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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52) (Page 27)

Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Suddenly the sound of the rainfall began reaching their ears as if the long remaining bondage of longing between the heaven and the earth had been shattered, and eventually the heaven had decided to kiss the earth, making her his own with all the passion he could muster in that moment. 

^ THIS! You magician!

Thank you, Effulgent. Hey, don't go, girl! I'm already feeling so weird... DON'T GO!

Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 April 2014
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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 12:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Anyway, Ranveer gives me eerie vibes! There is something more here than that which meets the eye. 

FF is towards its end now, you will know everything in a few chapters only (maybe next 3). :)
ShadikaIshVeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 12:59am | IP Logged
this story is ending soon:( damn it , i will have to review soon LOL Embarrassed will miss this one, it is Close to my heart Heart

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Hi elvish * sends Hi to Edmund's planet* all charges for your late latifi pardoned by an interstellar die hard fan considering you are an interstellar fan and wrote such a beautiful chapter
No comments on how much I waited for this update
Ok enough of it. How are you dear?
Ranveer is recovering well that's good and he is responding to the treatment well given that he came from the clutches of death and hospital environment would be killing him inside out.
But why the guy is hell-bent in pussing her off totally? So much coldness towards her.
Ishani well this is too worry why isn't everything alright for her or is it too much happening in too less then is making her foreboding in her heart this only you can explain.
Boy seriously they have messed up with his brains why he dint want further treatment but can't blame him really the cancer word itself is so dangerous that it sap's out the life from the patient. And now he wants to go home m telling you elvish this surgery has messed up his brain.
His complain felt like a child demanding to get out of the hospital and no one is listening dude demand also should be reasonable na.
What can you expect from RV the great he can easily trade his points in anyone's head finally doctors agreed I wish he uses this much brain to romance her that would be better for them.
Now that our love stuck dumbo have realised it neither his rudeness more his coldness can push her away. I just so love it when she calls Mr. Vaghela lovingly. What is he trying to do really I mean this attitude. But he has seen life's all brutality and don't want to make her face it something which his pure love will never allow .
At last sharman got his love atleast in ff only in show he was bechara always deprived of it. And ishani is really close to her two cousins and the only ones I guess in whole family.
Amba is right here but does she knows that they came to release them from jail it will not reduce the hatred but just asking. She have accepted ishani because she was also given same treatment as an outsider though a milder version of it. And truly it's good they should stay away from that place as far as possible because they will only hurt them.
Is falguni too guilty to make amendments or is she also like others least bothered. She knew about ranveer's condition though not much but still.
Gauri and ishani's bond was nice they still care for each other and she knew about them as it is this time during her visit to India ishani was definitely a love stuck puppy while she mentioned about ranveer.
Elvish all the suspense is too much what is it she is dreading why something is hidden.
I like the way they silently talked he vulnerable and she supporting him through everything evry time that walk to car was very soothing written.
Home at last and pratik is still child but fella made ranveer laugh. They must definitely be awestruck by ranveer's empire I would have loved to know how disha and baa must have reacted about it.
Sunny got mentioned finally he is coming to his back self but very less very slowly and only ishani can make him do that. Ishani cooked well now again he have to go hospital.
Finally some me time that's why he was so bent to go back to home. Anf their connection through emotion always makes me aww you really write that part very well dear seriously she understands his every pain and he knows when she needs him to cry.
Blue shirt romantic weather coy ranveer well something is bound to happen and really blue does looks good on him I remember that scene when ishani barged into his office drunk o that night in the show shakti was looking killing.
He is thanking her dude does he want to see real sunny deol
I just somlove that description of her consciousness and subconscious mixed due to all tiredness and sleep.
Finally ranveer did it something long overdue he took the initiative and well she was already longing so was bound to respond and I guess this was their first truly loving kiss unlike past where ranveer's guilt was also involved.
Elvish that whole moment was magic dear you have written it so well. Those references of heaven and earth rain seriously all the tiny details of their closeness was simply marvellous.I am totally impressed girl seriously you always get away for the delay because of coming with so much lovely chapter that have overflowing emotions love pain sacrifice everything and ranveer how much more loving you guys are going to make him.
She slept in his arms something they both were longing since so long. Hopefully ranveer give up his lifelessness and apprehension and embrace his love his life.
Don't know what more you ar planing but this was exceptionally calm and soothing update dear I loved this chapter one of my favourites.
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next

Hi, dv! You too are an Interstellar fan? God, you give me so many surprises. And it's always good to find the fans of the rare things... xD

Sighs. I know you'll be waiting for it, but the chapter got delayed due to some crappy and stupid reasons that I can't even state. But anyway, it happened is what's important. :)

And thank you so much! I'm fine How are you?

Well, Ranveer never does things unless they're necessary, right? He must have a reason to do something that he is doing and you'll know it soon, too. Ishani's senses are much more sharp when it comes to him, so yeah.

Actually I can't say anything about your queries, dv, because they'll be answered in the upcoming chapters that are already jumping desperately from my head to get posted on the forum, but you know... Haha, yeah. His complain was like that of a child, but poor Ishani wasn't even sure on what to do or say to him. That idiot keeps scaring the poor girl a lot!

"I wish he uses this much brain to romance her that would be better for them." I agree completely! Ishani will faint the day he initiates these things himself, I swear. :P

Sigh. True, he did try his best to keep her away but realized nothing will have her go away from him now, so he had to subside until another time. Let's see what happens then. xD And that's right. He never wants her to suffer for anything, and to protect her, he will do anything. But Ishani is no less, is she? They both are unique antique pieces.

