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IshVeer FF: Of The Soulmates | Epilogue (Page 52)

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Hello, all.

It's with great delight do I welcome all my friends and readers in this new thread that has been created due to the lovely efforts and readership of you all. And as this thread starts, the journey to the end of this FF begins as well.

Welcome all! ((hugs!))

Links to the previous chapters:

Chapter 1Chapter 54


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Hi, guys! So here comes the next chapter and any jute-chappals for the delay are most welcome. And, one line in this chapter is taken from (guesses?) The Two Towers. I know, I know my obsession for my Precious is too much, but, you see, often it can't be helped. ;)

Chapter 54

Her eyes opened as she heard the sounds of the night birds hooting loudly on the tress in the garden nearby. It was still dark and a myriad of stars hung overhead thickly, twinkling as though winking quietly from the undying vastness of the heaven above. Ishani rubbed her eyes and glanced at her watch: it was 3.25 in the morning and realized she hadn't been asleep for more than 3 hours ever since she remembered herself going into the sleep. However, what made her senses go numb was another realization that she wasn't in her room-- or the one she was supposed to be-- rather somewhere in the open where the gentle blows of the flying breeze would hit her face occasionally and a sound of swiftly flowing water would reach her ears. She turned over and gasped in shock. Ranveer lay beside her, unaware of her presence, his chest rising and falling slowly as he breathed in and out, her own head had been resting on his left arm. Ishani quickly sprang to her feet and stood there for a while until all the happenings of a night before returned back to her: she was on the porch where she had come last night for she could not sleep, and had fallen asleep here. A soft smile crept over her lips and her cheeks turned scarlet while she sat beside Ranveer again, maintaining the proper distance now. From this distance she could see his face, devoid of any worries and heartaches that she was so acclimatized to, and his steady breathings comforted her like nothing else. Her own heart skipped a beat as she slowly traced her fingers upon his hand and took it in her own. She wanted to say something, but what, words would not be enough to express that. And why she wanted to say something in the first place was another mystery to her that had no answer whatsoever. She opened her mouth to say something but immediately fell silent as she saw him stir, and realized a prickling light falling upon him which the lamp from nearby radiated. Ishani stood up and shut the light off, contented that he wouldn't wake up before the right time, and again took his hand in hers and stroked it gently.

Time continued to pass and everything about her was silent. Sighing, Ishani shook her head, as if finding words useless, and murmured:  "I love him. He's like that, and sometimes it shines through, somehow. But I love him, whether or no." The words coming from her own mouth startled herself for she wasn't sure if she had said them at all. She tried withdrawing her hand back from him, but by now it was tightly secured in the grip of Ranveer's hand. The more she tried ridding herself, the tighter his grip on her hand became. For a moment Ishani wondered if he was awake and just taking revenge to tease her for an old incident. But it seemed unlikely, for his light snores were the evidence of his deep slumber, and she herself would never commit the sin of waking up the sleeping beauty like his. Ishani chuckled under her breath at the delightful thoughts that crossed her mind. Her entire life would pass like this and she would never mind.

 How rest of the hours passed, Ishani could not tell. She herself stirred as she saw Ranveer stretching out his arms and yawning heavily. The sun had gradually clambered up, its blazing light illuminating the world magnificently, and the signs of the night faded back. He looked at Ishani, who still stared at him, as if she hadn't realized he was awake.

 "Good morning," he said, slightly smiling, but Ishani did not answer. Her eyes sparkled with a quiet twinkle of amusement and felicity. "Are you alright?" he said little loudly, and waved his hand in front of her eyes.

 Ishani was brought back to reality as she averted her eyes away and blinked continuously for the next few moments as though having blinded by a sudden robust of lightning. "I- I... did you say something?" she asked, confused, trying to hide the blush on her cheeks.


"Are you alright?" Ranveer repeated again. "Looks like something's wrong with you... is it?"


"I'm alright," Ishani chimed.

 "I have never seen you smiling like this for no reason... I hope everything's fine you."

 "I'm perfect," Ishani said, while Ranveer looked at her, surprised for a moment.

 "That's perfect," he said, and got up; and without looking back for a moment, he left.

 The changed behavior of Ranveer felt as strange as possible, and Ishani wondered if he were drunk last night to behave so differently for so many hours. It felt like two different people.

 "I'm making it all up. There's nothing wrong with him," she said, slapping her head and stood up to leave.

