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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52) (Page 15)

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Originally posted by LadyMeringue


Well, I know this review was long overdue, but well, I'm here now. So let's getting rolling before I get into side-talks and completely get distracted from the point because this review requires just as much finesse as much as you have written this chapter with. 

Being someone who's known every single emotion that you've been through when writing this and knowing how mortally afraid you've been with regards to this chapter, I knew that this chapter would certainly be one of your best ones, especially since the entirely crux of the story lies here. Being a purveyor and appreciator of angst and intense emotions, you've passed this with flying colours because you've made my bones feel that jitter.

And I must have terrified you with the high expectations that I had from this, but I can easily say that you've given me no chance of a disappointment. Because this chapter is just sheer beauty mingled with a simplicity that I associate with you, which I've also come to love and admire a lot over the time. And not just that, because you've evoked every single emotion that Ishaani has been going through in this chapter with such brilliance that this is hands down one of my favourites from this FF.  

The chapter starts with the contradictory emotions that Ishaani's going through in the car as Puneet is driving her to the hospital. Oh, he's trying to delay the dreaded moment for as long as he can but it was inevitable. If not now, then ten minutes later, it was certain. She would find him and reach out to him from any part of the world. She was a woman madly in love and whose life depended upon him. 

And finally, they reach the hospital. Her heart is going to explode from the array of emotions she's been feeling with an intensity that scorching her inside out. A hospital could only mean something ominous. And as she's directed to the ICU, she can feel her heart go colder and colder. And then there's the moment when she comes to know what's wrong with him. 


And this is more than enough to dismantle Ishaani into pieces. She loses all restraint upon herself as her knees buckle, the weight of the truth too much for her to take. How could she, when she knows how he'd sacrificed his life for her well-being and ultimate happiness? But where was the happiness if there was no him? She'd been told that two of the minor surgeries have been a success but the doctors aren't too positive about the third because Ranveer has lost the will to fight.

And she manages to fight her way and convince the nurse grudgingly to let her spend time with Ranveer for just ten minutes. And she gets them. She can't bear seeing him like a broken doll surviving on machines and drips, not when he was her life. She sits beside him and takes his hand in her own, and there's promises being made. 

She knows that she has to be the strongest for him now when he needs her the most and there was no place for emotions or weakness. She so mad at him for leaving her like this after evoking love for him in her heart, but she knows that he has to fight back for his life. Because there was still a lot to be said and a lot to be done. This was not the end. This was the beginning. 

And from here start the books of confessions and revelations. Even Puneet can see how madly she's in love with Ranveer and now that she voices her love, she feels bitter and reproachful at herself for why she couldn't see her feelings for him before. 

We're taken back to how it all began right from the symptoms that were treated as a part of stress and their gradual worsening until it got to this point. And then, we fall in love with Ranveer all over again. He reached a point where he had a choice - his life or her's. And without a second thought, he chose hers. Even if he didn't make it, her life had to be safe and secure from Chirag. She had to have her life and freedom back. 

How could he fail when his intentions were this pure? He succeeded but at the cost of his own deteriorating health. His condition got out of hand on his birthday and what happened with Ishaani that night was enough for him to take along with him to his grave as a fond memory, if not his last. He knew it deep down that she always loved him and their first kiss was proof, but he was too afraid... too afraid to hope that the moon could ever be his.

And then the impossible happens. 

Amba gives her the shoulder of a mother - a mother who knows that her son's happiness matters above all, even her own personal choice. She may have her differences with Ishaani, but she knows that she's the only one who can pull him back from the arms of Death now. Hasn't she been the one tethering him to life from all those years? 

Puneet, Kailash and Ishaani remain in the hospital as Amba now cannot see her son this way anymore. And just when things seem to have no end, there's a phone from Sharman. Thank God he's sensible in your FF. He tells Ishaani about how Falguni has gone into a shell ever since she's returned from London and after an argument in Disha. Well, it was bound to happen once she found out about the truth. 

Ishaani's too tired to fight battles any more and calls Sharman over for support and he's on his way now. This is certainly going to be interesting. There's so much going on and so much is at stake. Lifes, emotions, hearts, relationships... everything. It's all a race against time and destiny now, and so far, the odds don't look good. What's to happen though, only you can unfold now.