Sharman, yes! I liked him and Samira in the show, but started shipping him and dash dash dash because I wanted Ranveer to be safe from her clutches. But that never worked. Sleepy Sleepy And yes, I remember Sharman tell Ishani in the beginning of the show that he thought only she had the heart in the entire family. Which itself showed they were close. :) Pratiek was also close to her, no? Devarsh was a dusht insaan. 

Yes, that's the biggest reason Amba has accepted Ishani. Apart from Ranveer, even she saw, how much he Parekh family scorned her- even if she was their own family. About Falguni, you will know in the next chapter. :) haha. Ishani has always been like a love stuck puppy whenever it came to him. Baby!! Tongue

Ha, yes. Ranveer has learnt not to hold grudges because the blows life sends to you are always the harshest and it's better one lives with the memories to live and die with instead of carrying the hatred. That's why he forgave the others... plus, they're his Mota Babuji's family too. Pratiek is a kid, true. xD And Baa and Disha... their thobras would be worth watching if they got to see the Empire of RV. That sounds so great, no?

Haha. He must be a homesick fella in these days, so he was going to go home sooner than expected. And once they're there, he gives in to what he truly feels.

And you too think so, right? he does look flawless in blue. And yea, I forgot about that episode completely... actually that he wore a blue shirt there. And Ishani's cooking. Next chapter has bit of it. Not cooking, but something else. xD

And I agree completely! it was their first kiss where neither of them felt guilty or anything. It was longing from their part that was 'building up' for so long, given Ishani can't really resist him. *coughs* What was I supposed to say?

Glad that heaven and earth reference made sense since it somehow depicted their own personalities too. Ishani is more grounded and relatable (like earth is, and also it needs heaven to keep it going on and Ishani's case it's obvious, no?) whereas he is unreachable (in a way he is, because his love and sufferings are that intense that make him more distant to us like heaven). But there does come a moment when they finally meet and kiss. It's all metaphorical. Not sure I'm making any sense either.

Ranveer will have to give up his stubbornness. Sooner or later, yes.

Thank you so much, dv. Next one, hopefully will come soon.

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by robal

Awesome chapter, I have been waiting for your update.  Soulmates has always been my favourite FF.  I really liked Ranveer after he got home, much better than when he was in the hospital.  And the kiss was def. needed.  I hope things get better between them soon.  Waiting for the next chapter.  Thanks so much for the PM.

Thank you, robal! Glad you liked the update. :) Yeah, nothing is better than the home, right? And, yes, their kiss was too much needed for them both.

Thank you so much again!

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 1:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Raaaz_21

Finally able to comment on today's chapter.

So...this has to be ONE OF THE BEST described chapter ever. As in, I could literally imagine and feel the way Ranveer FELT. From his expressions to his feelings, just everything.  Thanks to your way of writing i.e. description.

And Ishani, aww that poor soul. She hated his ignorance, but still kept quiet just for his health. SHE LOVES HIM SO MUCH! He kept ignoring/avoiding her, she kept just supportinf him.

I'm glad he is not in the hospital anymore. Poor boy must have had enough of it, too. Haha. :P

And I was literally smiling when Ranveer, finally, smiled and laughed with Prateik. It was a cute scene overall.

And finally coming to the scene which was the HIGHLIGHT of this chapter. Ranveer & Ishani. SIGH! Less words and more feelings for them.

Ranveer can never hurt Ishani, not even in his dreams. He felt really sorry for his behaviour in the hospital. But there is SOMETHING he's still hiding and avoiding to talk about. I guess we might get to know about it in the next chapter, maybe...? Well, I hope so.

Ranveer badly was missing to spend some quality time with Ishani, and finally he could. He missed being with her. Ishani wanted to give him a forehead kissed but didn't, instead he did. That was so surprising!

After so many chapters, finally a close, beautiful Ishveer scene! He couldn't bear the distance anymore...and that KISS was described SO PERFECTLY, BEAUTIFULLY! I just kept reading that part again and again. It was that beautiful. And she slept in his arms. Ishveer pheeels!!!

ps: do update the next chapter soon, hope she wakes up in his arms in the next update. :P

Hi, thank you! Glad that this chapter left this impact on you. :)

Ishani's love breaks my heart. She loves him so much... it's like she needs to stop hurting herself but whatever he's gone through makes her own suffering and pain so intense. Poor, poor girl!

Haha. That's right. Hospitals do get tiring for the most of us and he is no exception.

Eeeks. I also smiled when Ranveer laughed. I so want to say something more, but right now, not okay. Approve

About his behaviour, I'll only say, wait for a more while. Everything will be out soon.

And the kiss... I wanted to write a kiss for them myself and this chapter made me do it. IshVeer feels, of course!

PS. Don't worry, she is not going anywhere. His arms are enough for her.
Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bloomfield

Look Elvish, I loved the chapter but still, Ranveer gives me strange vibes. Have to discuss this but I know nothing can be pulled from your mouth. Your mystery is killing me! Broken Heart

See? See? This threatening tone. That's why I said I'm sure you are coming after me with something terrible.

But thank you so much. And you will know everything soon enough. Please wait.
Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2016 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bloomfield

The show gave us the same dialogues and they always get parted after this dialogue. PigPig

In the show they did part, but you don't trust me? Girl, look at Ishani's determination. She will snatch him out of the grip of death too!

Not only Ishani, dude. Stern SmileStern Smile

Well, well! I'll shut up myself here.

I may be thinking too much but your words make me go crazy!

Umm, yes! Both of those lines were said in the context that-

What kind of storm was approaching them now?

"Storm" meant for their desires, and not any tragedy. They ended up kissing, so. Nothing more. :)


As if there might not be a tomorrow.

Meant they wanted to go on... God, I can't explain any further. I hope you understand. Tongue

Hopefully the post isn't a mess.

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