TEI EP 199: The Savior; Analysis

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I'm going tell you guys what I did today. I took a day off. I walked by the lake off the city, I took pictures, rode bicycle and got shin-splits. It was so relieving because I used to run track and I had been ignoring my physical regime so that was amazing. Then I spent the entire day watching Coachella live on YouTube because every one has a right to be basic and broke. Ah, such an amazing day for me. Thank you for listening to me rant. 

Coming on to our lovely show; Tashan-e-Ishq is about Yuvi and Twinkle. Not Kunj and Twinkle. I saw a lot of negative posts floating around as I logged-in today and honestly guys, if you're gonna try to find logic in a war of impulse and heartbreak which is taking place on a indian soap, then good luck because you're never going to find that logic. Today's episode while not really brilliant, was good enough in taking the steps forward in Twinkle's journey to find the true love she will stand by. This story is about Twinkle realizing the value of love and discovering the reasons for the choice she makes between two men. Kunj has become part of the story between Yuvi and Twinkle because of his relationship to Twinkle however the main War of Love is between Twinkle & Yuvraj. The word Tashan has two contexts, one translates into "attitude/style" and that context applies to Twinkle's role as she is the one who decided between the Love of two men while the other meaning translates into "War" which is Yuvraj's role in the story. Yuvraj's war with Twinkle became personal to him himself when she rejected his love and their relationship for Kunj.

The episode started out with the "Zaara sa Jhoom Loon Mein" sequence all over again. The song was to overall highlight Twinkle's happiness and the return of Twinkle's personality towards lively and cheery as it used to be before her heart break and while it continued to do so, the flashbacks added on today highlighted the difference in outlook of both, Twinkle and Kunj towards there relationship. 

Yesterday, Kunj remembered his first meeting with Twinkle and his subconscious memory of Twinkle hugging him from behind. Both the memories invoked a sense of physical attraction the Kunj had for Twinkle since the beginning and that realization of attraction and love becoming clear to him as the subconscious memory was of the time when Kunj was ready to confess his love for Twinkle to Twinkle. I've maintained throughout that Kunj always felt attracted to Twinkle however that attraction was replaced with anger and frustration that her alliance brought in by creating chaos in his parents' relationship. 

Today's sequence, brought forth the perspectives of relationship from both sides. Kunj was quick to remember the almost kiss moment he shared with Twinkle after his first confession of love along with the times she stood by him (Twinkle running with his notes) and when she was adamant in proving her love (The hotel room scene with pillows). In between Twinkle and Kunj, there was always Yuvi and Twinkle's love for Yuvi was closely observed by Kunj. Twinkle where as remembered the moments that led up to her first confession with Kunj along with the time the nose came in between the kiss. The flashbacks of their first confession also made it's way through the sequence today. The reason of the first confessions's inclusion reflected on the physical relationship that Kunj and Twinkle share as of now. 

Twinkle and Kunj have rushed into their "honeymoon" missing out on the 24-hour deadline they could've utilized by understanding the importance they hold for each other just as they rushed to tell each other about the new-found feelings of love between them. What lacks between Twinkle and Kunj is the emotional stability and validation they both require in order to be secure enough in their relationship and take steps without permission of the family members for themselves. 
>Twinkle's flashback of the nose in between kiss signified Twinkle's awareness of the storm that is knocking on her and Kunj's relationship. Going to quote two parts of a previous analysis:

Originally posted by areeba_blossom


EP 182:

Today's episode has transitioned into the new track and flipped the page on the last on Manohar's track. Two things however are remaining, Twinkle helping Mahi separate from Yuvraj and Yuvraj trying a last tactic on Twinkle and Kunj (the return of the old montage is a reminder for us) before shifting his focus away from Kunj and Twinkle in order to make Mahi realize the mistakes she has made by turning him into her enemy. This new track will explore the insecurities that Kunj and Twinkle have for their happiness and their new relationship. 


The escape of Kunj and Twinkle in order to quench themselves away from the family to drink was another beautifully executed scene. Cold refreshments such as soda/soft-drinks symbolize good news where as drinking alcohol along with something sweet signifies increasing insecurities. Twinkle's insecurity to not be pleasing enough for Kunj is already visible when she questions herself in the mirror and tries to ask herself and teach herself how to kiss. I mentioned before that Yuvi will strike once more before adding Mahi to the group of people he wants to destroy to get back at Twinkle; and the insecurities of not being able to contain their happiness are surfacing now between Kunj and Twinkle. >> Nose as part of the face signifies the ability to recognize change before it arrives because of it's sense to smell. Twinkle's insecurities in not being able to physically pleasing to Kunj are going to come out and in order for her to overcome her past successfully and belief in her abilities, Kunj will be the one to woo her and return her her self-confidence. However in midst of Kunj's attempts to be romantic with his wife, Yuvi will take advantage of his stance to manipulate him against Twinkle's past. 

