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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52) (Page 18)

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Originally posted by LadyMeringue

Finally! The last one for the day! The closing call had to be with you now, didn't it?

Well, so before I waste time blabbering anything more, let me jump to the review. Ah, Ishaani... her plight really makes my heart break a little more with every passing chapter. This chapter was a sans-Ranveer one, but I think it still had enough to keep going. 

The ever-famous self and conscience tug-of-war. And boy was hers an ugly one. Ouch. Everything she doesn't want to hear yet is feeling deep down in her heart is hurled back at her in the bitterest of words by her conscience. And no matter how much she tries to defy them, even a part of that defying self knows that its true. But there's an optimist, a fighter in her that's expectant of the future than the past. Amends will be made, but for that he needed to live through first. 

Puneet and Ishaani's conversation was another heartwarming one and I think something that Ishaani needed. A self-evaluation of herself through another's words. I love how Puneet has become a kind of voice-of-reason for Ishaani and how he helps her see through those obstacles and helps her become stronger to fight for Ranveer's life. 

Morning falls and complications arise in Ranveer's condition and Amba has begun getting hysterical. But I like this new faith that Amba has upon Ishaani somehow. It's very comforting. And then, last but not the least, Sharman makes an appearance, but with Prateik in tow. And boy, Amba has still not forgiven them for that neither has she even remotely forgotten. And I side with Amba for the first time. She's a mother -  no mother can see that happening to her child, especially when he was innocent and framed for something he hadn't done. 

Ishaani's finally let them on into the loop and they've admitted their mistake, but will it be too late? In the race against time, a lot is at stake right now. And this is only going to intensify from this point forth. Brilliant job on the update, sweetie and please do update the next one whenever you get free. I can't wait to read what's to happen now that the climax is drawing closer. 

Loads of love,

Ps. Ranveer! Bring him back in the next chapter! *sobs*

Hey! Sorry for getting so late here. :/

A chapter without Ranveer... sighs. Don't remind me the horror, please. Unhappy Unhappy Ishani and her struggles are awful. And right now more so because despite everyone being there for her, no one really is because the guilty fire that she feels is can only subside when Ranveer makes er understand things.

Yeah, that's true. But she loves him for who he is and not what he's become- even thought she's proud of him- and that's the only thing she can keep herself sane. She loves Ranveer.

You're right. Sometimes it's good to listen to someone else's POV about yourself and then make the judgements, and she needs to learn this somehow.

Sighs. Amba has grown quite fond of Ishani, and has come to realize that she is the only one her son will ever accept as his wife... she wants nothing more than his happiness. And I agree on that too. What happened to Ranveer that night was brutal. Amba, as a mother, can't forget that, though Sharman and Pratiek do know it's going to be hard for them to be forgiven but they won't give up. After all, in the Parekh clan, they were the sanest people. Cool CoolCool

Just updating the chapter now. :)

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Originally posted by robal

Thanks so much for the update and the pm. Sorry for not replying to your update, I have been so busy. wonderful chapter, we know exactly what ishani wants now and I loved her meltdown. It was beautifully written. Can't wait for the next one.

Thank you, robal. :) It's alright. Do reply whenever you are free. And I'm glad you liked the chapter. Ishani's breakdown was essential for her own realization, and thankfully it came well. :)

Just updating the chapter!
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Hi, all! Umm, I know it's late, but you know. The verdict of this chapter is in your own hands, so I'll better keep quiet. xD 

Chapter 60

To Ishani's utter relief, Amba, at her husband's continuous efforts, had finally agreed to let Sharman and Pratiek stay in the hospital since neither of them would leave no matter how much Ishani insisted them to. Their guilt didn't allow them, to be more honest.

They apologized to Kailash who initially looked slightly skeptical but eventually forgave them, and although reluctantly, he allowed them to stay. It wasn't a surprise from where did Ranveer himself adapt this ability to forgive people who wronged him.

The time was passing by but as slow as it could and, to Ishani, it felt if she was to wait for one more moment, her patience might run short, and out of all the people, she would be the one giving up ultimately. But, no! She couldn't do it when time was so close the doctors would be turning up any moment with the news no one had any inkling about. She was to hold on, but it became harder with every passing minute as if she would be choked for breath right in the next moment.