 The breakfast was quiet. To Ishani's surprise, instead of hurrying for the office, Ranveer sat silently reading a magazine in the hall and Ishani time to time looked at him, as though expecting him to start a conversation; but he didn't. The house was empty as the workers had finished their work already and Ranveer had given them a day off for today. Ishani couldn't shake off the feeling that had so suddenly since last night made its way into her heart and wouldn't leave it anymore. If she was to be honest, she never wanted the feeling to go away, for it was like a light in the excruciating darkness, a hope in the last corner of a darkened tunnel, and a fragrance among the reeks of the glaring pain. At any cost, she would do her best to live all her life in one moment if the feeling was to last for a moment. The things that had dampened her spirit a while ago had no impact on her anymore as she sat there with him. She cleared her throat, hoping to grab his attention but what surprised her was a question in his eyes.

 "Is everything alright?" she asked, while Ranveer stirred in his chair.

 "Ishani," he said softly, "I'm sorry, but I overheard your conversation with... Disha, today. I know I shouldn't have, but it just happened... as it concerned that incident."

 Ishani looked at him uneasily, and lowered her head. "It was a matter between two sisters. You shouldn't have... " Ishani said, but was interrupted by Ranveer.

 "I know," he admitted. "But you should forgive her..."

 "Forgive her?" Ishani snapped. "Don't be so stupid!"

 "Look, Ishani," Ranveer explained. "What happened was a past and let it be a past now. None of us are getting anything out of it."


"But how could she do that to you?" Ishani retorted angrily. "I don't have a big heart like yours; I can't forgive her for anything that she did to everyone. How many lies were spoken!"

 "Ishani, let it go," Ranveer said.

 Ishani again looked at him, and shook her head. "You are impossible. How could you?"

 Ranveer came towards Ishani, and knelt before her. "Look," he said, hesitantly taking her hand in his. "I know what happened was bad, but do you think you can go on living with that grudge for the rest of your life?"

 Ishani shook her head. "But how can she be forgiven for--?" She couldn't let go of the heartaches that still echoed somewhere in his heart, even though he did not admit it.

 "Let it go."

 "It's not easy," Ishani whispered. "I'm not as strong as you are, I can't forgive people who hurt those I love." A trickle of tears left her eyes.

 Ranveer wiped her tears, and cupped her face. "She is your sister, and for a moment think about Mota Babuji as well. He too had forgiven her. You should as well."

 Ishani gave a start. "What! Papa knew about it? Papa knew you didn't--?"

 Ranveer nodded. "He did." Ishani still continued to look at him, and Ranveer understood she wanted him to continue. "Before I left Mumbai, I went to see him, and that was the day we met the last time. He was struggling with his business and didn't want to see me again, but at my continuous requests he agreed to listen to what I had to say."

 "And what did you say?" Ishani asked, not knowing why she had interrupted him.

 "That I loved him and you," Ranveer whispered softly, while Ishani clenched her fists in guilt. Why did he care about her so much? "But he thought I was making it all up, and wanted me to leave as soon as possible. And it wasn't until I told him I was actually leaving and might never return to Mumbai did he give in. He was heartbroken and confused whether to trust someone like me or not, but God knows what happened, that before I could get out of his office he called me back and hugged me."

 Ishani wiped the tears that appeared on her face.

 "I still remember his ragged voice as he had cried his heart out that day. He was so alone those days. He didn't want you or Falguni Maa to suffer anymore and yet he was failing. He wanted to halt for a moment so that everything would be alright. I had no other way to help him except returning back in my old position in the Parekh Mansion, but he refused that saying I should start a new life somewhere else. He said, he didn't deserve anything I could give him. He was sorry for what Disha had done but he had no heart or strength left to lose anyone when so much wrong had happened."

 "Let me guess," Ishani interrupted suddenly, "it was you who requested him not to punish anyone, right? Not even Chirag, because you must have thought about me." It wasn't surprising to her that he had forgiven everyone just like that.

 Ranveer looked at her uneasily. "Listen to me, Ishani," he said. "Revenge never heals anything and nor does holding on."

 "But why did Papa never tell me about this secret meeting?"

 "I had requested him not to," Ranveer said slowly, looking at the floor now. Ishani wasn't surprised.

 "Why, Ranveer?" Ishani said softly, while Ranveer looked at her. "Why did you not hate me for everything that had happened?"