The sequence ends with Twinkle trying to escape but Kunj blocking the door and two sharing an intimate moment before Twinkle blanks out. Kunj has always been the protector of their relationship and made sure that at least in front of the world, these two are perceived as one despite their problems and arguments. The scene that shows Twinkle blanking out in state of being drunk was a reflection on how Twinkle has been overwhelmed by the amount of damage that needs to be healed and needs a moment to gather her thoughts.

Kunj places his hands over Twinkle's torso and since past few episodes he had been pointing to Twinkle's waist/torso area while calling out his 'lady' and her 'luck'. The 'torso' adjoins all the organs that absorb and  utilize the energy provided to your body through food. Kunj holding on to Twinkle's waist signified his need for Twinkle to be part of his life regardless of her actions, decisions and choices. It also signified his understanding of Twinkle's power in the "war of love".

The morning after scene foreshadowed Kunj's realization of Twinkle's attempts at isolating him. Twinkle wakes up from her slumber and unconsciously probes her hands over Kunj's nose, which signifies her alerting Kunj through her actions about the steps she might take however Kunj being Kunj will make Twinkle realize that he is not ready to understand the problem they are dealing with. (Basically men are immature and dumb). 
Kunj's bandaged hand on her waist moves just as they both realize the events that surpassed; signifying that Kunj will try to move away from Twinkle after seeing her move away from him. The emotional distance between them will only expand until Twinkle herself will reach out to Kunj. The track signified the developing of misunderstanding. and continues on from EP 189 where Kunj tried to sneak into the jailhouse to feed Twinkle.

Kunj's strength is draining out and that was visible in today's episode through Kunj's out-loud claims over his frustrating sex-life. He needs Twinkle to be his wife in every way that she has a right over and not by only submitting herself to him verbally and through empty validations. HIs wavering strength, his frustrations and his reaction to everything to go in flow with will pull Kunj down and provoke him further against Yuvi and not in a good way.

Today's episode took us back to the roots of the track where all of Yuvraj's plans started formulating. In yesterday's post I mentioned very distinctly how Kunj has been affected by the "War of Love" between Twinkle and Yuvraj. We also saw Mahi leave back to London in yesterday's episode because of her being overwhelmed by the baggage of her family and her need to create a space for herself on her own. Yesterday's episode also highlighted the war that is still on-going between the trio. 

Yuvraj's return into the Sarna household as Mahi's husband marked Yuvraj's transitioning towards his own War instead of continuing Anita's War. While the premise of mother and son's wars have been the same, the target is different. Yuvi came in with Mahi as a pawn to make place for himself. With using Mahi as a pawn, he implied the same tactics Anita implied by using Twinkle as a pawn to get back to Leela by getting her into a unrequited relationship with her son. Yuvi thought that Mahi will suffice in order to make Twinkle realize what she is losing by choosing Kunj but he didn't realize that Kunj has become a more stronger support system for Twinkle. He underestimated their bond and relationship, and involved family between Twinkle and Kunj.  Twinkle and Kunj agreed for their marriage in the worst circumstances because and for their families and with the emptiness in their relationship because of lack of trust and understanding, using the same to create a rift between them was a fabulous idea. However both overcame the hurdles thrown towards them by Yuvi. 

Understanding Yuvi's position is so important because this war was waged by him and ironically, the winner of the war would be Twinkle in either way. How so? Twinkle is determined and self-sacrificing. Her biggest strength and her biggest weakness is her love. Twinkle either chooses Kunj, or she chooses no one. Consent plays a big part and even if Yuvi gets through to Twinkle, without her consent he will not attain her in the way he wants. 

In EP 162, the stage was set to show how the Yuvi will push the old battles, the family members and tangled relationships together forcefully to get back to Twinkle and Kunj. The particular episode was the episode where Kunj vowed to himself to bring a smile on Twinkle's face and sets up an antakshari game with everyone. In the entire sequence that continues on to EP 163, Kunj sings four songs. The third song, "inteha hai intezar ki" is sung by Kunj before all the family members start leaving one by one. The last person to leave is Bebe who asks Yuvi to help her stand up. > While at the particular time, the scene did not hold  much significance, the track that was shown through glimpses started developing with EP 179, when Kunj lost his wallet while taking the thorn out from Twinkle's feet. Going to quote a particular section from that analysis: 

