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humanspirit Goldie

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by briahna

Originally posted by theprince

the weekend is good but below the mark and the problem is not here the problem is the final result

<div>THE REPORT said today the film drop badly

movie is a flop but shah is EPIC, itna EPIC that others will find hard to match it now.
doodhwaale , hny were hits, but shah was floppy there.

as a FAN can you say same for your favourites movie?

LOL...I just realized I am a TOP brand FAN.

Man you are on a roll

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adigaag IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhupathak

My Movie review about SRK's movie:: FAN :

Ok folks, just completed watching this movie, and here would be my thoughts and comments, about this one. May have a few spoilers here and there , so be alert, if you have not seen the movie, yet. All thoughts are totally mine.

First of all, It's a YRF production and Aaditya Chopra's make and production... so the camera used is very good and photography is bold, big faces,.. and clear.

Movie has spared us this time, with any of the songs ( not even, any background songs ) and No famous actress... or just to say, no actress is there. And, if you surf on Wiki about this movie it will also show only one actor in it, aka, our SRK. One or two ordinary girls are there,.. and I wished that the Director should had rather taken good-looking named and famed actresses for those.

It's SRK, SRK and SRK,... It's SRK v/s SRK, and with little temporary plastic surgery / temporary face stretching art, and double role faces are made slightly different, ( also young and old ) unlike olden movies like the great gambler, Raam aur Shyaam, Jigari Dost, and Sachha-zhootha"... etc where double roles were very difficult to identify,...!

In the film, Main hoon naa,.. and Dilwaale,.. our SRK had grown more younger, and now,.. in this, he is even now the youngest of all, with make-up artist's face/complexion stretching art,..! His face is so deformed,... that many times we doubt, whether he is still really our SRK (?),... just like Big B was in Paa.

It's a typical , a crazy " fan chasing " movie and full of craze and vengeance, just like SRK' s old movies like Anjaam, Daar and Baazigar,.. ! You must had also seen Micheal Jackson and Big B's AVIs, on youtube... (also, in the movie Slumdog Millionaire ) and their documentary, where all of his life stardoms, glory moments of their fame, polarity, and glory and rosy days and fan and followings are shown,... And so is in this movie, about our Bollywood Baadshah,...!! however his name is not Sharukh khan,.. but from his son's name,... this celebrity guy is " Aryan khanna ",.. and his hardcore FAN, is named Gaurav. SRK's actual home from outside and also his wife and son-daughter ( fake ones ) are also shown, to show his family life and house.  Movie " Dirty Picture "  had Vidhya's face deformed, and the same technology is used here to show us a deformed faced young SRK. Movie Ek Thaa Tiger  had foreign shoots and fighting on the roofs in foreign nations were shown while chasing the Villain v/s Hero,..., Same here. Movie also has few fight scenes on Bambayi's very old multi-story buildings, on its outside walls,..!

Long ago, when Sushmita sen became the Miss Universe, soon after one movie had came, which was about one of her's very diehard fan, who kidnaps her and those sort of story was there,.. n'... this movie is also kind of major copy of that,.. and movie is about fannizm, fannizm and blind and crazy fannizm,... Though imo, these sort of movies would had done a lot better in 80s and 90s, where that many TV shows were not there and stars were not coming almost everyday on the TV soaps,.. unlike today,... so in that regard, imo... the story seems, of 2 decade's older audience mentality and like that above mentioned, 1990's Sushmita sen's movie ( I can't recall that name )

If you had seen the movie "Slumdog millionaire" or recent 100 years' anniversary movie, " Bombay talkies" where stardom scenes of Big B was shown and few scenes were of Big B's real house, outside and around,... and fan's craze,. Etc, and so is shown here about SRK's house.  It's a cent percent family movie and it lacks,  comedy, songs, item nos, sex and love making scenes, funny romance ( like in Dilwale )  and all such... so would not do much good,..