Ishani closed her eyes, the sight of Ranveer right before her: a gently smiling face as if asking her to hold on to one more moment and everything would be alright. But she wanted to ask him something; something only he could answer. But before she could do anything else, he disappeared, leaving her alone and forlorn to battle against a war she knew not how to fight. They waited, waited and waited, until time felt merged with the most insane possibilities of the consequences that she couldn't cope with. Her heart thumped frantically, her eyes not leaving the red bulb of the operation theatre, and her hopes stuck to the promises Ranveer had made. She couldn't let him go away like this. She would never let him go away. If ever death wished to claim Ranveer, she would stand tall between it and him. She hadn't wasted a moment, and her heart only prayed and apologized, asking for a single chance, one desperate chance that even the worst of the sinners are allowed to have. And why should he suffer for her mistakes, anyway? He deserved a life, a better one than he had ever been able to have, and for that, this hurdle was to be won first. He had to live. He must live. For himself, for his family, and for her. Ishani felt adrenaline rushing through her skin, making it harder to bear any more moments of wait. She needed to know... something. Anything about him, or she might not know where she would be the next moment. Her heart felt splitting into pieces, as if the last remaining hope had faded and she couldn't take in anymore, her fist clenched in desperation, and her body shivered.

"Ishani." A voice called her out, and she turned back to find Sharman standing there. He came to her and wiped her tears. "You've kept it so long, and I'm sure he'll be alright."

"How are you so sure?" she asked, despite wanting to trust him.

"Because you have prayed so much for him, Ishani. I don't see why--"

"I'm still praying," Ishani whispered, her eyes closed in thoughts. "He has to come back."

"He will," Sharman assured. "Ishani, I have heard you haven't eaten anything since yesterday?" He suddenly changed the topic while Ishani looked disgruntled. "Come, and take something. It's not going to do any good to you like this."

Ishani shook her head. "I need to wait for Mr. Gregson. He might be coming out any moment now and..."

"I know, Ishani," Sharman interrupted. "But look at yourself. God, what you've made of yourself!"

"I'm alright, and I'm just not in mood. Trust me, bhaiya. I'll be fine."

"Fine," Sharman said grudgingly, and hugged her. "Everything will be alright."

Ishani nodded as her brother left. She turned back, the same feeling of insane anxiety again surging through her, but she had to wait. For how long, she could not tell, but she had to.

8 hours passed by since the moment Ranveer's surgery began, and there came no news from the operation theatre so far. To Ishani's anxiousness, Amba and Kailash grew more worried as the time passed by. Wait became more and more interminable and hopelessness an asset that she was to master in order to survive in this battlefield of the agony that promised to end not so soon. Her thoughts were interrupted by Puneet's footsteps as he came towards her, and seeing her uncomfortable, began.

"Ishani, they might be coming out any moment now. Please," he said, worried.

Ishani nodded her head and kept quiet. It was all calm. So calm that even her own brisk heartbeats were heard efficiently.

"It's been so long, Puneet, and sometimes it scares me," she said after a while.

"Trust me," he said, and Ishani, not knowing why, found his words arresting her. "If I have seen anyone fighting so bad with the odds, it's been him. And all we need is little more patience. You know what I mean?"

"Yes." Ishani sighed, and fell silent again, the quietness again filling the air cordially.

Somehow, one more hour passed and Ishani felt like going and knocking the door of the operation theatre at once to know what on earth was happening, but it was then when a click on the door grabbed her attention, and she darted to the operation theatre quickly, Puneet following her. Dr. Gregson and his team of 5 other doctors emerged from it, looking what, she could not tell. Their eyes were tired and their faces looked slightly anxious.

"Doctor," Ishani said hurriedly, not letting them even breathe the air of the outside world, "how is he? Ranveer... how is he? Say something, please!"

"We've done our work successfully," one of the doctors said, and Ishani felt him smile a little. "The surgery has been better than our own expectations, and the best thing is that something we didn't see in him since last one week is here. He responded to most of our calls, and that's made us quite hopeful now. But there have been few problems with his condition lately, so he'll be kept under proper observation until next 2 days. And it will be after that that we will be able to confirm anything."

"Can I meet him?" Ishani requested, half oblivious to the details explained by the doctor.

"We need to shift him back into the ICU. He's not in condition to be in the general ward yet, and you can only see him, Ma'am, but for a while."

Ishani nodded her head hysterically and the doctors left.

