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Epic Trio Readers' Corner: The Chronicle of Surillie and Sarayu

LakshMila IF-Dazzler

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Hello Mytho folks,you need a proper disclaimer before you go on with this story.You really do!Epic trio arent just epic for name sake,they'll make your head go round in several ways possible.Lemme Introduce,we are indeed the craziest and madiest people you will ever find.Its the great Rishivar of the SKR forum,Shivam Bhaiya and his two sisters,Srutha and ofcourse me,Mili.

The only thing for now which could prove our paagalpan before you guys is the story below.

LOL Tongue Wink


1.The Chronicle of Surillie and Sarayu
Part I-Mili-Page 1
Part II-Shivam-Page 1

Do Comment:))

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LakshMila IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
The Chronicle Of Surillie and Sarayu

A/N:This piece of work's just meant for three things,entertainment,entertainment and entertainment. Please do not relate any of these incidents/characters to those in the show or in the epic.For laughter is most possibly the cheapest and happiest thing in the world,we have introduced our imaginations throughout.Because some great buffalo has said that without imagination,we are not human :P Therefore,if you don't find it adaptory,please don't involve yourself.
Enjoy!!(to the readers who are still alive)
Idea credit goes to Srutha first :P

Sarayu-Lakshman's horse
Vijay-Ram's (Ashwamedha)horse
Surillie-Urmila's pony
Meera-Sita's pony
Dont be surprised if supporting horses would be introduced surprisingly.LOL

On their way with Ram,Lakshman and Maharishi Vishwamitra,
Sarayu and Vijay conversed in Horsekrit
"So what's the issue?"
"Nothing"Vijay turned his long neck a little away.
"You see our masters,The great Raghunandan brothers,Ram and Lakshman.Everyone knows of their bond,so,Am I not a brother to you?"
"Sarayu you are my brother horse.But you see I am old now!!"
"Wait,since when did Vijay,the great ashwamedha horse started worrying about his appearance? After his return from ...what place it is?"
"Mithila,they say its the land of knowledge.Beautiful"claimed Vijay lost in his own thoughts.
"What will we do of land of knowledge?Are there lands of grass,so that I can run and run with my master on the back"
"But who knows Sarayu,your master on reaching Mithila runs behind someone else's back?"
"Why would that happen?You know my master is so handsome,princessess have been behind him and so am I.I am the most handsome horse of this world Vijay,and ponies run behind me."
"But fortunately they are never able to match up with you"
"Haan so,Vijay,lets go and run in these fields.This Rishi and our Masters have decided to rest here."
"I don't want to"
"Then what do you want?"
"Oh no no!Vijay we eat grass and not 'speech' ,whatever it is."
"I dont want grass"
"Then what?"
"I want pravachan"
"Pravachan?How is that eaten?"
"That is heard,Sarayu"
"No,No,Vijay we don't eat herds,we are herbivorous"
"Sarayu!!!should I eat your ears,they are useless!!"
"What!!?No,No Vijay I know you are hungry but how can you eat these type of things"
"Sarayu,you are such an ass"
"Vijay!!!I am a horse and will remain a horse till I die"
Vijay banged his face on a trunk of tree.
"Vijay,do you mean to say you are more intelligent than me.What has this so called...but what called land done to you?"
"We are about to reach Mithila!!"they heard someone shout.
Ram looked as if he was ready to jump anytime and so was Vijay.Lakshman and Sarayu watched them and thought,
"Lets see what is with this Mithila?"
"Pravachans!!"drooled Vijay.

Vijay ran and ran across the distant track,totally worn out.It was when he thought he won't survive a min more,he heard a voice,one of a pony speaking horsekrit.
"Running is good for humans,thats why my mistress should run.But for horses running is a duty.Without 10 runnings a day,a horse should not survive.Horse has to run and run and run and run.Practise makes a man perfect,but running makes a horse perfect."

Came a woman's voice ordering that pony,
"Meera,run quick.I have prepared my speech for the armymen from Ayodhya and before I forget the points,I want to speak it eloquently."
"I shall obey what my mistress tells,for its is my duty to do so.Duty is for what one is born,human or animal...
Mistress,dont let anyone be deprived of pravachan.For pravachan are important,it lets a living being..."

She stoped when she reached before Vijay,her brown neck whole red.
Vijay,too,enlarged his eyes,and saw her.
Sita began speaking something gently caressing him,but he was lost.
He hummed a horsekrit song while Sita began to lecture the armymen.
"Beend banunga,ghodi chaddhunga,gali moholle nachenge"

Meera was brought back to senses,she sensed something wrong,she stated,
"What is this?oh horse,this is unfair,its totally against nature!How can you climb upon a pony?Horse's duty is to safegaurd the pony and not sit over her head.We ponies dont argue that doesnt mean we would not oppose Horse sitting upon us.Do you even know where would we land?below the earth!!!..."and she continued until Sita and Meera brought Vijay to rest in the interior of Mithila.