Exceptional job on the updates, love! Keep doing such a smashing job and I'm waiting for the next update!

Loads of love,

PS. Sorry for the emo-less review, this got rather long again.

Sighs! So here comes you. Thank you for that. Tongue Tongue And you've no idea how much this review made me feel better after all the horrible things happening around for a couple of days. Thank you so much for all the efforts you've put in this review (1058 words, hmm. DIYL chapters are shorter than it xD).

Exploring Ishani's emotions is always fun, but at times such a pain since they're too intense and painful and make you feel she doesn't deserve this (they don't deserve half of the things they go through, isn't it? ;)) Her guilt that she's the cause he suffers makes me want to hug the poor soul. Oh, their hugses. Miss writing them. Ouch Ouch But anyway...

Puneet's been trying his best to avoid her inevitable heartbreak as well as follow his boss's orders but he knows he has to break them both and that's what puts him in such a dilemma. Though writing him has been so much here in these chapters. He comes as a friend to them both rather than an employee to Ranveer and Ishani.

She knows by now that Ranveer will choose her life over him all the time and he's done that as well before and without letting her know and this time it breaks her more than before. These temptations as their fans are so weird that... Uh. However, as you said, she must be positive and not lose hope when she knows him the most. That he'll never give up on life as long as it comes to return to her (I kind of recalled Hamdard song from Ek Villain).

RE: "He reached a point where he had a choice - his life or her's. And without a second thought, he chose hers. Even if he didn't make it, her life had to be safe and secure from Chirag. She had to have her life and freedom back." 

This moment was one of those when I'd hoped Ishani was with him before too. But alas! Cry Cry Still, now she's with him. 

You're absolutely right about Amba. She herself might not be too find of Ishani for the obvious reasons but she knows who her son breathes for. Ishani. She'll never plot or manipulate anyone or anything just because "she thinks" something is right for him.

Um... Why only Sharman? Aren't all the characters that we write are sensible? And even if they behave differently, we do know they have their own reasons. Sharman turning up is certainly interesting and hopefully it comes off well since the situations are getting so delicate and my own poor memory isn't that strong (hehe).

Thank you so much! Big smile Big smile

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Originally posted by CarpedeimRose

AWESOME !! no other wordClapClap
Pls continue soon dr Hug

Thank you, Jenny! Glad you liked the chapter. I will be updating the next chapter soon. :)
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Hi, guys! Apologies for the delayed update, and I hope it will be worth the time. :)

Chapter 59

It was a lonely hour of the midnight when the world slept, curled in the arms of the most delicious of the slumbers and deepest of the dreams, and the white moon burning coldly in the heavens. Ishani stood at the window, her sleepless eyes staring out towards the hazy sky. It might even rain in a while, she observed, looking at the clouds gathering above. Her eyes glided down to the quietly flowing Thames below her gaze, pepper of golden lights sprinkled on its surface gave a mystical look to the stream; and she closed her eyes, hoping to find a comfort that nothing else would provide. Cold air filled the atmosphere as Ishani felt her body shiver with the impact that the coldness left. She sighed. She had visited Ranveer again, and spent longer time with him but no words had formed in her mouth this time. What was she supposed to say at all? Those squally gushes of guilt that furiously burned in her heart caused due to her own wrongdoings were enough to have her mouth shut in front of him. How was she supposed to face him at all? This condition of his: Wasn't she responsible for that? A single dash of one more revelation and she would find herself defeated against the odds that already promised to suffocate her to death.

Her sole desire to be loved so intensely and deeply had been fulfilled at such a great price that she wished Ranveer hadn't loved her at all. A better fate he would have been bestowed with, perhaps. With her, all of his dreams had been crushed ruthlessly. Forget love, she had never even been a good friend to him when he had needed her the most. All of the loyalty of 15 years had been rewarded with the ugliest of the accusations followed by the cruelest judgments from her own side. Why did she never look back? Chirag was her own mistake and she deserved to suffer its consequences too, but why Ranveer? Could really love anyone the way he had loved her? Would she really be able to reciprocate his feelings the way she ought to? He wouldn't say a word, she knew very well, but that didn't mean there was no responsibility from her own side. No relationship could ever work with only one person trying while another being unable to be what they were supposed to.