IMO,.. movie is not that real bad, and also not that good or any new story line subject either,.. except it's SRK v/s SRK as hero and Villain and movie is all on SRK,... no other villain, comedian, actress or none. It's a Full-toss SRK dose. One time watch may perhaps just ok, but do not except much.. Story remains quite predicted with not much turning points,..

IMO movie will do, a little worse or almost equal to,.. his recent movie Dilwaale.

I had rated the movie at 2.45 / 5.0.

An honest review I did not like the movie as a whole and I blame it on Maneesh Sharma and I agree with this post...hoping Raees is better...SRK as an actor is back to where I wanted him to be alwaysStar...He is the best in business
RollingStones IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 9:06am | IP Logged
@Kinza:   I read your Review , Superb and YAAYYY...Glad you too Loved the Second half .
Second half mein hi sab kuch hain ...

I liked the first Half ...but Second half was soo effin layered...and it engulfs you in Darker zone ..where you see a scary side of Fan as well as Superstar...

Ahh the Tragedy name you gave to Gaurav , you know post Movie I was thinking Exactly gadbad kahan huyii ...5 minutes ki hi toh baat thi , de detaa,Ek Sorry hi toh tha bol then That's what the entire core was . Damn Ego ...of both Fan as well Superstar ...

And Aryan was right ...Tu apni duniya mein , Main apni duniya mein ...
That's how the relationship should be . And bang on to what Gaurav's Mom says ..."He should made Gaurav focus more on your Hardwork then the glittery life"..Clap.

And how Awesome was Aryan ... He abuses , throws Tantrums , He is Fake , Sanki as he himslef says yet REAL and SRK played it in such Classy Manner ...
I felt Aryan was must much hard to play then Gaurav ...
SRK displayed superb Thehraav in playing Aryan Classy He was...WOW...

Major scene that stood out : 
that Jail Confrotation was soo effing Brilliant...esp When Gaurav enacts Aryan's "Mian jo bhi hoon apne fans ki wajah se hoon"...That was f**king mindblowing...

And then that Press Conf , where Aryan is abt to say  the same  famous Thanking line...and goes Zap...hahah...LOL.

The last scene ...where Aryan see Gaurav in that Crowd...
So haunting it must have been for Aryan ...

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Breath-Mark IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 9:10am | IP Logged

Fan : Movie Review


Shah Rukh Khan's latest film Fan' isn't just a story about a guy who develops a dangerous obsession with his favourite movie star, but also a running commentary on various issues like privacy, fame, and love. There's a dialogue in the film which fundamentally encapsulates the problem that the story deals with - What's a star without his fans?

On the periphery, the aforementioned question might sound like a no brainer with your heart telling you the odds are stacked in favour of "Doh! Is it even a question? Of course, a star is nothing without his fans." But once you dig deeper, the results aren't so simple. And that's precisely where Maneesh Sharma, the director of the film, hits the ball out of the park with his story, which had to be told. And he couldn't have asked for a better star than SRK himself to drive home the point that stars too are normal people.

In the film, Shah Rukh Khan plays Gaurav Channa, a 20-something lad from New Delhi, who is obsessed with his matinee idol Aryan Khanna (also played by Shah Rukh Khan). Gaurav runs a cyber cafe in Delhi and his biggest dream in life is to meet Aryan for few minutes and express his love and admiration for him. So, one fine day, when he gets a chance to go to Mumbai to (possibly) meet Aryan on his birthday, he tries to relive Aryan's real story (we are told that Aryan himself hailed from Delhi, who struggled a lot to make it big in the industry). He stays in the same hotel and the same room, where Aryan had first stayed when he came to Mumbai. Finally, on the D-Day, Aryan fails to meet the Superstar and after a series of unfortunate events, when he finally meets Aryan, he realises that the actor isn't what he imagined him to be. The rest of the story is all about how Gaurav wreaks havoc in Aryan's life, like the dialogue goes Pehle fan star ke peeche baagtha tha, abb star fan ke peeche baaghega' (First, the fan used to run behind the star and now, the star will run after the fan).