Originally posted by areeba_blossom

A "Thorn" is considered a symbol of sin and Twinkle being struck by thorns while running away and defeating her past signified that the battles are still on-going. The war between Yuvi and Twinkle started not when there mother's took challenges against each other but when Yuvraj decided that Twinkle was going to be the girl he was going to marry regardless of his feelings of spite and revenge. Kunj takes out the thorn, signifying that he will be successful in his attempt to extricate Yuvraj out of Twinkle's life BUT in attempt of doing so he will fall as more weaker prey to Yuvraj then has as of now. Kunj has repeatedly witnessed Twinkle holding Yuvraj's and her relationship accountable for so many incidents and he has also seen her regret the only thing in her life is the lies she told to her mother for that relationship. The relationship continues to shadow her present with him as well whereas Kunj's relationship with Alisha doesn't hold as much importance because of her not hovering around Kunj and striking at every chance. In an attempt to remove the 'thorn' from Twinkle's life, Kunj drops his "wallet", a symbol of power and control as it provides safekeeping of most intimate valuables and a person's daily finances. As of this instance, Kunj's insecurity of losing Twinkle will increase as he realizes that the extent Yuvraj has gone over to get Twinkle and Twinkle is the only person to have the ability to choose between the two. It isn't going to help that when thrown into a stew of emotions, Kunj only confronts by raging and rage is only going to cause strain on his and Twinkle's now growing relationship. 

>> When I saw the confession promo, my main point of concern was the dagger. Instead of using arson or gun or rope, Yuvraj uses a knife to stab Kunj directly a his heart and the best guess I could make was the weapon of physical intimacy because the barrier needed to get the emotional and mental intimacy has been crosses with the EP 180. It's going to be interesting to see Kunj's insecurities come forefront because he only speaks when it is absolutely required for him to speak. 

The shoes are mentioned alongside clinic by Twinkle after Kunj reveals her the details about his project. 

Kunj gets a phonetical from Rohit about a "project" that will be showcased in a London Meet. The name Rohit means first rays of the sun, signifying the direction Kunj will take to react to the physical insecurities between him and Twinkle would be through a right passage. A project is a collective work done towards one particular goal and the calling from London in Twinkle's life so far have been only two people. > Kunj and Mahi. (Funny how the second leads are London returns while the main leads resided in Amritsar. England as a country signifies nobility so maybe Kunj and Mahi's nobles actions of protecting Twinkle allowed the writers to put them in England rather then U.S.)

Twinkle upon learning about the project and trip to London, tells Kunj that she needs new shoes. Why shoes? Since Twinkle's return into the Sarna House, Twinkle has been leaning against Kunj's support and Kunj had gladly offered his based support to his wife throughout without sparing a second thought because of his "love" for Twinkle. I earlier said in this post that Kunj had been attracted to Twinkle the minute he met her but misplaced anger, frustrations and misunderstandings took space between the two until their marriage. Upon Twinkle's arrival into the Sarna house, Kunj witnessed her bathing in cow's urine and performing perfect Aarti. He appreciates her right away upon seeing her positive behavior with his family. His affections for her return after she faints in Gurdwara praying for his family and he names those affections as 'responsibility.' With growing affections, Kunj's position weakened financially (referring to the loss of wallet in EP 179) and he was kicked out of his job by Anita. >> Anita and Yuvi have wanted to separate Kunj and Twinkle and with the beginning of this track, they have continued to plant seeds of doubt in Kunj's mind which have been overshadowed by his love but remain planted all the same.

The shoes symbolize authority, power along with humility. Buying shoes signifies Twinkle understanding the dynamic of the war between her and Yuvi and understanding how Kunj has gotten in middle of it all. As mentioned in EP 189, Twinkle will take charge in order to protect Kunj and fight for his life through putting hers on line. The new shoes symbolizes the path Twinkle will here on be taking to heal the distance between her and Kunj by distancing herself further. 

I loved how Twinkle initially asked him if she come along and Kunj joked if she wants to be his bodyguard. It was indeed a joke for the moment, but Twinkle upon realizing the fight Kunj stated with Yuvraj for her will actually become his protector as he has become hers. Twinkle will not let the fight continue beyond her and Yuvraj however Kunj became part of this fight the moment she chose his name to be put on her henna during her wedding. 

The same routine continues on in the college amongst Kunj's friends when they discuss that there is only one book assigned by the professor for the project which is by author "William" (name means desire to protect, strong warrior) and the one who will be able to race to the top first gets to complete the project first. >> For Kunj to get to finish up the project, he requires complete information on subject that will allow him to fight for Twinkle's justice. Twinkles topping in between and then fainting signified the lengths she would go to to cut Kunj away from the battle between Her and Yuvraj. 

Kunj's displeasure at figuring out Twinkle's stance foreshadows his disappointment in Twinkle's self-sacrifice trait.