Her parents' relationship was an example that crossed her mind everytime she thought of Ranveer and herself. He loved her exactly the way her father had loved her mother: without expectations or demands. But her mother had reciprocated his love in form of respect she had for him, and thus protected their relationship from the remorse of lack of love. What did she, Ishani, really do? What reason had she given Ranveer to love her all those years? "You made me feel alive," was what he had said to her the other day; but wasn't she the one unknowingly killing him as well? He would never admit this, but she knew the truth. He had truly loved her so much that it hurt now to be loved like this. Could being loved really hurt so much?

Ishani found herself awfully afraid of the future that awaited her and Ranveer. Ironically, for some reasons, her heart had stopped producing any negative thoughts ever since her second visit to Ranveer. She couldn't tell what, but she knew, like all the time, his love- no, now their love- would coax him back to life. She was now not afraid of the fate that threatened her love and life, rather love that was beyond her ability to reciprocate.

However frightened Ishani was, she had no inkling of the strength of her own love that already had coloured the blank canvas of her and Ranveer's love story, and turned it into a treasure that they were meant to guard forever with the most tender of the cares. Ishani wiped her tears as she saw the redness of the dawn taking over the sky gradually from behind the grey curtains of the clouds. She glanced at her watch and realized few more hours and they would be taking him for his final surgery. The final move that would ultimately get her Ranveer back to life, and she would ask no more from God. Her eyes closed once again as she found herself doze off gradually. In a few moments the rest of the sounds about her died down except the one coming from her own heart that pulsated rapidly in her chest.

"So, having fun?" A rude but clear voice woke her up. She opened her eyes and looked around. There was no one there.

"Who's here?" she asked softly.

"Open your eyes, Ishani. I'm right there," the voice drawled

Ishani wondered if she were dreaming in that moment, for the voice was too shrill and clear to be real, and yet so distant to be somewhere about her. She closed her eyes and opened them again, and this time, she felt her own mirror reflection standing there, maliciously staring back at her. She started at once but fell silent as the reflection of hers before spoke.

"You don't have to be surprised! I'm no enemy of yours, don't worry." She laughed.

"Why are you here?" Ishani asked suspiciously.

"No, why are you here? You were the one supposed to leave long ago, weren't you?"

"Never!" Ishani said. "I was never going to leave..."

"Ranveer?" She laughed again. "Oh, come one, Ishani. Don't pretend to be a saint now. We both know you didn't care about him back when he was a servant."

"I did!" Ishani snapped angrily. Who was she to tell her any of this? "He was my friend back then and I loved him too."

"That was why he was left to die that night!" her reflection mocked, and Ishani shivered.

"No, it wasn't so!"

"What was it?"

"We've talked over this and he doesn't want to discuss this matter anymore."

"Don't forget you are the cause he's here in this condition in the first place. You could have avoided it. All of this, and not let this harm come on him."

"Why are you talking about this now?"

"Because you are the reason of all of this!"

"No, no!" Ishani shouted. "I never meant anything wrong to him. I wanted to be with him... and..."

"But you didn't! You left him because of Chirag. How did you sleep peacefully after all of this happening to him? How could you not bother with him all the time when he needed you? And even today you are the cause he might very well be on his deathbed."

"I cared about him. I loved him!" Ishani shouted frantically, old memories resurfacing back to her again.

"Applying ice-cream and making fake promises holds no importance when you talk about someone's life and death. Your promises were fake. Your care was so conditional that it changed with every person you came across. You always chose others over him," her reflection said bitterly.

Ishani shook her head. "I meant everything I said," she defended herself, hoping to find a way to defeat her vicious self in front of her. "I never made fake promises. I didn't choose anyone over him. He was my best friend and will always be so."

