his boy is ready to accept his happiness which was knocking his doorsTongue MarriageDancingDancingwhere is sally and puneet i want them to tease these both cuties so much and it would be fun to see how no nonsense RV will just blushLOLLOLLOL
And honestly this was totally a different ranveer first time in his life he choose not to sacrifice both of them for their happiness and baa well see what she does now.
Rain, breezes proximity and controlled emotions since so long how much a person can avoid and honestly it was so much amazing that i am left speechless. Was he thinking of the same thing because the moment ishani entered our tiger was ready for an attack. What an intense what a passion so much love you seriously compensated for all the wait infact  more than what i had actually expected. ONLY TWO THING  please close doors and switch of mobiles.Stern Smile
Honestly i expected that something will happen as because these two cannot get enough of each other and forget the normal precautionary step. But honestly i can imagine their faces how scandalized all of them must have been with this sudden interruptionROFLWacko and first time in their life they was such unwelcoming to anyone and emily also wasn't at fault she thought that our sharif dukhiyara baba would all alone didn't knew that baby can bring a devil side to him ROFLROFL so this was the funny thing you were mentioning the other day about honestly it was funny enoughLOLLOL

What was he planning really Wacko i mean first time it was ishani who was backing out our dhikra was already to for everything but him teasing her even in such an intense moment beta she is not like you she will drag you to her if you make her wait too muchLOLLOLLOL but the second interruption was ROFLROFL no one is sparing him even in serial in that golden time everyone was behind them and even now. I wish second interruption should have been from amba then i am sure after three days marriage would have been sure on the cards.Silly control kids control
what's the call and packet was about because they were prioritized by ranveer.Geek
Sheer beauty elvish am so happy to read this and this was such an breath of fresh air after the intense pain and heartbreaks in previous update. this chapter was totally worth the wait. but the only problem is it has raised the expectation for future updates even more nowWink
really a flawless work.
thnx for pm
waiting for next

Hey! Tongue Tongue Your reaction... when I read the review I wasn't sure how to react. Stern Smile Stern Smile

I know, I know, you must be thinking I'm persuaded by some spirit or something, but I'm not. Just kidding. it's just as long as it fits the plot, I went ahead with it. :)

Eeks. Hugs to you too. Hug Hug

Hehe. Yeah, I never tried like this before that's why writing this chapter was one of the most terrifying experiences. And thank you!

Ishani's always ready. That girl. LOL LOL But Ranveer, yeah, he knows she loves to kiss him so much so he did the deed himself. Embarrassed Embarrassed

Ha, yes. Sometimes, we end up hurting the people we love the most and that's what he was doing as well, but his mommy dear helped him out of the dilemma. And, Amba and tears of happiness? I can understand. xD Maybe Harshad has done some kind of magic on her? Who knows! And her psychology doesn't really demand bitchiness, frankly. She'd remain the stern but kind woman, atleast towards her son.

Yeah, cracked souls these are. Always wanting each other happy but making unhappy in the quest, too. Silly people. Oh, you don't worry about this girl anymore. Along with IshVeer, she's grown up as well in the guidance of her mommy. ;)

Oh, God! I have never seen his confession episode and I regret it even now. :(

Amba has every reason to be happy, no? And don't worry, even I'm waiting for Puneet and Sally to turn up soon. Probably next chapter. And, yeah, Ranveer has seen enough to sacrifice himself and Ishani anymore for the trivial things like the grudges that Baa holds against them. He had to grow up if Baa didn't.

And the last part of your review has left me speechless literally because all my thoughts you have put down here perfectly that I couldn't dare to think for some reasons (and it was one of the reasons that made me apprehensive about justice to the scene as well).

Thank you so much for that. Oh, you will realize closed doors and switched off mobiles wouldn't have gone well really. They were important. ;) *mission next chapter*

And true, true. Emily wouldn't have thought baby would be busy in something "else". Poor woman. xD

His plans... Next chapter wait please. And right! She won't even wait for him to go ahead, but he's no less. He can make her wait her like crazy as well. XD LOL LOL

Don't worry. Engagement and marriage are all on the cards already. Just wait for 2 more chapters.

Thank you so much, girl. <3 I'm so happy you loved the chapter.

PS. He didn't drink the energy drink. Ishani baby's rants did the thing. Stern Smile Stern Smile

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Mayashelly Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2016 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Hy Elvish
The epi is really niz loved it.
Ranveer's insecurity and his confession finally Wink
Ishani Embarrassed
The epi is outstanding dr
Just amazed with you
This chapter is for sure worth the wait
Keep going Clap
Waiting for the next chapter
Keep smiling Wink
Take care Embarrassed

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robal Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2016 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
OMG Elvish, what was this, this is so hot is it going to be on their wedding night, can't wait to read that.  I have been waiting impatiently to read the next chapter of soulmates and let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was worth the wait.  I hope you update the next one soon.  Thank you so much for the PM.  

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mafaaza12 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2016 at 10:52pm | IP Logged update. 
  U r amazing with ur words girlClap.
Ranveer unable to decide wat to do next. His just filled with ishaani. He don't wants  to let her go. He even dont have a heart to spoil her future too. Poor soul torn between heart & mind and life &death Cry. i admire her awfully. Perfect mother afterall. She console him, Pamper him, strengthen him, gave him confidence to face his future. Even she doesnt have grudges for parekhs.  
     Ishaani...wat she think of herself.  But..but.. ranveer shut herEmbarrassed.. Ishveer poured their emotions. Finally Ranveer proposed her for marriage
Too good.
     Haaannn... here comes best (blushing) part of chapDay Dreaming he accept for marriage after many difficulty.  But Quickly ready forEmbarrassed. Naughtiness overloadedWink
Reluctant ishaani, naughty ranveer. Interruption, again intimate. Blush blush blush Embarrassed. Ohh my.. for a minute i can't believe that i read same ff frm same autho or it's LM'sLOL. U well versus with those scenesClap
    Ranveer got solace frm his mother's words and frm his lady love. 
    Overall amazing chap dear.

Edited by mafaaza12 - 31 August 2016 at 10:58pm

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2016 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by matsh

Hawww...  Idiot..  Why the heck he had to pick up the phone!! 
:)  :) 

Outstanding one EH!! 
This was just so perfect!!  His worries,  insecurities..  Then the search and the proposal..  And the steamy night..  Ahem ahem..  :) :) 

You have seriously rocked this one girl!! Love the way Ranveer finally has made up his mind to be with her..  And the proposal dialogue was too beautiful..  *wipes tears *  
Do update next one soon !! 

Thank you, matsh!

Ah, phone was necessary otherwise next chapter would've been in vain. xD

Thank you so much. Ranveer had made his mind in more than one thing and being a vampire along with Ishani is one of the things. xD

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2016 at 1:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KajalSR

 And finally,it's here! :D

As i knew worth the wait,no actually more! Loved the chapter n most of all..
Ishveer marriage <3 <3
His proposalSmile
Hoping for good times in the future too ;)

And how much i wish amba would have been the same in the show as in here :(
 Finally,no innocent versions of Mr.VaghelaLOL

Thankyouu for the beautiful update!

Heyy! Haha, thank you. I'm glad the wait was worth it. :D IshVeer marriage is on the way, yeah. ;)

Sane Amba was a dream to all of us.  Ouch Ouch

Hehehehe. Baby has grown up so much!

Thank you, Kajal!

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2016 at 2:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by harisha39

HOW R U????

Hey! Thank you so much. I'm happy you liked the chapter. :)

I'm good. How are you doing?

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