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Ragna new story: True Love Will Never Be Apart!!(PART 3 - PAGE 16) (Page 16)

Vishakha.. Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 3:41am | IP Logged
            Hey Everyone!!!! A Very Happy New Year To One And All!!!! Okay here on demand is the next instalment of the story...AND I know after reading the story...in the end you all are surely going to hunt me down and kill me cruelly...but hey if you all do that I promise you all that you will never get to know what is the next scene of the story...so that will be tit for tat i guess...

Okay without wasting much of your and mine time let start already!!!

P.S:- Dream - Italic.



                              Kalpana was doing nothing but enjoying his love, her body achingly satisfied as she let him dominate her body while she enjoys the pleasure while momentarily encouraging him with her moans and groans. She was lost and she was happy being lost. Closing her eyes she was moaning when she felt his hand reaching in between her legs as he slowly pulled her garment downs as she worked her hands on his jeans, unbuckling and unzipping it like an expert and pulling his jeans and inner garment down all the way using her legs while he removed her garment and hugged each other. Feeling each other skin to skin with no barriers took their arousal to a complete new level as the smell of their arousal wafted in their surrounding as raghav positioned himself in between her and gently pushed himself in her taking her mouth is his as she gasped in pleasure.

                             Slowly and gently he went in taking care, not to hurt her, he broke the kiss wanting to watch her expression while he is marking her, he thrust in her in one go, while her expression changed from pleasure to pain, her lips parted to scream out loud when raghav again took the possession of her lips and muffled her creams into whimpers and whispers. As she adjusted under him, he started to pull and push, in and out, of her, wrapping her legs around his waist as he took both of them to a new level of pleasure which was unknown to them. As he was mounting in and out of her, their heart sang the song of togetherness as their soul merged together becoming one along with their body. As they were mounting the level of pleasure, the passion and their love, they knew their climax was near as raghav took her nipple in his mouth, pulling her, giving one last long thrust as they both climaxed tighter, bursting into the bubble of relaxation as he gave all his love to her through his love juices while she took all his love exploding into her pleasurable orgasm.


                           Kalpana woke up from her dream, her face sweaty, body shivering, she can feel her face has become hot and she no doubt knows that she is blushing hard. Her body was aching, her thighs somewhat sore, kalpana flinched slightly as she was hit by a cramp, but even after all this she was happy, glowing, satisfied because all this reminded her of his, Raghav's love, which he showered upon her on last night, the body pain and soreness was the evidence that she was marked by him. Forever.

                            Suddenly Kalpana felt cold breeze touched her body as she shivered and the she realized hat she was still naked with a naked body lying beside her which of course was of Raghav's. She blushed red and she tried to cover herself by taking raghav's shirt which was lying beside her, but as she moved, she felt a warm hands hold her waist and she was laid down on her back again and a warm body came on top of her. Kalpana moaned, even though her body was sore, it did reacted against her pain. Again feeling Raghav's bare body on top of her, kalpana felt aroused. And.She.Lost.The.Control.Again.

                             As kalpana woke up from her dreams, raghav also woke up feeling the loss of touch of her warm body. he saw how she was blushing, sweating and shivering, he knew all this was because of their last passionate night. Remembering their last night together, he again started to feel hot inside, "Oh No, i want her again", thought raghav naughtily. And as kalpana tried to move, he pulled her back and came on top of her to claim her. Again.And.Again.And.Again.

                              "Raghav SSIIRRR", Kalpana moaned loudly as she felt his body on top of her, his hardened member poking her lower belly, feeling it a pleasurable chill went down her spine. He stopped.

                              "Sir!!!???", Raghav said.
                      "Kalpana it's Raghav, call me Raghav", said Raghav huskily.

                     "But Sir?", Kalpana was breathing hard, her breasts hitting his bare chest, he was loosing control but he controlled himself, he wants to hear his name without 'sir' in it from Kalpana.

                      "Raghav", said raghav as he leaned in and nibbled her earlobe, biting it, nibbling it slightly.

                     "Ummm...Ragha..v...Sir..", Kalpana groaned, shivering, she caught hold of his arms as his hands went down to her waist caressing it, his legs entangled with hers, his toes playing with her toes.

                    "RAGHAV", whispered raghav and kissed her pulse point and took her skin between his teeth, biting it, sucking it then nibbling the area marking her there, his hands went up as he slowly caressed her ribs, her side of the breasts as his fingers went up to her neck slightly brushing past her nipples as he felt her scratch him on his arms at his act. Raghav slowly caressed her neck with his fingers as he hold the back of her neck and pulled her had up as he leaned in till their lips met. And the bomb exploded at the back of their mind as if they were kissing first time.

                   At first, Raghav's tongue brushed her lips and as her lips opened, he pushed his tongue inside her warm mouth, and touched hers, his lips locked with hers, his tongue playing with hers, drinking her saliva, exploring each and every corner of her sweet mouth, he began sucking her lips, he bite it as finally she moaned, "RAGHAVVV". Finally. His name was never so sweet before, as she moaned again ,"Ahmmm..mmm..umm", her fingers slowly moved up from his arms to his neck and then to his shoulder, caressing it, rubbing it, as she pulled him more and more closer to herself, she can feel his manhood rubbing at her entrance, a pleasurable groan left her and she digged her nails on his back. "Oh Kalpana", moaned raghav as he felt himself rub at her opening.