"And that was why you never spoke up or looked back that night?" she asked calmly. "Ishani, would you have done the same... letting your family members handing him over to police had he not been your servant? How would you have reacted if her were not a servant of your family? Wouldn't you have looked back even once? And not just that, how could you not do anything to protect his honor when he sacrificed it literally for your happiness?"

Memories flashed in front of Ishani's eyes once again: all at once, slowly, painfully being played there again and again. She closed her eyes and tears escaped freely for how long she could not tell. Indeed, he hated discussing all these matters, for never did he say anything about him or that night to her. The only conversation they had had about that incident was on Disha matter where he asked her to let the things go. Ishani opened her eyes. The question was legit! How would she have reacted had he not been her family's servant? How would her father have reacted? She did not have very clear memories of that night except that she remembered him calling out her name and she hadn't looked back. Later she had gone to Chirag's house to apologize. All of her foolishness.

Her reflection looked at her curiously.

"What do you want?" Ishani asked wearily.

Her reflection stood silent for a while and then spoke. "How would you forgive yourself if anything happened to him?"

"Nothing will happen to him!" Ishani yelled. "He'll be alright."

"Haven't the doctors said there's not much hope?" A bitter voice answered. "You know what? I was here, right within you, always trying to tell you what to do and what not, but you ignored me always!"

"Please go!" Ishani said, hiding her face in her hands. "Go away, please!"

"You took him for granted, Ishani, and he's paying for that. I will go, but ask yourself the obvious. Do you deserve him? Do you deserve someone like him? His parents have forgiven you. How can you even look into their eyes? You must be ashamed, Ishani! You've only caused others pain and sufferings. He must hate you! Hate you! Hate you!"

"No!" Ishani screamed as loud as she could to silence the voice of her another self, and as world about her spun frantically, and she lost sense of her even being alive. Suddenly her eyes opened; the nightmare was gone. Ishani was sweating, curled in the corner below the window, hugging herself tightly. Down fell the rain upon the surface of river, splashing it generously, and genially, reflecting a rain caused by her own thunderstorm within her heart. Ishani wept, her eyes too soar and tired to remained open now, but as she closed them, Ranveer's face flashed before them and she opened them again.

"I'm sorry, Ranveer, I'm sorry!" she cried, holding his photograph that she had with her all this while close to her heart. "Even if I do it all, I will never be able to love you the way you do. Why? Why did you do all of this for me?"

She remained silent, only sound of her sobs escaping her lips until she saw Puneet coming towards her, his eyes sleepy. Even he hadn't slept the whole night yesterday.

"Ishani," he said, as he stood in front of her. "You've been here the whole night, it'll be better if you take some rest." He looked concerned at her condition but at her assurance of being fine, he nodded.

"No," Ishani replied slowly, and then collected herself. "I will be here only... I can't leave him. Please understand, Puneet."

"Ishani, relax!" Puneet said, looking at her panic stricken face. "Look at you. You look so awful. RV sir wouldn't like seeing you like this, would he? And what have you made of yourself!"

"Let him see me like this," Ishani retorted painfully. "Let him see what he's done to those he loves so much. Do you think it was right of him to do what he did? Pushing me away?"

Puneet smiled sympathetically. "What would you have done?" he asked softly. "As much you love him, I don't think you would yourself have wanted him to stick by your side and see you suffer like that. Wouldn't you have pushed him away as well?"

Ishani looked amazed. Would she have been able to do this as well? How could she break his heart again knowing how much he loved her? Did Ranveer want her away because he did not trust her or her love enough? Perhaps not. He knew her better than she knew herself. Then, why? Ishani wanted to tell him what she felt. What he was to her. That she would never be happy or even alive without him. Apologize for all the sufferings she had inflicted upon him.

"But I'd never have hurt him," Ishani said at length, and more to herself than Puneet. "Not at any cost, and I know he can never be happy without his Ishani."

"That is true," Puneet agreed. "His intention was only to see you happy."

"He's like that, isn't he? And I'm not leaving right now."

Puneet nodded. "I knew you wouldn't leave him now," he said. "But it'll be better if you do take care of yourself properly otherwise you might feel weak again."

"I'm perfectly alright," Ishani said, smiling feebly.

