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[OS] ShraMan: Love is ......

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 8:12pm | IP Logged

Suman hastily walks out of Tiwari Villa, her vision blurred with welled up eyes...flashes of her moments with Shravan... his assurances, his support, him being there for her and her family all through ..on all those visions is the 6 crores check signed by him , like an emblem.. she has memories of Shravan supporting Nanu in court and slapping Verma .. she is driving.. wiping her tears.., but with a flood of flashes of her hugging Shravan, their playful chase for the phone.. his admiring looks which are full of... his understanding even before she said ..basically  his other side, for whom her heart started to...

She parks her car...walks in, in a dazed state .. she bumps into the house helper...who says.. "Suman madam... wohhh."

"Shravan..." she inquires about him... , he redirects her to the sit out area...where they were chasing each other, couple of days back...Shravan, who was staring into the sky .. turns towards her.. when she walks in .. he is prepared for it.. he knows her reaction ,,, he knows what she is gonna say . how she will be now...that she knows about the check ...

"Sumo" he gently takes her name... She looks up and walks towards him...

"Sumo woh..." he walks close to her ...

"I am sorry Shravan... I am really sorry ...that .."

"Sumo sorry kyun.. it's ok ...now Tiwari house ..." Shravan trying to frame the right words

"I am sorry Shravan .. I have trusted you time and again ... blindly  ... " she blinks back her tears ...

"Sumo ..." he was about to hold her hand ... she steps back .. "nooo don't .. someone who can meticulously plan and throw a party to insult me .. can obviously throw some money and insult me ... right Mr.Shravan Malhotra.. oh not some money but a huge sum of 6 crores .." she glares at him with angst and pain in her eyes ..

"But sumo.. I had no option.. this was the only way ..." he says in a concerned voice..

"Ohh wow how amazing !! the great  Mr.Shravan Malhotra has no option like when he has gift same dress to two girls...but you have 6 crores to throw on my face as the easiest option ...and just like u lured me to come to your party where in you have insulted me, you have humiliated me and ruthlessly hurt my self respect  .. now you did the same ... but this time a much deeper inflict ,. much more painful, many more emotions.. ..." she wipes her tears.. He nods in negate and tries to calm her down... "you know why the pain is much more shravan ...becau.. because I trusted you more than anyone... you were my strength .. I thought you had my back .. but never knew you would back stab me..." her choked voice trails off

"You know what... by paying money,.. worth 6 crores to Khosla you proved that my mom was wrong , that she mortgaged the house .. and you also believed it .. that is why instead of fighting the right way you chose to go the other way .. right shravan ?? you thought my mom mortgaged the house and you paid it ... isn't it ... tell shravan !!!  " her voice and anger increasing while cringing her dupatta ends

"But Suman listen to me .. " ..."no don't"  gestures with her hand... "stay away .. it's my fault to trust you ... to the extent I shared my deepest feelings, emotions, tears and every little dream, wish and memories of my childhood and parents ..." tears down her cheeks,..angst in her eyes ..  she leans her back on the pillar ...

Shravan is equally hurt for hurting her and seeing her in such a helpless and vulnerable state where in.. he lost her trust .. he lost her friendship.., he lost her once again .

He goes to her holds her by shoulders...takes her towards the seating area and makes her sit...he kneels down before her, facing her.. wipes her tears with his fingers.. Sumo has no energy to fight him ... she is just there ... he takes her hands in his..

"Sumo ...  " she looks up with lifeless eyes .. "listen to me.. I had no other choice to save your house .. our childhood memories.. I can't see you in despair.. I did this for you Sumo ... it's not about hurting you or your self respect.. I know how much you value your self respect and dignity .. but I want to protect Priya Aunty's self respect and dignity . If this house was taken over by Khosla... Maami and everyone would only say that Tiwari villa is lost due to Priya Aunty  and Nanu wouldn't be able to tolerate all this.. and I tried to think of other options.. but with family members attempting to sell off and no proper documents in our hand. I was not sure how it would go in court , hence opted for this.. "

Sumo is staring and calmly listening ...

Shravan further continues.. "I didn't mean to hurt you or anyone.. It is not prove that I have more money .. It is not to hurt your self respect or dignity .. I value your self respect,, I value your tears, I value your emotions.. I value your wishes .. you are precious Sumo, I can never ever hurt you or see you in  tears.. I have always loved you and will Love you ardently, with all my heart forever and always .. " he gently squeezes her hands... and shares his inner feelings with her

Suman looks up into his eyes... her melts away seeing the genuine feelings he has for her ..this is the moment ... his every word seems honest and true , his every explanation is trustworthy.. She wants to trust each word he spoke...she wanted to confess her love for him .. how much she adores and loves him ...  but...


Few minutes earlier.. when Suman entered Malhotra house in a dazed state...

Kameeni, Vandy, Varun are in the living area all worked up .. Varun has informed them about Shravan paying to Khosla a sum of 6 Crores ...which he got to know from outside .. Vandy and Kamini are utterly shocked and furious ..

."when family members ask for 2 crores .. people have all reasons not to give .. but  to save someone else's house . they have all the money .. " Kamini's indirect taunts stop Sumo in her steps..

"and wonder what is the relation between Shravan and his client .. leave it na mom .. " varun throws a dig..