Sita left and so did the other humans from the stable.
"Who is this Horse,Meera behen?"

"This is one horse who still needs a lot of pravachans,Surillie"
There was this another pony,in conversation with Meera.For some time,Vijay was missing Sarayu.But his ears were busy in keeping a track of Meera's pravachans"

"Surillie,I think I have a...what do the humans call it? On him"
"Crush,Meera,Crush!But I suppose in horsekrit its known as like bang"
"Oh!I think I have a bang on this horse.But you know my mistress once told about assumptions.Yes,We should never pre-assume things.For example,we should definitely not pre-assume the age of some Rishivar and that he is old..."
"Meera,wait for a second,don't you think your bang is a little old"Surillie led her tongue out.
"No Surillie,My mistress once told that love is beyond everything and ages too.You can not compare lovers,for it is a sin.Your duty is to love ,whether animal or humans,love is love.Duties in love are..."

Surillie adjusted her head and asked her friend beside to help her roll her ears in cotton buds.
"Well my mistress taught me only one thing,how to deal with your pravachans"She spoke unaudibly to Meera.

//flashback ends

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Shivam... IF-Sizzlerz

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Sarayu and Vijay continued their Journey towards the Ashram , they continued their talks in horsekrit

Vijay : I am feeling really thirsty , brother

Sarayu : Looks like you are aging too fast dear

Vijay : Oh you fool , now what has this to do with my age , both you and I are horses , not camels .

Sarayu : Ok Ok , dont get angry , What I hear is right then , after a certain age , you oldies do loose it a bit.

Vijay : what did you say ...  . Leave it anyways , How do we signal our master about our thirst.

Sarayu : I always have a knack for those action . look how its done . 

Sarayu Stops and Lifts his front legs in a rising pose  , and then shakes his body left right , making lakshman fall of the back

Lakshman ( sighs ) : Gadhaa Kahin kaa .  Brother Ram ,  Looks like sarayu thirsty , can we go down the river bank to fetch a drink.

Ram : Rishivar , lets carry out the journey towards your ashram , lakshman shall reach there directly after fetching his horse with water.

Vishwamitra : Ok

Vijay : Sarayu , what about  me , I am thirsty too

Sarayu : Then find ways to let you master know himself , my work is done .

Vijay :  you selfish stallion , you dont care about older brother

Sarayu : Older brother !!!!!...Grandpa would be the correct word I guess.

Vijay : Oh stop it now

Sarayu : Chill Chill , as you said , you are in land of pravachans , that is enough to quench your thirst , isnt it

For a moment  , vijay forgets about his thirst  , and remembers her beloved 

" I am so dying to hear those magical words again , Oh meera will I ever be able to see you again "

Sarayu ( noticing a lost vijay ) : Vijay bhai ka toh kaam ho gaya , chalna chahiye ab

Lakhman along with sarayu left for the river , whre lakshman took a nap as Sarayu drank.

As sarayu drank , he noticed someone's blurred reflection in water coming from the other Shore

As he lifted his mascular Black neck up , he saw one of the most beautiful pony he had ever seen in his life , Light white coloured skin with brown hair tinkling over her face , with those mesmerizing big shiny eyes , playing with her sibling.

He could not help but stare at her continuously ,rather shamelessly

All his big claims that he was too handsome too drool over some pony were drowwned in water at the forst sight of her.

On the other side of the shore , It was Surilie , the reason for Sarayu's behaviour , who was playing and splashing in water along with Mandavi's pony , Jwala.

Jwala , though a beautiful pony herself , still didnt come close to surilie' charm   ,  she looked more apt for Sarayu's brother Takshak , horse of bharat.

Jwala had her own traits , quite tall  and athletic body , but with a visible rage and energy on her face.

Jwala : Its so nice here without Meera behen and Smiley ( kirti's horse ), No pravachan and no crying

Surilie : No pravachan definately , but Smiley would be crying , after all she would be getting proper lectures from  meera behen on the way to ashram as we speak

Jwala ( removing her cotton buds ) : I am just glad that we could fool those 2 into leaving for the ashram without us  .

Sarayu : what a sight  , If I could only know her name , If only vijay bhai was here , I am sure he would know her identity , he was after all here a few months back.

Sarayu was lost in his own world without knowing what's happening in his surroundings , with bells ringing in his head. Soon , did he realize it wasnt the bells , but Lakshman hitting him with a wooden stick on his back

Lakshman : Ab kya ho gaya hai isse , Kaisa adhiyal ghoda hai .

Sarayu came out of his fictious world , finding only a distresses Lakshman beside him , with no sign of jwala and Surilie.