"Are you alright?" Puneet asked again and Ishani looked crestfallen. How could the whole world know if something was wrong with her, no matter how much she tried hiding from them? Had Ranveer given some kind of magic to everyone around him?

"You know, Puneet," she said after sometime, as Puneet made her sit on a chair and sat himself by her side on another. "We were best friends. Not just the best friends for sake of it, we were best friends in all ways. I didn't know what a life is without him, and he never imagined one without me either. Then one day Chirag came. My life's worst chapter. Soon enough I found myself falling in love with him. Oh, how I'd dreamt this feeling would be. Love! But, no. After a few weeks of Chirag and my engagement, Ranveer left... not left, we brutally threw him out of our family. I always wondered where Ranveer would be when he was gone. Always wondered if those accusations on him were right. Always hoped to see him once again, but I knew nothing about him. Not until we met here again, and I realized what he had done. All the days and nights of last many months were spent in wondering if I really deserved him. But nothing matters to him even now. You know what? If he were mad at me, I would have found myself being able to look into his eyes atleast. But how do I do it now? Right now he's here because of me only."

Puneet listened to her intently, and sighed. "Ishani," he said slowly. "I know many things that happened between you two when you two were friends, and you are not to feel guilty over the things that have passed. He would never want to see this regret in your eyes..."

"That's his problem," Ishani interrupted bitterly. "That he loves me so much and I can't love him enough. I'm afraid for everything that might happen in future... good or bad."

"Love should never make you feel that way, Ishani. Never. Do you really love him or it's just sympathy that you feel towards him? Ask yourself."

Ishani looked surprised. Once before, too, her love was accused of being sympathy for Ranveer. He himself had done this. But it was no sympathy! She loved him. "I love him." Ishani gulped. "I've always loved him."

"That's what I wanted to hear," Puneet smiled. "And as long as you know you love him, nothing will go wrong. Chirag might be a mistake of yours. You might have made a mistake of not being able to see your true love once, but you do it now. And that's most important, you know? Better late than never."

"You make it all sound so easy."

"It is easy. Now, come on! Don't cry. Sally will be coming here as well in a while."

Ishani smiled, feeling lighter somehow. It was all Ranveer's fault, she thought. How on earth could he make her feel so much better at once that his absence was completely akin to her death now?

"That's good!" Puneet said, while Ishani smiled, feeling the first shafts of the sun penetrating through the clouds.

And as they talked, Ishani saw Ranveer parents arriving, their faces worried and their eyes curious.

"Is-is everything alright?" Amba asked as she and her husband hurriedly approached them, and Ishani nodded her head.

"They'll be taking him in 2 hours," she said, and Amba gasped, her eyes gleaming with tears. "Kaki, don't worry! Everything will be alright."

Amba looked at Ishani, as if having noticed something that Ishani would rather keep hidden from her eyes. "Are you alright?" she asked.

Ishani nodded her head, struggling with tears once again, and turned her face away.

"Doctor, anything new?" Ishani hurried to Mr. Gregson, as he exited the operation theatre, looking tired.

"Not yet, Miss," he answered. "There have been some troubles in the anatomy on which the surgery was supposed to be performed. In the lower parts of his splenium, there has been seen a huge cluster of liquid. We're working on that."

She nodded. Ishani had, by now, done a mild study of the disease, and understood how things worked.

"The blood that was supposed to be occupying those parts was replaced by something else."

"That's not a big trouble, right? That can be removed..."

"Yes," the doctor smiled. "Please have faith in God. I'm sure things will be alright."

He left, and Ishani returned back to the waiting room. Kailash, Amba, Puneet, and Sally looked up at her, and she nodded. But said nothing else.

Time passed as slowly as it could crawl, making everyone anxious and once in a while when either of the doctors exited the room, they were showered with the questions of Ranveer's well being but were not answered satisfactorily.

"Kaki, everything will be alright," Ishani said to the anxious Amba while the old woman only looked at Ishani, as if hoping she would make everything alright. Everyone was running out of patience now. One hour passed somehow. Two hours. Three hours. Amba would look up again and again, feeling hopeless at times and the room sometimes would be filled with her sobs, Ishani and others comforting her.