                    While kissing, his hands went down to her breast, holding it, pinching her nipples, pressing her breast, his lips went down to her cleavage as he started kissing her, neck, placing open mouth kisses on her shoulder, biting her throat, his fingers playing with her nipples as his mouth went between the valley of her breasts and kissed there, kalpana was shivering with pleasure, she never thought raghav can be this much romantic. Soon his fingers was replaced by his mouth as he in one the bud in his mouth and started sucking it while his one hand played with her other breast, his other hand went down to her feminine part and he pushed his fingers in her playing with it, due to which kalpana gasped, her hands went to his back, she don't know what she was doing, was she pulling raghav for more and pushing him back, her eyes was full of tears, was the tears of pleasure or of satisfaction, she don't but she want this feeling to stay.Forever.

                  Kalpana's fingers was playing with his hairs pulling his mouth more and more on her bud as raghav changed from one breast to another giving both the equal attention as his finger was busy in her channel, pulling and pushing, in and out, soon she felt him pushed another of his finger in her channel while his thumb played with her cl*t and suddenly she felt empty down there as she felt him pull his fingers out of her, she opened her eyes and looked at him, her face all red, he was already looking at her and brought his fingers in front of his lips and sucked it, Kalpana shivered seeing it but didn't avert her gaze from his face. Sucking his fingers clean and again moved his fingers down and pushed his fingers in her and now she can feel his saliva mixing with hers as he played for pleasure.

                   Raghav moved down to her navel and started sucking it while fingering her feminine part and Kalpana again closed her eyes feeling pleasure surged through her whole being. After few minutes went by suddenly she felt being pulled and now raghav was beneath her and she at top of him. "Love Me", whispered raghav as he pulled her closer to himself. With shaky fingers, she traced his face, his forehead, his eyes, nose, cheekbones, his lips then her fingers went to his soft hairs, ruffling it as she started to put feather-like kisses on his face. She took his lips in possession kissing him softly as her fingers went to his broad bare chest, playing with his nipples, raghav closed his eyes as he felt her soft, innocent touch on his skin, his hands went up as he caught hold of her waist sliding his hands at the small of her back and caught hold of her lower back as his other hand went up to her neck caressing it as he deepened the kiss, nibbling her lips, he sucked the nectar of her lips and played with her tongue. Slowly, her lips went down towards his neck, raghav chuckled when she tried to give him love bite but failed miserably, she put open mouth kisses all over his chest, sucking his shoulder, kissing his throat, her mouth covered one of his nipple and she circled her tongue around his nipple and heard his groan, she pulled his nipple between her teeth, sucking it, while her one hand played with his other nipple. She played with both of his nipples, kissing his chest she was about to go further down when she was flipped back, her back hitting the floor and raghav on top of her and took her lips for a passionate French kiss. He cant control now, he has to claim her immediately or he would burst out", thought Raghav.

                 "Hmmm Kalpana", raghav groaned as he spread her thighs apart and positioned his manhood at her entrance. He looked at her as if to take permission, she blushed and closed her eyes, ready for it again and he smiled. He locked his gaze with her as he pushed his hardened member inside her, her gaze looked with his but as she felt him pushing himself inside her, her eyes closed, her lips slightly opened as if to moan but no voice was coming out of her, she pushed her body upwards as she felt him push his member further in her. Raghav was slow this time, very slow, memorizing her expression in his mind, he tried to control himself, slowly pushing his member in her, he closed his eyes and leaned in her and got busy with her neck, his hands pressing her breast and fingers playing with her nipples which was achingly stiff and sore but satisfied, he slowly pushed himself in her till he was completely in her, connecting with her to a completely different level, he sighed.Finally.Heaven. , he thought.

                     Kalpana can feel him moving ever so slowly in her that she was deing, her breath shallow, trying to catch the breath but cant and when he was finally and completely inside her she felt that her lungs was finally out of breath, breathing hard, she grabbed hold of the hay grass around her as she felt him connected with her completely. Closing her eyes, her head titling from one side to another, she moaned loudly, "AHHH...Raghaaavvv", as she felt him took the possession of one of her nipple and moving inside her. Her eyes leaking tears of pleasure as she felt him, pull himself out of her completely and then push himself inside with a strong, hard, long thrust that it made her yelp loudly, and the rhythm started as her legs went automatically around his hips, pulling him more and more inside her. Both of them moaned and groaned simultaneously as they breathed hard trying to catch their breath. Her moans and groan, her digging and scratching provoked him more and more as he started to push more hard and stronger thrust. She can feel herself nearing to her climax and their scent of arousal wafted to surrounding, she shuddered as she felt him coming close to his own climax, and at last the dam broke as he felt her coming to her orgasm hard followed by his own love juices mixing with her. And finally he fell on top of her, tires and spent, he took her lips in a gentle and affectionate kiss and she responding to it and they tried to normal their abnormal breath and that's the time when they both heard the ringing of the cell, more precisely, kalpana's cell and the broke there kiss and raghav fell beside her. She caught hold of her cell which was lying somewhat near her as she answered the call, it was shree, he was sounding tensed.

