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~~~FAN Reviews & BoxOffice Update 3~~~ DTNote:P94 (Page 99)

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:09am | IP Logged
A role modelled on Gauri Khan
Updated: April 20, 2016 15:07 IST | Sangeetha Devi Dundoo
Waluscha de Sousa
Waluscha de Sousa talks about the high of making her film debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Fan'

The first reaction was that of surprise and the thought where had she been?' when we spotted Waluscha de Sousa on screen, playing Shah Rukh Khan's wife in Fan. "Everyone has been telling me that," laughs the model who once scorched the ramp. Waluscha waltzed into the modelling scene as a teen.

She was supposed to be the surprise factor, cast in a brief role modelled on Gauri Khan. Waluscha is relieved she can finally talk about the film, which happens to be her first. She has done a few ad films with Shah Rukh in the past, but this was a different ball game.

"I was looking and was told that if I manage to meet casting director Shanoo Sharma, there's a good chance of something working out. I sent her my photographs and waited. The call came out of the blue and I rushed to meet her," says Waluscha. In the next two days, she auditioned and went back, hoping something would come out of it.

Shanoo Sharma had sent the audition clippings to Aditya Chopra and Maneesh Sharma, who were on the look for someone pretty, could act, and looked confident to be a superstar's wife. "I was called to meet Maneesh and it was a casual conversation. Even then I didn't know about Fan. When they eventually asked if I'd act in the film, it was a no-brainer. I mean, why would I refuse a film with Shah Rukh?" she laughs.

On her first day on the sets, she was a bundle of nerves. She had rehearsed but got worked up and fumbled her lines. "We were shooting the scene were Gaurav walks into the house, I hug him and sense that he is an impostor. I was wearing a satin night dress and felt conscious, uncomfortable," she recalls.

Mobile phones were not allowed on the sets to keep SRK's Gaurav look under wraps. So Waluscha didn't have the option of calling her friends and sharing her nervousness. "I maintained a calm exterior but I was dying inside. It was nerve wracking. Shah Rukh was very patient till I got it right," she says.

Hers might have been a brief role, but Walushca was excited. "I liked the experience. My brief was to play a confident woman like Gauri. She's been Shah Rukh's backbone and she's seen him through ups and downs."

Waluscha watched Fan with family and friends who kept cheering her. "For my kids, I had become an overnight star," she says.

There was a time when she had moved away from modelling, after her marriage to Marc Robinson at 19. "I did what I felt was right, devoted all my time to bringing up the kids. I had put my passion on the backburner. But after things turned out the way they did, I had to pick up my pieces and move on," she says, referring to their divorce.

Now, she's eager to be a part of the film industry. Occasional modelling assignments will continue. "A few designers have been my close friends all along and I'll walk the ramp for them. I'm going to Dehradun where Rocky S will be showing his collection," she trails off.

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:26am | IP Logged
So reading Shah's interviews seems like he's happy with the outcome of the filmBig smile And that's all that matters to me. If you guys remember, during HNY promotions itself, Shah had mentioned a few times that he expected both Fan and Raees to not go the same way as his other movies.

And he said he's doing another movie with Maneesh which will start next yearDancing

Let's just be happy that Shah is happy with the results. Who knows, babe might just pick up the national award for this role. All will be forgotten by then.Embarrassed

For now, him and the fam are apparently off to London for Aryan's big graduation dayParty

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After having watched the movie, I feel sad for SRK, such a brilliant performance and public has not watched it. The movie should have worked, its well made and holds your interest. So the only plausible reason is promotion. Damn YRF and AdiAngry I have myself told more than 20 people that SRK movie has released and majorly public is unaware.

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Not that this might be a reason, but Shah did mention in one of the interviews during promotion that he had been hearing people say how the trailer had so less of SRK and more of the new guy. And he was like some people seem to not even be aware that I'm also the other guy.

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RamSiyaRam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Fan box office collections: Shahrukh Khan's hatke' movie's fourth day collection rises to Rs 122.90 crore

Fan box office collections: Shahrukh Khan movie's fourth day collection has fallen drastically to Rs 6.05 crore (Monday), which was the first working day after the long weekend for most people. The empty seats at theatres was a direct result. Nevertheless, the overall figures are still rising steadily. Check this out: Fan India collection total by the fourth day was Rs 58.40 crore (gross approx of Rs 83.43 crore). The foreign take has been excellent for Fan and due to this the overall total is as high as Rs 122.90 cr. The best take was in UAE of Rs 15.61 crore followed by North America of Rs 8.91 crore, United Kingdom generated Rs 3.85 crore, the rest of the world was in small numbers

