Ariya new story: True Love Will Never Be Apart!!(PART 3 - PAGE 19) (Page 15)

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Originally posted by Shanafr

Update plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz

will update soon dear...

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Originally posted by sahirakapoor

Hey very nice story
Cont soon

thanks...will continue soon...
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            Hello, Helloo, Everybody!!!! I, Vishakha Welcome you all To my Most Embarrassing Post I Have Ever Written And Will Ever Write!!!!

               I am not gonna say much here, you have to read it once to know why I'm saying it

             Warning:- Below 18, Please close the page ASAP and others above 18, who don't like to see passionate scene can also skip it.



                 Taking a deep breath, arjun turned his face away from riya and tried to control his heartbeat for a while and controlling his emotions he looked at riya. "Ohh, how i wish to kiss those soft petals of her", thought arjun while looking at riya's quivering petals. Taking a deep sigh and putting aside his feelings he calmed down and in a very firm tone said, "Now there is no time of arguments and excuses, now we cant find our way out of the forest it already evening and i think we should find shelter to stay for night, sun can set anytime and roaming in a jungle at night is really very dangerous and on it i think the condition of weather is also not so good", said arjun looking around and seeing the clouds has become slightly black and was sure there will rain soon so they should find some shelter to protect themselves.

                                   Taking a turn he started walking to find some shelter followed by riya at his back. After walking for 2-3 hours they finally reached a hut which was not in a good condition but can be used for a night as a shelter.
                                  Walking around the hut, checking the surrounding when arjun was sure that there is no threat there, they went inside. And as soon as they went inside the hut, the cloud burst and rain started to grace the earth with its full force, making the environment more and more cold and peaceful. Here inside the hut, the situation was completely opposite, arjun and riya, anyway was feeling hot inside, first due to the frustration of there almost kiss and then the surrounding was not helping either, the rain has made the surroundings more and more romantic.
                                  Controlling their emotions, slowly riya went and sat in the corner of the hut and arjun searched something to lit the fire. Gathering as much wood as possible, he put them in middle of the hut, lighting it with his lighter and sat beside riya maintaining some distance, but the size and condition of the hut was not so good, so they have to shift closer to each other. Silence prevailed, both lost in their own thought and stealing glances of each other through the corner of their eyes time to time till they fell asleep.

After 2 hours,

                                 The fire has dried because of the rain coming in continuously and so arjun and riya shifted closer to each other unconsciously holding each other tight against one another. Riya head, comfortably over his chest, one hand near where his heartbeats and one hand holding his waist tightly, snuggling closer to him to find the warmth, almost putting her entire weight over him. And arjun's hand on her shoulder and waist squeezing her tightly against his frame with his head cradled between her shoulder and neck, hidden in her vanilla scented hair, taking all of her weight on him. Both were comfortably holding each other seeking the warmth not for the cold with surrounded them physically but for their heart which without even them realizing was healing the wound embracing and enveloping the warmth which the one heart provide to another.

                                     Suddenly cloud roared, and there was a loud thunder, enough to break the sleep of arjun. Slightly opening his eyes, he glanced around the surrounding in confusion and closed his eyes again. "Wait, why I'm feeling so nice, clam and peaceful? how ? I fell asleep?? How? After Roshni's death I didn't even had one second of such peace and satisfaction, even when i am awake...didn't got to sleep properly for 1 hour, but today why I'm feeling different, something like calmness??? Something is different..but WHAT", Arjun thought. And then suddenly he felt something move against him, something so soft just like feather. Opening his eyes he glanced down, only to be greeted with something which took his breath away, an angel in his arms, lovingly and comfortably snuggling closer and closer to against him to save herself from the cold. His eyes soften and his lips curved up in a loving and amused smile, a smile which he thought, he has forgotten how to do it. His hand automatically went to her cheeks softly caressing it with his knuckles, his heart wants it, but his mind is screaming, "Don't do it...You will regret...Stop...Just stop...push her away...listen to will regret it later" but his heart overpowered his mind this time, "You love her, you want her...don't push her away, the path of revenge is a path of fire and you are burning yourself in it and riya is the cool breeze which will extinguish this cant walk alone in this path...riya is the perfect companion for you to accompany you in this path...don't push her away...listen your heart...please..i cant stay alone now..not without her..please". His mind was screaming but this time he listened to his heart and did what he actually wanted to do since years, he met her.

                                        Gazing her softly, with his knuckles softly caressing her cheeks, he used his fingers and traced the outline of her face then moving his fingers to her throat, her neck, moving it to her cleavage and then the side of her breast to her waist and squeezed it tightly pulling her closer to him if that was even possible. Bending his head, he inhaled the vanilla scent of her hair, and started to nuzzle her shoulder and she chuckled in her sleep as his bread pricked her pulse point but he continued his act and slowly started to bend her back towards the hay and came over her completely, continuing his nuzzling session. Arjun started placing soft, wet kisses over neck and shoulder and felt her tighten her hold around his waist and moaned softly. Hearing her moans he stopped his act and gazed up towards her face only to see that she was still asleep but her cheeks were turned into pink and she was smiling shyly, breathing hard. "How can she still be asleep? ..seriously and turn me-on like that?, arjun thought shaking his head and again went back to his work.

                                      He started trailing his tongue over her throat, sucking it, biting her, pulling her flesh against his teeth and playing with it along with his hand moving on her waist, squeezing it, pulling her shirt out for her jeans and pushed his hands inside her shirt and playing with her bare skin, he groaned loudly. His hand slowly moved upwards feeling her soft milky skin then his hands went down feeling her curves and flat stomach, his hands reached for her jeans and unbuttoned it with his tongue still playing with her skin above her neck, he unzipped her jeans and pulled it all the way down till her knees and then used his legs to further take it down all the way out of her and placed himself in between her and placing his hand on either side of her hips he wrapped her legs around his waist and groaned loudly.