"You see, Puneet? It all is over! He made it! He made it!" She cried, tears of hysteria leaving her eyes in strange rapidity. She wiped them, crying in despair, unaware of half of the details she was to know, and laughing, for the reason that he had found his will to live back. He was going to be fine. Just like she had hoped, and just like she had dreamt.

He was back!

Puneet smiled lightly, and they walked back to the waiting room where Amba, Kailash, Sally, Sharman and Pratiek sat, anxiously waiting for them. Ishani was too frantic to let out any details and it was Puneet who explained what the matter was. Amba's reaction was no different from Ishani, and she looked at her and took her in a tight embrace.

"It's because of you, Ishani. It was because of you! Thank you for being with him," Amba said, and tears of affection left her eyes.

Ishani wiped her tears, while her own fell feverishly. Kailash came to her and gently rested his hand on her head.

"Thank you," was all he could say, and Ishani found no words to answer anything in that moment as she simply smiled.

Sharman and Pratiek made their way to her as well, as she hugged them. Half of the journey was over, and she knew the rest would be completed successfully as well.

Ranveer was shifted back to the ICU and the doctors said one of the family members could visit him for the moment for his condition was still delicate, and rush of everything wouldn't do him any good. Ishani looked at Kailash and Amba, as Amba excitedly moved further to leave but the development was interrupted by Kailash right away.

"Let Ishani go and see him first," he said, and Amba looked disgruntled.

"But..." she began, but was cut short immediately.

"Try to understand, Amba. We can meet him later, right?" he said sympathetically, trying to make his wife understand the gravity of the moment, but saw tears burning in her eyes.

"Kaka, Kaki is right," Ishani tried to explain. "It should be you two who should visit him first. We can go and see him after you both."

"Ishani, it's alright! We all know you both need to see each other the most. Amba is a mother, but even she understands my point. Don't you, Amba?"

Amba quietly wiped her tears, and nodded. "You go, Ishani," she said, rather reluctantly, while Ishani looked at her apprehensively. "Your Kaka is right."

Ishani looked at Sharman who nodded as well, and she walked out of the waiting room, and made her way to the ICU, her heart now too impatient to take another glimpse of Ranveer. Either time had halted or she lost its track, she could not tell, but her heart began beating again. She sighed. The familiar sight of the ICU welcomed her again, and did so Ranveer's. He lay there, silently, the only sign of his beating heart being the cardiac monitor beeping lightly. She sat beside him, unable to keep emotions making their way through her eyes in tears, she smiled. The entire euphoria had eventually subsided and her mind felt clearer now.

Ranveer had made it. He was responding well, and she knew the rest of the problems will come to their end as well, and then there will be a new beginning. A beginning that they both had longed for all their lives. She wiped her tears. Ranveer's pale face looked more lively now, and for some moments, she wondered if he would just wake up from his slumber and smile at her like he always did. Still, there were these silly fantasies! Oh, only if they knew the truth, they wouldn't haunt the hopelessness of brutal reality.

Now when she saw him, Ishani could not help but think of him as the same 9 year old boy who had come to work with his father in her house, and had become her life in more ways than possible. Her friend, her savior, her protector who always took the harsh flings of the world upon himself just for her sake, and many a time her being absolutely unaware of it. But it wouldn't be so anymore. It felt like she was given another chance to make up for all that was left incomplete between them all those years. The lost friendship, the unsaid love and all the heartaches: all of it was to be replaced with the happiest of the moments that at any cost had to return back in their lives. Love, care and affection. Nothing else, but happiness. For his sake, for their love's sake and for all that they had been through.

She never considered him her servant, and it was clear now. He was her pride, her hope, and her love. How could she give up on him for as trivial a matter as his status? No matter what others said, she knew she loved him... she just realized it so late.

Ishani slowly took Ranveer's hand in hers, hoping it wouldn't cause any trouble for him or the doctors, for that matter, and bent low, kissing it. She closed her eyes, the touch of his skin finally carrying the warmth she craved for so long. The blood coursing through his veins finally became evident every passing moment and for the first time, someone had credited her to be the cause of his happiness instead of the otherwise thought that she always accused herself for.

Despite all the optimism she managed to keep alive within herself, she didn't deny she wanted to see him talk to her. Only if he opened his eyes, she would be able to step out of that fear that still shrouded her brutally in its darkest core, whisking the life out of her slowly, slowly. She opened her mouth to say what she felt: to thank God, to thank him, to tell his sleeping form how happy she was, but all that left her lips were gasps of her helplessness to speak. She couldn't say it now when he was nearly all right. The doctors were rather startled at her optimism at Ranveer's still not so good condition, but she couldn't explain anything to them. Matters of hearts are not easily explained, she thought. And moreover, she had no time to think anything negative when for the first time, after so long, something was going right for him.