Lakshman : Lets go now , we are already very late , I just dont know what happens to you sometimes.

Sarayu : Stupid Me , my master is angry just because of Me , I will run as fast as i can and we shall reach on time.

Saying so , Sarayu took a shortcut with a full burst sprint.

Meanwhile , at the ashram , Vijay had reached and both rama and vijay and went top hill to make a camp for themselves. As soon as Vijay had sat down for a rest , He heard few words he had been waiting to hear from ages.

Down at the ashram '

Meera : Smiley , Van bhi kya koi danre ki jagah hai . dekho , Van Jeevan kya hai , Jee aur van , arthath Van me sabhi jeev . Aur phir saare vriksh toh hamare mata pita ki tarah hai ...

Smiley started crying more loudly on hearing pravachans from her sister.

Smiley : Satyanaas mera , yahan to cotton buds bhi nahi milenge.

Similarly , It was Sita with same words for Kirti , but not in Horsekrit of course

Vijay : Yeh to mere praanpriya ki Dhwani Hai ,  Ashram se hi aa rahi hai

Ram : Yeh kis mahila ki awaaz hai jiske itne uchh vihaar hain ...

And both Started going Downhill in direction of the voices.

Meanwhile , not far away , jwala and Surilie along with their mistress were about to reach Ashram , and sarayu was coming from a shortcut Route.

On the way , he was sprinting as fast as a cheetah , but still in lost in his world , with images of Surilie floating in his head.

He didnt realize that he was approaching Perpendicularly towards Surlie at a horrendous Pace , but it was too late to realize and  a collion between sarayi and surilie seemed certain.

But Lakshman was alert , and he kicked sarayu hard on his back , Sarayu sensing danger , made a humoungous jump over surilie , but in that moment of eagerness , hadnt realized who he had jumped over

Surilie , in fear , Ducked low , but it led to Urmila having a big fall ,  with Mandavi and jwala having a big laugh.

sarayu  leapt forward and kept going forward ,  but Lakshman turned Around his face as sarayu was speeding

 Lakshman ( casually  : Soryy for that , but have to reach Vishwamitra ashram  quickly

Urmila : That Atrocious man , I shall bury him alive

It was however different reaction from her pony

Surilie : Jwala , did you see that balck Stallion , Its speed and , OMG , that huge jump  , I have never seen something like this

jwala ( mischeviously ):  Bang bang , Surlie Got a bang 

Surlie : Oh shut up , will you

Lakshman reaches the ashram , and the Kids are excited to see a magnificent horse like Sarayu , and lakshmana was himself boasting about his ashva

Kid 1 : Look how big it is 

Kid 2 : I want a ride 

Kid 3 ( pulling it ) : Look at his hair , it so soft 

Sarayu : Am I in a circus , these stupid Kids .  

A few Moments later , there was some chaos in the Ashram

Kid 1 : bhaago , bhootni aa gayi

Kid 2 : Rakshasi , sab jaan bachaakar bhaago

It was urmila and mandavi along with her trupe , her face had blackened due to the fall

Urmila  : Ok , where is that Black beast , i am going to eat it Alive

Jwala : Surlie , you never told me your mistress is Non vegetarian

Surilie : Cmon , dont talk rubbish and innocent like Smiley

Lakshman Confront her 

Lakshman : I think the black beast is standing right before me (  pointing towards her black face )

Urmila ; Oh you ignorant man , you have any idea what you and your horse have done.

Lakshman : It  called a jump lady , you need to learn horse riding better , BTW , I am free for some tutions if you want

Sarayu and Surilie tried hard to pull the clothes of their masters towards themselves , in a bid to make them stop fighting

Sarayu : Lagtaa hai meri prem kahaani shuru hone se pehle hi aaj mere maharaaj khatm kar denge

Vijay and Meera , along With Ram and Sita , had heard the noises , and rushed to the spot , sensing the worst...

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KrishnaPriyaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Res Tongue
LakshMila IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 8:30am | IP Logged
All of you can now review ;))
Ankita.11 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Guys you''ll are really crazy..i mean love story of horses!!ShockedLOLROFL
Throughout the story,I had this weird indescribable feeling specially when you'll were describing the emotions of meera,vijay,sarayu and surili(nice names,btw)
Jokes apart,it requires a lot of talent to write from the perspective of animals because their emotions are not known to us
Lookin forward to these ajab ghoron ki ghazab prem kahaniTongue...and I want to see more of their relation with their master's.Smile

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SenAnu IF-Dazzler

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Oh!! Still my stomach is paining from the humour!! Brilliant!!! Made my day, literally... Awesome planning by you guys and loved the freshness.. Horseskit LOL... And the idea of pravachan..This trio is deadly!

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Jess_Ru IF-Sizzlerz

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