                                        Riya stirred in her sleep feeling pleasurable sensations through her body specially in between her legs. She was feeling relaxed. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked at her surrounding and felt something hard against her body. Her eyesight was blurry due to the remaining remnants of sleep but she can very well feel that someone was above her, kissing her, touching her and they touch felt familiar...very familiar. Slowing with the blurry image getting cleared she gazed down only to see arjun over her and enjoying himself while marking her his. She chuckled as he felt his bread pricked her again and thought that she was again dreaming about arjun and he making love to her, loving her. She closed her eyes again and let him do what he wants to do with her, "Atleast in my dreams he is loving me", she thought. But then something felt different, as his hand went towards her shirt and slowly her started opening the buttons of his shirt with his one hand while his other hand was busy in  unbuckling his jeans and pulling it down as his teeth sank in her flesh harshly just above her cleavage.

                                        Shocked she opened her eyes and tried to pull away from arjun. But arjun was fast enough, he hold her both hands and pulled it above her head and gazed at her face, her eyes wide with shock but it also has nervousness, love, passion and desire for him. Riya was still struggling to free herself from his steel-like grip when she saw his gaze shifted from her eyes to her lips and he bend and took her lips in-between his and started sucking the juice out of it. With this act of his, riya's all resistance went out of the window as he loosed his grip on her wrist and cupped her face angling it in a way he wants it. Slowly his tongue probed further to take an entry in the forbidden zone and riya happily let him dominate her as her hands went to his hairs pulling him more and more closer to her. She gasped as she felt his crotch hard against her and writhed in pleasure and his legs pulled his bulge more closer to her crotch.

                                     Arjun was busy in sucking the fruity juice in her mouth, her mouth sweet like honey, her lip full, juicy and plump like fruits and her body soo soft just like feather. Kissing her, he rubbed his tongue over her teeth and French kissed her. While kissing riya's hand went to the front of his shirt from his hair and she started to unbutton him feeling his bare, smooth chest, his hard stomach, rock hard muscles of his shoulder, she removed his shirt with his help. Leaving her lips, he went back to her cleavage, sucking and biting it, earning loud moans and groans in return, he started to unbutton her completely and felt her quiver underneath him.

                                  Removing her shirt, he quickly undid her bra, throwing it away somewhere and he gasped seeing the beauty in front of him. Cupping both the swells he used his thumbs to make the ni*ples erect, as he took one of the tip in his mouth sucking it while cupping the other swell earning a loud groan and scratches at his scalped. Riya used her hand to scratches his back while she pulled him more closer to her swell, using her hand to assist him. He sucked her nip*le till it was swollen, scratched and aching giving same attention both the nipples, arjun went down and bite her belly button.

                                Riya was doing nothing but enjoying his love, her body achingly satisfied as she let him dominate her body while she enjoys the pleasure while momentarily encouraging him with her moans and groans. She was lost and she was happy being lost. Closing her eyes she was moaning when she felt his hand reaching in between her legs as he slowly pulled her garment downs as she worked her hands on his jeans, unbuckling and unzipping it like an expert and pulling his jeans and inner garment down all the way using her legs while he removed her garment and hugged each other. Feeling each other skin to skin with no barriers took their arousal to a complete new level as the smell of their arousal wafted in their surrounding as arjun positioned himself in between her and gently pushed himself in her taking her mouth is his as she gasped in pleasure.

                               Slowly and gently he went in taking care, not to hurt her, he broke the kiss wanting to watch her expression while he is marking her,he thrust in her in one go, while her expression changed from pleasure to pain, her lips parted to scream out loud when arjun again took the possession of her lips and muffled her creams into whimpers and whispers. As she adjusted under him, he started to pull and push, in and out, of her, wrapping her legs around his waist as he took both of them to a new level of pleasure which was unknown to them. As he was mounting in and out of her, their heart sang the song of togetherness as their soul merged together becoming one along with their body. As they were mounting the level of pleasure, the passion and their love, they knew their climax was near as arjun took her nip*le in his mouth, pulling her, giving one last long thrust as they both climaxed tighter, bursting into the bubble of relaxation as he gave all his love to her through his love juices while she took all his love exploding into her pleasurable orgasm.

                           Feeling satisfied arjun broke apart from her as they both fell in each others arms feeling the afterglow of their love making, panting hard. He kissed her forehead softly, as if assuring her, their future, his love and protection as a tear droplet fell from her eyes, smiling she snuggled closer to him as he petted her till sleep embraced her and she fell asleep, the most peaceful sleep of her life. And slowly sleep also took over arjun as he pulled her closer in his embrace, he fell asleep with her in his arms, content.

                              Today they both were satisfied as they got what they desired since long i.e. their love and togetherness but will they be able to face the obstacles thrown to them by destiny or will their love will become one the unrequited love story where the lovers are meant to be together but they cant be one.

And Now I'm gonna run and die drown in water!!!

So would you throw at me Stone, Chappals or tomatoes!!! Please Inform me before in advance so that i can take precautionary measures!!

But Please you all do like and comment!!!!

Next Update:- Don't Know When...But If Iam alive will surely do so soon...


Whoever wants Pm please Comment here(Those who are in the PM list, You'll don't have to Comment)

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great update
manasvi.. IF-Rockerz

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Another hot update
Looking u r in naughty mood today
Any way its nice but why small update after a long time
Update soon
Thanks for pm
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what a hot n passionate update
ariya come close
update soon
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Nice update.
continue soon.
thanks for pm
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awesome one
loved it
thnx for pm
cont soon

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