"Kaki, it's alright!" Ishani said, while Kailash agreed and repeated Ishani's words. "It's a matter of a few more hours only. I'm sure we'll hear the good news only. I promise!"

Ishani fell silent suddenly as everyone looked at her. She did not know why but she was most hopeful now. It wasn't the same, usual hope that gleamed in her heart; it was powerful, patient and fierce. Fierce enough to burn the nastiest of the hopelessness away. "I promise," she repeated again, more to herself now.

"I want to trust you," Amba said.

"Trust me, Kaki."

One more hour passed but no information from the doctors came. The morning had now melted into a hot afternoon and everyone waited with their bated breath to know what future held for them all. Suddenly a sharp vibration on Ishani's phone brought her out of her thoughts, and she, going in a corner, hurriedly picked up her phone. It was Sharman.

"Sharman bhaiya!" Ishani sighed with relief. "It was you!"

"Ishani, what are you doing in the hospital? And where in this hospital are you?"

"You're here?"

"Mr. Khanna just dropped me here. Ishani, what's happening?" Sharman said, his voice desperate.

"Where are you right now?"

"On reception counter. Is everything fine?"

"Wait for me there," Ishani said and rushed there.

15 minutes later Ishani found Sharman waiting for her in front of the reception counter, and to her sheer surprise, he was not alone, but Pratiek stood by his side. Ishani moved closer to them as they greeted each other, Ishani for the first time feeling slightly better.

"I'm sorry, bhaiya, I don't have any better place to take you right now."

"Ishani, who is here? And what are you doing here?"

Ishani shook her head. "First you both should go to home and take some rest. I'll take care of the things over here."

"But, Ishani..." Before Sharman could speak anything else, they saw Puneet approaching them.

"Ishani, Mrs. Vaghela wants to meet you. She's getting hysterical without you."

Sharman looked at Ishani, shocked. "Ishani, what is happening here?" he spoke, holding her hand.

"I can't explain anything right now," she said, her eyes teary, and Sharman's eyes emanated regret that she could not understand why. He and Pratiek followed Ishani only to find out a shock of their life.

Ishani rushed to Amba, and held her hand in hers. "Kaki, don't worry," she said, wiping her tears.

"Why don't they tell us what's happening in there? My Ranveer! What are they doing there?" She burst in tears as Ishani hugged her.

"Kaki, they're just working! Ranveer needs you the most right now. Please don't' give up. We all need you." Ishani caressed her back softly as Amba's sobs caved in, and she looked up at her.

"Ranveer..." she whispered. "Why did this happen to him, Ishani?"

Ishani looked away. "Sometimes worst things happen to the best people. And we happen to have no idea why."

"But never anything good happened to him. Ever since I've known, I have only seen bad, bad and bad happening with him."

Ishani looked at her once again and smiled. "And he's proved all this time why he's worthy of all the happiness. You do trust God, right? We know He will never let anything wrong happen to Ranveer."

"Never," Amba said in a childlike innocence, and rested her head on Ishani's shoulder. Ishani caressed her hairs slowly when suddenly Amba retreated back, her eyes carrying a hatred Ishani had never seen before. Ishani looked behind her, to see where she was looking at, to find her cousins standing there awkwardly.

"What are you two doing here?" Amba said, rushing to them both, and grabbing Sharman by his collar, while others darted to hold her back. "What do you want? Wasn't all that happened back then enough?"

"Kaki, please," Ishani said, struggling. "We don't have time for this. Leave them."

"Amba, listen to Ishani. She's right!" Kailash said, as he took his wife in his arms, and Amba wept.

"Why did they come back?" she said, dejected. "We were so better without them. They humiliated him so much. What do they want now? Ishani, ask them to leave this hospital right now! I can't see them. I can't see them. Go away, you two!"

"Kaki, I'll manage," Ishani said, pacifying her, relieved that the old memories did not embitter Amba towards her.

After a decent struggle, Amba was calm, and sat quietly on the chair, while Puneet and Sally left to see the further developments, if any had happened.

"Look after your brothers," Kailash said, while Ishani nodded.