 "I wouldn't say I didn't try, I did... but I couldn't," Ranveer said solemnly, a childlike innocence emanating through his eyes.

 "Not even after I let my family humiliate you and didn't come to your rescue when you'd needed me the most? You waited for me, didn't you?"

 "All the time," Ranveer answered earnestly, a curious note of sadness explicit in his voice which made Ishani feel perturbed for a while. She didn't realize her hand was still clasped in his and her grip on it had grown only stronger as he spoke.

 "Then it should have been easier for you to hate me. Expectations left unfulfilled never leave a heart unscathed."

 "It wasn't possible," Ranveer said, wiping the tears that had now appeared on Ishani's face. "Ishani, let go of all the old hatred and grudges. Life is too short to spend with them." A shadow passed over his face as he said so.

 Ishani wiped away the tears upon his face and their foreheads met for a fleeting second. She had rarely seen him in tears in his eyes - she was more used to the hollowness and coldness in them- and it felt good to see him melt although she herself being the cause of those tears tormented her.

 "How could you be so selfless?" Ishani asked. Another question he himself would never answer.

 Ranveer stood up, and smiled. And as she had expected he didn't say anything. Another thing that surprised her was that he even now showed no interest in going to the office. Very unusual when talking about Mr. RV.

 "I thought you were to leave for the office, weren't you?" Ishani said.

  Ranveer looked at her awkwardly as though Ishani had known a secret of him, and turned his eyes away. "Um... I'm not going to the office today."

 "Are you alright?" Ishani asked in a sardonic tone, while Ranveer squinted his eyes.

 "Am I not allowed to be at peace even in my own house?"

 "Of course you are," Ishani laughed. She suddenly felt better. "I was just wondering..."

 "Oh, really?" Ranveer answered, turning his face towards her.

 "What's happened now?"

 "You wonder so much, keep it with you for a while and..."

 Ishani raised her eyebrows at him. "And?"

 "And sit quietly."

 "Don't be so stupid. Why am I supposed to sit quietly...? All I did was ask a simple question but Mr. RV can't even answer that. You know you haven't yet answered it? You act like a drama queen, Ranveer."

 "Wrong. By that logic, I'll be a king and you a drama queen..." Words faded away at the realization of what the slip in tongue had made of the scenario, and they laughed, blushing.

 "Look, Ranveer," Ishani said calmly, controlling her laughter. "There's nothing you have to fight for and we can end this conversation here already, right?"

 "And you're leaving then?" Ranveer asked softly, and Ishani understood the cause of his weird behavior since morning. Their laughter died away and seriousness took over. Ishani coughed lightly only to efface the crude silence ensued between them. She nodded.

 "I will have to."

 She could feel Ranveer wanted to say something and she knew what; but she was very well aware that he wouldn't say anything, for somewhere the crevice that had been formed between them had not perished yet.

 "Couldn't you stay for a more while?" Ranveer said, after a few minutes' silence.

 "It's not going to change anything, is it? Take care of yourself."

 Ranveer did not react. Ishani turned her back towards him and advanced to the main door towards the exit, but before her feet could take her one more step ahead, she ran back and locked her arms around his neck in a tight embrace, her head on his chest. Ranveer, taken by a sudden surprise, stirred a little and slowly wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her little closer as though not wanting her to go away. Time passed on and Ishani could feel Ranveer stroking her hair gently, as she closed her eyes at the touch of his fingertips on her forehead. Neither said anything and to their surprise, silence felt more comfortable today.

 Ishani, separated herself from him, and not knowing why but before her mind could decide anything, her lips left a peck on Ranveer's left cheek while her own ones turned crimson at the realization of what she had just done. Her lips lingered there for a while as she breathed in his scent. In a few moments, Ishani looked up at him. Ranveer did not say anything and simply looked at her, his eyes carrying an emotion she could not decide anything about. Sometimes his silence frightened her but now it was different. She felt she was in one of her dreams once again and this time they felt more real, and her heart only ached for more of it... for the things left incomplete there. She wanted to escape, for once trapped in it, she knew there was no way out. No, she didn't want to actually. She had grown fond of many things that had happened now and knew she could never get enough of them no matter how hard she tried. Trying was what she had done. Even Ranveer had come to realize this, for he, as could be expected from him, withdrew his gaze away from hers and moved away, but Ishani dragged him back by his arm and their faces were too close. He resisted still and tried to say something about going away, but Ishani couldn't help but thaw immediately at his antics. However, his words melted as Ishani first brushed her lips against his gently and then kissed him, seizing him close to her while Ranveer now gave in and pulled her closer, kissing her back. They closed their eyes while their hearts beat frantically inside their skins.