A film like this couldn't be more apt at a time where people get trashed, abused and even killed (yes, it has happened) for their statements on stars. It speaks volumes about the extent to which people go to defend someone close to their heart, without understanding the consequences. Now, the question is, why are we so obsessed with few stars? Is it because some stars are the personification of our fantasies and that they make seem everything possible which you and I can't accomplish in our lives? Or is it because we all need a hero to inspire us that we can achieve your dreams? In a lot of ways, Shah Rukh Khan has been one such star in the cinematic universe who has achieved the impossible - an outsider reaching the zenith of filmdom and thus inspiring millions of others to follow their dreams. It's the ultimate underdog story. And Fan', the film, milks this legend and adds a dash of vulnerability to the character of Aryan, whose seemingly perfect life, is almost always on the verge of collapsing because of the beast that his fame has created.

Talking about the thin red line between fame and privacy, Aryan and Gaurav are poles apart and yet, they are the two sides of the same coin. And this is where everything gets complicated. It isn't just about the 5 minutes of time' which Gaurav wants to spend with his favourite star. What Maneesh Sharma does is veer our attention to a bigger question - Just because you are a fan of an actor, do you also have a stake in the latter's life? And just because you are a fan of an actor, do you believe that they ought to be indebted to you? The entire plot of Fan' revolves around these two questions. It's like yin and yang. You need a perfect balance between the two forces to create something truly magical. However, the moment one gets more powerful than another, that's where things start going haywire.

In the film, when Aryan questions Gaurav's abnormal obsession with him, it rattles the latter so much that he just cannot get over the fact that Aryan shattered his life long dream. You can't question Gaurav's logic; however, he gets into a dark space where he decides to teach Aryan a lesson and bring him down on his knees, and beg for forgiveness. What makes Fan' interesting is its subtext more than the film itself. There's always an undercurrent of tension about who's going to take a step back and it isn't until the end that the characters find their closure. The beauty of the process is that you never know who won in the end.

You don't have to be a fan of Shah Rukh Khan to admire what the actor brings to the table. And a film like this feels like someone teleported himself to another era when Shah Rukh Khan wasn't too self-conscious about his star status and brought that SRK back to play himself in this film. He's dazzling as Gaurav and turns Aryan into a man living life on the edge. There are instances where the plot turns into a fantasy, where a middle class guy from Delhi gets all the sources to follow his star all the way to England and pull off amazing stunts. But then, Fan' is much more than a well-shot, brilliantly edited and smartly written thriller. It's these questions about fan culture that the film throws up that turn it into a Fan'tastic experience. And it heralds the arrival of a long lost warrior, with fire in his belly to prove something to the world, named Shah Rukh Khan, who sets the screen ablaze with his ferocity. Two big thumbs up for Fan'. It's the kind of film which stays with you long after walking out of the theatres.

^^ Particularly loved this review. 

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gilmores IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Baradwaj Rangan's review: 

"Fan"... A well-made but unsatisfying mix of meta-movie and thriller

Posted on April 16, 2016


Spoilers ahead...

Forget, for a moment, the fan on screen. Maneesh Sharma's fourth film is, first and foremost, a tribute to fans of Shah Rukh Khan, the actor, the star, the middle-class-boy-to-millionaire myth. When I first heard about the film, I thought of MiseryThe King of ComedyThe Fan, those other thrillers about the rich and the famous besieged by monomaniacal fans, but Fan is a uniquely Bollywood creation, a uniquely Shah Rukh Khan creation. It's possibly easier to write a thesis around the movie and what it says about one of our biggest self-made stars than write a review about it. Watch Shah Rukh split his two sides - the overt crowd-pleaser with that high-pitched whinny of a voice, the grave actor who can vanish into a disgraced hockey coach - into the two roles of Gaurav Chandna (the fan) and Aryan Khanna (the star). Did you catch the star's name, which is that of the real-life Shah Rukh's son? There's also a character named after his daughter. And doesn't Gaurav' roll off the tongue the way Gauri' does? Thus, watch the conflation of on-screen and off-screen Shah Rukh. A scene that pits Gaurav against Aryan plays out in front of a splotchy mirror, which yields reflection after reflection of these boys from modest homes in Delhi - you could reflect on this single visual for days.