If you guys remember, I mentioned upon the start of Mrs. Amritsar track, that Yuvi's ploy is to push Kunj away from Twinkle and isolate Twinkle. With Yuvraj revealing his intentions to Twinkle after Manohar's scandal, Twinkle understood quite deeply and her decision to isolate herself to keep Kunj safe would be provoked by her understanding of Yuvraj seeing her as a weak prey except that Twinkle is not to be completely underestimated. This blow to Kunj is formulated by Yuvraj and Anita. 

The play upon Kunj's insecurities and Twinkle's past will be the ultimate test for Kunj's trust in Twinkle. If Kunj stands by Twinkle in the whole ordeal that will follow through, there will be an actual union of two that would be blessed by all eternity. This upcoming track will play on for two weeks and bring Mahi back as she is the source of revelation. Kunj's success in the end will also make him financially stronger because of his win granted to him by Twinkle. > The win was foreshadowed as Kunj promises a Taj Mahal to Twinkle. Mumtaz bore Shah Jehan a total of 14 children before dying at child-birth. This track's successful end for Kunj will bring joys of fertility for Kunj and Twinkle; which would be a monument of love given to Twinkle because of the stability she has provided him with. 

I want to end this lengthy post by giving my account of Twinkle's appearance change. When the show started, Twinkle used to wear similar dupattas with pom noms on the side along with salwars. Loose trousers/Salwars are rooted in south-asian culture and Twinkle's return to wearing clothes that resemble the ensemble she wore in her years before marriages hows her return to being her old self. The Suit she wore today was orange, mirroring what Kunj sees her as. The color orange resonates with vitality, determination, cheerfulness and enthusiasm. It also combines the energy of red and optimism of yellow. The blue dupatta and trouser displayed the insight Twinkle is gaining in her relationship. 

Yuvraj's betrayal and her mother's anger coupled with Kunj's coldness in her life after wedding shattered Twinkle completely but with Kunj's constant support and unconditional love, Twinkle will soon return back to the person she was. The slight change in hr behavior came out with the song sequence. 

I hope I wasn't as abrupt in the whole thing as I sounded to myself. The episode focused on Twinkle's position in Kunj's life and Kunj's realization of understanding the value of Twinkle's presence in his life. The War started out between Twinkle and Yuvraj only holds Twinkle as a savior to all those who have voluntarily stepped in = Mahi and Kunj. Alongside, Twinkle through out also holds the key to Yuvraj's future. 

Please leave your thoughts. 

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excellent write up once again Areeba. you have nailed. i truely agree about logics and all you have said.

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Wow Areeba, I have nothing to say except  that TEI need to recognize you and bestow some sort of acknowledgement, because when my faith in the show is wavering, these analysis of yours, rejuvenates my enthusiasm for the show. As I said yesterday I'm excited about the upcoming track, can't wait to see how it's played out.
Btw nice to know you're getting back to your exercising, plan on restarting gym on Monday. I love spin classes, but couldn't spin due to knee injury and was in therapy.
Awesome job done again in your analysis.

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beautiful analysis areeba even with all the glitches in the episode.
I don't know how you mange to find these little things so crucial. Its so amazing to actually listen to your thought process.

And i so agree with kardooks, TEI CVS should sooo read your analysis.I bet they would be thunderstruck to read it.
Loved it.

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Loved your analysis.
One question,is this track pointing to /leading towards a brief separation? Are they going to travel together to London if Kunj is going to experience insecurities and Twinkle is going to distance herself from Kunj to protect him.

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Lovely post as always areeeba!!!

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You know what Areeba, people like you are blessings to this forum Wink

I have a theory in my mind, which I know I can share ONLY in your post because if I post this on a separate post MAAR Dalenge sab mujhe LOL But before touching the theory I would like to tell you I am in love with your "Photography" Big smile Recently started following your clicks on Instragam and I am very very much impressed Clap Not only the mesmerizing view but the THOUGHT behind those clicks are simply AMAZING Clap

Yes men are... Sleepy THE WAY Kunj & Yuvi UNDERESTIMATE each other I feel like banging their heads somewhere you know...

Will post the theory in next post

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Here everyone is expecting Yuvi will put a condition of "Divorce from Kunj" in front of Twinkle, BUT what if he puts a condition like "Spending a night with him in order to save Kunj" (I know its disgusting but its YUVRAJ we are talking about so such condition very much possible) We know according to Luthra love is 99% physical, He thought Mahi just wants him on her bed remember? And his taunts to TwiNj regarding their physical distance...So what if he puts such a condition and Twinkle agrees...Because she can do anything for Kunj, THIS can cause a serious rift between TwiNj and it can work for a CHANGE in Luthra also like, he will plan it thinking Kunj will STOP Loving Twinkle if she sleeps with him but Kunj will be hell upset angry n what not still the LOVE will be there, and Twinkle can say "You can force yourself on my body but in my heart it will be always only Kunj" THIS can change Yuvi's mind n he will not able to touch her...

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