 After what felt like eternity, Ishani and Ranveer separated and Ranveer again took her in his arms, softly rubbing his face against hers. He wiped her tears, her eyes looking at him in a strange surrender.

 "I'm sorry," Ishani said suddenly, backing off. But her apology was not for the moment that had occurred between them. Neither of them was sorry for that. Ishani averted her gaze away and, moving away from him, apologized once again.

 "Ishani," Ranveer said, unsure what more to say.

 "I'm getting late," Ishani said, pushing his hands aside, and quickly rushed to the main door, not looking back.

 She cursed herself for being so weak before him as a couple of drops of tears flicked out of her eyes and quietly rolled down her cheeks. So much had happened: how could she forget the things she had done and sufferings that she had caused him?

 One week passed since the incidents at the RV Mansion and Ishani had not been in contact with Ranveer ever since. To her own astonishment, Ranveer himself showed no sign of trying to talk to her and she somewhere felt it to be her own going. There were occasions missed they could have met, but Ishani felt it impossible  She couldn't face him afterwards and assumed probably Ranveer had the same reasons as she did. Apart from that, no further development had been made in the Chirag case. All was quiet. Even her mother had made no inquiry about Chirag or anything related and Ishani herself did not bother with it. She had few other important matters to look after and Chirag could be ignored for a more while. Though she knew very well he would never sit quietly in his den for long and would be returning for with something mischievous she could only be prepared for. However, her mind again returned back to Ranveer as Ishani looked at his picture, sitting quietly on her study table. It was an old photo of his that had been clicked on his 24th birthday when they were in Mumbai. The thought of his birthday made Ishani jump on her feet swiftly as she gasped in surprise. How could she forget that! 2 more weeks and he was turning 27 now! It was his birthday on the 2nd of May! The thought filled her heart with an excitement she couldn't measure in words.

 He never remembered the big day for himself and it had to be her wishing him that would remind him he was born on that day. Heck! Did he still not remember it like before? She wondered who would have been the one wishing him the birthday the first in these years. Probably his parents did so, but he had no time for wishes and birthdays and she couldn't imagine him really being happy about the day all this while, for no one else had known about it, not even Puneet. But this time she wanted to make sure the day had a better fate than usual this year. And birthday had to have presents. But what? What was it she could give him? He had everything one could present him with, but-- did he?

 It didn't need another thought, however, what she had to gift him on his 27th birthday. It was decided. It was going to be a surprise for him and she couldn't wait.


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congratulations for new thread dear ClapClapClapStarStar

res Big smile

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I am sho happy that your beautiful story has come so farHugHug  Your story is among one of my favourite one all timeDay Dreaming It is a beautiful story wrtiten by a beautiful and talented writerHeartHeart

Now coming to your first chapter in this thread, it was a stunnerHeartHeart     One of my favourite chapter in the stories HeartHeart I feel really bad that I read it this lateCryCry No apologies in the world would make it upOuchOuch 

But I want you to know that the chapter was extreamely beautifulHeartHeart I loved everything from Ishani admiring him and struggling with dil ki baat to when she is trying to lose the grip of his hand but his hold gets strongerDay Dreaming Sigh what a beautiful symbol was thatDay DreamingDay Dreaming  Ishani smiling just because of her manDay Dreaming Awww Heart I am fangirling so badlyLOL  Really Elvish I cant wait to these 2 having kids , they will be just adorable as there parentsDay DreamingDay Dreaming Also I am babysitting all the kids you ever write in IshVeer stories, deal?Embarrassed

Okey there convo while having breakfast was amazingly writtenApproveApprove Elvish how do write so beautiful?ShockedShocked I really need to know , maybe I can learn a thing or twoLOLLOL

I loved Ishani not being able to forgive Disha easily , I dont think Ishani should forgive her untill she is being really sorry. Because the Disha in the show wasAngry Why do you think I wrote a verry sweet and lovable Disha in my ffLOLLOL 

Ranveer as always is so forgiving and good heartet , you stayed true to his characterHeartHeart  Good job my beautiful friendHug

Also when Ishu said " That wont change anything" I  wanted to scold her for being sho stubborn , just go and kiss Ranveer and tell him you love himLOL

I know you love him , I know you care and u 2 will never ever be apartLOL 

See what your story is doing to me , I am singing JB songLOL ROFL And I am not  a JB fanLOLLOL

Anyways Ranveer 's birthday is comming soon , hope Ishu gives him an amazing giftEmbarrassed ( Her heart to himDay Dreaming)

ELVISH YOU HAVE DONE AN AMAZING JOB WITH THE UPDATEHug You writing is so beautiful , more beautiful than lyrics in a songEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Love you loads HeartHeart

With love
The verry bad studentLOL

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Aha! After waiting for this chapter like practically a lunatic, it's right here!