Watch Shah Rukh sportingly allude to the moolah he made (and probably still makes) from dancing at the weddings of the well-heeled. Watch a scene riff on Shah Rukh being detained by US authorities, who had little regard for his Shah Rukh-dom back home. Watch Shah Rukh playing his own... Duplicate. Watch Shah Rukh play Sunny Deol's part in Darr, while the Shah Rukh part is played by... Shah Rukh. Watch Gaurav pretend to be Aryan and molest a woman, thus destroying Aryan/Shah Rukh's reputation  as someone who values women enough to put his heroines' names before his own in his movies. Watch Shah Rukh play a mega-star threatened by the rise of younger stars in a Bollywood more conversant with English than Hindi. Watch Shah Rukh face his biggest fear - not Gaurav, but an empty auditorium. Watch Shah Rukh in a Yash Raj production that unfolds in foreign locations - but without a song in it, and without a heroine for him to romance. But wait. Consider Gaurav's ring tone, which is one of Aryan/Shah Rukh's most famous songs, Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam. It's a testament to a fan's love for his star (in a sense, Shah Rukh is playing his own heroine here), and given that both roles are being enacted by the same actor, perhaps even a testament to self-love, the narcissism that's such a part of being a big star. A star's biggest fan is... the star himself.

Hosted by

The first half of Fan, however, belongs to the fan, and it goes to great lengths to show how utterly un-star-like he is. Two key scenes underscore the discrepancy between who Gaurav is inside his head (a special somebody) and who he really is (a nobody). When he impersonates his hero at a local competition, we keep cutting between close-ups and long shots - the former tell us who he thinks he is, while the latter tell us (by dwarfing him amidst his surroundings) otherwise. And later, when he stands outside Aryan's home in Mumbai, waiting with thousands of equally frenzied fans for a glimpse of the star, we hear his voice in the close-ups, as though he's the only one calling out to Aryan. But the long shots tell another story. Gaurav's voice is lost in the din.

Elsewhere, in a small scuffle in the Internet centre Gaurav runs (yes, this isn't the part of Delhi with laptops; it's Maneesh Sharma's Delhi, which is as ordinary as Gaurav is), he manages to overpower three bigger men. A girl he's soft on - though not as soft as he is on Aryan - asks, "Akele hero banne ki kya zaroorat thi?" Translation: This isn't a movie. Why endanger yourself? But in his head, his life is a movie, an Aryan Khanna movie. Again, the difference between who he thinks he is, who he is. After he sets out to meet Aryan Khanna, we get a bigger action sequence, one that's almost movie-like, involving a lot of leaping around a dilapidated building. (The action stretches are fantastically shot, edited and choreographed.) But at the end, he is overpowered. Gaurav may have been a star in his corner of Delhi, but Mumbai puts him in his place. Not every Delhi boy with dreams is going to get a warm welcome from the city that manufactures them.

But these are all externalities. Apart from his Aryan-worship, who is Gaurav as a person? He's neither a figure of sympathy nor empathy. He comes across like a mild creep, an impression that's furthered by his uncanny-valley resemblance to Aryan. (I was reminded of the two Kangana Ranaut characters in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, who looked the same... yet different.) Gaurav is scrawnier. His nose is straighter. His teeth stick out. There's a scene set in Madame Tussauds in London - Gaurav could be a waxwork in progress. He even gets a line to this effect, that God made him from the leftover clay after He made Aryan. He regards, as many fans undoubtedly do, Aryan as someone who owes him something. "Main hoon to tu hai." But I found myself nodding more at Aryan's retort: "Tum apni jagah, main apni jagah." Put differently, we end up caring more about Aryan. We understand that he's royalty, that he doesn't have time for every besotted fan. And we feel for him when he understands finally, what his tossed-off platitudes can come to mean to fans like Gaurav. Early on, he keeps saying he is where he is because of his fans. But after being stalked by Gaurav, he pauses when the line comes to his mind unthinkingly, automatically. I'm guessing it's another meta moment, a star forced to face the things he says to remain a star.