After a disappointing Saturday, Shahrukh Khan saw the 3rd day collection rise to Rs 17.75 crore - the second highest take by the film since its release on Friday. Coming as it does off the underwhelming Rs 15.40 crore collection on 2nd day, SRK must be a relieved man. Not that he has a reason to be a worried man. Fan collections may not be great in India, but overall the film is rocking. Fan total net collections by Sunday are Rs 52.35 crore in India alone (gross approx Rs 74.79 cr). When you add the foreign take, the overall total is a huge Rs 114.26 crore already! Courtesy the foreign take of course. Fan box office collections: After a disappointing Saturday, Shahrukh Khan has seen the 3rd day collection rise to Rs 17.75 crore - the second highest take by the film since its release on Friday. Coming as it does off the underwhelming Rs 15.40 crore collection on 2nd day, SRK must be a relieved man. Not that he has a reason to be a worried man. Fan collections may not be great in India, but overall the film is rocking. Fan total net collections by Sunday are Rs 52.35 crore in India alone (gross approx Rs 74.79 cr). When you add the foreign take, the overall total is a huge Rs 114.26 crore already! Courtesy the foreign take of course. 

For Shahrukh Khan, Fan second day collection was a surprise as they dived to Rs 15.40 crore. The total two-day net had then risen to Rs 34.60 crore in India alone (gross approx. Rs 49.43 crore) the overall figure with foreign take added had jumped to Rs 74.07 crore. Considering that this was a perfectly timed release with a long weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the fall in collections from over Rs 19 cr on day 1 to Rs 15.40 cr on day 2, was difficult to explain away

On Friday Fan opening day collection figure was Rs 19.20 crore (with Friday's figure, Shahrukh Khan claimed the top position in 2016 list of top Bollywood grossers). While this is an excellent start (Fan became the 4th highest opening day grosser personally for SRK), but it did not register in the top 10 overall top grossers' list, coming in at the 19th position. However, SRK's own Happy New Year tops the all-time top grossers list with an opening day take of 44.97 cr - the film had been released on 24th October, 2014. 

The slowdown that has hit Fan box office collections was a big worry for Shahrukh Khan and the filmmakers, especially as it happened at the start of the weekend, but they may not really be surprised. After all this is the season of cricket. Indian Premier League (IPL) matches have started with a bang and across cities these top class ties are grabbing all the eyeballs, whether at the stadiums or in front of the TV leaving very few willing souls thinking about heading to the theatres. So, while the timing was great for SRK in terms of not having to battle against any other Bollywood release, the battle against the likes of Virat Kohli, M S Dhoni, Chris Gayle, Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina and more was surely going to be daunting and the consequent hit on the B.O. severe. Also, a point to be noted is that the film has no songs or a female lead. Now, songs for an Indian audience are a must and so is a lead actress. SRK's willingness to do a 'hatke' role without the most potent parts of Bollywood movies was indeed a brave call, but this also means the move will definitely hit the B.O. hard. 

On the subject of money, Shahrukh Khan has gone on record and said, "I never take money for acting in films." Shahrukh Khan, who has been enthralling fans for over two decades now in Bollywood, said that he never takes money for acting in films but rather demands it when he is endorsing other things. "I never take money for acting in films. I only charge fees for endorsements, for events and live shows. I only tell producers to pay me whatever they wish, if the films do well (at the box office)," Shahrukh said on TV show 'Aap Ki Adalat'. "I don't take acting in films as business. This is my greatest thing that I can do to act in films. My biggest hope in my life is that more and more people watch my films and be happy, and one day I will make a film in India," he said. "I am a big nationalist in such matters... which people of the world can watch and say that this film was made in India. So I want to be a part of that," he added.

On success and the consequent accolades, Shahrukh Khan says that he never questioned the existence of award functions but during his initial years, he thought of skipping one if not awarded for his roles. Shahrukh told IANS: "I have won more than 525 awards so I can't question awards, in fact I like them. (But) I had a simple logic during the initial years of my career that I would not attend an award function if I was not going to win. I know I am not getting so I will not go. But later I realised you have to show graciousness for having been awarded. So I made a rule that I will just perform when I am not getting an award. I see them as an evening out of celebration and there is no other reason," he added.