..."What is there for me to leave.. when middle class people train and leave their daughters to trap rich and wealthy boys ... and  I tell you how smart these daughters are, that they trap rich boys effortlessly and make them sing to their tunes .. .. tab ek crore kya 6 crore kya ... " Kamini hurls  indirect venomous taunts at Sumo, while tears well up in her eyes.. she is still  rooted to her place ..  

"Haan mummyji...you are very right... I have been noticing how these middle class girls were trying to trap Shravan.., who is the most eligible bachelor in town .. ... " Vandy added her 2 cents..glaring at Sumo.

"Wahi toh puttarji .. these girls for the sake of money will throw themselves into the arms of the rich boys .. .. to trap them with their innocence and moreover the rich boys like our boys.. fall prey to their simple looks and sanskari behavior .." 

Suman silently listens and endures all these taunts and digs .. while her self respect is crushed ruthlessly ... Vandy, Varun and Kaamini go back to their rooms . while suman is still rooted to her spot... a little later, she starts towards Shravan's room and bumps into the domestic helper ...who says.. "Suman madam... wohhh."


Sumo swiftly pulls out her hands from his and stands up.. "so there you go... wow Mr. Shravan Malhotra now pays for his love ...such low price for ...just 6 crores Mr.Shrav... "

"Shut up Sumo .. what the hell are you even speaking .. how can you .." he holds her by shoulders and tries to knock some sense into her.. Sumo who is in a terrible state .. pushes him off her and warns not to touch her . Shravan looks at her in disbelief...in shock.. still cannot come to terms with what he just heard .. silence prevails between the two ..

"Look Suman , I understand, right now you are not in a situation, where you can not understand anything I say... so let's end it here and we will talk later .. you are not in position to go back on your own.. let me drop you home..."  saying so a composed Shravan puts his hand on her shoulder..  

She looks at him.. her heart yearns for his support, wants him to wrap her in his arms and console her and wipe away all her pain and anguish .. but her mind takes her on the other  front...where she is a middle class girl and he is a rich guy... the friendship, the bond they share,  is all blurred out with this.. She pushes him away  and screams .. "move awayyy ...you are no longer my friend.. I don't even know you .. you love me so you paid for me...or you paid for me that is why you love me...  " 

shravan is shocked at her words.., but he understands her vulnerable and fragile state now .. and remains silent .. taking all her demeaning words.. "This is no love... there cannot be any love between a middle class girl like me and a filthy rich guy like you shravan... it's just your way of showing how you can buy anything with money .. all of a sudden , one day you pay 6 crores for me and you say you LOVE me .. you know what .. I see NO difference between you and that Verma " she shuts her eyes tight and squeezes her kurti into a tight fist, leans her head back on the pillar  and curses herself for saying that.. for hurting him by comparing him to a pervert like Verma.. .. but she is too hurt, she cannot let him come near her .. she has to let go off him... she knew shravan loves her the most.. but this money is not going to be stamp on their love ... on their relation ...

Shravan is too distraught and shocked to hear her compare him with Verma, he can endure all her anger and her pain ... but comparing him to someone like Verma ...Shravan firmly holds her wrist and takes her with him... leads into his room. He closes the door behind... leaves her hand and started to search something frantically ... finally he shoves an old piece of paper in her hands .."read it .. it was written 10 years back .. the very same note ...which I left for you in the library." in a rather cold tone ...

Shravan stands near the window..with his hands in his pockets.. pain and anger in his eyes.. gazing into the deep orange sky, at sunset... Suman starts reading it... her heart melts with the honesty, innocence and genuineness of his words 10 years back ... "he loved me since then ..when i didn't even know what love is .." tears start rolling down her cheek... she finishes reading the remaining of the letter , by constantly clearing her tears, which are blurring her vision ... .. in her heart.. she says how ardently she loves him and what he means to her ... but she wouldn't let it out... she collapses into the bed...

That thud sound, brings Shravan back out of his daze.. He walks and stands before her and firmly says "I am sorry for what I have done..,. I thought this was the only way I could protect you from all the tears and heartbreaks.. I thought you trusted me and took you into confidence ...but looks like I have inflicted you even more.. Sorry for that ..." clears his choked throat .. "So in that case Ms. Suman Tiwari .. you can pay back my 6 crores .. whenever you can .. with interest , if that keeps your self respect and pride intact !!"  Suman looks up into his eyes ... which are devoid of any warmth or expression.. "my driver will drop you home...please oblige for nanu's sake ...and hope one day you realize that I am not like Verma ..." saying so, he walks out of the room.

his last line haunts her...she is beyond hurt, a plethora of emotions within her.. He loves me with all his heart since forever and what did I do to him .. I compared him to ... accused him... taunted him... insulted him.. pushed him away and I lost him... with these thoughts in her heart, the last drop of tear falls on her cheek...

END !!

It could be, the very next moment, the very next situation , the very next person , the very next event which may bring them, on the same trail , which unites these two, as they are destined to be together... The path of love is incomplete without misunderstandings, despairs, fights, tears and anguish . Love is not a destination but a journey and this bit was just a part of their journey .



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Loved every single line of it

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Wow...How beautiful was that?..
I really loved how you portrayed bothe their emotions. Especially how sorry was Sumo for comparing Shravan with Verma...And the Kaminy thing, i can actually see that coming... Clap Clap

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brilliant os...

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So beautifully penned down emotions of sumo and shravan ..loved it to bits

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Wow so beautifully penned down...
Really loved it...
Do write more. ..
Love Ishita 

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Awesome dear...

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