At last she spoke with great effort, her little voice too hoarse to make any sense to the listener, but that wasn't needed now. "My champ is back! I knew it," she said in a quivering yet jubilant voice, and fell silent again, and quietly falling tears from her eyes did the rest of the talking that fell upon his hand. Time was passing, and with each moment going by, she felt an avalanche of emotions again taking over her. Not the hopelessness, though, but something she couldn't herself express. Not yet after so much having happened to them.

She looked at him, smiling softly, as if nothing could express her feelings in that moment and kissed his hand again as a trickle of tears fell upon them again. She sighed, and continued to look at him, feeling no need of saying anything.

The door opened in a while, and Ishani saw a nurse entering the room, her face kind.

"I'm afraid your time is up, Miss," she said, her tone rather professional, and Ishani nodded.

"I can meet him in a while, right?"

"Tomorrow morning." She smiled, and Ishani looked dejected.

"Alright," Ishani said, and left.

"How time flies, I can't even explain. It was yesterday we had seen Ranveer at home and today he is one of the most sought-after businessmen of the world," Sharman said to Ishani proudly as she stood near her favorite window, view running down to the golden Thames downward. Ishani, unexpectedly surprised by the interruption, turned her face, and smiled wearily.

"I know," she whispered, and fell silent.

"How was your visit?" Sharman asked after a while.

"Good." There was nothing else she could explain. "You know, Bhaiya, if anything happened to Ranveer, I wouldn't exist either. I'll--"

"Hey, hey," Sharman interrupted, making her turn towards him, and added, "He is going to be fine, and why do you come back to feeling so negative all of a sudden? Look at kaki. You've kept her sanity alive, given her strength, and she is thankful for that."

"I've done nothing, bhaiya. I don't know why... there's a fear I can't decide anything about," she said thoughtfully.

"I understand," Sharman said. "It could be because you have taken so much stress since last 2 days and no rest at all."

"Perhaps. And I'm sorry, bhaiya," she said, looking up at her brother.

"Sorry for what?"

"That I couldn't fight on my own and crumbled too quickly. I couldn't be stronger than this. I really couldn't."

Sharman took her in his arms. "No, you have been so strong, Ishani. And I am sorry that none of us were by your side when you needed us. For so long you've been fighting on your own. And now, come on! Don't cry. We're not supposed to be regretting the past, are we?"

Ishani smiled, and moved away. "I can't wait to see him again," she said, her voice suddenly ebullient. "To hear his voice once again, to let him know that I love him. To let him know we're meant to be together. He will be so happy when I tell him this, don't you think? He won't believe it, I know, even if he knows it long before I myself did. It will all come as the most pleasant shock to him!" She continued but stopped at her brother's smiling face that looked at her mischievously. "What?" She looked flustered.

"Well, I never knew my Ishani could really talk like this! You know, it's surprising," he teased, and Ishani felt her cheeks turn crimson.

"Bhaiya, please! At least you must keep quiet, alright?"

"Oh, fine!" Sharman said, and they both smiled. "I hope your real smile comes back soon as well. The one we're used to."

Ishani nodded. "I hope so too. Bhaiya? What's wrong with Maa?" Ishani asked suddenly. She had forgotten to enquire anything about her ever since Sharman and Pratiek had come.

"What had happened here?" he asked in return, now getting serious.

Ishani shrugged her shoulders. "It all went so ugly. Maa was unhappy that Chirag and I had broken up, and Ranveer's presence in my life added fuel to her misery that how a..." she paused, unable to utter the word, and then continued, "... how he could be in my life of more importance than he was allowed to those couple of years ago. She asked this stupid to let go of me, and he agreed. Both geniuses in their I-am-all-right field and neither bothering with Ishani or her happiness."

Sharman heard her intently as Ishani narrated the entire event in detail, sometimes pausing, sometimes unable to even continue but finished it nonetheless.

"They both wanted your happiness, and differently so," Sharman said at last, and Ishani sighed.

"I know..." she said and fell silent again. "I have some inkling of what the conversation of Ranveer and Maa might have been, but I'm too afraid to give another thought. Already I have been the..."