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For a niche film, for a different concept and for lack of marketing Fan is still doing really well. Box office records aren't always the last say, some movies and stories are for more then that. Anyway worldwide the movie shall do well. Movie might not be up to the taste of the masses here. There's still time for that. Smile

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:58am | IP Logged

Exclusive: "Only I Know the Real Shah Rukh Khan," Says King Khan

The gateman at Mannat has been informed about my appointment and the car is allowed to drive inside without fuss. In the lobby, the security preoccupied on the telephone raises three fingers to indicate you have to go to the media room. From the glass window overlooking the actor's bungalow you can see glimpses of his lifestyle - a temple, a staircase, a roof. Fragrant tea combined with a leisurely walk around the passage, some soulful conversation with his core team against a Hussain painting, and it's time to walk to the actor's den.

Mandavi, Khan's publicist, gently opens the ornate door leading to his spacious study stacked with books and announces my arrival.

He is engrossed on the phone, looks up and rises to welcome you. Some pleasantries and compliments later I come straight to the point.

Are you anxious before a release? Were you nervous about the reactions for Fan?

Not nervous, but responsible definitely. In my early days I never felt anxious because I was ignorant about the impact of a hit and a flop. I remember post King Uncle (1993) I met up with my director Rakesh Roshan at Mehboob studios I think, and he said, Congrats! Our film is a success.' I smiled. I was walking home just down the lane and I met Salim uncle and he said, Your film is a hit!' and I smiled again. Those were innocent times. 

With success came expectations and after I launched my production house, responsibilities grew. So today it is more about accountability than anxiety.

You have mentioned that it was more difficult to play Aryan than to play Gaurav, why?

Gaurav has his energy and is in that sense a studied character. While Aryan despite his status and power, was more challenging because, though I'm playing a superstar the character is not me. 

One thing that my director Maneesh Sharma and I agreed upon was that no matter what the provocation, the star will not lose his dignity.

It's brave of you to play a character that allows deconsctrution of Shah Rukh Khan.

Deconstuction, I agree. But not of Shah Rukh Khan, but the perception of superstardom! The script consciously includes scenes that demerit the actor. For instance, him not being recognised by security in the UK, and even more lethal when the businessman ticks him off for coming late to perform at his daughter's wedding. Now, I may have started the trend of dancing at weddings but nobody dare speak to me in that tone in real life. However this happened to somebody and finds a place in our narrative. 

You say I'm brave to play such a part. I feel I'm honest, because only I know the real Shah Rukh Khan.
And what is the real Shah Rukh Khan?

(Smiles) That is for me and not to be shared. People think they know me. Some claim to know me, but nobody does because the real emotion has to be kept hidden inside the heart.

So what does the heart say? Should Aryan have apologised to Gaurav?

The director was very clear about that Aryan will not say sorry. In fact, the reason we kept the climax ambiguous is because both Aryan and Gaurav are justified in their stands and convinced about it. Interestingly, all the people I have met post the release of the film are divided in their opinion about the protagonists. My sister said, Sorry hi toh kehna tha, keh deta'. My daughter Suhana's friends sympathized with Aryan and condemned Gaurav, while my son and his friends identified with Gaurav and said, Raain de, tu nahi samjhega'.

Seriously, do you think superstars understand the enormity of the attachment their fans feel for them?

Seriously, I think they do. But it is not practical for them to always express that to them. Even in the film the actor feels compassion for his fan and wants to resolve the problem amicably. He is sensitive and does not want the police to harm the young boy. But things just get out of control. In the final frame you notice that the actor is not waving mechanically, but lingering his gaze to connect with them, he wants to make them feel special.

Your gaze is indeed special without your spectacles.

Haha, that's because I got my eyes operated. I don't have to wear spectacles any longer and that is why I can also look directly into your eyes and chat (Laughs).

When it is time for me to leave Shah Rukh insists on escorting me downstairs. As we wait for my car, he reminds me that I had described his film Devdas as ostentatious, "That's the first time I heard that word". His candour is charming and suddenly I understand what creates  the likes of Gaurav Chandna.

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Originally posted by pallavi25

Fan First Tuesday Business
Wednesday 20 April 2016 10.00 IST
Box Office India Trade Network


Fan had a good hold on Tuesday as it was a holiday in parts of the country. The first five business of Fan is as follows


Friday - 18,75,00,000

Saturday - 15,50,00,000 

Sunday - 17,75,00,000 

Monday - 5,75,00,000

Tuesday - 5,50,00,000 apprx


Total - 63,25,00,000


Theis does not make much difference to the film as a larger drop is likely to come on Wednesday. The week will end at around 70 crore nett and the second Friday will determine the lifetime business of the film.

But it's already crossed 114 or so worldwide right? So why is it being said that lifetime business will only be 85 or so? Or that's just about Domestic? 

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