Firstly, congratulations on the second thread! This journey with Soulmates has truly been nothing short of the magic that your writing spawns into words, and as this journey is now drawing into its last phase, it's something that makes me feel hollow already. The last time I felt this way was when I'd written the epilogue for NC, and whenever I think about the end of Soulmates, it gives me that same feels.
Sigh, I've become very touchy. Ignore me.
Moving over to this chapter. Seriously, there's something wrong with both of us because our ideas keep overlapping with each others. Ahem, never mind. Coming back to the point, the beginning of the chapter is as magical as you always pen them down to be. It's like a strange lullaby that soothes your heart and obliterates your mind of all thoughts as there's an instant connect with the description of nature that you write down.
Ishaani stares at Ranveer asleep and she knows now that she loves him. Oh, she's known all along. And she just caught his hand and sat beside him, taking in his sleeping features and taking a reassurance from his rising and falling chest about a security that she'd been missing for years. Oh, I could go on and on about this part (just like how we usually do when we're in our essay writing moods with each other), but I'm too mesmerized right now to frame my thoughts correctly.
Dawn follows the night and Ranveer wakes up, and Ishaani finds his abrupt departure weird... well, you can't blame him really now, can you? It's something he dreamt all his life until one life day it was snatched away from him with the note that this could never, ever happen. And now that it does, it's hard to accept and believe.
Then comes their breakfast and silent seating in the living room. Ranveer isn't going to the office today - Ishaani is surprised, but Ranveer doesn't want to elaborate on it further. And there comes another revelation - about Disha and Harshad. Wow... Ishaani really doesn't know how badly she was caught up in the spin of lies now, does she? And no that she realizes how much was kept away from her, it's bound to hurt her and lap her heart with wave after wave of guilt about how much pain and suffering she's caused him.
So Harshad did know about Disha, but on Ranveer's insistence, he never brought up the topic. Ranveer has got such a big heart to forgive everyone even though his heart is battered beyond repair. Ishaani cannot believe how selfless he is, but then again, since when was Ranveer's love ever selfish?
And then there's the realization of what's in between them. Ishaani takes her cue to leave, but she just couldn't leave like that now, could she? Not without letting him know how much he means to her, about how much she cherishes him never though too much has been damaged between them. He doesn't push her away but decides to walk away, but she doesn't let him. It's something he'd always hoped for... he had to know that it could happen for real (or not).
That kiss is something I can read over and over again, I'm that in love with the way you've written the stirring emotions behind them. Ishaani walks away from him and leaves, and that's it. Neither of them have the courage to face each other after something like that (well she more than he, him I have my theory about). So she hasn't even heard from her mother about this till now... interesting. And Chiru baby is silent - he's definitely cooking up something. The silence before the storm. Yeah, I can hear the faint thunders already.
And here again, you've opened up a new arena - his birthday! She wants to give him a birthday surprise and hope that it's one of the better birthdays that he's had in all these years. Why do I feel that you're dropping the said nuclear bomb on our head on his birthday?
Anyways, ignore my stupid pestering, you know I can be a pain at times. This is indeed a chapter worth the wait and something I'm going to go and re-read again! Stunning job on the chapter, darling, and do update the next one soon! I can't wait to see what's to happen next!
Loads of love,
Ps. You've got to stop with those one-line hints, they're driving me crazy! It's like I know I'm right, but I can't do anything about it. Argh! Now I understand why you remain so frustrated about the spoilers of US.

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Congratulations for the new thread Elvish... Clap Clap

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Congratulations dear for the new thread Clap
Ok so I want to say that it was really one of the best chapter ever.Embarrassed it had a different beauty.It was the best , one can imagine. It really made my day. You took the time for the great thing. Embarrassed
Keep rocking.Embarrassed

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