"Ishani," Sharman said, as if he knew what she was going to say, "you should stop blaming yourself for whatever happened to Ranveer, alright? It's not your fault. Chirag was your mistake but Ranveer's decision was his own choice."

"But, bhaiya... if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have to go through half of the sufferings he did because of me."

"Ishani, everything happens for a reason, and your past with Chirag is all about an experience that you have learnt a lot from. Keep this in mind, and as for Ranveer, it's you two who know how to handle things better. And it's getting late, you should go home. Pratiek and I will stay here."

Ishani realized the sun had retired behind the horizon and the night had crept over the city, but she wasn't going to leave right now. Not at all!

"No, no, I'm going stay here as well!" Ishani shrieked. "But before that, I have to do something more. And, bhaiya, you have travelled long. You should go home, and take rest."

Sharman did not consent to leave, but Pratiek, at Ishani's continuous insistence, reluctantly did.

"I will come soon tomorrow early," he said before leaving, and Ishani smiled as he left.

The lonely hall of the church late at night was always a solace that Ishani could find nowhere else. The bright candles burned in their places, their flames dancing avidly as the gentle blows of the air stirred them like enthusiastic wings of the night birds while the dim golden light encased the entire hall generously. The idol of Christ stood before her defiantly, a kind look in its eyes. The candles burning below made it look thoroughly magical. She bowed her head, and lit a candle of her own, and folded her hands in prayer.

Despite having been so strong all the time, there was this cyst of weakness burning within her heart which could not help but explode had she been there for a more while, facing anyone anymore. The shelter of God was always what accepted you no matter how wrong you were or how tired your soul was, Ishani felt. Her heart exhorted her to blurt out all the trenchant emotions that only suffocated her from inside and wrenched all her guts ruthlessly. And she closed her eyes, a feeling of comfort suddenly taking over her. Perhaps it was the effect of the church that finally consoled her? She would love to stay like this for a long, long time, and not get up, and go anywhere else. But her mind was suddenly agitated by another thought. Ranveer.

She opened her eyes, blinking lightly, and looked up, while her feet collapsed on the floor. The burden now too strong to carry anymore.

"You know, Christ?" she began in a broken voice, though no tear traced its way down to her face. "I don't know what my future holds. I don't know where Ranveer and my journey is supposed lead from here on, but I have full faith in my love because you have been the one blessing us with your love. I still remember the first time we came here in that New Year night, and how things had suddenly changed. I didn't know what anything meant that day, but when I do now, I want to hope you will be with us. Ranveer can't leave me now when he has made me realize what love truly is. He is an idiot, you know? Always keeps doing these things that he must not do, and then suffers its consequences without any regret. Idiot, foolish, crazy fellow!" She almost shouted when she suddenly realized where she was, and a blush crept up her face, and she continued, "But you know what? However silly he can get, I love him, and that silliness of his is the biggest thing I love about him. Can you believe someone loving another like he does? It's like a dream... to be loved so much."

Ishani continued to speak, for minutes, and then for hours, and after a while she even lost the track of what she was saying in the first place. All she knew was she needed to say something. Something where it wouldn't get lost in the darkness of ignorance. She had met Ranveer today, and had experienced all the emotions from hope to hopelessness, and loneliness to the defiance of life, but what the next two days had in store for them was still a question she couldn't answer yet. The doctors were still skeptical, but her heart knew something they didn't. They didn't know how much he loved her and how he had defied the worst of the odds just for her for more times than she herself could fathom. Why wouldn't he do it now?

Ishani stood up; the night was now growing deeper, and the air was rather warmer. The rain had stopped and the clouds that encompassed the sky in the hue of the morning the entire day were now but a fleeting memory, as if even the sky itself had made its way to the daylight to pierce through in their lives.

Did the sky itself weep for them all this while?

The sickle moon shone brilliantly aloft, and Ishani turned one last time to the Christ, and bowed her head.

A promise of love was made in front of God. The promise she was perhaps afraid yet to admit she could carry out with perfection, but now the determination and hope that suddenly filled her heart were what had ultimately encouraged her to let go of all the hesitations; and there were no doubts anymore. He was hers and if death came to claim him first, it would be she herself defying it with her own life and blood. She really would.