It's a great idea, in theory, to imbue Aryan with such unheroic (and therefore, human) qualities and to make Gaurav more than just a simplistic, psychotic villain (we feel terrible for his parents) - and it sits well with the film's constant juggling of identities. First, Gaurav is desperate to find Aryan; later, Aryan is desperate to find Gaurav. First, Gaurav plays Aryan on stage; later, Aryan plays Gaurav on stage. First, Gaurav falls at Aryan's feet, like a devotee before God; later, in a metaphorical scene... Aryan remains in the heavens, like a God, as Gaurav falls to earth. But these complexities might have played out better had the film taken the understated route of Anurag Kashyap's Murabba segment from Bombay Talkies, which was about another deluded fan setting out for Mumbai to meet another self-made star.

Fan, instead, turns into a preposterous thriller. And it doesn't have the pace to make us swallow the ludicrous contrivances. Like the fact that a superstar feels the police in India are not going to protect him. Like the fact that Gaurav can transform, overnight, into a globe-trotting, Ethan Hunt-like master of disguises. Like the fact that no one seems to be able to tell that Gaurav looks like Aryan. Perhaps the point is that the film is itself as much of a double-role player as its protagonist - one half meek and mild-mannered character-driven drama, the other a comic-booky superhero saga, one half an ode to the Shah Rukh of Chak De! India, the other a nod to his Chennai Express-es and Dilwale-s. But it remains a conceit, and the director cannot pull it off. The two halves never cohere, though the two Shah Rukhs certainly do. This is one of the actor's finest hours. He's terrific as Gaurav, and he's even better as Aryan, a man who has everything, and whose ego will not allow him to apologise to a man who wants nothing more than a "sorry." Who's to say how much of Aryan is Shah Rukh not acting but being? After all, who better to play a super-entitled one-percent-er than a super-entitled one-percent-er?

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u OK girl lol 

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Originally posted by briahna

Originally posted by RamSiyaRam

The movie is getting good response from those who have seen it. But the problem is many people are not aware that it has released, since the buzz was kept too low key. Wish they had promoted it more, not the usual SRK movie types but at least public should know it is releasing. This week is crucial for the BO. On acting front, SRK has got all accolades even from the hardest of critics and public.Thumbs Up
On Jungle Book the theatre's are full of kids, since exams are over. Naturally parents will be watching tooLOLBut the young ones are disappointed too since the famous song "jungle-2 baat chali hai pata chala hai" is not there. The grudge is it SHOULD have been there in hindi version.

maybe I am the only one here, but thank god there was no heavy promotion. I hate when actors/actresses run from one channel to another ...its like they begging janta to come and see their movies. and many times we show up to dekho their movies and they are absolute garbage.

some movies should be left alone to perform on their own. and not all movies are made for boxoffice. fan is more like a documentary on shah. it was bloody dark at times. this is a complete no no for single screens.

lets take a moment and think. hny and dhoodhwaale, jthj...honestly, even if these movies performed better than fan, seriously which one are you enjoying more as a shah FAN today.

seriously , at this stage of Shah's career, which one you would you pick, him to be respected for his ACTING or for that 300cr tag from boxofficeindia.

I agree the over aggressive promotion actually puts one off but Ki & Ka still did it and it worked for them. In case of FAN, like I said above, there should have been some more promotion implying public should be aware that so and so movie is releasing. But it does mean every where u see its the Movie, that kills the interest. Anyway thats done with and only audience word of mouth can boost collections. Acting is great and well I never doubted that SRK acting skills, he has shown signs of brilliance and has great screen presence. Point is making movies is business and you should do everything to make the business profitable. If not for him but the TEAM of FAN.

 A sincerely made different concept should get rewarded so that there is more stuff like it.

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Came back from my annual check up...i have an excess of Shahrukh Khan in my blood..the doctor said its something I have to live with..This condition is not curable.Cry

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