                    "Kalpana, where are you??...oh god do you even know what happened, please come to ETF fast, we all are waiting for you and do you know where is raghav sir...it really very important for him to know that...", spoke shree, continuously without giving a break.

                    "Shree...I'll be there i few hours and I'll bring Raghav...Sir with me, don't worry", and cut the call without waiting for the reply and turned towards raghav who was looking at her with lots of love, she shied down but then remembered what shree told her.

                     "Sir...", kalpana started.

                     "Raghav", stated raghav, caressing her cheek.

                     "Yes...ummm...raghav..yes raghav...Shree was sounding really very tensed and said come to ETF immediately and he was also asking for you, i think we should leave as we still have to find our way out  of the forest", said kalpana and started to getup but was pulled back by raghav and she fell on top of him.

                    "Future Mrs. Kalpana Raghav Singhania, we will  not get up until you give me one last kiss...please", pleaded raghav.

                   "Raghav", shied Kalpana and nonetheless leaned in placed her lips on his they kissed affectionately.

                    Later they both got up, dressed, and leaved the hut hand-in-hand. It took 4 hours to actually get out of the forest, with them specifically raghav being hopelessly romantic, always cornering her under a tree and having a small make-out session with her.

                    After getting out of the forest they immediately left towards ETF. As the office was nearing, kalpana's heart was beating at a fast pace as if something bad is going to happen, she don't know why but it felt heavy. And when the entrance of the building was near, she suddenly caught hold of Raghav's arms, halting him and hugged him tight. Startled Raghav hugged her, pulling her closer, he placed a soft kiss on her hair and asked "Kalpana??".

                   "Raghav, everything will be fine right, you will not leave me right?", questioned Kalpana.

                   "Kalpana, what happened to you...listen I'm not going to leave you because you are my life...I ...I Love You...understand", cupping kalpana's face said raghav.

                   Kalpana looked happily surprised as she heard him first time confess his love to her, not that she don't know he loves her, that's what he proved last night and this morning, Kalpana blushed at her thought and happily pecked his lips, "I Love You Too Raghav".

                   Smiling they went inside the office hand-in-hand, and saw everyone gathered around something or someone. Smiling she called her friend, "Shree". They turned, she can fell Raghav stiffened like statue and she herself felt numb seeing the person in front of her. Slowly that person stood up and slowly Kalpana loosened her hold on his hand and left it and that is when raghav came back to reality, seeing the person he was shocked. he should be happy but he was not, he was feeling pain, feeling the loss of touch he turned his face towards his side and that is when that person hugged him tightly. He saw Kalpana moving away from him, he wanted to move towards her but the person was hugging him so strongly that he couldn't move. His fist tight by his side not wanting to hug that person.

                   Kalpana moved back and turned her back towards him, her friend came Shree came by her side and caught hold of her hands supporting her as only he knew what she feels for Raghav sir.

                  "PAKHI", came kalpana's hoarse whisper, as she chocked her own tears and hold back her sobs. "IS ALIVE".


Oh...Did I warned you that the update contain mature stuff read at your own risk with A/c full on speed...NO...cruel me...

So how's it??? Do tell me how bad I'm writing such stuff!!! Oh and yes don't kill me please...I can assure you Makhi will not be the hindrance in our Ragna romance...infact she will be the one who will be responsible for their romance...and yes you see raghav just cant control his hormonesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedWinkWink...hope you got the hint...

Do like and comment if possible!!!

Thank you And A Very Happy New Year To All...Love You..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

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rachufan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 7:12am | IP Logged
HAAPPY NEEWW YEAR DEAR thannk u so much giving us such a hot gift [ i m blushing
so makhi is alive what will raghav do   how will he gets his hands offf our angel
update soon dear
Sakkiyah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 7:18am | IP Logged
Interesting update...
Thanks for the pm
Niki1980 Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Happy New Year...super interesting update...pls update soon
Naazrt IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 8:16am | IP Logged
awesome update buddy
thanks for pm
naharkhan123 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Very hot nd interesting update pakhi is back awesome update thanks for pm nd happy New year 
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Omg lovely update...
Its so lovely hot...
Wat pakhi is alive is she somehow bad i  it
Update soon
kinnapatel Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2017 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
SmileWOW looks who is back with full motion ''visha'' .wow can't imagine how beautiful u wrote super bubbling HOT and super super duper update for RAGNA romance till now .u know what u need to go little vaction all time not too long ok.so we get hot update .now who is back that big makhi .well as u said she will not disturb RAGNA romance and RAGNA not gonna seperated then i am happy .u know me i don't like if some one comes in their romance and RAGNA cry .ha finaaly visha is in full mood.please try to update soon .THANKS FOR PM .

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