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Hi dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A big apology for replying late actually read the chapter the moment you uploaded but got busy after that and did not had time to reply.Ermm
Sharman and pratik are sane enough to be guilty of whatever happened with him during that day years ago Smile apart from sharman you have also kept pratik sensible otherwise in serial he was nothing but an eating other thancalling his Ichani didiROFL
kailash is the reason for forgiving nature of ranveerEmbarrassed well here he justifies to be kamba's son otherwise in serial he was more of someone else's.LOL he allowed them just for the reason that their guilt was visible and the more important thing is well being of ranveer these things can be dealt later on and also they will be in relation nowLOLLOL
desperation of ishani patiently waiting to get a news of well being of her love and fighting among all the hopelessness and bad thoughts and also maintaining a sane posture inspite of all the insane thoughts driving her crazy was very apt elvish I loved it a  lotClapApproveSharman being a true caring brother want her to console her but this time she is not going to leave him for anything least about herself Ermm
Puneet really worship his boss in every sense he knows how life have been harsh at him yet he knows that out of all the people he know one who can emerge victorious in this was his boss and is hopefull and trying his best to keep everyone hopefullConfused
then comes the doctor with a neither too positive nor to negative but this small news is sufficient enough to burn the drowsing fire of hope in ishani's heart hopefull that he will make it and they are not going to get separated from each other no matter what.Approve it is correctly it all depends upon how we see things she got hopefull  that inspite doctors saying next 2 days are critical for him he will definitely make it.Smile  
everyone is crediting her because they know only she can bring him back and make him live Approve
that was a tough call for amba to go herself or choose his son's happiness and she made a right choice kailash knows the gravity of the situation and it was necessary that they achieve the solace and give each other hope of being there for each other.
that whole moment described of ishani wanting to say so much to him yet nothing other than tears comes out was amazing that whole thing said everything without either of them speaking anything. this whole chapter was like that it said the importance of them in each other's life and how much their life is attached to each other's soul.
Still, there were these silly fantasies! Oh, only if they knew the truth, they wouldn't haunt the hopelessness of brutal reality.
this whole line was the best in the chapter something applicable to real life as well because this is what happens most of the time.
champ line was so adorable it had so much affection and i havr told you that the way you describe how without speaking a word they say everything their way of seeing each other craving for each others warmth to have an assurance that everything was alright is really marvellous
o our girl is getting excited mere at the thought of mentioning her love to him amd is clearly nervous despite knowing his answer was awesome. and sharman is not leaving any stone unturned to make her little sister smile
she rushed back to church not only to thank him but also to pour out her every thought just like ranveer because apart from church and ranveer no one else is their in her life who would listen to her every thought without judging her on them. this church seriously palys an important role in them and they got what they wished for that night from where the things turned in her good way.
i just cannot wait for ranveer to wake up its been so long he is being silent i  just want to read his thought now and also their romance which came to an abrupt halt. that whole scenario of she saying evrything to god and also hoping that this time they will get their share of happiness that was denied to them was very nice truly touching i so loved it. you left me spellbound dear with this work
thnx for pm dear it was seriously an amazing chapter a calm one with so many things happening in previous one.
waiting for next

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I Anjali/MM/ Mrs.LM / Luna of this forum admitt to be that student who have attended the class at start and then dissepeared without doing any workLOL Jokes apart I will start reviewing from newt week, gosh I have a lot pending homework on this forumLOL 


Ps. I know your work is amazing, and I will be back with my reviews soon to make you blushEmbarrassed Untill then , remember you are beautiful writer and even more beautifu  personlEmbarrassed

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SP and Elvish... ROFL ROFL 
LOL, Sugar Pie you manage to come first on all threads and yet... Silly 

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Operation successful! Heart Waiting for IshVeer to trigger their magic. Heart Blushing 
Ishaani-Sharman are so well-scripted here! Even Amba, Kailash... sane, sane characters. 

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Originally posted by ShadikaIshVeer

I Anjali/MM/ Mrs.LM / Luna of this forum admitt to be that student who have attended the class at start and then dissepeared without doing any workLOL Jokes apart I will start reviewing from newt week, gosh I have a lot pending homework on this forumLOL 


Ps. I know your work is amazing, and I will be back with my reviews soon to make you blushEmbarrassed Untill then , remember you are beautiful writer and even beautifulEmbarrassed

Oooh! So you're back! Glad to have this careless student over here. ;) And I can't wait to read your reviews now. Home work, hell yeah!

And you're already making me blush. Come soon, MM. Tongue Tongue

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