"We deserve to know, Ishani. What's happening here? Ranveer's family! Where is he? What are you doing here? How did you two meet? What happened between you and Falguni Kaki?" he said, but fell silent at Ishani's passive look. "Ishani, please say something!"

"There's so much to say, bhaiya," she said, lost. "I only want my Ranveer back. He's so close on that brink... he's struggling with death with no hope. I want him back. I can't fight like this." Ishani closed her eyes. All the battles at times felt lost and hopeless, and it was the moment she knew no one else but Ranveer could show her the way. But how could he? She was the reason he wasn't here too.

Sharman looked confused. "Ishani," he said sympathetically. "I want to know what happened here."

In the next half an hour Ishani narrated all that she could in her broken voice while Sharman and Pratiek listened to her intently, a deep sense of regret in their eyes clearly visible.

"So, this was it!" Sharman said, his head bowed low. "I've never been so wrong in my whole life. And thanks to Harshad Kaka that he had bailed Ranveer out of jail that night. Otherwise..."

"Wait!" Ishani snapped. "Did Papa bail Ranveer out that night? How do you know...? He couldn't have shared it with anyone else..."

"No," Sharman agreed. "He never shared this with anyone, but we both went to the jail to bail him out. Kaka was rather upset about the whole matter. Though he never let Ranveer know himself. We asked the police not to inform him anything about it."

But Ranveer knew, she felt. How could he not?

"And he still knew," Ishani whispered resignedly to herself and sighed. She looked at her cousins who sat as dejected as she, regret in their eyes. They had admitted their mistakes, but would they be forgiven?


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Originally posted by Bloomfield

No, no, no! Broken HeartBroken Heart How can you do...this?

I am being dramatic, okay. ROFLROFL But then, this chapter was sheer brilliance, EH. You never know, my heart was definitely bleeding when I read this. Broken hearts are to be mended, yeah. Just one wish: Make her talk with him at least, once. I will die happily. OuchOuch So Ranveer has tumor, (that snatched my Dadi's life. Broken HeartBroken Heart) and I know how it feels. I have never seen her but I know. Don't make him lose the battle, please. Even if you have ideas about that, make him hear about Ishani's feelings. He cannot die like this, never.

But the best part was where Ishani realizes that he already knew about Ishani's feelings for him. It was just HeartHeart Gosh, my heart literally skipped a beat and I am not buttering. LOLLOL That's why he is, RANVEER. BlushingBlushing

And the next surprise was Amba. Everyone made her positive! Like LM quoted the other day, they are oxymorons: kindness and Amba. WackoWacko But still, I am happy that at least by now they realized. Big smileBig smile

Sharman then calls her telling about Falguni's condition after Disha's conversation with her. She's broken. Yes! I wanted that. Now I cannot wait to know about the further proceedings! It's getting too interesting! TongueTongue

Jaldi update karo but first, finish your college work. That's more important. TongueTongue


Sorry, Arushi. I thought I'd replied to you already. Stupid me. Sleepy Sleepy

And thank you so much. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. :( :(

Sorry, but I can't really reveal things right now at all. Pl wait. :)

Updated the next chapter. College work getting too much now. From tomorrow till 9th again something happening. Cry Cry
-FlameOfHope- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 8:44am | IP Logged
I LOVE your profile photo! Heart Heart Heart

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-FlameOfHope- IF-Rockerz

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Everything seems so dull without him. Bring him back, will ya? I want Ishaani ka Ranveer back! Heart Don't kill him, please. OS hi kaafi hai. LOL

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

I LOVE your profile photo! Heart Heart Heart
Oh, that was fast! Thank you. Shakti looks amazing in red-black or black and white. In Disha's party episodes after marriage he looked so awesome in black attire.

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Elvish_Hobbit IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by -FlameOfHope-

Everything seems so dull without him. Bring him back, will ya? I want Ishaani ka Ranveer back! Heart Don't kill him, please. OS hi kaafi hai. LOL
IKR! As a "Ranveer fan" it was so hard not to write him. :( I miss him too. So much that I'll probably cry if he doesn't come back in the next chapter. :( :(

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